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Everton Bad Boys, 2003-04

Everton's disciplinary record was vastly improved last season.
What effect will the Moyes infuence have?


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 Evertons Disciplinary Record  
Bad Boy Table Points Method Cards System Fair Play League
 Bad Boy Table

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Cross-check: Link to EFC Website Stats page


  1. Totals column includes cards received in Premiership, League Cup and FA Cup matches but does not include cards picked up by players at their former or loan clubs, in friendlies, or in the reserves.
  2. The last section shows cards received in the FA Reserves League
    (Note: These cards do count towards suspensions that apply to senior matches)
  3. Table does not include cards picked up in International matches. 


The method used here to calculate points in the table above works like this:

  • A Single Yellow Card is worth 2 points
  • A Double Yellow Card (automatic Red) is worth 5 points (the first yellow is ignored)
  • A straight Red Card is worth 6 points
  • A match missed through suspension is worth 4 points

The system is designed to reflect the relative impact to the club of each player's indiscretions.  For example, although the various red-card offences carry different suspensions, the initial impact of all red cards is the same: the player misses the rest of the match.  Then the suspension follows, and the player misses one or more complete matches.




The Football Association's current disciplinary system for the 2001-02 season is expected to work something like this:

Yellow Cards

  • Players with a total of five bookings by the end of February will receive a one-match ban. 
  • Those given 10 yellow cards by the second Sunday in April will get a further two-match ban. 
  • A three-match ban comes into force for 15 cautions and a four-game suspension for 20 bookings


Red Cards

  • A player red-carded for receiving a second yellow card in the same match will be automatically suspended for one match
  • A player red-carded for denying a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by physical means or by handling the ball will be automatically suspended for one match
  • A player red-carded for using offensive, insulting or abusive language will be automatically suspended for two matches
  • A player red-carded for violent conduct, serious foul play or spitting at an opponent will automatically be suspended for three matches
  • Players red-carded for a second time in the same season, in addition to the automatic suspension applicable to the offence, will be suspended for one extra match
  • A player red-carded for a third time will be suspended for an extra two matches, and so on.

Periods of suspension will commence on the 14th day following the date of the last offence, and shall cover all domestic League, League Cup, FA Challenge Cup matches and Friendly matches, until such time that he player's recognised senior team has completed the number of matches appropriate to the punishment.

Any period of suspension or part thereof which remains outstanding at the end of a season must be served at the commencement of the next following season.


Link to latest FA-Premier Bookings Table


Premier League matches only. 
The points column is calculated by FA-Premier.com based on:
 1 points per yellow card; 2 for a second yellow, and 3 points for a red card.


Last updated: 01 December 2008

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