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I wouldn't have it any other way
Some bizarre rationalizations in support of our current plight, from Gary Keey

16 November 2003

We come to that stage in the season again where we ask that same old question.  Enough games have been played to be able to judge the potential plight or development of the team.  So where are Everton placed in this regard?

Well, it is not as far away from last season, although at times it may seem so.  Last year, I spent days on end looking in disbelief at the progression of my beloved Blues; now, I am nervous to even look.  However, football is not always about the league; it is not just about the results (although winning is always a bonus that should grace the Goodison faithful more often) it's really about the trials and tribulations.  [Spoken like a true Evertonian Ed.]

Last year, we were expected to be a mid-table team.  Instead, we beat the odds and exceeded expectations.  Thus comes the similarity of the current season to last.  Again, unexpectedly we could never have envisaged being placed in this current situation, with the change in fortunes seen since the arrival and emergence of two Blue Lights.  [Uh?]  So, a confused and mixed feeling felt by all at our current situation, which goes against the hopes built up from last season.  But would you have it any other way?  I wouldn't!

Crazy as it may seem, I enjoy the unexpected.  Last season, I almost felt my attention drift away from the results of the Toffees due to the regularity of winning.  [Are you serious?]  When people ask me why I support Everton, there is a simple and easy answer:  I enjoy supporting this team.  [Or try this: I am a masochist.]

If you supported Manchester United, how long will it take to loose interest in the results?  If my team won every week, I would slowly stop looking at Teletext and on the web for the results and league tables.  Why bother?  We beat everyone so there is no need for anticipation, concern and finally excitement when we win.  [Oh I don't know... what about losing at home to Fulham?]

My inability to attend games [you should never admit that, Gary!] means that I look forward to listening to the game on the radio and Wolves will be no exception.  Can anyone predict our result against this team a team tipped to go straight back down?  Well I couldn't if I'm honest and that is the greatest feeling I get from supporting Everton.  We have no guarantee of beating a team like Wolves and thus I would be on the edge of my seat during the last 20 minutes even if we were 2-0 up! 

Don't get me wrong; I am not saying that I don't want to win the Title or dominate the Premiership at some point.  But Evertonians are richer for their experiences at these times.  [Ah, that explains why we are culturally the richest fans around!]  I truly believe Moyes and Rooney will take this team to Europe and hopefully further.  But I am glad I can experience the growth from who we are to who we could be.  Yes, I will get bored if we start winning the Premiership in time to come, but I am sure I will find another way to enjoy it. 

So why explain this now; what drives me to define my beliefs to fellow Evertonians?  The down beat, miserable attitudes of some supporters irritates beyond belief.  Let's blame the Board!!!  Let's blame the Manager!!!  Let's blame the players!!!!  It is heard too often in football yet never seems to be too fruitful.  Leeds are a prime example of the manager being blamed, the Board being blamed, then the manager being blamed again.  Where are they now?  No better off than before.  [And if we had followed that strategy 18 months ago, and left Mr Smith in charge, exactly where would we be now?]

Moyes is here to stay.  [Now that's reassuring to know.]  The Everton Board have a true passion for the club [er... No Comment!] and the players demonstrated last year how much they can work to achieve all that they can.  [So what is it they are doing this year?]  Don't wish for a billionaire, although tempting, as they will only spoil the progression and development of Everton.  You don't see people buying puzzles to then only make the last move and thus take the glory.  It is an empty victory that holds little pleasure. 

Glory is all the more enjoyable, when you understand what it is like to start from the bottom and see each piece slowly built.  It has been a long time coming, but are we seeing the foundations of the future Everton as Premiership winners and European Champions!! 

Is this blind hope and faith?  No its being an Everton Supporter!

Gary Keey

2003 ToffeeWeb


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