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Fans Comment
Mozz Mozz

Kenwright's gotta go!


I still feel sick after watching Everton in Europe.  Both the Champions League and Uefa Cup expeditions were a pathetic joke.  Im ashamed to call myself an Evertonian sometimes, and this week has been one of them.  We are the laughing stock of the country.

It was the first time Everton have conceded 5 goals in Europe.  I felt so angry at all the players for the way they threw in the towel and showed utter contempt for the club.  If Evertons wages arent good enough for them then they can bugger off and go play for some first division team that most of them would struggle to get into.  Im sorry to have to say this but West Ham look more attacking and play nicer football then us.

I dont blame Moyes.  He strikes me as a good manager, especially after last season.  The person I blame for all of this is Kenwright.  He can't afford the club, never has been able to afford the club, and it wouldnt surprise me if he allows Moyes to cop all the flak over the teams display.  Everton always seem to blame the manager when in fact it has always been the Board which has screwed over the club.

Moyes tried to sign quality players like Scott Parker, Robbie Keane and whoever else... but the money wasnt there and Everton missed out.  It's time for Kenwright to go.  I dont think Gregg is the answer either.  Whoever takes over must have the funds to finance a club which has been allowed to run itself into the ground over the last 20 years by a succession of skint chairmen.

Kenwright is a nice guy.  I believe his heart is in the right place and that he does genuinely love Everton.  He just cant afford to own Everton and he really must go!!!!.

I knew this season was going to be crap the minute we re-signed Pistone.  Moyes didn't want him.  Moyes let him go.  Then hes back because theres no money for a new left back.  It's been an appalling summer for signings and it's time to stop these people making Everton into a laughing stock.

Im sorry but Im not going to pay my hard-earned money to watch Everton until the directors/chairmen put the same amount of commitment into the club as the fans do.  Thursday was the final straw.  That's it now.  I'm really pissed off at Everton for letting the fans down, especially those who spent 350 to go watch that crap display.  Why put up with it?  Because we love the club? 

I love the club but like any sensible businessman I never allow emotion to over-ride my judgement. I love the club, but who can honestly say that any of this seasons performances have been value for money?  How about the signings?  Everton is not value for money and for too long the club has relied on the emotional devotion of its supporters.  It's honestly time for this to stop and for the club to put the same amount of financial commitment back into the club as the supporters have done for years.

And I'd never ever support the shite (Reds) in anything, but I'm not willing to support actual shite on the pitch either. 5 -1 = shite.

Its a shame that the only people who seem to care about the club are the supporters.

Mozz  Mozz


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