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Fans Comment
Steve Thompson

Embarrassed? You should be!

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Last night was a massive low point in my 30+ years of supporting Everton. OK, I wasnt at the game, I wasnt even stranded at the airport (sorry for my fellow Blues) but.

This morning is worse!

Moyes out! Remove his picture from the home page! Clueless! The list goes on.

David Moyes is the best thing to happen to our club for many a year.

Have any of the people who advocate his dismissal even cast an eye over the number of players that were unavailable last night?

Our Dutch winger was injured when he signed (we all knew it, but we wanted him anyway).

The rest of the injuries are unfortunate, but hey, these things happen.

We did capitulate in the second half, and it was frustrating, annoying and when my eight year old son burst into tears, I was very close to joining him, but a dose of realism is called for.

We all know we overachieved last year, anyone with any sense knows that our points total wouldnt have secured 4th place in any other year, but we did it. How can the elation of last year and our achievement be so easily cast aside?

We might not agree with Davies formation, but up until Saturday, we had played OK in all the games, and had been a little unlucky.

The one criticism that I feel is valid is that we should have signed a striker, and living in Blackpool, Ive seen a fair bit of David Nugent at Preston, and he could have only added to our squad, and given us a different dimension with his pace. OK, hes a Championship player, but so was Tim Cahill. Maybe the price was too high? Do we know? Harping on about Bellamy, Keane et al serves no purpose.

Just take some time out, take a few deep breaths and look at the eleven we put out last night, and then think about which eleven could be pulling on the blue shirt in two months time.

A note on some of our players:

Beattie: Hes a proven Premiership scorer. He made a stupid mistake against Chelsea, but given time hell come good.

Valente: He had a short training session before Saturday, and is settling in a new country. For Gods sake, hes only been here a week!

Ferrari: If hes not playing, there is a reason. Moyes thinks hes not ready.

Neville: How anyone can criticise Phil Neville just beggars belief!

Think about what David Moyes has done for our club, because believe me the majority of comments Ive read this morning will come back to haunt the respective contributors.

If you're looking to blame someone, blame the 'luvvy' that is Betty Turpin's lad!

Phil Neville said that the away following in Spain was the BEST hed ever seen, and we all know that Man U have massive support.

The best supporters? Lets start acting like it, because our motto relates to the fans as well as the club!

Steve  Thompson


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