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Fans Comment
Kevin Sparke

Sleepless in Seaton Sluice
27 December 2005

Blue Bill: Sticking by Davey?

If he loves Everton as much as he says he does, Bill Kenwright (like myself) didn't get much sleep last night.  Hes got a tough decision to make and things more important than sheep to count.

If he is going to sack Moyes this season (and hope to make a difference), it will have to be in the next four days; any later than that and hell be appointing a new manager who will not know the strengths of the team with a view to plugging deficiencies by buying appropriate players in the January sales. (Yeah... WE all know we need a striker...)

Even if he does appoint a new manager, how much money has Bill got left from the Rooney windfall to fund any purchases? (About 0.2 million by my rough calculations...)

Ive a feeling that Bill will stick with Moyes; even if we are relegated. Why?

  1. The honourable reason: Bill may genuinely believe that we are going through a bad patch and Moyes will come good eventually (whether it is eventually enough to keep us up, is open to debate).
  2. The crafty or less honourable reason: If Bill appoints a new manager, he will have to offer the enticement of hard cash to buy new players and fund a new manager's contract (assuming hell appoint a bloke with ambition and not a stop-gap like Bobby Robson, Peter Reid etc).
Im quite sure that well have to sell to buy and equally sure that Bill does not want to take the club further into debt.  If (when?) Moyes takes Everton down, Blameless Bill then deflects the guilt, washes his hands and assures the faithful that He let his heart rule his head and gave the manager every last penny of the Rooney money.  Thus avoiding the classic poor gamblers mistake of throwing good money after bad.

(It is safe to assume that we are not as financially sound as the AGM figures led the world to believe, though the recent noises about building a new 200 million plus stadium leads me to speculate that money, like McFadden, moves in a mysterious way at times. Who knows?)

Anyway, Bill, if you read this you might consider the following New Years resolutions:

  1. Love alone is usually not enough to make a marriage, (especially when love is unrequited). Sometimes emotions cloud rational thinking, particularly when rational thinking is needed above all else.
  2. It is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth too often and prove the theory.
  3. Fund a world-class striker. (Or face the possibility that history will judge you as the infamous chairman who took Everton down.)
Bill, you profess to be Blue to the core consider your options carefully mate.

Finally, a call to arms.

In two days time we face the old enemy once again.  Times are dark and hope is hard to find.  Dig deep lads, keep your heads up, look em straight in the eye and remember that any bandwagon-jumping, glory-hunting, loud-mouthed braggart can follow the red flag.  But you, my blue friends, have had your spirit forged by disappointment, your memories enriched by our wonderful history and your hearts scorched by injustice that theyll never know  Be proud they may score more goals than us but well never be beaten because we have something that theyll never have authenticity.

We may not be The Peoples Club but we are definitely more exclusive than that bunch of football day-trippers and trophy tourists and we deserve infinitely more than we are getting from our present team.

Keep the faith boys; not in Moyes or Kenwright, or any of the Everton players they are transitory individuals and, in the grand scheme of things, dont matter

Keep the faith in Everton, your birthright, your sunshine, YOUR EVERTON.

Kevin Sparke


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