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Fans Comment
Steve G

In whom can we trust?
27 December 2005

Thankfully, I did not take up the invitation to have 'the match on' whilst at a party yesterday.  When asked why, I said a) I wanted to enjoy myself; and b) I couldn't see us scoring and reckoned on another 4-0 drubbing. Spookily, I was spot on.

But maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, as we are now consistently leaking (is there a phrase 'flooding' ?) goals and seem devoid of anyone capable of scoring at the other end.  Worse, I can't see it getting better. Moyes is quoted in today's papers as saying we have a soft centre. Really?  When did you work that one out Mr Moyes?  It's been blatantly obvious to the fans for most of the season.

For 'soft centre', read lack of confidence.  Why?  In my opinion it is because the players have lost their belief in the manager's ability to provide them with a tactical map for the game including a Plan B when the 'great' football we play fails (again) to produce a goal.  (I don't see throwing Fergie on when 3 goals down and with ten minutes to play as a viable Plan B).  They see the desperation of the management and they are now well and truly infected by it.

The Christmas period is important.  However, I think January will be far more important.  Moyes's transfer success to date has been mixed to say the least.  If we are to believe what we read, there will be precious little money to spend and what there is may have to be supplemented by outgoing transfers (take the money for Bent pleeeease!).

What confidence can either players or fans have that Moyes will find the right formula from a frantic dip into what will be an over-priced market?  I would suggest from the above comments, that no-one can have a warm glow of positivity around this subject.  I for one would not trust Moyes to buy a sandwich, let alone key players.

My view on this has been developing for some weeks now.  Moyes has lost the players.  He is / has lost the fans (expressed in the walkout in the Bolton match). In the Summer he had the opportunity to take the Club forward and completely messed up. It is pointless to let him spend more money.  We could have tried introducing a Technical Director role with the express aim of securing the right players, but Moyes like many British managers would never accept this.

Kenwright needs to have the chat and get shut before the New Year.  Get the new man in (my money is on Mike Newell) and give him the few quid that will be available to try and put together a team which can get the 20 or so points we need to stay up.

I will obviously be delighted if we manage to somehow get a result against Liverpool, but I very much doubt it (prediction: 0-3). The game will be up when we don't get all 3 points against Sunderland.

Steve G


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