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Fans Comment
Paul Cook

Optimism? Big Picture?

Being the optimist that I am, when I read over the other letters in the ToffeeWeb mailbag, it concerns me that a lot of people are calling for the manager's head, despite the good work he and his staff have done since arriving at Goodison. It may not feel like it at the moment, but we are definitely in a better position (bigger picture) than we were when he took over.

Up until Moyes's first full season in charge, we had spent a decade finishing in the bottom half of the table, signing 'has-beens' and on the verge of bankruptcy. The only success was an FA Cup win in the mid 90's. The old saying of 'Rome wasn't built in a day' springs to mind. Since Moyes took over, we have finished 7th, 17th & 4th. This, I think you HAVE TO agree is better (on average) than the previous decade.

We have to take into account that Moyes also recently signed a 5-year contract extension, so the likelihood of him going anywhere soon is remote at best. Mr Kenwright has seen success with Moyes finishing 4th is definitely considered a huge success in his eyes and will not let him go without giving him at least another full season to prove how good/bad he really is.

Imagine this if you will: Moyes masterminds a piece of transfer-market genius, and gets another 'bargain of season' (this time, a striker) for peanuts somewhere from the Championship; we work are way back up the table and finish about 8th. Would you still be calling for the manager's head? Would you say 'sack him anyway'? Mr Kenwright would be hailed a genius too, for keeping faith with Mr Moyes.

The other scenario: Moyes blunders in the transfer market, it's a relegation battle to the end of the season, but we stay up. Do we give him another chance for one more season? Do we let him spend more of our precious money?

My answers to both of these scenarios are: 'Give the guy a chance' is there anybody else who could do better with the same resources? Looking at the bigger picture, we are doing great. The stadium issue is back, and the CEO has said it's his Number 1 priority looks like a new stadium on the way, then! Also, the club has a bit more money and, as soon as injuries and suspensions are over with, the squad actually looks pretty tidy too.

Too many of you are picking out the bad points, and failing to recognize (either by choice or through denial) the good things happening around Goodison. Yes, bad things will happen, but when they do, don't go round looking at who you can sack to make yourself feel better! We have to support the club and make changes one at a time. If we keep going in the same direction we have done over the last few years, I bet next year we finish in the top 4 again!

Keep your chin up folks, bumpy rides are an Everton speciality!

Paul  Cook


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