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Fans Comment
Keith Gibson

Why get rid of Moyes?
2 January 2006

Get rid of Davey?: NOOOOO!

I get so depressed when I hear loyal Evertonians calling for the head of David Moyes. Moyes came to us ambitious and dedicated to improving the long-term fortunes of the club. As an ambitious young manager he inherited a squad from Walter Smith that was going absolutely nowhere and in need of a total re-build. We had a Board that had no clear long-term direction or financial clout with a leader (Kenwright) whose main interest (albeit an honourable one) was to retain control of the club he loves, and a young man on our books (Rooney) not yet developed but someone who had the talent to single-handedly haul Everton out of the doldrums.

Two years on, where are we? Still an ambitious young manager who performed unbelievable miracles in getting the club to 4th in the Premier League and in doing so created un-realisable expectations with a squad still in total need of a re-build, a Board where, despite all sorts of promises and new dawns, remains led by a man who still wants to retain control over the club he loves, and a lost superstar now plying his trade in the red of Manchester United.

Let's be absolutely clear it's hard to envisage any other manager who could have achieved what Moyes achieved last season no-one else could have done it with the players and financial backing available. Moyes's success last season and Rooney's sale took the pressure off an immediate need to inject cash and in doing so bought Kenwright time. But, while Kenwright remains, there will be limited opportunity to generate the financial sums needed to properly re-build the club. The fans were appeased and some cash (mainly from the Rooney sale) was made available to start the re-building process it was never going to be enough given the scale of what needed to be done!

We see it now, Moyes had to prioritise and went for defence and midfield. In doing so he took a gamble on Beattie, Vaughan, Bent and Ferguson getting sufficient goals to take us into the next stages of Europe and generating the funds to continue the re-building process. This strategy has back-fired through lack of form and injuries. As it turned out, Moyes did not have the financial clout to properly re-build his midfield (Parker) and still lacks a strong central-midfield leader to provide balance and protection to the defence. He seems to have made some reasonable defensive signings but these need to be considered properly in the context of a solid midfield; in Van der Meyde, Moyes has acquired a potentially world class midfielder (if he can get him fit).

Moyes is like any other manager in the Premier League he makes mistakes in the transfer market. He is like Mourinho, Wenger, Ferguson, Benitez and the rest of them. The difference is that others can cover up their mistakes because they have the financial clout to rectify errors like Kleberson, Drogba, Josemi etc. When you are on a tight budget with a total re-build on your hands, transfer mistakes can cost you your job. The key question for Evertonians is whether anyone would have the talent and patience to continue with the juggling job Moyes has had to contend with over the last two seasons? I rather doubt it and as such we need to stop the name-calling and get behind the only man at the club that has true vision and purpose David Moyes.

I am so concerned to hear Moyes now talk of tight budgets and looking for bargains in the lower divisions this proves conclusively that he he does not have the financial backing to compete with the top clubs. The Rooney money is spent, the re-build programme is partially complete, we are having a terrible season and now we find there is no significant money left in the kitty to buy our true priorities a stong central midfielder and a strong goal-scoring central striker. Providing re-build funds is not down to Moyes: it is the prime responsibility of the Board.

Two years on, nothing has really changed: Moyes has acquired better long-term players than Walter Smith; the Board is still clinging to power without the financial muscle to compete, but instead of a baying mob calling for Walter Smith's head, now we have a baying mob wanting the head of the the only man equipped to carry us through. Think of this if we do change the manager and leave the rest of the club as it is, who's to say we won't be in the same position in two years time!

Bill Kenwright we know you are a true Evertonian and love the club but it's time to stand aside and allow the money men in to provide the finance to allow Moyes the opportunity to finish the job you put him there to achieve. To the fans - please open your eyes, get off Moyes's back, and understand what is really happening here.

Keith Gibson

Responses: Given the fact that Moyes is Going Nowhere especially after today's excellent result your missive against those who are highly unimpressed with his efforts as a manager during 2005 is somewhat redundant. You do make some worthwhile points, but these are somewhat spoilt an your argument that is based on the hypothetical axim that "there is no-one else" That alone does not excuse a massive litany of mistakes Moyes has clearly made mistakes that you conveniently gloss over in talking up his few positive achievements.

Let's be absolutely clear here: the argument that "no other manager could have achieved what Moyes achieved last season" is spurious nonsense. It cannot be proved or demonstrated either way: it's just a random opinion that can be naysaid with equal conviction.

The massive issue of signing injured players other teams don't want is really a huge indictment of his 2005 transactions. Is that really a result of the constraints Moyes has been placed under? Or does his inability to sign real quality players who are (and who remain) fit to play indicate a much more fundamental and problematic concern with Moyes as a manger? That is my fear: that good players don't want to play for him. Michael

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