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Fans Comment
Neil Vaughan

Enough is Enough.....
20 January 2006

Kenwright, Gregg, Woods, Moyes the lot have got to go and go now... The re-signing of Alan Stubbs is the last straw. From top to bottom the club is rotten to the core. These people have made Everton FC the biggest laughing stock in English football.

First, he (Moyes) cannot sign a decent left back so he re-signs Pistone, a player every supporter was glad to see the back of. Then, when he gets injured he signs Valente, who's an even bigger coward than Pistone.

In the summer, everyone knew we needed a quality central defender (preferably with a bit of pace) and a TOP CLASS striker blessed with an abundance of it, not to mention a decent winger (or two). Instead what do we get... 5M spent on a player who is so obviously out of his depth in English football it is untrue and not a sniff of a decent striker. To make matters worse, Moyes continues to pick the woefully slow Davie Weir and proceeds to damage the credibility of one of the club's best ever signings as the crowd now begin to abuse him for his lack of pace. 4M for a wide right-sided midfield player who has contributed zero since the day he signed (... oh sorry he scored a fluke goal that the keeper should have saved at Birmingham) and is now playing in the middle where he does even less!!

On top of this we are continually told lies by these people... Smith, Parker,Emre, Keane (Robbie & Roy), Bellamy, Kuyt, Anelka... and worst of all OWEN (we couldn't even attract Gary Owen never mind Michael). How many of these have been signed?? Need I say more...LIES, LIES, & EVEN MORE LIES.

On or about transfer deadline day in August, I saw an interview with Moyes in which he stated that he would pay 'WHATEVER IT TAKES' to get OWEN ... That meant 17M and plus wages. Well, if he had it then WHERE IS IT NOW!?!?

How long are these people going to be allowed to insult our intelligence? It doesn't take a genius to see that Moyes is SHITE in the transfer market. Whether it be his style of man-management or his reluctance to pay 'the going rate' he CANNOT attract the quality of player we need to be a top-six side. He might be happy with Nugent, Trundle and the like but I'm not and neither should you be!!

Now I hear we've even been linked with Akinbiyi... OH MY GOD!! All those who will go on about Cahill & Arteta I will agree both are good players but that is only two out of how many Bent, McFadden, Krldrup, Valente, Van der Meyde (another invisible man akin to Krldrup), Davies... the list goes on and on. On top of that, he's given new long-term contracts to Hibbert and Naysmith as well as the Pistone & Stubbs debacles... dear oh dear. The majority of players we currently have are no better than 'average' at best. Everyone who watches the team regularly knows we need PACE... What has been done about it... BIG FAT NOTHING, thats what!!!

When they're not lying about the team, they're lying about a new stadium. A few short weeks ago, a story in the local press reported about how the club was in talks about a new 120M state-of-the-art stadium, this being confirmed by quotes from Wyness. All of a sudden everything has gone quiet again, WHAT A SURPRISE!! I've said LIES, LIES & EVEN MORE LIES.

Kenwright cannot or will not get investment into the club whilst no-marks like Portsmouth are able to spend 12M in a week.. we are a joke!! Let's not forget the Fortress Sports Fund nonsense.

In the summer, he had the chance of investment but refused the offer because he doesn't want to dilute his own personal shareholding. He has been quoted in the past as saying he would always do what was best for EVERTON FC even if it meant him no longer being Chairman... LIES, LIES & EVEN MORE LIES. As for Gregg & Woods, what do they actually do for the good of the club?? Can somebody please tell me??

When he originally took over, Kenwright promised more transparency in club communications with the supporters ...LIES, LIES etc.. One minute we are screaming about the biggest financial turn around in the clubs history, about turning a massive deficit into a huge profit. Now, when we need it, there's little or no money available to buy the one thing we need more than anything A STRIKER WHO CAN SCORE GOALS!!!

We all know we need a goalscorer and I can think of two who are not presently first-team regulars with their respective clubs Hasselbaink and Fowler.... not one enquiry, that we supporters are aware of, has been made to get either (even on loan). Now whilst these two may not be the players they once were, like them or loathe them, both are better than what we have and surely can't cost that much!?!? Now they're trying to con us that the return of Naysmith and Carsley (whilst I don't deny his contribution last season) will be like getting two new signings. Please FUCK OFF!!

This club had it's chance to progress in the summer. The chance to sign the type of players we all want to see in a blue shirt, on the back of the prospect of top flight European football. Finally, there was light at the end of a very long (ten years of shite and mediocrity) tunnel. Unfortunately IT FAILED MISERABLY!! (as it went on to do in it's quest for Uefa & Carling Cup glory).

Now once again we find ourselves in familiar territory, bottom half of the table, possible relegation battle, no chance of winning a cup. The only ones to blame for that are KENWRIGHT, GREGG, WOODS & MOYES... For the good of EVERTON FC please do the right thing!!!

Finally, or all those pro-Moyes boys who will now doubt abuse me for this letter, he buys and picks the players, decides the tactics and pattern of play (ha ha ha!!). Let's not forget he's presided over some of the worst defeats and performances in recent history... Shrewsbury, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal, Bucharest, West Brom, Aston Villa need I go on?

If we are honest with ourselves, we all know that last season was a fluke and we were very lucky. Two seasons ago we finished with the lowest points total in the club's history; last season we had minus goal difference and this season we are the lowest scoring team in Europe... even Sunderland have scored more than us for fuck's sake. So be for you slag me off just think on... facts don't lie!! and for me ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

PS. Whilst writing I've just heard on the radio that Everton are 'racing ' to push thro' Stubbs' transfer before 12pm so he can play against Arsenal on Saturday... bet Thiery Henry is shiting himself!!

Neil Vaughan


Many of you will have now read the Article 'Enough is Enough' which was submitted by myself prior to the Arsenal game. As a response the Editor asks how I feel after the game having been so derogatory in my opinions about the current regime.... Well I'll tell you.

Like every other Evertonian I was absolutely ecstatic about the result. The team played with power, enthusiasm, passion and most of all DESIRE. Everything I expect from an Everton side and something that has not been on show too often in recent months. Regular performances like that will bring results without doubt but that type of performance has to the 'the norm' not the exception. However, well done lads you deserve every plaudit that comes your way for that display.

With regards to the comments I made about the regime in charge of the club I wholeheartedly stand by them. Let's not over react to one win, albeit a great win. It's easy to raise your game against sides like Arsenal; let's just hope it carries on against Wigan, Man City, Blackburn etc. then we'll find out if we really have 'turned the corner'. Let's be honest, Weir & Stubbs are not the the way forward so let's not pretend they are however well they may have done against Arsenal.

Neither is Naysmith, Pistone, Davies etc. Van der Meyde may well prove to be a great accquisition but he's never been fit just the same way Krldrup was never available because of 'injury' and we all know what happened to him!! Before anyone passes comment I would urge you to read the article again with objectivity and without blue tinted glasses. Having done so, Arsenal result aside, can anyone HONESTLY say I'm wrong?

Just so everyone knows, I love EVERTON FC like many others second only to my immediate family, they are the biggest love of my life, so I take no pleasure in being so negative about the club. But I want us to be a consistent top-six club not just a one-season wonder; with the current regime, I don't think we ever will be. After all, football is a game of opinions and that is mine. As I said facts don't lie and are there for all to see.

No one will be more pleased than me if Moyes does a 'Sir Alex' and leads us to regular domestic & European honours but unless he shows more determination and DESIRE to get the players he SAYS he wants, whoever they may be, then those days are just a pipe dream. If he proves me wrong I'll be the first to sing his praises and I'll do it in these very pages. But his track record in the transfer market so far is at the least 'very disappointing'. Not one of the 'top players' he has showed an interest in has signed for us and it can't always be because we won't pay then 60k a week.

As for Mr Kenwright... he's living a dream, you can't blame him for holding on but I'm not so sure that his dream is the right thing for Everton FC... I'll let you all be the judge of that.... (Gregg & Woods who are they??)

Despite everything I've said I'll continue to follow the team home & away (as I've always done) wherever they may go. As I've said I love EFC I just wish they loved me back!!

Neil Vaughan


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