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Fans Comment
Peter Moore

'Not a straight line'

Our manager said at this season's AGM that 'success does not come in a straight line'.

Our manager, as you know, has been recognised by his fellow peers (who are in many ways better placed than us fans to judge) as the best manager in the FA Premier League for two out of the last three seasons (I suspect that his peers realised that, despite not winning anything yet, he did the best job given the financial resources at his disposal).

Put the two above paragraphs together and give him the respect and support he deserves. Without his fantastic management, we may very well not be a Premier League team and our proud record of continuous top-flight football would have likely come to an abrupt end before now. So many doom-mongers, me included, feared for our top-flight survival earlier this season.

Having attended the Villa debacle on Boxing Day, I admit I was one of them. However, Moyes knows more than we do. He should have already earnt our FULL SUPPORT and it's about time the detractors got back on side. Have some perspective FFS! Moyes is one of us and acts like it. Get behind him, keep the faith. We are lucky to have him and he does not deserve the stick.

Look at the resources at his disposal. He has done extremely well, as recognised by his peers. The man who never made a mistake never made anything and the vast majority of Moyes's signings have either proved excellent buys (for the money) and many others (e.g. Andy van der Meyde, Ferrari, McFadden even, Davies, Valente, Beattie) still have ample time to do so.

Moyes is playing his hand like a canny Scot the only way he can given the financial position we are in. It is all very well wanting to splash the cash but he is not like Souness he is not prepared to throw millions at players in the HOPE things turn around. The season is still alive and it was his choice not to add to the squad in January.

If we don't treat him as he deserves though, why shouldn't he go to somewhere that will give him big money... Newcastle, perhaps? Then what for us? I would prefer to stick with Moyes. He knows success doesn't come in a straight line at least not for a club like Everton as we are no longer the 'Bank of England' club. He is prepared to work at it and get us there his way.

I for one believe the success will be all the sweeter for it too! It is also likely to be more sustainable since Moyes is doing things the right way, not looking for short-term quick fixes. Moyes deserves massive credit for having discipline and exercising restraint in transfer policy. He is building for the future (whilst acknowledging the need for experience where appropriate).

Of course he would prefer more money (such as what Souness had) but it is not his fault it is not there. He has made big progress in the time he has been here, considering where we were when he arrived, how old the squad was, the dearth of genuine talent (WR apart) and the huge in-debtedness of the club.

Please have some PERSPECTIVE and remember that Moyes is committed to getting us back to where we feel we belong. Also, given the importance of finances through the gate, how can he be expected to produce miracles on a shoe-string.

Also, perhaps we should look closer to home for our lack of passion at home games. Why can't we get behind the team from the off and gee them up. We all know that at times the team appears to be waiting for the crowd to spark into life and vice-versa. Surely with the pittance we pay them we can't expect them to show passion unless it is a 'big game' can we??!!

Also, why was there was over 25% empty seats at Goodison for the massive 4th Round cup clash with Chelsea. Stop whinging people and get behind the Manager of the People's Club and the boys in the Royal Blue Jersey! COYBBs!!
Peter Moore

You were doing quite well there Peter, but I think you may have lost it a bit in the last few paragraphs. Passion comes from the fans when they see something from the players. It has always been like that, and was proven again today when the crowd responded brilliantly to Leon Osman's early strike that clipped the bar. The players are expected to play with passion at all times. They don't get paid a pittance: they get paid a fortune that would set you or I up for life. Other than that, some good thoughts! Thanks Michael

The Author Responds
In response to your response: I was being ironic re the 'pittance' the players are paid. They are indeed paid fortunes barely imaginable! My ??!! was meant to highlight this and it was really intended as constructive criticism of the players. In support of this, noted Tim Cahill's comments that criticism of the early season performances were 'just'.

However, it is hard for us to change the mental approach and motivation of the players, other than by getting behind them from the off. I agree Ossie's great run and shot after about 90 seconds yesterday was a catalyst for a great boost to the atmosphere and vocal support inside Goodison. I believe Everton are the best fans in the world. However, and I am sorry to say that even across the park on the 'dark side' all to often, there are other stadiums and crowds that get right behind the team from the off and that must help teams get into their stride and boost the all important confidence. I would love it of we were always fast starters, but alas, there are too many times when the team does not show enough passion and fire from the off. At least not in my humble opinion. Peter Moore

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