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Fans Comment
Peter Laing

A Day in the life of an Everton Supporter
19 April 2006

Instant Karma - The high expectations of our supporters following our 4th place finish and chance of a shot at the Champions League in the face of unfair elitism / phoneyism and the G14 monolopy of Europe's premier competition. Another false dawn with a ticketing fiasco and administrative balls up by Everton FC, drawn against the Champions League dark horses and conned by a referee widely regarded as the best in the business until his mysterious retirement following our exit.

Working Class Hero

David Moyes and his assertion that Everton are the 'People's Club'. Seen as our answer to Bill Shankly, a shrewd Scotsman with a five-year masterplan to make the Blues great once again. Post-Rooney, continued inconsistency in the league and some questionable transfer acquisitions and the Moyesiah's halo has slipped as pressure has mounted with the lack of quality of football / tatics / goal difference / loyalty to certain players has continued.

Free as a bird

The loss of Rooney has this season been undoubtebdly felt; last season's triumphs and team spirit in the face of adversity proved the catalyst for unexpected success. This season, Rooney has matured as a player if not as a person and watching him playing for Man United becomes more painful by the week as he picks up Man of the Match on an almost match-by-match basis. We are left to consider what might have been and console ourselves with the mercurial Simon Davies...

Jealous Guy

Watching the inspiring football of Arsenal and Villarreal who will meet to decide a place in the Champions League final. We were once considered as equals to Arsenal as a force in English football... and Villareal? - Well they play slick attacking football once seen at Goodison Park in days gone by and assembled on a shoe-string budget.

Cold Turkey

On reflection and reading the Mailbag, some contributors are suggesting this course of action as a means to enforce much needed change within the corridors of power at Goodison Park.

How do you sleep?

Some would say Bill Kenwright and his empty soundbytes and PR machine aimed at keeping hold of the train-set.


The loyal supporters being entertained in a state-of-the-art stadium by a team who play inspiring football that reflects 'the Everton Way' and draws on the heritage and tradition of a once great club.

Give Peace a Chance

Keith Wyness - Give us your money, we won't guarantee that we won't hawk our best players; will spend little over the summer on much-needed player recruitment, and continue the PR spin of a bright future with year-on-year growth and fiscal performance.

Just like starting over

The fans can we really mobilise to enforce change... are we now conditioned to accept mediocrity? Is there any other solution to the current plight ?

Watching the wheels

For the last 20-odd years, we have continued to witness the demise of Everton, the current incumbents trade on "Ii you know your history", "100 years in the top flight", "125th anniversary", and constant re-runs on the big screens at Goodison of past glories.

Borrowed time

Kenwright, Moyes, Goodison Park, Mikkel Arteta ????

Mind Games

Bill Kenwright and Dutch Schaffer

Whatever gets you thru the night

Being unable to turn your back on Everton when really what is the option: Cold turkey (see above)

Power to the people

Anyone remember Evertonians for Change? Perhaps there isn't the volition or support for much needed change... anyone to start the revolution?
Peter Laing


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