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Fans Comment
Steve Sweeney

To Invest or Not to Invest

I have read with interest all of the comments on this site all season. Yes, we all love EFC, we all want to see great attacking football, and we all want to be in Europe every year - BUT UNTILL KENWRIGHT GOES IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. THE REASON EVERTON ARE WHERE THEY ARE IS THROUGH YEARS OF MISMANAGEMENT. How long have you been on the board Bill?

The facts are that, however it is tarted up, the club has no money to compete even with the Wigans of this world. Yes, Wigan!

Bill Kenwright should go and go now! If he loves Everton, I am sure there is someone who will give him back his 4M that he originally invested remember, shares can go up as well as down, Bill. Or, like every other fucker at the club, are you just in it for the money as well?

Maybe it is time for the people who run the club to answer truthfully to the fans.

  • Why can You not get investment for the club? How can Portsmouth?
  • Why is our youth academy falling apart?
  • Why do we have to put up with boring football week in week out?
  • Why will you not tell the fans the truth?
There are so many.

I know the answers will be: We are always looking for and speaking to potential investors - Our record of bringing youth... Bla Bla... Rooney etc and all the other shite that has been uttered over the last 15 years will come out. It's time to come clean. It will be painful the potential investors that are talking to the club might be frightened away but in order to go forward, Bill, you have to go away.

Everton need a blueprint for the future and more importantly someone who can drive that blueprint forward and make it happen. I dont think any fan/investor CAN have any confidence in the present regime to do this.

We need a new ground or a totally redeveloped Goodison (which I believe could be the best option and most cost-efficient option.) We need to put plans in place that will achieve this so creating a stadium that will generate the cash that a Premiership club needs. A 21st Century stadium that will be able to stage International fixtures, cup semi-finals and major events etc. Surely there must be EU funding available to re-generate Walton?

However, this will not happen until Bill Kenwright gives up control of the club. This man will take us out of the Premiership HE WILL.

As a fan I have very little control over events or strategies at the club. However, I do have control as to if I renew my season ticket so that makes me a potential investor. WELL, BUNGLING BILL AND SCRIMSHANKER WYNESS, here is another investor just like the mystical Fortress Sports Fund, who will not invest in the club while you are in charge.

Forget the banners hit them in the only way you can - do not renew your season tickets! It might hurt short-term but it may be our last chance to force these idiots to do something. But, just like the rats they are, I suppose they wont leave until it is too late.
Steve Sweeney


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