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Fans Comment
Marshall Tivnan

What future do you want for EFC?

I am a loyal fan... what do we want?

Is it, or should it be Goodison Park as our home, the only extension being the home for the David France collection (if we possess it)? Or do we move, build a new stadium, with a new name for the stadium and a new name for the club. We are Everton for reasons, apparently something to do with the domesday book, where-in is mentoned Oferton, an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "the site looked upon from the hill where the pigs are kept". Yeah ok... rethinking this, I would not mind moving as it has something to do with the pigs, but we will have to start anew.....

It will cost a lot of money. A lot of money.... but it should mean that we will pay less money to attend a game as there are more seats (I would hope that the laws of economics would hold true in this respect).....How many more seats would we need? How large would we want the stadium to be?... Surely 49,000 would be too few... there is no point in building a stadium with a capacity lower than 56,000 and, even if we stretch so far as to acquire the financing... (we know it is not like going down to Asda to buy green lentils.. It is time, money, effort and ultimately it has to be sanctioned by a greater majority.... It is building a stadium...our third real home....)

What do we do?

Should we hold a survey or make a petition? I for one want the issue of the stadium out of the way for at least two years... Should we move or shouldn't we? We have to know, we have to build for the future, we have to have a future befitting of Everton football club... Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

It is best that we know. We should be concentrating on football, performances, football, goals and points... not pointing the finger on what needs to be changed... Some want to move home; some want Moyes out; some want Board changes with either/or both Kenwright and Wyness out; some want changes in the youth policy/academy; some want new signings!!!

I do not want the upheaval! I am happy with everything about the club (except for the fact that they may not have a vegetarian alternative in the brasserie).

Apart from a new tannoy system, we need nothing but loyalty and faith. We know how we did last year and that is combined with a few bad results, a few lost points.

YES, I love Everton. I Love Everton Football Club. I have nothing on Tuesday but killing time until Saturday but this is chaos, and yes, the dissent is the cause.

We have good players better than most. We can challenge... but nothing is resolved and there is too much to resolve: Stadium, Moyes, Kenwright/Gregg, Academy..... Maybe it is just what we need but very few clubs or businesses can afford the finance and loans that we need to do it right.

How much do we need? 100 million? What is the finance structure in building a stadium... How much do we need lump-sum up front? Then we need money for players so that we have a reason for building the new stadium in the first place; money for the increased wage bill; money to increase the size and efficiency/quality of the academy.....

I think that we are ploughing an even keel. We do not need all that much. Only a five-year plan. A statement from the club saying that all is in order. That the club is happy with the staff and it's current course, morale and fans, football and environment. We are fine. We have put up with some things in the last seasons The sale of Wayne Rooney, embarrassment in Europe But we got to play in Europe, and we were in a position to sell Wayne Rooney, and we qualified for Europe despite...

For these reasons, I have faith in Kenright and Moyes. Wyness has a different role (he is not for us to hold in the firing line; he is an internal matter, a matter for the chairman or, if it comes to it, for communication between the club and fan's council).

I feel that we have to sort out the academy its future and its form and role. It is a truth that there is no Everton without a functional and efficient academy. There is no future for Everton without an academy that produces home-grown players. We cannot afford it and in the current market (it has come down a little) I would refuse to afford it.

How much have Manchester United spent on 2 players? Better to say three: Van Nistelrooy, Ferdinand and Rooney. Buah... I can only think now of the homeless and the poor. How much have they spent and how many European cups have they won since?


What is the priority now? The priority is faith, loyalty and support. We need to get it right first time or we might as well cease trading and stop the club and fold while we are ahead, pass into history as legend.

That suggested, I would prefer to support Everton, even if it means debt, worry, and lower-league status with hope of rising again as a Phoenix from the ashes.

We have to work together; we have to pull together; not as individuals. Everton matters, Everton is important. Sort it out and ditch the doubt.

Marshall Tivnan


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