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A non-scouse blue view on Kirkby

By Lee Whatford :  16/08/2007 :  Comments (44) :
I am a blue through and through. But I don?t happen to live in Merseyside, I live in York. I have been studying the move arguments for some time and the pure narrow-mindedness and seemingly selfish nature of some (I sincerely hope not most) strikes me as crazy.

I support Everton for many many reasons, born of the simple love of everything pure and passionate that Everton Football Club stands for. I love EFC because we are the best team to support in the country. Not being a scouser, not having a scouse accent, never having spent much time in Merseyside (apart from going to games year-in, year-out for the last 20 years) I ALWAYS feel welcome in the stands, in the pubs, around the ground. The spirit of the people, the atmosphere in the ground and the respect the fans have for other fans (wherever they are from) sometimes astonishes me.

It is for these reasons I am hugely proud to associate myself with Everton Football Club. Unfortunately I haven?t held a season ticket for 4 years as work took me to... so unfortunately I don?t get to vote. But my take on Kirkby is fairly simple: We have no money ? whether these other hastily drawn-up and seemingly financially unsound proposals for the Loop and Goodison are accurate, where are the finance proposals? What if we ditch Kirkby, and then find (which we probably will) that we can?t afford to redevelop Goodison, or move to the loop? Future plans go tits up, we don?t move, can?t find an investor because the ground holds no value and we stagnate.

Do I want to see EFC move because it?s actually going to save me 15-20 minutes travelling on a match day? No, that would be selfish and irresponsible. I?d travel twice the distance if I had to. Do I want to see EFC stay because I?m worried about atmosphere in these ?new grounds?? No, The millennium Stadium and St Mary's have a great atmosphere ? and we have the best fans in the world. Bingo. Do I want EFC to move because this is will be the one thing that will support Moyes in building on years of blood sweat and tears in building a team now capable of seriously challenging the top 4? Yes.

We Stay; We Stagnate ? and all for a measly 3.5 miles. Fans will travel to matches, if it's a problem stay at home, watch it in your local. As far as everybody outside Liverpool is concerned (which is a lot of us, including Bluenoses!) Kirkby is Liverpool, is Merseyside. An invisible political line is irrelevant. I even hear someone talking about abuse from Liverpool fans ? ?the only team in Liverpool? etc. Is this REALLY a problem? ... are you joking??? Since when have we let that bother us!! Would you rather that and we compete toe to toe with them every season, at home AND in Europe? I would...

We Move; We Improve ? better ground, more income, better players, better games, more winning, more trophies. More money, better players, better games more winning, more trophies... etc etc. Isn?t that really what everyone wants to show the rest of the world how damn proud we are of the best team and best supporters in the country??? Let?s move ? and bring the history with us ? in the fans, the chants and the memories.

We have to move ? my vote (would be if I had one) an overwhelming YES (and boy would I love to have one) ? please don?t let the dream die for the sake of a couple of insignificant miles; for a purely political boundary ? football should have nothing to do with politics.

Let?s back the move and give Little Mickey a ground where he can really show us what he?s made of, on a stage to put us alongside the best stadia and teams in the world.

Reader Comments

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1   Posted 17/08/2007 at 05:45:08

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Well said mate. I agree 100%
Joe Aylward
2   Posted 17/08/2007 at 05:38:28

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Hi Lee,
Well said mate. I have always been somewhat bemused by the argument that Kirkby is not within the City Boundary when it is clearly part of Liverpool - and would be certainly be more accessible than some sites that have been mentioned that are inside this ’boundary’ such as Speke. Whilst the Bestway proposal looks great - who the hell is going to pay for it? To me it seems a little farcical we are arguing over four miles. You dont sacrifice the city if you are still part of it no matter where you are located! Whatever the decision next week, I for one will be looking forward to concentrating on the season at hand rather than seeing blue supporters ripping each other apart on this debate. Cheers, Joe.
3   Posted 17/08/2007 at 06:20:19

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While I agree with what you are saying with regards to it only being 3.5 miles away, I think what we are starting to see now is more of a concern on the whole finance side of things. There are a few excellent articles on here (Colin Fitzs especially) asking some very serious questions with regard to the whole funding to the Kirkby Project, which I think should have been answered before we were expected to vote. The (very varying!) numbers coming from Mr Wyness et al just dont seem to add up, and I think it is unfair of the board to expect us to make a decision without giving us the hard facts, in black and white, on exactly how much the move to Kirkby will cost us.

Now before you say "but where is the financial backing for the loop", just remember that they are supposedly working on them now, and can’t be expected to pluck them out of thin air (as Mr Wyness could perhaps be accusessed of re Kirkby). For all we know, we could be offered a similarily attractive package through Bestway, and even if it isn’t as attractive, surely the prospect of returning home to Everton would could towards something as well.

I personally can’t see why the ballot can’t be put on hold for a few months while the loop is expored further. If they come up with nothing, fine, at least we can say we gave it a chance. If we are that important to Tesco / Knowesleys plans (which I personally think we are vital to), surely they wont mind holding on for a short time.

I just don’t want to see us go ahead with Kirkby just to find out that the Loop was feasable but it is too late.

Also, it would be handy if someone would clear up the issue regarding if a ’no’ vote would scrap the Kirkby Project for good, allowing the Loop to be looked into, or if a ’yes’ vote goes ahead, would the club still perhaps look at the Loop as an alternative still, with perhaps a second vote once a feasability study has been done on both sites?

Thanks for your time chaps!
Erik Dols
4   Posted 17/08/2007 at 07:14:24

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Well, I voted ’no’, but I live under the assumption that if the outcome of the ballot is ’yes’, there’s still room for other options to come along. If a decent funding scheme for the loop-site comes out a month after the ballot, I expect the club to examine these plans seriously. BK and KW are not in some wicked evil Tesco-scheme. At least that is what I believe. I sincerely believe they examined lots of options in Liverpool beforehand, but they just didn’t find the commercial partners to make these sites viable options.

Lee, at the start of your article you state some people voted out of selfish motives. Well, that’s partly what a vote is for, isn’t it? To give YOUR preferences, and not the preferences you think most people will have... Only thing you can say is that people should incorporate the financial possibilities of Everton with and without Kirkby in their votes. Like you say, travelling 4 miles more to see a side pushing for the title is a sacrifice most would be willing to make.

And the reason why I voted ’no’? Not because of some arbitrary boundary, but because I think the club should either stay at Goodison (and redevelop it of course!) or move closer to the city centre and build a stadium that generates income on a day-to-day basis. Kirkby is in the wrong direction. I simply expect us to make more money in the centre of the city. And to clarify this: I live in the Netherlands and for the two or three matches I attend each year, I have to travel for hours and make it a multiple-day journey anyway, so I don’t give a shit about those 4 miles.
Andrew Bulmer
5   Posted 17/08/2007 at 07:47:08

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Colin Fitz’s piece with regard to the debt incurred by building Kirkby is wrong,it doesn’t add up. The author has stated as much himself. Justify a vote against Kirkby another way.
6   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:08:15

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A good post Lee and I understand your sentiments , however as I see it a yes vote means we burn our bridges and no going back , a no vote at least gives us the option of exploring other options
7   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:05:43

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If Colin Fitz’s piece doesn’t add up then fair enough, I obviously haven’t come across that admission yet.

Also though, I haven’t come across any facts explaining exactly how Kirkby is to be funded (in simpleton terms that even someone like me can understand!)

I would just like to know how much the total project will cost, how much Everton will pay towards it, how much Tesco will pay towards it, and how much the council will pay towards it. 4 simple numbers, end of. Have you got these figures for me from offical sources? If so could you please give them to me here.

Also I am not tryin to "justify a vote against Kirkby", as a) I havn’t got a vote, I am merely a concerend Bluenose, and b) if EFC gave me the info myself and many other supporters wanted to know re finance and they all added up nicely, then that would be one less reason I think the Kirkby site maybe isn’t the best possible outcome for EFC (unless their figures didnt add up to what they have been selling us these past few weeks!)

Andrew, I just want facts mate, thats all. It’s not too much to ask the board for is it?
8   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:16:43

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...actually all I am REALLY interested in is one number, how much EFC are contributing.
Keith Harrison
9   Posted 17/08/2007 at 07:58:55

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As another non-scouse blue, I agree with your comments.

It is difficult to understand why all these so-called viable alternatives crop up at the 11th hour when KEIOC Warren Bradley et al have known for a year now that EFC were looking seriously at Kirkby. Each of them would appear to need a fairy godmother/Mittal type funding whereas Kirkby is deliverable at what must be the most effective cost to the club.

Of course it will cost us something, and people bemoan the fact that EFC have not told us definitive figures for our investment. Could I remind all Evertonians that Everton did not need to give us the vote, and they at least in this seem to be keeping to the Peoples Club motto.

To me the move seems a no-brainer and thats why I voted yes, as I believe it is the only way we can begin to compete with the ’big 3’ and the RS.

Before the accusations of Moyes/BK/Bully apologist come in, I am also fed up with what I believe has been a thinly veneered tissue of lies from the EFC propaganda machine over the last few years (Fortress Fund et al). The club could definitely also be run better admistratively ref the JJB fiasco, and I think it took fan power for Moyes to alter his subsequent game plans after the Tottenham debacle.

It does seem, however, that we are entering a new and exciting phase in our history, and we should grasp the opportunity with both hands.

To those who voted ’no’, you are a fellow Evertonian and I respect your opinion, even if I disagree with it.

Whichever way the vote goes, lets get behind what will be our most potent team since the mid eighties with Manny due today, and the Yak shortly to follow.
Steve L
10   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:24:57

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Smiffy, you suggest suspending the vote until the loop has been explored, but the loop proposal didn’t appear until AFTER the vote was announced. None of the alternatives appeared until AFTER Everton revealed details of the vote.

This, I feel, is slightly suspicious, no?
11   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:26:15

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Thanks Lee for your input, with regard to the Andrew Bulmer’s response stating that I have stated that my kirkby analysis is wrong and doesn’t add up I would invite you to read my follow up which you’ll find on the front page of TW, what I actually state is that my findings are subjective and flawed as they’re based on the information given out by the club, the fact remains that the only unique selling point of Kirkby is the claim that it’s cheap in comparison to other potential sites, if Everton aren’t getting the "deal of the century" then it’s not so appealing, what I and many others have dared to question is the apparent £100m hole in the funding explanation, originally you will remember we were told that the club would be getting a stadium by incurring £10-15M of debt, this went up to £35M when Mr Leahy attempted to clarify matters, most people are in fact totally confused. Ultimatly if you believe that this is a good deal you should vote yes, if you believe Everton are in the position to do better, as the 21st richest club in the world and top of the richest league on the planet, then you do the opposite.
12   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:41:26

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Steve L...

I think the reason the Loop proposal didn’t appear until after the vote was announced was mainly due to the fact that most people where expecting the exclusivity period to end, THEN efc would look at other proposals, THEN we would have a ballot, with more than just a Kirkby or Nothing question. Also, another reason the site may have just been mentioned is the fact that it may only have become available!

Honestly, who on here expected a ballot to come round so quickly? Does anyone know if the exlusivity period has actually ended?

I just can’t see why efc didn’t wait a few weeks for the Loop proposal to get upto speed with more detailed figures, plans etc. then put that option on the ballot as well. If it turns up to be a waste of time that most of the ’Yes’ voters think it is then surely this would be realised sooner than later and most people would’nt bother with it anyway.

Whats causing problems is that efxc have created a situation where a lot of people are thinking "what if...?"

Also those figures for Kirkby would be nice anyone...
Bernt H
13   Posted 17/08/2007 at 08:43:27

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I have been blue since I was 6 that is for 36 years now. For the first 30 years or so I lived in Finland and an annual visit to Goodison or one or two away games were the highlights of each year. Now living in Aberdeen I get to go more often but it is still a fair journey to undertake, one hotel night is always required.
I love Goodison Park, the atmosphere is second to none and that includes the RS singalong. I am very proud to be blue and I am delighted to see the progress we made during Moyesiahs reign. But we have to keep building on it; voting no (and obviously I do not have a vote) will not give us more alternatives; it will kill the one alternative that is real. We can have a beautiful football ground - because that is what the Kirkby Project is - within a few years. And I could not care less if it is outside my scouser friends? imaginary boundaries; Everton is a big club, not only in Liverpool City but in the whole of Great Britain, Europe and the rest of the World. All we want and all what the club deserves is an opportunity to once again compete on level terms with the other clubs in the Premiership and Europe. Our great club deserves a great venue; Kirkby is there to grasp ? all other alternatives are very ?maybe?.
14   Posted 17/08/2007 at 09:49:45

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Very well put Bernt. I just hope that if it is a ’Yes’ then the board do the right thing, swallow their pride and if, IF, a SUITABLE alternative arises from all the possible talk of other sites in the near future, they take the time and care to scrutinise whats on offer at that time and we go from there.

Unfortunately I can only see a ’Yes’ vote leading to Kirkby with all other options ignored. I hope I am wrong (don’t worry lads I normally am!)
Tim Naughton
15   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:06:10

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Great article Lee. I’ve been a long distance bluenose for over 20 years and everything you say is spot on.

If we don’t take this opportunity we’ll regret it for ever.
Matt Brown
16   Posted 17/08/2007 at 09:55:58

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Lee, this is simply the best article I have read on this site.
Tony Marsh
17   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:06:00

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Lee dont tnink for a minute anyone of us doubts your credentials as an Everton supporter in fact I admire your
loyalty.Thr problem is with you not being a local its impossible for you to guage the the bad feeling a lot of us who live here have about this move.Kirkby is not the issue interms of what the place is or isnt.Moving so far away from the the city center is the main concern.Even if we were moving to Speke which is with in the city boundaries most of us NO voters would have the same reservations about it.No one in there right mind moves a football club or a buisness from a central location in a city where most of its customers or fan base are.Would anyone consider putting a new national opera house in Hartlepool and hope to attract
money people through the doors.?
This is the same thing.We are told one of the main reasons for this move is to fill boxes in the new ground and pull in corporate types who will put money in to the club making us richer.Its Bullshit.These type of supporters/Spenders/Corporate types, wont be interested in dragging themselves out to Kirkby.Its hardly a place in which you can large it up in is it.With the New Liverpool city center booming thats where all the action is and thats where the money people will want to be.I should know I have been using the corporate facilities at Goodison Park since 1994 now and I am telling you Kirkby as a money spinner is a none starter.If Kenwright would come out and say,Look we are skint we need this move.We wont be any better off when we go than we are now but we will have a new ground becaus thats the truth then I think fans would trust him more.All this Bullshit about extra revenue doesnt help any of us.
18   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:27:43

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Erm scuse me, point of order Lee. St Mary’s has a "great atmosphere"? You are joking right!

And the Kirkydome "amongst the best stadia in the world"? A flatpack two-a-penny clone built on the cheap on a retail park in the middle of nowhere? Yes, you are joking and this is clearly satire.
John Nelson
19   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:35:02

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Tony Marsh;

I can actually reason with you on most of your points for a change. I would love us to stay close to the city centre, because as you say it’s the place where everything is happening and also has a lot more going for it than Kirkby (I’m from Kirkby so I know what I’m talking about).

I like the way you view a move to Speke in similar context to a move to Kirkby, as even though it is classed as in the city, it is too far away from Goodison and the city centre. Spot on with that one if you ask me mate.

I also agree with the fact that you point out fans would be less aggrieved and sympathetic if Bill Kenwright and Keith Wyness would just come out and say it as it is i.e. we are skint and this is the best offer we have had for a new ground.

All viable and agreeable points above Tony, well done. But the thing is mate, if "The Loop" site would not meet credentials, what other option is there for a ground close to the city centre? Say we completely dismiss the Kirkby option, look properly into "The Loop" option and find that it isn’t suitable enough, then what next?

Come on you blues.
Tim K
20   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:48:31

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I’m a non-scouse blue too currently living 4 hours drive from Goodison.

It kills me to think people are even considering voting Yes. They are voting based on nothing, no facts, no figures, assumptions that we’ll get £10m a year extra to spend on players based on fantasy.

We haven’t even seen a proper picture of the ground only a front view and an elevated view with the surrounding area blacked out.

If the club were just honest and spelt out how much is was going to cost, who was paying for it and how much extra money it could realistically bring in then I’d give them credit.

I bet no two yes voters can give me the same figure for Everton’s contribution and how much extra profit it should make.
Matt Brown
21   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:44:22

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Hughesy, would you prefer Everton moved to that hiddious thing unveiled on the loop yesterday?

Mate, have a word.
Mike Hunt
22   Posted 17/08/2007 at 10:59:00

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A NO VOTE will give us the chance to explore the loop and other Liverpool City options. However, it will rule out Kirkby, which is in all probability the best option for us if we are to move forward on and off the pitch. A no vote therefore is a wrong would cut our nose off to spite our face. That would probably be devastating to EFC’s future chance of real success anytime soon. I am VERY fearful of that outcome so urge all voters to be responsible in their choice.
23   Posted 17/08/2007 at 11:06:24

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I lived in Huyton for 27 years, which is not a million miles away from Kirkby, and there are two places in Merseyside that I’ve always classed some of the people there as plassy (plastic) scousers - Birkenhead (Never trust a Birkenheader) and Kirkby (Kirkby La La’s).
If Everton FC moved to Kirkby, it would just destroy that part of me that absoloutley loves the City of Liverpool and Everton FC.
I certainly do not believe that moving to a newer bigger stadium will improve the team, and I’d be interested to know if anyone has any facts to prove a new stadium improves results?
What I do believe is that with Moyes at the helm we will improve the team and our success no matter what, and knowing that success breeds success, there will always be more options to move and better deals on the table in the future. IMWT
bootle blue
24   Posted 17/08/2007 at 11:58:38

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My nightmare is this:
1. The ’Yes’ vote wins
2. LCC and Bestway actually get their act together and produce a viable financial plan.
3. The board refuse to negotiate on the grounds that they have a ’Yes’ mandate for Kirby.
4. We end up in Kirby when a site in Liverpool may have been viable.

The thought of rattling around in a 55,000 seater stadium in Kirby doesn’t fill me with glee, but if the ’Yes’ vote wins that’s what I’ll do.
Andrew Bulmer
25   Posted 17/08/2007 at 11:58:30

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I think Colin sums it up really well. £35m debt for an £150m asset.
Compare that to any other new stadium cost. "across the park" will cost them approx £21m per year I’m led to believe!!
I too would prefer to remain in Liverpool, Everton even. However in the here and now and current, dare i say it, deliverable and costed options Kirby appears to be really the only runner.

To repeat Colin’s question do you believe EFC can do better, in the next couple of years, in terms of a deal in Liverpool.

Maybe there is a game of brinkmanship going on between the city, everton, tesco etc..I don’t for a second believe in councillor Bradley and the Loop. Perhaps Tesco and Everton do want/have wanted a better deal from Liverpool and are attempting to force the issue. Why give the fans a vote ? Apparent exclusivity period ?
If this is the case and given Everton and LCC have been shockingly mismanaged for a while now and the only group of people who have rarely if ever let the club down, the fans, how sadly ironic it is that the LCC, EFC etc appear to be using us as pawns in there game/squabble.
In my experience however behaviour patterns that are difficult to understand are far more likely to be incompetence rather than conspiracy. Given we will never be able to make a completely informed decision as fans, what detail is available points to Kirkby.. unfortunately.
Craig Gillham
26   Posted 17/08/2007 at 12:27:04

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Being a blue nose myself and living 260 miles away, i can see your point Kirkby is part of liverpool, kirkby is part of merseyside. Which is what everton is a merseyside team not just a team of liverpool city. alot of everton fans are from Birkenhead who are not from the city but have had season tickets the most part of their live my dad my brother and his son to name just 3. i dont have one because of work commitments. if people wanna get fussy Everton is not even in Everton its in walton so why dont people make a fuss over that?

Im getting annoyed and upset that for the sake of pride do not want Everton to progress. The LOOP and a Re-Development of GOODISON is simply too expensive and shoddy brought together in 5 mins by some computer geek. they are not the way forward and Kirkby is a ground that will cost us 10-15m which would be covered by the sale of goodison.



Moyes has turned EFC from a relegation side to a European side in 5 years in 5 more years with a new ground and with him at the helm who knows where we will be

Tony Marsh
27   Posted 17/08/2007 at 14:12:55

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John Nelson thanks for the reply mate.Loop or no loop John Kirkby will not solve our problems of increasing our revenue streams.There is another plot of land off Scotland road behind the 5 aside pitches which has been put forward a few weeks back that is available.If we end up in your home town John so be it but dont you think we are giving up a little to easily.A lot of the yes voters havent got a clue were Kikby is never mind ever being in the place.So how on earth can they vote to move there.I am from Huyton John and getting to Kirkby from there would take 5 minutes.Easy for me but I dont want that.Sooner take half an hour in traffic and have the club be in a decent location.No to Kirkby for the sake of our future.
28   Posted 17/08/2007 at 14:29:07

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Hey Tony

Finally a calm, well constructed response. Are you on the happy pills today?

Are they working on more details for the Scotland Road site? If so, do you know when we might see some?

I’m interested cos I don’t know much about that site as a viable option. Mind you, I guess that’s the problem. Not enough info.

Hope that the new mellow you is here to stay Tony :)
Tony Marsh
29   Posted 17/08/2007 at 14:47:28

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Warren Bradley put forwars a piece of land as an option 3 weeks ago.The land is on the river side of the Scotland road area in Everton. Dont know much more than that other than it is available.If Tescos love us so much why cant they help us on this site and we give them Goodison to build a supermarket on.Do what ever it takes to stay in this area or as near as can be Walking distance in to town and slap bang in the middle of our fan base.You know it makes sense.
30   Posted 17/08/2007 at 14:01:33

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Hey Craig, Southport, West Kirkby, Newton-le-willows, Runcorn are also in the bounderies of the ’Merseyside, why not look at moving EVERTON to one of those places!


You’re the one who thinks ’the futures bright in Kirkby’ Craig... who’s the dreamer? I bet you’ve never even been there.

There’s two ’k’s in Kirkby by the way, but as you live over 250 miles away you wouldn’t know that.

Regardless of the ground move, we will always improve under Moyes.

Don’t get me wrong I would love a new stadium, but I’m a great believer in our moto... ’Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ ’nothing but the best is good enough’. IMWT
31   Posted 17/08/2007 at 15:26:18

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I class Kirby and huyton as liverpool and the people as scousers!

Huyton is fucking knowsley too!!!!

Is Liverpool captain therefor a wool? and not a scouser??

Have a fuckin word!
32   Posted 17/08/2007 at 15:35:42

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I suppose you class St. Helens as Liverool to, fuck it lets go the whole hog and go visit Lymm in Liverpool! And all those scousers in Sleepy Southport, just too many too mention!!!

Yes I know that Huyton is part of Knowsley, just as Kirkby is. I lived there for 27 years. But you’re talking council areas. I’m talking about Liverpool.

I’d class Whiston as borderline Liverpool. But would I want Everton to move there, or Huyton even for that matter, not a chance.

If we’re going to move from Goodison let it be closer to the heart of Liverpool ’The Pool of Life’. IMWT
craig stanley
33   Posted 17/08/2007 at 16:37:46

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one thing to say to you lee on this article,fantastic. its about time somebody stood up and said kirby isnt a bad idea,im with you on this one i live in doncaster and i would go anywhere to watch the mighty blues,just think if you vote no and we stay at goodison as much as i love the place its well past its sell buy date,but also the shite from across the park will be even closer with a gaint of a brand new stadium towering above us,come on blues vote yes were on are way to the top are need this new stadium to help us on are way,also on a different note been to all the games this season and some pre season games, are fans are world class so lets have a stadium and team to go with it,the teams nearly there anyway.and no before anyone asks i dont work for everton i just want the best for this great club.
34   Posted 17/08/2007 at 15:58:32

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Good post Lee. I have just finished reading a book written by Gary Imlach called My Father and Other Working Class Footballers about the life of his Father Stewart. Who was also a first team coach under Harry Catterick,he talked about and what a great club Everton is. So to me its not about the board,the manager,or the players or supporters where ever they may live they can and will change over the years its about keeping the Club alive to do this we need a new ground.The Old lady has served us well over the years but I think now is the time to move to Kirkby what better chance have we had over the last 10years it could be another 10 years before it happens again so vote YES
35   Posted 17/08/2007 at 17:10:32

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Why is it that just because Goodison is past its sell by date we have to move to Kirkby?

Why the immediate rush?

Goodison has served us well for over 100 years and I’m sure can give us a few more years, before a better ground option comes along that both KEIOC supporters and the Kirkby supporters are happy with.

Didn’t know Gary Imlach but knew his brother Steve. Hope you’re healthy and happy Steve if you reading this.
36   Posted 17/08/2007 at 18:51:14

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37   Posted 17/08/2007 at 20:03:37

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In my opinion a move from Goodison is inevitable, so we should be making the best of the situation. Do I believe that Kirkby is the best option, when it is the only option... NO
The exclusive deal stopped any other considerations so that the last minute opposition to Kirkby is left with little or no time or substance. This is obviously what the Board wants and needs. But they should remember that if you treat people badly they usually return the complement.
Don’t try to paint the fans into a corner because they will only come out fighting and since the pen is mightier than the sword we should use our pens to vote NO to Kirkby until all reasonable alternatives have been given a chance.
38   Posted 17/08/2007 at 19:54:06

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To start with, great post Lee.

In response to Tony Marsh’s post about giving tesco the goodison site to build a supermarket on. When we were trying to raise the money for the King’s Dock the council issued a statement saying that the site could not be used for retail and could only be sold for housing.
Blue In Bolton
39   Posted 17/08/2007 at 20:40:29

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Fantastic article, absolutely brilliant..! Encapsulates my thoughts entirely.
Well said sir..
Alex in Herts.
40   Posted 17/08/2007 at 22:56:58

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agreed! great article! vote yes!!
norman baker
41   Posted 18/08/2007 at 10:10:40

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been a non scouser blue for 45 years living in ledbury herefordshire, and totally agree with this article.
42   Posted 18/08/2007 at 20:50:37

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vote yes
Alistair Roycroft
43   Posted 20/08/2007 at 11:44:16

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Good article Lee. I’m another non-Scouse blue (but descended from a long line of Scousers if that counts for anything) and a reluctant Yes voter. I have the same emotional and sentimental attachment to Goodison as all other blues, and for good measure I can throw in the fact that my dad’s ashes are buried alongside the Park end goal.

Nil Satis... Will Kirby give us the best stadium? I hope so, but fear not - the best costs money we seem not to have.

Smiffy: ’Whats causing problems is that efxc have created a situation where a lot of people are thinking "what if...?"’

Actually, I think that’s KEIOC/LCC/Bestway’s doing, not EFC’s.

bootle blue - here’s an alternative nightmare: we vote no, spend two years finding that the Loop can’t be developed and turn round to find that Kirkby and Tesco have developed their site and built something else where our ground would have been.

I have lots of respect and sympathy for all the no voters, but in the end I think no is the wrong answer.
44   Posted 20/08/2007 at 13:41:08

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lets move the club 3.5 miles in the other direction and build in the Birkenhead docks area,plenty of land there its in Wirral but so what its only a boundary thing,its next to the Mersey!Is that acceptable to you i would travel anywhere to see the blues people?I cant buy into this idea that a new stadium in Kirkby will bring us in the kind of revenue we will need to break into the top four,whatever exterior retail developments come with the Kirkby package will have nothing to do with EFC,all rents etc will go to Tesco and rates to Knowsley council,we will be paying Tesco rent for the stadium plus the interest on the loan we require to pay for the fitting out of the ground.We will have a shiny new stadium but dont kid youself it will bring us any extra revenue to spend on ’world class’ players,it wont,i personally think revenue from corporate hospitality(prawn sandwiches),which wyness seems to think will bring in all this extra cash,would be maximised on a site as near to the City centre as possible.Kirkbys a non starter for me Everton FC is and should always be more than just a franchise,i dont wish to be viewed as just another consumer buying into the EFC brand,ive spent 37 years following this club and it is in my soul,wyness has been here no time, he is slowly being allowed to dismantle the club brick by brick as we become part of his business model.The future must be based on staying in the Liverpool City Area,say no to becoming part of the Kirkby franchise

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