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Million Dollar Man

By Paul King :  16/10/2007 :  Comments (27) :
Anyone who watched WWF will undoubtedly remember The Million Dollar Man. When he came into the ring I was in awe. All I could think about was the million dollars that he must possess. He probably didn?t have it in the briefcase after all but I wasn?t to know. Anyway, a million dollars about 12 years ago seemed like an astronomical amount of money... not anymore!!! There are many millionaires now, but a millionaire in football just isn?t enough.

In Bill Kenwright we undoubtedly have one of the most passionate chairmen in the Premier League, one who loves the club he is at the head of. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, that just isn?t enough.

In the summer, Kenwright provided us with £21.5 million (not including loan signings). That money was spent on Yakubu, Jagielka and Baines. This was a significant investment from Everton by far outweighing any previous transfer investment. For that money, we have got a lazy lacklustre striker, a lost midfielder and a shining light in Leighton Baines as he looks like he could be a very good player. Hopefully Yakubu and Jagielka will prove their worth.

To have made this significant outlay, Everton must have borrowed from the bank. They must have been able to prove to the bank that upon being given this money they could then pay it back in instalments over the next few years. So, for the next few years, we are now paying back £21.5 million and that doesn?t include past loans. I believe we are still paying the bank for Per Krøldrup as we only recovered some of the money we paid for him upon his sale to Fiorentina. So do we not need investment???

It has recently been stated in the news that a South African has been sniffing around Everton with regards to potential investment. This is not a new thing as many investors have been linked with Everton over the past few years. Kenwright has spoke out to rubbish the rumours whilst citing that he is continually looking for potential investment. If this is true, then where is it???

The likes of Liverpool, West Ham, Birmingham and Man City have all received investment in the last year. What makes these clubs so appealing???

I do believe Everton need some sort of big investment in the none-too-distant future if we are to consistently become a top-six team or break into the top four again. The investment must be from a multi millionaire though or even a billionaire as a millionaire will not get us where we want to be.

A new stadium is a must as this would provide us with increased revenue if it is done the correct way. Wherever this stadium ends up, it must be the best of the best. We can?t afford to settle for a Reebok Stadium or a JJB Stadium with no character. We must be aiming for something more similar to the Emirates. A stadium like this could be used for concerts and other events that would provide even more revenue away from the football side. Whether it is Kirkby or somewhere else, we must get this one right; if we don?t it will have a very adverse effect.

I do believe that Keith Wyness is pushing for the stadium to be in Kirkby because he wants to get it built and then jump ship. The talk is that he wants to build the stadium and impress the Olympic Council as he wants to become involved with the London 2012 as football is not where his true passion lies.

For this season, I do believe we can have a good Uefa Cup run and achieve another top six finish. For this to happen though we need all our best players back fit. With Cahill, Vaughan and Johnson back I believe we have a very strong team that could challenge anyone on their day.


Reader Comments

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Graeme Hodgkinson
1   Posted 17/10/2007 at 09:07:13

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I have never read an article, based so much on speculation!
Who says were still paying or Kroldrup? Do you likewise think were still paying for Johnson? Who is to say some of the transfer fees we hav recieved since (Naysmith or Beattie perhaps) didnt pay this off, (that is if it wasnt settled at the time of the transfer!?!)

May i also suggest, that we may not hav borrowed to pay for the signings this year, and that perhaps that guy from the hard rock cafe (his name passes me) on the board saw the value in investing in our playing staff in much the same way that the multi millionaires at other clubs you cite hav done!

Furthermore, Kenwright has consistently stated that he wants the RIGHT invetment, not some moneybags American looking to make a quick buck. and as for your question of where is it...well as we all know, that Greg fella, who we all hated so much, did indeed hav his shares bought by the hard rock cafe guy, who no doubt was enticed to invest by none other than the man you ask...BK!

The Talk is? THE TALK IS?
Where is this talk, where is it coming from, and why do i not know about it? Keith Wyness may not be the most likable of people, but i wouldn’t like to undermine his intentions for the club based on information on a source you (cant or) fail to mention.
Olympic eye!

Please excuse the unresearched nature of this post, but im in a rush for work! I just felt compelled to reply...
nick harris
2   Posted 17/10/2007 at 10:01:36

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kenwright is a million dollar fraud.... a spiv ...a charlatan ... a down right slimy snake bastard imo

he bought the club regardless of the fact he couldnt finance it and doulbled the debt in the first few years.

he has been the head of this club through some of the most embarrasing moments in efc history.nyarko , kings dock , rooney scandal , moving out of liverpool , fernandes , knocked out of europe twice at hte first hurdle in the same season ,fsf etc .

he has assett stripped the club year on the point where we hardly have any assetts left off the pitch.

he has lied about investment to keep his job and kill off rivals.fortress sports fund again.

he has sold the best young british player in a generation .

the summer just gone , after balancing out the transfers in and out before yakubu , he didnt even spend a penny on transfers and sent the club a further 25 million in debt by getting another loan , this is after finishing in the top 6 just a month or 2 before .

if i was a multi millioinaire i would love to invest in everton , but then bring kenwright wyness and earl into the equation and i would have to reconsider.
they , to me , look like 3 men who are just waiting to be rolling in and walking off with other peoples money.

i dont like kenwright , i dont trust kenwright and i see right through kenwright’s smoke and mirrors.

im sure time will tell and proove that kenwright is the worst thing to happen to this club... even worse than johnson.
with the johnson mess we had a safety net of income and assetts to fall back on.
under kenwright we do not have that luxury
.the assetts have been sold and the income has been handed out mostly to creditors.
imo everton fc is no longer owned by everton fc and we are living on borrowed time in the hope that success on the pitch or a rich backer will come along out the blue and save us before we are found out.
Erin Kane
3   Posted 17/10/2007 at 10:52:31

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The million dollar man , a.k.a Ted DiBiase didnt neccessarily have a million dollars. It was just a gimmick or catchphrase. Personally i was more a fan of Bret Hart. anyway - the big money purchases by moyes have not really paid dividends so far. yakubu with all due respect to the man looks a poor purchase and johnson just has not lived up to expectations after the flash in the pan heroics in last years derby. With regards to the stadium issue i live 300 miles outside of liverpool and was not able to have my say on the stadium issue. The vote went that the (majority) of fans went for the kirkby move so theres the final destination. As for kenwright, never met the man, but his heart seems to be in the right place and hes a definite improvement on johnson and his hampers.
Andy Mckenzie
4   Posted 17/10/2007 at 11:25:52

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Nick your spot on, kenwright says he’s constantly on the lookout for investment and then dismisses the potential investment by a soth african (evertonian) business man, says it all about bullshit bill.
Lee McCarthy
5   Posted 17/10/2007 at 11:37:09

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Kenwright is an a*sehole!!!! The man is full of sh*t and is the biggest waste of space ever connected to Everton FC. We’ll rue the day he got his hand’s on Everton. He’s worse than Doug Ellis or Peter Swales or even Peter Johnson for that matter. I can’t stand him, he’ll ruin this club you mark my word’s and the worse thing about it is a lot of Evertonians are taking it off this tosspot. TRUE BLUE Kiss my ring he’s a f*ckin bluffer nothing else.
David Marsden
6   Posted 17/10/2007 at 12:42:18

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Kenright dismissed the investment saying it didn’t really exist and If it did he would be interested!! Paul King, would probably hate himself if he was incharge!!
7   Posted 17/10/2007 at 12:52:51

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It’ll be a sad day when BK sells the club. Hang on in there Billy, All the bullshit is coming from the stands.
Al Dugan
8   Posted 17/10/2007 at 13:32:27

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And debt is bad because? Isn’t ManU leveraged to the hilt? Don’t you think Randy Lerner at Villa knows a thing or two about debt since he ran one of the biggest credit card companies in the world? The league is sponsored by a financial services company....Do you think the two clowns across the Park are using their own money to build that Stadium? Do you think Arsenal isn’t in debt because of the Emirates Stadium?

Does anyone actually know what the debt rules are with regard to League?

I hate to be the one to tell you folks, (and I am NOT a Kenwright supporter in the least), but the world is built on debt. I just wish we could find someone to run the club who actually understands how to use it to our advantage.

Kirkby reminds me of the Fortress Fund and all those mysterious investors. The RS are going to build a Bentley and we are going to get a sub-compact economy car of a stadium.

Shaun Kelly
9   Posted 17/10/2007 at 13:43:29

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Alot of you fail to see that Mr. Kenwright got us out of a time of struggle and with his help we have now become a in my eyes one of the top clubs in the Premier League once again. We all know we are the sleeping giant in this league waiting for something/someone to awaken us an retake our crown as the kings of English Football. I firmly believe Bill is looking for serious investment from the RIGHT person. Regarding the comment about being found out financially, we are not a Leeds, Wimbledon and even Chelsea who themselves were just 90 minutes away from liquidation until Jesper Gronkjaer scored that fabulous winner against the shite at the bridge some 4 years ago. With comments like Kenwright is the worst thing to happen to Everton, was u even there when Johnson was around he was the reason we were in such financial difficulty by making signings we simply could not afford i.e. barmby, collins, dacourt and simonsen. Therefore in my eyes Bill Kenwright has been the right man for the club in the past 6-7 years he has been in charge.
James Elworthy
10   Posted 17/10/2007 at 13:51:21

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At the last home game I was told there was a problem with my season ticket. The gateman said he would let me in but next time I need to go to the box office first.
I went there on 3 seperate occasions each time taking time off work because I didnt want to leave it to Derby Day.
Finally this week on the third visit they were able to give me back my ticket. I understand there are hundreds with this same problem with the season tickets.

I also read the clubs announcement that despite the postal system being in absolute chaos in Liverpool not to panic. Do these people not read the news or watch tv and see the pictures of the massive backlog of post we have in Liverpool
Did the manager of the ticket office captain the titanic in a past life.
Dawson Boyle
11   Posted 17/10/2007 at 15:10:50

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Nice to know your morals are in tact Paul.

Course if you want a Shinawatra type investor who’s wanted for serious human rights offences in his own country to run our beloved Blues.

Or, if you want an Abromovich type oliagarch with alleged links to the Russian mafia. Who has raped his countries people of their natural resources so they are forced to live in poverty. All so he had enough money to buy Juan Sebastian Veron. Then lets go for it.

Why don’t we offer half price cocaine with every junior kit sold in the mega store? We might be able to pay the bank back some of that Koldrup money??

Kenwright’s an idiot, but at least he’ll never sell out to any of these undesirables.
colin potter
12   Posted 17/10/2007 at 15:02:17

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Damn good post, and special thanks to Nick Harris for putting into words what I have felt for years about that lying bastard Kenwright.Woulld any of us ,who are true blue Evertonians let the club get into such a state if we had been on the board sine 1997? We havn’t any assets left, only Goodison Park and thats gong soon. I just cannot believe anybody would let things get in such a state,and still call himself a true blue. To me he is just biding his time, waiting to stuff a big fat wad of cash into his back pocket.I just hope he is rotting in hell before he can get his grubby fingers on any of it.
13   Posted 17/10/2007 at 16:03:22

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2 points really.

1. If we have had investors trying to by the club (even evertonian investors) and BK is telling them no because he will not sell, would’nt these so called investors kick up a stink and tell the fans that BK is being a twat and not letting somebody else have a go with more money?? Think about it!!

2. There was a piece on Sky about a month ago that had experts in takeovers of prem clubs and they said they no of a number of investors who want to buy clubs in the pem and that in the next 1-2 years half of the remaining prem clubs that are not currently owned by foreign investors will be!!! They seemed to be quite adamant and factual about it. WSho knows it could be us giving that we are on the up and starting to look a bit like we are going places and with our history surley we would be attractive.
Neil McKinney
14   Posted 17/10/2007 at 19:24:36

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BK has done us some favours and he’s messed up a few times. I wouldn’t say I’m a supporter of him and KW but I don’t despise them like some either.

I must pick up on one earlier post though. No disrespect to you Nick Harris as I agree with some of your points but...

"we are living on borrowed time in the hope that success on the pitch or a rich backer will come along out the blue and save us before we are found out."

I’m sorry, but that describes every club in the Premiership! Including the big 4. Big financial investment is not optional anymore, it is mandatory. Even if that big investment comes along, it’s not free money, most of the rich guys will want it back at some point. This means that success on the pitch becomes a must!

The money in the game is at such a level now that most clubs are only a couple of mistakes away from financial ruin. A couple of bad seasons or failed signings and it all goes tits up!

Maybe BK is sticking his fingers in his ears and closing his eyes when the investors come knocking, but don’t be so quick to see the dollar/pound signs. Beware men baring gifts!
Tony Ainscough
15   Posted 18/10/2007 at 06:46:08

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It?s been mentioned earlier and I must mention it again - big foreign investors like those at the manure and the RS are NOT using their own money - they?re offsetting the investment as debt. And sure enough, when the time comes and they?ve had enough - they?re gonna want their money back (and I?m sure, not being passionate supporters of the teams they own, won?t really care who they sell to).

I don?t understand why BK is getting such a rough ride - the man is true blue and is passionate about the club. Don?t forget were we were under Agent Johnson and compare that to where we are now. He brought in Moyes (make of that what you will) and while not delivering huge amounts of cash for transfers - I think the 20-something million pounds that was handed over this summer was good going for a club in our position.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion of BK, but I say lay off the guy. I for one would much rather have him at the helm than Abramovich - look at the mess that has happened down at Stamford Bridge. BK is true blue and I for one am behind him all the way.
Richard Dodd
16   Posted 18/10/2007 at 08:58:16

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Blue John says it all for me.Bill Kenwright has presided over our most successful period in modern history and the Club is well placed to compete with the ’big boys’.His selection of David Moyes was a masterstroke and both men talk of creating a dynasty which will endure for 20 years.
Managed debt is a feature of all the top clubs and should in no way concern us mere supporters.In any case,the fantastic new ground is being provided for a fraction of its true course and when operating fully will provide a cash return which can be ploughed into further team development.
dave t
17   Posted 18/10/2007 at 14:14:10

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i love everton with all my heart
i cannot afford to run or own a prem club as big as everton

that is the one difference between me and kenwright
I KNOW i can’t afford it, he doesn’t seem to be able to grasp it

his heart is in the right place and he should always be high up in the board but we need massive investment

it pisses me off seeing clubs like pompey, newcastle, birmingham and man city with a shit load of cash
i mean in what way are these clubs as big as everton????
Davd Hall
18   Posted 18/10/2007 at 14:47:53

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Whilst no great Kenwright enthusiast,it amuses me to see the chairman of Arsenal being hailed as a hero for keeping Arsenal in British hands whist ’our man’is vilified for not selling up to the foreign raiders!
Who’d want to own a football club, anyway?
Andy Mckenzie
19   Posted 18/10/2007 at 14:57:03

Report abuse


Arsenal's chairman gets hero status because of the fact he?s turned them into the richest club in football, and appointed one of the greatest managers. How can you compare the two, Arsenal are on another planet when it comes to finances and football.
Jay Campbell
20   Posted 18/10/2007 at 16:49:04

Report abuse

David i think you need a doctor after that shout!!!
Luke Burgess
21   Posted 18/10/2007 at 17:04:50

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’Be careful what you wish for’ is an old saying which may well turn into a prophesy for some of the clubs now in foreign hands.
Kenwright may be a self-satisfying luvvie but he’s got Everton in better shape than anyone could have expected given the mess he inherited.I,for one,am happy that my club is in safe and caring hands and not at the whim of some snake-oil salesman from the USA or Thailand!
Steve Taylor
22   Posted 18/10/2007 at 17:22:48

Report abuse

BK is potless therefore we haven’t had the luxury of a chairman throwing cash at the club, but with the exception of Chelsea & Wigan - neither have any of the others.

Man u, the RS may have wealthy foreign owners at the helm - but they’ve not chcuked their own wedge at it - the RS are reported to be in the process of re-financing their loans - from the original £250M to a whopping £500M! to cover the initial purchase costs, plus the new stadium & the existing debt.

Man u have loans in excess of £650M.

Financial analysts have questioned the business models adopted by both clubs - as the debt level is so high when compared to the Turnover.

If that’s the way we’d be financed under foreign ownership - I’d rather we stick with potless Bill.

Unless another "True Blue" with a bank balance the size of the national debt of Chile comes along - you can keep your tin pot dodgy foreign investors, thanks all the same.
colin potter
23   Posted 18/10/2007 at 18:14:42

Report abuse

Richard Dodd, Moyes was recommended by Walter Smith,Thats another thing we have against Walter eh?? You talk a lot of cockeyed nonesense.Have you ever thought about applying for a brain off the NHS.
Al Dugan
24   Posted 18/10/2007 at 19:24:41

Report abuse

I didnt take any accounting or economics can someone explain in plain language why it’s bad to have the debt that RS and ManU have? If thy can pay them back, it’s bad why? If they can build a new stadium to increase their revenues the debt is bad??? If ManU is in a strong position in the league, CL and all the Cups the debt is bad why?

I am asking for someone to explain it to me so I understand it. Not because I am being a jerk. I don’t understand why we have to have a balance sheet of zero every year. In flow to match outflow. PLease someone who understands the business aspect of it.

seany blue
25   Posted 18/10/2007 at 20:29:18

Report abuse

while i agree with most of the comments i think a lot of you are missing the bigger picture!!!! a couple of points.

My main point,, i hear use complaining that the likes of pompey man city villa birmingham have all got big money to spend, this dosnt annoy me one bit because as the rest of the clubs will get taken on and as the so called big clubs have already got investors i think everton will be the toast of the town!!! How many big moneymen will be begging to take over such a big like ours over the next few years?? We will be in a great position to get the right person with bagfulls of money so i hope the rest of the prem teams get taken over and leave us to the last...and with a new stadium that isnt going to cost us much they will be queing up....common the blues
Karl Masters
26   Posted 18/10/2007 at 22:41:44

Report abuse

Bill Kenwright:

Shrewd manipulative Businessman? or

Bumbling, short of cash oaf? or

True Blue Evertonian with the Club’s best interests at heart?

I reckon he’s all 3 in one way or another, when it suits him. A chameleon if ever there was one. I really can’t decide whether I like him or not, but using my head and not my heart brings me closer to an answer.

On the field we’ve done ok and I think a lot of this is down to his blind faith in Moyes who has done well over the last 5 years. He’s backed a winner with his heart and it’s served us well so far. Verdict: True Blue Bill the supporter.

Off the field, the Club remains a joke in terms of organisation and customer service. From Fortress to ticket debacles, to pink shirts not sold to crap PR, to stranded fans at airports to a self serving CEO etc, etc, etc. The list is seemingly endless despite any number of Head of Departments employed, most of whom never reply to correspondence or learn their lessons. Verdict: Bumbling oaf who cannot get the right people in to do the jobs.

Generally and with particular reference to the Stadium move we have seen something more sinister with every trick imaginable. Whether or not he realises it he has exposed a far more untrustworthy side to his nature. I just see £££ signs in their eyes. Money corrupts. Money is the root of all evil. Old and as relevant as ever catchphrases. Verdict: Manipulative businessman.

The trick is not to overlap the 3 subjects. Just because Bill wants what we want on the pitch doesn’t mean he wants the same as us off it when it comes to tickets etc or in relation to his own personal wealth. People blindly loving or hating him seem to take his stance on one of the 3 areas and apply it to all his activities. This is why he has pretty much an equal number of fans as detractors.
Gavin Ramejkis
27   Posted 19/10/2007 at 07:11:46

Report abuse

Seany Blue big money men will be clamouring to take over a big club like our’s in a few years? I think you will find we will be a joke of a club stuck in a one donkey town not city with a meccano set shed for a stadium, can just imagine all those investors thinking what a steal in a few years. Kenshite has been around for years including the agent Johnson years, true blue my arse.

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