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Is it me or are the pondlife regressing?

By Dave Geoffries :  30/03/2008 :  Comments (9) :
Obviously hugely dissapointed with today. However I don't think I have ever seen a side manage to get away with not playing the ball and blatently playing the man as Liverpool did today.

Don't get me wrong - we were lucky to get nil! But I can't think of a more hate-filled atmosphere than what I saw today. From the songs that were trotted out from a fair amount of that lot (obviously we can't expect them all to join in without a songsheet), to the rabbit punch in Neville's back, to the DNA-challenged fuckwit that couldn't give the ball back, to the incompetence of the officials (let's face it - at least Clattenberg was stupid enough to make it blatent! This lot were covert!), to the continual off-the-ball challenge to knock any side that actually wanted to play some football off their stride.

I really don't mind getting beaten by a good Liverpool side (within reason obviously); I really don't mind being beaten by a side that can play football... but to be beaten ? and not compete either, which is 50% of my frustration ? by a side that had the intention from the first whistle to try and kick us up in the air off the ball and for the officials to do nothing... that is the most frustrating thing.

So - positives? Well we went to Anfield to beat the murdering pondlife at football ? how many times can we say that in recent years? We're a few players away from a really good competitive side, and a few more players away from a deep enough squad to compete (I think we're out on our legs at the moment).

Compared to the abysmal set of hate-filled sabotages that we were put up against today, managed by possibly the worst excuse for a human being alive (how he will go back to serving sangria when I'm on holiday I have no idea). I think we have to look at today in balance and realise that we have come a long long way ? and we need to continue to grow and prove to the world that scum like this holds no place in the Premier League (and by the grace of satan - coz they MUST have sold their souls (club) to him ? they are still here ? should never have been allowed to play competitive football again).

I can honestly say that we were poo! But even so, the things I have seen this season, the way the players, our manager, our club and us, the fans handle ourselves in a philosphical, honourable and respectful way has to be the reason why we shine, even in defeat. And while in losing ? still get to look down our noses at the vermin from across the park.

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Michael Kenrick
1   Posted 30/03/2008 at 22:16:24

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"Philosphical, honourable and respectful" ... Coffee all over my keybard after reeading that, Dave. Don’t make me larf... I’m guess if I’d watched that game from the stands at Anfield, perhaps I’d be suffering from the same set of mixed, indeed throughly confused emotions that come over in that bizarre rant.

Like people have said, there really wasn’t much wrong with the refereeing this time, but you still found plenty of room to unload. You provide the odd acknowledgement that we dodn’t play well and then spend most of the while spilling the most unbelievable bile. They call us bitter but you call that "Philosphical, honourable and respectful" ... Oh dear...
Yusuf Bobat
2   Posted 30/03/2008 at 22:43:16

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We were just crap today, nobody to blame but ourselves
Dan McKie
3   Posted 31/03/2008 at 09:26:44

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We played rubbish and have ran out of legs! Lets just hope we can get 1 or 2 players back for next week and get a good confidence boosting victory! After next week we will still be fighting for 4th spot, but there is no more time to get out of this slump, it has to start next sunday! COYB!!
Tony Newall
4   Posted 31/03/2008 at 09:42:56

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Please Dave get a life, they beat us fair and square with more passion and talen. They have got some players that we will never see the likes of again, it really is sad when you read texts like yours just what game did you watch
Mike Owen
5   Posted 31/03/2008 at 12:07:10

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I haven’t seen the papers that apparently were criticising the Everton fans.

But I was in the Everton end and embarrassed that about 70 per cent, possibly more, of the songs/chants trotted out were about a dislike of all things LFC rather than support for the boys in Blue.

Not only was the team not positive in its approach, but the fans too.

I’ve never liked Gerrard much, so I never thought I would say this, but I was full of respect for him when he walked over to take that corner despite all the abuse directed at him.
Damian Wilde
6   Posted 31/03/2008 at 12:39:41

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I don?t like Gerrard, infact I think he?s a smarmy prick. I wouldn?t mind ?Gerrard is a wanker? chants, etc. But the? baby?s not yours? chant just makes Everton fans look like scum, lacking in class. If you sing that, you are a vacuous idiot. Perhaps we could sing it about your kids, see what you think.
Alan Codd
7   Posted 31/03/2008 at 12:47:06

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I am ashamed to be a football fan.
Vile songs about Gerrard and Phil Neville receiving abuse about a child with cerebal palsy according to some reports.
Sorry but I don't want associating with anything like this as I am a decent human being, not gutter scum.
A line has to be drawn,
Joe Ludden
8   Posted 31/03/2008 at 17:43:25

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I agree a line must be drawn, and Id love to go to a game and not hear a swear word or use one myself in the anger of a dire referee decision fuelled moment (im working on it). But for the record, does anyone seriously think that stevie G really gives a jott (i almost swore) about our little chant at him?? Im sure he can reconcile himself to it when the 120k cheque hits his welcome mat each and every single monday morning. I don’t agree with the philosophical stuff regards EFC fans either. I am still seeing and hearing racism both at GP and in our away support and that, more than anything in my opinion has to be irradicated from all parts of society.

That said, the chelski fans at GP for the semi were an absolute disgrace, sky even had their mics right infront of them so as to make out we didnt sing much (i am too cynical??) but did any paper write up mention their vile chanting? Not one. For one thing I agree on, the Sky 4 always get the best of coverage and opinion in the press. But this is hardly a new development....

We were poor yesterday, but if we had turned up v fulham and WHU we would now be on the same points as the RS. It is in those type of games that 4th place is won and lost, not the derby.
Robert Carney
9   Posted 31/03/2008 at 21:45:47

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Comments like yours blow the mind of true football fans the world over. The rant of an idiotic biased, besotted football fan influenced by the chance to spend three hours in the pub before the match. I have not heard such shite since a Liverpool fan after the Heysal debacle said the penalty robbed them off the game.
Get a life for fucks sake, I am sure (or hopr) yours is an alcholol influenced rant and not what you belive to be a rational account of the game.

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