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Wake Up, Smell that Coffee!

By Ian Ankers :  02/06/2008 :  Comments (45) :
I like most blues am going weak at the knees dreaming about the likes of Joaquin, Arshavin etc. running out for the blues next season. My heart tells me "Keep checking the websites every hour on the hour". "Keep Sky Sports News on 24 / 7 and wait for that yellow 'breaking news' banner to scroll across the bottom of the TV screen: "Everton agree fee with Valencia for Joaquin".

My head and my experience of recent close seasons however tell me different. Its highly unlikely we'l sign Joaquin or Arshavin! 99% of everyone we've been linked with so far is more than likely simply untrue drivel!

Whilst I would like to set my transfer hopes high, I feel I am only going to be let down if I do this and that isn't how it should be. We will make signings, and with Moyes's track record we will make good ones, but for me Gera on a free and a couple of mil spent on a hard working Yank seem more realistic than most of the other stuff I've been reading. Who know's, those two alone could be gems we could not imagine life without in 12 months time?

The reason for my writing this is to get us all to calm down and keep some perspective. Setting ourselves up for the likes of Joaquin, Jo and Arshavin signings is just going to leave us disappointed. Yes it may happen, but it's a very big IF and IF it does, then great, that's a massive bonus! Let's just stay patient and trust in Moyes.

Some of our past signings were 'on the cheap' players that hardly had us drueling at the mouth when we signed them: Arteta, Jagielka, Lescott etc.. Those three examples would not have been top of anyones shopping lists before they signed, but I'd hate to be without them now!

So let's not moan about missing the boat or dragging our feet. I'm sure there's a plan and household names or not, I'm sure we're going to end up with some decent players. Let's keep some perspective, let's stay in touch with reality, let's be patient although even I know how hard that can be......

Right! Back to Sky Sports News and the web!

Oh and was that Kaka I saw leaving Evertons reception yesterday?

Reader Comments

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Gareth Hughes
1   Posted 02/06/2008 at 11:23:31

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Interesting to note that Man City and possibly Chelsea are chasing Mark Hughes as manager. If Hughes is a target for these money-laden clubs then why not David Moyes? We can only assume that either these clubs don't see the good job Moyes is doing at Everton, which totally outstrips anything Hughes has done on a similar budget, or that ginger bonce has been approached and given these clubs the brush off.

If Moyes has done this perhaps it is in the knowledge that he WILL be able to complete for some top players this summer. Or maybe I am being hugely optimistic and we will only sign Zoltan Gera on a free this summer..... ps: Where is the Official Everton FC store in the new Liverpool One development? I believe LFC now have 2 stores in the city centre. Shameful.

Stefan Tosev
2   Posted 02/06/2008 at 15:03:03

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I dont know but the silence about Moyes contract scares me, it will be a disaster if he is allowed to leave; with recent developments at City and Chelsea, we may well end up searching for a new manager.
Tony Williams
3   Posted 02/06/2008 at 15:23:46

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I will wait patiently for any transfer news and not pay any attention to the FM2008 nonsense that gets put on here sometimes.

The old "I know someone who fixes the fridges at Goodison and he told me.." is all a waste of time.

I hope for a few "good" squad players to pad the numbers out and two or three "big" names but as usuall I will wait for the photo of the fake smile and scarf waving before I believe we have signed anyone.

However I was not expecting the Yak to sign so quickly and out of the blue (ok apart from the visa farce, which was probably a check to see if he was pensionable age yet)

Wait and see because there is simply nothign else we can do, no matter how much you wish we were signing Kaka, Ronaldo et all!
Nick Entwistle
4   Posted 02/06/2008 at 15:30:00

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I drooled at the prospect of Arteta... kudos for me. But so too VDM...
Paul OHanlon
5   Posted 02/06/2008 at 15:53:50

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That’s a cracking point about Moyes, Gareth. I can only think Chelsea and City aren’t too keen on Moyes’s style of football, because if you were looking for a manager outside the top 4 Moyes’s has proven that he’s the best.

Agree with your article Ian, my hopes drag me across the main football websites looking for news of a new signing (or even Moyes’s contract!) but in my head I know this could be another summer of prudence rather than extravagance in the transfer market.
Keith Glazzard
6   Posted 02/06/2008 at 15:34:19

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I was a bit surprised that Mark Hughes may well be going to MCity. And I had him at the back of my mind for us if DM went north. (If he does go, I bet he’ll pay a Thai fortune to take Santa Cruz to Eastlands.) But there might be something else going on here. The idea of Man City having a Brit manager is hardly surprising - Sven was the surprise - so the advice at City might be to put a Brit in charge for what is to come.

The £4m offer (more solid?) talk linking us with players has been for Brits too. If this is for squad building, with possibly a big - nonBrit signing to come - that would fit in with we know Moyes to be like. But what if there is a real concern about the Blatter attempt to stamp out club teams with no nationals in them? It might be a factor.
Carl Wright
7   Posted 02/06/2008 at 16:16:56

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3 things, firstly Thaskin whatever his name is probably only went for Hughes because Chelsea did and hes seen his name in the paper. I expect he know fuck all about him or his acheivements.

Secondly, Moyes is about to sign a new contract worth £50K a week and holds all the cards at Everton so why would he jump ship.

And lastly, and this relates to point 2, the transfers for Moyes are all long term aquisitions. he is also building a squad, so brining in a player like Gera (if it happens) on a free would be good business even if its hardly inspiring, and boost our painfully low squad numbers.

Id like us to be looking at Sean Wright Phillips at £10m and spending big on this midfield general we all keep talking about.
Andy Hudson
8   Posted 02/06/2008 at 16:12:01

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I think that there’s a fair chance we’re interested in some of the players we’ve been linked with. We pretty much know moyes is a fan of Arshavin so there probably truth in that one, but the problem we’ll have is persuading them to come to us, whilst them fitting in with our wage structure. I really believe we’ll sign one world class player, Manny on loan and a couple of ’squadies’. Its highly unlikely any of this will take place until after the Euro’s now though.

I’m exactly the same as you Ian, I keep checking the gossip all the time hoping for something happen, but I think were in for a frustrating few weeks.

As for the Moyes thing... there’s no way he’d leave for Man City... a team thats in turmoil, a trigger happy owner etc. He’s building soemthing here and wouldn’t leave unless it was for a really top job (i.e. Man U). There’s nothing to say Chelsea have approached Hughes... and as he’s off to talk to Man City I very much doubt they will go after him. If they did it would be purely for his reputation as a footballer, and then as a manager. Moyes just isn’t as fashionable... and thats what Chelsea are all about. Moyes was never a big name player, his teams play boring but effective football, and most importantly he’d want rid of all Chelski’s over payed primadonnas... Moyes is a great manager for us but would only be suited to certain jobs and Chelsea isn’t one of them.
Jay Harris
9   Posted 02/06/2008 at 16:50:54

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I beg to differ on one point: I think Moyes?s EFC play exactly like Chelsea but we don't have their quality of players.
Andy Hudson
10   Posted 02/06/2008 at 17:45:20

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Jay I agree with you... effective but not exciting football. Problem is Chelsea are wanting to get away from that style and introduce something more free flowing and entertaining
Lee Penswick
11   Posted 02/06/2008 at 17:42:56

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Gareth, you seriously wonder why Moyes hasn’t been approached by Man City? With all due respect to City, that would be like Everton trying to poach Sir Alex Ferguson. I wish people stopped talking about our club like we’re second rate. Its called the ’Big four disease’.Even are own fans are starting to beleive we’re an insignificant club.
ron leith
12   Posted 02/06/2008 at 18:49:36

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Mark Hughes at Man City will mean Moyes having to go up against Billions for the players we want. Moyes and Hughes both like the same types of player. So I am hoping he stays at Blackburn.
Glenn Kuenzig
13   Posted 02/06/2008 at 21:21:47

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Man City is ready to implode, Leeds style. Moyes is a much better manager than Sven but think about it if Moyes managed City this year he would have done exactly what Sven did: he would have stablized the team with young and hungry players and finished between 7th-9th with that same squad. That’s why Hughes is nuts to go to city. I think he would be on the short list for Man Utd if he stays at Blackburn.

We’ll never be able to compete money-wise with these billionaire owners; thank god they are all such egotistical idiots like Taskin.
Baz Hunt
14   Posted 02/06/2008 at 21:50:49

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Personally, I’m not overly bothered about Jo, Joaquin etc - don’t think they would fit the bill. Can’t see them being up for an away game at Stoke or Hull on a wet Wednesday night in the middle of January somehow. Arshavin is a different story, he’s class and has the ability to open up a team with one pass - UEFA cup final was proof enough.

In my view i’d like to see some proven Premier League class - Robbie Keane would be top of my list. Brilliant technically, great hard working team player and he knows where the net is (20+ last year i think). We’ve seen the best of AJ now and it’s not good enough at the top level, so with West Ham reportedly knocking at the door lets cash in. I like the prospect of Keane & Yak.

Other than that - Scott Parker, Tom Huddlestone, Michael Johnson etc are the type of players i’d like to see - young and enthusiastic and have got quality that we lack in the middle of the park.

Who else do we fancy?
Marc Williams
15   Posted 02/06/2008 at 21:49:45

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I’m not sure whats going on with Moyes & am still not 100% convinced that he won’t take the Celtic job or be looking to move when his contract runs out next summer.
I hope I’m wrong but have this niggling doubt.
I think both Jay & Andy were spot on : Moyes does play the Chelsea ( Mourinio ) way & if they weren’t trying adopt a more flamboyant style, I’m sure he’d be considered.
Can’t see Hughes at Man city myself as that would be too sensible & I’m sure that Taksin fella will have someone else in mind.

I guess like Ian I’ll keep checking Sky sports et all regularly & the sooner Moyes signs his contract the sooner I’ll relax. Hopefully it’ll be before my summer holiday.
Liam Young
16   Posted 02/06/2008 at 23:12:10

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I too have been excited about being linked with players like Joaquin and Arshavin, but i do doubt the financial clout we have, at the end of the day, the majority of clubs around us have got big investment, and we are left wanting.

David Moyes has worked miracles, we all know that, he made some greaty signings from lower league, but lets get some facts straight here, if the everton board dont give moyes a big transfer kitty, more than likely Top 4 finishes are out of the question, im worried we will sign these players from the championship, and hope we can do it, problem is, we need a world class winger and there are no wingers in the championship who would compete with the likes of a christiano ronaldo, premiership football is big time wages and transfer fees, the board need to reward moyes this season for his acheivments, we need the ambition frmo the board to match david moyes ambitions, i like kenwright, hes a good guy, an evertonian, but he is not the man needed in charge to take us further, that is the one thing holding us back.

This is a vital period for everton, lets just hope our board dont take us down again to the nightmares of the 90’s, we are being left behind, sadly we need to sell up to a big financial backer in modern football, thats the way it is.

I hope in wrong and the board pulls out the stops to provide moyes with £30 million plus, but im afraid i just cant see it happening.
Jason Lam
17   Posted 03/06/2008 at 02:34:26

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I share a lot of the sentiments above. I believe many non-Evertonians view our style of footie as boring and unattractive, the few months after Florentina didn’t help the cause either. Yes, Chelsea play similar style but come in with screamers from Drogba and Lampard which lightens up their game every now and then.

I dream of Arshavin but agree that we’re more likely to pick up unpolished gems on probation that wouldn’t feature on any FMH covers any time soon. Not exactly the receipe for global marketing of our fine old brand eh?

Ciarán McGlone
18   Posted 03/06/2008 at 09:29:25

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Why are people so obsessed with ?unpolished gems? from the lower leagues?

What you?re actually talking about is high price gambles...There is no such thing as cheap championship players anymore..look at nugent, bale, AJ....they all cost big money and any of the decent ones are snapped up early on by the big clubs youth set-ups.

The ones that Moyes bought are players who have been relatively cheap... but it is not some special skill moyes has... Cahill was a decent buy but he?s hardly god, his midfield play is close to Neville proportions ....and Lescott was a complete gamble after his horror injury when Wolves were in the Prem...

So lets not be under any illusions that Moyes has some special skill for picking up unknown players on the cheap... he doesn?t..

We need to spend money on decent players..end of story!
Rob Limbrey
19   Posted 03/06/2008 at 11:16:51

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I think this season’s going to be a lot harder than previous seasons too. It seems to me that many more teams are strengthening over this summer with cash to spend; and some very ambitious clubs who finished below their expectations will spend big to regain their kudo (Spurs, Newcastle, Man City). Even the newly promoted clubs reportedly have tens of millions to spend this season to reinforce their position in the top flight.

Everton are a strong, strong side but based on good defence and a clinical but not free-scoring attack. Moyes has built a side with a strong backbone, but now needs reinforcing and more options on the bench. Competing with these other big spenders is driving up the price for everyone; let’s hope Moyesy brings home the bacon this transfer season.

Tony Williams
20   Posted 03/06/2008 at 13:29:03

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I have heard it all now, Cahill is almost on par with Neville in midfield....!!!!!

Rob, I agree Moyes has build his tam first and foremost on theoir defensive qualities but until we had the European hangover, we were free scoring. We were the 4th or 5th highest scorers and we ended up with a goal difference of plus 22, that is amazing compared to the minus goal difference season just two seasons prior.
Ciarán McGlone
21   Posted 03/06/2008 at 14:03:35

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Perhaps you can explain to me what Cahill brings to our midfield in terms of creative play?

His contribution as a playmaker is more than overated.

Ian Ankers
22   Posted 03/06/2008 at 14:21:41

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If Moyes cannot take credit for bringing the likes of Cahill, Arteta, Lescott etc. to the club then who can?

Every transfer is a gamble. Even if you spend millions on a supposed ’sure thing’ its still a gamble....Veron to Man U?

The fact remains that you minimise the gamble risk by a good manager having the knowledge to choose wisely. I belive Moyes has done this.

Yes there can be mistakes, even by the supposed greatest managers....again Veron to Man U is an example!

Cahill is in a different class to Neville. You ask what does Cahill bring to our midfield?
Whatever that may be, we sure miss it imensely when he’s not there! How much would Cahill, Lescott, Arteta etc. fetch now on the open market? Ok thats a matter of opinion, but I think we can all agree there would be plenty of profit on our investments there! For that reason I would say that Moyes does have a talent for unearthing these so called ’Unpolished Gems’.

After that rant, I actually agree that it wouldn’t hurt to spend big on a couple of big names, but I certainley wouldn’t right of any less glamorous type buys moyes may make as ’no good’ or ’wrong’, in fact i’d encourage him to do both.
Ciarán McGlone
23   Posted 03/06/2008 at 14:54:35

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I didn’t say he can’t take credit for the players he signs, but he also has to take the credit for the kilbanes, davies and beatties.

What i was alluding to was the mistaken belief, by a lot of our supporters, that he somehow has some great talent for finding unearthed talent for a packet of bon bons...

It doesn’t help our already existing bargain basement mentality.

I asked you what Cahill brought as a playmaker to our midfield...and i didn’t see an answer to be honest...and it was no coincidence that we played our best football of 2006/07 when Cahill was out and we added the immeasurably more creative talent of fernandes to the mix!

We only missed him this year, because the rest of the squad were playing like chumps...and it was a straw grasping exercise as usual!

Now, I know this opinion isn’t popular because a lot of Evertonians put Cahill on a pedestal, but a bit of realism would probably result in an epiphany that he’s not a great midfielder..

To be honest i’d love to see him played as a loan striker.
Franny Porter
24   Posted 03/06/2008 at 14:56:36

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I think that Tim Cahill is one of those players, who when he isnt playing, you realise how much he brings to the team. He is the one player who makes the 4-5-1 formation so effective for us. When he isnt playing and we use this formation, he is sorely missed.

On another lighter note, who would be your one fantasy buy for us this year, and your one realistic signing who you hope we capture?

For me, fantasy signing, Michael Essien, I love the way he plays. Realistic signing Stewart Downing, has improved loads and would suit us down to the ground.

Over to you......
Rob Limbrey
25   Posted 03/06/2008 at 16:13:11

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The rants about Cahill - he’s a class player, but only seems to fit in a certain 4-5-1 formation.

Notice how Moyes picks his players to fit his formations - Hibbert plays when we’re defensive - Cahill plays when we can’t afford 2 strikers.
Tony Williams
26   Posted 03/06/2008 at 17:23:58

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Ciaran, What does Cahill add to the team?

Passion, wins headers, holds the ball up, tackles back, winds opposition players up with niggly kicks, rarely loses the ball, is a goal scoring threat and is a box to box player.

Apart from that I am not sure what he adds to the team in terms of creative play as it seems our midfield is blessed with creativity....hang on no it’s not.
Trevor Lynesw
27   Posted 03/06/2008 at 17:26:34

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I must admit..Im another who reads the BBC and SKY news bulletins about transfer activity of all and sundry in the Premier league. I must admit too, that I feel disappointed with our total lack of activity.
It is acknowledged we have a small squad which has dwindled further with Carsley and McFadden departures plus the loss of countless youngsters at the end of every season.It seems these young players develop with other clubs then we BUY them back after having dumped them...the mind boggles.
If we are to remain front runners in the league and improve to aspire to a regular top four place and perhaps even challenge for the league title...then we MUST strengthen our squad who Im afraid faded badly in the run in because they were just plain exhausted, carrying injuries etc etc.
DM has done a miraculous job with very little real support when its compared with other premier teams. Imagine what he could do with about £50 million to spend.
I truly wish we had some new owner who would give DM the means to put EFC back where they should be...challengers and not also rans.
Tony Williams
28   Posted 03/06/2008 at 19:15:30

Report abuse

Trevor I hear what you are saying but the window isn’t open yet. Who else has bought anyone of note?

With regards to the buying back of ex players, that has been discussed before.

Jags and Barnes are better players in spite of our academy not because of it so you can’t really use that to have a go at anyone.

Patience mate, the window opens in a few weeks and then we can worry
Adam Payne
29   Posted 03/06/2008 at 20:51:26

Report abuse

I am with a lot of the guys on here saying we need to spend big this summer but also think it is unlikely to happen.

Moyes has done a fantastic job over the last 5 years but I fear we may be approaching the glass ceiling scenario without significant investment (a bit similar to the Martin Jol scenario a year ago?).

Despite our progress under Moyes, unlike Spurs and Pompey this year, we still haven’t won anything - a bit more luck (and different attitude - Oldham, Chelsea, Fiorentina away) then maybe but ultimately a lack of depth and quality in certain areas cost us at the end of the day.

I hope we can sign a couple of ’top 4’ standard players to enable us to really challenge next year.
Ciarán McGlone
30   Posted 04/06/2008 at 08:27:10

Report abuse


’What Cahill brings to our team’ was not what I asked you....

I actually asked what he brings in terms of creativity to our midfield....

and cahill may be a box to box player...but is he an effective one?

My answer would be no....and the suggestion that winding opposition players up with niggling tackles is a positive in his far off the mark..personally I find this attribute at the least quite infuriating...and at the most disgraceful and unnecessary!
Michael Tracey
31   Posted 04/06/2008 at 09:42:19

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At the start of the season when Cahill was out injured we were ordinary. Cahill came back into the side and we went on a 17 or 18 game streak where we did not lose, coincidence i don?t think so. When Cahill got injured again we were crap again. Cahill is important because he is a big game player, he has scored important goals against quality opposition. He has scored at least once against the Sky4.

This crap about him not being able to play in a 4 man midfield is a joke. Has anyone watched him play for Australia because they certainly do not play 451. He may not have the creativity of say a Arteta but name a big match he has performed in? Cahill would be number one on the teamsheet when fit. Moyes considers him so good that he actually changes the Everton style of play to adapt to his strengths. To say that Cahill is a Neville in terms of skill demonstrates to me that you Ciarán have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Tony Williams
32   Posted 04/06/2008 at 08:54:15

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I know what you asked Ciaran, hence the comment about creativity.

You have your views and I have mine about the importance and perhaps creativity of Cahill so it it pointless entering into protracted discussion about this, we are not going to agree.

I believe we are by far a better side with him in and it is no coincidence this season that we had sucjh an unbeaten run with him in the side and when he wasn’t we played poorly.

It was suggested that he is on par pehaps with Pip, I consider that a ridiculous statement, imagine a 4-5-1 with Cahill in it and then one with Pip, not quite the same is it.

You consider winding up opposition players to either make them play worse or even carded disgraceful, I consider it good spoiling tactics that help our less than creative team.

Cest La Vie, you seemingly don’t rate Cahill I do,
Ciarán McGlone
33   Posted 04/06/2008 at 11:18:42

Report abuse

Yes, it seems we may have to agree to disagree on this one. However I did not say i didn’t rate Cahill, in fact I thought i’d more than implied that I thought he was a very good striker...

However...could our dip in form without Cahill this season be possibly due to playing two defensive midfielders when he was out?

Or is it too far fetched a theory that our dip may be cumulative on a number of factors, rather than dependant on the ommission of one player?
Tony Williams
34   Posted 04/06/2008 at 11:30:21

Report abuse

Not too far fetched at all (try saying that to some of the more negative posters though)

However it cannot be a coincidence that we always seem to play better when he is in the side. All the times we have good runs he has been there and most of the times with the poor ones he has not....the same with Carsley.

The main reason this was brought to my attention was that he was compared, creative wise to Pip, surely then he would be as useful as a defensive midfielder if that was the case? Maybe less as some people believe he can’t tackle
Ciarán McGlone
35   Posted 04/06/2008 at 14:51:36

Report abuse

Always play better when he?s in the side...???

What about 2006-07..end of season..we?re playing cráp, Cahill gets injured and we play Fernandes..and we are immeasuably better...

I?d say it?s got more to do with who comes in to replace him!
Peter Bourke
36   Posted 05/06/2008 at 11:54:59

Report abuse

The facts speak for themselves and we ARE a better side with Cahill in the team. I think his creativity and skill get overlooked at times and with a fully fit squad bolstered by 2 or 3 good signings it could be another good year.
Cahill was interviewed on radio in Sydney this morning and he will be running at full speed beginning of July.
Connor Rohrer
37   Posted 05/06/2008 at 13:10:49

Report abuse

Cahill is important to us in a 4-5-1. In a 4-4-2 he is not. Has has no skill our creativity, thats not his game at all. He’s a combative box to box midfielder. Nothing special just does a job.

If we reverted to a 4-4-2 then I’d rather have Osman or Fernandes in the middle before him alongside a ball winner. You need creativity and a player who can pick out a pass and Cahill provides neither.

If we continue with 4-5-1 which is likely then he’s a key player.
Tony Williams
38   Posted 05/06/2008 at 13:45:52

Report abuse

"No skill or creativity"

Connor Rohrer
39   Posted 05/06/2008 at 14:03:33

Report abuse

Tony Williams, why are you speachless? What I have said is true. Cahill is not a creative midfielder nor does he have much skill or technical ability. Thats not his style and that is not his game.

He is a combative box to box midfielder. His strengths are his energy, box to box stamina, aerial ability, movement and finishing ability. None of these attributes tell you he?s a creative skillful midfield. He?s not and if anybody thinks he is, they need shooting.

Michael Kenrick
40   Posted 05/06/2008 at 14:11:19

Report abuse

Now, now, Conner. You are absolutely right in your assessment of Cahill, but please.. No Shooting!
Connor Rohrer
41   Posted 05/06/2008 at 14:16:50

Report abuse

Agreed. Sorry about that Michael, I’ll put the gun down.
Tony Williams
42   Posted 05/06/2008 at 14:43:48

Report abuse

Connor, step away from the gun.....

I was speechless at the fact you said "no skill or creativity" not that he doesn’t have "much skill"

There is a big difference.
Trevor Lynes
43   Posted 06/06/2008 at 13:14:32

Report abuse

Having read of EFC interest in Huddlestone of Spurs Im really optimistic if this materializes.This kid is an excellent player who Im sure will one day play for England. He has great control, passes the ball really well and has height.
If DM lands him Im sure he will develop in our team.
I like the interest in Hunt too of Reading but Im afraid I dont know too much about Ramsay of Cardiff. Hunt is very industrious and may be in the Carsley role if needed there. He is also a good player in wide positions and tackles wholeheartedly.
These two seem to be good targets at decent prices and will be assets to our present squad in positions we need to strengthen. I still feel we need a decent right full back, but perhaps Baines could be played there.
Im sure he could play right sided and he is a decent distributer of the ball.
Anyway, whatever happens I really have the feeling that 2009 and 2010 could see a big revival in the fortunes of EFC as challengers for the top four places as they always should be....without breaking the bank for over prices so called stars.
Jay Harris
44   Posted 06/06/2008 at 14:13:50

Report abuse

Trevor I have to disagree with you wholeheartedly on both.

Huddlestone has good passing ability but no engine.

Hunt has a great engine but is fairly average in ither respects.

IMO neither of them would improve our squad except for numbers.
Trevor Lynes
45   Posted 08/06/2008 at 18:02:46

Report abuse

I reckon that Huddlestone at EFC would be a revelation.
We have lacked real passing ability from the back for ages and if Huddlestone gets his attitude right he could be an England star of the future. He has instant control and is not afraid to hit long passes..Im sure the Yak and AJ would really appreciate his distribution. Lets face it, at present our long passing from the back just gives possesion away. We tend to short pass well when Arteta, Peanuts and Osman are on form but our distribution from the back is poor. I really hoped that Baines would come through as he looks good on the ball but he has only played infrequently mostly because of injury. Hibbert is a good stopper but is also poor going forward. I hope we persevere and really go for Huddlestone. He is young and shows a bit of class. At Spurs he was always in and out of the team but Spurs have had lots of experienced mid fielders and never gave him a decent run...let their loss be our gain !!

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