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Team for Europe: 05-06 vs 07-08

By Dutch Schaffaer :  11/07/2007 :  Comments (12) :
Some of you keep comparing the 2005-06 Euro side to our present side and fear history repeating because Everton do not have the players capable of a Euro campaign. Let's compare the sides then.

2005-06 starting XI aginst Villarreal:

  • Martyn (Past his best by then)
  • Hibbert (First Euro game)
  • Pistone (Rubbish)
  • Weir (Past his best)
  • Yobo (Still making mistakes back then)
  • Cahill (First Euro game)
  • Arteta (Great player)
  • Neville (Everton debut, signed just 5 days before the game)
  • Davies (Rubbish)
  • Kilbane (Rubbish)
  • Beattie (Rubbish)
Now let's look at the potential starting eleven this season:
  • Howard (Great goalie, experienced in Europe from his Man Utd days)
  • Jagielka (Unknown but was always dependable for Sheff Utd and didn't look out of his depth at the recent England B game)
  • Lescott (Euro debut but class, nothing seems to faze him)
  • Yobo (No more mistakes from Mr Consistent)
  • Neville (Captain, experienced)
  • Cahill (Far more experienced with World Cup and Asian Cup goals)
  • Arteta (Has got better and better)
  • Carsley (Injured whole 05-06 season; badly missed)
  • Osman (Weakest link but could be Richardson by then)
  • Johnson (Class, England International)
  • Vaughan (Exciting)
I would pick the new team to piss all over the 2005-06 side. And thats only currently the side, there are still seven weeks for Moyes to make improvements.

And this is just Uefa Cup game, not a difficult Champions League clash against semi-finalists Villarreal, who incidently beat Inter, Rangers and Man Utd that year.

Reader Comments

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Steve Williams
1   Posted 12/07/2007 at 03:18:07

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Certainly a much stronger 1st 11 of international class players (barring Osman-sorry Ossie!!!!) Improvements are necessary as injuries can and will happen unfortunately through the season. Good on paper but 1 or 2 more will add the little bit of depth required. In all honesty as you quite rightly point out Dutch the 1st round of the UEFA should not be impossible to overcome very much similar to an early round coca cola cup game if we end up seeded so if we have the players in place for September 1st then sobeit. With Anichebe as a super sub i can see him scaring the hell out of more fragile defences used to having time on the ball. You’d be surprised but fans around the Premiership really think Anichebe will be a handful in the Prem next year let alone against dodgy European defences-he’s getting more praise than Vaughan at present. He could really be a great impact player coming on to seal a tight game for us.
Billy Jordan
2   Posted 12/07/2007 at 04:56:01

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Knew we?d have a better line up this time around, but didn?t realise the difference in the respective 1st 11?s.

The 1st line up is, really, quite average. It?s no wonder Villarreal gave us a touch up.

Makes you wonder how the hell we pulled a 4th a couple of seasons back, doesn?t it.
Brett Bradshaw
3   Posted 12/07/2007 at 07:32:00

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I agree with Steve, Vaughan has got the great finishing in his locker but Anichebe always looked the more exciting and dangerous player. His runs are more unpredictable and can cause defence a lot more problems. He can also create something out of nothing, which is something I believe we are lacking in a player. Vaughan like AJ relies too much on the quality of service and yet again, that man Arteta.

It is almost like comparing Rooney and Owen, and we have AJ who could do all the toe poking!

Having said that, I think Vaughan has more of a gift than AJ. His finishing is superior, he is stronger in the air and can hold off defenders better. I would like to see Anichebe and Vaughan develop into our first team strikers this season and sign extra long contracts!
Paul Atress
4   Posted 12/07/2007 at 09:11:15

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Both Anichebe and Vaughan are exciting prospects but last season Victor started to struggle after too many games. Jimmy on the other hand looked more comfitable in the starting 11.

Both players should be great next season, either taking turns starting or making an impact from the bench.

Last time in Europe we had Marcus Bent/Big Dunc on the bench, enough said really.
Erik Dols
5   Posted 12/07/2007 at 09:13:49

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I think the main fear is not so much our side being not good enough for a decent run in europe, it is the squad not being big enough. Throw in the odd injury and suspension and the current team isn’t that good anymore.
Jack Demon
6   Posted 12/07/2007 at 09:38:05

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Maybe Valente might sneak in their he?s had experience in world cup semi -finals and if Baines arrives i don?t think he?s to inexperienced my line-up would HOWARD

This is what i think is our best team at the moment others might come, i love Vaughny but i?m not sure if he?s ready for Europe. Beatie might have a descent season this year he?s proven to us that he can play and apparently he?s been great at training, maybe VDM might have a descent year he?s said it alot and i don?t think that Moyesy will sell him, on our website he?s said it and the plyers have faith in him so who knows what can happen, plus he?s played with Inter . Beatie is still a class player that needs more time to find his golden form again, and VDM knows he?s on his last opportunity so they might actually prove alot of supporters wrong this season, good luck boys!!
Dutch Schaffaer
7   Posted 12/07/2007 at 10:47:30

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Valente was originally purchased for his Euro experience but he hasn’t been able to find consistancy in the Premiership.

Certainly the talent is there and he could prove useful in a Euro game. It depends on Neville really, if Moyes feels the need to play defensively then Phil is needed holding in midfield with Carsley, that would open up Valente for left-back.

If Moyes prefers to go with a more attacking midfield with only Carsley holding behind Arteta, Cahill & Osman then you would expect Neville to drop to left back.

Either way there are options which we probably didn’t have in 05/06.
Rupert Sullivan
8   Posted 12/07/2007 at 10:48:31

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On Dutch’s analysis it does seem that we have a stronger and more experienced starting 11 - but this is a team that even DM said he needed to add to in order to compete in Europe!

At the end of the day, don’t we need a little more (or some) style and creativity - other than Mikky?
Ray Said
9   Posted 12/07/2007 at 10:47:24

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Nice to see the ever optimistic Dutch back.
This seasons team has a better chance of progress in a weaker competition but we do need to be concerned about cover for Yobo. He is likely to be away for 4-6 weeks at African Nations Cup(and could come back knackered/injured). Assuming that left back remains a problem area, as it has for several years, its likely that Lescott will be doing duty there at some time during the season and that will leave us with very little defensive cover.
I know its fun looking at the possible transfer of hot shot strikers and midfield magicians like Deco/Riquelme etc but we really need to look at defensive cover as a priority
Ger Johnson
10   Posted 12/07/2007 at 11:12:33

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We all know the current crop is better than a couple years ago but it really hits home seeing it in black and white.
In fairness Moyes has done a good job at gradually weeding out weaker players and replacing them with better ones; we’re definitely on the right track when u think of the number of internationals we have in the current XI in comparison to ’05/’06.
If we got Smith and Baines that’d be two more improvements (Baines would be gr8 as a dedicated LB) - wouldn’t we then be the side with the most England internationals (albeit some are U21/B players at the moment)?
Just pray for a nice easy first UEFA cup draw, there are some good teams in there and our luck in this area hasn’t been the best...
Connor Rohrer
11   Posted 12/07/2007 at 12:12:56

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We have improved considerably but the football is still very similar. We have to admit that last season we played a lot of the long ball game and most of our goals came from set pieces.

It really does make me sick seeing Carsley and Neville in the centre of midfield. I would even be dissapointed seeing Cahill and Carsley/Neville. All three of these midfielders are limited. While they all do there job well in terms of goals from midfield and protecting the back four they cant pass.

I think the arrival of Fernandes really improved our play last season even more than Arteta. People may say they were similar but in truth they where completely different players. Both skillful, passing players but in a different mould. Fernandes was someone who could keep hold of the ball and dictate whereas Arteta is a ball player who likes to run at people this is why in my opinion he is more suited out on the wing. Fernandes was better at keeping te ball because of his superiour upper body strength compared to Arteta.

So yes while we have improved I would like to see a few more signings. We need a midfield in the Fernandes mould, backup left back and a left winger.
John Cottee
12   Posted 12/07/2007 at 12:58:19

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I think we can all agree that Everton still need to boost the squad with a couple of fresh faces but the fact is the team is better quality then a couple of seasons ago and the competition should be weaker. Hopefully Everton can at least get to the group stages at least and make some money.

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