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The End of Ambition?

By Rupert Sullivan :  13/07/2007 :  Comments (93) :
Many Everton fans have posted on this and other sites concerning the transfer policy of EFC this close season (myself included) and it seems to me anyway that the mood is becoming appreciably more and more strained; either from the perspective of the fans or that of the editors (Michael, Lyndon etc) at how easily frustrated we the fans are becoming.

Now I do not know whether or not anyone at EFC reads ToffeeWeb, I would hope to heaven that they do given the broad spectrum of opinion encouraged on here and their self-publicised nature of being a ?People?s Club?, but at times like yesterday I must doubt either that they do, or that they are capable of judging the mood of the fanbase.

Yesterday, DM released a statement to the press concerning the transfer activities of the Premier League clubs this season ? a statement which smacked to my mind of a little child jumping up and down and stamping their feet in a supermarket shouting at their parent for not being allowed a packet of biscuits.

?I think there has been some irresponsible buying and spending by some clubs and it makes it a bit more difficult if you?ve got less money to spend than that?. What exactly is DM saying to the world here? I believe that he is saying the following:

  1. Transfer prices are just bloody silly at the moment
  2. Spurs and ManU are like children in a sweetshop
  3. Everton won?t behave like that
  4. Everton are skint
  5. It?s not fair
I have posted several times this close season, more often than not saying just how disappointed I am that Everton seem to have neither the wish not wit to control their own image in the media but this just takes the cake.

Everton started the close season wanting to build on the squad to compete for Europe. Everton, according to the words of BK and DM were able to attract top quality players, and were looking for 3 or 4. Subsequently, Everton spend all of their time chasing a £4m ?B? International from a relegated club as the top priority, then a week later shout to the press that life isn?t fair. (Sorry Jags, I?m not saying that you are not a good player, but I wouldn?t put you in ?top class?.) So far the fans have heard:

  • ?The squad needs strengthening??
  • ?The club can attract top players??
  • ?DM is looking to buy 3-4 players??
  • ?Jagielka is our top priority??
  • ?DM may bring in 1 or 2 more?? (post Jagielka)
  • ?Other clubs are irresponsible and we can?t compete on that level??
My issue is not that EFC have no money (although £50m prize money this season suggests to me that they should have), nor that EFC have yet to attract a ?top? player. As a fan however, I do object to not knowing what is going on but hitherto, I at least believed that EFC knew what they were doing... Maybe they do yet, maybe, just maybe, DM standing up and moaning about not being able to buy the players he wants and other clubs being big bad bullies with their £30m spending is all part of a complicated media management strategy ? tell ?em we?ve got no money then buy ?em on the cheap!

However, given the transfer activities of Goodison this close season, I doubt it ? Beattie has not left, despite being 4th choice striker, Andy VDM is sill about despite Moyes refusing ever to play him and looking to buy other left sided players to supersede him ? all of which is irreleveant, I am not a football manager, I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I do however have some understanding about managing people?s expectations and no longer have any confidence that EFC even recognise this as a skill, let alone a need.

Ultimately, I do not like what many managers say about their clubs, Jose and Fergie and Benitez go at it all the time; spouting more and more crap at each other, even asking their team captains to join in, but the one thing they do not do is rubbish their own club? basic really, not rocket science. For DM to stand up and shout to the world?s media that Everton are a small club with not much money, and that we don?t like the other clubs because they?re not playing fair is quite frankly sickening.

Reader Comments

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Declan O'Shaughnessy
1   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:27:20

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It?s funny, isn?t it, the way people interpret things differently. You see, what I read into Moyes?s comments were:
1) The transfer market is overheated at the minute
2) We as a club won?t pay over the odds for the players we want
3) When we do make an offer for a player, the other club needs to realise it?s a genuine offer for what we are prepared to spend
4) We as a club won?t sign players who are only coming for the money

And I?m very happy with all that. I think Moyes is right is sticking to his guns, and refusing to pay over the odds for players.

I don?t want to labour the whole "Leeds Utd" thing, but fans do need to realise that if you spend beyond your means and the gamble backfires, there?s no "get out of jail free card". Moyes takes a prudent attitude because he doesn?t want to gamble with the future of the club.

I also think there is a certain amount of cod psychology going on here regarding how much money we really have. I think, if a top class player was available and wanted / was willing to move to Everton, the board would find the funds to complete the transfer. But there?s no point finding the money to waste on average or unproven players. David Nugent was a good gamble at £4m, not a good gamble at £6.5m. Koumas was probably worth buying for £2m, but not worth buying at the price Fulham paid.

If Moyes doesn?t bring in any more players, then we probably will struggle to improve on last season, unless we steer clear of injuries. But that will be his choice and I?m sure he?ll stand by it. I don?t expect, or want, Everton Football Club to sign players just to placate fans. That really would be a massive error.

And please, no posts about "IMWT" or that kind of thing. I support EFC, not DM or BK.
Graeme Harkness
2   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:39:59

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The simple truth is Kenwright and Wyness have totally failed to find investment,if they have indeed been looking. Meanwhile, West Ham, Portsmouth, Wigan et al are overtaking us. If you cant afford to stay at the Savoy you stay at a B&B. If you can't afford the Premiership......... do I have to elaborate. No good whinging about prices. If you are going to compete you have to compete at ALL levels.
David Charlton
3   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:35:03

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Given the recent increase in revenue due to the Sky deal and finishing where we did in the league, I do find it rather worrying that DM seems unable or unwilling to spend more than £4 million for any player. If we are to truly compete next season at home and abroad we are going to have to take a calculated risk financially, this doesn?t mean spending silly money that jeopardises our future, but surely under or about £10 million is not beyond our means? If it is, then next season will most definitely end in disappointment as too many clubs around us are finding the necessary funds to buy quality players. If that does happen and there isn?t an extremely persuasive excuse given, saving for the new stadium say (sic), we?ll end up without DM and precious chance of filling it. We deserve better.
Brian Leyton
4   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:41:55

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DM didn?t mind getting 27m for Shrek! What happened to that windfall? If we can?t even compete with Wigan and Fulham then we are snookered! How do we still convince what good players we have, to stay?
Jaffa Jones
5   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:42:29

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You are an idiot! Do you really think that we not going to sign anyone else? Did anyone think that we were going to announce Cahill and Arteta staying? Do you really think Arteta would have signed if he had not been promised new signings? Everton are never going to say, ?we have cash, just waiting for the right players?! We are always going to claim poverty, then go for the players we want. So far we have missed out on who? Koumas? What has he ever done? Is he really worth more than double what we paid for Arteta? I agree with Moyes. Koumas is a good player. But we have Cahill, Arteta and Osman. We need a top winger or a midfield hardman. As for strikers, we already have 5. Maybe Beattie isn?t part of future plans but the other 4 are certainly worth a place in a SQUAD. So let?s wait for Moyes. He WILL sign more players. Maybe 1 or 2 now. Then in January will do the same. People say they trust Moyes. Well show it. Think about it. Naysmith goes, Kilbane gone. We will not start the season without a left sided player being signed. As for Richardson at 5.5m, I wouldn?t pay anymore than the 2.5m being banded around.
Neal Coyle
6   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:42:04

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Can i just say i am totally disillusioned by the summer of inactivity, i dont expect Everton to throw money around like Man Utd or Spurs have, but i do expect that when we start progressing up the league we invest to gain continuous improvement. We have now gained the status of a club players of a better calibre should want to play for, we are headed for Europe, a fantastic acheivement, so why has the club chosen to "freeze". Am so baffled, as a fan i am sickened.

Can i also point out, that had Arteta and Cahill known this was ahead there may have been different outcomes to the new contracts signed. The players all expected new faces to improve the squad, cant help think that come December we are going to regret this and DM will be made the scapegoat.

Lastly, can i also point out that should David Nugent have a fantastic season we are going to be ashamed, personally now i hope he doesnt, but should he, we would have paid £5 million not £6 million considering we got a gift of £1million for Naysmith.

Please remedy this, what should have been a season to look forward to is quickly looking like one to dread.
Steve Grimshaw
7   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:38:51

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I totally agree! With all this TV money burning a hole in every premiership clubs pockets, what did Mr Moyes expect. I am afraid we are going to miss the boat yet again on a goood run in Europe, and will be only one or two injurys away from being in the relegation fight. I don?t like the price of housing right now either, but if I want one, I have to pay the same or better price that everyone else is prepared to pay. That is just basic economics Mr Moyes!

On a related note American sports teams have a position called General manager, who specialises in club finances. Buying and selling of players, and all matters concerning the acquisition of players. Everton and Mr Moyes seem to be sharply lacking in this area. Heres to hoping I am totally wrong, and Everton win all the competitions we compete in this season!!!
Stuart Mitchell
8   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:57:19

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Well Moyes has come out today and said we can only afford to buy 1 more player and the rest will be loan deals.

Lets hope that one player is a big singing, Wright-Phillips or Requilme... More likely will be Baines or Richardson!!

I assumed we would have around 25mill to spend with all the new sky money, but it now seems that has been put to one side for the new stadium.

Lets just hope our threadbare squad can cope this season. More likely our yo-yo routine will continue and we will find ourselves in the lower reaches once more.
Gaz Krishka
9   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:49:48

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Some good comments, however i am actually backing Moyes. I believe he should have said the following in a different way, but he was trying to portray the facts of life in the Premier league this summer.

1) Transfer prices are quite frankly ridiculous e.g. £8.5m for Reo-Coker, £5.3m Jason Koumas! (never even played prem football), £6m Nugent (looked poor in the u21s and never played prem football), £10m for gareth bale - and maybe the most ridiculous, £16.5m for Darren Bent! - Charlton must have been licking their lips at Spurs paying a completely stupendous sum for a striker that is apparently worth more than Theirry Henry!

2) I would rather the club buy two players who will really benefit the club in the long term than buy a player that will upset the squad or stay for a year. Many clubs have opted to change their squads dramatically this year, and anyone that does that will upset the team balance and spirit.

3) I am positive Moyes has money, and if the right players were about, i am sure he would use it. To be honest, there are not many players that i can think of who would benefit everton, that are available at the right price. Koumas was too expensive, Baines would be a good buy for the future, but £6m...and finally Fernandes for £12m. I also watched his games in the u21 championships and against holland was especially poor.

I will back Moyes all the way because he signed the two most important players several days ago, Arteta and Cahill.

10   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:03:33

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whats happen to robert eurls money he promised to the club
Peter Laing
11   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:56:01

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I think that you have hit the nail squarely on the head with this post Rupert, you quite rightly suggest that the £50m of TV money that each Club receives from the EPL should enable Everton to compete with the Fulham’s, Portsmouth’s and Wigan’s of this world. However, the vast majority of this revenue is swallowed up by Player’s salaries, with BK not having the brass to strengthen the Club and support DM then we are likely to remain in this situation for some time to come. Facts are facts, the British transfer market is over inflated, Clubs smell the money that is about - who can blame Preston for screwing the max out of Nugent ? and you have to pay the going rate as dictated by market forces. David Moyes is also over reliant on buying British and if this is a policy then more lateral thinking is undoubtedly required.
12   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:49:36

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I admire what DM has done for us since he has been manager and have the upmost respect for him. Mr Kenwright is a different story in that no investment has been made into EFC. The other teams around us are smaller clubs, smaller fanbase and little or no history. We as a team should be able to find investors with everton at heart to tale us to the next level. I expected this summer to be a fenzy of quality signings to help us compete in europe and have a chance for a top 6 place again in the premiership. Sadly i can’t see this happening. We have too small a squad and whilst we have a decent young first 11 and some decent youth players coming throuh we do not have the capacity to compete on 2 fronts. We should not be paying over the odds for players but is 5.8m over the odds for barton i think not to name but 1. What is the answer (apart from thump bill), where is all the money, Davies transfer, killer, nayce ~6m and we have spent 4m plus howard! We must have some money left. Lets hope we spend it wisely or else we could find top players cahill, arteta, lescott, johnson putting in a transfer request next year and looking to west ham or newcastle, city , villa providing them with europe and us playing championship football in a stadium that is brand new in Kirby in front of 12 thousand supporters with Liverpool lifting the premiership trophy. Is this a dream or reality!!!
The Dude
13   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:10:12

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He He, it amuses me that people expect anything different than this.
14   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:04:21

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after more than 40 years of supporting everton i have had enough of the underachievement and lack of apparent interest from BK and his cronies.
i therefore puplicly resign as an everton supporter.
15   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:46:50

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Good article and first response. Two people representing both sides: Glass half full, glass half empty. And both make valid points that I cannot disagree with.
Do you remember the squad we had between say 1996-2002? Back then, I could never have hoped (given our performance in the nineties) that we would have the calibre of players and management at Everton as we do in 2007.
That’s only my own point of view and it is as relevant or ignorant as any other message here.
Again it depends on what stance you take: support our team or give them the benefit of the doubt, after all, they have run more football clubs than most of us have. Hey and we’r ein Europe. It’s a personal choice. But what choice helps the team performance?
The article also asks if the EFC board read this website. I would hope so. I wonder whether the players read it too. I hope not. What must it be like to hear their fans (the people of the people’s club) criticise the club, manager and board.
It’s just that last season, our support in the stands was something that was commended by our players such as Mikky and Tiny, AJ, Roger as it compelled them to work harder... for us. So what happens if the opposite occurs and we are not supporting them but losing faith in our club or its chances? And then shouting about it all over the web. What do supporters fromother clubs think of our support?
Do we support our team through the ups and downs or do we support them only when we agree with them? or only when they are performing well?
For me (and I only mean me) I am choosing to remember recent history (with full respect to each of the following): Mark Pembridge in the middle of midfield, Rhino on the left, Linderoth, Alexanderson.
These are good times and we’re not finished yet.
16   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:04:21

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after more than 40 years of supporting everton i have had enough of the underachievement and lack of apparent interest from BK and his cronies.
i therefore puplicly resign as an everton supporter.
Richard Dodd
17   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:07:37

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I cannot believe that so many people are prepared to put the Kirkby stadium deal at risk by gambling the deposit on ’iffey’players.Koumas and Nugent have so much to prove at top level whilst at anymore than a couple of mill,Richardson would be a big risk.
Davey and Blue Bill work as one and if both are reluctant to blow the club’s future, you can bet they are 100% right.
18   Posted 13/07/2007 at 14:56:05

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I’m not going to try to kid anyone and say I’m not disappointed by only one signing so far (ignoring 5 years more of Cahill and Arteta of course).

But come on gents, lets have a think about this for a minute. Would we have wanted any of the following at the end of last season :

1) Pistone, Wright and Naysmith still on the wage bill

2) Koumas for over £5 million.

3) Richardson for somewhere around the same. He’s a carbon copy of Pennant. In it for the money only.

4) Chopra £5 million

5) Barton for another £6 million plus the cost of the inevitable disrepute charges to follow.

6) Nugent over £6 million.

7) Bellamy nearly £8 million for fuck’s sake the world has gone mad.

Every chairman in the land is taking the value of his player and doubling it to get an asking price because they all know how much each other has in their pockets. Not one of these players gives us anything that we haven’t got already or improves the quality of the squad.

Moyes, with the odd exception, has a very good record in the transfer market even if he does stutter like Ronnie Barker in a shopkeepers outfit sometimes.

Priorities for me between now and the Wigan game are :

1) Baines from Wigan (upto £6 million for a future England left back is money well spent)

2) Alan Smith for about the same. He’s not going to get a kick for Man U outside the league cup and is a real quality player if you get his head right.

3) Kevin Nolan would be brilliant if we can pursuade him that Sammy Lee is relegation fodder.

4) Riquelme on loan (remember what he did to us) and someone who can really get stuck in so Harry Hill can have a well earned rest (poor auld fella).

This season is going to be harder than last for sure but we will continue to improve and build. We will buy players that want to join for all the right reasons and not because there pimp of an agent can get an extra £10 grand a week at Boro, Sunderland or West Ham (the next Leeds United by the way)

If I’m wrong I’ll be outside the Spellow on opening day. Free pint to everyone with a copy of this article.

Roll on August til all this shite is over and we can get on with supporting our team.

chris roberts
19   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:17:54

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Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about all this and that it is true the market is overinflated. 27 million for Rooney cannot be compared to 6 million for Nugent or Koumas who last summer might have cost 2 million.

Just relax a little because when I read things like West Ham, Portsmouth, Wigan et al are overtaking us all i can do is laugh.

John Patrick McFarlane
20   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:09:03

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I think DM’s remarks allied to Alan Stubbs recent comments are a shot across the bows of Wyness and Kenwright. DM always said that he would never jeopardise the Club but even he must have believed that on the couple of occasions that he has managed to obtain European Football that BK would find the wherewithall to support his ambitions. Unfortunately I can see Moyes becoming as frustrated as the fans this season. If he did leave the club it would not be worth thinking about. Despite fans like me believing that DM is indeed limited in football terms, as a person, I think he stands head and shoulders above his contempories. BK and Wyness have so much to answer for , but so too do we the fans. Would we honestly have paid more to watch the Blues if the extra revenue was used soley for new players - I’m not sure if I would or not. It is for this reason that Wyness and BK have to find some new source of income for the club and I don’t mean a new stadium in Kirkby.
James Thorley
21   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:19:22

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’Can i also point out, that had Arteta and Cahill known this was ahead there may have been different outcomes to the new contracts signed.’

I think this is the most pointless comment i have read yet. They HAVE signed the new contracts!! What would have happened if we had lost the Second World War? Who knows! Stop beating yourself up about it.
Ross Furmedge
22   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:28:37

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I’m in the ’shut up and let them do their jobs’ camp i’m afraid.

I think DM has shown in the past that when someone is worth paying 8.5 mill for he will....So i’m quite happy to see him NOT buy players that WON’T get us to the semi finals of Eufa and a decent FA cup run with a top 6 finish in the league. Really, why would we replace the rubbish we’ve got out of the squad over the last 3/4 years with players that aren’t even as good as the 17 year olds playing in the reserves.

Let him crack on, if we pick up another player maybe 2 then we’ll do ok. and if we don’t have amassive run in europe this year but actually consolidate and have two decent league finishes in a row i’ll be happy. Howard, Johnson, Roger, Nev, Mickey, Tiny Tim.....seriously boys, we have quality in the squad lets back it and trust the man who actually IS qualified to run a football club..just in case you aren’t sure that isn’t any of us overweight lazy miserable bitter self indulgent gits.
23   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:37:06

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Ok im gonna put this out there and feel free to respond...
Based on the current market who do you want to sign??
I think its safe to say that Richardson is on hes way to Roy Keane and Sunderland. As for Smith i think he’ll stick out another season with the red scum and I havn’t read anything that would seriously that ’kopite’ Kevin Nolan will sign for us. Riquelme is never going to happen (in our dream) with madrid the most likely destination. Wigan as we all know have paid top dollar for Koumas so why would they let Baines go for less than 7 (not worth it by the way). Anthony Gardiner is available but i doubt a partnetship with yobo in the center and Lescott on the left will cut it.
So come on who do we really want ??
24   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:47:59

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Here here, Ross. Let’s see Moyes comments for what they are: an attempt to inject some cool into an overheated market.

DM is building something here, and has show results to date. If folks want to spend and starve, go support one of those clubs claimed as ’overtaking’ us!
25   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:57:10

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I agree with Declan and all the other pro everton supporters. Jan if you want to rsign publicly or otherwise, then do so 40 yrs my arse. some supporter you are
26   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:06:35

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As a response to billy’s posting I think that we should pick up Seth Johnson on a free transfer.

i mean we’re looking for cheap squad players aren’t we ??

Maybe Kanu...
Steve McBride
27   Posted 13/07/2007 at 15:41:36

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Saying that you are happy that we haven’t bought player ’X’ because he’s not worth the price somebody else is willing to pay is a bit silly in my view. When you have a decent sized squad big enough to cope with the potential number of games, twice a week, if we’re lucky, you can seriously make a decision as to whether you are replacing a player with a better quality one. We are not really looking for a player to replace someone in our squad we are looking for players to be the squad.

The going rate is the going rate whether we like it or not so we must decide whether we need a bigger squad, Moyes thinks so, in which case the money has to be found/paid or we all go into the season, manager, players and fans with that thought already firmly implanted that we’re going to have a very tough season ahead with stretched resources. Not good, patience will break at the very first signs of failure.

People question £5m for Koumas, and again I’m not saying he’s worth it, a proven consistent performer in the Championship, (who I’m sure played in the PL with WBA), but go on to suggest that Nugent at £4m would be worth a gamble. Nugent was the Championship’s eighth highest scorer, being an Evertonian doesn’t add to your ability, and we don’t even need a striker desperately, we do need midfielders.

You can’t have it both ways.

Doddy, usual crap mate. The stadium, if it goes ahead, is at least 3-4 years away, do you think we will hang onto manager and players without progress on the playing side? Money for the stadium can be gained by performances on the pitch not at the expense of it or could, and should, be borrowed against itself as it’s supposed to be the future cash cow isn’t it?
Connor Rohrer
28   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:12:22

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It is getting to the point now where everyone is starting to have a little dig at Moyes. It is not his fault. He has to stick to a budget like he has done for the past 5 years. There is no point in having a go at Kenwright either. As much as I hate the man he has given Moyes a budget and we must get on with it.

The players we have been linked to are the likes of Koumas, Barton, Fernandes, Nugent, Richardson, Smith, Baines and Jagielka are all players who have qualities. People
are judging Kieran Richardson to early. The boy is young, pacy and has a brilliant left foot sure he has his faults but in a teamlike ours I believe he would succeed. Are you saying Osman, Neville and Carsley have more ability and potential than him? No chance. He is better than what we have got so if we buy him then great if not then good luck to him. What has Koumas done? In my opinion, another good player. Yes he is a late bloomer but he has quality and why was he voted best player in the championship ahead of the likes of Nugent.

People need to understand the reason the prices are inflated. Next season I think will be the best so far and that is why teams are spending big money on players. So I dont think it is right for Moyes to call other managers irrespocible. I do however think we will get players in and hopefully players of quality.
29   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:21:11

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I agree with most of the comments here about the market being massively inflated. Richardson for £3 million max is fine but £5.5 mil ! you’re having a laugh... I am really disappointed that we didn’t go for any of the Bosman’s available though: for good squad cover Thompson, Ball and Zenden could have been worth a look at.

Potentially one positive out of all this is that a number of our ex-academy players will actually see some first team football for a change
30   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:08:25

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I think half of you avnt gota clue what ur on about.Let dm get on with his job he is working wonders at our club.Dont belive everything you hear about us getting no one we will do things on the hush hush coz if word gets out the price will rocket. Dm likes to keep his cards close to his chest. Good on him..If we dont sign any one then im 100% confident we will have a good season coz we have got quality players. i watched a efc dvd from not so long back and looking at the players we had then compared to now makes me realise how far we have come in 5 years..o,kane,farrelly,gazza,jevons,pembridge..see my point...In moyes we trust. NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM..
patty blue
31   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:39:06

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Am I thick or something?? Don’t answer that one.... how can we get rid of players like James Beattie and Van der Mer if nobody wants to buy them? Surely to God you can’t blame Moyes for that as well!!
32   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:41:37

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I have only one statement to make. WE ARE DEAD!!!Sometimes, when you need to buy, u just need to bite the damn bullet and buy esp when we dun have a competent left winger. Yes, I do understand it may be over priced, then for GOD sake for someone who is worth paying for even a million or two more and buy the damn sucker. Rather than buying other clubs (Man U) rejects and then when someone complete, we just give up. We had the whole dame summer to think thru what we want, and when the transfer mkt opens, we should have just in and got what we aimed for, just like what New castle did. Rather than wait and see and then suffer what we are going thru. Trust me, its going to be a circle again. What I can’t understand is that we spent almost 13 to 15 million plus last year in the transfer mkt and this year we can’t???? WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHERE IS THE MONEY!!! We did finish 6th right? Dun tell me we can’t even pump a decent 10 million in the transfer mkt. ARe we always going to miss the bus? its so sickening and disheartening to be an Everton Supporter. When can we hold our heads high. I am not even comparing with Liverpool, but Sunderland, etc are doing better. So what is going on DM!!!! Bite the bullet and spent dame it!!! we are already tread thin, put also your ideals for once and get what we need. U only get to live once!!! Bring the club to its glory, u need to invest, you just need to invest. OR else we are DEAD!!!
33   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:40:31

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In the words of Corporal Jones don’t panic lads - at least not yet. Quite agree that many of the players who have been bought to date this summer have been overpriced and just remember our famous history - how many times have we spent on everybody or anybody in the summer only to follow with a disappointing season because the newcomers just didnt gel or cut the mustard - eg Gordon Lee’s reign or Colin Harvey’s spending binge in 1988-89 when we spent a relative fortune at the time to replace previous Kendall buys who cost hardly anything yet brought us famous reward - Reidy, Sheedy, Big Nev etc.
It is not all about money but spending it wisely and at the right time. We have a quality squad and yes it needs increasing but there is still six weeks to go before the transfer deadline shuts so lets show some loyalty and hold our faith. Time to complain if necessary is 1st Sept!
Steve Millward
34   Posted 13/07/2007 at 17:21:42

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It is all well and good saying that these inflated fees for players are just not worth it. To a point I totally agree. However, do you stand outside of a shop screaming i wont pay those prices it is so unfair. no you have to pay the going rate. and that is what everyone else is prepared to pay. Why are everton, with such a big fanbase and decent squad to build on, not an attractive propostion for big investment. Oh and if you think that because we are in ’debt’ we are not a good propostion. then let me remind you so were the shite, chelsea, villa, sunderland, and portsmouth. The latter being linked with further investment.
Laura Harper
35   Posted 13/07/2007 at 17:17:08

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Steve Syder
36   Posted 13/07/2007 at 17:10:00

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Great article Rupert.

I would love David Moyes to bring in two or three comparatively unheard of players at bargain prices who then set the Premiership alight.

However, at the moment, I think he has a hell of a lot to answer for.

He never seems to learn in the transfer market. He blew a great opportunity for EFC when we reached the Champions’ League qualifiers and he failed to spend the money he actually had to strengthen the squad while we were a really attractive proposition.

The market rate is what people are prepared to pay (and accept)and it doesn’t matter how much Moyes stamps his foot and cries "It’s not fair!" - it will still be the market rate, so stop whinging and live with it.

I went to my first game at Goodison in 1959 and it breaks my heart to see a once-massive club being put in the shadow by clubs with no history to speak of, but that’s what’s happening this close season.

Of course I’ll still buy my season ticket and support the eleven out there every game, but I’ll reserve my right to vent my disappointment on Moyes, who lacks ambition in the market and - based on the notorious Spurs game - lacks it on the pitch as well.

At least his tactic of making sure we never have a decent run in any knockout competition eases the pressure on our threadbare squad.
37   Posted 13/07/2007 at 17:28:50

Report abuse

My concern is that, yes we need a left back - I don’t want to see Lescott playing out of position for most of the season, and Stubbs lack of pace would be a concern- but our central midfield, at the moment is looking like Neville and Carsley; not much creativity there!! With the probability of an ’all centre half’ back four - Jagielka, Yobo, Stubbs, Lescott - it’s all looking a bit negative and defensive.
38   Posted 13/07/2007 at 17:51:15

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Shall we hold fire until the transfer window closes!
Paul English
39   Posted 13/07/2007 at 16:43:16

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The points I make are Uncle Bill is a business man 1st, Evertonian 2nd. How is it every billionaire in the world wants a bit of a Premier football club except poor little old us. Well Billy Boy is setting us up for the kill.

We have been in debt now since 1878 we still owe St Domingos 10s/6d ? once that debt has been paid, he will flog us ? make no bones about that. Not this season, not next... but when the time is right. And he will make about £60-odd million for himself for all his troubles and still sit on the Board.

We will move to Kirkby cos he said so. Look about 1 mile or so north of the Pier Head ? what a fanstasic site for a stadium! As for the team itself I do thank god for DM cos if nothing else that man took the fear of relegation out of us. When he 1st came to us he was told to watch every penny [nothing as changed there, see Bill]. We go into every season now knowing we're not going to win anything, that includes every one except the big two. That is the fault of sky television.


40   Posted 13/07/2007 at 18:18:00

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I have been following Everton for 30 years now and although I have seen progress being made, I still think we are too negative in our approach.

If I were DM, I would pay what ever price was required, to attract good quality players, who wanted tp play for us and not just arrive for a good pay packet.

Even if we take calculated risks, and sign a couple of good quality players for £15m, I think we would recoup that money within 1 successful season.

Sometimes I look at DM and BK and compare them to little shildren in a sweetshop.. ’oh, I only have £2 pounds... erm... I am only going to buy the sweets i really really like.. by which time all that is left is rubbish!

With the current Everton squad, I see us getting knocked out of Europe quite early, getting knocked out of the domestic cups and with an injury to Johnson and Arteta, we would even struggle in the league.

Come on DM and BK, take a risk.. spend that £15m and see where it takes us...
41   Posted 13/07/2007 at 19:24:25

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DM is right not to pay through the nose for people he belives are not worth the risk. I agree we need cover and more players especially for a good cup run but let him get on with it while we atch this space. We are not the manager we are not privy to the info DM has or we dont know what he is really thinking. All this negativity is it any wonder no one wants to come to us with fans like this who can blam them.We havent kicked a ball and already were doom and gloom. Great publicity for the club guys
42   Posted 13/07/2007 at 19:16:30

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It’s absolutely laughable this board sometimes. Taszi, comparing us with Newcastle? Would you want us to give average players £70-80k a week? Newcastle are a joke club that has been inexplicably poorly run for years.

As for West Ham, would you actually want Scott Parker (greedy headless chicken)/Craig Bellamy, especially with the wages and transfer fee.

We are a growing force that is very well run these days. We also have some excellent, young players, a settled squad and a great manager.

And as for Jan - resigning as a supporter - what a great fan you are. Although it is understandable as we did only finish 6th, in Eurpoe and have only bought one player and there’s only 7 weeks of the transfer market left. OH MY GOD PANIC!!!

Get a grip and start supporting your club instead of finding any reason to moan.
43   Posted 13/07/2007 at 18:03:32

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john prior
44   Posted 13/07/2007 at 19:51:29

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this board has gone mad.

Ive never heard such a shower of impotent loons!

apologies for those of you who are’nt.

but those of you who think I just excluded you, chances are your the ones I mean.

carry on.
45   Posted 13/07/2007 at 19:56:18

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Jim Russet
46   Posted 13/07/2007 at 20:07:44

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I am very happy that DM will not pay over the top for second rate players, I don?t like this slagging off of DM... he has been a superb manager given the limitations of his job. Look to the other side of the park if you want a manager who can spend, spend, spend with a poor return on investment.
Gavin Ramejkis
47   Posted 13/07/2007 at 21:03:31

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I found this report extremely strange given the usually carefully orchestrated club sponsored tripe the Livershite Echo turns out, maybe Moyes is realising the untenable position and fight he has whilst Billy Liar and co remain in charge. To moan about the current prices in the market smacks of frustration, but would you go into any shop and say your products aren’t worth the current market price stamp your feet and walk out, the shop keeper shows you the door and sells his/her wares to someone else who has the money and is willing to pay the going rate.

Prices in the real world go up in line with what the vendors think they can screw out of the buyers, it’s called life, anyone been to their bank and spat their dummy out telling them they refuse to pay the new mortgage rise? Plus you could go and buy a cheaper foreign version of some goods if you bother getting off your arse to investigate it.

Great article Rupert, I’m furious.
48   Posted 13/07/2007 at 20:59:07

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Whilst it’s good that people care enough to spend their time talking about this subject, the simple fact is that you will have to wait and see what happens. There will be at least another 3 players coming in, maybe loans, maybe some unknowns, but anybody thinking that DM isn’t looking or trying is mad. Not much to console ourselves with, maybe, but that’s the way it is....and I personally suspect we may get a pleasant surprise or two in the next few weeks ;)
Oliver McAdam
49   Posted 13/07/2007 at 21:40:00

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I thought what David Moyes said was very positive, and I don?t understand all the criticism. Fans continually say "Tell us what's happening." So Moyes comes out and says he wants to add players, is attempting to add players but wants to make sure the players he adds are going to improve the team and not undermine the progress this club has made. He says the reason we are not spending big is because players fee?s are getting ridiculous. All of this is true. I for one don't want to see us spend all our money on average players like say Fulham, 18mil spent and still not a decent player in the whole team, or Pompey who signed 2 strikers both unproven for 13mil to add to their already plentiful strikeforce.

Moyes said we dont have much money. We all knew that so why all the criticism for saying it? But mainly he said he aims to sign someone permanently, someone of real qulaity to improve the team then sign 2 loan players. In total thats signing 4 players in the summer, what he intended to do and what everyone else says we need to do. Just becasue we hav?nt done it yet doesn?t really matter. Fans want the club to be unfront then criticise them whrn they are. Remember, everton still have a massive loan after nearly going into administration during the Johnson era. But for me what he said is positive, we will sign someone who will improve our already strong team. Besides, saying you have no money isn?t necesserily a bad thing, this then means clubs cant hold us to ransom like West HAm or Spurs who pay ridiculous fee?s because other clubs know they have it.
Also, to throw in shear speculation on my behalf the loan thing sounded interesting. He said the loans would be rounded up after the permanent deals, which to me could mean something on the Fernandes front. He hasn?t signed for anyone, and it has been all quiet, I suspect he will arrive on loan for the season, also on the speculation I could see loan deals involving Smith too while the money goes on Baines or a Winger.
Tone Hunton
50   Posted 13/07/2007 at 21:57:56

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Come on Guys. I am the one also that desparate for the new coming. However, with such a stupid price, I would say no also. And if DM buy such players, I don?t think we gonna get any better quality, only make up for quantity to warming the bench or waiting for chance when our existing squad get injure. I tend to agree with DM approach on this. I think if he pay for the overprice, it will jeopadize the morale of the team also. If you think the other way, we already sign the 2 great midfielders and we have the new 2 young strikers. I don?t think European football is a must. The target is to improve the squad overtime while having the real footballer in EFC, not the money header. I really support DM approach. If he couldn?t make it progress or the same as last year, we are even. But if we are the crazy spenders like others, we are not only fail, but never have any chance to correct next season. Let?s wait and see. For those who resign to support EFC, thanks for your support in the past, the true EFC will continue to support the team anyway.
Neil Pritchard
51   Posted 13/07/2007 at 21:16:28

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I believe DM knows what he is doing and I?m not overly worried about the transfer situation if he isn?t. We have 2 young strikers breaking through, who I am sure will set the premiership alight this season, and they cost us nothing (VA and JV). We have at least 3 others who are hot on their heels. Moyes is building something really great and it?s gathering pace. Yes it would be nice to see a little more strength in depth, but come on guys stop disecting the semantics of every word uttered by the man and help to further the Moyes revolution

Colin Nolan
52   Posted 13/07/2007 at 22:27:05

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Just chill everyone. Our big problem is the Teves impasse which is preventing Man U from releasing Alan Smith. As soon as this is sorted we will be besieging this board saying what a fantastic guy is DM.
53   Posted 13/07/2007 at 23:13:02

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I have to say that when I first saw Moyes’ comments about "irresponsible spending" I thought the same thing as Rupert. It did seem to me like a temper tantrum at the unfairness of those with more money than us.

However, with comments like these you do have to look at the context. If Moyes arranged a press conference just to say this then that’s pathetic. Far more likely however is that in an interview he was asked something along the lines of ’what do you think of the high transfer fees this season’ or even ’do you think some of the spending this season has been irresponsible’.

I’m not saying this was the case, but I’ve long since learnt to take these kind of comments with a pinch of salt. It’s the media’s job to elicit such reactions and provocative comments from players and managers. I seem to remember last season that all sorts of sources were ’quoting’ Arteta’s desire to move back to Spain, based on the fact he has said he’d like to go back there at some point in his career.
bee eater
54   Posted 13/07/2007 at 23:33:05

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Overpriced players don’t suddenly get better. DM is playing a waiting game and doesn’t want a Davies type repeat. When the deadline gets closer he’ll make his move on someone worth the money.....
55   Posted 14/07/2007 at 06:59:22

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I think that Dm knows exactly what he is doig,the u20 world cup is still on and Mr Wyness is there ,then the copa america is yet to be concluded so i think he is right in waiting as the other clubs maybe wasting there transfer kitties earlr,he needs to get a few friendlies going and see how the squad performs,i think we will re-sign Fernandes on loan for another year aswell as make a big name signing soon,just wait and see,moyes should actually look abroad for a few loan signings aswell,possible signings
wright phillips 8-10m
appiah 5m
nakamura 5m
we need a midfielder and another defender as yobo will be going to the african nations cup in january
Paul gladwell
56   Posted 14/07/2007 at 08:54:22

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And all this penny pinching is billybullshits big plan to all opposed to kirkby "well you moaned about not buying players, we can if we move to our lovely new stadium so vote for it" well fuck right off you lying fraud.
Ronny Rizla
57   Posted 14/07/2007 at 09:12:34

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We have spent little over £2m, if you want to paint the picture as black as it really is. £1m for Nace, and another lump for utd winning the title.
It is the silence which you are treated to which gets me going, if BK was to come out and say "we have a strong enough squad to consolidate this year, the new TV money will be used to clear alot of the clubs debt, helping the club in the long term with stadium decisions, and transfers etc...", i for one would see sense in what he is saying.
However i think everyone would get off the managers back and aim their anger at BK, something he does not seem to want. If you aren?t man enough for the job bill move over, and lets get someone in who at least talks to the fans, and here?s a new idea tells the truth whether we like it or not.
Lets be honest all these people on her demanding we pay through the nose for championship players dont seem to understand the bigger picture. Lets face it for portsmouth to get Nuggent they had to outbid us, they are cash rich, we would be up to £8-9m by now for him, in a bidding war we cant afford. I think moyes was right to leave him alone. Some times football & business as it is now, is not fair, we can either get on with it or cry about it.
Michael Potts
58   Posted 14/07/2007 at 08:44:28

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Under the Leadership of David Moyes, Everton have transformed from run of the Mill into Contenders. Maybe not Title Contenders but Certainly European contenders and a team certainly with the ability to have a real go in all cup competions.

But where do we go from here? Consoldiation of our last league finish surely needs investment and to build upon that needs sound investment. Our squad is thread-bare and the proof in the pudding is when AJ and Timothy were injured. Fernandes added that class in midfield that seemed to spark Arteta more but we?ve let him slip through our hands.

Is better safe than sorry the best formula for success OR Who Dares wins? I know which of the two I?d prefer and I?m not just talking in a sense of throwing money at players ALA Leeds but taking a gamble on quality such as Barton or paying £8/9 Million for Fernandes. I would certainly rather have him at the age of 21 for £8mil over £5.3 mil for Koumas who is not fit to tie Manuels bootlaces.

For me though this really is not DM?s doing. I?m sure he?d love to be able to spalsh £10mil at a time on players but his hands are tied. Another question that hangs is what does Robert Earl? Apart from Rambo at half time? Has he invested at all or is he hoping EFC will do well shares will shoot up and he?ll sell for a better price to a foreign investor?

Lets hope we?re just a bit premature in regards to our transfer activity and we have a couple of new heads in by the start of the season or I think there best we can hope for is top 8 and a couple of rounds in UEFA cup. Don?t want to be negative but injuries happen and if Tiny, AJ, Arteta, Yobo or Lescott go down we?re in trouble.

Thanks for reading.
Alex Doyle
59   Posted 14/07/2007 at 10:54:06

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Steve (13/07 - 15.03)

Robert Earl is not here to give us money. He said as much. He is here to make sure that BK has no opposition from the faceless board he has with him.

He is here to give advice and to help with marketing, apparently. Advice from a bloke who has been bankrupt twice and has close over 100 of his restaurants. Sounds a big help.
Jamie Mayers
60   Posted 14/07/2007 at 10:27:08

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Let?s just wait & see what happens before the deadline - If nothing, then I will be at the front of the queue slagging BK & DM off because obviously our squad can?t cope with the season ahead. Although if no new faces arrive we probably won?t have to worry about Europe for long.

Surely we are able to compete with the likes of Wigan & Portsmouth for players! EFC has to be a more attractive proposition than playing in front of half empty JJB?

Yeh anyway let?s see
Andy Fletcher
61   Posted 14/07/2007 at 11:19:17

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Does anyone really think as a leading Premier League Manager that DM hasnt got a structured list of transfer targets.

DM has been given a transfer budget, in my opinion £10m plus whatever he makes from sales. He then works down his list at players he would like, with the values he has put and prepared to pay. If it doesnt match up he moves onto the next one. If he considers the player isnt any better than we already have then the deals off.

I believe AVDM and Beatts will come good, Moyes has looked and decided they are better than what he can spend 6 0r 8 million on.

Have faith lads.
Laurie Hartley
62   Posted 14/07/2007 at 11:01:34

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I am not dissapointed that we have (perhaps) missed out on Nugent, Koumas etc. The theme running through this post seems to be about lack of ambition. Now if we really are suffering as a club from a lack of ambition I would be really cheesed off. I you look at last seasons league table you will see that there were only four teams conceded less goals than us - the top four. We are solid at the back already. We only got turned over once all season in the premiership by the Mancs - and we should have won that game 3-0. I have said it before on another post what we need is a midfield general to put in between Arteta and Cahill. Someone who can perform on the European stage. Someone who will turn a very good team into a force to be reckoned with. If I had someone like that in my sites I wouldn´t be leaking it to the media. I’d be crying poor and doing the business while no one was looking. You know why - because the opposition would buy someone like that just to keep us outside the top four (where the money is). I too have been an Evertonian for over 40 years and enjoyed the years when we were the "Merseyside Millionaires" but unlike a previous poster I will be an Evertonian till I die. PS if we don’t sign at least one star midfielder from overseas before the season starts I will admit publicly on this baord that I am in fact dillusional. Come on the blues!
Sean Maxwell
63   Posted 14/07/2007 at 12:06:33

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I agree with everyone!!!!!!!!

This might sound daft but I think the real point is we all agree silly prices are being paid for a lot of players who will fall well short of expectations. Moyes wont follow that route like a sheep and deserves credit for that stance.

Undoubtedly, however we need strengthening. I believe only one or two are necessary. Fernandes was the key, we?ve seen him and know what he can add. The strength of a team who know each other so well cant be underestimated in a league where most squads dont know each others name and will take half a season to gel.

The extra 2 or 3 players will be important just to push the existing squad on a notch or two.

Anichebe and Vaughan are raring to go and I think both are ready for the prem, thats 2 players we couldn?t count on last season.

Whatever the respective views of spend or not, the big key will be the unequivocal support of the goodison crowd. At its best, it drives the players on to great performances, at its worst, it makes them retreat into their shells. Dont let this debate split the support, it?ll all be forgotten in due course.
Nigel Sharp
64   Posted 14/07/2007 at 13:38:54

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I’m sure DM knows we need a decent sized squad and surely he has a clue about weaknesses. But can’t we be above the silly season and panic buys? Let’s see Anderson da Silva Franca, Lukas Jutkiewicz, Bjarni Thor Vidarsson,Patrick Boyle, Scott Spencer and others and maybe target a decent addition who we know will improve what we have now, just as AJ and JL did last summer. It may be important to have a squad but it’s about a team of 11 on the pitch so let’s keep the spirit too.
Steve Taylor
65   Posted 14/07/2007 at 14:48:30

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I’m concerned that Arteta & Cahill were told a complete crock of shit - to get them to re-sign.

"Of course we’ll be bringing in top quality players lads...sign here"

When the reality bites & we enter the season with only 2 additions to the squad - what will their reaction be??? They’ve been lied to - as have we

Yet more smoke & mirrors from the Luvvee Kenwright - the man’s a clown - Curtains for Kenwright.
Steve Clay
66   Posted 14/07/2007 at 15:00:06

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Regarding transfers, Richardson is another Simon Davies, Koumas is another Simon Davies and we need defensive cover ahead of strikers.
Transfer fees are over the top at present and if we restrict ourselves to paying no more than 4 million then we are going to get nothing special.
The outcry from the fans may prompt the club to buy overrated rubish. Namely Defoe, I’d rather give Beattie another chance.
Steve Taylor
67   Posted 14/07/2007 at 15:28:06

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Steve - I don’t think the outcry from the fans will prompt the club to do anything - apart from come out with yet more spin....

We’re skint & no amount of pressure or disgruntlment from the supporters is going to change that.
Paul Smith
68   Posted 14/07/2007 at 15:19:17

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I agree with Declan O?Shaughnessy only thing is thou is that Koumas went to Wigan not Fulham!! but other than that spot on!! coyb
Michelle Collins
69   Posted 14/07/2007 at 15:58:39

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So moyes is reluctant to part with the money or transfer kitty. What do you expect from a Scot- mass spending and being free with the money. All joking aside, as other people have pointed out the club is, in itself almost skint and it is imperative that cheap sensible players are purchased with not to high wage demands. Moyes is the best manager we have had since Catterick. (I was not a fan of Kendall) and personally I think the team of 1966-70 was a better one man for man than the side of fifteen years later. DM is being shrewd with the funds avaliable and making sensible purchases. And another thing how can West Ham be signing all these players and be spending in excess of 15 million this past month when they were heavily fined for last seasons shenanigans. Does finishing in 17th place really carry such rewards or bonuses these days? And also is it just me but I have had my fill of the Whole tevez saga. We dont need to hear about the same crap every hour of every day it seems. Anyway hope they enjoy their 17th place finsh and their one trophy in the last thirty years. Youre just a small club in Essex. Still enough of that, I remember attending an after match celebration for players and staff after the Fa cup win of 1995. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Duncan (Ferguson), Paul Rideout , and Dave watson amongst others. Even Mr Kenwright himself, who went on about how it was (the european cup winners cup of 1985) was taken away from us, as was subsequenly the very real chance of winning the European cup the following year which ended up in Bucharest of all places. Even back then Mr Kenwright seemed a nice enough individual although a bit eccentric. I personally dont want him to go or Moyes for that matter. The fact of the matter is if David was sacked, or resigned or whatever we dont have a ready made or ample replacement avaliable. Let the relevant people do there jobs and stabilise the club. Of course we cannot compete with the likes of Chelsea but that russian SOB gets bored and leaves then they will soon go back to the mediocre but mildly efficient side of the early 1990s. I am sorry if my message seems a bit ambiguous or a bit misplaced at times but i have said what I have wanted or wanted to get of my rather adequate chest. And one last thing. Can other participants (Men I presume) cut down on the profanities. There are ladies present. That is all.
Barry Cass
70   Posted 14/07/2007 at 16:55:38

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Well said Rupert. Unfortunately, things won’t change while ’Blue Bill’ is the owner. Him and the board are a joke. We need to get used to this as this is as good as it gets unless we are prepared to do something about it.
Keiron Jones
71   Posted 14/07/2007 at 17:25:15

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Is Koumas worth 5.3 million? Is Richardson worth 5.5 million? The answers to both is a resounding no. If you are paying top dollar for very good players then that is ambition, paying over the odds for average players is stupidity. The two should not be confused. Why panic, wait till all the idiots have spent spent spent. Its hard but we may not buy anybody but that may not be such a bad thing at the momment.
Steve Grimshaw
72   Posted 14/07/2007 at 18:51:20

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If today doesn?t say it all about the thiness of our squad and the lack of new signings I do not know what will. We haven?t played a game yet and three players face fitness tests, because of injuries picked up in training.
Steve Dixon
73   Posted 14/07/2007 at 18:29:42

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Good article. Judging by the response with nearly a 100 comments its seems to be the major dilema at this moment in time. Im putting myself in DM.s camp.There is no way on earth i would spend 6m on Nugent.Where would he play? Johnson is number one striker,who?s no,2 Nugent? I dont think so. Vaughan who has prem experience and is a way bigger talent than Nugent who is a very average championship player (look at his stats) would be my choice.Victor and Beattie who i think still has a future with the blues behind them pushing them for a starting place also Mcfadden who is still to shine in a blue shirt.So with that said we are going to buy an overated player for 6m and 30 grand a week to sit on the bench? No way. Koumas is going to push Arteta and Cahill for a starting place. I dont thinks so,Wigan will find that out next May when they are relagated because they have bought poorly Melchiot for fuck sake.So thats 5.5m and another 30 grand a week to sit on the bench.The point im trying to make(badly i know) is we need a better quality of player not just a player who available at this time.You dont see Fergie buying David Healy to cover Rooney and Ronaldo do you.We need players to push the likes of Johnson.Arteta etc.Fernandes on a season long loan would be my choice.So DM dont cave in and buy an average player who we will be hoping to fuck he stays on the bench(Naysmith, alright im been nasty but c,mon).Buy one or two quality players either during this window or January window.Requilme (i know i cant spell his name but it would be nice to see him in a blue shirt).Unlike some im realy looking forward to the new season with a lot of young talent pushing for a place in the first team and hopefully Cahill can stay injury free .Cmon the blues.......
Simon Robinson
74   Posted 15/07/2007 at 12:20:39

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Declan O’Shaughnessy comments are spot on. Lets not gamble on the future of our great club. No irresponsible spending or purchasing of second rate players just for the sake of it.
Steve Callan
75   Posted 15/07/2007 at 13:05:15

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I hope to God this is all kidology to make everyone think we are skint otherwise the question is where the hell has all this new TV money gone? The reason that transfer fees are even higher than ever is because clubs have this new cash burning a hole in their pocket. Worryingly though this seems to fit Moyes’s previous transfer dealings. He reminds me of someone trying to buy a car by offering half the advertised price then being gobsmacked when the salesman laughs and walks away
Dickie Price
76   Posted 15/07/2007 at 17:16:34

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Well, I am disappointed in the lack of EFC transfer activity thus far, but not at all disppointed that we have so-say "missed out" on many of the players mentioned. Moyes is right to be holding on to his transfer kitty instead of blowing it on dross, and he?s also right to criticise the panic-buying of Wigan, West Ham and Pompey.
Andy Hampson
77   Posted 15/07/2007 at 18:47:12

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Having read what everyone else has had to say, I am with the ones in support of DM. Before the signing of AJ and JL we all thought our club was skint and then all this money appears, we do have cash to spend and DM will spend it wisely unlike a lot of the other managers have done. When the likes of Wigan, Fulham and West Ham are fighting relegation next season they will regret spending all their cash so fast and foolish amounts on over-rated players. Does anyone else agree with me that £16.5m for Darren Bent is a great valuation of him?

We have 7 weeks and prices will come down, moyes has got it spot on waiting.
David Kiely
78   Posted 15/07/2007 at 21:09:33

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Have to agree with The Dude -

"He He, it amuses me that people expect anything different than this."

The hierarchy of this club are, literally, beyond belief. If they told me night followed day I?d have to sit down and consider the proposition. Moyes needs to grow a set of balls and challenge them. It?s no good him bitching during the season if it?s all going arse up.
Brian Gold
79   Posted 15/07/2007 at 23:54:42

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David Moyes is absolutely right in what he says. The Premier League has gone into panic-buying mode early because of the Sky windfall and it’s nothing short of daft. Because clubs have a few more quid in their pockets doesn’t make Koumas, Richardson or Nugent worth more than they are! For me Moyes’ buying successes FAR outweigh his failures and not many managers can say that.
I believe his recent comments were in response to impatient Evertonians demanding an explanation for the lack of transfer activity.
Let’s be sensible about it; Lescott, Cahill, Arteta, Howard, and Johnson are all world-class players and their fees were ridiculous when you look at what others are now paying for unproven or mediocre players (Nugent and Reo-Coker)! Our lads must now be worth at least £10m EACH - what a gain that is! If Nugent has a good season at Pompey then fair enough but at this stage it’s a big "IF". The £5m they paid for him is about what a proven player would get and he isn’t that yet.
Anyway, one thing’s for sure. DM is his own man who says and does what he thinks and feels are right. For that we should be grateful. He’s rarely wrong as well. Sure he’s had some failures - all managers have but look where we are now. Just outside the top 4, playing in Europe for the second time in 3 years and no manager we’ve had since Howard’s first time here has achieved that!
Progress, progress, progress - it can’t be done overnight but the signs are that we’re getting there and DM has taken us HIS way which is fine by me!
Laurie Hartley
80   Posted 16/07/2007 at 11:14:50

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I think the "Dude" is a Red. Bet you he looks like BIlly Bunter too - He He?
Ask yourself this question "who would I rather have in my squad going into Europe - Koumas, Richardson, Nugent @ $5m a pop - or Sol Campbell @ $2m?"
A fool and his money are soon parted.
Come on the Blues!
Chris Roberts
81   Posted 16/07/2007 at 12:21:01

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I?m clearly not the only one who isn?t that bothered that we haven?t spent millions on hod carriers like Koumas et al. In fact couldn?t care less about the signings ? unless we get someone good who is right and good value, why should we bother?
Paul Evans
82   Posted 16/07/2007 at 12:21:29

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We currently have a squad of 24 - if we leave aside untried youngsters (Ruddy, Boyle, Vidarsson, De Silva and Jutkiewitz) for the time being that leaves 19. If Valente and VD Meyde are like last season that leaves 17. Allowing for just 2 more injuries and suspensions leaves 15. In Europe you name 11 + 7 subs. There must be a lot of young lads checking out their passports!!
Michael Brien
83   Posted 16/07/2007 at 13:21:55

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Sorry Rupert, but I have to disagree with you. I think DM was basically saying that there have been a lot of silly transfer fee paid in the last few weeks, and that he isn’t prepared to pay sill y money for players. I would agree totally with him on that.
Look at the fee Spurs paid for Darren Bent £16M !! Do you reckon he is worth that much ?!! As Declan O’Shaunghnessy mentioned there is the example of Leeds Utd.It’s not just 2 relegations that they have suffered as a result of "splashing the cash" - the club has come close to going out of business.Do we really want to risk that ?
Also It’s not about signing "big name" players it’s about signing the right players.Neither Tim Cahill or Joleon Lescott could be decribed as "big name" signings - but they have both been great signings. Howard Kendall built a team that brought great success to Goodison, not many of the players that he signed were "big names" before they joined us e.g. Kevin Sheedy and Neville Southall to name but 2.
Let’s have some faith in DM - he hasn’t done too bad for us after all these last 5 years has he ?
Ciaran McGlone
84   Posted 16/07/2007 at 13:03:41

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I've a bit of news for all you sycophantic sheep huggers who fall over themselves to protect kenwright and moyes.... neither of these people ARE EVERTON... If they do the club harm then they deserve to be ridiculed.

Moyes has become a mouthpiece for excusing Kenwright's stagnation of the club at every hurdle. Another European adventure down the tubes... all for the price of Bill's Kirkby dream.

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, Bill.
Jon Paxton
85   Posted 16/07/2007 at 14:38:37

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So Aston Villa spent how much on who, even with Randy Lerner.....Necastle sold Parker to buy Parker mark2 and some dutch guy
Middlesboro; who/what bunch of nobodies
Fulham; bought yesterdays men
Only L?pool (bought a b team), Man utd, Chelsea, and Tots are buying decent players... seems there?s not much money about, so why spend lots of money on crap?
Moyes has done brilliantly, and only those who think we should still be top four think differently. The world?s different today. Let?s back this great manager and shut up whingeing!
Chris Roberts
86   Posted 16/07/2007 at 14:50:50

Report abuse

Aw bless, Ciaran, but have to ask: Are you mental?
Ciaran McGlone
87   Posted 16/07/2007 at 14:58:07

Report abuse

You got a point to go with that blinding bit of wit chris? Or do you just expect us to guess?

being called mental by someone who couldnt "care less about signings"....well, what can i say..

why do you even bother ....MATE!
Alan Hampson
88   Posted 16/07/2007 at 15:07:19

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Obviously Ciaran is a red scum, a real blue would not slander his team and manager the way that he has. I am in full support of the team that we have got now and the manager. We have got a better team now than when we got 4th place and a champions league place... give the manager a chance, he is not going to waste our cash on over-priced money grabbing waste of spaces who will disrupt our great team spirit.

Anyone agree?
Steve Perry
89   Posted 16/07/2007 at 12:24:27

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I was down the bluey earlier and i heard a spanish agent speaking to jaun roman riquelme about a pending medical at goodison next week. Me being adversed in the art of spanish interpretation could understand the whole conversation while all the other blues fans were just drowning there sorrows about the thought of kieren richardson streaking up the wings next season.
Ciaran McGlone
90   Posted 16/07/2007 at 15:20:11

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i wondered how long it would be before i was called a ?red?..... for having the audacity to disagree with planet bill.....

John Breen
91   Posted 16/07/2007 at 23:33:57

Report abuse

Great article Rupert

But what?s up with you Ciaran if you want scorn, there?s a nice comfy seat in the slanty house over the park, and don?t forget your waders we wouldn?t want you to drown in the sea of verbal diarrhea that is affectionately known as the KOP.

PS .I take it your from Norway
Laurie Hartley
92   Posted 25/08/2007 at 11:02:39

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Due to recent events in the transfer market I can now publicly declare that "I am not dillusional" - see post above (Posted 14/07/2007 at 11:01:34). P.S. I am very glad we didn’t sign Nugent - see my other post above (Posted 16/07/2007 at 11:14:50) and even gladder that we signed the Yak. Come on the Bluuuues!
Laurie Hartley
93   Posted 27/08/2007 at 11:39:29

Report abuse

I have just read the news about Fernandez. OK I am delusional.

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