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I am 32 this august I got married last year, had a stunning baby Evertonian daughter 12 weeks ago and have been in situations to make the hardest mans hole squeek!! And yet, with just hours to go to the Cup Final, I have THE worst butterflies EVER!!!

I feel like I did during that Wimbledon game back in the 90s!! I am buzzing, excited, nervous, sleepless but most of all optimistic. For years of being an Evertonian (28 to be exact) I have had to endure poor signings, poor football and drubbings from all sectors about my beloved club ? this could really seal that turn in fortunes and be the massive positive boost we have so longed for!!

Si Harwood, Bolton     Posted 28/05/2009 at 10:06:11

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Andy Giles
1   Posted 28/05/2009 at 14:30:53

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im with you si. i remember that game last game of the season as a 10 year old holding my dads hand on the sofa to this day i have never flet so much emotion, then fa cup semi final day as a 28 year old jumping around like a 10 year old when jags done his magic.
come sat me and the old man will be going through the mill once again this time with my own little blue boy holding my hand asking have we beat them yet??
Mark James
2   Posted 28/05/2009 at 14:56:36

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Ah the Wimbledon game, remember it like it was yesterday. I thought we were gonners and then the crazy turnaround, I was 9 and it was so amazing. Now at 27 as with you Andy, me and my own little Evertonian will be watching our biggest game for years, he?s only 4 but if anyone suggests that Everton are anything other than the greatest team in the world he proudly announces that they are talking rubbish, well trained!!

The next one due in August will also be taught that we are the greatest team in the world, and obviously by then we will be holders of the FA Cup!
Chad Schofield
3   Posted 28/05/2009 at 14:56:03

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Well you have all of four months on me Si, but in very much the same situation ? though I think much of it it?s excitment... just have a really good feeling about Saturday ? not over cocky by any means... just, I don?t know, indescribable feeling that in some ways we can?t loose ? it?s great that we?re there. Chelsea are the one?s with nothing but pride to play for and for them it would still be a disappointing season ? we?re well up for it, and well perhaps I should punctiate this ramble, but basically I know exactly what you and Andy are talking about!!

Terry Blears
4   Posted 28/05/2009 at 16:25:30

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Have to agree with you SI - I’m 30 and I’m like a little kid waiting for Xmas at the moment. It’s a mix of nerves, fear, hope, dread, excitement all rolled into one. Much like the emotions I went through during the Wimbledon game all those years ago. Can’t wait to get to Wembley on Sat to soak up the atmosphere - if its anything like the Semi was it will be a cracking day.

Andy Giles - I got to pull you up on this as your post got me questioning dates. The Everton Vs Wimbledon game was 1994 so if you’re now 27 you would have been 12, not 9. Just thought I’d point this out as if you "remember it like it was yesterday" I’d go and see a doc as your memory aint so hot!
Jamie Hynes
5   Posted 28/05/2009 at 16:58:35

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I’d just like to say, B*gger. The Royal Mail, bless ’em, ’cannot locate the special delivery’ from EFC received last Thursday, as such, my paid-for FA Cup final tickets have not arrived, and probably won’t. But, every cloud has a silver lining, and I got my cardboard concertina tell me ma thingamybob from the club with which to exact my revenge.

Credit to the club in terms of back-up options, and I hope my tale will become my very own piece of Cup folklore. I will be at the East side of the stadium on saturday, probably in tears, hopefully cos I managed to still get in. Just needed to share.
Mikey Cummins
6   Posted 28/05/2009 at 17:13:54

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EXACTLY!!!!! spot on this is how i am feeling, i actually feel physically sick when i am thinking about my beloved blues walking into Wembley for the 2nd team in as many months...But why?? because we’re Everton my 1st love the only thing that will stay true to me for my entire life. it’s not a choice to be an Evertonian as you all know, you’re born this way. so when we lift that cup on Saturday it’s almost like we’re doing it ourselves we’re no supporters we’re a family. trust me lads and ladies when we win i will be cuddling each and everyone of my fellow family members in Block 525.COYB!! Tell Me Ma Me Ma!
Chris Jones
7   Posted 28/05/2009 at 18:04:17

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Tickets arrived on Tuesday, Everton car flags arrived today, car getting decked out tomorrow and we?re setting off at 8am Saturday morning. I?ve been watching the semi shoot out almost every night this week, i?m like a kid on way too many blue smarties and as a 32 year old I cannot bloody wait to see the boys walk out on the Wembley turf. 27 years an Evertonian and this is my 1st cup final in the flesh. I?m getting married in September and I just have a feeling that this is going to be one hell of a good year!! Never prouder to be a Blue.
Dave Roberts
8   Posted 28/05/2009 at 19:39:42

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I know exactly how you feel Si! Before the weekend we had the Fulham game to get anxious about and that took the edge off the nerves regarding the final. Then we had the Champions League Final to watch so at least there was more football to come. But now it’s all gone for another season except for the FA Cup Final...standing before us in splendid isolation.

It’s not so much butterflies with me’s bloody big seagulls fluttering about in the pit of my stomach!

I went for a six mile walk this morning to take my mind off it for a bit. But I just ended up knackered as well as nervous. I am very confident though!
Dave Roberts
9   Posted 28/05/2009 at 19:47:51

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Sorry to hear about your problem. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a duplicate from the Wembley office though, with confirmation from EFC that a ticket was allocated to you.

Just a pain having to do that I expect when you’d rather be in the pub before the game with the rest of us!

Good Luck.
Kevin Spencer
10   Posted 28/05/2009 at 21:05:29

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That’s right Terry, I was thinking the same about the years gone by...
Andy Giles was 10 years old 1994, and now he is 28. That would make this year as 2012.

Sounds strange? Well, yes....

...But Mark James was 9 years old 1994. Now, he is 27. That would mean, this IS REALLY 2012!!

I wonder were those three years went...
Andy Giles
11   Posted 28/05/2009 at 22:31:01

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Ok got mixed with the years, but still come Saturday, dad me and my little lad will be on the sofa and for 90 mins (please god no pens) going through all the emotions only Everton FC can put us through
Kunal Desai
12   Posted 28/05/2009 at 22:39:09

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I was in tears and in anger punched my bedroom door, which of course left my hand in such a state as it went right through the door. I?ll never forget that Andy Clarke strike which deflected of Ablett to give Wimbledon a 2-0 lead.

I just can?t wait for the kick-off now, the butterflies will kick in on the morning and I know won?t get a minute's sleep on Friday night..

What ever the result, these have done us all proud!

Nil satis nisi optimum.
Zack Yusof
13   Posted 29/05/2009 at 08:46:06

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My god, i can remember that Wimbledon game as clear as yesterday.

I was at band practice ina pub in Greenwich and refused to get score updates, prefering to find out our fate at final score.

When someone poked their head to room to tell me that Everton was 2-0 down, the feeling i felt was indescribable, a mixture of dread, loss, fear, humiliation, shame and a few more others. i kept mty head down, plyed my guitar and refused any more score updates until the match was over.

Final score that day was the best thing that i’d ever witnessed. Match the day that night was even better.

" Horne!!! Oh Horne!!!!"

COYB this weekend!!!!!!!
Andy Ellams
14   Posted 29/05/2009 at 08:47:27

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Have had too many butterfly moments to mention, already have them now.

I am bad enough watching a bog standard league game. Just as long as the referee remembers it’s a two team game!

Just as an aside to give everybody a chuckle, I actually heard a Newcastle fan at work say yesterday that he is glad that they got relegated as he is bored of the premiership. Can’t have many more straws to grasp at.
Paul Maguire
15   Posted 29/05/2009 at 10:27:32

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Can I just wish all my fellow Blues, form Wanganui, New Zealand, the best for Saturday.
Nearlry made it to Wembley, but events conspired, nevertheless will be watching and yelling and swearring madly from 12000 miles away. I honestly believe we’ve got it to beat this - lot.
Everton 38 years man and boy!
Come on you Blues!!!!!!!!!

Pete clark
16   Posted 29/05/2009 at 11:05:36

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Paul Maguire. I played footy once in Wanganui with a great friend called Hayden Street. He will be watchin the game with his boys over there. For those who remember the wimbledon game then you may all agree with me that we should all be thankful to Hans Segars that we stayed up. I had the perfect view from the top balcony and he rolled his arm back in and the ball rolled sweetly past him. Can’t be at Wembley tomorrow but my heart and soul are with you all and the team. Win or lose we should be proud of the blues this year.

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