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Confused... not contented

By David Price :  08/11/2010 :  Comments (11) :
Not too much controversy over the weekend, well maybe one or two questions.

Are Man Utd the stuffiest twats ever? With the standard 4 minutes added time? Does someone on the sidelines advise the ref perhaps? I wonder how much is added on when they are winning, probably 2 or 3 I would guess.

Are Stoke City the unstuffiest twats ever? It?s not so much if-onlys regarding missed chances, it?s if only the fucking ref could see what was going on. This time it was Martin Atkinson, again, causing havoc.

Then we had our own Tim Howard, he set the wall up like O?Reilly the builder from Fawlty Towers, it?s another error from the keeper I?m afraid.

Praise must go to Uncle Woy, to be fair. It?s taken him 11 games and a fraction of the £200m Rafa spent to come to the same conclusion the Fat Waiter took 4 years to formulate. Yes, that the RS are total shite without Torres and Gerrard. So it?s happy days for them lot as their hopes continually rest on playing them two for 60 games solid. Ain?t gonna happen and the arse will once again fall out of their patched up breeches.

Now that Bolton have battered Spurs, shall we stop patting ourselves on the back for the point at the Lane, as Wednesday?s game now looks to be a massive test against the victors of the victors who battered the European Champions. 1-0 to us then.

Hopefully Arteta has managed to see Man City?s David Silva against West Brom, and learnt how to thread a forward ball into a goal scoring opportunity, class play that Mikel is capable of but we aren?t seeing it too much.

Are we better than Arsenal? Are Newcastle better than us? Who is the worst team in the league so far? West Ham, I suppose, but would you feel confident that 3 points is a given if the next game was them? At this rate, there?ll be three half-decent teams actually going down this season.

Christ, we are in the bottom half again after being bloody 7th for a few hours last weekend.

Two home games ahead, 6 points the target, who can tell? This league is all over the place at the moment, possibly due to unfancied teams having a go and actually getting something.

You know what Mr Moyes; it might be worth a try.

Reader Comments

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Nick Entwistle
1   Posted 08/11/2010 at 08:17:04

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The league is all over the place at the mo, but of course it's Everton who are showing their true position in 11th, no-one else.

Main problem for me is all these players coming back to fitness giving Moyes options. Is he really better with a crocked and limited squad? Maybe Bill knows this each summer.
Alexander Sterpikov
2   Posted 08/11/2010 at 11:30:59

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Our last game against Blackpool, and for example Bolton's game against Spurs, shows that the PL this year has become much stronger. All teams are a threat in some way when playing away from home.

I saw the Bolton-Spurs game and Bolton didn't look like a bad side. They actually have some decent players like Gary Cahill, Kevin Davies, Johan Elmander and Martin Petrov.

But at home against a side like Bolton, we must win. Same situation as against Stoke, which we just barely won against.

I must agree with you that Howard is becoming a problem for the team. I guess Moyes knows that as well, but I still don't think he would let Mucha take a PL game.
Steve Edwards
3   Posted 08/11/2010 at 11:57:52

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This is the strangest league yet in terms of results. Face facts: anyone can beat anyone, it's that simple. There's little or nothing between top and bottom. Expect another really tough game against Bolton. Coming out with expressions like, against a team like Bolton, well, isn't living in the real world.

You can usually work out at least two of the teams going down by now but this year I can't. I watched the full match against Blackpool and I was quite impressed by them. Yes, we would have won if we had taken our chances but then again in the last ten minutes we could have lost it.

That Charlie Adam is one class act. If you went by Saturday's game, he looked a better player that Mikel Arteta. Interesting that his agent is Kenny Moyes, the brother of our Davey. Nowt much left on his contract so he may be leaving in January. How about sell Heitinga and with the proceeds buy Taylor from Newcastle and Adam from Blackpool?

John Barnes
4   Posted 08/11/2010 at 12:40:59

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I wrote on here after 5 games that I wasn't too worried about our poor start. It was obvious that with so much 'levelling off' in quality between 5th and 8th last season that it would be tight. But the levelling off has gone further than I thought. And I would be worried now if we had another 5 game sequence like that. Worryingly, we have to rely on clean sheets as we aint going to outscore many teams as last week proved. And with Tim Howard dropping rapidly into the dodgy category we are in for a very interesting ride and could finish anywhere outside of the top 2.
Paul Roderick
5   Posted 08/11/2010 at 14:21:54

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John, for me, Tim Howard never came out of the dodgy category.
Charles King
6   Posted 08/11/2010 at 15:42:52

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In terms of playing personnel and stability I rate us highly, just below Chelsea, Arsenal, Manu and Spurs and better than City and Liverpool. My discontent is because we will finish below all 6, with a fair chance of one or two others being above us as well.
Tony Cheek
7   Posted 08/11/2010 at 17:19:51

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Most dissapointing this season, without a doubt: Arteta, who looks like he's in a pre-season dawdle; and Howard, who has cost us 5 points alone so far. Blackpool's first was a joke, and would never got past Van De Sar, ReIna or any keeper worth his mettle. Sorry, but he is letting us down big time this year!!
Alex Kociuba
8   Posted 08/11/2010 at 19:47:31

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Top 4: Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City
Bottom 4: Stoke, Wigan, Wolves, West Ham

Hardly all over the place. The other 12 clubs are a lot more even than in previous years and it's close and competitive... how it should be.
Jarrod Prosser
9   Posted 08/11/2010 at 22:49:03

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Howard cheated with his wall and got burned. He set the wall for the left foot shot ? almost looked as if he didn't even consider the possibility of the other player hitting it.

Howard should never have had to attempt the save, but it's his own fault that he had to.
Bob Parrington
10   Posted 09/11/2010 at 03:05:17

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I'm sure you saw the first goal the same way I did. I watched it on Foxtel here in Adelaide so it was clear. Before he took the free kick I said, "He's gonna score here. There's a clear shot and Howard isn't covering it." If it was so obvious to somebody like me, why the hell did none of the team tell Howard he was wrong?

Good posting David. I think we're all confused at present. I watched the RS beat Chelsea, hoping Chelsea would beat them (the only time I like to see Chelsea win. Oh, maybe against Man C as well). They just out-played them, plain and simple. Torres remembered where the net was as well. I hope they soon go back to their normal standard of the season so far!

Afzan Yusuf
11   Posted 10/11/2010 at 05:23:41

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Suddenly Johan Elmander is a decent player.... Maybe we need to give Bily more time... no?

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