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Welcome Roy?

By Jeff Magee :  02/07/2010 :  Comments (50) :
How about showing the redshite (sorry, not a good start) .... I mean our loveable neighbours, that we do not bear a grudge and offer a hand of welcome and friendship to Roy Hodgson ? who I feel is a decent chap and (worryingly) a good manager in the same way as our Moyesie.

On a personal level, my dislike of all things red only really took flight during the Houllier years ? Gerard?s long jump onto the sand pit of Gary Naysmith?s inner thigh and the subsequent Catholic teenager's excuse of ?well he tried to pull out? from Houllier was when I first became a bit bitter towards the reds with my twistedness growing and festering through the Beneathus?s arrogance years, culminating with his small team jibe.

And yet I was never really comfortable playing out the bitter blue role ? I am Manx (from the Isle of Man not Mancs) with a Scouse Mum. My maternal Grandfather recognised I had been chosen (having been chosen himself) and took me on many great adventures to Goodison in the late sixties and early seventies during my annual Easter holiday trips to visit my Mum?s side of the family quite a few of whom are Reds, as is my Dad. A lot of my mates are also Reds and, if truth be told, I would much prefer the friendly banter to the rabid hatred that seems to have bubbled under the surface in recent years.

My favourite times (other than my early visits with my Granddad Pop) were the mid-eighties ? not surprisingly as we were so good but also the fact that, whilst it hurt more than anything I can think of in sporting terms, I knew that if we did not win it, Liverpool would, and the city of Liverpool was acknowledged as the greatest foot balling city in the UK and possibly the world ? with Manchester and London relative back waters. If we are not careful, Liverpool city will be discussed in footballing terms in the same breath as Birmingham, Nottingham, Burnley etc.

I would love it.. love it (in the words of one of the Red?s favourite sons) if we could all start on the road back to that supremacy (obviously with the Blues at the head of the column with the reds not far behind) and by welcoming Roy Hodgson and trying to ensure that relations between our two great clubs gets back to where it was/should have been ? you never know where it might lead... shared stadium anyone?

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James Stewart
1   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:15:46

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While I agree Hodgson is a likable guy I think its a big risk for Liverpool to appoint him.
They could have attracted a much bigger name and although Hodgson's stock is high at the moment Fulham didn't play particularly pleasing football to watch last season and they finished in the bottom half. Add to that the spanking they received in the Cup final....

I personally don't think his reputation is backed up by results.
Phil Bellis
2   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:29:10

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"I like Mr Roy - a decent football chap"
Basil Brush, 1977
Gavin Ramejkis
3   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:35:59

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I thought Hodgson did a decent job at Fulham and he well deserved the plaudits and award for Best Manager. I would remind you of how he did at Blackburn to counter what he did at Fulham though, in his second season pissing away £20m of Jack Walker's cash on the likes of Kevin Davies and getting sacked after almost getting them relegated.

I hope this is the form Hodgson brings to the RS.
Michael Williams
4   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:42:01

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Not sure whether you are saying Steven Gerrard was a Catholic youth, well he's not, he went to a Catholic school, but is not Catholic! Not sure why you allude to this anyway!

Good to see Roy clear up the myth that EFC are the Catholic club regarding his wife's allegiances. EFC were founded from the Methodist Church, St Domingo's! Again, these things don't really matter, but it's good to clear things up!

Liverpool city has never been like Glasgow with clubs divided on religious grounds. Most families in this city have EFC and LFC fans in them. We're pretty ecumenical in this city thankfully!

Paul Thompson
5   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:44:52

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I cannot wish him well for obvious reasons. But I like and rate Roy Hodgson. What I think he will bring to the role is a degree of understanding of and respect for our club ? something that Rafa completely lacked. If he does, that can only be a good thing and if does then we should give him credit.
Michael Tupper
6   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:53:32

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I join in the respect for Hodgson club. He's difficult not to like and is probably an ideal manager to the shite across the park as he's proven he can achieve good results on a tight purse which is where 'pool find themselves nowadays. If Stevie cheating Gee would feck off and Beneathus having already done so, it will be harder to hate them.
Phil Bellis
7   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:53:57

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Mr Williams
I think you have misconstrued Mr Magee'a allusion - he was, I believe, referring to the reason often given by us Catholics (in our younger days) as an excuse for not resorting to coitus interruptus - "i would've pulled out but she stuck her finger up me bum"
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 02/07/2010 at 17:59:43

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Well Roy is one player down as Benayoun has gone to Chelski, now if Stevie Me and Lady Boy could just do one, he'd be left with nothing better than West Ham
Mike Allison
9   Posted 02/07/2010 at 18:13:29

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Phil I was going to explain it but not as well as you... brilliant.

Interesting that Jeff (OP) refers to only really starting to hate Liverpool during Houllier's reign. I have to say I agree with this. I remember usually wanting them to lose, but it was under Houllier, and then it was magnified under Benitez, that they really started to get on my nerves.

I see Hodgson as a decent guy and a safe pair of hands. I think ownership is going to be huge issue over there whoever the manager is, here's hoping the good players get sold and the 40-50 distinctly average foreign youngsters Benitez is leaving behind become their new team, leading them to a creditable 12th place in the Premier League.
Dennis Stevens
10   Posted 02/07/2010 at 18:13:39

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What a shame RS have actually recruited a decent man in Hodgson rather than somebody much easier to dislike! Tbh, I think the FA should have got in first & had him to replace Capello - still, perhaps in 2 years eh?

Oh, & Michael Williams, I think you were a tad hasty in your response, as highlighted by Phil Bellis.
Tony McNulty
11   Posted 02/07/2010 at 19:42:35

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I for one won?t be joining in with this particular love in.

There are so many reasons: their crowing; their dirge of an anthem; their superciliousness; the colour of their shirts; Gerry Marsden; the way they play viz. like Wimbledon but with few bob. What about their Board member who supposedly commented, when asked about a ground share: ?We haven?t come this far to be bracketed with the likes of them??

Welcome Roy? He can go and run up my kilt.

I suspect I am not alone (only a bit of banter, he he).

Eugene Ruane
12   Posted 02/07/2010 at 19:44:03

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A Liverpool manager with good grace?

With manners?

A decent feller!?

Surely that is going to confuse the shite out of them.

Imagine it - they're tonked 3-0 by Chelsea and after the game, uncle Roy calmly says..

"They were by far the better side, we weren't really at the races to be fair. Chelsea thoroughly deserved the win today and I thought the referee had an excellent game".

Imagine the letters page in Stavanger Aftenblad?

"He's too soft, he shouldn't be suckin' up to them blah blah moan whine.." Lars Bars, Floginadedorse

To be honest it could be a little odd for me as well.

With the exception with Fagan, I've detested ALL their managers since (and including) Bellefield Bill Sound-bite.

Fat Bob certainly showed what a miserable narky twat he was after the Andy King derby.

Evans, Pinocchio, Sourpuss, 'King' Kenny (nb: the drug dealer's pal) Houlier and the FSW - whining, graceless cunts all.

Maybe there's some kind of tuition they all get.

Maybe Hodgson will have to attend some sort'twat school'.

Watch this (no THIS!) space.

Dean Smith
13   Posted 02/07/2010 at 21:16:30

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Post Removed
David Thomas
14   Posted 02/07/2010 at 21:32:43

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Is that why all the liverpool fans i know continually say things like "Peoples club, my arse. More like the village peoples club"

They call us bitter purely because they wants to get a rise out of us. Make no mistake they hate us just as much as we hate them
Dean Smith
15   Posted 02/07/2010 at 21:39:53

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Post Removed
David Thomas
16   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:34:57

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As a fellow Everton fan, would you not say we have every right to bear a grudge against them?

If any of the following incidents, let alone all of them, had been against them, do you not think they would still be bitter:-

Bryan Hamilton's goal
Alan Hansen's handball
Don Hutchinson's goal not being allowed
Lescott be dragged to the ground

You might accuse me of being bitter and you would most probably be right. However, having had to endure all these incidents first hand, I think I have every right to feel very aggrieved.
Paul Brannan
17   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:39:31

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i now its childish but at the first derby i do hope we all shout "welease bwian"
Michael Williams
18   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:48:30

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Phil & Dennis, please forgive my ignorance of such matters! Anyway the point I was making is EFC are NOT a Catholic club, it's a pure myth, believe me I know!!!
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
19   Posted 02/07/2010 at 22:46:26

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Sorry but I smell a potential rat with this Dean Smith character:

1) He's never contributed to this website about Everton matters before

2) He's just logged on new today, after this thread aired.

3) He seems just a little too preoccupied with the whole "Bitter Blue" thing.

While we have no way of requiring Blue Passports for contributors, or demanding they submit samples of Blue Blood, these contributions strike me as exactly the sort of thing that would be written by a masquerading kopite.

I could of course be wrong, and would be if they came from any one of our many regular contributors, any number of whom may think this way too. All I'm saying is "Dean Smith" carries all the hallmarks of a Red Rat.
Tony McNulty
20   Posted 02/07/2010 at 23:18:19

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His comments in the 'stick or twist' thread are a bit suspicious too.

Maybe new posters should be designated as such for the first week.

Alternatively we need a test for Blueness (like the British one). For instance, complete the following sentence: "K...... are G........"
Michael Kenrick
21   Posted 02/07/2010 at 23:39:08

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Hehe... "Who scored the winner in the 1966 FA Cup Final?" Stand up, Mr Christopher Samuleson.

Think I'll just put 'Dean Smith' on review... that should curb his fun.
Brendan O'Doherty
22   Posted 02/07/2010 at 23:38:50

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Yes Tony the Barmby comments are a step too far.

Right Dean Saunders, will you please come out and admit it is you up to your antics again?
Dennis Stevens
23   Posted 02/07/2010 at 23:44:03

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Michael W. - I wasn't disagreeing with your point merely highlighting the fact that it wasn't really pertinent, but rest assured you are correct in asserting that Everton is not a Catholic Club, it's a Football Club - & Football should be enough of a religion for anybody!
Eugene Ruane
24   Posted 02/07/2010 at 23:51:25

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Definitely iffy.

The giveaway for me is the use of 'small-time'.

The point would have been made with..

"And we wonder why they call us bitter"

But he chose to go with..

"And we wonder why they call us bitter and smalltime".

He probably had to restrain himself from posting..

"And we wonder why they call us bitter, smalltime BLUE BASTARDS!!!"

And furthermore, just in case anyone is in any doubt, consider this.

The name 'DEAN SMITH' contains the letters I-T-E.

The last three letters of the words kopite AND gobshite.

Spoo-fucking-ky or WHAT!?
Brendan O'Doherty
25   Posted 03/07/2010 at 00:25:38

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It also contains all the letters S-H-I-T-E and M-A-N

Very very spooky
Brendan O'Doherty
26   Posted 03/07/2010 at 00:30:27

Report abuse

Or even better

D-A-M-N S-H-I-T-E!
Lee Mandaracas
27   Posted 03/07/2010 at 00:20:57

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Jeff, I couldn't agree more!

Houllier's solitary reign was precisely when I began to turn away from the "If the glory can't come to Goodison I want it to come to Merseyside" mentality. That tackle you mention was a landmark to set the tone of every derby that Gobshite Gerrard has played in since with his wrestling sidekick, lowlife Carragher picking up the thug mantle with gusto. Nothing to do with Heysel, European bans for English clubs, etc, etc that pins us with the oft used tag of 'Bitter Blues'.

Merely a sense of injustice that we offer support to them (naturally, when it doesn't detrimentally affect us) only to be mocked in return. I know all this happened earlier than you or I remember with the likes of Shankley's jibes but I understood those comments to have been tongue in cheek rather than spiteful. The point you mention was when I began to take note of it and to resent it. Therefore, I guess I am a Bitter Blue but I, as many others I know, wish for the days of the 1986 FA Cup Final when as a 16 year old boy everywhere I looked around Wembley was red, white & blue.

My brother was next to me in his red gear and me top to toe in my blue & white gear. It was after that I remember everything getting poisoned and I hope 'Woy' can build some bridges across Stanley Park - not sure I want them to be in the form of a shared ground though!
Brian Wilson
28   Posted 03/07/2010 at 00:15:37

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The relief among many redshite friends at Hodgson's appointment ? steady the ship etc ? speaks volumes about their current plight and decline. And long may it continue. Time will tell if he does a Fulham or a Blackburn with them; personally, I don't much give a toss.

To more pertinent matters, delighted Jags and Baines weren't tarnished by being involved with that pathetic national embarrassment. Hope Mikel and Peanuts stay... and has anyone got any useful info on these new lads just signed up?

Eric Myles
29   Posted 03/07/2010 at 02:27:57

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Roy Hodgson is a decent bloke and I hope he turns out to be a manager in the Shankly mould for them, although without the success.

I wish him the worst of luck.

James Flynn
30   Posted 03/07/2010 at 01:54:06

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Dean Smith - Is Kenrick correct? A fine subterfuge. Well done!

Don't duck out. Stay. Deanney O'Smithany anywhere Goodison side of the Mersey. Surely, you can walk/ride/drive those few meters.

I'm an American in America and the wonderful folk, here alone, took me in and not only welcomed me but also made me FEEL welcome.

We understand human frailty (read any post-game loss ToffeeWeb Mailbag). So your weakening allegiance to a team caring less and less about you is perfectly understandable.

Don't spend August to next May sitting by the river hearing Goodison tumult echhoing down to your ears. Come out and declare yourself:

A redshite follower sick of the overpaid wastrels masquerading football in the red jersey you can no longer support. Perfectly understandable. Join us following the team's laid fallow these many years about to bloom in full; EFC. We welcome you.

But Brother, Kenrick's got the scent of bullshit and others are picking it up. You're treed or run off if you carry on with the Dean Smith charade. So you have to declare openly who you are. Remember, lots of Gaelic blood in here. We get it. Those with heart gravitate to others who have it too. Come on and be welcome.
Chris Taggart
31   Posted 03/07/2010 at 09:49:43

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What do I expect as an Evertonian from the new Liverpool manager? Not much really...

Roy's priority is clearing out the deadwood, of which there is plenty, and keeeping the Ladyboy and Stevie G La, but what I do expect is an end to statements such as "This is our season", "One more piece of the jigsaw needed", and "Small club" jibes etc that have dominated over the past seasons.

Roy could oversee a return towards the days of the friendly derby, given time; however, it is clear that they are now an above average cup-winning side living off their past glories, are further away than ever from winning the big one, and are a selling club.

I give him 12 months if he's lucky...
Micky Norman
32   Posted 03/07/2010 at 10:46:30

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Wedshite. Weina in goal. Gewward and Towwes up Fwont and the new anthem? The Gween Gween Gwass of Home. Actually though I think the guy is probably a good thing for both them and us. Reminds me a bit of my uncle Weggie.
Gareth Humphreys
33   Posted 03/07/2010 at 13:02:24

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A decent man by all accounts and one who is very friendly with David Moyes. I believe DM stayed with RH when he was at Inter a few times to study their coaching. With such a cordial relationship between the managers, maybe this can translate into the same between the clubs. Not a bad thing in my eyes... especially if it translates into a shared stadium.

All that said, though, last week Roy Hodgson was a decent honest football man... but, with one signature on a contract, he has turned into a horrible cheating cunt. Weird.

Kevin Tully
34   Posted 03/07/2010 at 14:41:47

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To nail my colours to the mast ;

I hope the twats go into administration, Woy gets them welegated, the fans buy the club and they all lose their money. We twat them home & away next season.

Apart from that, I wish them well.
John Daley
35   Posted 03/07/2010 at 14:14:33

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Hodgson comes across as a difficult guy to hate. He's obviously a decent bloke and he also happens to look amusingly weird, like a hairless womble or something. Unlike his fat, deluded, paedophile looking predecessor, I certainly don't feel an irrisistable urge to put my foot through the tv screen whenever he appears on it.

I was hoping he'd wind the gobshites right up by reshaping the RS squad with players like Zamora and Konchesky, but apparently he's unable to sign any Fulham players under the terms of his severance deal. Gutted.
Martin Mason
36   Posted 03/07/2010 at 15:49:36

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I welcome Mr Hodgson and wish him the best as he is genuinely one of the nice blokes in what is a disgusting business. My belief though is that Liverpool are in terminal decline and nothing can save them. Have they got to where they are now by prudent management of finances and resources? No, of course not, if they start to lose their key players then what happened to Leeds is likely to happen to LFC.

Thanks heavens for our incompetent chairman and manager. We have much to be thankful for.
Stewart Littler
37   Posted 03/07/2010 at 18:35:44

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Mr Hodgson is a nice bloke, or he certainly comes across as one. However, I would urge any redshites, inc Dean Smith, to consider why their club has appointed a 62 year old without a credible trophy to his name. People may go on about Moyesy and the fact he has never won a trophy with us, but he's got nearly 20 years on old Roy.

I'm personally delighted - Everton look to be getting the business done early and really gearing up for the new season, and that lot across the park have a manager who has won 75 out of 209 games in English club football - about 35% - and a bunch of overrated players who don't wanna play for them no more. Happy days.
Tony McNulty
38   Posted 03/07/2010 at 20:48:39

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Kevin Tully,

So that's two of us not up for the love in then.
Dermot Ryan
39   Posted 03/07/2010 at 22:51:22

Report abuse

On this bitter issue. I have one word for that: Heysel. Just check out the number of times we would have qualified for Europe during the years of the ban. And I recognize that the enormity of this human tragedy dwarfs the European fortunes of EFC, but to have kopites on here posing as Everton fans and then dismissing us a European club is pretty fucking rich. There I've said it.
Albert Dock
40   Posted 04/07/2010 at 07:34:59

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Woy of the Weds must base his side around these players: Geward, Towes, Wiera, Wodwiguez, Mashewano,Weina and give a try out to pwomising Jack Wobinson.

Time for my medicine methinks.
Dave Richman
41   Posted 04/07/2010 at 09:40:17

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Tony McNulty (38): And me as well, mate. Growing up on Merseyside in the 70s instilled a deep rooted loathing of the bastards and everything connected with them.

Allegedly Woy has made an announcement that all their players will start with a level playing field before he gets rid of anyone. He said 'I will wank all of the players individually before making any decisions' .... tee hee
Danny Burke
42   Posted 04/07/2010 at 13:23:59

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Nice one Dave,

If he needs any help "wanking" his players I believe Carragher and Gerrard are two of the biggest "wankers" going.
Bob Parrington
43   Posted 04/07/2010 at 15:08:22

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I've been overseas for a few weeks on business and missed some of the local news. So I was taken with the Soccernet news that Chelsea have bough Benayoun from the Liverpool. My immediate thought was it just shows that money and lack of class thinking results in crap decisions. Not that he's a bad player, it's just that Chelsea doesn't need him!

The thought processes moved on when I read of Jamie Carragher's comments about Torres and Gerrard staying at Liverpool, only, to my surprise, to see that Roy Hodgson is the new manager. Well, what a tingle I got when reading this. I hate Liverpool!

I've been feeling for some time that the change of ascendancy is coming. At last, it is becoming clear. The Everton camp is benefiting from a manager with values and principles. The steady hand of David Moyes has pushed us in to the position of being a regular contender (if not into) the top 4 regardless of our meagre finances. Players now want to play for Everton because of the "positive speak" from the Everton players (never mind the bullshit that comes from the gutter press).

On the other side, across Stanley Park, there is a red fading to grey. They had such strong values riddled through that club from Shankly through Paisley and even Dalglish but they started to drop the ball just before the sell-out to the Americans and they've been going downhill gradually ever since.

Now, they don't have the balls even to go for a progressive, young manager but for one of the old school "save or souls" guys in Roy Hodgson. Don't get me wrong, I see Roy has worked wonders with ordinary teams but this is something different.

Here we go, guys, up and away, the pride of Merseyside... EVERTON rules the city! Maybe LCC will even start listening to us!

Tony I'Anson
44   Posted 04/07/2010 at 17:21:49

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I think "nice guy" Roy may have a mean streak. They need a clear out and here are my predictions:

Get rid of Stevie G and Carragher who think they are indespensible and have too much influence. Former should have took his big move chance to Chelsea, but bottled it.

Get as much as they can for Torres when Spain win the World Cup.

Boot crying arse Mascherano back to South America, then start again.

Dean Smith, you bhoys are in for one hell of a beating for the next few seasons.
Charles King
45   Posted 04/07/2010 at 20:11:32

Report abuse

@Dean Smith

I don't mind the tag "bitter" ? especially compared to "pariahs", which is often associated with perpetrators of "manslaughter", and I certainly would not like my club to be "the Shame of English Football".

It's all about perception really. Look forward to your reply.

Michael Evans
46   Posted 05/07/2010 at 09:54:48

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@ Dean Smith ? an LFC infiltrator ? Wow ? the plot thickens!

Call me a naive git, but the thought has never geniunely occured to me that reds would even visit blue sites, let alone try to be the "enemy within"!

What next? "Careless talk costs lives" warnings! How can you guard against this I wonder? "If you know your history" can be researched, can't it?

What about more obscure questions... Hmmm, let's see: Striker signed from Wrexham in 1970s, made a good start but then faded into relative obscurity?

Ciarán McGlone
47   Posted 05/07/2010 at 11:56:34

Report abuse

Roy Hodgson...

Nice bloke?

How does anybody know? Could be the biggest cunt on the planet behind closed curtains.

Anyway, he will steady Liverpool's ship ? which means no more ridiculous spending on crap players... however, they'll not be winning the league with Roy, or getting anywhere close. They'll still be out of the top four next year. He'll be gone within two seasons.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
48   Posted 05/07/2010 at 16:15:56

Report abuse

Just a footnote: as I thought, the 'Dean Smith' twat was without doubt a kopite prick. This he let slip from one of a number of posts that unfortunately did not make it through our Gobshite Filter:
Hahahah, so it's all cos of Heysel now! 25 years which has seen every other English club recover just fine, but poor little old Everton are still feeling the effects.
Thank you, 'Dean', and Goodbye. All your posts have been removed.
Chad Schofield
49   Posted 05/07/2010 at 22:32:49

Report abuse

Well I have to admit feeling a bit down by the prospect of Woy being appointed, as I think he could do well for them. However, if Gerrard and Torres both go (please, please, please), then they won't give him the chance as their team languish. Bitter? Probably. But it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch and with a bit more humiity then the olive branch would most certainly go out to them.
Alan Tyndall
50   Posted 09/07/2010 at 14:13:51

Report abuse

I'm a new member, and the first article I have read is the one re Roy Hodgson"s appointment. He"s a nice enough guy, but may find himself out of his depth with the RS. His first job will be to get all the "sombreros" out of Anfield, and sack the translators.

I used to have a grudging admiration for those across Stanley Park, but since the fat controller has been there I have nothing but contempt for their self-righteous attitude and misguided sense of superiority. Hopefully this season we can bring them down a peg or two. Moyes's Marvels can do it.

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