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A Watershed Season for Moyes?

By Kevin Tully :  30/07/2010 :  Comments (22) :
Well, here we go, we are almost ready to kick off Davey's ninth season at the helm of EVerton Football Club. I can't believe it has has been over eight years since that first win over Fulham.

There is no doubt, he has had many high points whilst in charge, but his tenure has been marred by inconsistency. He got his tactics badly wrong in the FA Cup Final against Chelsea, and this, coupled with loss of our most influential players, robbed him and the faithful of his first trophy as a manager.

On the flipside, his record of turning lower-league players into Internationals is astonishing. Lescott, Jagielka, Baines and Cahill, alongside youngsters such as Rodwell all point to a manager with supreme talent. We have also witnessed players low on confidence, at clubs who don't rate them, turned into stars worth millions more than we paid for them. Arteta, Pienaar, Howard, Saha, and even Marcus Bent! To balance this point, we have also seen some awful purchases along the way: Linderoth, Shandy Andy, Simon Davies, and James "Titanic" Beattie.

For the first time in many a season, we kick off with minimal injuries and perhaps the best side since we last won the Title. Davey has even gone on record stating that this is the year Everton should win a trophy, and the players believe this as well. After the wins over Man U & Chelsea last season, and playing Arsenal off the park at the Emirates, the fans are sensing something special this season.

Spurs have broken the Sky four myth that was being hyped every year, and spending is being reined in by the big boys. If you are not on the Champions League gravy train, you will feel the pinch... Our lovable neighbours are in it up their necks, thanks Tom & George.

We all realise we are held back in our development through lack of funds, and no new ground. My concern is that Davey will call it a day, when he realises it is impossible to take us any further. This would be a crying shame, because we deserve more. If one of the Manchester clubs come calling, will he realise his dreams with endless cash to build a team. More to the point, would you blame him?

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David S Shaw
1   Posted 30/07/2010 at 14:14:41

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It would nice to get a trophy for all Moyes' efforts
Dave Lynch
2   Posted 30/07/2010 at 14:33:12

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I for one would not blame him one iota. He has been financially treading water for years and deserves more. Forget the big signings this season, keeping hold of what we have is my concern.
Brendan O'Doherty
3   Posted 30/07/2010 at 14:52:15

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I think Linderoth was a Walter Smith buy, Kevin.
Ian Tunstead
4   Posted 30/07/2010 at 14:59:30

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"My concern is that Davey will call it a day, when he realises it is impossible to take us any further."

But it IS possible to take us further.
Phil Bellis
5   Posted 30/07/2010 at 15:11:01

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Agreed Ian,

Professionals with ambition, vision and intellect at executive level would help move us on; God knows how/why Moyes copes with what he's saddled with...
David Price
6   Posted 30/07/2010 at 15:16:12

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I've watched Moyes improve as a Manager year after year. He will take us further as where else will he go? Man Utd in 3 years? Club heavy in debt, rebuild required with no cash; City & Chelsea will go foreign every year; Spurs and Arsenal boxed off with Harry and Arsene... Villa? No different to us.

This season is seen as make or break, we could finish 2nd and lose two cup finals, no trophy but hands up for taking that now. If that is our next step then great, bring it on.

Brian Waring
7   Posted 30/07/2010 at 16:58:14

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"God knows how/why Moyes copes with what he's saddled with..." Maybe the huge wages he is on softens the blow a bit.
Phil Bellis
8   Posted 30/07/2010 at 17:34:21

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Well, naturally, Brian, you and I could do the job for half the money but I get the feeling there are well-paid PL managers with "easier" jobs in betterl-funded clubs
Steve Mink
9   Posted 30/07/2010 at 18:08:07

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For the first time since the 80s we have a good player in every position, and a few who would get into the squad at any other side; we also have a few good youngsters who look like breaking through. Looking forward to the start of the season.
Stefan Tosev
10   Posted 30/07/2010 at 17:33:07

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... and maybe the wages are more than deserved...
Mike Cheshire
11   Posted 30/07/2010 at 18:28:38

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Brendan, I'm with you and am sure that Linderoth was a Smith signing. However I think Kevin might have gotten his Scandinavians mixed up and was thinking of Per Kroldrup who was neither use nor ornament.

This is a big season for Moyes and for the Club as I believe if we don't win something or qualify for the CL we will be losing a lot of our established talent to other clubs.

I think if we can Land(on) Donovan then this could really give us the impetus to push on, especially as we're not the only ones after him.

Good piece Kevin and some very good points.
Andy Crooks
12   Posted 30/07/2010 at 19:20:31

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This season is make or break for DM. Credit to him for assembling an excellent squad. What will constitute a successful season? Certainly Champions League qualification. Eoropa League? In my view, yes, if it is achieved with some decent football. League Cup or FA Cup would do too. Anything less would suggest to me that even his most ardent admirers might consider giving someone else a chance.
Albert Perkins
13   Posted 30/07/2010 at 19:39:02

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Where I live in Oregon, USA, the Native Americans have a new saying.

"We are the ones we have been waiting for."

Sounds good to me. COYB.

Charles King
14   Posted 30/07/2010 at 20:41:16

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I've said it before, managing present day Everton must be one of the best jobs in English football, minimal pressure because of low expectations and the reflected glory of history still tenuously giving the big club tag.

Being one of the highest paid managers in the prem and where the chairman seems in awe of you why go to another club, very silly idea.
Jay Harris
15   Posted 30/07/2010 at 22:20:48

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Charles it's not just the Chairman who is in awe of him.

Try the majority of Evertonians and most of the knowledgable people in football.
Dick Fearon
16   Posted 30/07/2010 at 23:02:25

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What stands between David Moyes and the success he has worked so very hard for is himself.
Put another way, all he has to fear is fear itself.
The teams performance is a reflection of his over careful approach when playing against sides we are expected to beat. Then there is our nothing to lose gung ho attitude when faced with top class opposition.
I would also like him to be more pro-active with timely and needed substitutions, Too often he seems to be the last to realise when a player is having a stinker.
That fault could be caused by an arrogant belief that his first choice was the best or blind faith that player X will come good or his potential replacement is not good enough.
It is good that last fault will not be the case in the coming season
Brian Baker
17   Posted 31/07/2010 at 00:39:27

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I would be interested to know what everyone's expectations are for the coming season. With our strong finish last season, but failure to qualify for Europe, how well do you expect Everton to fair the coming season?

Would wining the Carling Cup with a top six finish be enough, or are you expecting our team to do a lot better?

I for one expect us to finish in the top 4 and have good cup runs, even make it to a Wembley final. Winning silverware would icing on the cake. So what do you expect?

Andy Callen
18   Posted 31/07/2010 at 09:53:23

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Andy Crooks? ?even his most ardent admirers might consider giving someone else a chance?

May I ask who this someone else might realistically be? Moyes is a great manager and by all accounts a top bloke. Yes he is stubborn, but I think it will be his stubbornness that will keep him at Goodison ? he will want to stay and finish the job he has started by winning something and getting the recognition he deserves in the history books. Why would he walk away and let someone else take the glory of leading Everton to their first trophy in years with HIS team? NSNO
Stephen Kenny
19   Posted 31/07/2010 at 11:25:58

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This season I'd like us to go to the top sides and take the game to them like we done at the Emirates. I hate it when we we turn up, panic and roll over. This has been a hallmark of Moyes team.

Last season we turned most of the top sides over at some point and hopefully that has given Moyes and the players the belief we can do it regularly.

If this happens who knows where we will finish, a bit of luck with injuries and we could be looking at champions league football or a cup. I'd love to see Barcelona playing at Goodison. I think this would be enough for David Moyes to start asking himself if he could win the title with us?

Personally I don't think either of the Manchester jobs appeal to Moyes. He has already stated that buying trophies doesn't appeal to him, and taking over someone else's dynasty isn't much of a challenge either. Moyes like Pienaar and one or two other players is good for Everton, but also we are good for them.
Andy Crooks
20   Posted 31/07/2010 at 12:32:52

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Andy Callen, I have suggested that Europa qualification or League or FA cup would be fine. Considering that many believe this is the best squad we've had for years I don't think this is too demanding. If DM can't achieve this then perhaps he will never finish the job he has started. I hope he does but while I admire David Moyes in many ways there will be a future beyond him.
Ernie Baywood
21   Posted 31/07/2010 at 13:34:33

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I'm massively optimistic about this season but filled with dread also. Each year we make progress... whether that be in league position, style of football, or simply numbers of quality players at the club.

Bu we're reaching a vital stage. The team and squad is in place, our football is good, and we have had consistent decent finishes in the league.

Is it now or never? If this season isn't a real success then I could see the team dismantling itself from the top down. For me, I would like to see a sign that we are capable of pushing top spot - at least for part of the season. 5th and cup runs isn't success any more - it's the minimum.

Moyes has learnt throughout his tenure... hopefully he's got more development to come. COYB!
Eddie Tully
22   Posted 04/08/2010 at 14:56:32

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Kev why don't you get some work done instead of writing articles on here! ;-)

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