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Changing of the Guard?

By James Cadwaladr :  18/09/2010 :  Comments (28) :
I have been quite outspoken during the last week stating my beliefs about the club were positive, in the belief that things would be come good and that would start today. I genuinely felt that the Man Utd match was going to act as the catalytic moment for the season in a similar vein to how Neville's tackle did previously.

After today's performance, however unfortunate it is, I have to hold my hands up and say I was wrong and looking back again over the past few months since the back end of last season, things havent been quite right for a long time.

We had chronic injuries to act as an excuse last season, but was that all that was the matter? We were poor until Christmas, and weren?t particularly good until Donovan arrived, nor did we look particularly good after he left which is when our European charge started to fall apart and perhaps we flattered to deceive last season after all and the blind optimism harboured by a lot of us during pre-season was exactly that? blind.

I am not for one moment stating that Donovan was some kind of messiah but we took him to hearts for a reason. He was exactly what we were looking for, someone fresh and someone to give us what we desperately needed pace, directness and most importantly balance to the side. This is not me saying get Donovan back as soon as possible or lamenting about us not signing him in the summer. That said I really wish we had and I am a big fan. We need to add to the right handside and that should have been Moyes?s priority in the summer. For whatever reason he failed! We did not spend much over the summer but we added to the squad and added to the wage bill.

It is becoming quite apparent that the right hand side needed improving. Look how much Dan Gosling played in the last two years. It is also quite apparent that the players Moyes has brought in are not good enough. The excuse has been they are talented youngsters that are for the future but that in our situation now is not acceptable. Even if it was surely we should have been looking for such potential on the right hand side of the pitch instead of adding to the left in Gueye. It is starting to look like Beckford isn?t ready or this may be a step above him and Silva is clearly no where near ready. Moyes has to take responsibility for this especially given he his showing his usual lack of faith in any of them by not given them any game time.

Today was simply a disgrace and there is a problem. I still feel that this is the best squad we have had for many a year despite how ironic it is that it is now our worst start for years. Putting both of these together must mean that the management of this squad is at fault and the tactics are far from inspiring also. Moyes has clearly lost his way and does not know what to do with the squad. By that I mean team selection and not only how to get the best out of them but currently how to get anything out of them. Therefore he has failed again.

He is currently failing Everton Football Club and it can't go on. People may react to this and say so is Kenwright. He probably is but this isn?t meant to be about him and the reason for that is that I currently believe the squad is good enough to be successful, to what end I am not sure and therefore I want to hear some reasoned responses as to whether a fresh start is required ? a change of management. Im not interested in people slagging Moyes of etc, Id like to hear how this squad can move forward, if that is getting a new manager so be it, if not so be it. If you think a new manager is the right way forward, who?

I think Martin O'Neill would be a good choice. Yes he likes a bit of money which we cant give him but I think he could really do something with this squad. I also think Owen Coyle wouldn?t be a bad choice. I sense a bad reaction to that but Im more considering his management of Burnley and how well he got them playing during there promotion season and during the first quarter of last season. Finally, if Moyes should stay, what must he do?

Things have to change and I hold my hands up that I was wrong last week.

Reader Comments

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Dermot Ryan
1   Posted 18/09/2010 at 22:59:32

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Some random thoughts:

1. I don't think the club could afford to fire Moyes.
2. If he were ousted, what players would it unsettle?

Although O' Neill seems like a responsible choice, I've always hated the way that Villa played under him. Even worse than Moyes. I like Coyle, but I think he is too untried (as I guess Moyes was). But I do find myself wondering whether a change in manager would improve our performances.

For those who claim it is still early in the season, when do we start worrying about this season? 2 points from a possible 15 and beaten at home by newly-promoted Newcastle.
Tony Gee
2   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:17:48

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To let the Yak Balloon to 15st thinking he was West Ham bound, was the final nail in his managerial coffin for me... £6million of an assest allowed to go down the pan...

And then to start the season with the attacking options we had was utterly flawed and short sighted...

We can't afford to pay you off Mr Moyes, so I pray you do the honourable thing, and fall on your own sword...
1.Martin Jol
2. Martin O'Neill
3. Gian Franco Zola

Three names that spring to mind. They're not afraid to lose matches whilst trying to win some. Plus if they don't win us anything, then they've achieved the same as ginger bollocks!
Ryan Holroyd
3   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:18:16

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Moyes wont go anywhere soon because Kenwright is happy finishing between 6th and 17th. Kenwright has no vision for our club.. Moyes will never win anything as a manager. He should go now and we should be looking abroad for another manager. We need a winner as a manger not a nearly man who has won fuck all in his career.
Mike Prendergast
4   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:36:46

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I am trying hard to not scream OUT with Moyes.
But I am stunned that he could not see our tactics were wrong. Arteta was completely dominated by Barton and co.
We needed to change formation and tactics at half time.
Dennis Stevens
5   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:29:25

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It may be that our only hope is that Moyes decides a fresh approach is needed & rediscovers the boldness he showed when he first arrrived at Goodison Park. However, although Everton can't afford the pay-off he'd be due if sacked, I suspect that if Moyes himself considers he can go no further with the club he would most likely do the honourable thing and quit.
Daniel Johnson
6   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:38:53

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Moyes does desreve credit, hes improved the club both on and off the pitch etc.


The talent in the squad has out grown moyes defensive rigid one dimensional workman like tactics.

Moyes was a nobody and Everton made him into a premiership house hold name. To think another manager couldn't do as well is being short sighted. After 10 years of David Moyes we are 2nd from bottom on 2 points. one of thsoe points came from a draw at home to wolves and the other the fluke at Man U.

It is time for a change a fresh direction I think deep down all Evertonians would welcome it and deep down I think so would the payers. WIth our current squad under moyes we have 2 points and are second from bottom I don't think any mangers in teh Premiership could do any worse than that.

For me I think Martin Jol would be a good choice an attack minded manager and one that also takes no shit. A manger who sets his team up to beat the oppoistion not just to conatin them for 90 minutes.

But lets face it kenwright will NEVER EVER EVER sack Moyes. Moyes has stayed at Everton hoping something bigger will come up e.g. Man U. Thats the only way Moyes will leave Everton.

On ethinsg for certain something is not right within the squad maybe the problem is Moyes and the players are too scared to say anything.
Jimmy Hacking
7   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:56:32

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Osman and Hibbo co- player-manager dreamteam
Nick Entwistle
8   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:56:06

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I'm with Moyes, but for this season only, if top 4 is not forth coming. I've been one of his biggest supporters on here over the years and held this position at the start of the season.

Coyle, O'Neil? The progress you want is into the top 4 which means we need a top 4 manager, and Sven Goran Erikson would surely come for the same wages Moyes is on and would bring with him a name that attracts a quality of player Moyes's doesn't.

He would also know European tactics inside out.

Forget Zola or Jol, in Moyes' replacement should he not get forth, needs to have guaranteed quality to get this team playing at the highest level before they're too old as we can't afford the money nor time to get the replacements in should the team age and wane.
Brian Zhu
9   Posted 18/09/2010 at 23:59:58

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8 years, he gave us lots of fantastic moment and brought the club into a new level. what we need to do, just give a bit more paitent and some faith.
Paul Olsen
10   Posted 19/09/2010 at 04:17:13

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Ok, we're all pissed off with Moyes now. Fair enough after another abysmal start.

What i can't understand is why people keep bringing up Martin O'Neil.

One of Moyes main points of critique has been his negativity and hoofball tactics.

Martin O'Neil has made a career from playing hoofball. Leicester, Celtic, Aston Villa(although to a lesser extent)

He's not the answer. However i am no longer sure that Moyes is either.
Alun Jones
11   Posted 19/09/2010 at 04:29:12

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What an awful performance! Similar line-up to the Man U game but once the game started, the resemblance ended. No passion, no energy... it's almost as if our lot can only get up for the games against the Big Four and against the rest we play at half pace.

I honestly believe if we had started as we had against Man U with the team all fired up (which they should be), we would have won yesterday. But you could see Newcastle gradually growing in confidence and realising they could win if they took the game to us, which of course they then did.

Also, our formation, surely after the positive ending to last week, we could have selected for something more adventurous than 4-5-1?

If you watched the Spurs V Wolves game, you will have seen the exceptional width that Spurs were able to call on and so many of their chances came from quality balls from the wings, simple tactics but effective. Yesterday our width was non-existent with Osman and Pienaar coming inside more often that not and so we are reliant on our full backs in this dept.

For yesterday, why not play Gueye on the left and Coleman on the right in a 4-4-2 formation? Arteta and Pienaar in the middle and Beckford and Yakubu up front?

I felt sorry for Beckford yesterday, it's kind of hard to know how good he could be in a formation and performance that left him totally isolated.

I am a Moyes fan but yesterday he got it wrong. Let's take a few risks.

Ajay Gopal
12   Posted 19/09/2010 at 07:52:10

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Moyes has to shoulder the responsibility for the bad beginning, but realistically I don't expect Kenwright to sack him (financial reasons or misplaced loyalty), or Moyes walking - because he is not a quitter.

So, I will train my guns on Steve Round. A totally uninspiring assistant coach - unfortunately too similar in style and tactics to David Moyes. One popular management mantra is to be successful, do not surround yourself with similar people. Team work and harmony is fine, but you need flair, innovation, a questioning mind. Before Round, we had Irvine, another "yes man", and led to some of the most boring and uninspiring football to be seen by an Everton team.

To cut a long story short, the practical thing to do would be get rid of Round and bring in a young, upstart, tactically sound, attack minded coach (preferably from the continent).

This will serve as a warning to David Moyes, while also providing him with a genuine source of support for helping with game changing tactics.
Tony Cheek
13   Posted 19/09/2010 at 10:07:58

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RISKS ? Alun....yes , now thats really DMs strong point !!
Tony Cheek
14   Posted 19/09/2010 at 10:13:37

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The biggest risk he ever took was eating an "After Eight" at half past seven.......
Charles King
15   Posted 19/09/2010 at 09:47:22

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Moyes is one dimensional, always has been always will be.

When we need something more..... we're stuffed, I cite the Champions league, FA cup final and derby debacles

The problem with having better players is they want more than just solid defence and organisation.

There are good players in a blue shirt playing like Gerard does for England when Lampard's in tandem @ 70%.

His record with defensive players is good, he is a death sentence for strikers.

The moment expectations were lifted from survival to winning something ie this season, he was exposed.

At the moment I do not see 3 other teams in the Prem worse than us, the die is cast he will not last this season, his departure is several seasons overdue.

Every season one team generally considered "too good" to go down gets relegated, we've got all the hallmarks.

Alun Jones
16   Posted 19/09/2010 at 11:05:56

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Tony, I know but I can still hope, right?
Chris Jones
17   Posted 19/09/2010 at 11:18:08

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When you look back at our performances over the last 12 months, it's the teams who want to attack us, who give us space to play who we perform best against - Chelsea, Arsenal, United, Spurs etc. When we are faced with a side 'doing a Moyes' on us (10 behind the ball, harrying and chasing a la Newcastle yesterday) we don't have the answers, or rather David doesn't.

I believe he's got 5 games to turn it around, to prove he's got the nous and courage. Yesterday also taught us that we shouldn't underestimate how important certain players are to us, namely Neville, Cahill and Saha - without them we had no real backbone or belief.
Phil Rodgers
18   Posted 19/09/2010 at 11:37:29

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the only reason we are playing badly is because of the manager. His tactics are not working. He is a coward who gives other teams confidence because of how negative we are. People on this site generally believed we could win the league but we cant win a game. How long can this go on for without someone paying for such criminal underachievement!
Robbie Shields
19   Posted 19/09/2010 at 11:33:20

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Chris Jones, I think you're missing the point point, Cahill and Sahahave got DM out of jail a few times granted, but having them on the pitch yesterday would not have made a single bit of difference. Instead of Beckford with Fellaini it would have been Saha and Cahill. 1 striker and 1 midfielder playing out of position up front, looking lost. Itmis the system and playing players out of position that is at fault, and the responsibility for that, as it has been for last 8 years is a certain Mr Moyes. As for saying how important Phil Neville is to us, that says it all for me, we are going nowhere fast.

Did anyone notice how lost Fellaini was, one minute up front, the next back in his preferred holding midfield role, everyone looked lost, no one knew were anyone would be, because no one was playing where they should be and are comfortable playing, where they actually perform to their best.

It's got beyond the joke now, if the penny hasn't dropped yet then it never will.
Nelaj Behajiha
20   Posted 19/09/2010 at 11:57:20

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It's not his team selection I have a problem with, it's his transfer activity. I believe that we should've sold Arteta, Jagielka and Yakubu to fund the signing's or Hunterlaar, Defour and Martin Petrov.
Matt Garen
21   Posted 19/09/2010 at 12:03:56

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Tony, post no 2: Your first sentence is the most ridiculous comment I've read on here ever. I agree with the questioning of tactics, subs etc but to suggest Moyes "let" an international professional footballer balloon weight is just beyond. What the fuck is he suppose to do? Follow him round Asda taking out the Jammy Dodgers as the Yak throws them in?? Ha ha, must admit if it was your plan, it got me laughing again after yesterday though, I suppose.
Graeme Harkness
22   Posted 19/09/2010 at 12:14:39

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The lack of pace in the team is something that should have been addressed in the summer. Moyes doesnt use his subs to chage the pattern , he just exchanges like for like. How Osman stayed on the pitch yesterday is a mystery.We need Neville purely because he acts like a captain on the pitch shouting, directing and ancouraging. None of these are in Artetas make up and he is a bad choice as skipper.
Lee Kidd
23   Posted 19/09/2010 at 14:28:48

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@2 Tony:

I was worried when I saw the Yak come on - it was immediately noticeable that he is desperately overweight. Not just lacking match fitness - actually fat. He shouldn't be anywhere near the first team at the moment but given we have absolutely no other strikers proven to put a ball in the net at this level we have no choice but to play him.
Craig Taylor
24   Posted 19/09/2010 at 15:57:29

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I know everyone on here thinks that they have the answers/reasons and ususally I am no different. But being deadly serious, I am totally confused about our start to the season.Now we were bad until November last year but we had bags of worthy excuses. This year there doesn't seem to be any reason for it.

In the summer I genuinely believed we had done everything required. i.e secured Cahill, Arteta, Rodwell and hung on to Pienaar. Though I thought about the lacking fire power, I was sure that one of our 6 strikers/forwards could do enough. I thought that a top 4 position was possible. But it has been completly shocking.

Ok the first 4 games we actually played well for the majority. But Today, I am just gob smacked. Dare I think that Moyes has gone far enough. I have done so before and he has proved me wrong. Surely, I hear some say, it is far to early to suggest that.

One thing that is for sure our pre-season preparation under Moyes does not seem to be good enough. But the big worry is that our strikers are not getting any service. Moyes needs new tactics. Our 4-5-1 is the same as the last 6 or 7 years. We are becoming predictable.

Prehaps I am panicking!

James Cadwaladr
25   Posted 19/09/2010 at 15:59:27

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Craig you're not panicking fella. Moyes was one of the pioneers of the 451 / 433 (during Rooneys debut season we played 433 a lot) system way back when he first joined the club and it worked as it was new. Nowadays it is two a pennyt and opponents know how to deal with it. It is now an inept tactic but the problem is Moyes has never played any other way and doesnt know another way.

Trouble at mill.
Mike Gwyer
26   Posted 19/09/2010 at 16:45:15

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"Hey Moyes ? you coward!!!"

Yep, that is exactly what I shouted once the first ten minutes were up and we then started to sit back and let Newcastle United dominate.

I screamed it as loud as possible, from the 2nd tear of the Main Stand, which by the way is now like a fucking ghost town because we have fuck all to shout about. My only hope is that it was loud enough for that tosser, the manager of EFC, the man who stands so fucking proud, to hear it as well.

That was a dire team performance, the worst I have seen at GP for sometime. The midfield were utter shite with not tackle between them, all five seemed to not give a fuck, MA being the main man and captain should of told them so but he was also too busy doing fuck all. £65k a week for what?

For player marks I would give the midfield five fuck all, a big fat zero and then I would fucking fine them - basically you do fuck all you get paid fuck all. As for Osman, well this is not even funny anymore. He is shite, the opposition knows he's shite, I mean he's a free man for most of our corners and whenever he has the ball any one from the opposition just body checks him (over he goes) and they have ball back. Fuck, even Osman probably knows he's shite himself.

And for more laughs we play the big fella up front whilst a striker sits on the bench and Moyes states that "the Yak is fit but not match fit". So fucking what. The big fella is NOT a fucking forward.

Moyes, that was Newcastle United you coward. You lose Cahill and therefore pick a defensive CM to play upfront, you play Arteta so deep he may as well be the goalkeeper. Heitinga and Billy must fucking hate you because they both do NOTHING except look at you when you start screaming your defensive shite from your little box, with Round trying to look invisible.

Hey Moyes, (1) those players you were screaming at really don't give a fuck - and (2), they are probably laughing at you.

Everton, playing at Goodison Park, played for a draw and that is unforgiveable.

Jamie Tulacz
27   Posted 19/09/2010 at 17:05:31

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So the system which made us 3rd best team in the league in the second half of last season suddenly isn't working? Somehow doubt it. Though to be fair it would be nice to see the occasional change when we're losing a game

Whatever system you're playing, if the players are playing crap it ain't going to work. Also if wrong players are playing in the wrong positions, just to try to get certain players into the team, that doesn't really help either.

Craig (23) I'm confused as to what the answer is. Have always been a big Moyes fan, but starting to doubt things as well now. But I do think we should give it more than 5 games of the season, especially since it was so long ago that we were one of the better teams in the league.
Tony Gee
28   Posted 19/09/2010 at 19:34:27

Report abuse

Matt Garen (20)
"Tony, post no 2: Your first sentence is the most ridiculous comment I've read on here ever"....

Do you reckon Alex Ferguson would let any of his players get so out of shape?

It took ages to get the fat fucker anywhere near a decent size once we signed him from Boro, so it's 100% ther fault of Evertons back room staff (ran by Moyes) to let him get so out of shape from his World cup exit, to reporting back to pre season training.

Rooney would be 20 stone of it wasn't for Man uniteds handling of his diet etc...
Moyes gave up on him as he thought he was going to West Ham... If you think that's the most ridiculous comment you've read on here ever, then i'm afraid to say Blue, you're living on fuckin Jupiter.

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