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Taking the Coin

By Peter Laing :  27/09/2010 :  Comments (34) :
Much has been said and written regarding the current dismal start to the campaign with David Moyes being lambasted in many quarters and painted as the villain of the piece. There has also been criticism levelled at the Board and more specifically Bill Kenwright, the Captain Phil Neville, and the under-performing stars within the team including the likes of Mikel Arteta.

Team formation has been cited, the Manager's inflexibility to respond, the lack of a Plan B and selecting player's in unfamiliar positions have all contributed to the quagmire that we currently find ourselves in dismally propping up the Premier League. Glass ceilings quotes have been trotted out, punching above our weight for too long and being found out by other team's are also factors that seem to be having an effect upon our current form.

The FA Cup Final defeat by Chelsea proved one point, even after Saha scoring so early on in the game: with the evident deficiency down the right hand side being cruelly exposed, we were never going to win that game in a million years. The loan signing of Landon Donavon papered over the cracks in this position last season and given or afforded the funds and working through David Moyes pre-season comments Donovan would have been the stellar signing evidently needed.

All of this brings me to my point: on such limited resources and with such little financial support, contrary to the rhetoric and soundbites trotted out by Moyes, why is it that he continues to try to operate with one hand tied behind his back? The contract impasse and long and protracted negotiations would suggest that Moyes was clearly having second thoughts regarding the way ahead. The small factor of an alleged £3.5 million salary on a 5-year deal may have been the deciding sweetener, with Moyes continuing to sing to Bill Kenwright's tune.

Kenwright has recently been in the press again stating his alleged desire to sell, of David needing the funds to do his job, and of the long line of suitors who make an enquiry but fail to materialise with the cash. The leveraged buyout across the Park is cited as a case of being careful to what you wish for; however, the continuing roles of Robert Earl and Sir Philip Green as apparent guarantors to Kenwright seemingly go by unquestioned.

Whilst the Spirit of Shankly and local media harangue the American owners regarding their dereliction of Liverpool, the Everton fanbase by and large meekly accepts its fate, whilst the regime in place shuts down any means of dissent in the form of banning AGMs.

The logical conclusion for me is that David Moyes is therefore taking the coin; as an experienced coach and manager, it would surely even be beyond the most serious dissenters to believe that he does not know where the deficiencies lie within the current squad. The ludicrous £1 million budget for transfer acquisitions this season, the fact that he was forced to retain the services of a clearly spent Yakubu, and the start to the current campaign clearly suggests that we are operating on a 'make do and mend' approach.

For all Moyes's critics, I say one thing: has anyone heard, seen or read the accounts of the silenced Trevor Birch, Paul Gregg, Keith Wyness or any other former employee that has had the misfortune of working with Bill Kenwright? David Moyes may happen to be the next sacrificial lamb, the £3.5 million a year contract may soften the blow and help to temper any ambition that he once may have harboured, but ultimately David Moyes looks like the kind of guy at the moment that is happy to take the coin.

Reader Comments

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David Thomas
1   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:18:53

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"Whilst the Spirit of Shankly and local media harangue the American owners regarding their dereliction of Liverpool, the Everton fanbase by and large meekly accepts its fate".

I have heard this comment a few times about the Spirit of Shankly group and the anti Glazer fans at O
David Thomas
2   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:22:10

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Old Trafford and their protests. However, what has this achieved for either club. The answer is nothing. Both clubs still have the same owners and neither show any sign of leaving anytime soon.
David Thomas
3   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:22:10

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Old Trafford and their protests. However, what has this achieved for either club. The answer is nothing. Both clubs still have the same owners and neither show any sign of leaving anytime soon.
Jay Harris
4   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:18:35

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I wholeheartedly agree.

We can criticise Moyes for imbalance in his team selection, tactics in certain games and late substitutions but there is no doubt in my mind he has been dealt a poor hand by the clubs owners.

After finishing 4th, 5th, 6th and 5th we have not taken that opportunity to reinforce the squad and move forward.

No-one has ever been able to explain what happened to the 12 million that was apparently available for Manny Fernandes to "sign in the morning" or was that another PR stunt by Kenwright. It certainly wasnt made available for any other signings afterwards.

Why was only 1 million made available for signing in the close season after telling us that there was a transfer kitty available to Moyes and in the knowledge that Yak was coming back from a serious injury and Beckford (a free signing) was untested at this level.

I dont want to criticise Kenwright for being potless but his poor fiscal management and constant lies do not deserve a place as chairman of our once proud club.
Brian Wilson
5   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:18:41

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....or in a sentence
Moyes is now a well paid employee of EFC who are perennially strapped for cash and as at certain times previous are not doing very well at present.
David Price
6   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:39:29

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It isn't Kenwrights fault he hasn't got millions to hand over to the Manager.
We discussed on other blogs about this.
Someone raised a point around Blackpools budget being higher than ours.
Their owner gave the club £42m for an interest free payback, on our board we have the 8th richest guy in football, yet we have to go to Barclays for a £30m loan at 8% return, almost £3m dead money each year, compared to zero for Blackpool.
It is oure board that's letting the Manager down, Moyes was obviously given a choice, he could have cash for wages and secure the squad or sell to buy.
He is now backed into a corner, i'm sure this will see him and the team come out fighting so they deserve our support as well as the boards financial clout in January.
If Kenwright can't deliver then he should step down as Chairman.
Trevor Lynes
7   Posted 27/09/2010 at 18:15:45

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When the fans really became irate the money for Fellaini was found..until the team becomes relegation fodder we will not buy anyone of note.
Our board are happy if we survive in the premier and even if we finish in the top ten then ambition will still be a pipedream for the fans who want our club to live up to its slogan.
If DM manufactures a really decent side without spending money then the board will applaud and join him in the spotlight....if he doesn't come good but survives another campaign then thats OK too !!
Only the fans show ambition....the club has never invested to remain as a challenger for the top honours since the premier division was formed.
If that is not totally transparant to all our fans then the 'blue tinted glasses' should be binned !!
Nick Entwistle
8   Posted 27/09/2010 at 18:26:02

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To say that Moyes is just happy to take the money is rediculous.
David Price
9   Posted 27/09/2010 at 19:12:52

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Until the Premier League adopt some sort of cash ruling as proposed by Platini, then we have this crazy situation of clubs gaining an unfair advantage. Turnover for example at Liverpool was £162m, expenses were £203m; Chelsea, turnover £120m, expenses at £185m; Man Utd £256m in, £300m out; Newcastle £100m in £120m out.

These lot survive by owners giving out the cash. Mike Ashley used a £100m interest-free loan to the club from his own business to keep them going, Roman at Chelsea just writes a blank cheque. Man Utd increase the debt against global fame and Liverpool until now were doing the same.
Our turnover was £79m with £85m out. So when fans ask us why do we accept that 5th or 6th is great, what else are we suppossed to do with clubs allowed to produce sets of figures like this?

To be honest, we are like Stoke, £53m in, £53m out and that was with £14m for transfers, yet you don't see them hitting 5th and 6th. Moyes has worked wonders and earns every penny.

Barry Johnson
10   Posted 27/09/2010 at 19:41:22

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David Price.

Moyes has worked wonders and earns every penny?

My arse he does. Moyes would be worth what any manager is worth, around £25-50,000 per annum, but only if he was good at his job. Moyes isn't good at his job and in any other environment would have been fired years ago.

I guess that brainwashing does work on some Everton fans.
Oliver Molloy
11   Posted 27/09/2010 at 19:37:42

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£75 grand a week for Arteta was madness in my opinion and will only make it tougher to hold on to our best players and sign new ones!...unless of course BK finds a sugar daddy that will give P Green & R Earl the payback they most likely want.
Peter Laing
12   Posted 27/09/2010 at 20:00:19

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Well, Nick, I fail to see anything to the contrary from David Moyes, we have had a perpetual problem on the right side of midfield since God knows when yet we persist in playing Leon Osman, Bily, Jack Rodwell and now Seamus Coleman in that position.

Saha has not scored since February, Yakubu is totally crocked, Anichebe seemingly unable to recover from his serious knee injury, Vaughan likewise and now out on loan, and Beckford untested and apparently on the evidence to date not going to cut it at this level.

Yet we go into the season with such deficiencies now seemingly exposed, we can't buy a goal for love nor money, the imbalance from Left compared to Right almost renders us listless, and the best that Kenwright and Co can muster together is fucking £1 million quid. At least Martin O'Neill has the bollocks to stand up and walk and he has in comparison to Moyes spent a shed-load in recent years. The relationship between Moyes and Kenwright for my liking is too cozy.

Eugene Ruane
13   Posted 27/09/2010 at 20:10:30

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Nick, I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but any reason you think that?
Charles King
14   Posted 27/09/2010 at 21:25:42

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I don't see how anyone can argue when Moyes's antics over his contract are recalled.
Stewart Oakes
15   Posted 27/09/2010 at 21:29:26

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I'm only going to pick up on one point here as lots will have their say on the others. You say "the fact that he was forced to retain the services of a clearly spent Yakubu" ? only West Ham came in with a solid bid for the Yak, a bid of £6 mill, would you have been happy with that?
Nick Entwistle
16   Posted 27/09/2010 at 22:06:18

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Any reason you think he is? Just to say our results are poor isn't to say he's not bothering. Rediculous.
Bram Oliver
17   Posted 27/09/2010 at 23:05:44

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For crissakes. Landon Donovan really is not that great. He is not our saviour. We have far better players on our books. Moyes has to get the best out of this squad. Signing an average, yes I mean that, average, by international standards, American winger, wont do the job.
Jamie Sweet
18   Posted 28/09/2010 at 01:07:00

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Sorry Bram, I'm trying to think of the lightning quick right winger with nearly 50 international goals to his name who is currently on our books.

I'm not saying he's our saviour, but he is the type of player we desperately need. Our performances, results and general cutting edge with him the team were all vastly better than they are without him.
Callum Wilson
19   Posted 28/09/2010 at 04:40:55

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Rediculous... sure that's not ridiculous?
Jason Lam
20   Posted 28/09/2010 at 08:52:27

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All this mentioning about salaries, Arteta on 75K, Yaya on 200K.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this taxed at 50%? Their working careers end at 35 and they don't want to end up working in a pub or selling curtains.

Cmon let's be fair on these players please.
Brian Noble
21   Posted 28/09/2010 at 10:35:19

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Moyes is a slightly above average manager working for a Chairman whose limited wealth determines thay survival in the Prem is set as the minimum requirement and anythng else a bonus.Who of us would not see £65K a week as a decent reward for fulfilling that requirement?
Roger Trenwith
22   Posted 28/09/2010 at 12:34:35

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Jason - a lot of top earners in football, especially foreign players, have deals where their publicised "£200k per week" or whatever is a net amount, and the club pays the tax on top of that.

So taking someone like Yaya (an extreme example I know), if he plays for say 6 years on an average of £100k net per week, he's earned £31.2 million after tax! On the current national average wage, you would have to work for around 1200 years to earn the same.

Sure players have a short working life, but the top players now earn obscene amounts of money. Can't imagine Arteta will end up "working in a pub or selling curtains" somehow!

James I'Anson
23   Posted 28/09/2010 at 12:50:34

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Their earnings after tax would then be reinvested to make yet more money.

Plus sponsorships.

They could effectively hand their wages back to their club and still be fuckin minted.
Roger Trenwith
24   Posted 28/09/2010 at 13:17:38

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That's where paying 18 years of Sky subs has got us!
Kevin Gillen
25   Posted 28/09/2010 at 15:17:51

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Great point, Roger (24). Sky lauds itself as the finest thing that ever happened to football in this country. It has been a disaster.

As for the article above, I feel Moyes has been a great servant to the club and has been value for money in comparative if not absolute terms. As for investment in the club, it is a sad reality to see us skint for so long. If I won £120m on the Eurolottery rollover would I run to Blue Bill and Moyesy with the money for a £40m striker? Would I 'eck. Only Arsenal I would suggest have given value in the history of the Premier League. Chelsea, Liverpool and particularly Man Utd are in very precarious positions.

You get what you pay for at the end of the day. When you made your choice to become an Everton fan, you made your bed; now lie in it. The alternatives? Become a Man Sitteh fan or send your kid to school in a Chelsea top. Not very palatable are they?

Being an Everton fan is a choice really and you have to take the rough with the smooth. We're not going to get relegated, neither are we going to win the league this year. Our position will probably be an amalgam of our hopes and fears.

We have a ginger manager and a Chairman who is a bit of a Drama Queen. This is Everton COYB.

Alex Doyle
26   Posted 28/09/2010 at 16:24:47

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Well said Kevin, fantastic to hear some common sense on here for a change.

Moyes had previously made it clear that he could have gone elsewhere for more money with a bigger transfer budget. These are not the actions of a man who is taking the coin.
Andy Crooks
27   Posted 28/09/2010 at 17:17:57

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Alex, who was offering David Moyes more money and a bigger transfer budget? Celtic? Villa? He is vastly overpaid for a man who has won nothing and who has taken what is , apparently our best squad for years, to rock bottom of the premier league. It is beyond my comprehension that there are Evertonians who support him.
Peter Laing
28   Posted 28/09/2010 at 20:48:52

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Kevin I also support the team and have until our recent poor run of form supported the Manager. David Moyes has my sympathies, it must be hard realising that your dreams, aspirations and ambition are being sapped by a lack of backing from the board of directors. However, he may be stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of his relationship with Bill Kenwright, yet for me such a bullet proof position and the constant fawning regarding his position is neither healthy for David Moyes or our football club. Kenwright maybe an Evertonian, Moyes obviously has our best intentions at heart, but for me the fans are being continually short changed hence the frustration, apathy and downright hostility emanating from this website. After all, wasnt this the season we were supposed to be challenging ?
Paul Loins
29   Posted 28/09/2010 at 22:10:32

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Moyes has gone past his sell-by date. He could of sold the Yack for £6 million early on in summer but held out for more only to try to get £5 million on eve of window! He lets Vaughan go on loan after an alleged bust up with him so we only have Beckford who isn't ready for top flight action. My humble advice is...

1. Play Fellani in preferred midfield role.

2. Play 2 strikers up front or 1 upfront and Bily in Cahill position if later is injured,

3. Coleman at right wing with Neville as fullback.

4. When making substitutions, get them on quicker and earlier.

End of todays lesson.

In Moyes we rust !!!!
Alex Doyle
30   Posted 29/09/2010 at 12:45:47

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Andy, it's never been mentioned explicitly but Arteta hinted at it when he decided to stay. Happily Moyes doesn't pimp himself out in the media.

It's beyond my comprehension that Evertonians want Moyes out when the possible replacements are not fit to clean his boots.

Stability and consistency has got Everton into Europe in recent seasons, ahead of clubs who have spent a lot more money and responded to idiotic boom and bust pressure. Keep the faith!
Mike Green
31   Posted 30/09/2010 at 07:59:08

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James Lam - you cannot be serious........ apologies if your post was tongue in cheek, please ignore the rest of this if it was.

If you paid someone £30k p.a.(index linked) from 15 to 65 then thats £1.5m over a lifetime on a pretty decent wage.

If that person only works from 15 to 35 that breaks down as £75k p.a. or £1,500 a week. So for me anything from £1,500 - £5,000 a week is a pretty good crack for running around a field twice a week kicking a ball. The clubs should then be duty bound to ensure each player on their books for £1m in case of career threatening injury.

Why shouldnt footballers "work in pubs or sell curtains" after football? Everybody else has to find something to pay the bills until they're 65, what gives footballers the God given option of retiring at 35? They've gone into it knowing the score, have shedloads of free time across their career to train for other jobs and there are plenty of jobs within football afterwards anyway.

I appreciate the point to an extent when players would leave football back in the day without a pot to piss in - and the same will apply to lots of lower league players today - but to bring that argument into the EPL is a nonsense.

Again - apologies if your post was said in jest.
Paul Oakes
32   Posted 30/09/2010 at 09:41:18

Report abuse

Jay Harris ? tactics in certain games? You mean absolutely no tactics in any game in all of his 8½ years in charge.

Moaning on about finances is one thing... but being an under-skilled manager is another thing entirely. David Moyes is entirely inept at practically everything he does.

It nauseates me to continually see constant arse kissing for Moyes... when will you people wake the fuck up and realize that what he brings to our team is no tactics, no bollocks or anything else for that matter.

The team wins things despite Moyes ? not because of him. Who cares if he brought the players in... this is his fucking team, it was HIM that stated this was his strongest ever team at Everton... and it's a fucking mess.

Any other manager would have told Neville, Hibbo and that useless wanker Osman to fuck off and do one... but not our dithering David Moyes...

Sorry, but to blame all this shit on the board is unbelievable by any stretch... this is down to Moyes and Moyes alone. Like any manager who was not good enough in the past, it's time to get rid now.

My god, imagine we could still have Mike Walker and you know what? That fucker would still be here if it was down to present supporters... Walker or Moyes? Both completely and utterly inept in everything football related!
Paul Oakes
33   Posted 30/09/2010 at 09:51:10

Report abuse

As for the board... to sit there and say well fuck all happened at United or the Shite... well they are big clubs and the difference is financially we are not.

Can it make a difference if we kick up shit at every match? You betcha it can. The day our supporters sit on their fat arses and say, "Well, we can't do anything" is the day you need to stop going the match and commenting on Everton... coz really at the end of the day those people who don't have the will or the bollocks to stand up for what is right for the club, namely the safety of it, have no business calling themselves Everton supporters.

We can cause so much shit that at the end of the day, Kenwright and Green and Co will have no option but to fuck off... there are ways and means to ensure people disappear..
Kieran Kinsella
34   Posted 02/10/2010 at 00:41:42

Report abuse

With regards to Kenwright I started a poll to see how he compares with the RS owners and he is doing pretty well

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