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Yuletide snoozefest from Miserable Moyes

By Michael Kenrick :  28/12/2010 :  Comments (116) :

Rested after the postponement of their Boxing Day fixture against Birmingham City due to miles and miles of frozen pipes at the aging Goodison Park stadium, Everton travel down to what was once known as Upton Park where West Ham had finally lifted themselves off the bottom of the Premier League table with a handsome win at Fulham just two days ago.

In the event, both Jagielka and Heitinga failed to recover from their injuries so Tont Hibbert was recalled to the back four, while Mikel Arteta, despite his attrocious form so far this season, waltzed straight back into the side after not being missed at all during his three-match suspension following his red card for retaliating against Jara of West Brom.

Coleman retained his place on the right, with Steven Pienaar coming back in on the left, and Moyes, finally despairing of his useless posse of so-called strikers, pushed Tim Cahill to the front of the line, looking to benefit from a few more goals no doubt before Everton lose their Aussie talisman for an entire month to the ridiculously timed Asian Cup in Qatar. Leon Osman succuumbed to illness and did not make the teamsheet.

The bench included three of those ineffective stikers: Beckford, Yakubu and Saha, with token positions for Duffy and Baxter. No sign of Magaye "Secret Waeapon" Gueye or James Vaughan, who returned injured last week from a moderatley successful loan spell in the Championship with Crystal Palace.

It was kick & rush early on, with Hibbert being tested and coming off superbly with a classic sliding tackle executed perfectly on Piquionne running wide. West Ham pressed Everton back and when Fellaini did advance, Pienaar had foolishly run offside. Fellaini was commanding in starting moves from the back, and good passing won their first corner on 5 mins that Arteta looped into the middle. Coleman finally got it forward to Distin(!) who shot from an acute angle instead of cutting the ball back.

Everton looked to control the game after 5 mins with some high-quality possession and patient build-up play but an opportunistic jab by Parker to rob Neville nearly let West Ham get behind the Everton defence, Hibbert once again intercepting crucially.

It was pretty even until West Ham's first corner that Hibbert gave away with a lose kick. Howard saved a close range header but Hibert wailed at the follow-up his raised leg scooping the ball inside the post for a horrible own-goal. The crucial first goal goes the wrong way for the Blues.

Cahill set Coleman off with a fantastic backheel but Upson caught him and gave away the corner that Arteta looped high and deep to Distin. Another Arteta corner fell to Distin, who wellied it high over the bar, possibly clipping off the defender's challenge. West Ham again responded at pace, and Obinna cut in, smashing a stinger that smacked back off the stanchion.

Howard was very lucky in a bizarre incident by the corner flag, the linesman giving him a free-kick after he had obstructed Obinna as the slowly rolling ball bumped into the flag and stopped instead of going behind for a goalkick! Everton's composure was tested as West Ham came at them with their tails up after the goal. Fortunately, they wasted a few opportunities to go further ahead.

A great move involving Pienaar, Baines and Arteta down the left looked promising and won a corner that Baines delivered in Arteta-style from the left, with equal lack of effect. Neville than got free to run forward and cross... far too close to Green. Baines put in a brilliant low cross from the left that Pienaar stepped over at the near post, rather than clipping goalward.

A good free-kick form Baines found Fellaini but his free header on the edge of the box was directed nowhere and came to nothing. More good play from Coleman, Fellaini, Pienaar and Baines around the area led to another wasted cross... might be nice of there was a big centre-forward, Beckford perhaps, in the middle to profit... Cahill on his own was always surrounded, consequently winning little in the air for Everton; consequently he started playing wider and deeper to get himself some space and time on the ball.

Coleman was hemmed in by two but won a throw that was uselessly blocked into the defender by Arteta. Fellaini then stamped in on Obinna, who screamed in anguish and earned the Big Fella a lecture but amazingly not a card. Cahill tried soem strong-arm stuff and was called for it. The Blues at least were trying to play football when they did get possession, but were failing to get any purchase on even a half-chance as the flow of the game continually went away from them.

Another patient move, with crossing runs form Pienaar, then Arteta, out wide left to Cahill, whose excellent cross was sidefooted superbly beneath Green by Coleman, ghosting in completly unmarked on the far post. A superbly constructed goal to put the boys back on track.

In response, Upson got too much of a free header in the heart of the Everton defence but thankfully headed it well wide. At the other end, Rodwell should have done far, far better after getting put in behind the West Ham defence but his cross instead of shot was poor in the extreme. At the other end, Parker ran at Hibbert and chipped onto the roof of the net. Coleman looked to score a second but was given too much time and looped it high and wide as the Blues went in level at the break.

Everton needed to push on, by bringing one of their strikers on at the break... but No, said Moyes: as you were...

It was rubbish stop-start stuff for a while after the break, until Pienaar turned neatly and tried to curl a sweet shot inside the far angle. A Parker free-kick forced a Howard punch; Baines crossed harmlessly into Green's hands; COleman drew a good free-kick running at Spector; Arteta's free-kick finally came to Pienaar but his shot was week; Rodwell tried a shot from outside the D that was weak and wayward.

55 mins and Cole came on for West Ham, while Moyes pondered and plotted... or dithered and dallied. The game was now SCREAMING for a change, needless backpasses, hopeless hoofballs, and a horrible cross from Cahill underlining the non-football that was now being played. Coleman was the only one showing any real adventure, putting in a great tussle with Spector.

On the hour and the move finally came: Yakubu on for the hugely disappointing Rodwell, who seems to be going backwards rather than developing with every game he plays. Yakubu won a free-kick in his own inimitable fashion but Arteta inexplicably looped it out wide right where it was ultimately wasted. Kovac went in the book for halting a lively sprint by Pienaar.

So Moyes had acted... but the dismally flat game pattern remained very much the same as Everton seemed destined for their 10th "creditable" draw of the season. Pienaar made a good run that looked to release the Yak but somehow, it became a West Ham break and Cole drove his shot across Howard and thankfully wide... and the game reverted to its previous level of uncompromising drivel.

Why oh Why oh Why doesn't Moyes act in these situations??? Everton should have been slaughtering this bottom-of-the-table team...

Coleman finally got past Spector but his cross was weak and cut out by Upson. Everton attacked down the right again and with 10 mins left, Cahill finally putting in a shot ? straight at Green. Baines then ran well at the defence and fed the ball to Yak but he was robbed. Fellaini then heads the corner powerfully, stratight at Green. Either side, and it would have been a goal...

At least Everton were trying now, and Cahill got the ball in the net but he had been clearly offside in a move were Yakubu looked to hook the ball home. Obinna came off, replaced by Zavon Hines with 5 mins left: Moyes still with two from six unused subs.

A laboured attack down the right ended patetically when Neville drove the ball at a defender. Another attack and Arteta played Pienaar into a cu-de-sac. 90 mins and incredibly, Moyes NOW decides to replace Pienaar with Beckford. Utterly astounding managment incompetence, but incredibly 5 added minutes to be played.

Howard came out and clashed with Hines outside the area but Everton escaped what could have been a dangerous free-kick. End-to-end in the closing minutes as each side briefly looked for a winner, and Moyes finally switched out Arteta for Bily with barely 2 mins remaining.

A final free-kick by West Ham summed up this dreadful half, Parker scooping it poorly over the backline and Webb finally puts everyone out of their misery. It's games like this that totally epitomise Moyes's mind-numbing negativity, and yes, cowardice, in not really piling in to a very vulnerable opposition team.

Reader Comments

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Denis Richardson
1   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:16:44

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Awesome Moyes, why not bring on Beckford in the 90th minute, twat - too little too late, again!

Unbelievable, go to play a team second from bottom and we show true attacking intent by not starting the match with a single frigging striker!
Denis Richardson
2   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:20:20

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Ahh made up now, Billy gets a full 90 seconds for his work permit appearance!
Jimmy Hacking
3   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:32:27

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Don't think this was a bad performance, just a frustrating one. some of our play was decent, and apart from an own-goal West Ham never once looked like scoring (face it, Carlton Cole was never gonna bury that quarter-chance).

Story of our season really; on another day we'd have won this by the odd goal, just like 5 or 6 of our other draws this campaign.

one side-note though: why does Distin even bother crossing the half-way line? he must have fluffed a good 200 chances now for us without scoring.
Andrew Conroy
4   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:29:44

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We looked great, like the real deal. But then they scored, and we reverted to type: apathetic, unimaginative, and absolutely terrified of losing.

This contrast sums everything up: for 15 minutes the players showed they've got the ability and belief. But once we went behind the players look scared, scared of what that bullying, clueless bastard was gonna say to them at half time.

Absolute shit. He's gotta go. And he can take Steve fucking Round and his bastard clipboard with him.
Jamie Carroll
5   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:31:08

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Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Cahill up front-on his own! Surely his best position is coming from midfield, the reason for his success from that area.

Moyes doesn't want to win games. A draw will do for him, that much was confirmed by his selection/substitutions tonight. The team needed to be changed when Cahill was all alone up front but, alas, it was Yakubu who came on and spent as much time on his ass as his feet.

The main worry now is that Cahill goes after Saturday and Moyes should have started with a team to carry on without him.

Phil Rodgers
6   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:31:47

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Moyes really got it all wrong today. No one was even really supporting Cahill who was completely isolated. I used the word cowardice in the match Forum and I stand by it. I dont see the point in going to man city and winning then playing like this. Arteta seems like he is hibernating deep in the midfield. I thought Felliani was dreadful too. It needed changing at half time but its just not in him to be proactive.
Joseph Strumm
7   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:31:10

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What a stinking miserable shambles... Arteta was non-existent and Pienaar was useless... the only threat came from Coleman. It's time for a clear-out: Yakubu, Saha, Arteta, Neville, Bily and Anichebe all should be shown the door.

The season's a write-off and it's time for a re-build. What was the gameplan tonight from Moyes and Round? They seem totally unable to view the game and make the right tactical changes and substitutions.

No money in January ? what a joke... we're going backwards rapidly.

Kenwright ? you're a joke!

Phil Bellis
8   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:40:01

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Shapeless, clueless, brainless, leaderless performance
Like to read Doddy's defence of the manager's tactics over this one
Mike Bates
9   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:43:24

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Nick Wall
10   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:41:51

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#3 Gotta disagree. This was a poor performance. There were a few flashes of what we're capable of, but not enough. We created very few chances and can have few complaints about the final result.
Joey Brown
11   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:43:48

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No longer wanting to include myself with a "We"... Everton suck right now
Andrew Presly
12   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:38:50

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For the first time in my 22 years following Everton, the end would not have justifed the means for me today (ie, if we'd nicked that 1-2)

Grim, dour and depressing stuff from Moyes.

As Man U are finding at the top end, we're lucky that nearly every team in the division are shite this year cos 4 wins from 19 is a disgrace and we deserve to be in bottom 3 with such a grossly negative attitude from the manager.

Until our next "tricky" away game at Stoke, hope EFC don't spoil the hols for you! Cheers.
Kunal Desai
13   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:43:36

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We have another half a season of this shit to put up with, but seriously another full season of similar abysmal rubbish served up is just too much to take. This cannot go on for any longer and I pray that either BK goes or Moyes goes. Enough really really enough.
Christopher McCullough
14   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:47:03

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Shite, in a word.
Brian Hill
15   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:42:02

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3 full backs, no forwards, Arteta as embarrassingly ineffective as any player I have ever seen - how low can we go? Howard yet again apparently has his boots nailed to his line. Numerous contributors to this site have said that many games have been "there for the taking" this season: don't you think that opposing fans say the same about Everton? We offer almost nothing up front despite all the possession; Moyes has been managing this club for a long time - he is entirely rersponsible for the utter inability to win, to threaten, to entertain, to excite, and, increasingly, to interest. I really cannot watch much more of this tripe, after over 40 years of passionate and devoted support.
Dave McCarten
16   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:55:18

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Message empty
Fran Mitchell
17   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:50:13

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Awful. awful. awful.

How #3 honestly thinks that, I find hard to believe. It was awful stuff. Just awful. No other words for it.... awful. awful. awful. awful.

Oh, I got two other words: MOYES OUT.
Leon Perrin
18   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:44:35

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Sums up Everton under Moyes.
Against virtually a championship side he fields a team of defenders and midfield players.
I'm of the opinion if anyone finds justification in this they've never played and get their knowledge from the sycophants in the media.
Yet some will, frightening.
Al Reddish
19   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:48:14

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I don't always agree with you Michael, in fact most of the time you do my head in with the anti Moyes stuff. However, today you are spot on. The substitutions were piss poor at best. OK, we all like a super sub but to have one in injury time is pointless. I agreed with the Cahill up front on his own thing as the rest of the forwards are shit. It didn't work but we left it too late to do anything about it. Bily should maybe have started in place of Arteta, who again was poor. The Yak was well off the pace and never took his opportunity. Nevilles passing borders on disgraceful at times. Pienaar tried hard but did very little. Best player for me again was Distin who is looking immense at the back and is cool under pressure. Honourable mention to Hibbert who did well out of position despite the own goal. However, the biggest own goal was we waited too late to change the game that should have been a winnable one.
Jimmy Changa
20   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:57:14

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Beckford and Bily must be wondering wha the fuck is going on.

I think the Yak only had two touches the entire time he was on, Arteta was his usual post-injury shite self, and Piennar was gash.

Meanwhile, Beckford and Bily got a grand total of about 6 minutes between them to "change the game".

Lee Courtliff
21   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:48:59

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I thought we were ok in the first half, awful in the 2nd half. Nobody really stood out for me, Seamus and Felli had pretty good first halves but then faded away.

I have got to say to the people who rave about Rodwell that I cannot think of 1 single game where he has been the star man for us. He has had some good moments but he has never put in 90 mins for us.

Before you say, "Moyes always subs him", let me say once again that he is THE most overrated player we have ever had. He gets subbed because he's contributing nothing. I don't dislike the lad at all, I think he's a promising young player. But to listen to the way some of you talk about him on here, I think we are watching different games!

At least we didn't lose today!

Fran Mitchell
22   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:01:33

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Arteta: DROP HIM
Rodwell: Not developing how he should be.
Pienaar: rather ineffective

Team for next game
should be
Hibbert, Heitinga, Distin, Baines
Coleman, Fellaini, Bily, Osman
Cahill (if still here, if not Pienaar)
Brian Waring
23   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:04:50

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Jimmy, they were brought on to just waste time.
Mike Oxlong
24   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:57:35

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Truly woeful against a side with one decent player. Moyes has a lot to answer for with such a defensive approach.

How can Arteta and Fellaini fade from being fearsome forward-looking midfielders with touch and vision, to two headless chickens lucky to complete a simple sidepass.

Rodwell showed us against Man Utd last season what he can do and Moyes has restricted him ever since.

And if he doesn't think any of our strikers would create or score against West Ham then he has to show enough bottle to offer them for sale in January and get two new ones in to go with Anichebe (Keane, Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Donovan, Bendtner....).

The lack of ambition with this club ? especially after the latter half of the last season ? is criminal, from the board, from Moyes, from the players and from us the supporters for not shouting about it loudly enough.

Pig sick with this fucking club, 31 years of supporting them and I've never been as frustrated at how much we're throwing away the chance of a generation!!!!!!
Dave McCarten
25   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:57:14

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Over the years I have been gradually been getting a bit tired and weary of football as a whole with the amounts of money being paid for and to average players who just take the money and don't give a shit.

The average Joe like me make cut backs on various things just so we can get our season ticket and then get poor negative football dished up to us just to rub our noses into it.

It's coming to the point now that the only cut back will be Everton FC.
So come the end of the season and it's still the same I will have to REALLY ponder over my love for the club and keep my money in my wallet.

I hope it does't come to that but so far things arn't looking too good.

So come on Bill, Davey and the rest of you turn this around quickly os it may not just be me who does the same.
Jimmy Changa
26   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:11:07

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Brian (#18), sadly I think you have it right. Shite.
Denis Richardson
27   Posted 28/12/2010 at 19:56:10

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We are an established Premier League side, I am simply stunned by the negativity this manager shows.

It does not seem to matter who the opposition is, tactic is always simply to defend and try to nick one. This is fine against a top side away from home but simply not acceptable against a team in the drop zone and playing shite... I am lost for words.

If I was a stiker at Everton, I would be looking to jump ship asap ? DM has shown time and time again he is a destroyer of strikers. Strikers need confidence, to get this they need goals, to score goals they need to PLAY! Saha has had a poor season and dropping him was the right thing to do all be it too late, but you have to then go with the Yak or Beckford at the very least! People say the Yak is finished but he is only 28 FFS and is still the second highest scorer in Premier League history. He's probably not interested because of the manager.

The tunnel is pitch black with not a hint of light in sight ? simply dire... no team needs to fear playing us, at worst they will be gifted a point!

Moyes, please change or fuck off and thanks for the memories, which are becoming very distant.
Jim Fell
28   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:14:31

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I just don't understand Moyes at times. If ever there was a game to be won tonight.....
Ray Robinson
29   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:11:51

Report abuse

Mind numbingly boring. Attrocious tactics and substitutions.
Brian Waring
30   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:18:22

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I know Jim. The other thing, is West Ham played on Sunday, so we should have been the fresher of the two. Thing is, we looked like we had played the other day too.
Matthew Salem
31   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:09:49

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Merry fucking X-Mas Moyes, no strikers against West Ham... great...
Ian Smitham
32   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:20:21

Report abuse

Michael, Thanks for a well balanced report which matched my views of the game.

Fella is all imposing on the game, SD was excellent as were LB and the hard working SP and SC. Felt a bit for TH.

From going to Citeh the other night and agrreeing entirely with all the tactics and moves, which i commented on here about, I did also go on to comment that against lesser teams a different appraoch is needed, sort of a "Plan B" but tonight alas...

Thinking of the root of this is driving me mad but I think I conclude that it is the issue of playing a striker, which then gets me on to the formation but particularly tonight, why the "Yak"? Why tonight?

Others have commented re the "best squad since" which I agree with, but surgery is needed and someone needs to be strong enough to do the cutting. There were a fair few not playing tonight who would raise at least a few quids and realise funds for urgently needed support up front.

Thanks again
Mike Oates
33   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:21:54

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If you hadn't realised it the 2 substitutions were made to eat time up and be satisfied with a draw. I have never gone at Moyes before but today was a day where effectively Moyes was lost what to do. Cahill as a lone striker, a midfield 5 in which Rodwell and Arteta didn't know who was doing what, who was supporting Cahill was a complete cop-out to get him out of the Arteta in or out decision.

Rodwell was poor today, he takes 2 touches to control he ball, invariably does a piroutte before passing it sideways 5 yds. Too slow for a midfield man - and what the hell do the press see in him -Rodwell and Wiltshire - the future , Wiltshire is 5 years ahead of Jack. Put him back in the back 4 and let him develop there.

Man of Match by a country mile - Fellaini.
Joe McMahon
34   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:30:49

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I thank you David Moyes, as not only has the negative dire tripe Anti-Football stopped me going to Goodison, it's that bad I even found myself flicking over to the Darts.

How and I mean how is this worse than Wa;ter Smith, it's the fucking same. Three strikers on the bench, Beckford on on 90-min mark. I hate Moyes for making us so awful to watch and Kenwright for being CM and for offering him £3.5 million a year! Look at Holloway's attitude.
Ian Smitham
35   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:28:48

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Soz, forgot to say, I have no idea about the striker. Needs to be big, mobile, deadly in front of goal, good with both feet, and great in the air. Works hard and an inspiration to his team mates.

As I said, I have no idea, but then again I am not paid to know that and I trust that someone is....
Phil Rodgers
36   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:35:09

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I thought Fellaini was poor tonight. Gave the ball away and lost out nearly every header. But I guess people see things differently. Distin was my Man of the Match. Flawless at the moment.
Al Reddish
37   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:44:04

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Fellaini was great in the tackle and assured in possession.... then usually gave it away. At least he looked interested though, unlike some.
Dave Lynch
38   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:36:25

Report abuse

Ian @ 26.

Let's get one thing straight, if Citeh had an ounce of luck they would have mullered us.

They battered us, and only last-ditch defending and a few bad decisions by the ref saved us that night.

We are SHIT ? end of. I was fucking embarrassed by that line up tonight.

How are our strikers supposed to find any form if they don't get a game? The man is a prick of the highest order.
Kevin Elliott
39   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:20:59

Report abuse

Jimmy (3) ? Must have been watching a different game to me mate .We were fuckin' shite.

Phil (5) ? you must have watched the game with Jimmy 3. Fellaini was the only player in our team who looked to have time on the ball. Our best player by far. Cahill was way out of position which is why he was so ineffective. Great cross for the goal but not the Timmy we know. We will miss him in January.

I am not a football coach or manager by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that even I have got more tactical nouse than Moyes. I watched the match tonight and was totally embarrassed by the performance. It brought back memories of the Smith era.

For the sake of the club we all love, Moyes must go.

Colin Malone
40   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:12:48

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We,ve got decent players at the club, all we need now is a decent coach. Sorry but we have seen the best of this team under Moyes.

Arteta does not become a bad player, its the formation he is playing in. playing along side a center half [Rodwell who stunk] and Coleman, who is not a one-touch player, does not help him, and I believe Arteta and Fellaini do not compliment each other.

Fellaini is in the Carsley roll but has a lot more skill than Carsley, but lacks the tackling skills, so therefore moves further up the field, which alters the balance of the side, so Arteta has to come deep, which does not suit Mikel.

We could try putting Arteta on the right wing, with Coleman at right back, instead of the clueless Neville.

I said it years ago, we need a midfield coach.

Andy Tyler
41   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:40:02

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I've not got lots of fancy FIFA coaching badges like Moyes, but I do know that for a team to be successful it needs to show intent and desire to win football matches. Moyes tactics and team selection are intended for us not to lose rather than to win, and this appears to have sapped any desire/confidence out of the players to go out and win.

We've been going backwards since the cup final, and this is going to continue until there is a change to his one-paced, one-dimensional brand of football. Starting a game without a striker against a team in the relagation zone and low on confidence is a new low for Moyes.
Tony Christian
42   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:56:45

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Is this what we want after nine years? Is this progress? I can imagine Davey at half-time telling the players to keep it tight and being delighted with a magnificent 1-1 draw against a 'battling' West Ham team who have just had a 'great' result at Fulham. I cannot take anymore of this negative crap.
Paul Carr
43   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:26:08

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A record 8 unbeaten PL away games apparently, but we are still grossly under-performing for what is supposed to be his best ever squad.

Perhaps a loan striker or two will enable us to have 6 strikers on the bench! Fellaini's turn to try it alone upfront in January?

Richard Dodd
44   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:57:26

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All in all, a good point earned as we approach the half-way with a couple of points in hand. Most of us would settle for a middle table finish and with such a decent away record there`s no reason we can`t make it. It`s so easy to be critical of manager and players but we`ve played some cracking stuff this season and will soon turn the corner.
Kevin Elliott
45   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:02:11

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You're all looking for our next manager... Tim Cahill. LOOK NO FURTHER.
Frank Duffy
46   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:13:03

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Another 2 points dropped. Why Oh Why does Moyes think bringing on two subs for the last couple of minutes is going to win him the match? We were playing a team 2nd from bottom and we start well, but no goals and we then get pinned back. And of course concede a goal.

Why can't he go out to win the match ? isn't that what football is all about? Another game with no recognised Centre Forward...

We beat City but can't beat WHU. Where do we go from here?

Answers Please!!!!

Brian Waring
47   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:11:31

Report abuse

Yes Richard, if you say so.

FFS, no wonder Moyes & BK get away with being so shite.
Robert Daniels
48   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:06:27

Report abuse

Beckford scores against Huddersfield, next game v A Villa ? Dropped!

Beckford scores against Bolton, next game v Arsenal ? Dropped!

Beckford scores against Chelsea, next game v Wigan ? Dropped!

I'd be in that twat's office asking for a move, if i was him!

Felli was our best midfielder by a country mile, the now clearly finnished through injury Arteta was shite!

Pienaar, with a smile on his face, was crap as well, what's he fucking grinning for?

The back four, Felli, Coleman, Rodwell, and Cahill, at least made a fight of it. We were worse when Rodwell went off, at least he knows how to go forward.

That fucking joke of a manager, making subs at 90 mins and again through injury, at 93 mins, against a load of shite team, says it all... TAXI!!!
Brian Waring
49   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:15:46

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Frank, he didn't bring the 2 subs on to win the match, he brought them on to waste time, because he was happy with a draw.
Gerard Carey
50   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:07:42

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Question: what's going to change in the next few weeks? Get some cast-off of a striker on loan who will end up sitting on the bench. Why not give Beckford an extended run in the team, play Tim Cahill behind him, and when Tim goes, give Bily that role.
Ste Blundell
51   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:25:30

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Great result today.

We won a hard earned point against classy, in form opposition and moved above the mighty Newcastle and West Brom into our highest league position this season. Let's hope Moyes uses the same inspired substitutions at Stoke, another tough game against a top team. My only criticism would be that he could have brought Beckford and Billy on at 90 mins rather than 93.

Now let's get behind our loyal chairman who is constantly and selflessly searching for investment; our manager and his fearless positive football and last but not least our immensely talented and over-achieving squad. In Moyes We Trust.
Brian Waring
52   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:20:08

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Gerard, I thought that was Cahill's last game today.
Gerard Carey
53   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:21:30

Report abuse

Shite! I wonder who's going to pop in the odd goal for us, so???!!!
Phil Bellis
54   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:23:02

Report abuse

"Most of us would settle for a middle table finish..."
The mind boggles
John Daley
55   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:16:24

Report abuse

"All in all, a good point earned as we approach the half-way with a couple of points in hand. Most of us would settle for a middle table finish and with such a decent away record there`s no reason we can`t make it. It`s so easy to be critical of manager and players but we`ve played some cracking stuff this season and will soon turn the corner."

That has just left me speechless. No, wait I can feel a word forming in my throat.... TWAT...there you go, I feel better now.
Leon Perrin
56   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:22:09

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I assume there's a MOTD tonight.

Hope someone complains about media bias if we're shown last.
Richard Farrington
57   Posted 28/12/2010 at 20:57:16

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Who will come in to replace Moyes? Look at Villa, for example: dire. Houllier is in big trouble. Its a hard league this year and I am sticking by him.

I would have given Saha and Arteta the contracts based on previous form but they just haven't delivered and I feel for Moyes as his hands are now tied. I also backed him taking a punt on Beckford, though he may still yet come good. West Ham set out not to lose that match tonight and when a team does that its difficult. Moyes will sort it out ? keep the faith.

Gerard Carey
58   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:28:15

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Ste@49, yea, from the bottom of my beer glass!
Phil Bellis
59   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:29:02

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John ? That boy is indicative of the "acceptance" malaise amongst the younger Everton support.
Mike Bates
60   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:33:52

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Richard, I'd love to see us set up not to lose by playing two forwards. I can't help but feel Moyes had us set up not to win.
Richard Farrington
61   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:36:40

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When we play two up top, we lack a certain link between midfield and attack. I agree that Beckford deserves a run in the team though but him with either Saha or Yakubu is a no-go for me. Yakubu needs to be disposed of ? he does not give a shite about Everton. Get him off the wage bill asap. Moyes will work out a solution.
Brian Waring
62   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:41:29

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Richard, we set up not to lose tonight, never mind West Ham. You only have to look at the ridiclious late subs: Moyes was wasting time, because he was happy with the draw.
Mike Bates
63   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:43:12

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When we play one upfront, that striker, whoever it may be, always comes deep ? or to the wings ? to collect the ball... he is the link. Play two and there's your link and your striker staying up top.

It'll be difficult for Moyes to find a solution, considering that it's him who is the problem.
Richard Farrington
64   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:45:32

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Brian, with West Ham's current plight, I was nervous before todays game, I felt they had the momentum and Moyes was rightly cautious with his team selection.

The biggest problem is our big players are not performing. Saha and Arteta have been shite, Pienaar is on his way and couldn't give a toss and that fat Nigerian wanted to leave in the summer. I really do feel for Moyes ? so many difficult decisions under difficult circumstances based on our crippling lack of funds. I am sticking by him.

Bob Parrington
65   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:50:44

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I took off the rose-coloured glasses at last!!

The biggest load of crap I've seen on a football pitch in years... starting with the wonderful manager's incredible negativity and lack of foresight. Why put out such a defensive line-up against the next to bottom team? Why put Tony Hibbert as a central defender? Did we win a header from any one of their corners?

Most importantly... almost to a man we looked disinterested. Distin ? our best on ground. A choice between Arteta and Cahill for worst on ground. Pienaar was well below par. At least Coleman never stopped trying but his ball control was frequently wayward. Yakubu did zero when he came on and is really looking like a "has been". Fellaini looked steady and commanding.

Like some others, I'd have liked to see Moyes take a punt on giving Beckford a start in this game.
Bob Parrington
66   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:50:44

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I took off the rose coloured glasses at last!!

The biggest load of crap I've seen on a football pitch in years.....starting with the wonderful manager's incredible negativity and lack of foresight. Why put out such a defensive line up against the next to bottom team? Why put Tony Hibbert as a central defender? Did we win a header from any one of their corners?

Most importantly........almost to a man we looked disinterested. Distin - our best on ground. A choice between Arteta and Cahill for worst on ground. Peanuts was well below par. At least Coleman never stopped trying but his ball control was frequently wayward. Yakubu did zero when he came on and is really looking like a "has been". Fellaini looked steady and commanding

Like some others, I'd have liked to see Moyes take a punt on giving Beckford a start in this game.
Andrew James
67   Posted 28/12/2010 at 21:53:58

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Although the Coleman goal probably delayed a striker coming on for 15 minutes and Moyes really should have put Arteta on the bench, I don't hold him responsible for a lot of what happened.

Pienaar - I am sure DM doesn't tell him to bottle out of shooting every time he gets an opening. The worst one coming when Yak took two defenders with him so that a gap opened up and Pienaar passed it to the Yak instead of shooting himself. Completely brainless as the Yak was surrounded. Stitched Baines up as well by waiting what seemed like a life time to play him down the left after Baines went sprinting down the touchline for Pienaar to mess the pass up.

Arteta - every pass was back or sideways. Pointless one touch passes in and around their area and absolutely no composure or desire to run at them. Was carried for 90 minutes and let Cahill down as he should have been supporting him with Rodwell and Fellaini providing defensive midfield cover. I am sure DM isn't telling him to play like this.

Neville - constantly passed the buck leaving Coleman to do all the running and crossing.

I thought the rest did well overall but you can't win games when you have to carry your team mates. Special mentions reserved for Seamus, Leighton and Fellaini.

Lastly, nobody appears to have mentioned our disallowed goal, with that we would have won.

PS - controversial decision not to serve alcohol at the ground!!
Brian Waring
68   Posted 28/12/2010 at 22:16:32

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Andrew, Moyes could have started with a striker, and played Cahill behind the front man, where he is at his most dangerous.

Arteta, I'm sure Moyes isn't telling him to play like that, so why didn't Moyes do something about it, and bring him off?

Neville when fit, is probalby Moyes's first name on the teamsheet.

Err, the disallowed goal, was err, disallowed, because it was miles offside.
Andrew James
69   Posted 28/12/2010 at 22:31:08

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I admit he made a mistake by trying to incorporate Arteta and not playing an out and out striker but still, as he said in his post match interview, it was the players who are meant to create that were lacking. With Arteta he would probably be criticized if he left our biggest earner on the bench so it is a conundrum. After sitting through that though, I would gladly drive Arteta to John Lennon Airport and pack him off back to Spain. The same goes for Pienaar although not sure how good his Spanish is.

From my seat, spotting the offside was tricky as everything happened so fast ? haven't seen a replay so wasn't sure. The West Ham defenders were definitely trying to play act for a foul though.
Tony I'Anson
70   Posted 28/12/2010 at 22:36:36

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Really hope we get to 40+ points soon. Then I can rest a while in the hope something good will come next season.
Ian Smitham
71   Posted 28/12/2010 at 22:55:43

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Bob (66) ? Just wondered who would you have played at CB? Assuming of course that you would play two.
Tony McNulty
72   Posted 28/12/2010 at 22:52:35

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Trying to be rational about this, because at his best Arteta was a hell of a player, I can only assume he is still carrying some sort of injury.

What was really wrong today was the line-up, as others have pointed out. Cahill is brilliant as a support striker ghosting into space. On his own up-front he is rendered ineffective.

I was bored during much of today's game. When you know the big hoof up front to a sole striker will lead nowhere, you get frustrated when the tactic keeps getting repeated.

After the excitement of City... back to earth.
Peter Fearon
73   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:06:57

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David Moyes's bizarre decision to start none of the established strikers is a telling one. It tells me that, after nine years of team building, he doesn't have any faith left in any of the so-called goalscorers he has signed ? and they are all his signings. There are just no acceptable excuses for that.

To adopt such a cautious posture against a struggling opponent when the situation called for aggression and enterprise is very distressing. Frankly, I wouldn't trust him to sign a decent striker now. He has spent £32 Million on players in that position during his time here and we have ended up without one he believes in. How is that possible? How many times has he got to fail in this endeavour?

Denis Richardson
74   Posted 28/12/2010 at 22:42:56

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Andrew ? you say 'With Arteta he would probably be criticized if he left our biggest earner on the bench so it is a conundrum'.

Erm no it isn't ? you play the players who are going to perform for you, based on form not based on their pay cheque!

The simple fact is that we went to play a side low on confidence, second from bottom and who had played 48 hours before (we did not) and what did we do? Ah yes, put no strikers on the pitch, presumably to confuse their defenders with some deep thought out double bluff.

Cahill is not a world beater and his best position is behind a striker ? any striker; playing on his own means he loses his effect apart from the odd time it worked a couple of years ago, when we actually had no strikers.

I am just amazed there has been no player backlash against the manager (in public anyway), there must be at least half a dozen of the first team squad that are rightly pisssed off at him.

If he has no confidence in the strikers, who is he going to play up front in January - Mucha?

Moyes may not get us relegated but with these tactics we are certainly not going anywhere ever! To add to the insult, it is also just emabassing.

10 draws, woohoo.........erm that's only a point better than 3 wins ? do the maths, Davey!
David Price
75   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:13:41

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Lost for words... and the ones I have are no different to what everyone's is saying.

Piss poor attitude in selection and tactics. They were there for the taking.

Bollocks ? I'm off to watch the cricket and retain the Ashes, should make it to bed before 2 this time.

Come on, Davey Moyes, attack!!! ? If we'd won 10 and drawn 4 instead of the other way round we'd be 4th!!! So frustrating after beating the league leaders one day and then this with the bottom team the next, unbelievable.

Robert Daniels
76   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:15:05

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Peter Fearon, ? Nail, head, spot on.

£32mill? How about the midfield? £45mill? How about defence? £40mill? How about GK? £20mill?

Spent a few quid Mr Moyes, but we're reaping the rewards now tho? The net spend myth, as I call it.

It doesn't matter if at the end of your term as manager, you have spent £200mill on players, so long as you have sold some as well to cover the outlay...

Rooney + Lescott = Near £60 mill... He still spent it, I bet our squad cost more than any team outside the top four!

Sorry, top five (I forgot about Chelsea).
Alan Clarke
77   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:43:48

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It's just the same old aimless crap Moyes has been serving up for years. We scraped a win against City and suddenly there was a big wankfest over Moyes, which even Tony Marsh joined in. Nothing's going to change. This is what we've watched for 9 years and we'll continue to watch for the next 9 years if Moyes stays in charge.
Mark Hill
78   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:43:50

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I can't agree with point 45, NONE of us would have settled for mid table this season, apart from Richard Dodd. This season was supposed to be a spring board, for better things, but, the football in the main hasn't been great, we can't score enough goals to secure the points.

Arteta has been very poor so far. Our strikers are given crumbs to work with, and when the ydo get the chance they fluff their lines! Hi-points though so far have been for me Distin, and Coleman. I thought we would have seen more of Rodwell, and Arteta...

So here we are in a relegation battle, despite being 11th but only 3 points clear. I think the only thing that may rescue us this year is that the bottom 3 will be a lot worse than us, if that's possible.

Brian Price
79   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:21:29

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We definitely need to give Beckford a chance. Yakubu, came on and was disappointingly lazy. For me, he blew his chance and to be honest, not sure why he was chosen given West Ham want him so why would he try his best to beat a team he could well be joining and make his future job even harder??? Anyone else notice him having a chat with Avram Grant? At least Beckford puts a shift in and creates chances. I honestly think he could be a success for us. For the rest of the season he should be played with Cahill/Bily supporting him, allowing a proper partnership to form.

Neville needs replacing. I love the fact he is a winner, but he shouldn't be alone. We should have a team of professionals who are driven by winning. Excellent for the squad, but should not be first choice selection.


My team for Stoke would be:


Jags (Duffy/Heitinga if he's not fit)


Cahill (Bily if he's gone with Oz)

Tom Farrington
80   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:53:36

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My Dad is full of SHIT!! ? Moyes Out!!
John Ford
81   Posted 28/12/2010 at 23:38:58

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Dissapointing, particularly the second half. We were no better when Yak came on to a 4-4-2. Beckford is well overdue a run, just give him a go. Arteta continued his anonymous season.

West Ham were shite and attacked the second half with no more than two players, even on the break. This made attacking very difficult for us. More than anything though, I was disturbed by just how flat we were, disinterested and lacking in ideas.

Moyes needs to get busy in January and that means selling players to fund some new faces.

We've been a nudge above the chasing pack for the past five years, but we're playing now like also-rans, one of the pack. Come on Davey you've done it before, get us going again. In the words of Captain Kirk.... energise!
Ste Traverse
82   Posted 29/12/2010 at 00:06:20

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4-6-0 against a bunch of no-hopers like the Hammers is embarrassing.

Fuck off, Moyes, and take your useless fucking chairman with you.
Richard Farrington
83   Posted 29/12/2010 at 00:14:46

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It's Christmas and it's day release ? time to go back now son. Get your tongue away from that window...
Daniel Johnson
84   Posted 29/12/2010 at 00:11:17

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Against a bottom 3 side Moyes fails to pick a single striker and instead decides to take to thefield with all 4 of our strikers sat on the bench.

So, to sum up Moyes's team selection:

Totally fucking shocking

As Evertonians we deserve a manager that wants to win a football match. A manager that will pick the best most balanced team possible to win a football match.

We are a fucking joke!
Richard Farrington
85   Posted 29/12/2010 at 00:23:51

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Post removed... Grow up, please.
Andrew James
86   Posted 29/12/2010 at 00:46:10

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To those of you saying we've had this on the menu for the entire 9 years of Moyesy's reign ? you obviously are choosing to forget 06-07, 07-08 and 08-09 where we dished out loads of thrashings. The Spurs defeat at home aside in early February 2007, I believe we beat at least 4 teams by more than 3 in that campaign and, in the following one, beat 2 sides by 6 or more.

The teams we beat were, I accept, mostly bottom-half but we were spanking them and clocking up the points. So I won't have this "oh we've been served up dour footie for 9 years" tripe.

Finally ? I hope all you Osman loathing posters have the good grace to admit that we could have done with him this season. He's an industrious midfielder who will always shoot. He's adept at putting away the lower-half teams we've failed against this season. His goal stats are vastly superior to Arteta and Pienaar. He's been injured nearly all season and, quel surprise, we've struggled.

Yes, he's lightweight against the big boys but I have never seen him play shite against the lower orders and that's exactly what Arteta and Pienaar have been against Wolves or Blackburn or West Ham...

Farewell Pienaar, Baines made you look good and he will make Ossie look even better.
Mike Bates
87   Posted 29/12/2010 at 01:21:43

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Osman being injured doesn't have anything to do with our poor performances. If you want to spout that sort of shit, I'll join you ? Gosling went to Newcastle, suprise suprise, we're now shit. Anichebe has been injured up until the City game, so obviously his absence made us shit. How about Tony Hibbert not being selected that much this season? That's made us shit too. I could go on...

The dire performances are not down to us missing one pretty limited player. I'm not an Osman hater, before you accuse me of anything, but to say that all we need is him playing and we'll start tearing the league apart is mental!
Jamie Crowley
88   Posted 29/12/2010 at 01:57:59

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Got to point #45 and raced to the end to post:

Richard Dodd is clearly a TW fictitious entitiy posted by a mod to wind up the masses.

Jeezuz, Mary and Joseph!! Our away record is good? Most of us would settle for a midtable finish?! You gotta be fuckin kiddin me dude!
Tom Collie
89   Posted 29/12/2010 at 02:07:24

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Andrew #86

Got to be honest I strongly doubted the accuracy of your claim, so I checked out the three seasons you quote. Here's what I found:-

Season 06-07: Luton FAC W 4-0; Fulham PL W 4-0.

Season 07-08: Sunderland 7-1 PL, SK Brann UEFAC 6-1

Season 08-09: Wigan PL 4-0

That made 5 games in total where we scored four or more over the 3 seasons, during which we played a total of 144 games.

"Loads of thrashings" eh?
Paul Holmes
90   Posted 29/12/2010 at 03:31:12

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We need a change: the negative manager is the problem. After seeing the West Ham game, the manager has lost the plot. Tactics, substitutions, not wanting to upset certain players... I can see why Pienaar wants out, and others will follow.

We played a more negative team against the bottom team than we did against the top, for fuck's sake ? it's West Ham (one of the favourites for relegation). The manager is so negative, it's now spreading to players and supporters alike. Look at Blackpool and Holloway, they sometimes play with 3 strikers and look where they are in the league... exactly!

Moyes Out! And take that miserable Round with you!

Ste Traverse
91   Posted 29/12/2010 at 04:06:55

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Doddy is a troll. End of.
Alan Clarke
92   Posted 29/12/2010 at 09:37:05

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Thanks Tom for pointing out to Andrew James how full of shit he is. I honestly can't think that any regular match goer can have any support left for Moyes or could possibly disagree with the fact we've largely been served up negative shite by Moyes.
Brian Lawlor
93   Posted 29/12/2010 at 10:14:20

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Hibbert cost us the win and nearly cost us a point. If he had to play Hibbert, I'd stuck him at right back where he can't do as much damage and put Neville at centre half.

Tom #89. Without even trying too hard, I can think of beating Hull 5-1 at home and 4-0. Larissa 4-0 away. You haven't checked Andrew's claim very we'll.

Brian Lawlor
94   Posted 29/12/2010 at 10:24:21

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The Hull 4-0 was away in the cup, by the way.
Paul Gladwell
95   Posted 29/12/2010 at 10:17:31

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We have been treated to this crab-type football since Blackburn away, all powder-puff possession based on the influence of Arteta, who in an interview with The Times stated how much say he has at the club by revealing we try to copy Barca from what he learnt at their training college ? only ours is the negative version from the negative eyes of a clueless former defender... anyone know many successful former defenders who have done much in the English game?

He has then come out today and said our best players are midfielders like Arteta and could not drop them for a forward as they don't deserve dropping! What a prick. Firstly, we all know Arteta has been shite and was again last night... and secondly, if our forwards where all firing, what would you do then? ? drop a centre-half for Arteta? He did it the shithouse way what a few of us predicted would happen, we all knew Rodwell would make way and this was his way of dropping him.

One more thing, if we are skint, don't you think we need to introduce the likes of Duffy? ? instead of playing a midget right back who did well against a few part-time butchers once... God help us if he does the same against Stoke

And as for you, Doddy, fuck off ? most of us would not be happy with mid-table, this squad is better than that. Sadly, the manager shits bricks when he has to change his tactics from battling hard to trying to win stylish with a fully fit squad.

Jimmy Hacking
96   Posted 29/12/2010 at 10:57:22

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None of you seem to agree with me at #3, but I stand by my comments. This wasn't a terrible performance, just a timid, tepid and tedious one. We've been playing this way for 9 years now, I've never been able to get my head around the quaint hope that some of you lot have about Moyes suddenly waking up one day and deciding he's gonna start us playing Samba football instead.

On another day we'd have won this game, and none of you would mind how negatively we played with all 3 points in the bank.
Mark Taylor
97   Posted 29/12/2010 at 11:50:57

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Moyes has never and will never be anything other than useless at setting a team up to attack. He has never been able to do it. When we score it is usually down to a set piece, a piece of luck or individual brilliance.

What do you do to when all of your strikers are struggling with form? Well that is simple. Drop them all.. You don't need strikers to defend. Take them all off and put extra defenders on.

When they miraculously regain their form by sitting on a cold bench for a few weeks, play one by himself.

Useless. Sack Moyes... get a new manager, and re-employ him as a defensive coach...
Leon Perrin
98   Posted 29/12/2010 at 12:04:44

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Can't believe I'm saying this, get Ian Holloway.

I know he's mad as a box of frogs but I'd prefer to be mad and smiling than mad and crying.

The worst thing is this is Moyes at full throttle ? with virtually a full squad ? it does'nt get any better than this.

My missus had better be filthy tonight.

Paul Gladwell
99   Posted 29/12/2010 at 12:59:17

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Jimmy, we have been saying this since the first game of the season (on another day) teams know what to do, let them play their neat powder pufff triangles and create fuck all then we shall be a bit direct and hit them with one: Blackburn, Villa, West Ham ? the list is so many about us having so much possession yet doing nowt.
Stephen Kenny
100   Posted 29/12/2010 at 13:19:40

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Phil - 'That boy is indicative of the "acceptance" malaise amongst the younger Everton support'

No he Fuckin isn't.
Mike Allison
101   Posted 29/12/2010 at 14:19:56

Report abuse

"Why oh Why oh Why doesn't Moyes act in these situations??? Everton should have been slaughtering this bottom-of-the-table team..."

Sums it all up really. I've disagreed with Michael enough over the years, but last night was there for the taking and Moyes completely failed to go for it. It didn't even need to be big risks, just sensible attacking subs.

The last two games have basically summed David Moyes up, the brilliance in getting a result as an underdog away at Man City, followed by a complete failure to adopt the right mentality when playing a West Ham team we could have beaten handsomely.
Dave Wilson
102   Posted 29/12/2010 at 16:25:24

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Alan Clarke ? The name of Davey Moyes boomed out from the travelling Evertonians at City ? do you really think he has lost their support in a week ?

It really makes me laugh, Saha Yakubu and Beckford have stunk the place out ? if Moyes plays any of them he gets slaughtered... then everyone moans like fuck when he drops them.

All three of them should hang their fucken heads in shame at being benched in favour of a midfield player.

And I'll tell you this, not many managers would have shown as much patience with these three timewasters.
Tony Dove
103   Posted 29/12/2010 at 16:34:54

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Our tactics at City showed how low we have sunk in relation to the aspirations we had at the beginning of the season and they were just as bad against a dreadful West Ham team (Scott Parker excluded) who had had a tough game 48 hours earlier.
Tony Dove
104   Posted 29/12/2010 at 16:34:54

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Our tactics at City showed how low we have sunk in relation to the aspirations we had at the beginning of the season and they were just as bad against a dreadful West Ham team[Scott Parker excluded]who had had a tough game 48 hours earlier.
Brian Waring
105   Posted 29/12/2010 at 17:47:54

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Dave, I think you'll find that there has been plenty on here, who have been calling for Beckford or the Yak to start games. Saha has been shite, but for some reason Moyes continued to keep playing him.
Richard Farrington
106   Posted 29/12/2010 at 19:46:00

Report abuse

Apologies for certain posts, my son got hold of my lap-top.
Dave Wilson
107   Posted 29/12/2010 at 19:13:58

Report abuse


And I think you`ll find that there are many many match goers who have seen enough of Beckford.

It's fucken killing to travel up to places like Sunderland on a Monday night to watch this guy throw away three points, how many chances does he have to miss? I mean gilt-edged sitters?

The truth is Moyes was right to leave out all three of our strikers. One looks like he may never recover from a really bad injury; one can't control his excitement whenever he gets a decent chance ? he must be great fun for his missus. And the other fucker has been taking the piss out of all of us since he got his contract
Tom Collie
108   Posted 29/12/2010 at 20:38:53

Report abuse

Brian #94

Before posting you'd be best reading the other posts properly.

The OP referred to seasons 06-07, 07-08 and 08-09. You'll find my data is wholly accurate for those years.

The results you remember were in season 09-10.
Robert Daniels
109   Posted 30/12/2010 at 00:45:02

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Dave Wilson @ 108: "many match goers who have seen enough of Beckford!" ? Don't talk shite. Was 90 seconds enough the other night?

Read post 49! Engage your brain, before putting your mouth/keyboard into gear.
Richard Harris
110   Posted 30/12/2010 at 02:06:37

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Jimmy Hacking wrote "and apart from an own-goal West Ham never once looked like scoring". I was behind the goal when Scott Parker had looked up, chipped the ball and saw it just go over. Pure class. Every time an Everton player got in a central position they passed sideways or had a weak or hopelessly off target shot. Where is the pace for a counter attack, the control for a decisive through ball or the ability to run at defenders in the box or take on a goalkeeper one on one ?
Richard Harris
111   Posted 30/12/2010 at 02:13:46

Report abuse

Beckford will always miss chances to finally get a goal but at least he gets in scoring positions whereas Saha doesn't get close and Yakubu has lost his first touch and is less mobile since his injury. If we didn't have Tim Cahill we'd be rooted in the bottom three....
Richard Harris
112   Posted 30/12/2010 at 02:17:10

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Bolton have a worse team on paper but they are playing better attacking football under Owen Coyle than Moyes's negative boring tactically inept Plan A (no Plan B) football. And as for Spurs; when did you last see a Moyes team counter attack with pace, in numbers and controlling the bal with skill ? Moyes went stale long before this season but has always had an excuse that pacified the fans. He has never won anything and never will at the highest level. Too many points dropped this season against poor teams.
Richard Harris
113   Posted 30/12/2010 at 02:26:45

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Leon Perrin wrote "My missus had better be filthy tonight"...

So was she? Everton give little cause for excitement so I'm hoping you can share the details... :0)

Dave Wilson
114   Posted 30/12/2010 at 07:05:56

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Paul Daniels

Nice touch, refering to your own post as "evidence"? ? that gave me a chuckle.

I go to the games and I hear the groans when Beckford is playing with my own ears, so I`m not talking shite, the groans are from fans who recognise that his all-round play is very poor and a couple of late equalisers in the Prem cannot make up for all those sitters that have cost us precious points.

No harm to Jemaine but he`s not good enough. 90 seconds at the Bolelyn was too long.
He won't have to storm into Moyes`s office demanding a move as you suggest, he`ll be getting one ? and I bet not a single Premier League club comes in for him.
Karl Lee
115   Posted 30/12/2010 at 10:48:51

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The club needs a complete overhaul, starting at the very top, then right through the coaching staff.

But that will not happen as Moyes has one of the safest jobs in football, with Kenwright in control.
Robert Daniels
116   Posted 30/12/2010 at 18:10:03

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Harold Wilson,

If it was up to you when a player joins us ie Fellaini, he would be on his bike before he has time to settle.

According to you then, it's all down to Beckford is it? Apart from a couple of late equalisers, well maybe he would score more if he was actualy given a run in the team.

Oh and Moyes was right to leave out our three attackers? Get a fuckin' grip 'Arry.

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