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Somebody has to make a stand

By Dave Wilson :  31/12/2010 :  Comments (19) :
David Moyes has his detractors, they're always there, lose or draw, the knives are out... and even if he wins the manner of the win usually fails to satisfy.

I think he has probably come to accept that, but its not just his enemies who are angry with him right now, long-time supporters have turned on him. Some can't/won't forgive him for starting the game at the Bolelyn Ground without a recognised striker... he`s being battered.

Let me say from the outset that I'm not against Moyes taking stick; he earns more money in a week than most earn in a year and if he doesn't deliver then he gets it ? them's the terms... but am I alone in wanting to support him on this particular issue?

I'm leaving Jermaine Beckford out of this ? he hasn't been blessed with an ounce of the ability of Yakubu or Saha. I wish, for his sake, effort was enough, but unfortunately he will never be a striker that scores regularly at the highest level.

I'd like to talk about the attitude of Saha and Yakubu.

Saha has demonstrated his talent. On his day, he is right up there... but, since he got his contract, he has simpered and sulked like a spoilt brat; he's offered nothing. Yakubu suffered a terrible injury and I have a level of sympathy for him... but he hasn't even bothered to get himself in shape ? that's unforgivable!

These two jokers have taken the piss out of you and me for long enough. When Moyes put them in the stocks to be ridiculed by all, he did it with my support ? and I hope this is just the start:

If our goalkeeper can't be bothered to focus for an entire game, fuck him off.

If our skipper cant be arsed to offer a rookie an overlap, fuck him off too.

And when the best little Spaniard we know disrespects every Evertonian by merely going through the motions don't tell him its unacceptable ? show him!

Moyes has made his share of mistakes but this wasn't one of them; I dont understand how these two jokers have got away with taking the piss out of us all season, or why everyone is attacking the manager for finally bringing the pisstaking to a halt.

If these players can't show the Evertonian respect, they have no place at our club.

With all three strikers out of favour, Victor Anichebe is about to be offered a golden opportunity. His antics have hardly endeared him so far, but he's still young; I hope he has spent the last couple of weeks looking and learning.

Respect the Evertonian, Vic lad... close your ears to idiotic agents... recognise the opportunity. It'll almost certainly be your last.

Reader Comments

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Mike Gwyer
1   Posted 31/12/2010 at 15:53:41

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Make a stand! More like the battle of Alamo. Moyes is a stubborn bastard, that's for sure, but I have to give him credit for saying to Saha and Yak ? "your shit and I'm showing the whole world that your shit". Unfortunately, the pair probably could not give a toss and one or the other will probably come back to haunt us (WHU at home looks a good bet!).

It's a cert that Anichebe will play upfront tomorrow, with the other 3 strikers waiting for a warmup jog around the 90-minute mark. The boy will definitely put himself about but his first touch and shot at goal are, IMO, way off the mark.

Sad days I'm afraid; we are potless, Moyes is looking clueless and very much on his own, and the supporters have all got the hump. A thumping by Spurs at GP next week will lead to some choice words being aimed at both BK and Moyes. Well, the stewards will be busy!!!
Paddy Gillen
2   Posted 31/12/2010 at 16:05:11

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Why leave Beckford out of this? Does he not show the "Evertonian respect" when you praise his effort? I disagree that he could never score regularly at the highest level. If we played him every game, I bet he would be up there with Cahill in goals scored. I'm sick of the way most Evertonians haven't given this lad a chance at all.
Andy Peers
3   Posted 31/12/2010 at 16:16:58

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Moyes is paid enough money to motivate his strikers (all his signings) so motivate them and have them score or sell them and buy some worth playing. Pretty simple really. Anichebe is far from the answer to our striking problems.
Gavin Ramejkis
4   Posted 31/12/2010 at 16:26:08

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Dave, the trouble is, if Moyes was unhappy about either or both of them, why not transfer list them?

Equally, if you waste £10M on a player you won't play (Bily), isn't that negligence? How would you qualify his "best team yet" phrase? How would you qualify his "secret weapon" phrase (Gueye) ? so secret that nobody has seen him play and he has even gone missing from the subs bench for the last few home games?

Beckford comes from a much lower league, scores and gets brickbats from Moyes; Saha does fuck all for months and gets no public lambasting. Similarly, Arteta can't pass a ball or deliver a corner pass the first man for months yet not a dickie bird from Moyes.

Beckford, if played with a supporting striker/player, has already shown in the minimal cameos he has been given that he can get into dangerous positions and score. If he takes a dozen chances to get a single goal, he'd still deliver more than that lazy cunt Saha has or Yakubu has been given time to try to do.

Ray Robinson
5   Posted 31/12/2010 at 16:27:54

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Dave, I found myself nodding in agreement while reading the post. Then I had second thoughts ? how has Arteta shown the club lack of respect? Far from it, how is loss of form anything to do with a lack of respect? Your criticism of Howard is also unjustified.

Then I started to think, who knows what Saha is thinking? Chronic lack of form, yes... but isn't this the same guy that offered to play on a pay-per-game basis when he first arrived?

I'm not sure that we know enough about these guys' psyche to necessarily accuse them of a lack of respect.

For me, Moyes showed the fans a bigger lack of respect by not playing a striker at West Ham.
Leon Perrin
6   Posted 31/12/2010 at 17:04:22

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I see the problems you're outlining but I really rate Saha, Yak and Beckford, the first two have proven prem status, and I just feel forwards get pissed off with Moyes after a while. It's entirely guesswork but I suspect their jobs are detailed as first line defenders not attacking spearheads. I think that's the malaise throughout the team. Tim Howard needs competition.
Andy Crooks
7   Posted 31/12/2010 at 17:35:17

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Leon, good post. Dave, that's a pretty good article. I think that you are trying to offer reasonable analysis without attacking those who doubt Moyes. If and when you call for him to go, then I will know it's over for him.

Incidentally, your comment on another thread has me thinking (get off the ledge). A mate phoned me today and suggested going over at the end of the month. Last night, I'd have told him to fuck off. Now, who knows. That's what supporting this club does to you.

Alan Clarke
8   Posted 31/12/2010 at 17:40:56

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Why can't Yak and Saha be arsed? They're footballers in the twilight of their careers, do you really think they're not arsed?

My thoughts are they've become disillusioned with Moyes's style of football where they're left to feed off scraps and run around like blue arsed flies so Cahill can take the glory. Perhaps the strikers have already taken a stand.

And if it's just that they are shit then Moyes should have sold them in the summer and brought in some better younger strikers.

Steve Smith
9   Posted 31/12/2010 at 18:18:27

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I can't say that I supported his team selection before the game kicked off but, to be totally honest, I wasn't that bothered or surprised. I knew that Arteta would play if fit, like he always does; I knew he would pick Hibbo as centre-half (even though Rodwell or Felli would've done a better job there imo).

I also would've bet my mortgage that he would only play with one up front, and so not really that surprised that he picked our leading goalscorer to play there.

Robert Daniels
10   Posted 31/12/2010 at 23:40:03

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Mr Wilson,

I will agree about Saha, and you're right about the Yak's terrible injury, but he was getting fitter and looking better, then soft shite takes him out of the team!

Remember these days senior players (and I don't know why) don't play in the Reserves... so the Yak, after starting to get up to fitness, is dropped for the lazy Saha, and he is back to Square One.

As for Beckford, again you do him a disservice; he has not, I repeat, not had enough time on the pitch for you or I, or anyone to make a judgment as to his playing capabilities.

I watched all the pre-season friendlies and he looked great, as did the Secret Weapon. Dickhead needs to put him in the team, and tell him he will get 6 games to have a go, and then we would see what he is made of.

I believe that he has it, to be a Premier League goalscorer, on a regular basis; until such time, I or you won't know.

Sad thing is, Dickhead won't play him anyway.

Happy New Year anyway, Dave, and all ToffeeWebbers.

Beckford is a class player!

Mark my words, 12 months ago, I was defending Fellaini. Here we go again!

Derek Thomas
11   Posted 01/01/2011 at 06:26:24

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Dave Wilson: Apples and Oranges for pre pay per play Saha and Contract Saha, if it looks, smells, feels like taking the piss, well it probably is.

The Yak, he looked on the way back Vs the RS, still room for improvement but worth a go... and then... cue tumble weed and wind. WDF.

Beckford he will never be a striker that scvores regularly at the top level, well no he won't if he doesn't get a chance, from my seat he misses chances but he may get one or two in a whole game, worth a go just to see.

Anichebe, has done nothing to convince me he will ever be more than a sulky prime example of a young know it all me me me I want it all NOW! wannabe, but in his case never will be, poor mans Heskey is giving him too much credit. The Yak and Saha 'may' be has-beens but better than never will be.

Arteta, poor form is no excuse for no effort. So I think his heart isn't in it any more, he was just made an offer he couldn't refuse. His wallet says yes but his Mrs and therefore his heart says no. Rip up his contract now and let him go.

I await the line up with interest. Oh and the result and performance...
Alan Clarke
12   Posted 01/01/2011 at 08:39:40

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If what Dave is saying is true and the players aren't arsed, it is still the manager's responsibility to do something about it. Should Moyes just shrug his shoulders and say 'fuck it, the players don't give a shit'? No, it's up to Moyes to change things and he won't because he's a stubborn bastard. He should say to Arteta "fuck off, find a bigger club that matches your ridiculous wages".

Moyes is in a lot better position than most other managers in that he has players who could generate a lot of income for his transfer budget. If players like Arteta, Pienaar, Fellaini, Heitinga and Saha aren't arsed then sell them. If players like Bily, Yak and Beckford aren't good enough then sell them. Use the money to invest in younger hungrier British players who will at least put the effort in and realise what a privilege it is to play for Everton. Bring the youth through. Play Baxter and Duffy. Moyes won't though, he'll just carry on persisting with the same old crap, while the club continues to pay underperforming players astronomical wages.

It's all very well pointing your finger at the players but it is still down to the manager to do something about it.
Dave Wilson
13   Posted 01/01/2011 at 11:33:13

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That's my point, Alan.

The manager did do something about it, but the fans ? even his supporters ? have rounded on him.

I sometimes think these players are bombproof. They can be crap week-in, week-out... and it's always somebody else's fault.

Anyway, Tuesday's gone, today's another game. I`m having a couple before the team is announced today.

Happy New Year, guys!

David Holroyd
14   Posted 01/01/2011 at 11:36:06

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Got two miles out of Stamford Bridge near York for the Boxing Day game when phone went turn round game off. Phew, just saved myself £80, cos even though I was looking forward to the game after the City win, you just new it was a flash in the pan. Moyes loves to get the players up for beating moneybags City the haves and have-nots.

But the WHU game bottom club mind and not to play a recognised striker well. Moyes has bought every player except Hibbert and Osman, spent most of £10 mill on Bily and won't play him, except for a few mins... has he lost the plot.
Andrew Laird
15   Posted 01/01/2011 at 13:46:42

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Who should make a stand with the manager when he is not performing?

Who should make a stand when the manager openly lambasts failing performers in the press but conveniently forgets about his underperforming favourites?

Yakubu has put in the best display all season in the loneliest role in football (vs Liverpool) and finally gets some form and scores a winner against Stoke, what is his reward? The bench. Moyes certainly made a stand with that decision didn't he?

Michael Brien
16   Posted 01/01/2011 at 14:52:54

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Sorry I think it is a bit of a cop-out to blame the players ? when things are going well, Moyes is quite prepared to accept all the plaudits... well it's time that he took responsibility and accepted the blame for his all too predictable and too cautious tactics.

He has signed 2 players in Yak and Bily who cost a combined total of £20 million. Yet he doesn't play them, how can either be expected to regain any semblance of form when they are in and out of the team and not given a run of games?

Many years ago, the great Dixie Dean was quoted as saying that if he had played alongside Peter Thompson and Ian Callaghan, he would have scored 100 goals in that record-breaking season. A recognition of the great skill of those two wingers from across the Park, and also a recognition of the importance to a striker ? even the greatest ? of service. Yak, Saha, Beckford and whoever plays in the striker role for Everton (is it really necessary to say lone striker we all know that's what it will be?) need to have decent service.

David Moyes is a good manager ? there, I have said it ? but he is a good manager who seems to have either rested on his laurels and his past acheivements and who seems to be unwilling or unable to adapt his tactics. He has become too predictable and too cautious. He needs to change before it is too late and if you can't recognise that then you are only fooling yourself.
Richard Harris
17   Posted 01/01/2011 at 17:33:01

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Make a stand and stop giving your hard earned money to Everton until Moyes resigns (or is sacked) and Kenwright fucks off back to theatre land. What does he bring to the club?
Daniel Johnson
18   Posted 01/01/2011 at 18:59:27

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Surely a good manager rises above the petty day-to-day sqaubbles.

He's there to pick the team to win the game, not make a point.

Cutting your nose off to spite your own face, springs to mind.
Roman Sidey
19   Posted 02/01/2011 at 13:36:34

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Richard Harris is the first one to say it. The only way anything has a chance of changing is if the supporters actually show they aren't happy and stop going to games. Although I know it still might not sink in to the stubborn, retarded pair of Bill and David. Imagine the excuses Moyes would come up with in his press conference if they played at home in front of 5,000 supporters ? "I thought the crowd was great."

ps: This made up quote is a direct rip of his praise for the defence against Stoke.

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