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Another incredible draw

By Michael Kenrick :  29/01/2011 :  Comments (134) :
The tie of the Fourth Round, a clash of Premier League giants, a repeat of the 2009 FA Cup Final... and a stunningly poor crowd of little more than 28,000 ? perhaps something of a comment from the less faithful Evertonians staying away perhaps in protest at the imminent conclusion of yet another potless transfer window for David Moyes that has seen ? far from any new and much-needed talent coming in to liven up the team ? his squad depleted even further.

Despite such limitations, Moyes was able to select something approaching his strongest side with the resources that remain, minus Tim Cahill who plays for Australia in the Asia Cup final tonight in Qatar. Newly signed up Anichebe was out with a groin strain.

Everton started brightly enough, pushing the ball forward and showing some decent control for the first 15 mins without really getting close. The spell included a good cross from Bily that was headed back at the far post by Coleman to no-one following in. Rodwell looked to have clipped a throw-in back for Bily running in but his contact was poor at the near post when he should have done better.

Chelsea won their first corner and then a soft free kick out wide that led to another corner which was headed just over by Terry. Everton's first corner from Baines was deep. After a long spell of possession football and square passes that went nowhere, Distin tried the Route One ball over everyone to Saha. Everyone, that is, except the last Chelsea defender, allowing the visitors to threaten again.

Some great work by Fellaini won the ball off Essien and a great through ball from Saha released Rodwell, who shot straight at Cech, a glorious chance squandered. Coleman then found Bily with a good cross but the Russian was called for a push as he headed wide of Cech. Chelsea broke off a foul by Neville and Anelka hit the post but he was offside.

Ramires then played in Anelka who forced a crucial save from Howard, bundling the ball behind when Anelka would normally have scored from such a chance. Another dreadful giveaway by Fellaini put more pressure on the home side. Coleman then beat two defenders from the sideline and lashed the ball wildly at goal, missing the target.

Malouda was given too much space and powered a strong shot from distance that would have hit the post but Howard clawed it away. Everton had had lots of possession but too often allowed promising controlled football to be spoilt by a lazy or sloppy ball that conceded possession far too cheaply to the somewhat unimpressive Chelsea players. Fellaini shaped up to shoot in space but took a fraction too long and his effort was blocked. Arteta shot from distance but it was weak and wide when power and accuracy were required.

The half had needed better touches from the likes of Bily and Rodwell, who's lack of precision had let Everton down at critical moments after what was otherwise a half-decent period of play from the Royal Blues.

Fellaini forced an early corner after the break but Cech gathered it too easily. Fellaini won the ball a little too aggressively on the Chelsea break that came to nothing. Coleman's persistence won the ball well off the Chelsea defence and he got the ball to Rodwell who was forced wide but crossed deep to the far post where Saha looked to make a tricky score but Malouda blocked it behind with an impossible interception.

Everton won a soft free-kick that Arteta swung in well and Fellaini powered his header at Cech. Arteta got another chance to shoot from distance but the execution was very poor. Coleman did well again to spring another Everton attack but Rodwell chose to play square rather than moving forward into space and the opportunity withered away in a swelter of more square passes and final desperate cross to no-one.

From another Everton corner, simple as you like, Saha at the far post, beat Terry, powerful header, goal. With Everton finally ahead, Bily tried an acrobatic kick that went high and wide. Cole was struggling to contain Coleman's exuberance down the right and should have been booked. A good spell of pressure saw possession coming back to Everton repeatedly but they failed to do anything with it as the clock ticked on.

Coleman won a free-kick in a good position, but Arteta, with the sun behind him, bashed it uselessly into the wall. Malouda made way for Kalou.

Everton pressed again,Coleman denied twice as he tried to power the ball home. The resulting corner allowed Chelsea to break and Kalou to run the length of the field too slot the ball far too easily past Howard for a thoroughly undeserved equalizer. Chelsea broke again from another Everton attack but Howard saved his shot.

Everton pressed, winning a couple of corners and pushing Chelsea back as they looked for the winner. Lampard, who had been thankfully ineffective, gave way for Mikkel with 5 mins left. Ramires drove the ball past Howard with a fearsome shot that smacked into the base of the post as Moyes made his masterstroke, cunningly bringing on Beckford for the poor Rodwell and switching to 4-4-2 long after Chelsea had equalized, with barely 5 mins left.

Beckford got a fantastic chance when Ivanovic sliced his clearance and the enigmatic forward forced a crucial fingertip save from Cech. Everton kept pushing but the flow was broken by Drogba rolling around on the ground before he jumped up to take a corner that flew wide of the far post and that was it. Another incredible, unbelievable draw against a rather poor Chelsea side. A great opportunity to beat Chelsea was simply not taken.

Reader Comments

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Simon Jenkins
1   Posted 29/01/2011 at 15:35:10

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Is this headline supposed to belittle Moyes yet again, Michael?

I think you should follow the general mood of the fans and aim your anger and frustration at the man who owns our club, not the man who is constantly expected to work miracles with ever diminishing and increasingly not replaced stock.

It was disappointing we never won, but we played well and we had a go. Chelsea are a quality side, and have been for over a decade. As much as people think 'we can match anyone on our day', the reality is they're a top 4 team, and we're a mid-table team. They're looking to spend £40m on Torres, we're spending £200k on a Greek kid. 'Incredible' is the correct word to be used, but not in a disparaging Moyes-mocking way.
Nelaj Behajiha
2   Posted 29/01/2011 at 15:48:04

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Can't complain just unlucky great performance today Moyes got to right. Hopefully we can win the replay and take a few thousand fans don't there.
Michael Kenrick
3   Posted 29/01/2011 at 15:46:19

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Absolute twaddle, Simon. Chelsea were very poor TODAY (and it's only today that matters).

The way we play, even when we play well, continues to impute total frustration from a manager who simply cannot get his players playing to their potential.

We should have slaughtered them today, and had we done so, Moyes would be getting all the plaudits, of course, But of course we didn't, and that for me will always be Moyes's fault.

Killer instinct? Don't make me laugh.
Col Noon
4   Posted 29/01/2011 at 15:49:28

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I am not a great fan of David Moyes but Simon Jenkins is spot on Michael. As for the match I am dissapointed as I thought overall Everton were the better side and when they upped the tempo 2nd half Chelsea struggled to cope. Chelsea were always going to score, Everton simply cannot defend a lead and this has become costly on more than one occasion. A replay at Stamford Bridge is the end of the cup run for Everton though I am afraid.
Kieran Kinsella
5   Posted 29/01/2011 at 15:35:08

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What's new? No doubt we'll hear some "Braveheart" crap from Moyes after we gallantly lose the replay.
Larry Boner
6   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:08:10

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Don't write Everton off at Stamford Bridge, we have a good record there and Cahill will be back.

The reason why Chelsea were poor today is simple, totally outplayed by the two Everton players Baines and Coleman, who not only nullified the Chelsea wide players, but dominated the play from the wings.

Almost total domination by Everton in the second half, but seriously what position was Howard in for the Kalou goal, come on!??

Slightest bit of lick and we would have been 2 up from the corner they broke away from.

But be afraid... the gate, only 28,000 for the tie of the round and Everton's last hope of glory, next season will be a watershed for Everton.

Colin Potter
7   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:02:02

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If Moyes would've played Beckford, even just for the second half, I feel we would have won quite easily, because Chelsea were very very poor today. He will just not take chances.

I don't think we will do too badly at the Bridge, I just feel it is an unnecessary extra match that we could do without.

Anybody got a spare set of balls for Moyes?

Simon Jenkins
8   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:17:05

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I'm sure you were watching a different game Michael.

I was at the match, and I saw Chelsea squander several good chances, including hitting the post.

They weren't that 'poor'. This idea that we should have 'slaughtered Chelsea'? Where do you get that from? Certainly not our form going into the match, or from this season. Do me a favour. We have only 2 fit strikers at the club in Saha and Beckford. We have Bily playing on the left, who flatters to deceive. Baines had an off day. We did well getting a draw, and maybe could have sneaked it. But a 'slaughtering'? Can't see that at all. The 'slaughter' should have happened last week vs West Ham.
Colin Potter
9   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:18:49

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Yes Larry, bad position from Tim Howard, and he is so slow going down.
Michael Kenrick
10   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:22:09

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That says it all

No further comment required.
Brian Waring
11   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:21:17

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Even first half, we were the better side second half. One thing I couldn't believe, is how poor Chelsea were, they looked like they couldn't give a fuck.

Just think we had to do it today, a replay we could do without, and can't see Chelsea being that bad again, on the other hand, you just never know.

Nice to see Bily get a start, thought he did okay. Think Baines is deffo missing Pienaar on the left with him.

By the way, were there any protests?

Dominic Ward
12   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:11:31

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Really pisses me, from the opening line, we know what anti-club crap you will come out with next Michael. Couldn't have been Everton made Chelsea look poor, no.Tell me a Blues team that has tried to play as much good football since 86.

I really am getting pissed off with all this negative shite. We can hold our own with most sides, ok passes went astray.. the lads are a good squad under the financial circumstances, (I can already imagine your riposte). Give the side some credit where it is due.

Brian Waring
13   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:27:57

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You are joking Michael, 28,376 against Chelsea?
Steve Guy
14   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:25:39

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Everton played well today and but for two excellent saves froom Cech would have won. Chelsski rallied late on but it should have been over by then. Bily needs a run in the side and looked more effective when he came inside and played in his natural position. Kalou is class and I groaned to myself when he came on and was unfortunately proved right. BTW lay off Howard he pulled off another couple of great saves.
David Powell
15   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:20:33

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How can any one seriously blame Moyes for what was without doubt our best performance of the season is beyond me. We were clearly the better team playing with width pace and no little skill. Chelsea were poor because we never gave them a second. Baines, Coleman, Saha were all excellent. Arteta played a lot better, Fellaini was excellent and I think to call Rodwell poor was plain wrong.

When we beat Chelsea last year we never played as well as we have today but luck was against us. Last week we were awful and got a draw; today we were great and got a draw. That's football.

I thought Moyes played a lot better looking team with Rodwell and Billy better than Beckford and especially Osman. I can understand why Moyes did not change the team in the second half as we were playing so well. I think Moyes played the players and the attacking game everyone wants to see.

Well played Everton with no luck.

Brian Waring
16   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:30:11

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Domonic, Chelsea were poor though; they just looked they couldn't give a fuck. It's as if they all had just heard of a bereavement in their families.
Glen Anderson
17   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:24:01

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Michael, love the unbelievably sophisticated, witty and incredible sarcasm but I somewhat agree with Simon.

While I cannot forgive Davey for making the sub on the 80th minute rather than the 60th (or half time), I do feel that Chelsea were poor today precisely because our players played to the peak of their abilities.

These players were scouted, purchased and man-managed by a certain Mr. Moyes on a shoestring budget and he's doing rather well to compete with billionaires.

Unfortunately, the bargain basement players are not quite a match for a regular Top 4 team with a solid defence and top keeper bought via an unlimited budget.

Our frustration should be aimed at the man who is seeking "investment" 24/7 rather than a "buyer" 24/7.
Neil Pearse
18   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:26:33

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Michael, I was wondering whether the following has ever occurred to you? That all these "poor" sides we are always playing, that every week we should "put to the sword", that just maybe they are being made to look poor because we are actually playing rather well and Moyes has got his tactics right?

Funny (as you point out most weeks) that SO MANY teams seem to play so badly against us!

But you must be right: the Premier League is basically a set of a very poor teams that we ought to beat pretty easily.

Anyone paying attention today might have noticed that we drew because we are were pushing hard for a second and pushed nearly all our players up at a corner ? so they could score on the breakaway.

But don't let that spoil the now well established script: we should easily have beaten such a poor team and only didn't because we didn't attack enough.

Moyes Out!
Dave Wilson
19   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:22:14

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The reason we dominated that game was because we kept our fooballers on and left the Championship players on the bench. Moyes got it spot on AGAIN against another multi-million pound team. Only a poxey goal and more poor finishing on our behalf stopped us twatting them.

Colin: did you actually watch the game? Ancelotti`s team, the one that has been taking all the plaudits just recently, were cowering for most of the game ? 10 men behind the ball and looking to snatch one on the break... but once again it was Moyes "who didnt have the balls".

Absolutely priceless.
Ste Traverse
20   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:39:31

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How many more goals are we going to concede from OUR corners before Moyes does something about this? We get caught on the break from them time and again. It smacks of bad organization.
Kieran Kinsella
21   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:44:46

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I agree with Kenrick that Chelsea were poor but I also thought Everton were incredibly slow to close down Chelsea. I can't count the number of times when our players were caught in possession whilst we gave Chelsea time and space (except for Neville who walked a tightrope).
Neil Pearse
22   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:45:42

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I agree Ste. The problem with Moyes is that he let our players become too attack-minded after we'd gone one up. If we'd kept our usual defensive discipline we would probably have seen out the game for a win. What on earth were we doing with so many players pushed forward to get a second goal?
Martin Mason
23   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:40:24

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I give nothing but praise to the team today and I really feel for them not taking the deserved win. We played some exceptional football and in Saha and Fellaini had the two outstanding players on the pitch. I can't honestly say any player had a bad game even Bily who can obviously play the game in the right position and in a decent run. Great counter attack by Chelsea for the equaliser.
Ross Keeley
24   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:59:33

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Michael, when you say "poor Rodwell" do you mean didn't play well poor or feel sorry for him poor. Have just read the report on the BBC Sport site and they say he was a candidate for Man of the Match. I only managed to catch the first fifteen minutes as had to go to work so just wondered what others felt was the more accurate account?
Thor Sørensen
25   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:52:02

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28,376 and we draw. Would we have won with 38,376?

I'd say yes.
Colin Malone
26   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:01:51

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Why can't we give that effort in every game???
Tony Cheek
27   Posted 29/01/2011 at 16:51:59

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Think we done well and it was US that made Chelsea look bad.

Most people might be raving about Saha, but why does he spend all game outside the box? He is the striker in a 4-5-1 formation and should be in front of goal or thereabouts all game. He is not! All his work is outside the box where he waits to get a shot in. He was good with his ball at his feet today, but it is in the wrong place.

As for Howard, well I am just wondering how bad Mucha must be, to not be able to knock Howard out of the team. Howard has cost us dear this season (10 points so far) and now a place in the FA Cup.
Thought Bily, Baines, Coleman were great today.

Glen Anderson
28   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:01:36

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Neil Pearse: We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. In the past we've sat back, soaked up waves of pressure and ultimately succumbed to an equalizing goal. Kudos to the team for actually attacking. Shame they nicked a goal.
Michael Kenrick
29   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:04:25

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I'm saddened and frustrated everytime I watch Rodwell. He gets into good positions but plays the ball backwards instead of forging ahead towards goal. He has a fantastic shot on him but someone has obviously told him not to shoot from long distance and instead to play the ball endlessly across the pitch.

It's probably not his fault, though... To my mind, there is only one person to blame for his failure to progress...

Glen Anderson
30   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:07:03

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Ross - Rodwell was relatively poor. Some of his passing was wayward and he was 'missing' for some parts of the match. No idea why anyone would say he's a candidate for MotM. For me that award goes to Fellaini all day long.
Chris Jones
31   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:01:34

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I was very impressed with the way we played today. There was a good balance to the side and we dominated what is still a decent Chelsea team. I've had my moments with Moyes - the dithering, the negative tactics against lesser teams and his persistence with some of the 'old faithful'. However, I think today proved we are a decent team - a team built by him and built steadily and assuredly. Hoofball is definitely long gone and the only thing we lacked to really take them to the cleaners was a bit more energy and decisiveness - maybe that's what Tim brings?

The fact that we've only lost 6 games out 26 (league and cup) shows that we are very close to being a really good team. Trouble is we've been saying that for a long long time and something's going to have to give. I'm more convinced than ever that it's BK who's the main problem at our club.
Neil Pearse
32   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:06:37

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Ross, one thing I think we learned again today is that Rodwell and Fellaini look a very good partnership in midfield. Both are strong players who hold the ball well, and play neat short passing moves to bring in the likes of Baines and Coleman.

The only clearly poor player on our team today was unfortunately again Arteta. When Cahill is back the obvious move is to drop Arteta, play Cahill with Saha, and Bily, Rodwell, Fellaini, and Coleman in midfield. Let's hope indeed that Moyes has the balls to do just that.
Glen Anderson
33   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:12:12

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Neil, I have to disagree with you. I thought that Rodwell was very poor today and Moyes probably agrees seeing as it was Rodwell and not Arteta who came off.

Arteta was nowhere near his best but did show signs of coming back into form and didn't have a bad game. Interested to know what other fans thought of his performance today.
Jon Beck
34   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:02:30

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I thought we were robbed today. Even first half, dominated the second half, after going 1-0 up I expected Chelsea to respond but we remained completely in control. I find it hard to accept the view that Moyes was negative, their goal came from an Everton corner which, in itself, was following a save and block from Coleman trying to double our lead. Arguably, if we had sat back we might have played out the 1-0 but I, for one, was happy we did try to kill them off.

I don't understand all the comments about the crowd size, if people don't want to or can't go that's their decision, especially for an early kick off, which is on TV when times are hard. I, for one, am glad I went.

I found only two things irritating, the small time Chelsea Fans, we would have taken our full allocation at their place (just wait for the replay) and we haven't had a sniff at a double since 1986!

The other thing was the strange incident in injury time in the 2nd half when we almost stopped, then Distin rather than passing forward to try and nick a goal, passed sideways and missed Neville by a country mile. WTF?

Lyndon Lloyd
35   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:16:47

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Michael, can we PLEASE knock this "incredible draw" crap off now? It's getting old.

Apart from the familiar crab imitations outside the opposition area in the first half and Saha spending far too much time outside the box than in it, I thought we were terrific in the second period today and desperately unlucky. We created some good chances for a change against a top-class defence (even if they looked decidedly less than top class on many occasions today).

Saha's acrobatic far-post volley goes in or Essien doesn't block Coleman's close-range shot (what tenacity, by the way, by Seamus) and we're basking in a superb win.

The players and Moyes have deserved criticism this season but today wasn't it. I was initially disappointed by the formation and I'm not convinced by Rodwell playing in the hole behind Saha but I have to admit we looked more secure in midfield than we have recently under the 4-4-2 line-up with Beckford.

If I have a gripe it's that Moyes should have put Beckford on as soon as they equalised to avoid the replay.
Neil Pearse
36   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:11:46

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Glen - I agree, and was being sarcastic about being too attack-minded. I was just pointing out to the likes of Michael (who maintains that we are dour and defensive whatever the evidence), that today we were actually undone by pushing up too much. Football matches are a bit more complicated than that we fail to win every week for being too defensive.

Our virtually sole problem this year is that we don't have a high quality striker. Saha played much better today, the five man midfield was the right tactics to dominate Chelsea, and Baines and Coleman completely nullified any threat from Bosingwa and Cole.

Moyes actually got it right and today we deserved to win. Last week against West Ham he got it wrong (we lost the midfeld to Parker despite Fellaini's efforts, and he would have been better playing Rodwell rather than Anichebe), and we deserved to lose.
Ross Keeley
37   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:21:25

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Thanks for the replies fellas. Won't be taking too much notice of the BBC website match reports in future then... COYB!
Glen Anderson
38   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:23:01

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Lyndon - Well said and I agree word for word 100%.
Michael Kenrick
39   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:16:01

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Nice try, Neil. But wrong on numerous counts.

As I always say, it's how the players play ON THE DAY and how the balance of the match goes. Clearly today it was in Everton's favour throughout. They had more desire, more possession than Chelsea. Normally we don't see that, so that was a good thing.

However, we didn't carry it through to the ultimate conclusion, and that for me is down to our dour spineless manager, who's demeanour has become one of fawning to the mightier teams he is honoured to pitch his plucky little Everton team against.

It's not so much a lack of attacking play but a failing to instill into his team a killer instinct, a real drive to play the ball forward with total determination when in possession, Instead there is this fear running through his team... a mentality that perfectly epitomizes the personality of their manager: hard-working honest underdogs. That is all we will ever be under this man. He drives me absolutely mad with anger at what might have been. Today, sadly was yet another classic example.

But guess what: all those media pundits who love him will be talking him up for "masterminding" another plucky display of over-achievement against the Premier League Champions. That may be good enough for you: it will never ever be good enough for me.
Al Reddish
40   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:19:07

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It seems like a typical dig at our manager this article. Maybe I am wrong?

For my part I thought the team selection and tactics were spot on, making a recently very good Chelsea team look poor. I was glad to see Bily and Rodwell start and this seemed to contribute to some really good football, though their lack of match sharpness was in evidence on more than one occassion.

Saha was up for it and Fellaini looked like a man possessed at times, easily my MOTM.

As for the substitution, this is usually my bug bare with Moyes, however I thought we were that far on top of the game, that it didn't need that much tinkering with this time. Well played, just unlucky. Roll on the replay!

Andy Peers
41   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:22:47

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Good performance today, unlucky to draw but I was happy with team selection. I don't think anyone played bad at all. Arteta was not on form but was somewhat useful. Would have liked to seen Beckford on for him after 60 mins but that would have been the only thing I would do different than Moyes.

Must admit this is probably the first time this season I agreed with Moyes on team selection. Keep it up, Davey, we will start winning with the way we played today. One point about Cahill is that we actually have scored more goals without him: in 5 games we have 12 goals. I like Tim a lot but I think our Team plays better without him.

Chris Jones
42   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:22:23

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The main reason we failed to win today was that the opposition had between the posts an outstanding goalkeeper who gave the sort of performance you would expect him to. When we were 1-0 up he made good saves from Fellaini and Coleman headers and, at 1-1 he pulled-off another from a Beckford shot.

I should also comment that I was disappointed Arteta put a free kick into the wall in the 2nd half when any decently hit shot on goal ? given the sun was in Cech's eyes ? could easily have produced a goal. Moyes agreed to pay this man £75k per week.

Moyes should resign, not.
Neil Pearse
43   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:28:47

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We disagree completely Michael. I wouldn't go over the top about Moyes today (this wasn't Mourinho against Barca), but we dominated Chelsea today because Moyes got his selection and his tactics spot on. And from the off - and particularly in the second half - we aggressively took the game to them. They will know that they were very lucky to get a draw today.

That stuff we now do in front of the opponents' penalty area, often going from side to side - it's called "passing". It's probing for a gap and an opportunity rather than hoofing it up the park. It's what Arsenal do much better than us because they've got much better players. I suppose Moyes could go back to hoofball if you'd really like him to.

And for all you 4-4-2 lovers: if we'd played that with Beckford on today we would not have controlled the midfield for nearly all the match. Watching today I am sure that Moyes made a mistake playing 4-4-2 last week against West Ham. Hopefully he will stop reading Toffeeweb in future!
Sam Hoare
44   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:36:35

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Have to say I thought we were pretty good today.

Chelsea not top of their game but let's not forget they hammered Bolton last week and are still one of the top teams in Europe.

We outplayed them all over the park and but for a little rub could easily have won 3-0. Sadly when you're down things seem to go against you a little.

Coleman, ran rings around the best left back in the world and Fella dominated in midfield again. Baines and Saha also had great matches. Thought Billy worked hard too.

Please God we keep at that level and start converting some more chances. I still have faith... just.
David Booth
45   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:35:20

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Hear hear Lyndon and the vast majority of other posters on here.

This continual 'it's all Moyes' fault' mantra is becoming really tiresome.

We made Chelsea look poor today and should have won the game.

But to classify them as a 'poor' team is completely of a longer-term context.

They had their chances too and, being the rather good side they are (champions AND FA Cup holders in case you'd forgotten Michael), they got the 'luck' their current pedigree often earns them.

I was proud of Everton today. We made one of the best teams in the country look inferior with an all-round display of growing confidence, no small amount of skill on the ball, and passion from start to finish.

Like at Anfield, I'm disappointed we didn't manage to win a game that was within our grasp. But there are two teams on the pitch and David Moyes only gets as far as the technical area.

I think he deserves credit for the team selection and the way we played today ? not such predictable sarcasm from Mr Kenrick.

Change the record, it's getting really tedious.
Mike Allison
46   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:41:43

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I don't understand criticising an opponent AND criticising ourselves at the same time. They were playing us, so if they played poorly, that's directly related to the way we played. You can't say we're bad because we failed to beat Chelsea who were poor. They're Chelsea, they did the double last year, have spent £???million pounds on their squad and probably have double the wage bill we do. If they played badly then we deserve credit for making that happen.

Today was the same as ever, we were decent but lack incision and creativity going forward. In particular we don't strike quickly when we win the ball back, preferring instead to slow down and allow the opposition to get men behind the ball. You can't take all the good stuff Moyes does well for granted and give him no credit, but still want to jump down his throat for his short comings, it simply doesn't make sense.
Andy Peers
47   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:44:05

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about the 4-4-2 it only works with the right players in place. Osman and Anchibe are not good for us in any formation and it showed against West Ham. 4-4-2 could have worked today and I would have tried it after 60 minutes when I believe Chelsea were there for the kill.
Al Reddish
48   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:28:19

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"However, we didn't carry it through to the ultimate conclusion, and that for me is down to our dour spineless manager, who's demeanour has become one of fawning to the mightier teams he is honoured to pitch his plucky little Everton team against"

Michael, the above is a load of shit. Is our record this season not good against the SKY 4/5 then. Our problem this year is breaking down the lesser teams... remember, I'm sure you mentioned it before.

Also you come out with the negative crap but did we not have more shots than Chelsea today. Maybe Moyes has instructed his players to shoot but not score!?

And finally, you reckon Moyes tells Rodwell to get in some great positions to score, then turn away and pass it back. If you blame him for the lack of Rodwell's progression, you must also recognise the good he did in making Rooney the player he is and turning Championship players into great players i.e. Cahill, Jags, Lescott etc etc

Neil Pearse
49   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:50:28

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Can we just end this "there for the kill", "ready to be put to the sword" horseshit? It's nonsense.

Chelsea were not having a great day. Mainly because we were pressurising them so strongly. But they still had the likes of Ramires and Essien (world class defensive blocks), Cech (world class saves), and Kalou (a very fine break) on the pitch. We were dominating them; but we were not playing some disorganised pub team rabble.

Indeed, in the Premier League today, we never do. A little bit more acknowledgement that we generally play other well-managed football teams with some good players (usually more good players actually than we have) wouldn't go amiss.
Max Main
50   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:29:44

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Off topic, but can someone help me out. Does anyone know who the co-commentator was on Fox Soccer Channel? I thought he was good but couldn't work out who it was and missed whenever they announced it.

Michael Kenrick
51   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:46:48

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Neil, thanks for that explanation about the crab passing. I thought the purpose was to hold back and give the opposition defence a chance to get themselves organized so that, when you do penetrate and score, the subsequent coaching analysis can bask in the glory of the brilliantly constructed demolition of a massed defence... (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

Lyndon, I notice you keep deleting my references to "incredible unbelievable draws"... what was this? 13 so far this season.

For me the original quote from Moyes regarding his incredible, unbelievable achievements at Anfield was not only incomprehensible in its abject stupidity, but confirmed exactly what many of us had thought about his moribund mentality. And it's that mentality I now have the biggest problem with. Every draw just goes to underline the frustrations and limitations of this man as Everton manager.

As for your coulda, woulda shoulda stuff... again, the failure to convert chances reflects the mentality of a manager whose first priority is not scoring goals. His mentality clearly communicates to the players, and shapes the way they play. That's what I see when I watch us play. Others may not see this, but it fits with what I see on the field, and provides a sad logical connection to the increasing failures we are witnessing as we decline.

At least no-one is claiming we are still "making progress" under him.
Steve Higham
52   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:49:11

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I dont know what game you where watching Michael but it was'nt the same one as me. I have been a critic of Moyes but he set us up just right today, and got his team selection and tatics just right.

Come on let's be honest here it was loads better than last week. I think any one saying Chelsea where poor are not giving enough credit to the lads today. We looked a good balanced side today, I just hope we can continue in a similar vein in the weeks ahead.

The financial situation at the club is not great and is cause of extreme concern but today's performance at least cheered me up after last week's nightmare

Come on people lets give credit when it's due.

Jamie Barlow
53   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:04:59

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Michael@29. Blaming Moyes for Rodwell not shooting. Pathetic drivel.
Al Reddish
54   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:11:57

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This "incredible and unbelievable" draw thing has also been taken out of context. Moyes had mentioned this in terms of ours and Liverpool's different spending powers and was basically saying that with their spending power, we shouldn't even be able to compete on the pitch with them.
James Stewart
55   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:17:55

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Opportunity missed. Chelsea were crap and most other sides would have put them out today.

We bottled it at 1-0. Moyes should have broken up the game and used some subs. Also Bily is totally wasted out wide and should be moved central. The use of Rodwell behind the striker is baffling. He looks awful there and I really don't get why Moyes is persisting with that. Only plus points were again Fellaini. And maybe even bigger was Arteta I thought he had a good game and looked more like his old self.
Brian Waring
56   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:23:38

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Did the protest go ahead today, or is everything in the garden rosey again, because we got a draw with Chelsea, and BK is great again because he's a true blue???
Paul Thompson
57   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:04:46

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After all the 'no put to piss in' gloom this week, the performance today was something of a tonic. Yes, we all know the limits to the side, but this was good football, a much better shape and strong commitment. Bily and Rodwell were not our best players, but they did ok and should be given a run. I think Coleman's abilities have been over-praised on this site, but he was excellent today and showed a good understanding with Neville. Saha is really coming back into form - like many strikers it's a lot about confidence. This is a good first XI. Our problem - to return to the pot and the piss - is that it is dangerously thin.
Leon Perrin
58   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:17:37

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It's interesting the greater the defence of Moyes, the lower the attendance.
Mark Wayman
59   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:14:36

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Personally I thought we played really well today, we were the only team in the game for the most part.

Didn't think any of the players had a stinker. Better performance from Arteta, Coleman was outstanding. Saha in terms of keeping possession and movement was excellent, haven't seen that quality from him for a long time. Unfortunately, his good work was in midfield or on the flanks too far from goal to make an impact, this left no-one in attack mostly.

A draw feels like a missed opportunity to me.

We have had some woeful results, mainly from woeful finishing this season, because the play has been good, up to the oppostion area we're it really counts. There is a thinking that had we a regular goalscorer we would be flying high in the table and that is the main reason we are were we are. That is probably correct. It saddens me to say that getting that goalscorer is unlikely, it is more likely that eventually the quality we do have will seek pastures new or be to old for the highest level. That would be a damn shame.
Brian Waring
60   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:30:24

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Mark, fans from most of the teams in the Prem probalby say the same thing every week, if only we had a regular goalscorer.
John Audsley
61   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:17:04

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Not able to be at the game due to work commitments but did the "alleged protest" happen in any form???

Im guessing it didnt

Looks like no new players in any form then, wonder if more will leave???

Kenwright's a fookin amatuer
David Mathieson
62   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:13:05

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We will lose at Stamford Bridge no doubt. Moyes has beat Chelsea once in 30 odd games. The one occasion Moyes managed to do this was when John Terry had a stinker, around the time of Terry being stripped of the England captaincy. Terry had an enforced leave of absence after that game, to clear his mind.

Under Moyes we play like a conference team, playing for set pieces, defensive boring awful football. Last season if we beat the ten men of Liverpool; minus Torres and Gerrard, we would have qualified for Europe and I am sure Pienaar would still be here. Moyes was happy we only lost by one at Anfield to ten men, taking into consideration the gap in finances between the two clubs, his general comments violate my ears. By his logic we should be competing with Arsenal because they have a net spend roughly the same as us over the last ten years. It is amazing how many blues tolerate this man, in my opinion they are the same blues who voted for us to go to Kirkby about 60% of our fan base. The difference between stupidity and genius is genius has limits, exemplified by the Kirkby fiasco.

Moyes has to go simple as, he is out of his depth at Everton and he can take 60% of Evertonians with him as far as I am concerned. During his time at Everton Moyes has not won once away from home against Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, ten years, it?s disgusting. At the moment the likes of Blackpool Bolton Blackburn Newcastle Stoke Sunderland are all above us. Yet Moyes can do no wrong, try spell it out for you: his team, his players, his tactics, his fault.
Neil Pearse
63   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:32:53

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Brian Waring - perhaps you didn't spot that three of our competitors paid over 20 million pounds each for regular goalscorers in recent days? While we struggle on without even a new loanee. There is a difference. And that is where our big problem is. Not with Moyes or his balls.

Paul Olsen
64   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:36:26

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I´ll just say we played really well today. Fellaini was truly magnificent and Coleman full of energy. Saha is again looking a good player and Bily played his best full 90 in an Everton shirt. We played some nice football!

All in all a good day, except for the result.
Michael Kenrick
65   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:23:05

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Maybe the difference here is that I didn't have the dubious pleasure of watching last week's exhibition, as I was stuck somewhere in the Andes with no internet connection. Perhaps this was such a contrast for those of you who suffered through the West Ham game that you are relieved and pleased with another incredible unbelievable draw against a team with so much in terms of riches and resources compared to ourselves....

An increasing number of Evertonians now seem to accept and believe this line of thinking, in step with the manager who never used to produce such guff in better times, and instead buckled down and got on with his (highly remunerated) job.

Talking of which, this from Mike Allison: You can't take all the good stuff Moyes does well for granted and give him no credit, but still want to jump down his throat for his short comings, it simply doesn't make sense. ? Er... so he does his job properly and everyone is expected to swoon? Not me, sorry. The stuff he gets right is at a very basic level: his shortcomings are what have always held us back.

Of course we are going to focus on them: in order for us to be successful under him, those shortcomings MUST be addressed and rectified. Simply turning a blind eye and talking up "the positives" leads absolutely nowhere... And I guess that's exactly where we are going now on the back of all this fawning "Moyes is Wonderful" shite.

Unlike many of you, it seems, I don't think drawing a game like today's is Okay. We needed to win it. The fact that we didn't is front and centre for me. None of these lame excuses for yet another failure overseen by Manager Moyes can compensate for that.

Brian Waring
66   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:38:15

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Neil, all I said was that fans of other teams probably say the same thing.

A couple of examples, who the pundits, and I can imagine their fans, always go on about: Wolves and West Brom ? if only they had someone to put the ball in the back of the net, who knows where they would be.
Andy Roberts
67   Posted 29/01/2011 at 17:35:50

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Credit where credit is due. Much better performance from a team selection, which I think, showed that we have a first eleven to match anyone in the league, when Moyes actually picks it. Midfield had more drive, pace, quality and physicality with Rodwell and Bily playing.

Once again, Felliani and Baines were outstanding. Coleman showed fantastic commitment and energy. Arteta better than previous performances this season.

Chelsea are still a good team but,as has been already said, they weren't allowed to play. Same commitment and quality for the rest of the season and we may rescue some pride. If only we had two pennies to rub together!!

David Booth
68   Posted 29/01/2011 at 18:54:48

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To quote Mr Kenrick: "lame excuses for yet another failure overseen by Manager Moyes..."


Did Everton lose 3-0 today - or did we outplay last season's double winners and only fail to beat them due to their fortunate equaliser on the breakaway?

Still suffering from post-Andes oxygen-starvation I can only assume?

Glen Anderson
69   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:10:40

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David Booth #68 - I suspect that Michael Kenwrick's vitriol is aimed at the fact that our club's manager is a) not one of the best in the world, b) yet lauded by his peers and c) extremely high-paid.

Of course, superb managers grow on trees so Kenwright should simply sack Moyes and just pop down to the superb world class manager tree and pick one. Then we'll suddenly start beating Man U, Chelsea, City, Arsenal et al week-in, week-out.
Al Reddish
70   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:17:53

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It's probably an attention seeking thing like Jordan. She kept getting bigger and bigger tits the more popular she became, until the only tit you noticed was Jordan herself.
Jamie Carroll
71   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:23:10

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The pundits can praise Davey all they like, but why oh why put Beckford on with 5 mins remaining? It's the same old tactics holding back Everton from beating teams. Now, with a replay at the Bridge, it will be much harder down there.

Will Moyes ever learn? No.

Jamie Crowley
72   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:19:23

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There's been so many times this season to berate Moyes and the Club. Today was not one of them.

They played well. I actually enjoyed watching. And most importantly for the first time in eons I didn't want to throw a shoe through the television when they showed the starting line-up.
Dave Wilson
73   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:00:39

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Brian you really are having a laff, these teams would still yoyo because they are shite.

If Everton had a 20m+ striker we would be challenging for honours.

When we havent been twatting Spurs, Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Liverpool. recently the have been scraping "incredible Unbelieveable" negative and more to the point totally fucken undeserved draws against us.

Get the difference ?
Alan Clarke
74   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:39:00

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The thing is, Michael, we are "plucky underdogs". Kenwright has turned us into a small club. We're skint, we have no decent strikers and we won't ever sign one either. Chelsea have Drogba, Anelka and Kalou and have just tabled a £35 million for the ladyboy. So we really can't expect anything against Chelsea. Read Tony Marsh's article for some perspective. We're fucked.
Tony Cheek
75   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:27:13

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I agree Michael, today we should have won. We played our best 90 mins of the season but the killer touch in front of goal wasnt there. Could this have something to do with that by far our most dangerous striker played only 10 mins? Saha is not tough enough to get where the goals are scored, Beckford is and Cahill is. Saha breaks my heart every time he starts, a truly great touch, but just does not get in amongst them. Same size balls as DM!
Brian Waring
76   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:33:05

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Jamie (# 71 ) I think thats one of the problems, we were well on top in the second half, we know Saha and Beckford can work togethor, so why not get Beckford on earliar?
Saha kept dropping too deep at times, putting Beckford on earliar with his pace would have given Chelsea another problem to worry about, and would have meant Saha having more space to work in.
Glen Anderson
77   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:44:03

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Alan Clarke @ #74 - Although it pains me to say it. Nail on head!
Denis Richardson
78   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:19:36

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Well, a disappointing draw in the end but we gave it a good go I thought. We were the better team on the day but got sucker punched by the counter.

Think its a bit harsh to blame Howard for the goal given the shot went through Distin's legs and also was right in the far corner ? don't think many keepers would have stopped that IMO.

On the whole I cannot fault the manager too much on this game, the sub was too late but upto the equaliser, there was only one team in it. The starting line-up seemed balanced and it's nice to see Jonny still playing in defence and not midfield even though Jags is back.

Also I wish someone would lamp Drogba, the guy is such a twat with his rolling around pretending to be injured. Just wish our players had not stopped at the end and played to the whistle.

Hope for the best in the replay ? our name is still in the draw for the next round.
Brian Waring
79   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:40:56

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Sorry Dave, I forgot how great we have been this season. God, if only we could have won every game this season, like we deserved too, we would be top of the league now.

By the way Dave, we twatted Spurs and the shite at home, but we never twatted Man Utd, you know before we got that late equaliser against them, they missed a load of chances at 3-1 to have well and truly have put the game to bed.

We went 2 up against Man City, and for most of the game we were on the back foot. The Shite at Anfield, we were fucking woeful 1st half and could have been 3 - 4 down, hardly twatted them.
Amit Vithlani
80   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:38:08

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A poor match report from the Editor in my opinion, lacking in objectivity. Did you really watch the game?

Rodwell playing side ways and backwards? What total shit.

The bloke made some fantastic runs. He had an excellent chance in the first half and delivered a peach of a cross from which Saha was unlucky not to score. He tired towards the end of the game, but at the age of 19 and having completely bossed Lampard and Essien perhaps that was not surprising.
Kieran Kinsella
81   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:00:42

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Everton football club is like the wedding cake in "Great Expectations" and the fans are like Miss Havisham.
Dave Wilson
82   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:51:31

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Sorry Brian I missed the bits were you list all our defeats? Oh sorry they none of them beat us did they.

You forgot to mention all the chances we had against Man U too... but after hammering them last time we played them I can understand how they went all negative towards the end.

We twat City for fun; although both Spurs and the shite were negative on their own middens, we should have won those games too.

But you ignore all that, don't you Brian. You bet against your own team... and you come on feeling sorry for opposition when WE get an equaliser.

I`ll continue to stay positive myself, at least I can enjoy the game... even when these so-called top teams get poxey draws against us.
Jamie Crowley
83   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:59:30

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Dennis @ 78:

I agree with you 100% regarding Drogba. He's an absolute embarrasment to the sport.

I actually looked at 2 of my kids when we watched Drogba rolling around and told them if I ever saw them do that I'd pull them out of any game they played in instantaneously and embarass the shit out of them in front of everyone.

I then mumbled something about Drogba having no penis... and he should play in a co-ed league.

His displays are disgusting.
Chris Jones
84   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:49:15

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Our glorious editor observes "...again, the failure to convert chances reflects the mentality of a manager whose first priority is not scoring goals. His mentality clearly communicates to the players, and shapes the way they play..."


And just in case you didn't see them, Cech plulled off three good saves in the second half - one of these from a Coleman header that was then instantly followed by a great block by a defender as Seamus lamped the re-bound - the deflection off the defender's leg spinning over the bar for a corner (it might just as easily ended up in the onion bag).

Doubtless Coleman, bought as a full back but converted into a rather effective attack-minded flanker (who at times made Ashley Cole look ordinary), had the Boss' negative words spinning through his head as he risked a broken leg in his efforts to score - and this coming after he'd flattened his opponent while launching himself for the earlier header. Michael, watch it again on MotD and explain to me please how this characterises a negative, goal shy nature?! Ditto Billy's speculative over the shoulder shot and then our conceding a goal because we'd over committed for the corner, looking for a second, killer goal.
Ian Brown
85   Posted 29/01/2011 at 19:56:36

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Well done to EFC today, thought we were exellent. Felli really is a cut above, it might sound like bollocks but I truly believe a class striker and quality winger could take us to the next level, although Bily has to be given a run now.

Problem is we know it ain't gonna come, there is no money, there won't be for a long time, we have to hope that football changes because Everton won't in the current Premier league, and as shit as Kenwright is, it's not all his fault.
Brian Waring
86   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:11:47

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So I take it in your world Dave, Newcastle didn't deserve to beat us, even though they took the piss?
West Brom didn't deserve the tonking the gave us?
I take it we deserved the late equaliser the other week against West Ham, even though they were the better team?
Stoke didn't deserve to beat us the other week when we were shite?
I suppose Blackpool didn't deserve the 2-2 draw?

Dave at the end of the day, the facts are, we are fucking skint, 5 pts of a relegation place, we have 27pts from a possible 69pts, that a massive 42pts dropped, but I suppose that okay because we twatting everyone in sight???
Nick Flack
87   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:25:51

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Amazing Michael. I think maybe you were sat behind a pillar in the mainstand, because for me, and the lads sat round me, Moyes' tactics were nailed on. You say the attendance says it all? No, I think the fact that Lampard and Essien were pretty much bystanders for their time on the pitch says a lot more. The game was played around them, by a very disciplined Everton midfield. Yes, Rodwell seemed a little restrained, but I think the reason he's not commanding a regular spot in the 11 was clear today, every time he tried to find a pass further than 20 yards he gave it away.

Back to the attendance: We play on Tuesday (ok, away), and home on Saturday, I think maybe that had more to do with the low figures rather than any scouse sixth sense when it comes to football.

Simon Jenkins
88   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:29:50

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Well said Lyndon #35.

Michael #65, and numerous other posts - you really have it in for Moyes? I find that 'incredible' that you continue to blame him for anything and everything - his tactics (you know, despite losing one of his best players midway through a season), the lack of progress Rodwell is making - who's to say Rodwell would have become a world-beater anyway? The lad is getting games, if he's playing poorly, how is that Moyes' fault? Don't say 'coaching in training'; in that case, why has Coleman come on in leaps and bounds since Moyes gave him his chance and has stick with him? As for the West Ham game that you didn't see last week - yes, I sat through it and yes, it was poor. And yes, today was a million times better than last week.

Thor #25: "28,376 and we draw. Would we have won with 38,376? I'd say yes."

I take your point, but as much as an extra 10,000 fans would provide encouragement, I think an extra £10m in the transfer kitty for Moyes would probably have made more of a difference in the outcome of the match. A Darren Bent, for example, playing alongside Saha, would have won that game for us today. We're drawing games because we can't finish teams off, because our finishing isn't good enough, because we have no money to buy better players.

And to paraphrase Michael, that all boils down to one person - and it isn't Moyes....
Leon Perrin
89   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:06:05

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To all you Moyes defending, media influenced, rent a stat, merchants who know zip about football, you're wrong, Clement Attlee bits of paper wrong and your causing damage. By propping Moyes up you're prolonging mediocrity and quite possibly the death throes of this club.

You can't see it, but it's nearly 10 years now and in that time he once reached 4th, it's unravelled ever since.

He's wandering around like football's Gordon Brown, let him go. A change is as good as a rest and judging by todays attendance more are taking a rest from this shit.

Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
90   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:40:36

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Lyndon, I notice you keep deleting my references to "incredible unbelievable draws"... what was this? 13 so far this season.

See comment no. 35. I resolved a long time ago to stop the editorialising of the homepage news so we keep it as neutral as possible and leave personal opinion to the articles. That's why we have columns and the Editor's Blog.

The mocking "incredible unbelievable draw" references are indicative of your personal agenda against Moyes, one for which ToffeeWeb is being roundly criticised and ridiculed and I don't want to be associated with it in the form of our reportage anymore, hence me raising this publicly.

You have a loud and powerful voice with the Match Summary being front and center of the reports page and the Ed Blog postings after the match and that should be sufficient without it infiltrating the news portions of the site, in my opinion.
David Powell
91   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:15:59

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"As for your coulda, woulda shoulda stuff... again, the failure to convert chances reflects the mentality of a manager whose first priority is not scoring goals. His mentality clearly communicates to the players, and shapes the way they play" ? Michael, the above is pathetic do you think?

David Moyes must say to Saha Beckford Vaughan Yakubu Anichebe Johnson Beattie Rooney Jeffers ete etc please dont score goals as this would make me a good manager but please all you defenders at all costs stop them scoring because that would make me a great manager. Please admit that you are backing your self into a corner and we played well today and were very unlucky not to win and David Moyes could not be blamed for the formation or the great football we played. Are you just playing "devils advocate" to try and get more people contributing to ToffeWeb? We all want ToffeWeb to maintain its credibility so we need the editors to talk common sense, in my opinion.

John Daley
92   Posted 29/01/2011 at 21:02:07

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"Ancelotti`s team, the one that has been taking all the plaudits just recently..."

How recently? They've been on a shit run of late and only picked up in the last couple of games. Drogba can't be arsed at the moment, Lampard doesn't look fully fit and Terry always struggles to cope with Saha for some reason. With their main men well off colour, Chelsea were there for the taking today.

"And for all you 4-4-2 lovers: if we'd played that with Beckford on today we would not have controlled the midfield for nearly all the match"

Maybe not, but we might have scored a winner? We've 'controlled' the midfield in the majority of games. We just don't do fuck all with it most of the time.
Col Noon
93   Posted 29/01/2011 at 21:18:27

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As Chris Jones (84) states "Tosh". I 100% agree with this as Michael Kenrick's match reports only act as a platform to attack Moyes and gain more followers in doing so. Like I have stated on more than one occasion: I am not a big fan Moyes, and have often thought that a more dynamic and expansive manager would get more from this current sqaud. I would never however question that he has done a remarkable job in extremely difficult circumstances.

We played well today and in parts were excellent, the fact that Chelsea broke from a corner and scored however is not Moyes's fault directly. It's getting more and more tiresome by the week Michael.
Colin Potter
94   Posted 29/01/2011 at 21:05:48

Report abuse

Leon Perrin ? These Moyes luvvies always conveniently forget, the 4th place was at both ends as well!

Dave Wilson ? Yes, I watched the match, I also saw quite a few times no-one in the penalty area, because Saha was doing his best on the left wing. So yes, Moyes should have had the balls to put Beckford on sooner, instead of the idiocy of 5 minutes.

Oliver Molloy
95   Posted 29/01/2011 at 21:34:12

Report abuse

Brian @ 86
your comment

"I take it we deserved the late equaliser the other week against West Ham, even though they were the better team?

really is silly.
Jay Harris
96   Posted 29/01/2011 at 21:27:04

Report abuse

I do believe that was our best side out there today and we were unlucky not to win with Coleman,Baines and Fellaini outstanding for me and Kudos to Saha for a class header.

However, I can see Michael's point. WE DO LACK KILLER INSTINCT ? the only problem is that costs in excess of £30 million just ask Berbatov or Torres.

IMO we lost our way when Yak got injured and Moyes wasnt allowed to bring another top class striker in.

It is absolutely disgraceful that a club of our standing sells or loans out players of the calibre of Yak and Pienaar and even Vaughan and Neill and cannot even afford the wages for a loanee.

Imagine what a difference a Bellamy or SWP would have made to our season.

Tim O'Connell
97   Posted 29/01/2011 at 20:32:53

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We outplay the League and Cup holders and yet we still have many negative posts. The reality is we are bottom of the stats of conversion of chances to goals and we are skint so that we cannot go and buy a striker to try and rectify it. We all have have an opinion as to to whether BK can do anything about it as surely we agree it is up to him not DM but let's park this debate and look at the team and performances.

This season is incredibly frustrating to all of us because we thought we have the best squad for 20-odd years but the reality is fundamentally we have not got the fire power to consistently compete and don't have the financial resources to rectify it. In the main we have played well this season but with an element of bad luck and an element of reality that we haven't got the best firepower and an element that some of our key players like Mikey have been off-form has resulted in our frustration.

Today Fellaini was my MotM followed closely by Seamus and then Baines ? non of the multi-millionaire Chelski team came close. Surely we should be proud of this?

I must also mention that there were signs that Mikey was getting back to normal. Jack was ok today (no more) but why the hell make criticism of him? He is potentially key to our future and we need to support and not knock! I am proud to be a blue and while I respect that that at times we need to criticise; today should not be one of them.

To me we have done incredibly well under DM because we have had limited resources and we have to take a reality check. The key question is whether we can/should be able to attract investment to compete. If not then we have to just get behind the team and hope that we can continue to punch above our weight and keep hold of the real talent like Fellaini.

John Daley
98   Posted 29/01/2011 at 21:26:11

Report abuse

Although Bily put in a shift today it was noticeable that he and Baines were not on the same wavelength a lot of the time, and consequently, we didn't look as strong down the left hand side. Baines had a much better game than Ashley Cole though, who seemed to be getting increasingly rattled by Colemans pit bull like persistence. I got my hopes up that the toady little tosser was going to get himself sent off at one point. Although the ref did seem in a strangely lenient mood today. Which was a good job for Phil Neville in the first half.

Also, do goalkeepers never wear caps anymore? Howard was constantly struggling to shield his eyes from the sun when taking goal kicks. Ok, so you might look a dick but that never used to put scruffy arl Nev off.
Dermot Ryan
99   Posted 29/01/2011 at 22:22:42

Report abuse

I'll just add my 10 cents. Thought we played really well. Great shift by all the lads against a great team that is getting back to form. And even when in patchy form, look at the squad we were up against!! Anelka, Drogba, Essien, Malouda, Kalua. Any of those would walk into our squad. And can punish any squad in the league. And we definitely should have won. Ancellotti watched a great team outplay his 200 million pound team and is heading down to London thrilled he got a draw. And Coleman totally rattled Cole. Absolutely great to watch passion outdo arrogance.

So many positives to take from the game, I can't believe how negative some people are.

Some people on here have to get real. We're a club with absolutely no money, playing in a shit stadium, with a thin squad put together on absolute buttons and we have managed to assemble a team that plays attractive football and can compete with the absolute best in Europe. Sure, we don't show up half the time, but when we do, ffs, have the ability to recognize it.

Do I wish we had more money and a different owner? Absolutely. Am I angry and depressed about our season? Yes. Do I think Moyes has some measure of blame for our underperformance? Yes. Do I wish we had won today? Absolutely. But when we play well, I think we can drop the whinging for an afternoon and celebrate being an Evertonian. Even when you don't win.
Andy Crooks
100   Posted 29/01/2011 at 22:31:25

Report abuse

However well we played today the outcome was the same as much of the season. We started the season badly as usual and David Moyes was happy with his squad. I really don't think a £20 million striker would make a difference. Everton under David Moyes is a strikers' graveyard. For me, today was as disappointing as any day this season.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
101   Posted 29/01/2011 at 22:46:24

Report abuse

Lyndon, while we are in agreement over editorializing of the News items featured on the homepage, I don't think you can extend the policy in quite the same way to ensure the match reports are presented in the same dispassionate and neutral tones.

For me, it's still about the football above all else. And since these particular items are purely generated from within, based on what you and I perceive as our take on the game, then some degree of colour is not only reasonable but to be expected.

As far as the "incredible unbelievable draws" business is concerned, surely it cannot have escaped your notice that, since Moyes uttered that ridiculous comment, he has manage to oversee only draws in all of the games subsequently played... This is not of my doing, but am I alone in seeing some painful irony there that definitely merits comment in the context of the corresponding match reports?

Yes, I agree it's been overdone ? but it is only in response to the succession of draws achieved on the field. You seem to miss the point that, if the sequence included anything but draws, then the metaphorical spell he appears to have put on us would be broken. As it is, even in this astounding season of draws instead of wins, that's now three in a row ? something even he's not achieved before.

I think it's unfortunate that you buy into this "loud and powerful voice" business too; I am merely one of a group of Evertonians that presents their views of the match on here. That I strive to do it soon after the match ends is purely to fill the immediate post-match vacuum and get some discussion going about the game. This should in no way affect the "volume" of my analysis ? a completely spurious assertion if you think about it for a moment.

All I want ? primarily to uphold the timeliness and relevance of the website ? is that there is a decent match-related thread up there ready for post-match discussion as soon as is practical after the end of the game. Circumstances mean that I am disposed to make it happen, but it doesn't have to revolve around a report from ME.

So ? this is an open invitation for anyone watching the game on TV, with laptop in hand, as I do: if anyone else is willing to send in a half-decent summary of the game, asap after the final whistle, we can of course use that instead.

Just make sure it gets in before I'm ready to post mine!

Lyndon Lloyd
Editorial Team
102   Posted 29/01/2011 at 23:44:12

Report abuse

Lyndon, while we are in agreement over editorializing of the News items featured on the homepage, I don't think you can extend the policy in quite the same way to ensure the match reports are presented in the same dispassionate and neutral tones.

Absolutely agree. My point didn't extend to the match reports, merely the Headline News summaries of the game which I think need to be as dispassionate as possible except, perhaps, ? and here's the double standard of running a football site but one with which no one would argue ? in the case of a superb win!

I think it's unfortunate that you buy into this "loud and powerful voice" business too;

Again, I think you've misconstrued my point. The "loud and powerful" comment wasn't intended to insinuate anything negative; I was merely pointing out that there is ample room for both of us to present our views in as forthright a manner as we choose in the editorial/article sections of the site (and, again, I include the match reports in that) without having to color the news reportage with opinion too.

I'm sure everyone would agree that it's fantastic that we have a match summary up as soon as the game is over ? more evidence of the great service we provide (IMHO!) 𔆈 and it does provide an excellent forum for post-match venting/celebration/analysis, particularly in view of the fact that regular reporters like Ken Buckley, Paul Traill and myself often aren't able to get reports submitted for hours after the final whistle.
Andy Crooks
103   Posted 30/01/2011 at 00:25:12

Report abuse

Lyndon, if Michael has a personal agenda against David Moyes then I think he has shown remarkable restraint. I have quite recently urged him to use editorial comment to call for both Moyes and Kenwright to go. That he sensibly hasn't done so demonstrates that this site is still neutral.
David Thomas
104   Posted 30/01/2011 at 00:22:47

Report abuse

"I really don't think a £20 million striker would make a difference"

Andy, you must be joking?? There has been numerous games this season that we have completely dominated but not had the killer instinct to finish teams off. A £20 million striker would bring us this.
David Edwards
105   Posted 30/01/2011 at 01:10:12

Report abuse

As a recent critic of Moyes and advocate of 4-4-2 - I agreed with him today that 5 in midfield was the right option. What we don't have in quality we needed to make up for in quantity today. Saha got us the goal but was all over the place today. An earlier introduction of Beckford was really needed.

The lads played well in the second half in particular, although our closing down on the break in defence must be sorted out - we were hit by a sucker punch we didn't deserve.

Don't fancy our chances at the Bridge, but as a critic of late I'll give the team some credit for today.

Not sure how to take the implied criticism of the attendance from certain posters (!!!) I think those people need to realise we live in difficult times and the North West is particularly affected. Those exiled fans on damn good wages just need to be aware of the many fans of the 'People's Club' who can't always let their hearts riule their heads (or pockets!) these days.

Final point - BK must sell ASAP if we are to keep up with the big boys. We are past the 'steading the ship' period. We now sink with the current crew or swim with a new one. TaXi for Kenwright (and maybe even Moyes).. please!
Roman Sidey
106   Posted 30/01/2011 at 01:20:28

Report abuse

Some things we learnt about Everton today:
1. They have a squad of fairly decent footballers.
2. These footballers main problem is they don't know how to tackle in defence.
3. Coleman can have an off game occasionally and will usually back it up with a great game - for our right side to get one over Chelsea's left is a big deal.
4. The team is better without Osman in it.
5. Louis's goal aside, we are very poor at every aspect of corners this season.
6. Moyes doesn't like substitutions. He should have brought Beckford on as soon as they levelled.
7. If Beckford hits it first time, then he has a lethal shot on him, but he needs to be taught how to trap, control, and dribble - had he done this after Ivanovic's muddle he would have scored.
8. 12000 people are sick and tired of paying money to see a club run so unprofessionally - this is the start of BK's downfall (fingers tightly crossed).
9. Saha is still a very, very good player.
10. Bily will be excellent if he is left in the side (gun to mouth in anticipation of DM once again dissappointing)
Martin Mason
107   Posted 30/01/2011 at 04:04:14

Report abuse

The big worry for me is what happens when Tim comes back?
Alan Clarke
108   Posted 30/01/2011 at 07:49:45

Report abuse

Don't change your posts Michael. You're entitled to your opinion. If people disagree then they'll tell you like they have done. If anything you're site gets more hits because you provoke discussion. It beats the blandness of other sites which tow the line.

I just wish we were allowed to call Kenwright a twat.
Dave Wilson
109   Posted 30/01/2011 at 07:47:18

Report abuse


No, we had enough good Chances against Newcastle - missed two sitters in the last minute alone. I remember driving back from Blackpool listening to Holloway say "they were light years ahead of of us but we dug in " and I know you were disappointed we equalised against West Ham - I`m still puzzled by that one - but we deserved it. I will accept we were poor against Stoke and allowed ourselves to be bullied out iof it.
If you dont see our main problem is we are attacking with a blunt instrument, then fair enough, we`ll agree to disagree.

Colin Potter ; Chelsea were forced into a rearguard action because Moyes had the bollocks to throw a teenager in against world class opposition. 5 across the park gave us control of the game. Of course he could have surrended the initiative by playing a headless chicken up front, but thankfully he didnt, if you didnt see that, you and me were watching different games.

Andy Crooks

"Everton under Davey Moyes is a graveyard for strikers" ? Get an article up there mate . .give us your reasons
Mike Green
110   Posted 30/01/2011 at 08:50:48

Report abuse

Spot on Lyndon. I really enjoy this site, it's the first thing I look at in the morning and last thing at night. The only thing that disappoints me is Michaels constant axe grinding against our club. All this does is turn the site into a turd surrounded by flies.

As for today I thought it was a typical Everton v Chelsea game, we were all endeavor and commitment but lacked the quality to put them away, quality they have in spades reflected by their considerable buying power.

My prediction for replay is Chelsea through on pens.
Colin Potter
111   Posted 30/01/2011 at 09:02:52

Report abuse

Spot on about Beckford Roman
The thing is though, Everton don't have an attacking coach at the club!
Marvellous isn't it !?
Colin Potter
112   Posted 30/01/2011 at 09:16:27

Report abuse

I accept your point Dave, and I agree we were all over them, so why bring Beckford on at all. He disrupted the flow. I'm glad he did, because I prefer two up front. for me he should have brought him on a lot sooner.

BTW Moyes didn't need bollocks to play Rodwell before Osman, he is a far better player. It just needed common sense.

Dave Wilson
113   Posted 30/01/2011 at 09:32:28

Report abuse

Now we are getting somewhere Colin.

I find it incredible that when somebody disagrees with Moyes`s selection they seem to resort to accusing him of having no bollocks. WTF is all that about?

Every time we play 4-5-1 somebody comes on here urging Moyes " to grow a pair" yet SAF Hiddink, Ancelotti, Dirty Arry, Mancini, FSW and any other manager you care to mention have all played 4-5-1 against us... but when they do it, it's tactics.

If not sending your team out on suicidal cavalry attacks is the same as not having any balls, Jose Mourinho must be a tart.

I feel attacking Moyes's courage from behind a keyboard or by enjoying the anonymity of a phone-in, or the back of an alehouse, is kinda... cowardly.
Leon Perrin
114   Posted 30/01/2011 at 10:08:33

Report abuse

Michael Kenrick

Take no notice Michael, I've just read the other match reports and snooty responses, if others want to present Everton like a Women's Institute let them.
Brian Waring
115   Posted 30/01/2011 at 10:05:11

Report abuse

Dave, I didn't think we deserved to get the equaliser against West Ham, but I was buzzing just as much as the next blue when we did, the reason, because I'm an Evertonian.

I would love Moyes to go on and win things with us, because I think he is a good manager, and he deserves too win something because of what he has done, but when he fucks up I'll be the first to criticize him and the team, because if he is to take the plaudits, he has to take the flak as well.

At the end of the day Dave, like you, I'm an Evertonian who wants the best for our club, but just because my opinion doesn't match yours, doesn't mean I'm wrong, its my opinion.

Oliver, just because I don't think we deserved the equalizer, doesn't make me 'Silly'. If you thought we did, then fair enough, that's your opinion.

You only had to look on here at the posts after the game, there was a fair few 'Silly' people on here then, because there was a lot of posts who thought we didn't deserve it.

Roger Trenwith
116   Posted 30/01/2011 at 10:58:52

Report abuse

Another game where we improved no end in the second half after a no doubt loud half-time Presbyterian bollocking from Moyes, a game we could have won, but in all probability a draw was the fair result.

As for those who feel our achievements under Moyes are "not good enough" for a club of Everton's standing, until we get new owners with deep pockets, mid-table is exactly "right" and you all need a reality check. We are no longer a financial force in the game and haven't been for 30 years, to the point now where everything we own, and indeed future revenue streams are in hock..

Although Moyes deserves criticism for being constantly over-cautious, the real fault lies (sic) in the boardroom. Some would say it's not even there, with Green pulling some mysterious strings in the shadows, but that's another story.

In conclusion, aim anger at Bill not cheap sarcasm at Davey. What is it they say about sarcasm by the way?

Brian Waring
117   Posted 30/01/2011 at 11:14:49

Report abuse

If that's the case, Roger, maybe Moyes shouldn't come out with 'This is my best squad ever, and is capable of challenging the top 4'.
Roger Trenwith
118   Posted 30/01/2011 at 11:17:17

Report abuse

Brian ? fair enough, but if blame is to be apportioned then I reckon it's 30/70 Moyes/Bill ? what do you think?
Oliver Molloy
119   Posted 30/01/2011 at 11:52:14

Report abuse

I did not call YOU silly, I said your comment was silly which is completely different.
Christopher Marston
120   Posted 30/01/2011 at 12:31:01

Report abuse

Have to agree with Kenrick. Chelsea were dogshit today and any other team would've taken advantage of this. Pure and simply, we do not have the telling class to put these games to the sword. Moyes, the board and maybe Neville need to go.
Dave Wilson
121   Posted 30/01/2011 at 11:46:30

Report abuse

"If he fucks up I`ll be the first to critisise him" .
Thats what fair minded peple do Brian, but he doesnt have to fuck up for you to critisise, you just do. As for plaudits, I only ever see you counter any plaudits and you are not alone, I doubt any of the "Moyes out" crew could ever bring himself to give him any credit, balance ? and I`m afraid credibility ? is lost.

I spend thousands watching this team and if I feel Moyes has fucked up, he gets both barrells, so does Kenwright and so do the players; but if we play well and win, I`ll praise them too. If the day comes when I cant find it in me to take sheer delight in somebody at Everton doing well. I`ll throw me hand in.

Moyes will be gone soon enough, but we`ll still be skint, we`ll probably get one of those yoyo managers you`re all screaming for, or a flash in the pan.

Mark my words, when those people who have systematically battered away get their way and when we sink under the management of someone like Owen Coyle or Roberto De Matteo, they`ll fall as silent as a Kirkby voter
Colin Potter
122   Posted 30/01/2011 at 13:24:47

Report abuse

Dave, I wasn't criticising his selection of the team. I was criticising the fact that we were doing so well that he couldn't see that with a bit more up front, we would have in my opinion romped home, but he didn't have the balls for it. Don't forget, you lose in the cup, you are out, no 2nd chances.

Why is it cowardly to state your opinion? I've written to Moyes a few times, not rude letters either, but he's never answered my letters. What does that make him?

Are you a coward for criticising everybody's opinion here when you do your best to ridicule people? You're hiding behind the keyboard then ? aren't you?

Jim Hourigan
123   Posted 30/01/2011 at 14:30:49

Report abuse

The simple truth is that, however well we played in the second half, we didn't win... and going to Chelsea is a less than promising prospect. Is it 50 away games against the 'Sky 4' without a win? Playing well and not winning in the FA Cup is irrelevant ? the whole point of a cup competition is to progress and how many, hand on heart, expect us now to progress?

Simply put, every game has chances and each team's goalie is paid to stop the opposition scoring. Citing Cech's saves as an excuse for not winning ignores Howard's in the first half from Anelka when we could easily have gone behind. In truth, we did what we always do under Moyes: look to avoid defeat, 1st half ? and then see if we can get something in the second... almost always from crosses or set pieces.

The system is not the reason we play well / badly; how the players approach the match is. After 9 years of dour, defensive dross, achieving a draw against Chelsea should not be the sum total of our ambitions. Yes BK is culpable for a lack of investemnt but so too is Moyes because of his one-dimensional approach to football.

Brian Waring
124   Posted 30/01/2011 at 15:31:56

Report abuse

Dave, I have given Moyes plenty of praise when he has deserved it, if you look at my last post, I say he is a good manager, and deserves to win something with us, for what he has done. Isn't that giving him some recognition for the job he has done here? Even Tony Marsh wrote in after the Man City game giving praise to Moyes.

The problem is Dave, and this isn't aimed at you personally, we have fans on here who won't have a bad word said against Moyes, no matter how shite we are ? you know, blue-tinted specs and all that; they think we owe the man a huge debt, forgeting that he is paid a lot of money to do the job. I mean, FFS, these same people back BK to the hilt, because he is a ' True Blue'.

Roger, I agree with you, BK has fucked up big style, and if Moyes walked, I wouldn't blame him.

So, as I said Moyes does deserve a lot of credit for what he has done, but forgive me if I don't get on my hands and knees to the man.

Oliver, fair enough, thing is the comment was my opinion, just like you were able to voice your opinion, by calling it silly.
Dave Wilson
125   Posted 30/01/2011 at 15:52:04

Report abuse

Brian/ Colin

I know plenty of people who can't have Moyes at any price, my lad is one of them. Moyes is big enough, ugly enough and certainly gets paid enough to take Criticism, it comes with the turf, I feel it's the right of every Evertonian to give his opinion, that's why I`m on here now.

IMO questioning the courage of a person you don't know crosses the line, it isn't criticism, it's an insult, abuse. And if anything, it has the opposite effect to the desired one; people will see it and, in the interest of fairness, they will want to defend him.

Anyway, I`ve more than had me say on this, so we`ll just have to agree to disagree.

Michael Kenrick
126   Posted 30/01/2011 at 18:09:10

Report abuse

On the nail, Jim (#123): The system is not the reason we play well / badly; how the players approach the match is. After 9 years of dour, defensive dross, achieving a draw against Chelsea should not be the sum total of our ambitions. ? Couldn't have said it any better.
Mike Green
127   Posted 30/01/2011 at 19:07:47

Report abuse

A pretty stupid one though James.
Tony J Williams
128   Posted 30/01/2011 at 19:20:44

Report abuse

I would have said an extremely stupid one, Mike. The more happier ones would be the anti-Moyes one with their "I told you so" routine.

How is the draw the sum total of our ambitions? From what I am reading in the interviews, every Everton player thought we could have and pretty much deserved to win. Not exactly the old "fantastic" draw scenario is it? Hang on, that doesn't fit in with the "dour" insults does it? That Ferguson is one miserable bastard too, he must be feckin shite as a manager him.
Jon Cox
129   Posted 30/01/2011 at 18:13:03

Report abuse

Beckford should have been on one minute after we scored our opening goal. Draws are worthless. They do nothing for the team's advancement.

Like I said in previous posts, It's a great manager that can change tactics in the middle of a game because the situation and circumstances warrant it.

20-20 hindsight of course but most people will agree that after scoring we went for the killer. From Moyes, that was a correct stratergy to adopt. So if that was the case then why no Beckford straight away?

Every manager learns from his mistakes but Jesus, how long is it going to take?

Oh and when we finished fourth, did we have that much more money than we have now? If it was solely about money then: A/ Why are Arsenal still better than us? and B/ Why are we not in the Conference League with all the other teams who haven't got any money?

It's not about BK because he doesn't pick the team and doesn't decide tactics. The buck stops with Moyes and I'm sick to fuckin death about "we've no money" bollocks. We had no money when we were fifth, twice, and another thing.

Michael, was on about the amount of draws. I agree with what he said. Let's go for the maths and not how well we've played in those games.

Ten games = 30 points.

Scenario 1. Five wins five draws = 20 points. Great brilliant the meeja go overboard and Moyes gets Manager of the Month. But 20 points non the less.

Scenario 2. Seven wins one draw and two defeats = 22 points. Ohhh the meeja aint ejaculating anymore over Moyes's unbeaten stretch, but we now have 22 points and since this is pseudo reality we don't qualify for Europe at the end of the season say, by one point.

Draws will be the death of us and that's down to Moyes's fingerprint, his personality, on the team.

It's down to bad substitutions i.e. Chelsea yet again like all the other games this season against so-called lower clubs.

Tony Wilson
130   Posted 30/01/2011 at 21:06:44

Report abuse


I feel your frustration. Thanks to Moyes and his associates I have seen a decent squad being built over the last few years.

I too thought that Chelsea played quite tentatively, as though they expected a tough battle.

We played really well in the second half, and I was delighted with Coleman in particular.

However, it is all too familiar a feeling for me when I see our opposition on the ropes and we just don't seem to go for the jugular (lone striker).

People are saying that we are the underdogs and so we should be pleased, but I would contest that Moyes has enough good players now for us to really compete, at home at least.

Beckford looked very lively when he came on for 6mins(?). I would have loved to see him on as soon as Chelsea scored. The lad is a breath of fresh air, even with his previous shooting indiscretions.

Roman Sidey
131   Posted 31/01/2011 at 02:52:15

Report abuse

Dave Wilson,

Yes, SAF, Hiddink, Ancelotti, Dirty Arry, Mancini, and FSW have all played 4-5-1 against us and had it succeed to an extent (except Mancini). The difference with these teams though is that they are FULL of class players, not sprinkled with good players.

Moyes claimed last month that he played no strikers against West Ham because he picked the players that were in the best form regardless of position. Aside from that being completely idiotic in any sport, it was wrong. We don't have 6 or even 5 midfielders that are in any sort of form. At best we have 2 or 3.

Jon Cox ? spot on. Draws have been the difference between what we've done in the past few seasons and Champions League football.
04-05 we drew 6 (lost 13) games and finished 4th.
Since then the draws have been in the double figures and losses usually under 10 (05-06 excluded).

What this says that if you go for it in every match, you may lose some, but you could win some too, and 1 point really is a slap in the face when you know that 90 minutes prior there were 3 for the taking.

Michael Evans
132   Posted 31/01/2011 at 11:57:03

Report abuse

Fascinating discussion.

It is clear that Toffeeweb is being "criticised and ridiculed" (Lyndon@90).

However, I would take that as a supreme compliment.Toffeeweb provides an opportunity for free, uncensored expression of thoughts, opinions and emotions.

That's very rare in our modern world.

Keep up the good work ? if this site becomes a bland, sycophantic homage to Moyes, BK et al then I for one will leave and I think many more will too.

Mike Allison
133   Posted 31/01/2011 at 17:32:08

Report abuse

"Talking of which, this from Mike Allison: You can't take all the good stuff Moyes does well for granted and give him no credit, but still want to jump down his throat for his short comings, it simply doesn't make sense. ? Er... so he does his job properly and everyone is expected to swoon? Not me, sorry. The stuff he gets right is at a very basic level: his shortcomings are what have always held us back"

I didn't say swoon, but you never acknowledge when Moyes does things well. Its more than "doing his job properly", because he's directly competing against another manager who is trying to prevent him doing his job properly. Its not the same as you or me turning up for work and getting a few things done, its competitive. All in all, Moyes has done far more right than wrong, his league position is generally way above his comparative net transfer spending and our wage bill, and he often sets us up brilliantly to combat teams who should be better than us, given what they have going for them, but often aren't, because of the work Moyes has done.

Having high standards is one thing Michael, but where Moyes is concerned you seem to think anything short of perfection is worth criticising. In a weird way, you're Moyes' best evidence that he's doing a great job, as if some of our fans can be livid that we've failed to beat Chelsea (current double holders, in the last 16 of the Champions League, wage bill of £???M, transfer outlay of £???M, on a run of 7-0, 2-0 and 4-0 in their last three games etc.) then he must have be doing something, in fact quite a lot of things, right.
Mike Allison
134   Posted 31/01/2011 at 17:42:58

Report abuse

"20-20 hindsight of course but most people will agree that after scoring we went for the killer. From Moyes, that was a correct stratergy to adopt. So if that was the case then why no Beckford straight away?"

Because we were on top and had just scored with the formation and tactics we already had!

Jesus wept.

You're style of management then:

"Hey this is working for us at the moment, quick, let's change it!"

Chelsea's goal actually came from a breakaway off our own corner. The only criticism possible in this case is that we over attacked. Well, apart from the idea that all corners should be in-swingers.

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