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Who will stand up and be counted?

By Christine Foster :  31/01/2011 :  Comments (51) :
I don?t think David Moyes will be surprised or devastated at the outcome of the latest transfer window. Six players out, just two youngsters in... I think he will be glad that he still has a squad of players that on their day can compete in the league and do it well. They just haven?t performed consistently enough to keep the wolves from the door. I think he had a real fear that players would be sold from underneath him and that hasn?t happened.

In fairness, Moyes has repeatedly said that it was only a possibility that we might bring in one or two loans but even that didn?t happen. Could they not improve on what we have or was it just a case of money? Looking at the body language, you would have to say the latter, one also has the uncomfortable feeling that, if someone came in for anyone of the squad at the right price, then a deal would have been done without Moyes's consent. I think Moyes has a good enough squad to stay in the league but we are not standing still, we are hanging on to a cliff by our fingernails.

Something at Everton is just not right. Big time. For me, it?s a case of simply that we have run out of credit, no positive cash flow... and nothing to work with. Hand to mouth. Cut costs and survive.

How did we get here? We borrowed big on expectations. We gambled on moving to Kirkby and BK expected someone to come in and invest. It all went wrong and, when you factor in the economic crash, then the writing was always on the wall: not if but when. This was a train crash in slow motion that began 5 years ago, that the Fat Controller thought would never happen. It's not one thing that sets off the chain, disasters happen when a bunch of small things happen and it all comes down around you. I hope Bill Kenwright reads this. I hope the board do too.

Action is required to sell this club at a price that will make it attractive to pay debt and invest in the club's assets again. A phone call to Mr Harris to get a buyer is needed immediately. We will limp to the end of the season but Everton need change. We cannot sustain our level of debt with falling attendances and inconsistent performances on the pitch. We cannot improve the latter with new players because we have no money. The circle disappears on itself.

Kirkby was Kenwright's Hail Mary pass, bad judgement by the man and the board not to have alternatives when failure was a real possibility, when the bullshit didn?t match the facts. We are where we are because of the decisions he made and backed by the board.

One has to have sympathy for Moyes in some respects; he is a good man, a good manager and his loyalty to Everton FC is brilliant. He kept our head above water and, given the circumstances, put a good squad together. Like all teams, though, they need constant rebuilds and he above anyone must know that that will be far more difficult than it was before. He may not have the stomach to do it given that he has been let down so badly by his chairman and board. (Remember when he sat on his contract and refused to sign? It was said then he wanted reassurances that funds would be available for rebuilding...) I doubt he will be taken in again.

His style and tactics may well be questionable but his commitment is not. That he is left to stand alone and answer all the questions is disgraceful. It will be the one enduring sense of bitterness that may well stay with him when he eventually leaves. It's embarrassing to us fans to watch a manager hung out to dry by those who are gutless enough to let it happen. Where is BK? Where is Elstone?

Change is required. Not investment. Change. It needs to happen now. We need a strong commercial visionary who can set the foundations in place for the future. We will need refinancing and good management of a plan to enable us to hold our own in the league and challenge for honours within 3 ? 5 years.

We need leadership that is currently conspicuous by its absence. As fans we have two options:

1. Walk away.
2. Back the team and get behind them.

The problem we have with both options are that they bolster up the current regime somewhat... but we have no choice. If we stay away from the club, the income will suffer, the team will suffer, and the spiral will accelerate. If we back the team and support what we have, then we give credence to a board and a chairman that does not deserve it. But the management of this club is in a spiral that we can only watch happen. We can pressure Kenwright but his skin has proven to be thicker than anything that has come his way so far.

We are here today in the real world. We HAVE to back our team and manager, warts and all. As an Evertonian, I cannot let him stand alone.

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Peter Fearon
1   Posted 01/02/2011 at 03:43:44

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You start from what may well be a false premise. You are assuming that the problem is that David Moyes's hands are tied and that, if only Bill Kenwright would release this much or that much money, the manager would buy the right players and everything would be fine. But that may not be what is going on.

Perhaps Kenwright is as fed up as many fans are with Moyes's negative tactics and tentative forays into the marketplace and the waste of cash on players like Yakubu and Bilyaletdinov... Maybe he's outraged that, after nearly ten years of Moyes's management, we don't have a reliable striker... Maybe he feels he gave Moyes what he could and he frittered it away... Maybe he's wondering why Moyes buys players who never even get a start, like Gueye, or loans out potentially good players, like Vaughan, or holds on for dear life to disappointments like Anichebe who will never amount to a hill of beans.

That aside, the fact is that the January window is not a great time to buy. It is ludicrous that players like Torres and Carroll are valued as highly as they are. On that basis, Tim Cahill would have to be worth £75 Million.

Jason Lam
2   Posted 01/02/2011 at 04:22:36

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Peter (1), if that's the case, why not sack the manager like a proper Chairman would do without hesitation?

As for DM, grow some balls and walk away from your £65k like a professional football manager with footballing ambitions.

BK and DM are only custodians to our club. If they think they run our club without accountability to its fanbase, then they are no longer fit and proper to continue.

Option 1.
Roman Sidey
3   Posted 01/02/2011 at 04:17:58

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This is the first time the notion of BK manipulating Moyes into leaving has come to my attention ? never saw it until now. I must say though, it has a bit behind it.

I have openly and happily been one of the anti-Kenwright vocalists for a while, but I guess when you have an opinion you do have to weigh up both sides.

Peter (above) suggests that maybe Kenwright is also sick of Moyes's negative approach and his wasteful spending ? so far, Fellaini is the ONLY highly priced transfer to make any sort of headway since joining, and the jury is still out on him as he is only young, and hasn't been consistent until now.

Strikers, wingers, full backs ? Moyes has never gotten these posItions correct in bringing them in. (Before someone says "What about Baines?!" ? tell me, when he came in, was he worth £6 million? Thank fuck he turned out the way he did.)

Off the tangent, back to the point, I doubt that BK is deliberately handcuffing Moyes to try to get him to walk away from £3.5 million a year, but it is definitely worth considering ? it's what happened to the Fat Spanish Waiter across the park, and it could happen to us.
Matt Garen
4   Posted 01/02/2011 at 04:24:58

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Peter, that is dross. So Cahill is better than Torres? And if he is worth £75M then it's down to Moyes as he signed him for £2M ? that's a £73M profit. Not bad for a shit manager that is it? When Chelsea spend £70M in one day, it's time to realise the game is up.
Elgin Joshua
5   Posted 01/02/2011 at 04:59:06

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I seriously think the club, like me, has ran out of dosh. To even consider a bid for Phil Neville is beyond me. We're in big trouble. I dread the next window. Fellaini, Rodwell, Baines, and dare I say it, Coleman will just pack and leave.

Wishes do come true for those who wished for a clean start, though I rather clean my crack and get whipped next season.

Sometime I wished we get relegated so I can stop my silly subscription and stop purchasing the stuff. Only pains me to tell me 4-year-old kid who even knows we're crap but continue his dying support for the Toffees.
Russell Buckley
6   Posted 01/02/2011 at 05:26:26

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Well written piece, Christine, found myself agreeing with all of it. Personally I don?t care either way if Bill Kenwright is a nice guy or not. The fact that he is a life-long Blue is nice but I only care marginally more about that than his personality.

For me, he is nothing more than the man charged with steering the good ship Everton. Moyes looks after the football, players etc while Kenwright effectively charts our course. In other words, if Everton were an old naval ship, Moyes is the Captain but Kenwright is the guy who set out the goals of his latest expedition and is charged with stocking the necessary provisions.

I don?t want a fan in charge of my club. I want a business man. I want a Daniel Levy type. I have no problem if an Everton Chairman cashes in his shares at some point to make a healthy personal profit. As long as that profit has come as a result of making the club a more attractive commercial prospect.

Kenwright has failed in every respect to achieve that. If Moyes is the Captain of the good ship Everton, Kenwright has asked him to circumnavigate the globe in a ship with a rotten hull and not enough gold to make repairs. Moyes and the players are on the pumps trying to get the water out and plugging the holes but as it stands we are a long way from port and slowly going under.

Will Moyes and our best players wait around to go under or will that survival instinct kick in first???
Gavin Ramejkis
7   Posted 01/02/2011 at 07:25:40

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Peter #1 the trouble with your theory is that DM works for BK not the other way around, technically BK buys and sells players. DM may have dug his heels in over not selling the likes of Yak but he can't stop them being sold.
Dick Fearon
8   Posted 01/02/2011 at 06:38:30

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Christine, so many good points that I agree with and must say I am equally worried about. At the same time I have a strange feeling that something big is just around the corner. Call me a cockeyed optimistic Evertonian of the old school, but is it possible that recent events, ie, not replacing players who have been moved on, is a way of clearing the decks for imminent action.

What kind of action that could be I do not know yet with fingers are crossed I dream that it will bring enormous benefit to the club. The boards silence or could that be secrecy plus Moyes acquiescence seems to point to something of huge significance is being kept tightly under wraps.

Dermot Ryan
9   Posted 01/02/2011 at 07:55:55

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Yes Dick: the imminent action is us going bankrupt.


And Arsenal away. Timing couldn't be worse

: (
Dave Wilson
10   Posted 01/02/2011 at 07:20:38

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Whilst I agree with 99% of what you say Christine I cant accept we have only two options open to us.
I once submitted an article to this site asking everyone to wear white in protest of Kirkby, I thought it was a simple idea that we could all follow, the thread became awash with different ideas ? some admittedly better than mine ? and before you knew it, nobody had a clue what was happening or where. Getting the message across is never as easy as it looks.

Evertonians need to unify. Somehow we need to find a representative, a person/group that won't be distracted by minor issues. This board split the fanbase in two over Kirkby and have managed to split it into many more different factions since; we as fans are at each others throats... words like appologist serve only to deepen that divide. The irony is that we all have on thing in common: we are all being shafted, and we`re all having sleepless nights.

I hate hostile protest, I believe them to be counter productive, but I find myself struggling to answer people who say we can't just do nothing.

Evertonians need to put aside name calling and petty differences, there are bigger issues at stake. Our club is bleeding to death and we have got to find a spokesperson/group we can unite behind.

The small shareholders knew their stuff alright, but in hindsight they may have been a tad too sharp, even hostile for the board, not a criticism ? there was a war to be won at the time ? but nobody likes having their kecks dragged down in public... not even Kenwright.

We have got to get some sort of dialogue going between the fans and the board, the point of no return is too close for comfort.
Christine Foster
11   Posted 01/02/2011 at 08:37:17

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Dick, I hope it's something positive, but all the silence indicates to me a cluelessness rather than some plan coming together. My faith is failing and quickly following my trust into the toilet.

Dave Wilson, maybe it is time for an Everton Supporters Trust as outlined by Mike and Tony previously. I think the small shareholders and supporters should unite as a means of leverage and would give it more credibility to the media as well. It would be hard to ignore.
Dave Wilson
12   Posted 01/02/2011 at 09:15:30

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Exactly. the guys must be supported, the sooner they can get their teeth into this, the better.
Neil Millichip
13   Posted 01/02/2011 at 09:33:12

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I agree, Dave Wilson. Some sort of dialogue between the fans and the board has to be set up. Kenwright seems happy to sit back and say or do nothing while Everton slowly sink.

If teams like Blackburn can attract investment, so should we. I simply do not believe we are not an attractive proposition to a potential investor. If something isn't done soon, I feel a repeat of the 80s when a quality squad was sold off to pay the debts.

Gavin Ramejkis
14   Posted 01/02/2011 at 10:19:04

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Dave, I'd love the Supporters Trust idea to come to fruition but I have a sneaky suspicion that the infighting and general lack of unity will kill it before it happens. A simple message agreed by all parties and a simple plan of action, to undertake some small but fundamental tasks to get the ball rolling rather than a massive multi task demand filled agenda which will be doomed. Better to start with one or two small but achievable goals then as the momentum and groundswell happens choose a bigger task and eventually the ball keeps rolling.

Do we have enough takers given even a simple protest is ignored by far too many? Has anyone pondered playing the media at their own game and feeding them the question about the perilous state of the club's finance and lack of business model into the public domain? As basic a question as "Are we another Portsmouth waiting to happen?" An investigative journo must be able to get a story like that rolling.
Alan Clarke
15   Posted 01/02/2011 at 10:30:15

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Peter (1), you are completely misguided if you think that's the case.

In response to Christine, there needs to be appointed figureheads to any action. Like Dave says there's so many different types of 'action' taking place people don't know what to do. Some people are scared of shouting out against Kenwright in case they get labelled a kopite. Remember that "bring your boots" campaign as a protest a couple of seasons ago that ended in failure?

That's why we should all sign up to a Supporters Trust or to Evertonians for Change so action is well organised and coordinated. The odd idea written in a post somewhere on a website won't achieve anything. There are people willing to be those figure-heads and organise something, we just need to show them our support.
Richard Tarleton
16   Posted 01/02/2011 at 10:47:07

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A good eight years ago, I wrote an article on "Toffeeweb" entitled "Our True Blue Chairman". He remains a posturing charlatan whose ego-driven rule has destroyed our great club.

As a supporter since the mid-fifties, I weep at the situation and wonder what did happen since the late 80s when we were a top, top club in every way. What did happen to the Granchester millions? Is Johnson the villain?

You are right Christine: "Something is not right big time".

Alan Clarke
17   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:02:49

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What happened to Brian Viner at the Independent? He's posted on here before. He's an Evertonian so I doubt he is best pleased with the situation. He'd be ideally placed to follow up on Gavin's idea.

Where are you, Brian? We need your help. I reckon you only need to scratch the surface to unearth what a complete mess the finances are at Everton.
Shaun Brennan
18   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:13:17

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Roman (3)

"This is the first time the notion of BK manipulating Moyes into leaving has come to my attention ? never saw it until now. I must say though, it has a bit behind it."

Kenright said Moyes has a job for life. So I think we can remove that one.

Gavin Ramejkis
19   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:43:40

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Shaun, Kenwright said he spoke to Walter Smith every day, you can tell he's lying ? his lips are moving.
Roberto Birquet
20   Posted 01/02/2011 at 12:00:48

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Peter Fearon
You start from what may well be a false premise. You are assuming that the problem is that David Moyes's hands are tied and that, if only Bill Kenwright would release this much or that much money, the manager would buy the right players and everything would be fine. But that may not be what is going on.
You are seriously out to lunch.
Kevin Tully
21   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:33:44

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The local media are all party to what amounts to a conspiracy.

We have never had a journo probe the involvement of Green of Earl, and you have to ask yourself why?

The radio stations are as bad, because they don't want to rock the boat ? they recieve hospitality at Goodison.

Why is there total silence from the rest of the board re sale of the club?

Can anyone say they are not worried by recent developments?
Lee Courtliff
22   Posted 01/02/2011 at 12:07:55

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It's all very depressing isn't it?
Tim Spring
23   Posted 01/02/2011 at 12:08:03

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I don't like the idea of being a plaything of the rich and famous, but anything is better than BK. It has got to the point that I would rather we were a Citeh and hated by the rest of the football world than sat in the corner being Billy no-mates with no-one to play with.

I think the most frustrating thing is that we were so close to having a decent squad, just a winger and a striker could have turned our season into something completely different, but it wasn't to be!

Brian Waring
24   Posted 01/02/2011 at 11:55:37

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Probalby a long shot, but there is a group out there who fought for what they thought was wrong, KEIOC.
Maybe through them we could get our voices heard.
Paul Mackie
25   Posted 01/02/2011 at 13:03:53

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I'm not giving another penny of my money to Everton whilst Kenwright is still in charge. I'm voting with my wallet.
Tony J Williams
26   Posted 01/02/2011 at 13:28:48

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Way to go, Paul, the problem is we are skint, so let's add to the problem. Brilliant scheme. Don't know why it hasn't happened yet.

I want Kenwrong out but unfortunately there is no-one there to replace him. If he packed up tomorrow and sold his 28% share to someone else, what would really change unless the new buyer was so stupidly rich that he didn't care if he lost £50M?

Grim times ahead, let's hope we can get some enjoyment from the next game... Feck, what do you mean ? it's Arsenal... feck!!!
Mike Hughes
27   Posted 01/02/2011 at 13:19:45

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#24 Brian - I was a "No" voter and fully behind KEIOC.

However, therein lies the problem.

We are not a united fan base (just look at the replies to this post for evidence).

The one thing we need is a unifying vision, a long term plan to be implemented asap with short and medium term goals along the way.
Though I hate to say it, we need something like the Shankly vision. Simple solution but about as easy to deliver as disarmourment of North Korea.

Evertonians can't agree on where their home should be; on David Moyes; on BK; on Fellaini or Rodwell or Neville; on the colour of our away shirts.

I'm as guilty as everyone else. I know all the problems but no solutions.
Rob Hill
28   Posted 01/02/2011 at 14:11:36

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I used to be a Kenwright supporter - sorry.

I used to believe that he did have the club's best interest at heart.

Stupidly, an every decreasing part of me still hopes that he does. That he'll sit down with a respected journo & pour his heart out, AND tell the truth.

He'll tell us exactly what is going on, why we're in this situation, why he's not found investment, why he's not willing to sell... and why he's taken so long to come out to say all this. "It's because we had to do X, we had to do Y. We couldn't do this because of that."

He'd back it up with evidence so we had to believe him - because without water tight evidence who would?

He'd then say "This is what we're going to do & this is what we've been trying to do and why."

Everyone would then know exactly what was going on and would base their opinions on FACT.

Back to the real world - the silence is deafening.

The ray of hope that I cling to is that the 'core' players still seem committed to the club... that may change in the summer... but they've signed new contracts, most of them anyway. Had Neville left, for all his technical faults, I would have lost this bit of hope.. captain deserting sinking ship and all that.

So come on Bill - book yourself onto a chat show, get yourself a covershoot, even open a twitter account.

Just make sure you bring the books and wear a lie detector.
Julian Wait
29   Posted 01/02/2011 at 14:29:09

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It's only one possible rationalization and obviously the most optimistic: the behaviour is compatible with a sale or change of ownership of the club, perhaps not of BK or DM's choosing.

1. Clear out the players you do not see as strategic / key assets.

2. Reduce wage bill to increase operating profit.

3. Don't make any significant signings but buy low cost players with potential / tie up loan deals for what might be key signings in future.

4. BK goes VERY quiet.

5. DM looks uncomfortable because he knows a change in ownership undermines his own job security; he is possible nay likely to be replaced if anyone with real / more money comes in.

6. Accounts not published.

I think what we all agree is that SOMETHING is afoot, but it could be the above scenario (we wish) or the alternate universe of being skint and about to go bust.

Having been in several situations both where a company gets bought and where there's real financial difficulty (and in fact, in one case both), the visible signals to the "workers" (analogous to fans in this case) are often very similar, i.e. cost cutting, trimming budgets etc, with the exception being pumped up revenues in the case of a sale.

Either scenario explains why the latest set of accounts have not been published at such a late stage.

Serious food for thought....
John Burquest
30   Posted 01/02/2011 at 14:38:33

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A strong protest before or after the Blackpool game is required - or both. I don't advocate disrupting the team during the game when seeking answers from the Board of Directors of MY club. A simple chant at the end of the game "We don't know what you're doing!" for me simplifies the concern. And we can all boo down the programme after the players have left the field.

Moyes's team played well against Chelsea. The tactics were right for almost all the game. But, on the whole, the Moyes/ Kenwright formula is stuck in 3rd gear. This feeling of stagnation and apathy from within the club is not good enough ? just not good enough.

Like many have written before, Evertonians are in disagreement with each other on what's happening, who's to blame, what's the solution, new Platini regulations (as an excuse for doing nothing). The fact of the matter is, the Chairman is inert. The Manager has lost his verve. The Fans are pissed off and none of us know how to fix it, other than to protest. We would soon be protesting if we were at the foot of the table.

Me, I'm staying behind in the ground as long as I can after the game on Saturday and letting the Chairman hear my frustration / anger / protest.
Fran Mitchell
31   Posted 01/02/2011 at 15:09:33

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People talk of protest and such... but whatis your plan? Wait for something to kick off then jump on the band wagon? Why not start something?

I'm not in the city anymore... my support for the club is on the wane, I simply don't care that much anymore. But If you want to do something... DO IT!

How much does paper cost? Write up a some leaflets, I'm sure there are a good few match-going blues on this site who have the money and ability to do this, work together.

Draw up a leaflet. Simple, bullet points stating facts mentioned on this site many times, not too many words.
State you want a post-match 'sit-in'. Refuse to leave your seat for as long as possible.
All this after the match, as to not affect the players.
Print off a few thousand (50 members of this site, 1 thousand leaflets each... will cost about the same as a ticket and a pint)
Hand out insite the stadium during game.

I reckon a good two thousand fans would react.
Dave Lynch
32   Posted 01/02/2011 at 15:38:15

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Some quotes from.
Can This Season Get Any Worse.

"Explain to me why Moyes would sell arguably his best player, if he had no intentions of using the proceeds to replace him".

"He would not have sold him if he knew that the money would go to one of BK's disillusioned luvvie friends who got conned into bankrolling Bill's stint as chairman".

Both quotes by the wonderfull insightfull Mr Kinsella.
Have your eyes opened yet Keiran?
Jamie Crowley
33   Posted 01/02/2011 at 15:54:29

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Option 2 TYVM

What else is there?

Option 1 is silly - when the going gets tough??? The tough fold up their tents and move to greener pastures?

Cmon man...
Kieran Kinsella
34   Posted 01/02/2011 at 16:31:26

Report abuse


My eyes were already open to the fact that BK is a liar who conned DM into selling Pienaar.
Nelaj Behajiha
35   Posted 01/02/2011 at 17:07:14

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After yet another depressing transfer deadline day I think something has to change. I?m sick of an element amongst our supports who are satisfied with mid-table mediocrity and celebrated beating Liverpool like David did when he killed goliath.

What pisses my off the most about this site is, there have been loads of articles abusing BK yet how many of these people of willing to get of their arse and so something? Whenever somebody does suggest a protest, they?re met with the typical response ?we?re not like Liverpool fans?.

So this is an excuse to spend most games with your mouth shut, not standing up, not singing, not creating new chants, not waving flags and not protesting because we don?t want to be like them. It?s pathetic.

If we want change then we have to put pressure on people at our club ? not just complain on TW and sit at the match in silence... what has that ever achieved? I propose that we protest at the Blackpool game. I will be welcome to hear suggestions about where and when it will happen but most of all I hope I will see some of you there.

So, after years and years of complaining, loads of wasted time writing about issues yet never being prepared to do anything, here is our chance to show the world our grievances with the current regime. This will be the true test of Everton fans whether we are actually prepared to stand up and be counted; hopefully the answer is a rousing Yes.

When Liverpool played Blackpool at home this year 4,000 fans protested. I doubt we?ll get this number but anyway I hope we?ll be able to get a few people there on Saturday.

Roman Sidey
36   Posted 01/02/2011 at 16:34:03

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Shaun Brennan - Hate to double up what Gavin told you, but I simply don't believe anything BK says anymore.

That statement he made about DM having a job for life is lose lose though.

If he was lying, shame on him.
If he was telling the truth and is serious about DM having a job for life, then more fool him. Giving a manager of a football team the "job for life" if one of the worst business moves in the history of business OR moves.

As I said, just don't believe everything you hear from his thespian mouth.
Col Noon
37   Posted 01/02/2011 at 17:42:20

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Dick Fearon (8) "I have a strange feeling that something big is just around the corner".

Yes, Dick, that will be administration. Or how about relegation? Is that "big" enough?

This is not a personal attack and whilst I admire your optimistic spin on this sorry mess, I myself cannot see it I am afraid. My gut feeling tells me Moyes has had it with the club and especially Kenwright. I think he will walk in the summer and Fellaini and Rodwell won't be far behind.

This transfer window has spelled the end of an era for Everton Football Club. We flirted with CL football, we almost won the FA Cup, we gained a few admirers along the way but now the harsh reality has set in that we were never that big of a club in all honesty. The spending power of other teams has blown us away and the future is bleak as far as I can see.

I am sorry... oh so sorry.

Simon Jenkins
38   Posted 01/02/2011 at 20:45:08

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If you seriously think that David Moyes didn't want to sign a player during January, nor is going out of his mind with frustration over our financial inabilities to do even the smallest of things that the likes of Bolton and Wigan can do, then you are seriously deluded.

Bill Kenwright is number one problem at our club, and until Moyes is given the sustained financial backing he deserves to sink or swim, then Kenwright is the ONLY PROBLEM that we need to focus on.

Kenwright needs to be hounded out of this club. How can the club possibly suffer by this? He already gives Moyes no money, and there has been no investment for years. Being a 'good fan' of something doesn't give you carte blanche to ruin something through stubbornness, ego and stupidity.
Dave Lynch
39   Posted 01/02/2011 at 20:46:12

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If there was a touch of sarcasm in the origional post then i apologise.

I probably missed it in my anger and rage that is present in me at present.
Dick Fearon
40   Posted 02/02/2011 at 00:14:40

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Christine, if you are reading this, batten down the hatches girl. Good luck with that horrendous cyclone that is just about to hit your part of Queensland.
Roman Sidey
41   Posted 02/02/2011 at 02:37:59

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Christine, are you from QLD? Which part. I'm from Sunshine Coast originally.
Christine Foster
42   Posted 02/02/2011 at 05:21:21

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Hi Dick, Roman, thanks for the concerns, we are South West of Brisbane, away from the cyclone so I suspect all we will get are wet and windy.

Up north they are expecting between 300-350 km/hr winds and up to a 20 m increase on high tides.
They say its far worse than Katrina in terms of strength. Its heading for quite a populated area from Cairns to Townsville. Up to 700 mm of rain in an hour expected.

They are expecting it to be very bad.
Heart goes out to all to get away safely, some 30,000 are being evacuated as I write. Scary stuff...

Christine Foster
43   Posted 02/02/2011 at 05:26:48

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Puts life into perspective..
Joseph Strumm
44   Posted 02/02/2011 at 10:38:21

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The bottom line is that it really is time for change; sack the board... KENWRIGHT OUT!

Let's hear it against Blackpool from all sections of the ground!

Colin Fitzpatrick
45   Posted 02/02/2011 at 13:02:43

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First of all, Christine, I hope everything is okay with you? The weather down there appears stormier than Everton?s boardroom at the moment!

Liked your article, I would suggest that there is possibly a third course of action; obviously I?m coming over all Tony Blair here suggesting ?The Third Way?...

I notice a few posters mentioning the factions within the Everton fanbase and Mike Hughes [27] appears to have hit the nail on the head when he says ?The one thing we need is a unifying vision, a long term plan to be implemented asap with short and medium term goals along the way.?

I couldn?t agree more, yet I hope nobody is expecting this to come from the club. Perhaps the solution has been presented by a couple of fans, Tony I?Anson and Mike Owen, in their suggestion to establish a Supporters Trust ? my understanding is that it is more than a suggestion as private discussions have been taking place for quite some time.

Blair?s third way was a method of amalgamating various ideologies and viewpoints, it would appear from their recent post that Tony and Mike are attempting to unite the fanbase in a bid to have a common aim, for the good of Everton Football Club; if you?re against that, you simply can?t be an Evertonian in my book.

Maybe the time is right for the fans to have a say, maybe a more considered approach, one with less emphasis on ?what?s in it for me? could be in the best interests of the club. We?ve had the ?advisors? who some people are in awe of, Philip Green and Terry Leahy, and where has that ?advice? left us? It?s now apparent, even without the benefit of the latest accounts (that will be nine months old anyway) that Everton are now taking serious steps to reduce costs through shipping players out and off the wage bill and have provided the manager, once again, with no transfer budget whatsoever.

The silence is deafening, the manager appears to be seriously pissed off, we're borrowing more against future revenue streams and our credit rating has taken a turn for the worse; even the one good thing we're good at, providing journalistic spin is half-hearted these days.

Administration? No, not a chance in my honest opinion, but our ability to operate as a football club in the Premier League has been seriously impaired due to a litany of poor decisions and the apparent inability to filter poor advice from good.

Across the park I think it was Parry who said, in relation to addressing their own stadium problem, ?the solution was under our noses all the time? Bill Kenwright has been looking for years for a solution to many problems at Everton, maybe the solution has been under his nose all the time as well?

Tony I'Anson
46   Posted 02/02/2011 at 13:17:12

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Thanks Colin, you are correct in your understanding. Mike and I will be posting an update of the situation today. Each announcement will include the date of the further announcement so everyone knows what's going on.
Christine Foster
47   Posted 02/02/2011 at 14:25:32

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Thanks Colin, just been watching the cyclone hit the coast with winds or nearly 300km per hour, tonight and tomorrow is not going to be a good one for so many. If you wanted a size comparison, they have just said the cyclone is the size of North America.. and stronger than Katrina. We've had the floods, now the cyclone.. wonder whats number 3..

Back to your comments, yes I think it the trust does have legs, but combining it with small shareholders would give it media credibility and leverage on the club.

Kenwright bought us a future on a credit card and ran out of credit before he could cash in. As much as Moyes has his faults I can't help feeling that an over expectation to pull rabbits out of hats once more was one visit too many and the subsequent cost cutting has left him on his own to face the music and the wrath of fans.

Not a word from the club.. did we ever really expect one? Given the history? Sadly a few have seen this coming for a while, been ridiculed for it too.

Its time for Change and to quote the Blair mantra.. Things can only get better..
Roman Sidey
48   Posted 03/02/2011 at 00:10:12

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South-West of Brisbane - you mean Ipswich? Haha.
Roman Sidey
49   Posted 03/02/2011 at 00:11:14

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Also, on the real topic, in regards to Moyes being expected to pull rabbits out of hats.

I think, not to his discredit, Moyes has brought this on by doing so well (I'm not going to say the word success out of brackets) with so little, but never spoke up about the fact that he was scraping it in.

The majority of Moyes' loss of respect this season has come down to poor team selection and extemely horrible subs. For me, had he spoken up a bit in the past a la above, he may have carved out a media persona quite different to the "no comment, just keep plugging away" expectation that exists.

Basically, Moyes let the media tell people that he was wise, when really, he was extremely lucky with a few of his signings, which has put more pressure on him now.
Christine Foster
50   Posted 03/02/2011 at 03:20:29

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Not THAT far west Roman.. gee..

I think Moyes has owned up to poor substitutions on a few occasions but he never seems to learn or listen!
The last match at Arsenal was just appalling with the substitutions made. If Neville was injured, fair enough.. if he was playing badly or getting skinned..fair enough.. but he wasn't.

But Osman and then Vic?? we may as well have played with 9 men.

Perhaps we did
Roman Sidey
51   Posted 04/02/2011 at 00:38:22

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Yep, true. I said on another post that, when he put Vic on in a previous game, it was like going from either 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 (whichever) to 4-4-1. Vic may as well be sat in the back of the goal box swinging on the net.

Off topic, Christine. Where abouts did you watch the 09 FA Cup? We went to the Pig n Whistle on Eagle St.

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