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A simple lack of hope

By Adam Cunliffe :  21/03/2011 :  Comments (48) :
I?m a 3rd generation Evertonian. My Grandfather was there in 1966 as we won the FA Cup and watched as the Holy Trinity ripped defences apart. My Dad was there throughout the 80s, home and away watching as Everton were without a doubt one of, if not the best team in Europe. And then I got the shitty end of the stick. Born in ?94 I grew up idolising the likes of Big Dunc and Nicky ?Judas? Barmby.

I?m now 16, and have seen us win one major trophy, and I can?t remember that as I was 11 months old. I?m a student, doing my A-levels and was planning on scrounging up some money to pay for a season ticket next year before I went off to uni. Then I watched the fucking Reading game...

Bill Kenwright will be the death of our club. Fair play to him for dragging us out the shite all those years ago but Christ anyone who uses the "He?s an Evertonian" defence wants their head testing. The bloke has no money, no business acumen and, whilst me and my best mate were freezing our bollocks off waiting at Lime Street station waiting for a train back to St Helens after watching us roll over against an AVERAGE CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB, he was probably in a private box, sipping champagne watching some posh stage school twat prance around in a scarecrow costume.

My girlfriend is a Villa fan, a very big one actually and she?s completely at a loss with what is going on at her club. I couldn?t help but notice a simple but effective sign dangled from the Holte End, it read ?Had Enough, Houllier Out!? It was promptly removed by the stewards, but caught the attention of the media.

Now come the last home game of the season against Chelsea, Moyes will lead his team on a lap of honour around Goodison Park, probably after an ?Amazing? 1-1 draw and thousands of fans will stay behind to celebrate another season of mediocrity. Surely whilst they?re parading round the pitch, somebody could dangle an old bed sheet over the balcony of the Upper Gwladys street with slogan along the lines of ?11 years; No Investment, No trophies, No hope. Kenwright, Do One?, it may only be there momentarily, Kenwright might not even notice it, but the players and the manager and most probably the media will.

I?m pissed off with how people who aren?t Evertonians seem to think that he?s the best thing since sliced bread and that Moyes is some kind of Second Coming who continuously punches above his weight? this season we haven?t punched at all. A thread elsewhere on this website was discussing season ticket renewal?s and there were arguments from both sides about who was right and who was wrong. Claims of being a better Evertonian were being banded about from either side, and to be quite frank I agree partly with both. Why should somebody who?s paying £500+ for a season ticket renew to watch a whole load of shite for another 19 games, but then again if somebody feels they can?t give it up and enjoy the match day experience then fair play to them. But we are all Evertonians and at the minute were a divided lot. And what?s the common denominator in this division of the fan base? A certain Bill Kenwright.

I won?t be getting a season ticket next year. Partly in protest, partly financially; it all adds up after all. What with a programme, a half-time pie and a crafty pint in Crofts Social with a bag of chips from the chippy over the road coming to £10+. And then there?s transport, and for a lad who can?t drive, relying on public transport isn?t always the best. But if Kenwright was a little more willing to find someone to invest, to find us a new ground or do-up Goodison, I?d be far more willing to pay.

The sad part is Kenwright could?ve gone down as Everton?s saviour. He bought us when nobody wanted us and saved us from Agent Johnson. But, by fucking up King?s Dock, starting the shambles that was DK, investing NONE of his own money into the club and letting us fall away whilst other clubs have progressed, he?s turned into a hate figure for many Evertonians. His legacy could and maybe should?ve been so much different, but right now he has to go.

I don?t support Kenwright, I support Everton and I?ll still fork out £30 every now and then to go an watch Everton as I just can?t not do it. But, for as long as he?s running the place, there?ll always be something missing; Hope. I?m not like my Red Shite mates who believe they have a right to win everything, I merely think we, as Evertonians, have a right to believe we can at least compete. And at the minute, whilst Kenwright's in charge, it seems mine, and many other Evertonians? belief that we can at least challenge for trophies just isn?t there anymore.

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Chris Keightley
1   Posted 21/03/2011 at 15:29:09

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I write this to all those Everton supporters who have called for the head of Kenwright, and want Moyes's tenure to end.

I have heard and read how many have said they will protest outside the ground ? not turn up, not renew season tickets, send an email, not buy merchandise, etc etc.

Villa fans unfurled one single banner (Okay it was huge) and it makes Match of the Day coverage, Sky coverage, national papers, is talked about by pundits on Saturday and Sunday and on radio...

Hello, all you protesters ? if you really want Moyes or Kenwright out just unfurl a large flag ? did the trick at Villa!!

Howard Don
2   Posted 21/03/2011 at 15:33:12

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Yes, but who is one banner displayed by a small group representative of?

Moyes out? Not in my name that's for sure.
Dick Anderson
3   Posted 21/03/2011 at 15:40:49

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Wouldn't it look stupid to have a flag demanding "Moyes Out" when Everton are currently 8th in the Premier League and once again chasing Europe?

Especially considering Moyes has spent next to nothing and works on a shoestring budget?
Chris Bannantyne
4   Posted 21/03/2011 at 15:54:04

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Did the trick at Villa? Has Houllier gone???

Sorry, sarcasm aside I do agree with you. I don't understand why there are no protest banners/flags been waved around by the disgruntled fans.

It might not "do the trick" (ie. send BK running) but it should get a bit of TV coverage, and hopefully raise awareness of the protest/start a cascade or domino effect which would HOPEFULLY result in an untenable situation for the current board.

Anyway, why not?? Can't hurt the cause and is cheap and easy to organise, that's for sure.
Adam Cunliffe
5   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:02:12

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Dick, we're fighting relegation as much as we're chasing Europe. In fact, we're 8 points off the bottom 3 and 9 points off the top 5, so saying we're chasing Europe is putting a very positive spin on what's been a dire season.
Chris Keightley
6   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:14:05

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Dick ? you say shoestring budget but he spent what £15 mill on Bily! For that, he could have had Demba Ba on a FREE, Charlie Adams, Kris Commons, and Robbie Keane.

When he's asked to spend big, he wastes it ? Beattie, Johnson, Bily, Heitinga.

He's way out of touch with what's available and makes little or no effort to secure their services. To be honest, if he had £50 million, I think he'd blow it on wannabes.
Brian Lloyd
7   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:30:21

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I think some people are missing the main thrust of Adam's post, mainly being that Kenwright is ultimately responsible for our lack of ambition and should be first out the door. I didn't take it as being a Moyes out post.

I share many of Adams concerns re our club's leadership, or rather lack of it, and find it worrying that a lot of his generation will turn their attention elsewhere and leave us oldies sitting in crumbling stands with nothing but distant memories of glories past.

Adam Cunliffe
8   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:05:52

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It's not a Moyes out post at all, I believe Moyes isn't that bad of a manager, yes he's defensive and he does pick the team, but he hardly has a team to pick due to a lack of investment from Kenwright. I don't think he's totally to blame at all, I'm just at a loss because of Kenwright.
Charlie Dixon
9   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:58:59

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£10m Chris,

Good article, by the way, as I'm in the same generation as yourself and feel pretty similar.

"Moyes Out" would be a awful mistake. It's not his fault we're here.

I'd opt for "If you know your history Bill? The door is that way".
Mike Gwyer
10   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:02:39

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Dick #3.

Chasing Europe.... How?

Actually fuck it, I'm not interested. I've seen so much shite football at GP this season that it begs belief I'm asking you to explain why you think that.
David Edwards
11   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:18:14

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Good points, Adam ? I turned from being pro-Moyes to anti-Moyes early in the season as I saw him seemingly losing his spirit, tactical nous. drive and man-management skills.

Yet the last few months have softened my stance and I see how the frustration and lack of vision with our board has played a very large part in Moyes losing what mojo he once had.

I'll still despair of this defensive tactical outlook and lack of flexibility, but I now see how he is managering with at least one arm tied back this season, and that our troubles ultimately stem from upstairs. I can be gracious enough for Kenwright rescuing the club from Johnson, but from the Kings Dock onwards he has been an anchor to our ambitions, dragging us back.

It's time Bill realised his time has gone and Everton need to change this summer! If not, then I can honestly see Moyes walking to save his media-based reputation from dropping down any further ? in which case I would love to see how Blue Bill will convince a new potential manager to take over ? more of a poisoned chalice than that awaiting Fergie's successor!
Tony J Williams
12   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:39:54

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Bily's price has hiked up from the £9m we paid for him..
Guy Hastings
13   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:43:09

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Chris 6 ? "Demba Ba on a FREE, Charlie Adams, Kris Commons, and Robbie Keane'. I'll give you Adams maybe, but the other three? That undermines your argument in my book.
Trevor Mackie
14   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:37:44

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Houlier isn't part of the media clique like Moyes so he's considered fair game, plus plenty of Evertonians support Moyes.

I've always took calculated risks in my life, not all have worked out, but overall I prefer to live than just exist ? that's not a philosophy Moyes or some fans share and it's banging your head against a brick wall trying to convince them.

Trevor Lynes
15   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:47:30

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Why is Robbie Keane mentioned at all? Let's face it, he's past it.......

I do feel a trifle sorry for DM (but he has a fat salary to use as balm) as he has no money!! BUT, he has been toeing the party line ever since his new contract apart from very recently.

The main problem is NO NEW BLOOD and fans do need expectation to keep them reasonably happy. We are stagnating with the same perm any 11 from about 14 and no matter if they are played out of position attitude... most of the players have become utility men, doing a job because our squad is threadbare and has been all along even including those out injured.

As I have said ever since the season began, God help us if Baines gets injured, there is NO cover for him!! We currently have TEN players on loan and one of our better players transferred away for peanuts... add to that the Gosling fiasco.

BK must be an Ostrich as his reaction (lack of) is deafening!!!!!

Andy Peers
16   Posted 21/03/2011 at 18:04:36

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Kenwright is awful for sure, kind of like a bad family member who professes his love for his family but brings everyone down with his self-importance. I have to say that Moyes has probably cost us 6 victories, or 12 points, that were draws because of terrible team selection and crap tactics. Does anyone dispute this?
Andy Peers
17   Posted 21/03/2011 at 18:09:52

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Strange enough that would give us 52 points and in 5th place.
Eugene Ruane
18   Posted 21/03/2011 at 18:50:57

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The expression 'an old head on young shoulders' springs to mind Adam.

Agree with just about all of that and feel genuinely sad for your generation at the Everton FC you've been dealt.
David Price
19   Posted 21/03/2011 at 19:10:16

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Heard from someone today on good authority, ie, the club doctor, that Saha has cracked a bone in his leg and is out for the season. Arteta's hamstring means he is out for the season... plus Rodwell out for 6 weeks. Cahill, however, is fine.

Hope we can get behind the lads now the brown stuff is hitting the fan once more and perhaps save debates on Kenwright's and Moyes's future for a later date.

Adam, I feel your pain, fella, bit young for swearing though mate!

Andy Crooks
20   Posted 21/03/2011 at 19:36:57

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If it's Kenwright out, it will be Moyes out too. They have sustained each other and Moyes may go without Kenwright but not vice versa.
Andy Crooks
21   Posted 21/03/2011 at 19:41:23

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Incidentally, I'd be surprised if, considering the support Kenwright and Moyes have in the media, a banner got a second's coverage on MotD.
Kevin Tully
22   Posted 21/03/2011 at 19:49:49

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The title of the article sums up the feelings of most blues I know. Good piece Adam.

I do wonder if Kenwright is aware of the concerns of the fanbase. He may be delusional, and has convinced himself we all love him for his boyhood stories about Everton. We will never know I suppose; what a poor excuse for a Chairman of EFC.
Dave Wilson
23   Posted 21/03/2011 at 19:16:30

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Kenwright doesn't split the fan base, the fans themselves do that.

Think about the rhetoric you are using; nobody ? and I mean nobody ? will "celebrate another season of mediocrity"... that's just shite spouted by less intelligent people than you, it will offend some, especially those who feel badly let down but want to thank 1-2 players for their efforts. When you offend, you divide...

And don't buy into this Kenwright was quaffing Shampoo while you and your mate were freezing your bollocks off lark either, it may well appeal to the already converted, but many have seen Kenwright at grounds up and down this country in all sorts of weather. This is not one of the many accusations that are there for you to throw at him.

Resist the urge to suppose the worst, leave dreaming shit up to others. Steer clear of claims you can't substantiate, any argument ? no matter how powerful ? will fall if you feel the need to "embroider" it.

Kenwright will give you more than enough ammo and you are more than clever enough to put him away.

James Martin
24   Posted 21/03/2011 at 20:10:00

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Think this is a tad harsh, so Kenwright was individually responsible for failing with the King's Dock? Anyone got any proof that everything was in place then he single-handedly knowingly cocked it up?

Then, when he did find us a stadium, after of course he got lambasted for daring to find alternative funding for it, the government pulled the plug on it, but because we never liked where it was anyway (I didn't either, I'm glad it was scrapped) it must all have been Kenwright's fault.

Despite getting us to a new training ground, getting the academy producing, and qualifying for Europe, none of these are Kenwright's achievements? It's laughable the way people think that they're all knowing and the board is completely useless, and Kenwright is their despot. There's business people all over it, do you think they just turn away investors and potential stadiums?

I'll join in a chorus of asking Kenwright for more investment (let's not think about the possibility that he hasn't got any left and he's given us everything) because I want to see new players too but this vision of him intentionally wanting to ruin the club is just bizarre and has gone too far.

Which teams are making this progress ahead of us Chris? We're having our worst season for a while yet who's ahead of us? Chelsea and City, bought out by billionaires, so progress is inevitable; Man U with their huge investment and revenues, and Arsenal who have always been ahead of us anyway in your and my life time. Spurs have had a bucket load of cash and have only just made the jump (and it could yet fall apart) and Liverpool, despite a load of money, are not really any better off.

Villa are down the bottom despite spending millions, Bolton are in huge debt and are only higher mid-table than usual, Sunderland are nowhere, Birmingham are nowhere. You must have forgotten the late 90s if you think that one frustrating season of finishing 8th is the bad end of the stick.

Jim Lloyd
25   Posted 21/03/2011 at 20:11:37

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A good post Adam. I also beleive some fans will celebrate a season of mediocrity. There are some who have come on here and said that we can't expect any better than we get, as "we punch above our weight anyway" (what a daft phrase!) I feel sorry for you that you have had a chance to see some of the football the great sides produced in the sixties and the eighties.
Anyway, I don't know that you were saying Moyes out, I think there is justifiable criticism that can be made of Moyes for his cautious and defensive outlook, and also for his poor use of tactics and subs (imho) but that's a fan's right. I think it is more like a fact that Moyes will go if and when a richer club comes in for him.

Your comments about Kenwright I wholly concur with. If he stays as chairman, I can't see our club doing anything other than either being nearer the top of the second string of clubs one year and neareer the bottom the next.

Like you, I'm giving up my season ticket for next season, as is my mate and his son (they come to the match from Kendal and have done for donkeys) and we drink in Crofts as well so they're going to be losing a bit of business, which is a shame.

I'll be writing to the club to tell them why I'm not renewing my ticket and that'll be my own little demo.

Final point! Did anyone else hear Hansen and Lineker wittering away on MotD on Saturday? They were basically saying that "they couldn't believe a few fans were showing a bit of displeasure at the goings on at EFC" I'm paraphrasing a bit there but they finished off with saying "they couldn't understand it"!

Alan Ross
26   Posted 21/03/2011 at 20:51:54

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Can't do with anyone who laughs at their own jokes before he gets to the punchline. Smacks of something to hide before he mentally vets his own words for plausability. I'm on to you, Billy Liar.
Jon Cox
27   Posted 21/03/2011 at 20:52:43

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Kenwright out, of course.

I hear Gaddaffi is looking for a new job. He's got a fair bit of oil money as well.

Might well be worth a punt. Can't be any worse than what we have now. He could control Everton FC from a disused outhouse in or around the Kings Dock.

Adam it looks like my boy Talek will be at Uni the same time as you. I hope so. If you end up at Cardiff you can both start an EFC supporters club and play in the same team.

COYB (young and old)
David Crowe
28   Posted 21/03/2011 at 21:08:50

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If someone puts up a "Moyes Out" flag up near me they're getting abuse. Sorry, but they are. From pretty much everyone in the vicinity.
Jon Cox
29   Posted 21/03/2011 at 21:17:14

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David, what about a "Kenwright out"! flag. Would that be acceptable?
Adam Cunliffe
30   Posted 21/03/2011 at 21:26:05

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There's no suggestion of a Moyes out anything here lads. The suggestion is Kenwright out. I was just using the Houllier banner as an example as how to do it.
Andrew James
31   Posted 21/03/2011 at 20:57:24

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Chris @ 6

Bily did not cost £15 million, it was more like £9 million. It's not an excuse but I think it is important to point out he didn't break our transfer record there.

You also say Moyes cannot buy big. I believe in buying Leighton Baines he spent £6 million which, at the time, was one of his more expensive acquisitions. He spent big on the Yak who did really well before that injury.

You refer to Johnson who provided a decent return and we sold at a profit. I will give you Beattie but he was sold on for a decent enough amount and, I think, was top scorer in the 2005-06 campaign.

That brings us on to Fellaini. Our record buy. In his first season he scored enough goals from midfield to justify his price tag. Over the last two campaigns, I think we can agree he has been really good. If we sell on, it would be at a decent profit.

His transfer dealing is superior to most and, without sounding like a broken record, look at all the cheaper players we've got who have provided good returns: Arteta, Cahill, Bent, Beckford, Pienaar, McFadden, Coleman, Kilbane, Lescott, Jagielka, Howard, Saha...

I will probably get criticized for some of the above but when you compare the amount spent against the goal return or their role in the team, they were all bargains. McFadden cost £1.5 million, didn't set the world alight but scored a crucial goal to get us into Europe and then scored another to get us to the group stage. We made a profit on him. Kilbane cost virtually nothing and played in the side that finished 4th. I think you get the idea.

If you compare him to most other managers, he looks super-efficient on this front. Fergie has bought a few poor players in the last 9 years ? I am thinking of Kleberson, Anderson and Pepe. Beneathus bought a right bunch of donkeys like Ngog, Babel, Lucas... the list goes on and on.

Redknapp loaded Pompey with some poor players which cost them a lot. Chelsea have had to wait long periods for big signings to prevail (I am thinking of Malouda chiefly)...
David Hallwood
32   Posted 21/03/2011 at 21:23:52

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Good post, Adam, and as someone has already pointed out, it was a Kenwright Out no a Moyes Out post. I'm certainly not a Kenwright supporter, but I've always been of the opinion that there are few people, if any that would buy a debt ridden club, that needs a new stadium.

However, the January window was the tipping point in that the board can no longer run the club as a viable concern, and their business model is broke (pardon the pun) probably beyond repair. Perhaps the £50 million we get from the sale of Fellani & Rodwell (and I'll put the house on it happening in the summer) will pump liquidity into the club, but for how long?

The board need to sell the club asap while they can get a half-decent price.
Andrew James
33   Posted 21/03/2011 at 21:48:53

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I am not sure Fellaini will go. He'll be injured so it could be a risk and we won't accept anything less than £25 million I would have hoped.

If we do sell either him or Rodwell, I want to see some major investment in the form of the canny purchase of a centre back, a quality centre midfielder all action box-to-box type, a proper left-sided midfielder and a young forward.

Knowing Kenwright, we'll sell both and end up with some touch-and-go signings and the money coming in and going out won't add up.
John Shaw
34   Posted 21/03/2011 at 22:27:24

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James Martin (24) - Yes, Kenwright was to blame for the KD fiasco. His stubbornness cost us the real Deal of the Century. I recall hearing an in-depth interview with Sir Desmond Pitcher on CityTalk a couple of years ago. The interview covered a lot of his life but the part which interested me was obviously his connection to EFC. During this, he talked about the KD in some detail, he acknowledged that the club needed to secure £30 million as its contribution to the whole project, which was cross-subsidised by LCC and ERDF.

After failing for over a year to find the money from investors, banks etc, he then got into the famous spat with Paul Gregg and rejected his idea of a tenancy of 125 years at KD. With only two weeks to go to the absolute deadline given by the public sector partners, after we had fucked around for over twelve months, Kenwright approached Pitcher, due to his historic links with the club, and asked if he could help. Sir Desmond said without hesitating he would do all he could. He very quickly secured considerable sums towards the required £30mill but alas not enough given the short period of time he had and the deadline passed. After a request, no extension was given due to how EFC had messed the partners around for so long. Sir Desmond stated that had he been asked to get involved earlier he would have secured more funds than were required with ease, but he was always fighting against the clock. So yes, for me, Kenwright was right at the centre of the fuck-up that was Kings Dock.

With regards the debacle that was Kirkby, you only have to read the many documents from the inquiry to see that, had it not been stopped by the Secretary of State, we would have ended up with a poor imitation of an already poor stadium. The changes to the plans and planning application limited the capacity to below 45k, limited the noise level to such that it meant no concerts of note would ever be held there, and also allowed KMBC to draw revenue from the facilities, and let's not even start on the transport issues and actual design!!

Yes, we have a new training facility, but what a shame we don't own that either; we had a chance to but passed it up and will end up paying well over the odds for it.

Just because the board has 'business people all over it' means absolutely nothing ? zilch, zero. Being labelled a business person does not a good one make... just look across the park. Hicks and Gillette turned away a number of very wealthy potential investors/buyers because they wanted more money than was on offer, it's what's commonly known as greed, plain and simple. Had it not been for the fact that they were outflanked by Broughton, they'd still be there now, more's the pity. Neither Kenwright nor any of the other Board members have ever put a penny of their own money into the club, with the exception of buying their shares; Bobby Elstone has confirmed this.

I blame Kenwright for being weak... weak because he has undermined both himself and the club by bringing Earl and Green into the fold on their terms; weak because he either can't or won't acknowledge how rapidly we are going backwards as a business; weak because he won't admit his shortcomings and let somebody else take the reigns; and finally, he is weak because he cannot see that keeping his train set all to himself is what will actually ruin it.

The model the Board has implemented is fundamentally flawed and completely unsustainable ? you can only borrow against your assets for so long, and we passed that point in time quite a while ago. The club no longer has any assets to secure loans against, the only assets left are the players, so we are faced with selling the few higher-value players we have to purchase lower-value ones in greater numbers in order to have a meaningful 'squad' ? not the route to success I'd suggest.

One thing's for sure, it's set to be an interesting summer, one way or another!!!

Andrew James
35   Posted 21/03/2011 at 23:23:33

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David 28 ? Totally agree.
Thomas Williams
36   Posted 21/03/2011 at 23:41:03

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David Edwards, quote: "I can be gracious enough for Kenwright rescuing the club from Johnson." ? Just what did BK rescue???

Where we in as much mess then or now? Where we in as much debt then or now?
Did we not buy any players under PJ like now?
Did BK win a trophy?
Did BK set up an academy?
Has BK shown any vision like PJ?
Did PJ cancel shareholder meetings?
Has BK put some of his own money in like PJ did?
Did PJ promise the fans a world class stadium, only to then unveil a Boltonesque design?
Did PJ say "watch this space" for non-existent fantastic signings?
Did PJ say, "I will never sell star player for less than £50M," then load him off on the last day, just in case he had to spend some of that money for 1£8-20M plus add ons?

PJ had some faults, I would agree (the fact that he was a red has clouded many people's judgements, in my opinion) but nowhere near the level of BK, so I do not understand why the venom is still thrown at PJ. Look at the above, I know which chairman's reign I would look back on more favourably, and it is not Bill Kenwright's.

John Maxwell
37   Posted 22/03/2011 at 02:49:16

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Didn't someone have a banner up a couple of seasons ago? With "Enough Enough Kenwright, we want success"??

Adam, maybe you could do a banner, just a thought?

This is what annoys me with all the Moyes/Kenwright OUT brigade, those people seem to be happier pointing the finger at other supporters waiting for someone else to organise something...

If you feel so strong about it, then just do something.

I personally believe Kenwright needs to sell up, but look where it got Villa? How many supporters without the benefit of hindsight would've bitten Lerner's hand off to buy this club??
Martin Mason
38   Posted 22/03/2011 at 04:19:31

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Kenwright is the chairman of the club and a representative of the majority shareholders. The only way that you will get him out is to pay them what they want for the club. The fans have no influence whatsoever and no amount of minority demonstrations would either get BK out or change the situation. He knows that and he has absolute contempt for the fans. Remember that fans is all we are, customers not stakeholders, and we have two choices: take it... or leave it.

Moyes is an employee of the club and probably could be forced out but I believe the vast majority of Evertonians don't want him out and any unfurling of banners would be a minority and generally unsupported act.

Where I think the solution lies is in better communication between representatives of the fans and the club so that we all understand the situation better. What are very thin on the ground are facts although we are awash with totally unsubstantiated conspiracy stories and rumours.
Steve Wolfe
39   Posted 22/03/2011 at 08:26:12

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@JohnShaw 34 ?Excellent post, mate.

@Thomas Williams 36 ? my sentiments exactly, the multitude of sins being covered up by just using the term "I'm an Evertonian" is unbelievable, without a shadow of doubt if Kenwright had been a rs there would have been riots by our fans, about the way he has run our club. For some reason, too many blues support Kenwright FC and not Everton FC.

Trevor Lynes
40   Posted 22/03/2011 at 09:41:02

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There has been no feedback regarding Saha since he went off injured!! Is he to be added to the list of unavailability or not??? The club have been very quiet and the injury situation on the official site is way behind in news..... what the fuck gives with this club?
Roman Sidey
41   Posted 22/03/2011 at 10:22:43

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Agree with most of it, Adam. Except one thing. WE SHOULD, like that lot across the park, have every right to win all the competitions we're in as we all start on zero points in August, all enter the Carling Cup in September and the FA Cup in January. The fact that we're in them means we have a chance of winning something, and quite frankly, to see clubs like Portsmouth and Birmingham winning trophies and us going 16 years with nothing is depressing and pretty much inexcusable.
Norman Merrill
42   Posted 22/03/2011 at 12:33:42

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Adam, You have put a good thread in there mate. I feel just like you, and the season ticket renewal argument, is one of personal choice, you either do or don't renew.

I have decided to leave it for now, and decide nearer the deadline, NOT that I see any change in our circumstances, on the horizon. I just object to the date of renewal, it gets earlier each season, before long we will be asked to pay for two seasons at a time.

Liam Reilly
43   Posted 22/03/2011 at 12:52:18

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Worthy of it's own thread, that post mate.

Some interesting stuff in there, I didn't know about Pitcher for example.
Paul Foster
44   Posted 22/03/2011 at 13:20:48

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Sorry to hear you've got a big girlfriend.
Paul Carroll
45   Posted 22/03/2011 at 13:41:58

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After finishing eighth last season, everyone was so excited about the new season; this season the way results are going it looks like we will finish seventh at worst, now that?s better than last year! So, this season we were better than last!!! Keep the Faith!
Barry Thompson
46   Posted 22/03/2011 at 16:11:49

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Christ, 16 years old, swears like a docker, crafty pints in Crofts social you will be owning up to being a smoker next. I hope your arl fella doesn't read this post or you will be in deep shit ? a Villa-supporting girlfriend, indeed.
Sam Hoare
47   Posted 22/03/2011 at 16:08:20

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I believe Moyes has done, in the main, a good job for us and can't handle some of the vitriolic abuse he receives on this website some of the time. I wouldn't say that change would be bad thing necessarily as it seems possible to me that he struggles to help a team cope with expectation and his spending is usually better suited to bargain basement buys (perhaps apt at the moment!). It my be that he has taken as far as he can. But I would wave him off fondly.

Kenwright on the other hand I can't be sure of. It's very hard to see what is going on behind the scenes and whilst I wouldn't advocate handing over the reigns to any old yank waving money, it's hard to believe that there hasn't been a sniff of investment in the last ten years.

Having met the man, my inclination is to distrust. While I don't think his job is an easy one, I have a strong suspicion that more than a healthy share of greed motivates his actions as has been demonstrated in the past. Is revolt the answer? Who can know for sure.
Roman Sidey
48   Posted 22/03/2011 at 20:18:47

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Paul Carroll, you are right about 7th being better than last season. Like anything, you can look at it in positive and negative terms.

First of all, not sure if "7th at worst" is true, as we have shown this season that no game is a gimme, having beaten only ONE of our remaining opponents (in fact, Man City is the only team we have a chance of a double over this season!!!).

The positive is obvious - 7th is an improvement on 8th.

The negative of this is that we haven't actually improved, unless of course we take 22 of the remaining 24 points left in the season.

The EPL has either gotten closer or worse this season, and I tend to lean towards the latter.

We have a league leader that has looked anything but convincing, a reigning premier that has looked absolutely attrocious for a good chunk of the season, and teams from the bottom five nicking more points off top teams than in previous seasons.

Don't get me wrong, like most seasons, the final 3rd of this one is some sort of consolation for an absolute piss poor effort on the club's (top down) performance this year. To say we've improved this season though, regardless of how these last eight games go can only be said by someone with rosie spectacle frames.

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