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Protest scarf just the beginning of long campaign

By Joe Jennings :  29/04/2011 :  Comments (76) :
The recently released Evertonian protest scarf has remarkably managed to divide opinion more than Marouane Fellaini did during his first season on Merseyside. The general consensus of the scarf itself and what it embodies ? in terms of the online Evertonian community at least ? has been resoundingly negative.

That comes as no great surprise to me personally as Evertonians have proven beyond all doubt in the past that they are reluctant ? if not downright against ? the notion of protest against Bill Kenwright and the current incumbents of the football club. It is a sad but true fact that we are fast becoming the most placid, apathetic, easy-to-please supporters anywhere in world football.

Sad given that most Evertonians sing about our history each week on the terraces and then ironically have the audacity to condemn those who question the ambition of the club and the direction in which our football club is heading.

Evertonians for Change along with ourselves, Evertonians for Action and NSNO have been branded Kopites, narcissists and loons amongst many other things simply for getting up off our arses and venting our displeasure at the way in which our football club is being run.

Bill Kenwright?s ownership of Everton Football Club has now got to the point of complete embarrassment. It?s like an aspirational young family who have bought a big house, one they really can?t afford, and now they are sat in it shivering with the heating off and eating jam butties because they can?t afford the mortgage payments.

The reasons as to why I personally believe the current board should step aside are summarised below:

‎1. Complete lack of any real tangible investment.

‎2. Complete negligence of Goodison Park.

3. The most divisive issue, in Destination Kirkby, in the club?s history.

4. Failure to invest and push on when the manager delivered European football placings? consistently. Particularly a failure to invest in 2005.

5. The cocking up of various deals such as NTL and the joke that was the Fortress Sports Fund.‎

6. Refusal to answer to shareholders and in my opinion a complete lack of communication ? despite an award winning official website and Sharpy?s Surgery ? with the fans.

Everton is a club in desperate need of wholesale revolution and Bill Kenwright needs to see patrons of Goodison Park decked out in Amber and Blue scarves to make it abundantly clear to him that his time is up. My opinion is that the chairman feels that he still has the widespread backing of the club?s supporters.

The recent comments from David Moyes suggesting that Everton don?t need ?new owners? but simply ?new investment? infer that Bill Kenwright is not serious about selling his trainset.

Make no mistake, collectively we are in this for the long term as sitting on our hands and closing our eyes in the hope that everything is going to be ok is simply no longer an option. If you are happy with the current regime then you are happy that Everton will never again lift a trophy or at worst be relegated in years to come.

I have no issues with Evertonians who don?t believe protest is the right route, or are not massive fans of the scarves that have recently been produced. What I do take issue with, however, is genuine time-served Evertonians having their ?credentials? as supporters brought into question by people who feel the need to hide behind pseudonyms on internet forums and message boards.

Is it such a crime that we want Everton to be the best that we can be and for the club to live up to the Latin that is proudly emblazoned across our blue shirts? Is it shameful that we want Everton to succeed with such a force that seeing the club in its current state hurts us to the point that we feel enough is enough? Is it embarrassing that currently, in the eyes of the media and our peers, we?re plucky little Everton with a chairman fan who does his best against the big boys and that we wish to extinguish this myth?

We may not be able to match the achievements of the great men who made Everton FC what it is, but we have a duty, out of respect, to do everything we can to ensure that this club is once again able to compete for the top honours. Lurking somewhere inside this once great club is the chance to rise again, I just hope it can be realised before it?s too late.

One thing is for sure though, we will not be silenced or stifled in our efforts. Protest scarves are now availableand can be purchased for £6 on Ebay.

Reader Comments

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Nick Armitage
1   Posted 29/04/2011 at 16:02:17

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I won't be buying a scarf because only kopites wear scarves when the sun is shining.

However I do agree entirely with the sentiments behind the protest. No status and no optimism pretty well sums up the impasse that we find ourselves at with the current board.
Tom Fearon
2   Posted 29/04/2011 at 16:29:21

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Let's be honest though, would wearing scarves even make any difference? Look at Man Utd and see the effect that's had, nothing.
Now I'm not saying that nothing should be done, but it has to be something that would make a real difference. Just like at Old Trafford, those wearing the scarves would also be paying their £35 to get in, or have their season ticket, they would spend a few quid on a programme maybe, and a pie, and a good number would have a jersey on for £40+
With all this taken into account, I don't think BK would mind so much that there is some extra blue and a bit of yellow round the ground. In fact it wouldn't even be as noticeable as at Old Trafford as it would fit in quite nicely with the colours around anyway, as opposed to the green and gold on red.

And besides, knowing BK, if this started now then he would put a big yellow stripe over next season's kit anyway!
Paul Gladwell
3   Posted 29/04/2011 at 16:44:48

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I am all for it, you lads have to start somewhere, and you are right Evertonians are just too set in thier ways, never in a million years would we have done what them lot over the park did with Hicks and Gillett and now the bastards look set to be on the up, whilst we, as ever do sod all about our phoney chairman, with some fools like Doddy still sticking up for the liar.
Ray Robinson
4   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:01:28

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You lost me here Joe:

"Sad given that most Evertonians sing about our history each week on the terraces and then ironically have the audacity to condemn those who question the ambition of the club and the direction in which our football club is heading."

What has ambition to do with tradition?. I want us to be forward looking but also preserve our heritage. What's contradictory about that?
Tom Fearon
5   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:08:17

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Saying that, I've just clicked the link to see the scarf, and it's very smart indeed.
Nice Job!
Gavin Ramejkis
6   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:27:51

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There are a world of problems Joe, you name some real ones in the apathy of far too many Evertonians. We've read all of the excuses on this site, along the lines of better the devil you know and comparisons to Leeds, West Ham, Portsmouth, Waldorf and Statdler at the RS and even the Glazers at Man U. Given just over a decade ago the chairman was chased from the ground it does make you wonder what has happened and where the passion has gone.

Another worthwhile note is that for years fans have been divided in opinions so much that forums have never gone beyond infancy before infighting have killed them off. Fans now are at odds for some affirmative action and you yourself must know from the responses you've had on Facebook about some fans turning off because they see the scarves as a meaningless token gesture BK and his cronies won't bat an eyelid over.

BK and his cronies know they have divided enough opinion and are thick skinned enough to literally not give a monkeys about what the fans think and beyond hitting them the only place they care about which is income and potentially share price/value they won't take any notice of any fans forums or schemes.
Karl Masters
7   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:26:36

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Tom Fearon #2

' Let's be honest though, would wearing scarves even make any difference? Look at Man Utd and see the effect that's had, nothing.'

This is exactly the kind of lazy thinking that will keep things as they are.

You are wrong to say it's had no effect at Man Utd. The whole country is now patently aware that the Glazers have mugged the Club and that many Manure fans are very unhappy with this.

It hasn't removed them because they are in a much stronger financial position. Bill Kenwright and the current Board are in a much weaker position than the Glazers.

I'm of the opinion that something has to change or else 6th is about as good as it will ever get. Moyes has done a fantastic job with one arm tied behind his back. THe current Board may have good intentions, but as BK freely admits, no real big money. Have any of them ever put anything into the Club other than their original stakeholding?

I don't want just any change and it has to be the right change, but anything that brings attention to Everton FC's situation to the wider world can only increase the chances of somebody out there either investing or taking over completely. As long as it's the right deal for Everton FC.

So Good Luck with it, Joe and I'll be getting a scarf.
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:37:38

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Out of interest Joe, have you organised any sales outside the ground on matchdays? You might get more sales that way than Ebay.
Stewart Oakes
9   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:20:40

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"The general consensus of the scarf itself and what it embodies ? in terms of the online Evertonian community at least ? has been resoundingly negative."

I'm not surprised the comments about the scarf are negative, it's horrendous. The Man Utd fans got it right with there plain scarf where as this one with the use of a quote used by the current regime and the bastardization of the club motto is so wrong, and then you top it off with the blue liver bird, no wonder some people have branded you Kopites.
Joe Jennings
10   Posted 29/04/2011 at 17:57:22

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Scarves will be available to buy on matchday too, outside the Winslow.
Brian Lawlor
11   Posted 29/04/2011 at 18:13:16

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Hide behind internet psedonyms like your mate Staveros? Banning all and sundry if they have differing views from you. Your website is your train set like the club is Kenwrights.

The scarves are a pathetic and quite frankly embarrassing idea and they look shit. The idea will not take off. Even if it did, its not going to make Kenwright sell or find us a buyer.
Kunal Desai
12   Posted 29/04/2011 at 18:23:02

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It has to start somewhere, the sooner these farts who run the club are out the better, they stinking the club out and shakeup is long long overdue at EFC. People in the long term will realise it's for the better even if they can't see the light just as yet.
Chris Matheson
13   Posted 29/04/2011 at 18:24:18

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Joe, I will see you outside the Winslow to buy a scarf.

Every protest has to start somewhere. People who are perhaps too timid to join in at first, will do so when numbers grow, they realise they're not alone, and that's when momentum will begin to pick up. So the scarf protest won't see 'honest' Bill evicted, but it is a start.

Good luck. Kenwright out.
Brian Lawlor
14   Posted 29/04/2011 at 18:13:16

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Hide behind internet psedonyms like your mate Staveros? Banning all and sundry if they have differing views from you. Your website is your train set like the club is Kenwrights.

The scarves are a pathetic and quite frankly embarrassing idea and they look shit. The idea will not take off. Even if it did, it's not going to make Kenwright sell or find us a buyer.
Martin Mason
15   Posted 29/04/2011 at 18:56:14

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I won't be buying a scarf because like the majority of Evertonians I don't agree with you. When you actually come up with some positive alternatives you may be worth listening too but until then you have nothing.

I may even start sales of scarves in support of the current set-up although the normal Blue and White ones will do in the meantime.
Paul Gladwell
16   Posted 29/04/2011 at 19:15:36

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Martin the majority of blues I know and see on matchdays agree with them wanting change and the fraud out.
David O'Keefe
17   Posted 29/04/2011 at 19:33:47

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Paul, Martin neither can make that claim.

Hmm, Brian Lawlor... isn't that an internet pseudoymn? I find it interesting that you come on here to attack this Staveros fellow.
Peter Fearon
18   Posted 29/04/2011 at 19:20:59

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I would not ever wear such a scarf. No Status No Optimism does not reflect how I feel about our great club and I would be prepared to say that to anyone I saw wearing it at Goodison Park. It's one thing to wear a scarf or fly a banner that subtly demonstrates opposition to the board, such as a specific color or symbol. It's another to wear one that has an offensive slogan that cheapens the club and can only give comfort, cheer and amusement to our rivals. No Status? - we are one of the originators of world club football. No Optimism? I always feel optimistic about the next match and the next season. Sorry. I am all for criticism of the club among ourselves. But you don't show this kind of disloyalty to everybody else.
David O'Keefe
19   Posted 29/04/2011 at 19:40:37

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Peter you have got the wrong end of the stick.

The club has no status or cause for optimism under the current board. If you want to disagre thats fine.

Everton were part of the big five when I started to follow them in 1989, today they are also rans. The stadium is outdated, there is no money for transfers and for many supporters no hope.

Its not disloyal to state this horrible fact.
Tom Owen
20   Posted 29/04/2011 at 19:49:58

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"Look at Man Utd and see the effect that's had, nothing."

I disagree with that statement. It gained a tremendous amount of media interest and applied an enormous amount of pressure on the Glazers.

Here, Kenwright is seen as the 'perfect' chairman in the media. He relies on this picture told as people who don't see the bigger picture, believe what is said. However, with the scarf protest, it will gain media publicity, and apply pressure on the board. I think the main reason for this scarf protest is to raise awareness and publicity - and that's exactly what the scarf protest did at United.

Personally, I don't understand the critisicim towards the use of the liver bird on the scarf. The liver bird represents the city of Liverpool. It represents the people of Liverpool, and after all, Everton are the peoples club.

As the title says, it's only the beginning. The scarf is a good, respectful way of showing your disapproval towards the board.

Ryan Holroyd
21   Posted 29/04/2011 at 20:23:03

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Surely the 'only' form of protest, the one and only which Kenwright will understand, is not to give the fucker any of your money? i.e season tickets, food in the ground etc.
Peter Fearon
22   Posted 29/04/2011 at 20:23:41

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I don't disagree with the principle of a campaign of protest. I agree with much of the original post. But you have to be careful not to step over the thin line between disagreement and disloyalty. A damned kopite would be proud to be seen wearing that despicable scarf and I'll be happy to say that to to the face of anyone I see wearing one. The danger with these negative public campaigns is that you begin hoping the team performs badly because only that supports your extreme point of view that there is no status and no hope. How do you wear a scarf like that at Wembley, for example? Or in Europe? Or at a derby match? Or any away game for that matter? Any Evertonian who does not hope we do well is clearly not an Evertonian. I disagree with Moyes and Kenwright on many things. But I always hope they prove me wrong each week. I don't know how I could do that with a shameful scarf like that around my neck.
Jay Harris
23   Posted 29/04/2011 at 20:41:26

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It's a great pity they dont supply seat cushions anymore.

A few hundred of those on Kenwrights head would get plenty of publicity and reaction.

What about a banner asking if Philip Green is a tax exile or Kenwright in disguise. "Friend of Everton" my arse.
David O'Keefe
24   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:11:13

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Actually,Peter, you do disagree, so why not come out and say it?
Andy Riley
25   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:10:34

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I think that the scarf idea is a reasonable one but the key to any change is getting the current owners to declare the asking price for their majority shareholding. Once this is ascertained numerous matters rapidly become clearer to everybody the most important of which is whether they seriously wish to sell at a reasonable price. Otherwise we just face years of treading water or worse.
David Moorcroft
26   Posted 29/04/2011 at 20:56:40

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Martin,And anyone else who supports the current regime,Please,Please just tell us 1 just 1 thing that kenwright has done in the positive mode for our club?.
Kevin Sparke
27   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:26:17

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Appointed David Moyes - next question
David Moorcroft
28   Posted 29/04/2011 at 20:56:40

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Martin,And anyone else who supports the current regime,Please,Please just tell us 1 just 1 thing that kenwright has done in the positive mode for our club?.
David O'Keefe
29   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:35:38

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Can this not turn into a debate about Kenwright, please?
David Moorcroft
30   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:30:29

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Kevin,That was the 1st thing he done.I should have said since then!.And although Mr Moyes done great initially in european qualification,He has also been in control when we have suffered the most humiliating defeats in our history and never won fuck all.
David Moorcroft
31   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:30:29

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Kevin,That was the 1st thing he done.I should have said since then!.And although Mr Moyes done great initially in european qualification,He has also been in control when we have suffered the most humiliating defeats in our history and never won fuck all.
Kevin Sparke
32   Posted 29/04/2011 at 21:40:46

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'Most humiliating defeats in history' ? talk sense, man.

Was you at Goodison Park, 6th November 1982?

I was ? you might want to check out the score ? oh, and the manager was the great Howard Kendall.

Protest scarves? Fuck me... you sound like a bunch of deluded kopites or Geordies ? what next? A candlelight vigil at Everton One; the ceremonial burning of a pack of Everton Mints at Dixie's statue; a march up and down Everton Valley behind a Sally Army band?

And how dare you say we've no ambition or are apathetic ? not one Evertonian I know falls into that category.

And how offensive is that slogan, Jennings ? that motto is the soul of our club and you and your ilk have desecrated it.

I applaud your wish to make things better but this ill-thought-out idiocy isn't it.

I've no love for Kenwright for many reasons... but your protests would be better focused at the real villains who have ruined football... at the FA Premier League and Sky Sports...

Manchester United ? severely in debt
Liverpool ? Severely in debt
Chelsea ? Severely in debt
Manchester City ? in debt
Spurs ? in debt

And the list goes on...

Say you get your wish and Kenwright steps aside ? who steps in? They're really all queueing up for a piece of Everton aren't they?

As the great man said

"...You say you've got a real solution. Well, you know. We'd all love to see the plan."

I don't see a plan ? just a bunch of misguided individuals showing their knickers to the wrong target.

PS: Kev Sparke is my real name ? Blue since 62.
Ste Traverse
33   Posted 29/04/2011 at 22:15:27

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"No status. No optimism"

That just about sums up our club while the current disgrace of a Chairman and his yes men bunch of muppets on the board have a vice like grip on this club.

Then you today have that blert Phil Neville giving interviews claiming we're on the verge of 'great things'.

Change can't come soon enough,but I fear it will be a long way off.
Jamie Barlow
34   Posted 29/04/2011 at 22:13:50

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As long as it highlights what a waste of space our board is, it'll do for me. I can't believe the negative shite that comes out of some mouths on here. You constantly go on about a change being needed and for Kenwright and his cronies to fuck off and as soon as someone does something positive, you jump all over them. Just keep coming on here week after week, slagging him off and calling him names, that'll work. Unbelievable.
David Moorcroft
35   Posted 29/04/2011 at 23:00:44

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Yes i was at that nightmare in 82.But that man went on to become the greatest manager in our history,And he gave me and all Evertonians the bast days of our lives.And played beautiful football aswell.Its you who wants to talk some sense man!.Moyes started of brightly but the last couple of years have been total shite,Negativity pours out of the man every time we come up against a club who he is in awe of.I cant wait to see the back of Kenwrong 1st and then your moysia.Even if they gave moyes a billion he would still go back to fucking Preston looking for the talent that would take us to the next level.1966 i started going the game.
David O'Keefe
36   Posted 29/04/2011 at 23:12:04

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Kevin-Everton in debt and unlike the other clubs you mention its unsustainable.

I didn't know that the premier league and sky sports had ruined EFC. In fact Everton board at the time of which Bill was a director played a part in creating the Premier league. I guess I can blame Bill for that as well.

If you want them to do nothing, say so, instead of getting your knickers in a twist, blaming everyone but the board.

Kevin Sparke
37   Posted 30/04/2011 at 00:10:52

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Well, it wasn't me who called Evertonians

" the most placid, apathetic, easy-to-please supporters anywhere in world football"

What absolute rubbish. I've stood and sat at football grounds from Goodison to Galpharm; Wembley to the Walker Stadium and I've never heard a single Evertonian yet not wish we won every game 10-0 (Apart from on here - there are one or two who seem too happy when we get beat)

This kind of protest is aiming at the wrong target - you get rid of Kenwright and you might get another Abramovich true- or you equally might get Gaydamak, Magnusson, Bates, Hicks and Gillett or Ashley... what have you achieved then?

You remind me of the upper class passengers of the Titanic whinging about the lack of ice in the Cocktail Lounge; as the whole ship goes plummeting down to the bottom of the Atlantic because of the huge mountain of ice they've not bothered looking out for looming towards them.

But do you know what really gets me about these type of 'protests'- these 'Newton Heath' Scarves were being sold outside Manchester United's ground for £8 - £10 and being made in a Far Eastern sweat shop for about 50P

Someone made a killing - and don't tell me it all went into the coffers of the protest fund - if you believe that I've got some magic beans to sell you

'Kenwright out' - do me a fucking favour...

Sean McKenna
38   Posted 29/04/2011 at 22:21:30

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Scarfs are a silly idea, if you say sold one thousand would people notice them much from their TV set? No, why not start with a big banner saying "Kenwright, The Window Shopper!!" ? "Where's the money?" below that! Every week put a new banner up? Surely this would be picked up by the Sky TV's cameras. Or how about "Nothing but Winning Nothing is Good Enough"? Catchy that one.
Gavin Ramejkis
39   Posted 30/04/2011 at 00:21:32

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Kevin isn't the apathy of accepting the status quo of BK and his failing board, lack of even the shortest term business strategy beyond loaning out first team players just to get the annual return filed, largest debts in the club's 133 year history, smallest squad in the EPL, acknowledgement already before the season is over there'll be no funds in the summer unless we sell first team players just as bad if not worse using the excuse of better the devil you know?

We've had 11 years and counting of BK and it's been shite, the only money coming in has been from selling players and Sky money, not a single penny from any of the major shareholders and that isn't going to change. the business model with the current regime isn't sustainable but you find it ludicrous even Luddite to suggest a change? The club is dying a slow death and if there isn't change sooner rather than later it will slip further down the league and maybe out of it, what then? I don't take any pleasure from the club's predicament, far from it but can see the root cause is from the top down.
Kevin Sparke
40   Posted 30/04/2011 at 00:40:43

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I'm not making the argument 'Better the devil you know'

What I am saying is 'the devil we know' is harming the club bit by bit and not taking it forward as we'd like - anyone can see that

However, given the state of finance throughout football - the next devil might just make us burn in hell.

Which is why I don't have Sky anymore - they only protest these people understand is denial of funds - not a bunch of enthusiastic revolutionaries wearing silly scarves and jumping up and down chanting witty ditties and calling fellow blues names.

Ste Traverse
41   Posted 30/04/2011 at 00:50:41

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What a cringeworthy post, Kevin Sparke.

Your another who talks about not wanting a dodgy owner coming in. If you opened your fucking eyes,you'd realise WE'VE had one ourselves since the year 2000,he's currently masquerading in the Chairmans seat.

Kevin Sparke
42   Posted 30/04/2011 at 01:10:27

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Wow Ad hominem; this means I've won the argument!

Mike Allison
43   Posted 30/04/2011 at 01:43:21

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"The whole country is now patently aware that the Glazers have mugged the Club and that many Manure fans are very unhappy with this."

About to reach their third Champions League final in four years. I wish somebody would mug us. Brilliant logic.
Tom Fearon
44   Posted 30/04/2011 at 01:43:52

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I think I made my point poorly at the start when I said that scarf wearing would do nothing. What I meant was (and I did go onto this) that the real thing that would make a statement would be hitting whoever in the pocket - be that Kenwright and co by not going the game and buying merchandise, or by not subscribing to sky (depending on who your villian is).

True, scarves would pop up in the media, and it would be noted that some Evertonians are unhappy with the running of the club, but to be honest, I don't give a shit if a bunch of random fans of other clubs know it, THAT won't change anything.

There were many protests against Hicks and Gillett, but it wasn't that that forced them out, it was RBS who forced them to hand over control of the board when they defaulted on a loan, and then the RBS-appointed board made the sale.

I'm not saying we should do nothing and just put up with it, but on the same token, Kevin's got a good point about who else we might get coming in. Look at Birmingham, new owner only recently, and already they think they might not get their European license due to financial difficulties! Yet he still got the club in the first place no problem, and then it's gone tits up very quickly.
Peter Fearon
45   Posted 30/04/2011 at 01:51:58

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David O'Keefe. I do NOT disagree with the principle of protest on ANY issue. If I did, I assure you I would come out and say it. I DO disagree with disparaging and shaming this club as this specific form of protest does. Kevin Sparke: You are 100 per-fucking-cent right man.
Eric Myles
46   Posted 30/04/2011 at 01:58:37

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What Gavin #39 said with the addition that since the Sky money has been changed to a drip feed instead of a lump sum at the beginning of the season we've seen no new player purchases and seen players having to go out on loan to get wages off the books.

Expect more of the same next season if there's no change.

Derek Thomas
47   Posted 30/04/2011 at 03:59:21

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The thread, nominally about the scarf, IS an anti Kenwright tread ( no shit sherlock )...So;

In the spirit of Life of Brian ( Labone ) I'll start you off.

Apart from appointing Moyes, what's Kenwright ever done for us??

Have at it
Ged Simpson
48   Posted 30/04/2011 at 07:48:58

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Reminds me of the Life of Brian.

The Evertonians for Change Popular Front, with Evertonians for Action, in conjunction with NSPORFG (2011 inc) in partnership with Everton With Grey Hair, Libran Evertonians for Change in Action............all want you to wear a scarf and unite !

God help us.
Chris Bannantyne
49   Posted 30/04/2011 at 07:58:42

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I like the colours on the scarf, and I have no problem with the idea of protest against the current board.

I can see how the 'no status, no optimism' quote can be construed as offensive, and the blue liver bird doesn't seem right either.

If the scarf were without images/slogans it would be fine. Or if it simply had 'nil satis nisi optimum' written on it.

Surely promoting the phrase 'nothing but the best is good enough' would be construed as a protestation?? Seeing as we so evidently are not getting anything remotely like 'the best' from this current regime.
Paul Wharton
50   Posted 30/04/2011 at 08:18:57

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The blue liver bird is ours, go to the Everton Collection and look at the medal of 1891 the first club to win a Championship at Anfield. Oh Liverpool FC didn't exist, I think we do have a say on a blue liver bird.
Paul Wharton
Martin Mason
51   Posted 30/04/2011 at 10:16:38

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Before you can mount any effective protest you need to identify the problem and have an idea of what the solution could be. Now, you are going to gain nothing with any scarf based protest by a very small minority of supporters and whilst you are still attending the games. You must remember that BK is the legal Chairman of the club and unless we are shareholders and not just customers we have no say whatsoever in how the Club (or should I say PLC) is run. The only protest that will get through is one where you, and it would need to be large numbers of you, stop going to the game and even forgo your Sky subscriptions. The scarf protest did absolutely nothing at United and at Everton, with half of their support and none of their so called problems, it would be the ultimate exercise in futility.
I can think of many excellent ways to let the Everton board know if I was as disatisfied as some but the last way I'd do it would be with a scarf protest.
Eugene Ruane
52   Posted 30/04/2011 at 13:15:06

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Shit, having read the above, seems the wisest move for me would be to immediately cancel my order for 30,000 bobble hats with 'Fuck off Bill, you shifty, slippery, lying, smirking cunt!" written on them (if they say it's too late, I'll try flogging them to Steve Jobs)
Gavin Ramejkis
53   Posted 30/04/2011 at 13:44:16

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Martin a fair point regarding shareholders but that was quashed by BK changing the articles of association and banning AGMs, shareholders have fuck all say in how the club is being ran, they are held in as much contempt as match going fans and supporters too.

There's a world of double talk and utter bullshit emanating from the club:

DK was killed off and Elstone was quoted saying the club would investigate redevelopment of Goodison Park as an alternative followed by utter silence until the recent fans forum where he was quoted the club would be looking to alternative sites but require enablers - sounds like DK all over again and not a peep on what exactly was investigated to redevelop Goodison unless it was the original lies given as part of DK - full loop bullshit

Since DK was called in we've had quotes from Elstone claiming the club is for sale, then looking for investment to a response at the fans forum that all the major shareholders are selling their shares, just WTF is it? Investment is NOT for sale, For sale is NOT investment.

A so called search for a buyer timed perfectly to coincide with season ticket renewals was leaked then the so called chap involved denied all knowledge - how many times does BK think he can take the piss and get away with it?

Kevin in response to your reply and without getting into name calling or insults but the devil we know is a failing business model headed in one direction and that's failure, I'm sorry but I have to disagree that accepting a slow painful death because you are scared of change just isn't for me, we should strive for better. Despite the recession money simply hasn't fallen off the face of the Earth it's just gone elsewhere, look to the growing economies and look there, look at the Shanghai motorshow, are you telling me an economy that would entertain a Mini for £50k and the Aston Martin Cygnet (little more than a Toyota Aygo with Aston Badges and leather) for similar money doesn't have folk with money to burn?
Gavin Ramejkis
54   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:03:29

Report abuse

Sorry the Cygnet is a Toyota IQ not Aygo
Kevin Sparke
55   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:12:44

Report abuse

Fair points Gavin...

First story I read in the paper this morning ? 'We've a £40 million black hole we can't fill ? Relegation will mean the end of West Ham United' David Sullivan in The Guardian.

For fucks sake I hope it's not Everton in a few years ? at least Kenwright, with all his faults (And they are legion) brings some sort of stability ? though, I rather think that's down to David Moyes.
James Martin
56   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:09:07

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I'm pretty sure 12 teams in the league would probably wear scarves saying they'd rather be Everton. Let's be realistic, everyone else would laugh at us the same way we laughed at the kopites. Man U fans put their scarves away once the team started to win and there wasn't any moaning when Liverpool reached 2 European Cup finals in 3 seasons either!

People only get restless with the current regimes when results aren't going right. I don't buy this whole "lack of investment" rubbish concering the first team.

Yes, Moyes hasn't been given the platinum card to spend on what he wants overhauling team after team but he has been given enough money to build a team over the years. He wasted a lot of it Krøldrup, Van der Meyde, Simon Davies, Beattie Bilyaletdinov, Heitinga, and in my opinion Fellaini. He has kept hold of players he shouldn't have and not capitalised on others.

The board is not perfect by a long shot and Moyes is a good manager but he has made mistakes. How many seasons have we been there or thereabouts when only a slightly more positive approach or anything like a competent first half of a season would have us in the Champions League places?

The board sanctions £12 million on Yakubu, £15 million on Fellaini and £6 million on Baines... and what do they get for it? ? a step backwards in terms of league position!

If Moyes and his players were performing at full potential and the board was the only glass ceiling, then I would have a lot more sympathy. When, however, the majority of us know substantial improvement could be achieved on the playing side without barely any investment, then I cannot protest at a board for not being prepared to do a Man City and cheat our way out of our 8th-placed hell.

The board needs to find a new stadium and, in the long term, windows of transfer inactivity cannot carry on. If these problems aren't solved and we start getting carried into the Premier League mire because of it, then fine; let's protest. Until then, let's not get bent out of shape just because we've had a bad season.

Plus I'm not wearing anything with the liver bird on it.

Gavin Ramejkis
57   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:23:26

Report abuse

Kevin, I think it's down to Moyes and not BK, but even he can't perform miracles of league placement with a diminishing and ageing squad.
David O'Keefe
58   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:33:54

Report abuse

Kevin, what stability would this be? ? the club is in the financial brownstuff. Now administration may be averted, but they will struggle to maintain a Premier League standard squad if things don't alter.

The Stability that you're lauding (if that's the right word) has been created through a policy of asset utilisation.
"This asset utilization and disposal plan that has been adopted by the board, it can?t be sustained forever can it??

?No? came the reply.

?It?s inherently unsustainable, won?t the assets run out and the loan repayments overwhelm the club's ability to provide sufficient funds to obtain better players??

?We have a highly qualified finance team and a good relationship with the bank. That wouldn't be allowed to happen? replied Robert Elstone."

That's from the inquiry... and the good relationship with the banks is at an end.
Michael Kenrick
59   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:48:43

Report abuse

"The good relationship with the banks is at an end." ? Do we know that for a fact?

Or are you just guessing?
David O'Keefe
60   Posted 30/04/2011 at 14:45:05

Report abuse

I think those such as Peter Fearon complaining about the scarf disparaging the club are being a disingenuous. Or to be kind to them, they don't like having the reality of the clubs situation under the current board pointed out to them and indeed others outside GP.

Everton are a big club and can still be a big club, but not under the current board, the board that gave us Destination Kirkby. The current board have no ideas for improving the club beyond asset utilisation and another Kirkby financed development (that never existed in the frst place). Its understood by all Evertonians that the club needs a solution to its stadium problem and that the current board have been unable to solve it. They have had two attempts to do so and have failed and are still pushing ahead with a non-existent model of development, I don't want them to give them another opportunity.

They have failed and they have to go. I also believe that many supporter feel the same way, but I can't back that up. What I do know is that every supporter wants an Everton that can compete with the English and European elite, that we can all agree on.
David O'Keefe
61   Posted 30/04/2011 at 15:01:21

Report abuse

Short answer-Yes.

It would explain why Investec wanted theri money back. Thankfully Barclays stepped in and they are calling the shots now.

Brian Lawlor
62   Posted 30/04/2011 at 17:39:47

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Yes he's guessing.

Drivel, drivel and more drivel. The same mouthpieces posting on all websites trying to get their ridiculous and unrealistic points across and unless people agree they keep banging on until they're the last people posting on an article or post or they simply ban them from their other websites.

The weird thing is people like Jennings, O'Keefe and Steele weren't even old enough to remember the good old days in the 80's yet are preaching to supporters who've followed the blues longer than their lives put together. They're more interested in their cyber profiles.
Clive Lewis
63   Posted 30/04/2011 at 19:49:54

Report abuse

I dont like the idea of this, where is the money going? Would it not be better for Everton for change to ask for donations to purchase a massive banner flag that could be unveiled at goodison in the gwladys end before the game.
Ste Traverse
64   Posted 01/05/2011 at 00:39:28

Report abuse

Brian Lawlor.

So your opinion is more important if you've followed this club longer than other supporters?

What a load of shite.

I'm in my mid-30s so just about old enough to remember the glories of the 80s but don't consider my opinion to be above any other supporter,be older or younger than me.
Matt Traynor
65   Posted 01/05/2011 at 06:52:22

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Eric #46 "What Gavin #39 said with the addition that, since the Sky money has been changed to a drip feed instead of a lump sum at the beginning of the season, we've seen no new player purchases and seen players having to go out on loan to get wages off the books."

To clarify, there are 3 principal streams:
? Sky Domestic money is paid twice ? August and January
? TV appearance money is paid as and when
? It is the overseas TV deal money that is paid on the drip, introduced to better help clubs budget.

Success money is paid at season end.
Brian Lawlor
66   Posted 01/05/2011 at 07:44:06

Report abuse

No, Ste, I never said that at all.

However, they're being critical of supporters who a) want Moyes as manager and b) won't do things like protest and buy stupid scarves yet actually they've never known it so good themselves.
Tony J Williams
67   Posted 01/05/2011 at 12:42:14

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Who pockets the £8 per scarf?
Ian Edwards
68   Posted 01/05/2011 at 13:58:13

Report abuse

What a crock of shit. The only protest against Kenwright should be for his failure to sack Moyes.

Kenwright doesn't pick the team and play players out of position and have one up front against inferior opposition.
Peter Laing
69   Posted 01/05/2011 at 13:52:31

Report abuse

I commend Joe and others for his efforts. I have decided to make my own protest and that is not to renew my season ticket. On the row that I sit on in the Upper Bullens there will be six empty seats compared to this season as a number of other fans around me are also not renewing, based on a number of factors i.e financial reasons, the turgid football that we play and the investment issues.
Tony J Williams
70   Posted 01/05/2011 at 17:00:36

Report abuse

Peter, just because you are not renewing it does not mean your seats won't be sold to fans buying tickets per game.

Ian, he does limit the quality and quantity of players that can be picked though.
Tony J Williams
71   Posted 01/05/2011 at 17:12:26

Report abuse

Again, I will ask, who profits out of the money brought in by the scarfs? Somebody will.
Ciarán McGlone
72   Posted 01/05/2011 at 22:24:13

Report abuse

Mr Sparke,

I love the idea of you criticising this scarf idea as pointless, then wallowing in the effective militancy of cancelling your sky subscription.

Keep up the good work, lad. About time someone bothered to do something about our cancer.
Art Jones
73   Posted 02/05/2011 at 08:09:52

Report abuse

The fact that season ticket sales are down is showing that the fans' apathy is starting to take effect. Some of you have buried your collective heads in the sand for so long that the fact that some fans are actually taking the protest route from a different angle seems to have confused you.

I have ordered and will be wearing one of the scarves for our remaining games; this 'Kopite' rubbish doesn't bother me... I've been a loyal Blue for over 40 years. I won't even set foot in "that ground" so the idea that I'm a kopite is absurd. :)

Kenwright has failed the fans for too long and far too often; Joe has listed his shortcomings, yet he still gets backed from people who I can only imagine are seriously misguided, have no idea as to what is going on, or more seriously may have some hidden agenda that they will not disclose but just use underhand tactics to deflect from the real problems.

How many transfer windows have passed since the last time the club gave the manager a budget to spend without having to sell players first? When will this ever be the case again? certainly not under this chairman.

The scarf, to me, is a symbol that I've had enough. I've not yet renewed my season ticket and will not do that until I know for sure how much the board plan to support our manager this summer. I know that I am not alone in doing this. I've had a season ticket since before many fellow Evertonians were born. As Joe's title says: "Protest scarf just the beginning of long campaign".

James Cadwaladr
74   Posted 02/05/2011 at 14:22:39

Report abuse

Joe, Just out of interest what are you doing with the proceeds?

Have you any plans, proposals to use the funds to do anything positive for the club or gain financially personally or as a group?
Tony J Williams
75   Posted 02/05/2011 at 14:58:55

Report abuse

James, that is the question I have asked twice now with no response.
Art Jones
76   Posted 03/05/2011 at 04:30:47

Report abuse

I understood that the profits from the sale of the scarves will go towards the E4C campaign to pay for leafleting, upkeep of the website, and any other costs which up until now have been paid for by donations and out of pocket by the organisers. It's not intended as a 'flash in the pan' campaign but something ongoing for as long as necessary. This obviously costs money. There is also a fund-raising night this week at the Casa in Hope St; if you attend, there will be people there to answer any relevant questions.

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