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Big Bad Baggies

By Michael Kenrick :  14/05/2011 :  Comments (55) :
The last away game of the season and Everton looking to a avenge that dreadful 1-4 mugging received at Goodison Park back in November.   David Moyes put out pretty much his strongest team of those available (Cahill notably absent after all the hype that he would start), the boys resplendent in their new dull yellow away strip with black shorts, Coleman and Heitinga preferred to the likes of Bilyaletdinov, Beckford and Gueye, all on the bench, with Baxter and Vellios the nominal fringe players.

First shot of any kind was well over from Johnny Heitinga.  Coleman was having fun running into space down the right but with no end-product.  At the other end, a ball over the top to Odemwingie looked to test Distin but his drive was into the side netting.

That should have been warning enough but a much less tidy WBA move gave them an easy lead inside 10 mins, Brunt's lazy ball over the top was picked up by Odemwingie, who won his battle with Distin despite being driven wide and he was able to clip a defected ball back inside for Malumba to slot nonchlpast Howard.  Talk about end-of-season defending!!!

Anichebe looked to make amends with a superb turn to beat a defender and run at Carson down the inside left channel but his shot was criminally straight at the Brom keeper's leg with the goal gapping and he deflected the big man's powerful shot unwittingly just past the post.  From the corner, Jagielka headed powerfully just over.  Baines was then forced to block Odemwingie to give away a kick on the side of the penalty area that Howard barely fingertipped over, but the ref missed it and awarded a goal-kick.

Odemwingie was giving Distin a torrid time, while Osman's first touch was letting him down badly but he did get half a chance yet could not pull the trigger and Arteta was also closed down. Anichebe then got a chance but his connection was poor and it took a deflection that helped Carson push it wide.  But a great flighted return ball in from Coleman should have been headed home at the far post by Heitinga, yet he hit the outside of the post.

More scares for Everton in defence, with Thomas running free, drawing Howard and shooting at the open goal but Tony Hibbert was perfectly positioned behind his keeper to clear off the line. Coleman was lucky to avoid a card for his late chop on Shorey. Odemwinge then should have scored with a free header off a long throw but Howard's reaction save prevented further damage.  But Everton were poor... presumably saving themselves for a brilliant second half???

Anichebe won a promising free-kick but Baines curled the ball into Carson's hands. And two corners (Arteta then Baines) were both over-hit.  Another Anichebe free-kick was eventually crossed in by Hibbert and it almost beat Carson off the back of Anichebe's head.  It was a better spell from the Yellows but nothing to show for it as half-time loomed. Osman tried to repeat his party-piece from last week off a floated cross from Hibbert, who was being given acres of space to lob in his randomly directed crosses, but it was just too high for him.

No changes at the break. Anichebe getting crunched by Scharner but Jagielka wasted the free-kick, then needlessly giving away a simple forward pass and inviting pressure, but for Odimwingie straying offside.. then a yellow for Neville on Mulumbu.  But it was better form Arteta and Anichebe, the ball in was short of Coleman.  Then, a great chance for Arteta to create something goalward from inside that area but he passed it over the bye-line for Coleman. 

An Arteta corner driven long to Osman, backing up, and his shot was poor.  Where is Duncan Ferguson when you need him to inspire the team???  There were lots of Everton crosses coming in but rarely anyone on the receiving end.  Odemwingie then attacked Jags down the Everton right and crossed just inches ahead of Cox for what was almost their second goal. .

Baines galloped down the left and won a free-kick that Arteta swung in far better, but a defender got the touch and Arteta looped the corner over for a great sequence of pinball with Neville, Osman and Arteta all getting shots or chances that were blocked or spurned one way or another. 

Cometh the hour-mark, cometh the man-ager with the oh-so-predictable substitution: Beckford on for Coleman as Thomas fouled Hibbert for a yellow card. Jags and Neville contrived to totally waste the resulting free-kick.  Yellow too for ietinga with for a foul from behind.  Scharner almost scored with a farpost header, picked out brilliantly by Odemwingie, ghosting in behind Hibbert.

Anichebe's almost total lack of skill and finesse was shown up painfully when he battled hard for a soft ball looped over the top and into wonderful space in the WBA penalty area for him by Neville but he danced around the bouncing ball with all the grace of a buffalo rather than taking command of it, and then played it off his standing leg for a goalkick!

Arteta actually tried a shot from 20 yards but it was too easily blocked as Everton looked increasingly desperate and reliant only on the floated cross, one of which Beckford headed over with 20 increasingly frustrating minutes to go.  Moyes was presumably frustrated too, but was Bily for Neville really going to change the game finally in Everton's favour???

Yet another Everton corner, at least into the danger area, but Jagielka and Heitinga probably cancelled each other out and another half-chance was gone.  But Beckford was clearly a better target man than Anichebe and the boys were working hard to get the ball infront of him for a clear attempt on goal; that fell to Bilya who could only shoot over with his left when the ball demanded a fierce drive with his right. 

With no real danger, Bily then went in on a 30-70 ball with a dreadful lunge on Morrison, a quite ridiculous challenge: straight red card. He'd only been on the field less than 5 mins!!!  That put West Brom aback in the game and some desperate defending was required to keep the score down. Moyes then switched out Anichebe for Rodwell with 10 mins left.

A short corner looked better, Osman clipping in but a defender heading it out.  Osman then played in Beckford but he had run offside. Everton were weakened in defence, and allowed Odemwingie in again, but Howard produced an excellent one-handed save down low to his left.  Everton looked to have shot their load as West Brom surged at them in the last 5 mins, and the Yellows held on for a no doubt highly creditable 0-1 defeat to the mighty Baggies... err... NOT!  More like the season in microcosm, with a pathetic inability to score despite plenty of possession, the result determined by a moment of comedy defending.

Reader Comments

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Tom Bowers
1   Posted 14/05/2011 at 17:00:27

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As usual Everton get another miserable result just when we all thought we could get 3 points against Albion. Moyes amazing team selection just about sums up the season. A one man attack in slow and cumbersome Anichebe was the epitome of Moyes antics this season.

Despite this we had 22 attempts at goal an absolutely nothing to show for it. When teams like Albion can get the double over Everton then you know the squad is poor. Even if Saha, Cahill and Fellaini return it won't make much difference as they played in starting elevens earlier and results were still poor.

Somehow Everton had good results against the top 5 or 6 teams but poor results against the rest.

Let's not kid ourselves ? there has to be big changes before next season; otherwise it will be more of the same.

Gavin Ramejkis
2   Posted 14/05/2011 at 17:11:07

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But for some decent saves again West Brom would have made the result bigger, we were shite today, predicatable, slow, cumbersome, powder puff shots and the sooner anyone puts a bid in for Bily the better. Anichebe is hopeless up front on his own. Christ you could write paragraphs about predictable mistakes every time we get beaten.
Tom Bowers
3   Posted 14/05/2011 at 19:19:15

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Gavin, we all can see the predictable mistakes and the only person who doesn't is Moyes.
Dave Lynch
4   Posted 14/05/2011 at 19:35:42

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Simply same shit, different opponents.
Phil Rodgers
5   Posted 14/05/2011 at 19:42:14

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Apparently Moyes was so incensed by the refereeing he would not speak to the media. Don't like that.
John Audsley
6   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:11:44

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Dreadful game against a very dull workmanlike team

Can think of nothing to take from it at all

Every Fucking team in the Prem knows we dont turn up for the first 45 mins and can piss all over us

At least we kept that consistency in the 2nd half, bet WBA were waiting for the "Everton Comeback"....

Utter bollocks.
Peter Cummo
7   Posted 14/05/2011 at 19:52:39

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After the City comeback we expected, and should have beaten, the Baggies today,but yet again a defensive blunder and, yet again, by Distin, plus the usual lousy finishing by our marksmen(?) cost us at least the point which would have meant a definite seventh place finish to a season which has been a wild switchback ride.

I think it's all been said about Moyes's tactics but we must be realistic: any team that loses its best players halfway through the season, as we have, and (probably) ends the season in 7th, has done a bloody good job in getting there.

Things obviously have to change by next season but I feel optimistic that change we will, and mount a real challenge in the Premier League next season.

Andy Peers
8   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:13:26

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Beckford is not great but he is 20 times greater than Anchibe!! Please stop playing a Striker who is never going to score. Next week's game is so insignificant, why not play every attacking option we can, which would not include Anchebe?

Once again, another terrible team selection against a team that has allowed 68 goals against them (second only to Blackpool) and we play 4-5-1 ? and our 1 is a guy that can't score.

So frustrated with our Manager!!!

Andy Peers
9   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:23:09

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I am sorry for not spelling Anichebe correctly...he upsets me so much I can barely say his name.
Brian Lawlor
10   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:25:39

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I'm surprised you never mentioned Thomas's second challenge which was worse than Bily's challenge and he got nothing when he should have got a second yellow.

I can't believe you've not mentioned that.
Jay Harris
11   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:27:49

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I don't normally like to single out players but for me Bainesy's form has gone to the dogs in recent weeks.

I hope that's not a sign he is being sold.

On a general note, I can't for the life of me understand why we didn't give the team that finished so well against City a vote of confidence and make that the starting 11.

I like David Moyes but this consistent defensive-minded selections against a team that can,t keep a clean sheet totally baffles me.
Jamie Tulacz
12   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:34:32

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Pretty meaningless end of season game; can't read too much into it to be honest. We all know our problems and they were highlighted today; we all know we're desperate for a decent striker in the summer. Don't think either Anichebe or Beckford are realistically good enough at the moment to be first choice strikers.

To be fair, we've been on a pretty good run of late, so probably due a poor performance and this was definitely it.
Steve Higham
13   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:35:59

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Jay #11 my thoughts exactly We had a bit of momentum after the City game so why not continue in the same vein? No, Moyes decides to go back to type. I know there was no Cahill but there was no excuse for what happened today.

What I have seen in the last two away games is unacceptable ? it was Wigan and WBA for fuck's sake!!

It was exactly the same as the first half against City ? don't we ever learn? What did we have to lose today? We should have just gone for it and played on the front foot instead of letting WBA come onto us.

Moyes should have a strong look at himself in the mirror tonight... there have been too many games like this one throughout the season.

Joe McMahon
14   Posted 14/05/2011 at 21:01:00

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Jamie (11), that's where you are wrong, Beckford scores goals, Vic hasn't scored one all season!. Why he gets a new contract and is FIRST TEAM CHOICE is just baffling, words just fail. A striker who hasn't scored one goal in a season ? I didn't realise it was possible.
George McKane
15   Posted 14/05/2011 at 20:56:22

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Let' s hope Moyes's decision not to speak to the press lasts forever ? and he passes it on to the players.

Yet again all I've heard all week is how we've turned the corner, with 2 games to go? Let's finish on a high, Jags the best defender in the world or something, Osman for England. And of course, like all the pre-season talk, then we actually kick off and we are absolute garbage.

Someone mentioned a good little run. What run? The last 4 games have actually included just about 30 minutes of some excitement against City, not great football just some "go", and the rest has been absolute drivel. Sick of it.

Big changes needed from top to bottom. Big decisions. Too many very poor players living on reputations from years ago and others just never likely to deliver. Poor, poor game, typical of the whole season. A dreadfully average team does the double over us by 5-1. They hadn't kept a clean sheet since the first game of the season so of course Mr Wonderful starts with (n)one up front.

Andy Codling
16   Posted 14/05/2011 at 21:12:02

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Baggies' first clean sheet all season; they have been leaking goals all year and Moyes plays a guy up front on his own with 12 goals to his name in his career spanning six years. To be fair to him, he is always going to struggle whilst Moyes plays seven defenders and as usual churns out his dour boring defensive fucking cack.

Thing is, if our last game of the season was against Marine, we all know what team and tactics this idiot is going to play. I fail to see what he does all week on the training ground. This all brings back memories of Walter Smith to me and his usual after match interviews of being 'disappointed'.

Luke O'Farrell
17   Posted 14/05/2011 at 21:16:09

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Why? Why? Why? WHY?!?

Why does Moyes insist on playing Victor up front? He averages a goal every season, if that these days. To be fair, he played quite well first half but never looks like scoring. Shown by his one-on-one with Carson.

Why does Moyes persist in playing Neville and Heitinga in the middle of the park? Neither of them are CMs and neither are good enough to play there. We needed Arteta and Osman in the middle.

At least then we might have passed the ball. Arteta is wasted on the left at the moment; he is picking the ball up on the half-way line most of the time. Therefore, whenever he picks up the ball, he's got most of their team in his way and our lack of movement doesn't help.

Why do we persist with Neville's long throws? They never produce anything and they allow other teams to reorganise as we wait for Neville to jog across the pitch and hurl one aimlessly into the area.

Why does Moyes always wait far too long, in general, to make his subs and then makes them poorly? Beckford will never be a target man, so why do we insist on leaving him isolated up front on his own. He has been starved of quality service in nearly every game, he's played this season. I feel sorry for the lad.

Why bring Rodwell on for Victor? We're losing the game, why not take a defender off and go for it. I know "go for it" is not a term Moyes is familiar with, but he could do it in games like this.

Why does Hibbert now seem to have a devine right to play week-in, week-out (in Moyes's eyes)? He has been absolute tripe in the last two games and yet keeps starting matches.

Why do we play well one week and awful the next?

Why do we start defenders in midfield and leave midfielders on the bench?

Why do we never leave anyone up when defending corners?

Why do I bother anymore? I seriously wonder sometimes after displays like that; then I remember it's because of games like City that I bother.

The problem is those games are becoming rarer and rarer. If we don't find some money from somewhere, we could all be onboard a sinking ship come August.
Brendan O'Doherty
18   Posted 14/05/2011 at 21:28:39

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Which lunatic decided we would go out to play West Brom wearing a Wolves kit ? No wonder they looked in a vengeful mood after their result last week against their neighbours..

John Ford
19   Posted 14/05/2011 at 21:27:15

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Jamie @11 - I agree, if anything Beckford looked worse than Anichebe when he came on. He needs to grow up and start thinking about being a team player and what he can offer his colleagues. It was flat today, but we still did enough to get something from the game, at least until Bily's dismissal

Moyes has said he made a mistake in not buying a forward. I expect him to put this right in the summer.

Progress gets more difficult each year as other teams become cash rich. Moyes will need to be at his best to even keep us 'best of the rest' never mind a top five punt.
David Hallwood
20   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:02:47

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It all boils down to money gents. Anichebe is the only option as the lone striker, beckford just can't play the role. Compare the fortunes of RS since January; they spent circa £50mill on two strikers that have reinvigorated the team.

You can bang on about Moyes's 'crazy' team selections, but his hands are tied, and if he would've been given money to spend or even been allowed to bring in a free or a loan signing(s), a striker would've been top priority.

Yet another depressing result and performance.
Steve O'Malley
21   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:15:09

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Luke O'Farrell ? strike out your name and put mine. Spot on in everything you say and it's all so obvious.
Dick Fearon
22   Posted 14/05/2011 at 21:41:03

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Gavin, Tom, Dave, #s 2, 3, 4.

I have been banging on about our predictability all season. I will not for the umpteenth time list each player's basic flaws plus those of Moyes and his useless coaching panel. Those flaws have been clearly evident to anyone with eyes to see and the slightest knowledge of football.

It frustrates the hell out of me to see the same players display the same mistakes in game after woeful game. In trying to fit into Moyes's 'system', we have seen recognised international players lose whatever it was they had and, as in the case of Hietinga and Bily, become second-rate cloggers. In trying to fit into the system, Anichebe, Rodwell and Coleman have got worse instead of better. Already they are coming in for howls of abuse.

Moyes and his panel of coaching clones are unable (or should that read 'incapable') of doing anything about it. As for tactics, motivation and imagination... dear old Roy Hodgson left Moyes for dead.

Keith Pratt
23   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:00:03

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Some questions i don't know the answers to... but I'm not David Moyes, so he should:

1) Do we not score enough goals because we don't create enough clear-cut chances, considering we totally control possession against most teams, or do we miss too many good chances? My guess is the former.

2) Are most of our players completely overrated?

? Jags, a great defender, but would struggle to pass the ball more than 5 yards and looks like a Conference player when in possession.

? Mikel, who justifies his £75k a week by never creating anything, playing safe, crossfield balls and diving when touched...

? Or the Captain Fantastic who, while I totally respect his contribution, would struggle to get a game in any other Prem team.

I love anyone in the Everton shirt (apart from Claus Thomsen and Joe Harper) but find it hard watching this team which are so close in some ways, but miles away in others. My mood was not helped when i got home from that Black Country shithole and saw City had lifted the FA Cup...

I'm looking for a new hobby during the summer, but once you have been touched by Everton, nothing else is the same. I love this club and just want us to be great again.

Kieran Kinsella
24   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:44:16

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Answer to all questions pertaining to issues we have with Everton .... Get rid of Kenwright
Dick Fearon
25   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:41:01

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David #20,
Moyes was given the money to buy three prolific goal scorers. AJ, JB and the Yak.

At the time of their signing they were the most feared strikers in England. It took only a matter of months before each of them was reduced to the level of a park player.

Beckford will grab a share of goals but not because of what Moyes teaches. That is simply because our Davy has not got the faintest idea or background to offer advice to a striker. What we see of Anichebe is the sum total of 10 years under the tutelage of Moyes. Victor is Moyes creation.

Chris Butler
26   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:52:08

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The simple reality is this we will never be a top team under Moyes. We were not beaten by the better side, we were beaten by a side who actually tried in the game.

Everton's players and fans were already thinking of their summer jollies. We had nothing to play for so I'm not too disappointed. But the lack of effort was ridiculous.

Why can't we protest against Kenwright at next week's game? Moyes simply jumps into life too late... that's why we always start shit.

Get rid of Rodwell and Arteta. Two bloody snails... do they ever actually run forward? Get rid of bloody Bily as well. Anichebe obviously has something on Moyes, maybe he's blackmailing him. I see no other reason why a player who only decides to put any effort in for 20 minutes during the whole season should start games.

Dick Fearon
27   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:56:42

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Kieran #23, Why try to shift blame from those on the field? Plus Moyes's piss weak team selection, motivation and tactics???
Dermot Ryan
28   Posted 14/05/2011 at 23:03:53

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Feel like that's Bily's last game in an Everton shirt. His whole energy was wrong. Including the obscene gesture to the home fans. Tops a miserable couple of seasons in the EPL.

We need to move on and he needs to regroup in another league.
Will Leaf
29   Posted 14/05/2011 at 22:59:31

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Looked like Wolves, quacked like Wolves...left The Hawthorns with a Wolves-like result.

Though in all seriousness, the ref missed/ignored two clear handballs in the box, and the Bily red card was completely inconsistent with his earlier decisions.

I thought Anichebe created quite a few chances, but we never seem to have enough bodies in the box. Man Citeh's FA Cup goal came with 7 blue shirts dotted about the area...Vic puts in a good cross and I swore I saw tumbleweed rolling through the WBA goalmouth...
David Hallwood
30   Posted 14/05/2011 at 23:23:31

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Dick #24 Maybe someone should give Beckford an Odimwinge DVD as an example of intelligent front running.

Alan Clarke
31   Posted 14/05/2011 at 23:55:10

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How come Hibbert was worse than shite last week yet he starts? How come we were absolute shite in the first half last week with Arteta out wide and 2 defenders in the middle, yet Moyes reverts to his usual negative fucking philosophy? Why did he play the same formation that was absolute shite against City in the first half? Did the ginger moron watch a different game last week?

Beckford's pace made the difference last week yet the fella's put back on the bench and Hibbert keeps his place. We lost playing absolute predictable shite again. Why doesn't Moyes at least try and blood some youngsters? What does he gain from watching the ineffective Neville and Heitinga again in midfield? Surely he'd learn more by watching someone like Baxter get a run out in midfield?

What pisses me off most about Moyes is just when you think he's cracked it and has learnt how we should play, he reverts to this usual negative bollox of 4-5-1 with Anichebe as our attack. Unbelievable!
Tony J Williams
32   Posted 15/05/2011 at 00:52:14

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FFS how was this Hibbo's fault Alan? he did nothing wrong today. The goal came from a cock up by Distin and poor marking by Jags.
Andy Crooks
33   Posted 15/05/2011 at 01:28:40

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Luke, you raise some good points. I think the performance and team selection was disappointing. Yes, it was a meaningless game but we could have made it important by at least giving one or two younger players a chance.

I think the squad needs freshening and we will have to sell to do that. I think Bily is finished at Everton and in some ways I'm disappointed at that but he should go rather than have another season as a bit-part player. If he, Rodwell and the players out on loan go then surely some money must filter down to Moyes...

Martin Mason
34   Posted 15/05/2011 at 04:58:04

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To be fair, whilst Everton were woeful, WBA actually played quite well especially pulling Everton's defence all over the place out wide. Odemwingie and Scharner were both standouts and they all worked very hard to close Everton down when they had the ball.

Bily has to go and a group of players that we have that'll never be Premier League quality need to go with him like Anichebe (I cringe when I think of him playing for Everton) and Hibbert. Distin is a great defender but his mistakes tend to give away goals and he's easily beaten by players who get at him like Odemwingie did yesterday.

Brian Waring
35   Posted 15/05/2011 at 09:57:18

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Utter fucking shite once again, with our esteemed inept manager at the forefront of it again.
Paul Maguire
36   Posted 15/05/2011 at 09:53:58

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Bily sits out a few games and gets 20 minutes with "get stuck in" in his ear-hole, we know he can't tackle, so it was a disaster waiting to happen. I don't give a monkeys if he gave the WBA fans shit quite frankly, since when did we have to kow-tow to opposition fans?

If that was a red card how did Jerome Thomas escape a second yellow for one minutes earlier? Red card my arse. Doesn't disguise a toothless performance, however... Another one.

Dave Wilson
37   Posted 15/05/2011 at 10:02:12

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Wondering where you were, Brian. You`re usually one of the first on when we lose.

Would this be a good time to remind you you have lost a tenner? Every single one of those teams you predicted would finish above us, in fact finished below us, and every single one of those "marvelous" managers you said would finish above Moyes, did ? as a matter of fact ? finish below him.

The most predictable thing here is the criticism. as usual it's wildly inaccurate.

I`m more than happy to accept we lacked ANY quality, more than happy to accept we are clearly not good enough in most positions, and more than happy to accept our defenders looked like they had never played together... but negative? We must have had 20-25 efforts on goal yesterday.

The quantity of our attacks have never been the problem, it's the quality we need to be concerned about.

Moyes will not turn this sow's ear into a silk purse, accept that and you're half way to regaining your sanity.

Kenwright out!

John Ford
38   Posted 15/05/2011 at 10:50:08

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Amen to that, Dave W.
Brian Waring
39   Posted 15/05/2011 at 10:58:03

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And when we win, Dave, I come on here to give the players and the manager praise, and when we're shite, I'll be on here to say so.

The plaudits and the flak go hand-in-hand Dave.

I said at the time that I hope I'm giving you the tenner, because that would mean we have done okay in the league.

I don't know how you want to work it Dave, do you want me to send it to a charity of your choice, or send it on to you? Either way is okay for me.
Dave Lynch
40   Posted 15/05/2011 at 11:01:35

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Dick ? You don't have to remind me of your opinions on Moyes. If you look back over my posts regarding him, you will find I am in total agreement with you.

As for Baines, someone mentioned he didn't look interested. Well I posted on here a while ago that Sammy Lee was attending a lot of games at Goodison and I have the feeling Leighton will be going across the park this summer.

Brian Waring
41   Posted 15/05/2011 at 11:09:32

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As long as that charity isn't Everton FC, Dave!!!!
Brian Waring
42   Posted 15/05/2011 at 11:11:32

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Dave (#40) I can see Baines moving on, but not to the Shite... I reckon he's got too much class to do that to us.
Luke O'Farrell
43   Posted 15/05/2011 at 12:49:19

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All squabbles and differing opinions aside for a moment, I read this morning that summed us up as a club at the moment.

Joao Silva, who we bought and then loaned out to Uniao Leiria: 10th in the Portuguese league. Well this young man scored two last night away to Benfica; whilst we started our game with a 'striker' with who averages a goal every 13 games!!

This sort of thing just seems to be common place. We constantly loan out players who could do better than some of the ones we start.

I, for one, would have Yakubu, Vaughan and Silva over Anichebe all day.
Mike Allison
44   Posted 15/05/2011 at 12:46:12

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Dick (25), utter nonsense!

You say:
"David (#20) ? Moyes was given the money to buy three prolific goal scorers. AJ, JB and the Yak. At the time of their signing they were the most feared strikers in England. It took only a matter of months before each of them was reduced to the level of a park player."

Even then, if they had been 'the most feared strikers in England' they wouldn't have come near Everton, they would have joined one of Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal or Liverpool. Tottenham and Newcastle also totally outdid us in the transfer market as well. We have only ever been able to scrap for what we could get as long as better resourced clubs didn't want them first.

Beattie had a record of 68 goals in 204 games for Southampton, about 1 in 3. He'd had one outstanding run of form and Moyes took a punt on him, which he repaid by being injured and then getting sent off in one of his first games. Andrew Johnson had scored almost all of his goals in the Championship and had one big season in the top division when he was new to their defences. He still did well with us until Mourinho and Wenger announced that he should be not be awarded penalties any more. Maybe you don't remember the incident where Moyes sent a video of ten penalty decisions to the referees chief to ask why not a single one of them had been given. He (I think it was Philip Don) admitted that nine were absolutely clear cut and that he would probably have given the tenth.

Yakubu had faded at Middlesbrough and their fans were happy with the £11M they received. He then scored 20 in a season, our first striker in a couple of decades to do so, before snapping his achilles tendon, an incredibly serious injury that he's probably never quite recovered from, although he did still manage to produce an excellent performance this season to batter Liverpool in the home game. Or had you forgotten that too?

It happens a fair bit on here, but you've got to be one of the worst examples of talking absolute nonsense in order to fit things into your preconceived agenda. I remember a quote from an old TV programme: "I never let the facts get in the way of a good grudge".

Mike Allison
45   Posted 15/05/2011 at 12:59:18

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Luke, loaning out young players is fine. So Silva is developing his game by playing Benfica, great.

I have to agree with you about Yakubu though, that seems to be a personal thing, as after the Liverpool game I mentioned above, he should have been our clear and undisputed first-choice striker.
Luke O'Farrell
46   Posted 15/05/2011 at 13:09:20

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Agree totally about the Yak, Mike.

He had his best game in recent memory against Liverpool and then bagged a great goal against Stoke...

Then, the second Saha got fit, he was benched. Strange decision and annoying as well. Saha hadn't scored in nearly 10 months at the time; and still didn't till a considerable time later.
Dave Wilson
47   Posted 15/05/2011 at 15:35:39

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I`m pulling your leg Brian, I`m fully aware you only made the bet because you were totally frustrated.

TBH I did think we would rally ? I`d looked at the fixtures ahead but I thought we could and should have gotten more points and played a lot better. If I`m honest, I was hopelessly wrong too and I will also pay up.

I`ll send a cheque for a tenner on your behalf to a smashing little charity called Get Kids Going - Google it, I`m sure you`ll approve.

In the meantime, you can do the same for me to a charity of your choice.
Dave Lynch
48   Posted 15/05/2011 at 16:39:41

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Brian... He was a kopite as a kid; put yourself in his shoes. Would you move to us if you played for the Shite? I would fucking crawl across the park over broken glass myself. Very few prem players unfortunately have the sort of class you are talking about mate.
Anthony Hawkins
49   Posted 15/05/2011 at 16:54:59

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What gets me is that this WASN'T a meaningless game.

Winning against the Baggies would have put us within touching distance of 6th and the last game of the season would have potentially allowed us to leap frog Spurs if the results went our way.

As it happens, that's all semantics because we lost anyway.
Brian Denton
50   Posted 15/05/2011 at 17:38:16

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Actually we could finish 9th, as things stand. Both Fulham and Stoke can get above us....
Brian Waring
51   Posted 15/05/2011 at 19:42:31

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No probs, Dave. At the end of the day, we all want the same outcome for the club, to be succesful.

Had a look at the 'Get Kids Going' charity, good shout on that, will send my tenner there as well mate.


Brian Waring
52   Posted 15/05/2011 at 20:03:53

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Dave, my other half asked me to send the tenner to an Alzheimers charity,
so I have just done it online at

She also bollocked me! She said, "You shouldn't be betting against Everton."
Roman Sidey
53   Posted 16/05/2011 at 03:57:13

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I've said since December that WBA at home should have been Moyes's last game at Everton. Now, WBA away definitely should be, and I will find it hard to take anyone seriously saying otherwise.
Dave Wilson
54   Posted 16/05/2011 at 10:33:37

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Fair enough Brian. Alzheimers is also a very fine charity. Maybe we`re onto something here.

If everytime somebody talked what turned out to be shite, they were made to make a donation to charity it would either really boost the charity, or cut down on the shite.
Anthony Hawkins
55   Posted 16/05/2011 at 12:33:07

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Have to say I am bemused as to why the team has been so inconsistent this season. Initially I thought it was the lack of new signings during the summer that had caused trouble. Given the number of wins we've had since then the losses can not be explained by that.

It doesn't make sense and a team overhaul is much in need, however the funds just do not exist.

Personally I'd like to see going out the door:

Anichebe and Bily.

Coming in:

Left Midfield, Right Midfield and a Striker.

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