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What Price Some Free Transfers?

By Alasdair Mackay :  15/05/2011 :  Comments (40) :
It is increasingly obvious that Everton?s transfer activity this summer will be restricted massively by the amount of money we can bring in from player sales.

There is an inevitability about certain departures: Yobo, Yakubu and Vaughan are already as good as gone and between them will probably net us around £10million (based on £5million pre-agreed fee for Yobo, £1million for Vaughan and £4million for Yakubu).

Now there is no way that we will be able to spend the entirety of that amount on new players and their exits leave gaping holes in the Everton squad. The sale of Bilyaletdinov for around £6million (probably back to Russia) and Mucha for maybe £2million could bring our balance up a bit, but the amount we have to spend is still going to be no more than £8-10million and another hole in the squad! So what?s the solution?

Freebies! This summer there are a lot of good players available for nothing and, whilst there is no way we will be first choice for most of these players, it is still worth debating who we should try and bring in on a free. So by position, the following players are available for nothing:

Goalkeepers: Westwood (Coventry); Almunia (Arsenal); Green (West Ham)

Right Backs: Luke Young (A Villa); Boswinga (Chelsea); Anthony Vanden Borre (Genk); Spector (West Ham); Billy Jones (Preston)

Left Backs: Marek Jankulovski (Milan); Marek Cech (West Brom); Reto Ziegler (Sampdoria); Taye Taiwo (Marseille)

Centre Backs: Gallas (Spurs); Woodgate (Spurs); Jonas Olsson (Blackburn); Upson (West Ham); Nesta (Milan); Mexes (Roma)

Centre Midfielders: Reo-Coker (Aston Villa); Bowyer (Birmingham); David Vaughan (Blackpool); Hargreaves (Man United); Gera (Fulham); Piotr Trochowski (Hamburg); Ambrosini (AC Milan) Wide Midfielders: Giles Barnes (West Brom); Larsson (Birmingham); Kightley (Wolves); Altintop (Bayern Munich); Mario Santana (Fiorentina); Vicente (Valencia)

Forwards: Carew (Aston Villa); Elmander (Bolton); Owen (Man Utd); Obinna (West Ham); Klose (B. Munich); Inzaghi (Milan); van Nistelrooy (Hamburg)

The most pressing concern, in my opinion, for Everton is a back-up goalkeeper, an older back-up left back to cover Baines while we are waiting for Garbutt to come through, one more centre back, at least one wide man and at least one forward. My suggestions would be Westwood, Jankulovski, Olsson, Barnes, Larsson, Owen and Obinna.

If we got all of those players I believe we would have already replaced the players we are set to lose. Our squad would be stronger than it is this season and we could use the money we have raised to finalise the plans for the Park End development that is under threat of falling through and, it is suggested by the club, could provide an increase in annual income.

More realistically, if we go for these players now and manage to secure 4 of the 7 target positions, we would know how much money we have to fill the other 3 vacancies and we can decide how much money we have for each position.

I am sure there are players available on a free that I have missed and this article is expected to be open for correction, but I just thought it would spark the kind of joyous debate seemingly exclusive to Toffeeweb.

Reader Comments

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Tom Rowe
1   Posted 16/05/2011 at 02:47:56

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So West Ham are down, is there a chance Scott Parker could be on his way to Everton? Fellaini's replacement?
Rahman Talib
2   Posted 16/05/2011 at 03:27:25

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We always get the rejects from Manure i.e. Neville, Howard.

We send our best skills over to them i.e. Rooney, Rodwell (maybe)

So, that kinda paints the picture how our summer transfer activity will be like.
Michael Brien
3   Posted 16/05/2011 at 07:16:46

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I admire the research that you have done ? at first "free transfer" signings doesn't sound very glamourous or indeed very appealing; however, your list shows that there are some very good players that could be available.

Regarding the West Ham situation, yes, Scott Parker would be brilliant... but I think the German lad Hitzelberger would also be a good signing. I think he can play at left back as well as left midfield ? and he knows how to strike a powerful shot from distance.

Eugene Ruane
4   Posted 16/05/2011 at 08:08:09

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Alisdair -? will we go for or get any of those you mention? No idea, but I think your 'free transfer' logic is spot on. With the club's finances the way they are (ie: aren't), I personally can't see any other avenue open to us.
Martin Faulkner
5   Posted 16/05/2011 at 08:23:12

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I would steer clear of the following due to injury and age reasons:

Owen (please god no)

Players unlikely to want to come here due to signing fees and wages:

Van Nistelrooy

I think were more likely to be in the mix for:


Amit Balaggan
6   Posted 16/05/2011 at 09:11:55

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A very well researched article indeed...

However I would like to add the name of Heitinga to the list of players to be sold... assuming Moyes can hold on to Fellaini. That would be another £6-8M in the kitty.

In my opinion, our most pressing need is a center forward and a right back even if we have to spend a bulk of funds there.

If, and it's a big 'if', we have a fit squad... our starting line should appear something like this: Howard, Baines, Jags, Distin, Neville, Osman, Arteta, Fellaini, Coleman, Cahill and .........

We need a player to fill that blank and to prepare a decent bench. So we don't need very big names... just decent players. Also, there is a potential in the teams going down:

Wigan; Rodellega, N'Zombia
Blackpool: Vaughan, DJ Cambell, Adam would be beyond us
Birmigham: Ridgewell, Carr, Johnson, Hleb
West Ham: Keane, Cole, Green
Blackburn: Robinson, Hoilett, Pedersen

Are we saying that we are not good enough to tempt some of the decent ones from the list here and above?

Craig Wilson
7   Posted 16/05/2011 at 09:31:10

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No free transfers this summer, Rodwell will be sold with Yobo, Yak, Billy, Vaughan, Hetinga and Mucha which will raise about £40 million.

Out of that Fellini will be made the highest ever paid player at Everton about £25 million will be given to Moyes and the rest will vanish in the black hole that is Everton (or someone's pocket). This will happen simply because Moyes will walk if he doesn't get money to spend and Kenwright cannot allow that to happen.
Tommy Gourlay
8   Posted 16/05/2011 at 09:16:22

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@Michael Brien

I was speaking about this the other day, pretty much every West Ham midfielder or striker could step into our team and improve it, Hitzlsperger indeed being one of the best of them.

Great article Alasdair
David Hallwood
9   Posted 16/05/2011 at 10:18:42

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I watched an interesting interview with Gordon Strachen, who said that there is no such thing as a free transfer, because wages will always outstrip the transfer fee, and hinted that in a 'free' transfer the player/agent get a massive wedge as part of the deal.

Personally, I see up to 8 players leaving being replaced by a maximum of 4 with an eye on the wage bill.
Gavin Ramejkis
10   Posted 16/05/2011 at 10:27:26

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Unless they've got Defensive.... forget it, also take into account some of the players listed will be looking for a fat pay check and signing on fee beyond our means. Any left that will sign for Everton will more than likely be lower leagues or unknowns.
Luke O'Farrell
11   Posted 16/05/2011 at 10:47:00

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Jankulovski? Really? He's easily the wrong side of 30 and in all honesty, he isn't that great anyway.

The post is a good idea, but a bit FM.

There are a few of them I'd love to see at Goodison though. However, many would be beyond us, for a number of reasons that are pretty obvious.

I would like to see us try for Bosingwa, although I couldn't see him joining us, but he is a quality right back.

Would also love to see Obinna and Larsson as well and these are gettable without doubt, whether we even go in for them is another matter though.

Also, just a head ups, Trochowski, Mexes and Taiwo have all already been snapped up by Sevilla and Milan respectively.
Selby Wells
12   Posted 16/05/2011 at 12:01:02

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Agree that there are some good 'bargains' to be had and that there are plenty who are on the list for a very good reason (either crock or just plainly bad). if we can pick-up decent cover a Goalkeeper, Left Back & Striker that would allow us to buy a decent striker and pacy winger (assuming that Heitinga isn't sold, in which case we'll need a Centre Half as well).
Roberto Birquet
13   Posted 16/05/2011 at 12:15:06

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Yobo, Yakubu and Vaughan are already as good as gone and between them will probably net us around £10million (based on £5million pre-agreed fee for Yobo, £1million for Vaughan and £4million for Yakubu).
Don't expect more than £8 million for the trio, despite "pre-agreed" fee.

We need two strikers and a winger. Assume one on a free or loan, and would then want to spend big. I'd go for £20 million the other two, meaning we need to find £12 m more. How?

If Felli signs, sell Rodwell and use half the money to get a replacement. If Felli doesn't sign, sell him instead of Rodwell; same deal. That should be about it, I'd say.

However, it is a likely call that Bily's time is up. He hasn't really made it, although I'd see him more as back up to Osman or Cahill than a winger.

I hope we keep everyone else, including Heitinga. And definitely Baines. For the players such as Baines and Felli to keep faith, we need to do business as early as poss. At least one striker and a winger by the start of July.

And let's twat Chelsea. Enough of giving Anichebe his chance as lone striker. Two up front for Sunday.

Roberto Birquet
14   Posted 16/05/2011 at 12:25:31

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Wigan; Rodellega, N'Zombia
Blackpool: Vaughan, DJ Cambell, Adam would be beyond us
Birmigham: Ridgewell, Carr, Johnson, Hleb
West Ham: Keane, Cole, Green
Blackburn: Robinson,Hoilett,Pedersen
Are we saying that we are not good enough to tempt some of the decent one from the list here and above
N'Zombia? Dead men walking, ha ha.

Actually, the only ones of those that'd interest me are N'Zogbia, Vaughan - maybe, maybe... Rodallega, Hleb.

Hope Wigan stay up though.
Alasdair Mackay
15   Posted 16/05/2011 at 12:49:09

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To the best of my knowledge, N'Zogbia and Rodellega are still under contract and, therefore, beyond our means unless we sell to raise the funs, which brings us back to who we can get for free.

I see that I missed Jay Boothroyd off the list, although I don't think he is up to the same standard as even Beckford and I don't see how he would improve our squad. I would stick with the names I have mentioned in the article as the ones to go for.

I'd really like to see us pull out all the stops to try and get Westwood, Larsson and Obinna.
Ben Jones
16   Posted 16/05/2011 at 13:00:20

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A few mistakes on some of them Alasdair, like Mexes is going to Milan for an example. These players are only going to be squad players in my book.

Westwood seems very logical, Vaughan would bring some good passing and energy in midfield, Larsson or Obinna (wouldn't mind both) and would love to see Elmander up front.

But I can only see us getting two of the extensive list as the competition for players is gonna be huge, but it is likely Everton will go for it as we are so skint at the moment!

I'm sure Moyes knows what he's doing.
Luke O'Farrell
17   Posted 16/05/2011 at 13:12:20

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Hleb would be a good signing but will no doubt be going back to Barca and then likely sold on; especially if Brum get relegated next week.

#16: ? "I'm sure Moyes knows what hes doing"...

I hope for our sakes he does but, call me cynical, I can't help thinking it will be another false dawn this summer.
Craig Taylor
18   Posted 16/05/2011 at 13:13:52

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Great research. There is certainly a lot to stay away from due to age and injury problems. I would like to see us try an get the following:

Bosingwa (wages?)
Klose (age, wages?)

Use money from sales of the Yak, Yobo and maybe Heitinga (who Ii expect to leave ? not necessarily want him to go) to BUY N'Zogbia.
Colin Prendergast
19   Posted 16/05/2011 at 13:28:49

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Really confused as to why a lot of people are touting Obinna. Pace aside, from what I've seen of him on telly (admittedly not loads but bits of) he isn't great. Reckon he'd be as frustrating as Bily albeit in a different way. And apart from Parker, I wouldn't take any West Ham players. Green, Cole, Keane etc ? no bottle or fight imo.

Up front I think Bothroyd would do a better job than Vaughan, Anichebe and Beckford. Vaughan from Blackpool looks decent and would probably walk down the M6 to play for us. Hoilett from Blackburn looks promising. Would love N'Zogbia even with his questionable personality but reckon he'll cost about £10m after yesterday. I'd still pay it but Shite or others with money in their pocket (Villa after selling Young) likely to offer more in wages.

Jim Hourigan
20   Posted 16/05/2011 at 13:51:53

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An interesting article with lots of names and a good degree of logic. However perhaps what you fail to do is factor in the Moyes element ie versatility, defensively minded, won't rock the boat, one paced, no flair, rigid discipline, good defending corners, doesn't shoot but works hard.

Now who have we got left ............mmmm
Phil Martin
21   Posted 16/05/2011 at 15:46:31

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Some nice research into who's available. I wonder if anyone at our club has done the same thing?

The problem is, and Moyes knows this better than anyone, that if we sell £10M worth of players, he'll probably only get £2-3M to spend. And freebies usually come with bigger signing on fees and inflated wage demands (because there's no transfer fee).

So it isn't that easy. Plus it's very likely we'll be forced to sell 3 or 4 players but not have any funds to spend till the last week of the transfer window in late August. When of course Sky pay out the TV money. Which is 3 weeks into the new season and after all the best targets have been snapped up.

Great way to run a club, Bill and Co.
Roberto Birquet
22   Posted 16/05/2011 at 16:01:57

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To the best of my knowledge, N'Zogbia and Rodellega are still under contract and, therefore, beyond our means unless we sell to raise the funs, which brings us back to who we can get for free
We're gonna sell, Alasdair. 2010 policy was a trainwreck.
Gary Stevens
23   Posted 16/05/2011 at 16:52:26

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These are all the players available form Premier League clubs this summer ? under the Bosman ruling:

Manuel Almunia 19 May 1977 Goalkeeper

Brad Friedel 18 May 1971 Goalkeeper
Andy Marshall 14 Apr 1975 Goalkeeper
Eric Lichaj 17 Nov 1988 Defender
Luke Young 19 Jul 1979 Defender
Isaiah Osbourne 5 Nov 1987 Midfielder
Robert Pires 29 Oct 1973 Midfielder
Nigel Reo-Coker 14 May 1984 Midfielder
Moustapha Salifou 1 Jun 1983 Midfielder
John Carew 5 Sep 1979 Striker

Colin Doyle 12 Jun 1985 Goalkeeper
Maik Taylor 4 Sep 1971 Goalkeeper
Stephen Carr 29 Aug 1976 Defender
Martin Jiranek 25 May 1979 Defender
David Murphy 1 Jun 1984 Defender
Stuart Parnaby 19 Jul 1982 Defender
Lee Bowyer 3 Jan 1977 Midfielder
Sebastian Larsson 6 Jun 1985 Midfielder
James McFadden 14 Apr 1983 Midfielder
Jordon Mutch 2 Dec 1991 Midfielder
Kevin Phillips 25 Jul 1973 Striker

Pascal Chimbonda 21 Feb 1979 Defender
Michel Salgado 22 Oct 1975 Defender
Benjani Mwaruwari 13 Aug 1978 Striker
Jason Roberts 25 Jan 1978 Striker

Matthew Gilks 4 Jun 1982 Goalkeeper
Mark Halstead 1 Jan 1990 Goalkeeper
Richard Kingson 13 Jun 1978 Goalkeeper
Paul Rachubka 21 May 1981 Goalkeeper
Stephen Crainey 22 Jun 1981 Defender
Neal Eardley 6 Nov 1988 Defender
Rob Edwards 25 Dec 1982 Defender
Ian Evatt 19 Nov 1981 Defender
Dekel Keinan 15 Sep 1984 Defender
David Carney 30 Nov 1983 Midfielder
Jason Euell 6 Feb 1977 Midfielder
Malaury Martin 25 Aug 1988 Midfielder
Keith Southern 24 Apr 1981 Midfielder
David Vaughan 18 Feb 1983 Midfielder
Billy Clarke 13 Dec 1987 Striker
Brett Ormerod 18 Oct 1976 Striker
Gary Taylor-Fletcher 4 Jun 1981 Striker

Adam Bogdan 27 Sep 1987 Goalkeeper
Jlloyd Samuel 29 Mar 1981 Defender
Gretar Steinsson 9 Feb 1982 Defender
Tamir Cohen 4 Mar 1984 Midfielder
Ricardo Gardner 25 Sep 1978 Midfielder
Joey O?Brien 17 Feb 1986 Midfielder
Mustapha Riga 10 Oct 1981 Midfielder
Robbie Blake 4 Mar 1976 Striker
Johan Elmander 27 May 1981 Striker

Henrique Hilario 21 Oct 1975 Goalkeeper
Jose Bosingwa 24 Aug 1982 Defender

Iain Turner 26 Jan 1984 Goalkeeper
Seamus Coleman 11 Oct 1988 Midfielder
Victor Anichebe 23 Apr 1988 Striker

Neil Etheridge 7 Feb 1990 Goalkeeper
Matthew Briggs 9 Mar 1991 Defender
John Pantsil 15 Jun 1981 Defender
Zoltan Gera 22 Apr 1979 Midfielder
Danny Murphy 18 Mar 1977 Midfielder
Eddie Johnson 31 Mar 1984 Striker
Diomansy Kamara 8 Nov 1980 Striker

Sotirios Kyrgiakos 23 Jul 1979 Defender

Shaleum Logan 29 Jan 1988 Defender
Patrick Vieira 23 Jun 1976 Midfielder

Edwin van der Sar 29 Oct 1970 Goalkeeper
Gary Neville 12 Feb 1975 Defender
Ryan Giggs 29 Nov 1973 Midfielder
Owen Hargreaves 20 Jan 1981 Midfielder
Paul Scholes 16 Nov 1974 Midfielder
Michael Owen 14 Dec 1979 Striker

Sol Campbell 18 Sep 1974 Defender
Kazenga LuaLua 10 Dec 1990 Midfielder

Carlo Nash 13 Sep 1973 Goalkeeper
Thomas Sorensen 12 Jun 1976 Goalkeeper
Abdoulaye Faye 26 Feb 1978 Defender
Rory Delap 6 Jul 1976 Midfielder
Ricardo Fuller 31 Oct 1979 Striker
Eidur Gudjohnsen 15 Sep 1978 Striker

John Mensah 29 Nov 1982 Defender
David Meyler 29 May 1989 Midfielder
Boudewijn Zenden 15 Aug 1976 Midfielder

Carlo Cudicini 6 Sep 1973 Goalkeeper
William Gallas 17 Aug 1977 Defender
Jonathan Woodgate 21 Jan 1980 Defender

Dean Kiely 10 Oct 1970 Goalkeeper
Marek Cech 26 Jan 1983 Defender
Abdoulaye Meite 6 Oct 1980 Defender
Jonas Olsson 10 Mar 1983 Defender
Giles Barnes 5 Aug 1988 Midfielder
Simon Cox 28 Apr 1987 Striker

Robert Green 18 Jan 1980 Goalkeeper
Daniel Gabbidon 8 Aug 1979 Defender
Lars Jacobsen 20 Sep 1979 Defender
Jonathan Spector 1 Mar 1986 Defender
Matthew Upson 18 Apr 1979 Defender
Kieron Dyer 29 Dec 1978 Midfielder
Zavon Hines 27 Dec 1988 Striker
Victor Obinna 23 May 1987 Striker

Mike Pollitt 29 Feb 1972 Goalkeeper
Stephen Caldwell 12 Sep 1980 Defender
Piscu 25 Feb 1987 Defender
Daniel De Ridder 6 Mar 1984 Midfielder

Marcus Hahnemann 15 Jul 1972 Goalkeeper
Jody Craddock 25 Jul 1975 Defender
David Jones 4 Nov 1984 Midfielder
Michael Kightly 24 Jan 1986 Midfielder

i would look at quite a lot of those players for the size of the squad plus if we sell players like Yak, Yobo, Bily, Vaughan, we could raise £10 mil and sign the likes of Long, Graham, Jelavic or, if we sell Rodwell to City for £20m, try and get a player in the deal... maybe Adam Johnson who is what we need I can't see him getting in their side next season as they shall be buying players.

Michael Kenrick
24   Posted 16/05/2011 at 17:01:27

Report abuse

OMG... FM in overdrive!

Seamus Coleman!?!?! WTF???

Apparently not... a quck Google reveals this from his ToffeeWeb Profile:

"But, as a sign for his future deployment, a new 4-year contract was agreed in May 2010."

Who else is listed... let's see... VICTOR ANICHEBE!!!

Wasn't he also given a 4-year contract just recently ???

So how come they're both on a Bosman? How do we trust any of the rest of this crap???

Tony J Williams
25   Posted 16/05/2011 at 17:32:05

Report abuse

Next week from Gary, the World is round shocker.

Need to check your dates from where you are getting this info from.
Mark Wayman
26   Posted 16/05/2011 at 17:38:05

Report abuse

Newcastle had a false flag bid of £9m for N'Zogbia rejected in January. He has pace and is creative, but is he worth anywhere near that. Very inconsistent. Highly praised by the media as he is at a 'smaller' club where not expected to perform week-in-week out.

Before the end of the season I always used to look at the teams in peril and wonder who we might go for if they went down. I can't now, as I don't imagine us getting anyone. I'm sure that won't be the case in the end though.

I wouldn't go anywhere near Scott Parker. He has rejected Everton three times previously, twice to join teams without Europe when we had qualified but who paid more. He is also very prone to injuries and we have enough of those types of players. Anyway, he is flavour of the month and will go to a team where he is paid well, selected to play a quarter of that teams games, and will only be fit for half of them.

The last few transfer windows have sucked the excitement of possible new players arriving away for me.

I just want to see wingers!!!!!!!
Matthew Lovekin
27   Posted 16/05/2011 at 17:45:26

Report abuse

Completely agree with Bosman signings and also as many loan signings as possible, after all we are desperate!

However, Bosman signings do tend to come with inflated wages due to lack of transfer fee! Therefore, 'big name' players available on a free have massive wages which Everton simply can't afford.

Therefore, it looks like we are left at lower league Bosman signings like Beckford.
Jamie Crowley
28   Posted 16/05/2011 at 18:02:10

Report abuse

Green's available ? we shouldn't even consider this an option.

Unless of course there's some pre-season friendly against the US National Team. Then by all means, sign him up.
Andy Crooks
29   Posted 16/05/2011 at 20:25:00

Report abuse

Please, don't let this thread be a taster of the summer ahead.
Joe McMahon
30   Posted 16/05/2011 at 21:28:41

Report abuse

Gary Stevens (23) ? Kevin Phillips is it then. Over 10 years too late!

Gary ? remember, we had no money to even pay loan wages in January.
Chris James
31   Posted 16/05/2011 at 22:08:39

Report abuse

Picking over the carcasses of the teams going down is the way ahead. Personally, I don't think a keeper, cover for Baines or any defensive cover are priorities, we have some youth coming through that we can blood next season and in general it's a lot easier to get back-up players cheap/on loan later in summer if we do need them.

The same goes for central midfield both attacking and defensive, instead what we need to focus on 100% is the front and the flanks.

If we do generate some decent income through sales (I think we'll see Heitinga, Bily and possibly Rodwell joining Yobo, Yak and Vaughan on the way out), then I still think Donovan is worth a sniff (albeit a year older).

On the subject of loans/free, then my top 5 would be:
Obinna ? has pace and skill and still young;
Larsson ? A regular threat with assists and goals for Birmingham City;
Elmander ? goals (and assists) dried up in second half of season, but seems to have an eye for goal;

Taylor-Fletcher ? Looked dangerous for Blackpool;

Kightly ? a great championship player who hasn't quite worked out in the Prem due mainly to injury. A bit of a risk, but a real talent.
Michael Brien
32   Posted 17/05/2011 at 07:06:32

Report abuse

Tommy (#8) ? yes, despite the fact that they have gone down, West Ham have some good midfield players. I mentioned Hitzelberger as in my opinion he has the one of the strongest shots in the Premier League ? he can certainly whack a ball from a long way out.

There are some good players that may become available and, given the financial constraints, there are bargains to be had. I can remember the day when Everton used to make "headline grabbing signings" eg, Bob Latchford and Martin Dobson.

Indeed, the day after Dobson was signed from Burnley for £300,000, I recall a story on BBC 2's late night news programme which asked the question, "Was money ruining football?" and it highlighted that transfer!!! Those days may have passed but it is still possible to get real value for money in the transfer market.

Pullis has put together a decent team without mega signings ? though I would exclude Huth from the title "decent". Even Ferguson at Man Utd picked up a bargain in Hernandez.

Loan signings are another option ? Moyes has done this in the past. True, there have been mixed results... but the good outweigh the bad ones I think. They can also be a useful means of seeing if a player fits in and would be a good permanent signing. Arteta and Pienaar were both initially loan signings as was Howard. It's time for Moyes to get creative!!!

Sam Hoare
33   Posted 17/05/2011 at 10:27:21

Report abuse

Billy Jones as a Championship player will not seek high wages... so get him in if he's any good.

I like Obinna... he has pace, which we lack and can play up front or on the wing. And he;s young.

Larsson would be a decent squad player, Elmander I suspect will be beyond our wage range, Vaughan I think is Sunderland bound.

Any decent money we can spend should be allotted for a striker to partner Saha/Beckford next season. Our lack of cutting edge is what has seen us drop crucial ponts. Where do you find a 15-20 goal a season striker for £5-8m... who knows? Hopefully our scouts.

Linked with Gervinho in the papers today... but then so is 'Arry.
Gavin Ramejkis
34   Posted 17/05/2011 at 13:43:15

Report abuse

Sam #33, cheap strikers are out there, just look at that Mexican Kid at Man U, trouble is our scouts if they exist haven't found a bleeding thing for years.
Sam Morrison
35   Posted 17/05/2011 at 13:18:02

Report abuse

Next season might just be great. We started this one with high expectations and were fucking crap for most of it - whereas next season everyone, including us, will expect nothing.

And that's when Moyes works best.
Chris Bannantyne
36   Posted 17/05/2011 at 14:56:04

Report abuse

I think Asia is under utilized. Asia is the fastest growing place for football in the world. There are plenty of skilful cheap players available that are going completely unnoticed by the European market.

It's only a matter of time before Asian nations start winning the world cup, and it is projected that Asian football will completely overtake European football in the not too distant future.

Now obviously there are a lot of duds out there, in any country of the world, but I do think we have to invest more in Asia, whilst the players are still undervalued and we have little to no money for their Euro counterparts.

Korea, for example, have a shed load more quality players than just Park Ji Sung, and Lee Chung Young.

Let's get out there.
Iain Love
37   Posted 17/05/2011 at 19:23:06

Report abuse

What about Sturridge from Chelski / Bolton, or Bellamy from Citeh? I agree with some others in saying a striker and a pacy wideman are our priorities and I still think Donovan fits the bill.

I'd also look at Kranjcar, O'Hara and Bentley from Spurs as I feel 'Arry will be told to shed some of his fringe players [I still think Kranjcar is better than Pienaar].

I know these aren't Bosmans but a loan deal is in my belief a cheaper and safer option.

Iain Love
38   Posted 17/05/2011 at 20:01:20

Report abuse

Just a thought... Ii wonder how much for Drogba?
Andrew James
39   Posted 18/05/2011 at 22:00:31

Report abuse

@Gary Stevens


There's some serious stat and "research" work right there. Not sure how reliable it is though.
Alasdair Mackay
40   Posted 19/05/2011 at 09:27:49

Report abuse

Just seen a rumour that Javier Saviola might be available for as little as £2million from Benfica or maybe even on a season-long loan deal!

That has to be a good shout!

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