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F365's Keep or Ditch

By Mike Dillon :  19/05/2011 :  Comments (47) :

For those who read Football365 on a regular basis, they are doing a brief review of each team's squad, as submitted by a so-called fan. The Everton one is here:,17033,8750_6937350,00.html

I read this and thought I begged to differ - that, and he'd left out a few names of our squad list! So I'd like to offer my own review of our squad:

Tim Howard
Not the best keeper in the world by some distance, but solid, makes very few mistakes and pulls off some cracking saves. His confidence seems to wane every now and again (especially coming for the ball), as does my confidence in him.
Verdict: Keep

Ján Mucha
Has only been given a chance in the odd cup/no-mark game. Seems to be at a similar level to Howard, but I don't doubt he's fed up of sitting on the bench. He is younger than Howard and that might prove key in the future.
Verdict: Give him more time on the pitch, then Keep or Ditch in January.

Iain Turner
Has spent practically his entire career on loan to other teams. Played a mere five games and in one of those he dropped an absolute clanger and got himself sent off.
Verdict: Anyone want him? Anyone? £5?

Tony Hibbert
Has a cult following in some parts of the Goodison crowd. Personally, I quite like him. If it's defending you need doing, Hibbert's your man. If it's crossing, dribbling or anything else to do with a football, he's not. Can't wait for him to score, though.
Verdict: Keep

Leighton Baines
Bred into Everton (allegedly starting off as One of Them) - I've always rated Baines even when he couldn't get a game from Lescott. Now beginning to show what he can do, hopefully is still developing. Has had an outstanding season this year.
Verdict: Keep, so hard.

John Heitinga
I subscribe to the idea that every successful team needs a maniac; a ball-winning thug who will break opposition attacks and legs. Heitinga's ours. Yes, that can make him a liability a lot of the time, but he's also the only defender in the Everton back four who doesn't lump it upfield mindlessly. Not sure about him as a midfielder though. He played in defence in the World Cup Final, don't you know.
Verdict: Keep.

Phil Jagielka
Snapped in half about a year ago and hasn't been the same player since. If Arsenal want him and (laughably) wave lots of cash in our direction, I'd bite Arsene's hands off.
Verdict: Sell for silly money.

Sylvain Distin
Barring the odd mistake, has been solid and probably our best defender this season. Getting on a bit, though, and I don't see him having much left in him.
Verdict: Give him a year.

Phil Neville
Hardly an outstanding footballer but a good, solid leader ? the type of player every team needs. Terrible right back though, and with his advancing years and the emergence of Rodwell and Fellaini taking up his midfield position, I see him in a coaching role sooner rather than later.
Verdict: Edge him towards the backroom over the course of the season.

Joseph Yobo
Has spent this season away at Fenerbahce. Is a younger but slightly more error-prone Distin. There are mixed thoughts about this one; when Jagielka gets injured (inevitably) who do we have to replace him? Yobo would have been invaluable this season in that at the very least we'd have an actual centre-half playing at centre-half. Sadly it seems things are against him at Goodison and he'll be shipped out.
Verdict: Would like to keep him around, but he's going to be sold, and not for much either.

Séamus Coleman
An explosive start to his career. Still young, though, and it showed when he faded desperately towards the end of the season. Has often had to do the running of two players and popped up with some important goals. With more work on his final ball, he could be very good indeed. Certainly an absolute steal at £60k.
Verdict: Keep

Shkodran Mustafi
A young lad absolutely nobody's heard of. He's spent most of his time in the Reserves, but has been on the bench a few times. Would like to see him shipped out on loan if we have enough players to actually fill the bench next season, and begin to ease him into the side after that. A Championship level team would suit him, but he has to avoid spending half of his early career at other teams.
Verdict: Send out on loan.

Shane Duffy
Seems to be a future version of Jagielka. Needs to stay at a top tier club and learn from defenders of that quality, rather than go out on loan just to get games.
Verdict: Keep

Marouane Fellaini
Can be outstanding if he stays fit for more than fifteen minutes. Has played in all sorts of silly positions due to our lack of numbers, and acquitted himself very well at times. Can also be utter dogshit. Horribly inconsistent and lunges his gangly legs into far too many irresponsible tackles; has seemingly done nothing to arrest his awful disciplinary record. When he takes to the field, I expect Everton to leave the pitch with ten men. We are, however, short of numbers, so it'd need an offer fat enough to buy two players for us to move him on.
Verdict: Sell for ridiculous money if offered.

Jack Rodwell
Overrated in my eyes by people and a media who see "The Next Big Thing" in every talented youngster, because that's all he is. Comparisons with Rio Ferdinand are wide of the mark, and one or two good showings (admittedly against half of Manchester United) does not a wonderkid make... Still young, still developing, and a good player, just not as good as everyone seems to think he is. If we can get something absurd like £25m+ for his hype, I'd drive him down the M62 myself.
Verdict: Sell for silly money.

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
The most frustrating player at Everton by a country mile. Capable of flashes of absolute brilliance not seen since Andrei Kanchelskis, but all too often is too slow mentally and physically and so simply goes missing and watches the game pass him by. He's had a full season to adapt now - though to be fair he hasn't been given much of a chance. Is the closest thing Everton have to a luxury player.
Verdict: Last chance saloon.

Mikel Arteta
I have noticed a pattern through his career. Has been to a club for two years or so and has been exceptional, then fades badly until moved on. This appears to be happening at Everton: he was a liability for most of the season, so much so that at times I would rather have Bily on as a passenger instead, and I don't want to see him take a set piece again. Countless rumors abound about how his head was in Spain. If that's the case, son, on your bike.
Verdict: Sell if a reasonable offer is given.

Tim Cahill
The subject of far too many defensive hoofballs, and with his advancing years and dodgy foot, seems to be becoming more of an (effective) impact sub. I hope he's continued in that role next season as new blood is brought into the midfield.
Verdict: Keep

Magaye Gueye
How he's not been given more time on the pitch is beyond me. Things seem to happen when he's around. Still young, but has bags of potential and embarrasses commentators.
Verdict: Keep

Leon Osman
Another one-club man. Really did step up to the plate when the rest of our creative/midfield players were crap (Arteta) injured (Fellaini, Cahill) or jumped ship (Pienaar). Always has been reliable but unspectacular. The dictionary definition of squad player. Not a right winger, though.
Verdict: Keep

Louis Saha
I think everyone who has seen football in the past ten years knows about Saha. Brilliant at times when not injured, but always injured... ALWAYS. Everton cannot afford to be spending five-figure salaries every week to players who simply don't get on the pitch.
Verdict: Keep on a pay-as-you-play, otherwise ditch.

Jermaine Beckford
Nine goals is a fairly decent return for his first season in the Premier League. However, I don't think I've seen anyone manage to get the ball over the crossbar in so many unique and irritating ways. He genuinely looked surprised when he managed to get it under the crossbar against Bolton. A Leeds friend of mine once said that "Beckford will score you 20 goals, yes, if you give him 200 shots." He was right.
Verdict: Keep.

Jose Baxter
Was Everton's next big thing until drug allegations seemed to wipe him out. Spent most of the season dwelling in the reserves. Not sure if he has the right attitude to be a professional footballer, but he does have the talent. Would like to see more of him.
Verdict: Keep.

Yakubu Aiyegbeni
Another like Arteta, seems to be wonderful at a team for two years before losing interest. While I do yearn for a player of his ilk to be playing regularly for us. I'm happy enough for someone to do nothing for 89 minutes of the game, as long as that other minute is spent banging the ball into the back of the net. Off to Sven, it seems.
Verdict: Replace, then sell.

Joao Silva
Signed for a packet of Walkers and two Ginsters in the close season, and has spent half the season at home in Portugal. Has a decent but not outstanding record of one in three over there. Still seems far too rough around the edges, and I doubt we'll see much ? if any ? of him next year.
Verdict: Stay off on loan next season

James Vaughan
Always breaks when playing for Everton. Enthusiastic, energetic, does know where the goal is. Has been loaned out to Crystal Palace this season and has done well enough for them to want to keep him.
Verdict: Sell to Crystal Palace unless we're really short of numbers.

Victor Anichebe
I'm at a loss to describe "Big Vic". Believed his own hype, thinks he's better than he is. Isn't very good at all. Isn't even very good at being big and strong. An absolutely awful goal return for a centre-forward, and my nan's a better winger. Did flatten a few of The Other Side in the derby though. But that's not enough.
Verdict: Ditch.

Apostolos Vellios
Has had a handful of decent ten-minute cameos. Most of you reading this are wondering, "Who is he?" ? don't worry, we are too. Hopefully we'll find out next season. Hopefully he'll replace Anichebe.
Verdict: Keep

The Future:

This is a little addendum I'd like to add of my own. Out of the plan above, I would like to see us move Yakubu, Anichebe and Arteta on most of all. Providing we have another striker (no, Cahill's not a centre forward, neither is Fellaini), Vaughan would go too. Speculation does seem to be growing about Rodwell, and if it is City that's interested, we can con them like we did Lescott. Assuming (it's a big assumption) that we do, I would like to see us bring in some of the following players this close season;

Steven Defour (Midfield) Ambitious one this. Belgium's answer (for me) to Van der Vaart (who I'd have loved for us to get last season), similarly a steal at about £8-10m, and is absolutely class. Pace to burn and endless skill. Though I'm not going to gush too much because he's been monitored by Manchester United for the past two years or so, so we don't have a chance if they're still interested.

Miroslav Klose (Striker) Getting on a bit, yes, but so is Saha. Wonderful player. Most important factors of this deal would be the price, at a sweet, sweet nothing. Offer him Yakubu's (a little extra, perhaps throw in Anichebe's too) wages and the selling point of being in the Premier League, and who knows?

Václav Kadlec (Striker) Sparta Prague striker, seen as the Czech "next big thing" from the club that gave us Nedved and Rosicky. Moyes likes to try and buy youth, and the young Czech is obscure enough for the likes of City, Chelsea and United not to pay that much interest. Hopefully will be fairly cheap at around £5m, and well worth a punt.

Niko Kranjcar (Midfield) How much, Harry? How much? He wants out, you want rid. We'll have him with open arms. Hopefully the mini-conspiracy rumor that suggested Pienaar was a makeweight in a deal to bring Kranjcar to Goodison was true.

Victor Obinna (Midfield) Yes, I know he was crap ? with a worse disciplinary record ? at West Ham, but West Ham were crap in general. Again, the best part of this deal would be the price; Inter don't seem to want him. A loan deal (mooted in 2008) would be wonderful.

Manuel Fernandes (Midfield) Moyes is keen, and he has had a couple of spells with us and been that little bit of class we've been missing in the centre of the park both times. Would work excellently next to Fellaini. Valencia, it seems, really don't want him (shipping him out on loan again), so we'll forget about his little backstabbing turn to Valencia if he pulls on the blue shirt again for a knock-down price.

Brede Hangeland (Defence) If Jagielka goes, this is who I'd like to see him replaced with.

Reader Comments

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Brett Kemp
1   Posted 19/05/2011 at 20:44:41

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i said the exact same thing about Fernandes and how we should bring him back for cheap and I got my head bitten of for it!

I agree with selling Rodwell as I don't see it and we could get decent players like Defour and a striker.

Kevin Sparke
2   Posted 19/05/2011 at 20:58:27

Report abuse

Phil Jagielka

"Snapped in half about a year ago and hasn't been the same player since. If Arsenal want him and (laughably) wave lots of cash in our direction, I'd bite Arsene's hands off."

So, do you usually watch the game from the Pier Head then?

Jagielka has had an epic time lately ? head and shoulders our best centre-half ? back in contention for England.

I stopped reading there mate, sorry.
Michael Kenrick
3   Posted 19/05/2011 at 21:00:28

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Very good piece, Mike. Well written... and formatted to boot!!! And not a single typo!!!

I don't care for the FM bollocks at the end but don't think I could argue with any of your player assessments... Wanna job working on our Profiles???
Ian Kearney
4   Posted 19/05/2011 at 21:00:38

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Arteta has only had a good two and a half years? Only last season he was outstanding, this is his first poor season.
Robert Pullan
5   Posted 19/05/2011 at 21:26:55

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Disagree with a lot of your assessments I'm afraid. You basically want to sell all our best players. Arteta, Jagielka and Fellaini are players you build your team around.

Poor judgement on players if you want to keep Yobo, Bily and Baxter.

Yobo lost it a couple of years ago and has rightly been squeezed out of the team. Bily sealed his fate at Old Trafford. If you can't look motivated against the league champions then you shouldn't be playing.

As for Baxter, I was amazed when I saw how much weight he has put on and he looks more like Sunday League than Premier League.

The only one I agree on is Rodwell. I think sell him if we get a bid over £15million and reinvest on a couple of strikers (my choice would be Danny Wellbeck and Shane Long!)
Jeff Armstrong
6   Posted 19/05/2011 at 21:50:05

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Bily ? "to be fair hasn't been given much of a chance." ? He's had countless chances over the last 2 years and fucked every single one of them up because he is absolute dogshit.
Dave Wilson
7   Posted 19/05/2011 at 22:02:47

Report abuse

Jagielka seems incapable of playing for 15 minutes without brainlessly hoofing the ball as high as he can and despite his powers of recovery, he has made mistakes that have been costly to us ? him and Distin were almost comical at the Hawthorns.

Sell him to the highest bidder and our football will improve overnight.
Chris Butler
8   Posted 19/05/2011 at 22:29:03

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Dream on, Ian ? he was awful last season as well. Disagree with Fellaini, he is quality. Gee rid of Rodwell like.
David Jenkins
9   Posted 19/05/2011 at 22:30:12

Report abuse

Fair play to you for the effort of writing the article.

However, your assesment of some of our players is so laughable I'm not sure if a) you even go to games or b) you're on the Skol super beforehand.

Too many examples to mention, but your views on Heitinga and Mikel '2 seasons' Arteta (signed in 2005) are particular 'highlights'.

Then you go into Footy Manager mode using our tabloid transfer links from 2007-2011 as your scouting network.

Football is all about opinions but when you dress them up as an in-depth analysis of our current team and future signings then you set yourself up for criticism.
Kunal Desai
10   Posted 19/05/2011 at 23:18:12

Report abuse

I like your thinking but I don't see why Defour, Klose or Hangeland would join us. They'd all want European football probably Champions League football.

I think the Fernandes one is being done over and over again, just like the Riquelme one. Let it go! Obinna couldn't get into the West Ham starting line up and neither does Krancjar at Spurs. Next.......

Andrew James
11   Posted 19/05/2011 at 23:23:32

Report abuse

I have a couple of problems with this:

1) Jags did not have his bad injury a year ago as the above suggests. I believe he suffered it against Man City in April / May 2009???

2) What's all the nonsense about Arteta having 2 good seasons only? He had 3 and a half plus really good ones with us before he got the nasty injury at Newcastle 2 seasons ago. Since then he's not been the same I admit.

It's the lack of attention to actual fact that makes me unimpressed by the article. But then Michael Kenrick came on and praised it??? Disappointing.
Jamie Sweet
12   Posted 19/05/2011 at 23:21:25

Report abuse

Interesting article and a good one to discuss down the pub with your mates!.

It's seems that there's a few players which really split our fans down the middle. Heitinga, Rodwell and Jags to a certain extent for the reason Dave #6 mentions.

Personally, I would keep Heitinga to play centre half after selling Jags to Arsenal for £18M (£15M minimum) and give Rodwell one more season to come good ? unless we get an offer on the region of £20M.

Arteta seems to be starting to divide opinion now also.

In fact, I would guess that there is probably only one player in our whole squad that close to 100% of fans would say "keep", and that is Baines. The rest have a reasonable number of detractors for one reason or another.
Neil Mulhearn
13   Posted 19/05/2011 at 23:56:53

Report abuse

The transfer window is nearly open, and the rumours are already flying round. I know I?m deluding myself looking for the latest gossip to appear about Everton, but I just can?t help myself.

In all probability, the following will happen: We?ll sign one unknown 17-year-old, who will have tremendous promise, feature in a Carling Cup game, and disappear in two years time. We?ll sign a (free) well-known player the wrong side of 30, looking for a last big pay day, who insists he still has a lot to offer and has been looking for the right club to showcase his (hidden) talents. And maybe a back-up keeper who will again make the one obligatory Carling Cup appearance, before looking for pastures new.

Pip will then write a couple of articles for the OS & the Echo, extolling the virtues of the current squad, stating he?s excited by the latest editions and pointing out the Big Fella's return from injury is just like a new signing anyway.

But let's pretend that none of this is true, and we?re playing Football Manager on the X-Box. What would you do this summer?

Personally I?ve already advocated borrowing money to invest and at least pretend that we?re trying to compete for something other than sixth spot. I?d try to offload all three of the current loan players (Yobo, Vaughan, Yakubu) and hopefully bring in £5mill or so.

I?d then look at N?Zogbia from Wigan (£10 ? 12 mill), Larsson from Birmingham (free) & Defoe (£8 ? 10 mill according to some of today?s papers). I?d want defensive cover, particularly a left-footed player. It may irk some people but reports suggest John Arne Risse is available for £5mill ? admittedly he?s the over 30 player looking for a last big pay day, but I always liked him and think he could do a job.

So there you go ? net spend of £20 million or so and in my opinion the best way to push the club on.

Steve Collins
14   Posted 19/05/2011 at 23:59:57

Report abuse

Lets sell everyone for 'silly money' what a plan.

The board can keep most of it to pay debts and Moyes can dither and stall with whatever they give him great plan.

How about we sell the players who do not want to be here anymore, ie, Yobo, Yak, Vaughan, Mucha and Turner.

We would be mad to get rid of our best players. I would rather see us go into next season with the same or similar squad we have now than see us lose our best assets and not properly replace them.

We all know with the restraints Moyes has it will be the same auld crap this summer. He will spend it complaining about having nothing, telling us we will not make any signings and giving out to about the press and other clubs tapping up our best players and how they are not for sale.

Unless Bill gets his head out of his ass and realises we need investment and lets someone buy us or quits, we are screwed... but selling our best is certainly not the answer. It would just make the teams above us even stronger and us ever so weaker.
Robbie Muldoon
15   Posted 20/05/2011 at 00:44:51

Report abuse

There is a great striker I would love to see us make a move for ? Marcus Berg.

Currently on loan at PSV, he is a tall Swedish goalscoring centre-forward who would be available at a reasonable price and probably would sign for us.

He is however having a torrid time at PSV so the price has probably gone down on this top scorer at the U21s tournament 2 years ago!
Stephen Leary
16   Posted 20/05/2011 at 00:10:48

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Get Moyes out and sell the lot ? apart from: Baines, Fellaini, Osman, Hibbert, Jags, Arteta... Fresh start ,anyone? And who could do better than Moyes? Well, we won't know until he's gone, but I think, Lambert, Coyle, Jol, Pulis would all do better, my opinion anyway.
Mike Dillon
17   Posted 20/05/2011 at 00:16:14

Report abuse

All of your comments are fair enough. Football is, of course, all about opinions ? that's why it's such a beautiful game ? and I was stating my own.

A couple of points though:
1) In my eyes, for the past few years, Arteta has been playing within himself. The two years I refer to are 05-06 and 06-07 where he was nothing short of outstanding, winning Player of the Season both years and being in the top six best players in the entire Premier League in 2007. (I'd include his Sky Sports award, but I reckon that was mostly down to us and our many clicks.) I can't help but feel he declined from that admittedly awesome showing once he got his first Big Fat Five-Year Contract (2007). Given, he's had his fair share of injury problems since 2008, with his stomach and then his knee, but he's only seemed to show flashes of his former brilliance in clutches of games as opposed to across an entire season. His performances in those years set the bar of expectation pretty high.

2) Any comments I made about selling were said reluctantly ? as I say, I only really want to move Anichebe, Turner (forgot to mention him) and Yakubu on and we should only sell Arteta if we get enough money for one or two new names ? and I'm not talking no-mark reserve players who we'll hardly see. As we all know we haven't a pot to piss in, and are very much in a sell-to-buy situation. I feel we need to strengthen just to keep in touch with the top seven next year, let alone kick on. Unfortunately, that might cost us one or two of our better players. As for keeping the fringe players (who realistically wouldn't command a massive fee), only this season saw how paper thin our squad can be with a key injury or two.

3) Yes, saying "about a year ago" is inaccurate as Jags came back about a year ago, but I still stand by my comment about him not being the same player since. I've all my fingers crossed he'll prove me wrong in the long run ? hopefully not after moving to Arsenal!

4) What's this about a job, Michael? ;)
Eric Myles
18   Posted 20/05/2011 at 02:22:01

Report abuse

Bily too slow mentally?

He has great vision for a pass but it's our other players that are too slow mentally to see it also.
Matthew Mackey
19   Posted 20/05/2011 at 08:38:24

Report abuse

A bit of a risk selling Rodwell, Fallaini and Arteta at the same time, especially as Neville is getting on a bit also (as you stated).

Not sure about some of your proposed "incomings". For example, Manuel Fernandes ? he's had two chances at Everton already and apart from scoring a spectacular goal against the Manure, did he really impress that much?

Kranjcar definitely a good idea and here's another name for you to consider: a young player at Aston Villa who was shipped out on loan from them last January (God knows why), a young Scot with a good engine and a tenacious tackle. His name? ? Barry Bannon, previously of Celtic (before Villa) and I'm sure Moyes could make something good out of him.

Also, on the subject of Villa, what about a certain Fabian Delph? Remember him? Was at Leeds, Moyes tracked him for ages before the gobshite O'Neill took him from under our noses a few seasons back. I guess he's played no more than half-a-dozen games in the last two years at Villa. A bit of a waste for a player who could make things happen here as he would probably get more first-team opportunities.

Chris Smith
20   Posted 20/05/2011 at 09:50:07

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Arteta earns too much but he is our most gifted player. We absolutely need to keep him. I'm not sure what system suits him best but there has to be one.
David Crowe
21   Posted 20/05/2011 at 10:37:07

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Heitinga's worth way too much to keep. A possible £6m+ for a club like ours for a player like that? It's a no-brainer, we should get shut of him and take the money. Same for Bily, Anichebe, Vaughan, Yobo, Yak and Rodders. And just start again. I'd take anything north of £15m for Jags too and anything over £10m for Arteta. We desperately need a serious change.
David Crowe
22   Posted 20/05/2011 at 10:46:34

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However, we MUST keep Fellaini and Baines or I believe it will be 5 years ago all over again.
Brian Keating
23   Posted 20/05/2011 at 10:46:35

Report abuse

The guy who wrote that hasn't a clue.

Sell Felliani, Arteta and Rodwell? Nonsense.
John Daley
24   Posted 20/05/2011 at 12:02:39

Report abuse

Sell Jagielka but keep Yobo?

Sell Fellaini and Rodwell but keep Bilyeletdinov and Heitinga?

Fernandes and Obinna? Again? Fuck me.

What's your current job? Escape artist? I really can't see the wardens willingly loosening the straight jacket long enough to let you actually write such weird shit.

As for the Velios comment:- "Most of you reading this are wondering, "Who is he?" ? don't worry, we are too." Pretty fucking patronising.

Ryan Holroyd
25   Posted 20/05/2011 at 12:46:16

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One of the worst 'articles' that's been on Toffeeweb. That is saying something.
Ryan Holroyd
26   Posted 20/05/2011 at 12:47:14

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Even worse that the editor thinks it's a good piece.
Dan McKie
27   Posted 20/05/2011 at 13:35:50

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Fellaini has done lots to arrest his disciplinary record from his first season, and it has worked! Selling him or Arteta would be madness! Jags is class and has been for ages, but saying that, a big money bid (£15m+) and we should sell. We already have Johnny, Distin and maybe Yobo back or Duffy stepping up. We could get 3 players for that cash, like we did when Lescott went.

ps: Crap article.
Anthony Hawkins
28   Posted 20/05/2011 at 13:27:43

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Bloody hell, it's a tough crowd on TW and some people appear to be chucking out the baby with the bath water.

Wholesale changes? Selling players we'd be far better off keeping?

I'm convinced there'd be a fight (between some) if we were all in the same room.
Mike Dillon
29   Posted 20/05/2011 at 14:09:22

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I'd have thought there'd be a better grasp of how close seasons work at Goodison Park.

When I suggested selling players, I didn't mean all at once. I take it almost for granted that Yakubu, Vaughan and Yobo are on their way. That means the only one I definitely want out is Anichebe, perhaps Arteta.

As you all know, Everton generally (are forced to?) sell one or two of their better players to generate enough income to build. I feel this is the course we will have to take again this season. If, like last season, nobody of note goes, we'll be stuck with buying kids and reserve players (if that) and won't make any progress as a team.

Think of it as though Jags, Areta, Rodwell and Fellaini are on a transfer list. If a big fat offer comes in for one of those that allows us to progress as a club and get one or two more players in (a striker's an obvious priority), I would take it.
Alasdair Mackay
30   Posted 20/05/2011 at 16:09:29

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I think to sell all of Arteta, Fellaini, Rodwell and Jagielka would be a mistake. I think it's too risky to take all of those out and rebuild ? it woud take too long to replace them all!

I would agree that Fellaini is inconsistent and is expendable for the right price, but I'd be inclined to stick with Rodwell as his direct replacement. The boy needs a run in the team before we decide to ditch or not.

Bily can go, for me. He has had a completely ineffectual season and I think we could still get £6m for him from Russia.

In terms of your suggestions to bring in ? I don't think we need any more in central midfield as urgently as we need a striker and a winger. With limited resources we should be prioritising these areas. Klose is too expensive, wages-wise. The others I am open to.
Steve Collins
31   Posted 20/05/2011 at 16:27:50

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Mike, you are mistaken: under David Moyes, no important players have ever been sold to generate funds, period. I stress "important".

Rooney wanted out to play for a bigger club.

Lescott was greedy and wanted a more lucrative contract.

Pienaar wanted European football.

The above would be the most important of player sales we have had in past seasons in my opinion.

Moyes won't let players go without a fight with the board. He tends to let those go who don't fit or he dislikes.
Tony Cheek
32   Posted 20/05/2011 at 17:59:05

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Good article, Mike... I agree with most of your assessments, except Tim Howard. Makes very few mistakes? Sorry, but you are thinking about the last 7/8 games only, in which he has admittedly played very well.

I think we can put down losing at least 10 points to Howard's mistakes. I don't just mean the obvious blunders like Blackburn away or Spurs away, but his positioning and decision-making has been wanting.

Andy Crooks
33   Posted 20/05/2011 at 18:23:06

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Ryan, I think the editor was so happy at the presentation that the content became irrelevant. I know that I have written stuff on this site that has been edited to the extent that it makes me look that I know what I'm doing.

Also, I have written late night stuff, after a few beers, that I have looked for next day and have been eternally grateful to see that it had been binned.

Dean Frank
34   Posted 20/05/2011 at 18:46:44

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I'm an Everton fan in the USA. With our financial difficulties, Moyes has to be quite creative in recruiting players.

Here I listed players currently playing in the MLS League that could be good targets for Everton. They typically are cheaper than European transfers and could be worth the investment. Fulham got a deal with Clint Dempsey and of course, Tim Howard by way of Man Utd. Just some ideas from the USA homefront!

Since you all know of Landon Donovan, their prices will be in comparison to the type of money LD would require.

Omar Gonzalez
Los Angeles Galaxy ? Foward
Age: 22
Price: Moderate. Should be another prime target and a good fit for Everton. Another target man (6?4? 210 lbs) who will most likely start for the USA in World Cup 2014.

Justin Braun
Chivas USA ? Forward
Age: 24
Price: Moderate. Not quite on the national team radar due to playing on a poor team. Good size and could be a good target up front (think Brian McBride) at 6?-3? 200 lbs. Scores alot of goals despite playing on a very weak team.

David Beckham
Los Angeles Galaxy ? Midfield
Age: 36
Price: Ha ha, just kidding, NEXT!

Juan Agudelo
New York Red Bulls ? Forward
Age: 18
Price: Possible Landon Donovan type money or more. Will be pricey due to his youth. Playing along side of Thierry Henry and has made several starts for the senior national team even at 18.

Kyle Beckerman
Real Salt Lake ? Central Midfield
Age: 29
Price: Cheap but risky. On the smaller side (5?-8?) but is skilled and built like an Arteta. He now anchors one of the best ?blue collar" teams in MLS and arguably the best team in the league.
Andy Crooks
35   Posted 20/05/2011 at 19:32:12

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Very interesting D
David Hallwood
36   Posted 20/05/2011 at 19:42:21

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I must be the only Evertonian who is underwhelmed by Manuel Fernandes. In his first spell, I thought he showboated, was caught out of position too many times, and went MIA too many times; true, he scored that spectacular goal against the Mancs.

Second spell, he was distinctly average but much more disciplined. Plus he hasn?t exactly been pulling up trees in Spain & Turkey, and the last thing we need is another CM.

Sean Patton
37   Posted 20/05/2011 at 20:29:18

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Steve Collins has it spot on Moyes just doesnt really do player trading which is stupid as one of his best transfers was selling Johnson and McFadden and buying Fellaini with the proceeds.

He could just as easily sell Heitinga and Bilyaletdinov and buy Donovan or a speedy winger with the money there are countless other options but he wont choose them.

Everyone is expecting a busy summer, "an imporrtant summer for Everton football club". We have been here too many times before lads nothing will happen you know it, I know it and Kenrwright and Moyes know it.

Expect a few free transfers and some unknown youngsters from abroad either that or a long protracted big money saga with a mad rush to spend the money received at the end of August.
Dean Frank
38   Posted 20/05/2011 at 21:21:33

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Thanks Andy..of all of them, Agudelo may be out of reach. Word on the street is Arsenal is very interested (scouts have been seen at RedBull games - how they know I don't know). If Arsenal is there, so is ManU. And Liverpool could get him as he's in the American's owners backyard.

Check these out though, only 18:
David Edwards
39   Posted 20/05/2011 at 23:37:00

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Can't comment on your buys, but your sells or keeps are not far off the mark ? now that I'm sadly thinking we are a selling club!!

Rodwell and Arteta can go for silly money, but I'd like to keep Jags as I see him as a future captain etc. I want to keep Fellaini as I think his departure will leave too big a hole. Sadly, the one you and I really want to keep ? Baines ? seems to be the most in-demand and I fear the silly money he might command might be too much to ignore. (The TalkSport phone-ins say similar things.) Can Moyes rebuild from next to nothing... or will he see it as a hiding to nothing? What a state for our club to be in ? taxi, Mr Kenwright, surely!
Jimmy Changa
40   Posted 21/05/2011 at 05:18:45

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Anyone seen or heard of Pablo Piatti? Played well in La Liga for the last-placed side and I think could be available for £4-5m, maybe less.
Luke O'Farrell
41   Posted 21/05/2011 at 12:59:43

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Jagielka can go to the highest bidder. If Arsene wants to pay £10 million plus for him then i'll drive Jagielka the Emirates myself. I'm sick of his inability to keep the ball!!
Jamie Tulacz
42   Posted 21/05/2011 at 13:54:10

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Think that the Yak, Vaughan and Yobo all likely to go. Would like everyone else look to get rid of Anichebe (though I think it's unlikely to happen) and Bily for a reasonable offer (maybe £6m plus). Possibly also Rodwell if we get a decent offer in, though again Moyes really not keen to lose him.

Other than that don't think we can afford to let too many more go as our squad's thin enough as it is, and we really can't afford to lose any more
Roman Sidey
43   Posted 21/05/2011 at 08:14:41

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If £15mil+ comes in for Rodwell or Fellaini we will sell them.

Fernandes would solve a big problem in the middle though, and give Arteta the move out to the right where he was playing the first time Manuel was here.
Stephen Kenny
44   Posted 22/05/2011 at 09:56:19

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If silly money is on offer I'd be quite happy to see Rodwell, Arteta and Jagielka go, and for us to go with what we've got, possibly adding a free striker. That's assuming the money went on the ground!
Nick Armitage
45   Posted 22/05/2011 at 10:57:36

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Dave Wilson re Jagielka "Sell him to the highest bidder and our football will improve overnight."

Nail on head mate. Jagielka is a superb last-ditch defender but the reason he plays last-ditch is because he allows play to come on to him.

When Heitinga played at centre half, there were none of these last-ditch tackles and blocks because he keeps the opposition away from the box and stays goalside. His reading of the game is far better and he never just hoofs like Jagielka. People say Jags is knocking on the door for England ? he will never make it at that level because he gives too much possession away. I have seen 10-year-old defenders pick passes better than him.

Personally I like Jags, but I would like £12-15M in Moyes's piggybank more.

Also, I would sell Arteta tomorrow. And I would sell Anichebe if someone was stupid enough to buy him.
David Holroyd
46   Posted 22/05/2011 at 11:32:11

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Need to keep Fellaini but only if he will sign another contract. When it runs down to the last year, we won't get nothing for him.
Brian Taylor
47   Posted 23/05/2011 at 07:38:32

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Assuming Moyes's reported request for a £15m transfer purse is accepted by the Bank of Bill aka, who would you splash the cash on? I reckon there's a few bargains to be had:-

£8m - Craig Gardner
£8m - Chris Samba
Free - Morten Gamst Pedersen
£10m - Charlie Adam

£5m - Billy
£3m - Yobo
£2m - Yakubu
£1m - Vaughan

I think that'd replace mediocre with consistent quality that will fire us nearer to the top four and a bus tour with the FA Cup. COYB!

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