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End-of-Season Awards

By Luke O/Farrell :  24/05/2011 :  Comments (26) : We all know this has been an extremely disappointing season, although there have still been a few high points; have scarce they may have been. Unless we adopt a newly discovered attacking approach or crumble horrendously in one of these last three games; then these choices will be my final opinion either way.

Player of the Season ? Leighton Baines

The fact he has the second highest assist total in the league tells its own story. The diminutive England international has revelled in bombing on from left back; before and after Pienaar. Has recently stepped up to the plate with regards to penalty duties; the Chelsea cup game apart, although his free kick in that game gets him out of jail.

He has been poor defensively in the last few games; however he must be tired as he has often been left with little support down that side. Hopefully we can find someone during the summer to play in front of him and he can continue in this rich vein of form. I feel Cahill would have run him close, if it wasn?t for the Asia Cup.

2nd ? Sylvain Distin ? has been immense, except for the two United games. Man-mountain of a centre half who seems to get faster with age; quite how I?ll never know. He is very strong in the air and quick along the ground. Calmness personified when in possession; Jagielka could learn a thing or two of him in this regard. Definitely our best centre back, in my opinion.

3rd ? Leon Osman ? has been like a ?new signing? these past few months. Looks dangerous when picking the ball up and has finally learnt how to shoot with a bit of power. Praying he can carry it on into next season, as he often has form in fits and starts; we need to see it week in-week out.

Young Player of the Season ? Seamus Coleman

He was a revelation before Christmas, although injuries and fatigue have caught up with him since then. The little Irishman has performed commendably on the right side of midfield; although I believe in years to come he will be best used as an attacking full back.

He has set up a fair, few goals and also weighed in with a few of his own; most notably at home to Spurs. If he can work on his defending, although has the benefit of recovery pace, he should make the right back spot his own in the next 24 months.

Goal of the Season ? Baines vs. Tottenham; 23 October 2010

This is one of the best free kicks I?ve seen all season for the sheer precision and accuracy of it. The ball was, quite literally, in the very top corner of the goal; giving Gomes absolutely no chance. This game seemed to be the catalyst for him to go from strength-to-strength this season.

This just edged out Bilyaletdinov?s strike against Wolves. That 25-yarder, unleashed past a despairing Hennessey, showed us what he can do when played in a more CENTRAL attacking role. I?ll save that argument for another day though.

Worst Player ? Jack Rodwell

I may well be shot down in flames on this one; I do however believe he has been dreadful this season, in most games he has played. Anichebe doesn?t get my vote; purely because he is limited at best and so we expect him to be poor. Rodwell undoubtedly has ability but has failed to deliver on far too many occasions this season.

People will scream for me to say Arteta; however his poor form was mainly through Moyes? insistence that he plays in a deeper role. Thereby wasting his ability; plus before his hamstring strain vs. Birmingham he was beginning to look like the Arteta we know.

Best Game ? Everton 5 ? Blackpool 3 at Goodison Park on 5 February 2011

This is a hard one to decide; do in go for sentiment or the game we played our best football in? We were not that great, in all honesty, in the Cup victory over Chelsea. Yet that was unbelievable to win on penalties at Stamford Bridge. There is the Goodison derby victory, or the win away at Man City or the victory against Spurs at home, or the 3-3 comeback vs. Man Utd.

However I have plumped for the best game in terms of enjoyment and football on show and that has to be the 5 -3 win over Blackpool. I witnessed free flowing attacking football from the boys in blue; such a rarity these days. This was inevitably helped by Blackpool playing suicide football. Nevertheless, I feel I caught a glimpse of what we could achieve with - I?ll whisper it quietly - some ambition.

Worst Game ? Everton 0 ? 1 Reading at Goodison Park on 1 March 2011

This was worse than all that came before; Shrewsbury, Oldham, Brentford. This was the lowest of the low. There was no fight, no effort, no desire and no will to win. The most disappointing part was that we had got rid of Chelsea in the previous round and had a great chance to, maybe, reach the final again. It is just me though, or didn?t anyone else think we were destined to lose after the Chelsea game. The second we got rid of Chelsea, I thought, ?Reading will probably beat us in the next round?. That?s just the Everton way at the moment.

Moment of the Season ? Heitinga?s cameo against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 19 March 2011

Still feel he has a role to play at the club, for me, he is a much better centre back than Phil ?Hoof-It? Jagielka. Although he may well be moved on in the summer as we all know we will have to generate cash from somewhere. So if it is to be the end, then Johnny; thanks for that moment.

I feared the worst as he stepped up to take his penalty; his awful attempt vs Huddersfield was in the back of my mind. He dispatched the spot kick into the corner of the net, firm and true, Cech had no chance. Then he proceeded to turn to the fans and helped to work up a raucous noise, then began to walk back towards the halfway line. Ashley Cole was walking towards him to take his own spot kick. Heitinga then purposely strode forward and threw his shoulder into Cole, who wasn?t best pleased. Cole then bottled it and helped send us through to the next round; Heitinga?s bravado had paid off.

The season 2010-11 has been a major disappointment on the whole; although there have been some bright spots. Let us all hope that season 2011-12 can be better all round and we get off to a flyer.


Reader Comments

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Graham Holliday
1   Posted 24/05/2011 at 08:57:26

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Why does there appear to be an IP address at the start of this post?!
Chris Bannantyne
2   Posted 24/05/2011 at 09:05:52

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I know there was a fair bit of luck and arse involved in it, but I would give Beckfords goal against chelsea the other day best goal of the season.

One man down, chelsea attacking around our box, Beckford gets a hold of it and goes screaming and careering to the other end of the field, in and out through the defence, deflection here and there... Then the keeper... Keeper gets a slight hand to it but..... IT'S IN!!!!! haha what fun that one was.
Grant Smith
3   Posted 24/05/2011 at 10:24:49

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Good shout on Rodwell, Arteta would not be far behind him though .. another that has not delivered to his normally high standards this season.
Dave Wilson
4   Posted 24/05/2011 at 10:18:30

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I cant put my finger on whats wrong with JR.

In the first half against Chelsea he left Cole for dead down the right, it didnt come to anything but it was a little reminder of the goal he made at Eastlands last season and the one he scored against Man U at GP.

He seems to be playing within himself, we know he can be explosive . . so why does he seem to be so conservative in his effort, why is he so inhibited ?

Jack is the most naturally talented player we have produced in years - including Rooney IMO - but where is the drive ? the attacking agression, the "give me the fucken ball" attitude ?

I hope the rest of the package comes with maturity and confidence, because at the moment, I`m afraid I have to agree with Luke
Liam Reilly
5   Posted 24/05/2011 at 10:57:04

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Disagree on JR

He's still a young lad learning his trade and I am convinced that he hasn't been the shining light that we all thought he would this season; because of the duties he's been asked to perform.

Look at Sunday's game at Goodison. He was told to check Lampards runs and he duly did. I don't remember a lot of Fat Frank in the game but I remember JR stealing the ball off him on the edge of our area.

Give the boy a chance and get behind him; instead of doubting his abilities.
Robin Hunuki
6   Posted 24/05/2011 at 11:38:52

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I too disagree with JR being the worst - I'd give that title to Arteta, and I'll explain why.

As Liam stated, JR is still a 'kid' and learning his trade. Unfortunately due to his injuries, it has decreased his progression and seems to have knocked his confidence around. Natural ability however is still evident - e.g. Chelsea game and his marking on Lampo.

Don't get me wrong I love Arteta on his day, (I'll admit has had his fair share of injuries) however with the experience and amount of coin he's being paid, he really should have stepped up and taken more of a leadership / attacking role this season...
Grant Smith
7   Posted 24/05/2011 at 12:52:05

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Liam, I don't think anyone here has doubted the ability of the lad, simply stating that he has been disapointing this season and has not, as he says himself, cemented his place in the starting XI, this year as had been widly expected. I agree with Moyes that going to the U21 tournament will do him the world of good.
Tony J Williams
8   Posted 24/05/2011 at 13:03:48

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I was happy on Sunday because we managed to get some glimpses, at last, of Arteta of old. Surging forward and beating men.

Also Rodwell looking so comfortable with the ball, one situation on the edge of the box, calmly took the ball off a Chelski player, moved it to the side and passed it calmly to a lad in Blue. there is no doubting his potential and hopefully the "I'm going that way, who's with me?" will become more prevalent in the next couple of seasons.
Shaun Brennan
9   Posted 24/05/2011 at 13:06:58

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Graham Holliday, (#1) ? I mulled over that a few times ha ha,

For me, worst player this season has to be Anichebe, I'm not picking on the lad but think he is pants and I can't bear his sulking and holding his hands to his head, oh and he knows how to fall. Arteta has been very indifferent, can they share it?

Brentford was a pretty bad game but after beating Chelsea in the cup only to be knocked out by Reading is a good shout.

Goal of the season, perhaps Baines (Chelsea) or Beckford (Chelsea).
Luke O'Farrell
10   Posted 24/05/2011 at 13:56:01

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I agree with you on the Beckford goal but I wrote this before the Man City game, "in these last three games; then these choices will be my final opinion either way".

In all honesty, I didn't know it was going up or I would have changed it and given it to Becks.

Liam and Robin,

Sorry but I stick by my Rodwell opinion. The difference between him and Arteta was that even when Arteta was stinking the place out, he never hid.

He still always wanted the ball and put the work rate in. The same can't be said about most of our other midfielders, I'd say Fellaini and Osman are the only others who look for the ball.

Rodwell very rarely looks for the ball so when he's having a bad game, he becomes even more ineffective as he doesn't see the ball and practically becomes invisible.
Luke O'Farrell
11   Posted 24/05/2011 at 14:15:11

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All my articles are also on my blog:

Any feedback/comments welcomed and appreciated

Tony Cheek
12   Posted 24/05/2011 at 14:40:01

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Good post Luke.... definitely Baines, definitely Distin, but Ossie in third place? He has been fab the last 6 or 7 games but sadly wanting earlier in the season (admittedly in position that doesn`t suit him). Nonetheless, not anywhere near a candidate!

"he has finally learnt how to shoot with a bit of power". Where the hell did that come from? He is 30 years old! He is never going to be a good striker of a ball. Surely Cahill is up for third if we are basing it on half a season's good performances!

Moment of the season: Beckford's cracker against Bolton at home or Neville's penalty winner at Chelsea!

Luke O'Farrell
13   Posted 24/05/2011 at 15:18:02

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I was thinking of his goal against Blackburn, which was a good hit and he battered one against Wigan, brought a good save out the keeper.

Although I know majority of the time he hit has a pop its woeful, them two examples were just in my mind when i wrote it.

In all honesty, I went for Osman due to his last few months as he has been good, admittedly he was pretty poor in the first half of the season.

The fact he finished the season strongly got him 3rd plus the lack of any real genuine consistent performers this season; Coleman and Cahill both good until Jan; neither did much afterwards. Howard, awful at the start but better towards the end.

Sums up the season really; after Distin, I was struggling to get a 3rd player, just shows how disappointing this season has been on the whole.

Chris Bannantyne
14   Posted 24/05/2011 at 15:52:46

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Third player should have been Vellios! He didn't do anything disappointing in his 35seconds of first team football this season, haha.
David Hallwood
15   Posted 24/05/2011 at 18:03:06

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Best Player: LB
Worst Player: Vic ? simply shite; a forward who doesn't score, struts round with the worst attitude I've ever seen and that's saying something.

Best Game: 3-3 vs the Mancs if only for the 1st 20-25 minutes when we bossed the game and made them look ordinary.
Best Goal: Arteta's v the RS; I was sitting with my RS mate and there were a good few round us in the main stand. Priceless.
Worst game: I'll go along with the Reading game.

Jamie Barlow
16   Posted 24/05/2011 at 18:03:53

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My favourite games were the wins at Goodison and Eastlands. I love beating those horrible bastards. I think it's got something to do with both my brothers support them.
Jamie Sweet
17   Posted 25/05/2011 at 00:49:11

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Not much to argue about there, Luke; it's a very good summary of the highs and lows ? good and bad of our season.

It has been a poor season on the whole, but at least we still had quite a few moments to savour.

The penalty shoot-out at Stamford Bridge made up for every disappointing shoot-out I've seen in my life... it was pure entertainment!

And despite the many low points like Reading, West Brom (h) Bolton (a) to name just a few, at least that "Roy of The Rovers" goal from Beckford in the last game meant we finished the season with a smile on our faces!

Shame it wasn't the goal that won us the league ? but there's always next year eh?!
James Flynn
18   Posted 25/05/2011 at 01:51:10

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Not getting the Rodwell "disappointment".

He just turned 20 playing on a top side. Big difference playing against grown men in the best league and under-21 teams.

He'll be fine in the next couple years.
Adam Wareing
19   Posted 25/05/2011 at 04:09:21

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Hey, everyone!

I wrote a season review of 2010-11 for my blog.

Here's the link:

Tim O'Connell
20   Posted 25/05/2011 at 04:55:11

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Here's my review of how the players did, in the form of a school report (player performance against expectation for the Season).

Tim Howard ? A reasonable season, some very fine saves but also some clangers. Tim is a top 5 - 8 keeper and this season reflects it.

Tony Hibbert ? Hibbo was Hibbo.

Phil Neville ? A typical season for Captain Marvel; I would rather have him than not.

Phil Jagielka ? A season marred by nagging injuries; when fully fit, he is one of the best in the country but we have suffered slightly due to those injuries... a brilliant defender but will never be a Beckenbaeur

Sylvain Distin ? Buzz has been the rock of the season; great buy

Johnny Heitinga ? Very average season Leighton Baines ? Star Man... he has to be the best attacking back in the country now, and not a bad defender.

Leon Oman ? Ossie's come of age... he always does a job but the last couple of months he has been the star.

Mikel Arteta ? A very poor season compared to expectation, he has not really delivered since the injuries. Hopefully a rest and full pre-season will get him back.

Marouane Fellaini ? The Big Fella generally looks good but his season has again blighted by a big injury.

Jack Rodwell ? A disappointing season but I put this down to the injuries and never really having a run to get back the confidence; as long as he is still with us, next season could be his key season

Seamus Coleman ? Effectively his first full season so on the whole very promising but needs to kick on from here and be consistent

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov ? Bily has scored some stunning goals but on the whole must improve

Tim Cahill ? Vital in the early season but the last two years have taken a massive toll so he needs a good rest and hopefully he will come back fully fit and firing.

Louis Saha ? for 20% of the season King Louis was the best around... the trouble is the remaining 80% when he was either injured or awful.

Jermaine Beckford ? for a first full season, the lad done good; he needs to improve for future seasons though to be a top class Premier League player.

Victor Anichebe ? Like King Louis he is an 80:20... 80% awful, he needs to consistently use his power and demonstrate that he has got what it takes.

Apostolos Vellios ? One To Watch...

Mike Berry
21   Posted 25/05/2011 at 17:38:27

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My overall player of the season has to be Leon Osman.
Ok he missed half the season with injury.
But, his game against Manchester City at home deserves something at least.
A towering header against a bloke 6 inches bigger than him.
Then the cry baby piss take of Zambaletta was priceless.
I know I've spelt his name wrong, but he doesn't deserve the respect!
Pat Finegan
22   Posted 25/05/2011 at 20:09:26

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As much as I loved the Heitinga penalty, my favorite moment of the season was the Man U comeback.
Billy Bradshaw
23   Posted 25/05/2011 at 21:35:57

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For me it had to be watchin Vellios in the mini derby against the shite, he looks more than promising, two footed, can head a ball and has a turn of pace, I just wish Moyes would have given him more of a go in the last 6 or 7 games.
Tony J Williams
24   Posted 26/05/2011 at 16:36:56

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If he is that good Billy, he will get a chance.
James Flynn
25   Posted 27/05/2011 at 02:54:27

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Adam (19) - Went to your site. Are you nuts?!?!?. Get all the black/silver background out of there. The blog needs to be reader friendly.
Lars Eidissen
26   Posted 31/05/2011 at 18:22:34

Report abuse

Tony Cheek: Leon Osman was more influental in the latter part of the season, than Cahill was in the first half.

Hope that helps.

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