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Season 2011-12

There's something seriously wrong here

By Paul Traill   ::  21/08/2011
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I, probably like around 35,000 others, was excited about the match all week, having missed out on a trip to the capital last weekend. As is the norm with the start of seemingly every season now, I left with utter dejection as Everton once again failed miserably at getting off to a good start to the season against mediocre opposition. Last season it was Blackburn Rovers, Wolves and Newcastle United who inflicted the most embarrassment at the season start. This term we?ve already been turned over by a very mediocre QPR team.

We were all full of optimism in the pub prior to kick-off, as well we might have expected to be with our first home game against one of the relegation candidates. It was good to see everyone in the pub?not so good to watch Liverpool win at Arsenal mind. Nicely in time for kick-off, we moved on to Goodison in the light rain, through the turnstyle and into our new seats at the Lower Gwladys ? we were only four rows from the front last season and if the sun shined you were pretty snookered and couldn?t see what was going on very well. We?ve moved back 15 rows or so and now have a great view. Job well done off the pitch!

The team news represented one of complete shock when I saw that Fellaini, Arteta and Saha were all missing from the starting line-up. Why on earth Moyes is tinkering so ridiculously with the team on the first game of the season, I just don?t know. OK, OK, I haven?t seen Everton train all summer. I?ve no idea what knocks people have, or how far down the line everyone is with fitness etc... but I was left completely baffled?

  • Saha has had a full pre-season and is better than Beckford? and should therefore be starting the game. And no Yakubu anywhere? Bury the hatchet Moyes for the love of God.
  • Fellaini. He hasn?t had a full pre-season as we know but he seemed fit enough when he came on. Why he didn?t start the game I?ll never know. I quite like
  • Heitinga. He?s a good competitor and a good centre half but he?s not a midfielder. If Moyes really couldn?t start with Fellaini then Neville would have been a better option in the midfield with Hibbert at right back.
  • Arteta. OK, Arteta did look rusty when he came on, perhaps he is still a few weeks away? though it seemed pretty obvious to me that Barkley was wasted on the left wing and was at his most effective when he came inside. It didn?t take a genius to work out that he and Osman should have swapped positions. I think Barkley could have ran the show from the centre.
  • Anichebe. Hardly anyone?s cup of tea I know but he?s a far better winger than Rodwell. Young Jack is clueless out on the wing and Anichebe could have at least offered a little guile.
It all seemed like sabotage to me. Anyway? we lost the toss and switched ends prior to kick off? Paddy Kenny getting a warm welcome from the Gwladys Street as he took goal. The atmosphere buzzing? the scoreboard switched off with the screens amended to include a constant clock now and more advertising space.

Everton began the game with a bit of purpose which got the crowd going a wee bit though this was soon distinguished by QPR?s steady play. Before long it was the QPR fans who were more vocal? Tommy Smith flashing a neat volley just wide of the post.

At the other end Everton were still huffing and puffing and were denied what seemed quite a clear penalty to me when Matthew Connolly clumsily went into the back of Rodwell inside the box. You see them given every week. I can?t believe it wasn?t given? as they say, anywhere else on the pitch and that?s a foul.

Shortly afterwards, Barkely made a clever run forward and was taken out by a defender resulting in a free kick in a great position tailor-made for Leighton Baines. The England left back duly obliged, clipping his free kick over the wall but back off the underside of the crossbar and out? what rotten luck.

It was perhaps quite a turning point in the game as, following that let-off, QPR put a few things together, including the goal as it turned out. Oh Christ, the goal? you could see it coming a mile away. First Baines not getting much distance on a clearance? the ball back in cleared woefully by Jagielka and only to Buzsacky who ran it into the box. Jagielka was then sucked horribly out of position leaving Tommy Smith completely unmarked. He received a pass and tucked the ball away smartly to put QPR ahead. Gutting? that depressing, sinking feeling.

Everton did raise themselves before the half was out, however, and really should have been level at the break with at least one of our three good headed opportunities ? one which Beckford headed straight at the well-positioned Paddy Kenny, when a downward header might just have done it ? and then two chances for Cahill: one a great one when he dived in quite low to meet a Beckford cross only to head wide of the gaping net; the other when Cahill headed over from a centre from the left? presumably from Baines. At the break? not pretty but Everton really should have scored with at least one of our several chances.

At the interval, I mused with Steve and Sean on why on earth our best team was on the bench as we watched Arteta, Fellaini, Saha, Anichebe, Hibbert, Vellios and Mucha warm up. I felt we had enough to get something from the game and fully expected Everton to rouse in the second half.

This they didn?t? starting the second half very pedestrian as QPR shut up shop early. Rodwell had a good early chance which he tamely hit at Kenny with his left foot. He didn?t last long after that with Arteta on early in the second half to try and liven things up? He didn?t look fit to me and I think Fellaini would have been a more constructive substitute. Instead the giant Belgian came on later as a target man, replacing Beckford ? much to the clear bemusement of seemingly everybody inside Goodison Park?though he did forge an immediate chance for Cahill straight away ? thwarted by Kenny.

So there we were, losing at home to QPR with about 25 minutes on the clock, with not one striker on the pitch. Unbelievable! Even more ridiculously, when we finally got Saha on the pitch, Cahill was asked to do the holding role? though we were struggling for options by this point to be fair. The closest we came were Barkley efforts from distance as the clock ticked down. QPR had unbearably frustrating spells of keep-ball amidst all this. What disappointed me most was our failure to close them down and try and win back position when they did have the ball. Of all the midfielders I?d say only Fellaini and Barkley showed a willingness to do this? it was all very disappointing.

It occurred to me that something is seriously wrong here. Whether it?s a distraction with the recent Bill Kenwright interview with The Blue Union? whether its Moyes? or just bad attitude from the players. I don?t know but something clearly wasn?t right in the second half. We?ve seen many a poor performance under David Moyes but I can?t think of anything as bad as the second half for some time.

Completely stating the obvious I know but some fresh blood is evidently needed. The first game of the season is supposed to be exciting as you get your first real glimpse of the new signings; we haven?t had that feeling for a few years now. Yes, it was nice to see Barkley and he looks some player but I can only predict a long, difficult season ahead. At least we have another game again quickly to try and put things right I suppose.

After the game, we met for a few more beers before I tailed off for a meal with the missus and a decent night out? drinking away the pain. It was good to catch up with Stu after the game. He?s always a good laugh and full of enthusiasm? certainly cheered me up a bit anyway.

Come on, Everton? progress in the cup on Wednesday and a win at Blackburn Rovers next Saturday can make things a lot better before the international break and then we have back-to-back home games against Aston Villa and Wigan Athletic. Let?s be hopeful we can somehow get back on track.

Player Ratings:

Howard: Could have gotten the deck chair out in the second half. I can?t remember a time when he?s had so little to do throughout the game? and we still lost. 6

Baines: QPR did a good job at stopping him from getting forward so he couldn?t have one of his more effective games unfortunately. Very unlucky with that free kick. 6

Distin: My Man of the Match. Dependably solid throughout. 8

Jagielka: Was totally culpable for the goal though solid otherwise. Distribution dreadful throughout however. 5

Neville: Was quite effective getting forward and decent defensively. 6

Heitinga: Didn?t really offer much in the middle but I really think he?s wasted in that position. 5

Osman: Never really got going at all. Cut a frustrated figure for large parts of the game. Can do much better. 5

Barkely: Did very well. Wasted on the wing in my opinion. Should be more in-field. I?ll be shocked if we can keep him past this season. 7

Rodwell: Very poor but also played out of position entirely. 4

Cahill: One of his worst games in a blue shirt I think. 4

Beckford: Very poor. Seemed to spend more time complaining than getting into positions to score goals. 3

Arteta (for Rodwell): Never really got going though doesn?t look fit at the moment. 5

Fellaini (for Beckford): Did well. Why he didn?t start I?ll never know. I?m sure he?ll be straight back in the team on Wednesday and will hopefully kick on from there. 7

Saha (for Heitinga): Didn?t really get into the game. Like Fellaini? more game time on Wednesday and then he?ll hopefully be up and running. 5

Reader Comments

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Michael Lynch
1   Posted 21/08/2011 at 12:59:56

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Kind marks for Cahill there Paul. We may as well have 10 players when he plays. Contributes fuck all.
Sam Hoare
2   Posted 21/08/2011 at 12:57:25

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Missed a lot of the first half but for me Beckford cahill and Saha were all woeful. We are really going to struggle to score goals and break teams down with these 3 being our most potent weapons.

I really hope Vellios is given a chance and has something decent in his locker or else i dunno how we're going to score...
Kunal Desai
3   Posted 21/08/2011 at 13:00:31

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New signings are badly needed it's so unreal, but sadly we won't get anyone in. Instead I believe one will leave before the deadline in order to appease Barclays.
I think the off the field goings on could possibly have some impact on the playing field. There no doubt will be more to come and perhaps the situation will get a lot worse before things start slowly improving. Something big has GOT TO GIVE!
Nick Armitage
4   Posted 21/08/2011 at 13:00:25

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I agree with virtually everything except, "Anichebe could have at least offered a little guile."

Behave, Anichebe offers nothing. I heard a quote yesterday that Dirk Kuyt has scored more goals at Goodison than Anichebe. Just about sums it up.
John Crossley
5   Posted 21/08/2011 at 15:14:15

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Doe's anyone else get the feeling that some of the players are not 100% behind Moyes?
Steven Flynn
6   Posted 21/08/2011 at 15:35:35

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The players' attitude and commitment was questioned in my mind at the Villarreal game. When Coleman was scythed down by that Spanish twat, the reaction of the Everton players was a disgrace, nobody confronted the Spaniard or referee. Can you imagine that happening to your teamate and not reacting. Incredible.
Gerry Grimes
7   Posted 21/08/2011 at 17:23:56

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Moyes is a good defensive coach, probably the best in the league. Problem is he is poor at figuring out how to put an attack together and works off the hope that if the defence is solid you may win more than you lose.

There is simply no excuse for playing one up front vs QPR at home but what really annoyed me was Moyes statement on MotD that we lacked quality in key areas. Doesn't take a genius to figure out he was referring to Beckford who had once again been asked to play a lone striker role that doesn't suit him.

Hugely unfair in my opinion, particularly when there were so many poor performances throughout the team.

Paul Gladwell
8   Posted 21/08/2011 at 17:50:40

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Agree with all of that minus Neville, been a fan of his in times of criticism but he was shite yesterday on top of him in the Utd away end last week with his lad with a Man Utd top on, I don't give a shite if they are his club, you don't do that, keep it behind closed doors.
Jack Brennan
9   Posted 21/08/2011 at 18:25:01

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Totally agree, I don't care what happened between Moyes and the Yak - if he is back and in the reserves and half fit to play he should play. Beckford was a throw of the dice and better than that lump Anichebe but he can't play solo. It should be two upfront at all times. Even Beckford and Cahill would be an improvement.

Agree with the Phil Neville comment also.

In general I think season is going to be a wreck and we're going to have a lot of drama and little good football. Pity

Denis Richardson
10   Posted 21/08/2011 at 18:40:22

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Although its all shite at the moment, there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Given what we all susptected as being true, we also all (truthfully) know that it would need to get worse (a lot) before it had a chance to get better.

This snowball is getting bigger day by day and I am praying something will give before the end of August - be it BK or the manager going, or even both.

Somthing simply has to give and my only hope is that when it happens there is enough time to pick up the pieces before the season is shot. We still have a good squad. If there was more confidence in the players and they were played mostly in their f'ing proper positions, then we would be playing much better football. For that to happen though, there needs to be a change up top - here hoping.
Anthony Jones
11   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:04:37

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The main cause of Everton's poor performance yesterday was the same cause that has hung in the air for almost 10 years.

It's not Kenwright, or the Blue Union, it's David Moyes.

He is out of his depth in the Premier League. He won't leave Everton whilst Kenwright is at the helm becase deep deep down in the recesses of his mind he cannot believe he is in the Premier League.

I like his integrity and his work ethic, but he got it so wrong yesterday that I can't bring myself to list his coaching crimes.

I have been paid close to minimum wage to coach kids and if I were making the mistakes Moyes made yesterday the parents would have had me sacked.
Ryan Holroyd
12   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:28:28

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'He is out of his depth in the Premier League. '

It doesn't say much for the rest of the managers he continually finishes above does it then? Jesus Mary and Joseph.

Comments like 'He is out of his depth in the Premier League. ' just neglect your argument really.
Anthony Jones
13   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:34:48

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Tell me Ryan (12), do you have an opinion you aren't too afraid of having challenged, or are you another one of the cowards that just look to snipe and nit pick from behind your veil of silence?

More specifically, please defend Moyes if you disagree with me. I am all ears (or eyes?).
Tony Cheek
14   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:33:00

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Good read as usual Paul, but how you could write anything positive about Neville is beyond me. He must be the most insipid, boring full back Ive ever seen. I cringe every time he gets the ball and those throw-ins. There was plenty of times he could have thrown to a unmarked player, but no, he just has to throw it long down the line.....makes my blood boil!!!
Richard Dodd
15   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:22:21

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Can`t buy into this criticism of Davey Moyes. Fellaini was the obvious replacement for the hapless Beckford and made an immediate impact. With both Coleman and Gueye injured, someone had to be played out of position and by general agreement Barkley was a huge success.

With all his coaching experience and all these years in management, it is ludicrous to suggest our manager doesn`t know a bloody sight more than we do about the game and the merits of each of his players.

Anthony Jones
16   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:50:53

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Richard, 15, now I know why so many hapless soldiers died in the first world war on the orders of stubborn and arrogant fools. Cheers. It had always perplexed me.
Michael Kelly
17   Posted 21/08/2011 at 19:52:26

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Dodd, you'd say black was white when it comes to the subject of your beloved Dave. You talk some rubbish on here.
Andrew Rimmer
18   Posted 21/08/2011 at 20:08:41

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Arteta was his most effective when he played on the right. Loads of crosses, got fouled lots, so lots of free kick for Cahill and Lescott to get on the end of! Billy is a left sided player. Hibbo or even better Coleman is a Right back. Heitinga is a centre half. None of our strikers like playing alone up front! it's not hard is it Mr Moyes?
Tommy Coleman
19   Posted 21/08/2011 at 20:23:06

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Dodd, why are you so desparate for attention in anyway shape or form ?

Do you pay for party crowds when you arrive at airports ?

Either that, or you've never kicked a football in your life. Everyone but you (surprise) has been critical of Moyes' tactics for this game.

And here i am, feeding your ego !
David Holroyd
20   Posted 21/08/2011 at 20:16:47

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Davy Moyes isnt out of his depth but he has gone stale at Everton.Continualy fighting fires, you cannot keep a club of Evertons size on a net spend of 3million. Wenger at ARSENAL hasn,t won anything of note for 5 years and the cockneys are restless but at least they end up in the top 4.Has anybody found out why the coaches cannot get Yakubu fit he is by farthe best goalscorer at the club.Beckford and Saha will for one reason or another not be regular scorers .We need players who can score
Rahman Talib
21   Posted 21/08/2011 at 21:19:05

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I?ve been reading a lot of comments from fellow toffees about our game vs QPR. My apologies for saying this, but I think most of the comments were made as if the commenter saw the game on radio.

There were those who say we were hoofing all the time. Apart from Jagielka, who?s mistake cost us the game, everybody else pretty much kept the ball on the deck. In fact, sometimes too much.

There are also those who claim that Moyes put up the wrong formation. If this was true, then we would not have been in control of the game like we were. Just look at the stats and one will see that we were in total control of the game in every department.

There are those who argues that Moyes's tactics are regressive and predictable. If that is so, why are we in full control of the game?

The real reason for Saturday?s disaster is our finishing. Fellaini, Beckford, Cahill, and Rodwell all have free headers right in front of goal... yet they headed the ball straight at the keeper.

Rodwell only had to shoot a little bit to the left of right and we would have had our equalizer, yet it went straight to the keeper.

I believe we played well. Jagielka made a mistake and we paid dearly. Saha was anonymous after he came in so there was no goal.

We need to get our shots on target and not at the keeper. I agree with what Ross is doing, trying to get shots at goal from outside the box. Since we?re hopeless at scoring from easy spots, why not we try from afar?

So we all need to be fair in our assessment. We do not want Moyes to undo what we have been doing right. We badly need to improve where we suck the most: our finishing. Our finishing cost us the game.

Mike Hargreaves
22   Posted 21/08/2011 at 21:20:07

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Now we have a proven goal scorer in Yakabu, two goals last week if I am correct, plenty for Leicester last season.

Yobo, makes a few mistakes but still an international. Now Mr Moyes, make up with these two, sell Jakeliga for 12m plus and buy a couple of wide players.

Matt Roache
23   Posted 21/08/2011 at 21:36:11

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Pre-match yesterday, I was as always ? depsite the generally poor pre season ? feeling optimistic about the new season. It took at most 10 minutes for that optimism to fade and for me to realise that, apart from Barkley, nothing had changed and the usual problems which I had chosen to forget about before the game were in fact worse than ever.

No pace, no creativity and at times a distinct lack of urgency ? particularly in the second half ? were all glaringly obvious. The facts are, however, that we have no money to improve the team... and so it was probably wrong of me to expect the above to have improved from previous seasons. What really got to me yesterday though were Moyes's decisions ? which were nothing to do with money and nothing to do with BK.

Moyes has been great for our club; when I was growing up supporting the Blues in the Smith era, that was bad (at times, very bad) and I would say that Moyes has significantly improved our fortunes in his time at the club. Yesterday, however, how he could stay faithful to his 4-5-1 formation against a promoted side who have just been taken apart the week before and, from what I saw yesterday are a relatively poor side, was beyond me. To then take Beckford, our only striker on the pitch off when we are one down and replace him with a midfielder was unbelievable. Not only that, it seems like everyone but Moyes can see that Beckford is NOT a lone striker. He needs to play in a 4-4-2 and then i believe we would get a lot of goals out of him. Beckford actually has one thing the majority of our players don't - pace. Yesterday he was making good runs and quite frankly the quality of service to him was shite.

Personally, I don't think Moyes and Beckford see eye to eye and I wouldn't be shocked if he's gone by September (which I think would be a big mistake). Anyway... back on to the Moyes issue: it seems to me that Cahill is the big/only reason why he persists with 4-5-1.

Now I'm Cahill's biggest fan but at the moment something just isn't right with him in the team. We are far too predictable and Moyes has to realise that giving Cahill a blow next weekend could benefit the team. I doubt that he will, but I think the majority of us want to see Becks and Saha starting up front. Fair enough if Saha wasn't fit yesterday... but hell ? I would have been more content to see Vic starting up front with Becks ? those two did alright at Anfield after all!

If we'd started with two out-and-out strikers yesterday, had a right go at them, and ended up being beaten, then that's fair enoug... but it just didn't happen. The whole performance had an air of negativity about it; perhaps even more worryingly in his post match quotes, Moyes said he thought Fellaini gave us an added dimension, whereas I actually thought we looked even worse with him on!

I'm not sitting here suggesting that Moyes should go; I just think that his tactics have to change before the fans really start to turn on him. If we see anything similar to yesterday's performance then we could be in for a long season.

Michael Kelly
24   Posted 21/08/2011 at 21:42:16

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We would not have put up with this shite Frankie "let's hang on to what we've got" Vallie twat of a manager, so what's changed? 10 years, no trophies, get rid.
Ryan Holroyd
25   Posted 21/08/2011 at 22:01:01

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I do have plenty of opinions. I blame David Moyes for not buying at least one fast wide midfield player, I blame him for wasting money on Billyaletdinov and not having a clue where to play him. I can't stand his subs which I think are piss poor most of the time.

I think he is too cautious on many occasions.

The start to our preseason is not a coincidence and I fail to understand why this has not been addressed.

What I wont say is sensationalist over the top guff like 'he is out of his depth in the premier league' when clearly he isn't. If he was then he wouldn't have lasted 10 years and got regular top 8 finishes on a lower midtable budget.

You asked me a question, so I'll ask you. If Moyes is, as you say, 'out of his depth for the Premier League' what does that make the managers out their who spend more but finish below EFC?

Personally I'd like to see Beckford, Heitinga, Billy and Yobo sold if possible and fresh blood brought in. However, if players were sold would we see any of the money? I very much doubt it from what I have been reading.

To be honest, the high point we had under him was getting to the cup final. That was the time for investment and Kenwright failed. I can only see things going backwards because we simply do not have the finance to freshed things up.

Ryan Holroyd
26   Posted 21/08/2011 at 22:26:12

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I actually think we should get Mick McCarthy in as a replacement. I mean, he's had a good start to the season'...
Trevor Mackie
27   Posted 21/08/2011 at 22:17:09

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Anthony Jones @ 11

I agree, when he's done here he'll go the way of David O leary, Alan Curbishley, John Gregory, Bryan Robson and a whole host of pretenders.

They get a lucky break becoming a top flight manager get paid a shed load are feted by the dullards in the media just because they're high profile then vanish off the face of the earth.

Moyes would've joined them years ago if we had a proper chairman.
Darren Corless
28   Posted 21/08/2011 at 22:03:49

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Rahman Talib 20

I hope you don't live your life based on stats mate. Because they mean nothing. Our slow, plodding possession ultimately came to nothing so it's useless.

You sound like one of those people who tell me every pre-season that the results and performance don't mean anything ? it's just about fitness? When maybe if we worried more about these things, we wouldn't get off to such a shitty start every year.

Moyes's management ? or non-management of this club for the last 3 months has been pathetic; he seems to have given up. Let's just hope, once this window is shut, he sucks it up and gets back on the horse because, if he doesn't, this could be the year that the famous Everton end-of-season rampage doesn't materialise.

Dick Fearon
29   Posted 21/08/2011 at 21:05:19

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Paul, Lyndon, Dave, each in your own way have covered all the points I would have made and I thank you very much.
After a disheartening pre season capped off by that embarrassing BU/ BK interview and fortunate to avoid a potential hammering from high flying Spurs we looked forward to an easy opener to the season.
At home to upstart QPR that had just been walloped 0-4 on its home ground by less than mighty Bolton. Rangers were also lacking some of its best players through injury.
Our optimism had been built up by bullish sound bites coming from players. In their case though, they should keep their big gobs shut until they have something to brag about.
Our previous disappointing starts were ancient history, I confidently anticipated a happy break from recent demoralising news.

Wearing my latest replica shirt, an ample supply of Chang on ice, surrounded by Everton memorabilia I settled into my recliner in front of the TV for what was surely going to be a Blue goal fest.
Sadly, I did not make allowance for deadly Dave and his pinchapoint negative 4-5-1.
I am forced to conclude that this bloke does not have an attacking nor imaginative bone in his body. I seriously believe he has less tactical awareness than the coach of our kids under 9s.
He mouths inanities such as, ?We lacked a cutting edge?. We bloody well know that Davy, what we really want to know is your honest opinion on why and what you will do to improve it.
My honest opinion is its something to do with that blasted, boring, predictable, negative 4-5-1.

Marcus Kendall
30   Posted 21/08/2011 at 22:54:59

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The person who said Moyes is out of his depth in the Premier League is wrong, not because Moyes is a good manager but because the Premier League is populated by poor managers. (This is where Moyes is lucky as his managerial rivals are as piss poor as he is.)

Personally I feel with the right coach (Poyet) you'd see a lot of our players showing their REAL ability and then the media might just realise that Moyes isn't polishing a turd but that there's a damn good team at his disposal being mismanaged.
Dick Fearon
31   Posted 21/08/2011 at 23:10:27

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Oops! In my first sentence I mention a Dave, actually it should have been Ken, in reference to Ken Buckley.
Anthony Jones
32   Posted 21/08/2011 at 23:07:09

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Ryan, thanks for at least throwing some of your own thoughts into the mix. I really didnt intend to sensationalise. My perhaps strange opinion is that moyes is out of his depth. I believe this because I analyse what he seems to do as the priority, rather than where his team finishes in the league. I do accept he has a talent for top half placings, but his failures as a coach outweigh this factor imho. As a more recent post states, many managers have flirted with premier league fame and have experienced relative success, but they don't stick around long when forced to face new challenges. Moyes is one of the luckiest men alive to be working on 60 thousand plus for bill "son, I am desperate, the bank are fucking desperate" kenwright.
Liu Weixian
33   Posted 22/08/2011 at 03:31:57

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Instead of trying to sign players on loan, this club should focus on signing a manager instead. Ian Holloway please.
James O'Connell
34   Posted 22/08/2011 at 09:10:25

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I think if Arsenal win on wednesday and get into the Champions League they will raid our squad to the tune of Arteta or Jags or Both. Moyes wont see any of this cash, even if he did he would probably buy another keeper.
Mark Murphy
35   Posted 22/08/2011 at 10:11:58

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Moyes is not out of his depth in the PL - he is a good, middle table manager and he is in charge of a good, middle of the table team.
get used to it - I have!

8th at best this season which is probably about right!
Mike Gwyer
36   Posted 22/08/2011 at 10:24:38

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Hey Mark #35.

How do you work out EFC will be a middle of table team?

On Saturday QPR were absolutely trash, fucking useless, yet they walked away with the points. IMO QPR are certain to go down. If Arsenal get into CL they WILL definately be back for Jags, thats a certainty - fuck they may also look at Baines & Arteta as every fucker knows we are potless.

I just want to know how you feel we are a mid table team? For me we are in the shit - big time. We need so sign so many players that would enable us to play attacking footy that it is now laughable - and we all know that if Moyes get a single penny to spend it will be a CB (to replace Jags) or most probably a genuine RB.

We played with 6 defenders, hey for a ten minute spell Moyes had 7 defenders trying to get us an equaliser, and a single striker - against one of the worst side's I've seen in the EPL. EFC, a mid table team - you are joking!

Mark Murphy
37   Posted 22/08/2011 at 11:04:57

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Ok Mike, I get your point but its only one match in and I still think we will finish mid table. I'm not saying I'm happy or optimistic with that.

on another matter, yesterday my brother (not a football fan) took his eldest son on a tour of GP that he won for some schoolwork. The lad was treated like royalty and thoroughly enjoyed it but my brother sent me the following comment:

"the stadium guides reckoned that Moyes chose that team to make a point. I didn't ask what the point would be as everyone else was nodding furiously and didn't want everyone looking at me in a "Durrrr" way! "

Dave Wilson
38   Posted 22/08/2011 at 10:42:58

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Moyes fucked up alright.

He fucked up by playing Cahill whose sole contribution since he left us in the middle of an injury crisis last chrimbo is to miss sitters and play shite.

He fucked up by listening to the clamour to play Beckford, forget all this bollocks about playing on his own, a blind man could see the equally useless Cahill was next to him. No wonder the crowd repeatedly winced, on at least 10 occasions 90% of them would have controlled the balls that bounced off Beckford.

Perhaps Moyes`s biggest fuck up was to listen to all those people who scream Jagielka is irreplaceable.. I said two years ago we should have sold this fella and you could have heard the outcry from Wales. Perhaps if he cost us another 12-15 points this season the penny will drop.

Moyes fucked up alright. but he didnt miss the chances including an absolute sitter - that was Cahill - and he didnt make the two embarrassing errors that gifted QPR their goal.

Ryan Holroyd
39   Posted 22/08/2011 at 12:34:16

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Anthony, What I would say is that Moyes is out of his depth in Europe, especially when we play away from home. Still that's not likely to happen again soon.

I agree with you Dave. I think Beckford is useless. He can't control a ball to save his life. yes, he can score but misses a lot more chances then he puts away.

Maybe it is time to sell Jagielka. I rate him as a stopper but his distribution is shocking.

If we do need to sell then I would take 15million for him now before his value goes down as it wont go up will it.

Then again I don't rate Heitinga particually so would we need another defender?. How much dosh would we get to spend? I wouldn't like to see Heitinga with Rodwell as back up over a whole season.
Si Harwood
40   Posted 22/08/2011 at 15:00:35

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How much more??? This from the Echo: David Moyes insisted he got his second half substitutions right at Goodison Park on Saturday ? despite widespread boos which greeted his decision to take off solitary striker Jermaine Beckford and bring on another midfielder in Marouane Fellaini.

The Blues boss made his switch in the 64th minute, leaving his side with no recognised strikers on the field as they chased a 1-0 deficit to newly promoted Queens Park Rangers.

But Moyes was defiant afterwards.

?I thought Fellaini actually made quite a big difference when he came on,? he explained. ?So as a football person you?d turn round and say ?yeah, it was the right choice.? It actually made us better, we got closer to some chances.

?Jermaine had struggled to get any chances in the game at all. We needed to build the play up better than we had been doing and I thought Felli gave us that.?

Moyes added that a lack of firepower in the final third cost the Blues an opening day victory and contributed to an air of pessimism around Goodison Park.

?The team will dictate the mood of the supporters. It always does do,? he added. ?If we?d won people would say ?hey we don?t need any players. We?re okay the way we are.?

?But we didn?t win today and it wasn?t because of a lack of effort or because we weren?t organised, it was because we lacked the quality which is required to win games in the final third of the pitch.

?Anybody who watched us last season shouldn?t be too surprised.? I think I am gonna cry!

Jim Knightley
41   Posted 22/08/2011 at 15:09:57

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Let?s dispel some myths.
Moyes is not a bad manager. The accolades, the awards are not part of some massive conspiracy. Take away your Everton bias (I know this is an impossibility for some of you) and look at where we have finished and what we have spent.

Compare our spending to those around us and to those above us. Compare where we were when Moyes took over, our team of then, and compare it to now. Do you expect us to challenge for the top four and Europe with no money? I think it is incredible that we do not fight against relegation every season given our continued financial state.

The money we have spent, even a few seasons back, has mostly come from funds made available by sales and some past overpeformance on the part of the team.

Moyes tactics are negative but negativity is merely one way of getting results. We would win some games we haven?t by playing with a more attacking formation... and we would lose some we?ve won as well. A change to a 4-4-2 would not change Beckford and Saha into Tevez and Rooney.

Beckford and Saha cost what they did (or didn?t) because of what they bring. If Moyes had two top strikers, I'm sure he would play a 4-4-2, but he doesn?t and our strength is in midfield.

And please don?t refer to Yakubu as a consistent Premier League scorer.. Of all the claims to make... He has not been a consistent scorer since the 2007-08 season, unless you are counting the 10 Premier League goals in over 50 appearances since then. The only thing he has been over the past three years is a consistent eater.

With respect to QPR, we were extremely poor. I did not expect a loss but then we were unfortunate. We hit the bar, made some very clear chances and let in a goal because of some stupid defending by Jagielka. (Do people actually think Wenger will meet Jag?s asking price? A manager with a consistent strategy of buying young players, will pay £15million or more for a 29-year-old centre-back?? Jags is not going anywhere.).

It was a very disappointing result but we did make the chances... any team who fails to take three or four good chances in the Premier League will be made to pay. Cahill will of course take the blame, but Cahill gets into goal scoring positions and will score regularly again. He has been a consistent scorer for us in a restricted team and does not deserve the criticism he has been receiving.

Everton are my club, as they are yours and the club of many of the silent members of this forum. The dissenting voice is loud at the moment (and rightly so in many respects) but Moyes does not deserve the level of criticism he is receiving (nor members of the forum for daring to defend him). Find me a manager who would perform so well with such a limited budget? Who would we replace him with? I don?t think Mourinho would fancy it (wages and transfers).

Was last season a failure? Should we finish above a Liverpool team who have consistently invested tens and tens of millions in wages and fees in the club? Should we finish above a Spurs team who has done likewise? (How much did Modric cost? Or Bentley? Or Palacios? Or crouch? etc etc)

We can pray for an investor, maybe we will get lucky. If Moyes goes, we will sink like those before us. Unfortunately I expect it will have to happen before most of you realise.

Michael Kelly
42   Posted 22/08/2011 at 16:34:40

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Jim, ever fancied a job on MotD, sitting next to the two red nose clowns!
James Coyne
43   Posted 22/08/2011 at 16:38:49

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While I've been a long time reader of the many fan articles posted on this site, the utter bile that was thrown up last night (my time) has prompted me to vent. I am not anti-Kenwright or pro-Moyes, I'm Pro evolution. Pardon the pun and product placement.

I wasn't raised in Liverpool or even England, but I'd like to think I have the same right as the next fan to call it as I see it. 

Firstly; HAD Friend called the penalty, HAD TC earned the another or headed in that sitter, HAD Leighton's FK hit the bar on a lower angle, perhaps the venom that was spat at supporters/groups pre game and now post game wouldn't exist to a degree. But in essence that is what we sell at EFC: Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.

Like most people, I was fuming, still am. I don't think we rolled over nor stopped trying. We fought, but we lacked the utilities, imagination, skill that comes with a squad playing with confidence, direction and a purpose.

EFC may have you believe it was the distractions of midweek that lost the players' focus. And it's their job to apply that spin to what was a unexpected loss.

I just don't get where it went from us v them, to us v us versing them. The People's Club without the People? Fans being branded Kopites because they have a particular feeling towards how the club should/could be run. Fan groups outted for trying to benefit the club and its fans, the club running smear campaigns or not helping unofficial pro Everton events or shows.

Some people may not identify with any of the above, you don't have to. But don't hack someone down because they think, act, are different.

I have the TV loud when the boys come out every week, regardless if it's past midnight on Saturday. To feel and soak in the atmosphere that I may or may not get to experience. 

The Beckford subsitution shook me. Not because Moyes got it wrong but because Goodison erupted in a sound I hadn't heard quite before. It was united in anger. I kid you not, I had goosebumps.

It's amazing what can be produced when everyone is on the same page.

Hopefully some day real soon whether it comes at the expense of Kenwright's job, an FA Cup win, a derby win, a Middle East takeover or whatever. The club and its fans as Everton FC will no longer be fighting, terrace v boardroom.

I'd rather see 10 losses live like that v QPR than nothing at all. 

Don't take it for granted. Speak your mind. Support to support not abuse.

Tony J Williams
44   Posted 23/08/2011 at 13:42:42

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Hopefully James, that moment when he subbed Beckford will turn out to be the Hibbert/Spurs moment.

A lot earlier this season.
Robbie Shields
45   Posted 24/08/2011 at 07:48:12

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Well said Tony, I can't believe I'm agreeing with you, not sure that is going to happen though.
Robbie Shields
46   Posted 24/08/2011 at 08:13:53

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Actually Tony, I apologize, I think I normally do agree with you, got confused after a long day at work and though of Doddy! Ooops.

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