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Blue is the colour of my true love's hair. Ride On Conor

Conor McCourt
Posted 17/01/2022

I walked in, bold as brass, armed with 3,000 essays on my laptop on why Allan won't be sitting in front of the defence. Blue Bill chimes in: "I didn't realise he's not your favourite, Conor., I don't think you've ever said...
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Can we please stop blaming Moshiri?

Chris James
Posted 16/01/2022

Can we give it a rest with the bashing Moshiri stuff please? It's lazy, unrealistic and fundamentally makes no actual sense.

This guy didn't take a side that were challenging for the title every year and turn them into losers. Much as people on her...
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The Maniac Must Be Stopped – Sack Benitez Now!

Jim Wilson
Posted 13/01/2022

When Rafael Benitez took the Everton job, I felt sure he would try to steady the ship, unite everyone at the club, and show Evertonians he could be trusted. And yet he has done the opposite. His behaviour and team tactics have been nothing short o...
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Time to address the Spine

Tony Everan
Posted 10/01/2022

The spine of a team,, as I see it, should be comprised of:

1 A commanding centre-back who organises the defence.

2 A midfield enforcer who sets the tone of a team. No backing down, no being bullied, athletic and a driving force both in di...
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Blue or red put to the test

Brian Wilkinson
Posted 06/01/2022

Well, it has been an unpleasant first half of the season – what with Rafa Benitez being put in charge and the fan base split on his appointment: some are prepared to give him a chance while others from Day One will never accept the guy.

So, f...
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2022 Toffeeweb Predictions

Brent Stephens
Posted 03/01/2022


‘tis January 2nd and Ebenezer Kenrick unlocks the office to ensure that Lyndon Cratchit gets back to work, after his generous second day off over the “festive” season.

Kenrick is so stingy that Lyndon has to work, stand...
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Crap Marks All Round

Martin O'Connor
Posted 01/02/2022

As we move in to 2022 and with the season more or less at the half-way stage (postponements notwithstanding), how have we performed? If I'm the one giving marks out of 10 for the first half of the season, the results are incredibly gloomy.

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Happy Blue Year!

Christine Foster
Posted 31/12/2021

What a year! As I am currently located in the first country to greet the New Year, it falls to someone here to be the first to say, Happy New Year!

There is no doubt it's been another difficult one for so many worldwide, but I would like to w...
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Blue Blue Christmas

Danny O’Neill
Posted 24/12/2021

This time of year is always a very Blue Christmas for me. One of my favourite seasonal tunes is listening to Jim Reeves belt that one out, with a glass of port. The Christmas Tree in our house is always decorated with blue and white lights and matchi...
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Where do you get the Time?

Dave Brierley
Posted 21/12/2021

I was attempting to write a glowing review of Toffeeweb for no particular reason other than I'm an Everton supporter, occasional contributor, regular reader and massive admirer.

Just to write the undernoted took me quite a time and it made me thi...
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The Day Everton Changed

Steven Jones
Posted 21/12/2021

I can still remember the feeling as my dad held up the newspaper. The Daily Express, 23 December 1971, with the headline that Alan Ball had been sold to Arsenal the day before – for £220,000 – a new British transfer record. Pictures followed o...
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Kenwright and Kirkby

Paul Conatzer
Posted 20/12/2021

Remember when "Blue Bill" wanted to move Everton FC out of the city?

While the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is under construction, it’s important to remember there were other attempts to build new stadiums in recent...
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Ken’s Californian Haircut

Kevin Crean
Posted 20/12/2021

My Californian brother-in-law needed a haircut. He phoned his usual barber in Arcadia, California, who told him he was too busy over the weekend, but if in a hurry he was welcome to use one of the other stylists.

Ken took him up on the offer an...
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25 Years Ago Today...

Lee Courtliff
Posted 16/12/2021

25 years ago today, Nick Barmby scored a late winner away at Derby County, live on Monday Night Football. Everton walked off the pitch with the commentators, Alan Parry and Trevor Francis, talking abou...
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Back or Sack Benitez?

Tony Everan
Posted 15/12/2021

I’m punch-drunk with managers coming and going… will this unproductive cycle stop with the next round of hiring and firing?

Under normal circumstances, Benitez would already be gone, but we are in weird times. The owner(s) have chosen him de...
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Mike Parry wants support for his Wayne Rooney campaign

Michael Kenrick
Posted 13/12/2021

Radio pundit and minor Everton shareholder, Mike Parry, wants Derby County boss Wayne Rooney to replace Rafael Benitez at Goodison Park.

Parry launched into a rant on Twitter yesterday evening (December 12), asking Everton fans if they would suppor...
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Release us from Theatrical Bill's Dickensian Nightmare

Alexander Murphy
Posted 13/12/2021

Bill Kenwright is a thoroughly decent human being (I have ample personal proof but, due to circumstances I cannot divulge more, so please trust me with this). What he clearly is not is fit to drive our beloved club in the manner befitting our motto.<...
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Why Monday night was a massive missed opportunity

Jonathan Tasker
Posted 07/12/2021

The stage was set on Monday night to expose 27 years of barren management by Everton FC. The last 27 years has been the longest period in our history without a trophy. Instead, we have had to endure misery beyond misery.

The purpose of the protest ...
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Time to Stand Down Bill

Clive Rogers
Posted 06/12/2021

It is a time of change at our club. Performance on the pitch is dire. The Director of Football has walked away after a hint that, behind the scenes at the club, all is not well. Indeed, to the average fan in the street, it has the appearance of a com...
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Covering Their Backs

Martin O'Connor
Posted 05/12/2021

Cause I'll always know when you been cheating.
And I'll always know you've been untrue.
I'll always know.

Merle Haggard – I’ll Always Know

With fan unrest starting to rise in th...
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