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Morgan Schneiderlin – The Rolls-Royce Player

Andre James
Posted 16/09/2019

Firstly, I wish to make it clear that our poor start is down to a number of reasons. The loss of Gueye and Zouma has clearly made a difference and we are trying to assimilate two new players up top. But there seemed to be an inevitability about the ...
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Accepting mediocrity

Andy Crooks
Posted 15/09/2019

Over the last few weeks, I have railed against Evertonians who have accused others of accepting mediocrity. We all accept it because we have no choice. What can I do as an Evertonian to demonstrate my disdain for that utterly abject show today?» Read

Size matters

Clive Rogers
Posted 11/09/2019

Having been an Evertonian all my life and attending matches regularly since 1960, I have seen all of our good teams, average teams and poor teams during that period. One thing has always irked me. Why do we always seem to have a small team? That is m...
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USM Finch Farm

Phillip Warrington
Posted 09/09/2019

Looking back at the last England youth campaigns when by memory we had 4 players in the U20s and 4 players in the U18s who were more than successful, I see a lot of the players in those squads are playing in good sides and becoming good players.

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The Alex Iwobi factor

Tony  Everan
Posted 08/09/2019

The signing of Alex Iwobi came out of the blue – I think most of us were surprised, some a bit shocked, and a few deflated after the high-profile pursuit of Zaha.

Over the last 6 weeks, that shock and initial disappointment of signing what wa...
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Wilfried Zaha – should we go back for him in January?

Daniel Johnson
Posted 05/09/2019

To be honest, I was pretty devastated when we missed out on Deadline Day for Zaha it felt like a massive let down, as I felt we had missed a player of genuine quality and got that typical Everton Deadline Day feeling of the past we all used to feel. ...
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You don't know you're born...

Brian Wilkinson
Posted 04/09/2019

Football today is like a teddy bears picnic for the younger generation, all those new stadiums, pre-match entertainment behind the Park End, foot-long hot dogs, various energy drinks and a football pitch immaculate.

Updated scores and near misses...
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Keyboard Warriors

Derek Knox 
Posted 01/09/2019

ToffeeWeb should be about opinions and of course those opinions will differ, some of the keyboard warriors even acknowledge that, then go on to contradict that philosophy.

As for criticism, the Players and the Manager and Staff, are extremely well ...
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The Pickford Indicator

George Wilson
Posted 31/08/2019

I watch a lot of Everton games. Recently, I have noticed differences in Jordan Pickford’s demeanour before games. As the players line up in the tunnel, most look relaxed but focused. For most games, Pickford conforms and he looks attentive. Howe...
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What just happened?

Peter Rogers
Posted 26/08/2019

It’s been three days now since the Aston Villa debacle and I, for one, can’t get my head around what I watched. It wasn't just the performance as a whole but also the individual mistakes made by what we class as our best players, all with plen...
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Our Identity is...?

Dave McDowell
Posted 26/08/2019

This question was sparked by Klopp’s weekend statement that “our identity is intensity” – it brilliantly sums up his team, philosophy and on-field fulfilment.

It made me think about our identity? Historically it was “the School of...
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A numbers game we can never win?

Rob Marsh
Posted 22/08/2019

This FourFourTwo article: Every Premier League clu...

Friday 23 August — For One Night Only!

David Cooper
Posted 20/08/2019

Do you know the song “Do you believe in signs?” sung to the same tune that Cher sings “Do you believe in love?”

Probably not... but on Friday, 23 August “For One Night Only” Everton could be sitting proudly at the top of the English P...
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Happy Holidays!

Jamie Crowley
Posted 20/08/2019

As time marches forward, and I inevitably age, one thing that strikes me as brutally apparent: time moves fast. At 40 years of age, it seems God shifts it into 5th gear, and off we all go.

By the time we blink, it'll be Christmas. And that got ...
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From Tony's Seat 2

Andy Crooks
Posted 19/08/2019

Thanks to the kindness of Tony Abrahams, I got another chance to see the Blues live again. It was another wonderful experience. I heard a lot of lads at the ground complaining that we were shite. To me, it was magnificent: the siren, Z-Cars» Read

'Everton' loco nameplate up for auction

Simon Smith
Posted 18/08/2019

I'm sure many of you who have been lucky enough to take the stadium tour or to have used the main stand at some point will have seen the 'Everton' locomotive nameplate that adorns the wall which came from the form...

Franck Ribéry

Peter Roberts
Posted 18/08/2019

Just browsing the Sunday gossip column and we have been linked with a move for 36-year old Franck Ribéry who is a free agent after leaving Bayern.

Personally I can’t see it happening but if it were to happen what do people think of this?<...
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The Shapes of Things to Come

Paul Tran
Posted 11/08/2019

I'm too long in the tooth to get too excited about first-day results. The shock of the 1-4s against Coventry and Spurs. The joy of Cottee's hat-trick debut. The shock of how awful we were on Bilic's debut defeat to Crystal Palace.

One thing ...
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Now versus then at Everton...

Mark Cuddy
Posted 08/08/2019

Some Evertonians were feeling a little bit deflated the moment the Transfer Window closed. Seemingly close to signing some big names, the window closed with only one new addition to the squad.

On a personal level, I think we should have got...
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Lukaku - Would you have him back?

Christine Foster
Posted 29/07/2019

Interesting to read he appears to have fallen out of the reckoning with Man U, and is now looking for another club. Whilst I doubt he would ever consider returning to Everton, would you have him back? He is expected to go for less than we paid for...
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