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If I was Manager!

Tony Cheek
Posted 26/01/2020

As a sport, I feel the game has changed for the worse these last few years. Cheating has become a big part of the game I used to love. It has unfortunately become accepted that shirt-pulling, feigning injury, time-wasting, and "taking one for the tea...
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Pickford, the case for removal... or not?

Don Alexander
Posted 24/01/2020

To me, Jordan Pickford is the best goalie we can afford. I also think he's still the best English goalie currently playing, albeit there's now a smidge of meaningful competition. In fact, I also think he's in the top six keepers in the Premier League...
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Phil Roberts
Posted 23/01/2020

Now here is a good one for ToffeeWebbers.

Until last Saturday, Moise Kean held a unique record for Everton.

However, he then lost it but gained another one on Tuesday night. ...
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Player of the season

David Pearl
Posted 22/01/2020


Anyway, time is ticking along and l am scratching my head. Not just at how we can always seem to shoot ourselves in the foot in the most bizarre ways possible.

Any stand outs? DCL and Holgate for me.
Possibly Richarlison... i...
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Win as a team and lose as a team?

David Cooper
Posted 22/01/2020

One of my favourite coaching comments is “Win as a team and lose as a team”. But, although it is inclusive and sounds good, it is rarely true!

This morning, I forced myself to watch the last 5 minutes of regular time and then the 6 minutes...
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Why? & How? – What is the Truth?

Barry Metcalfe
Posted 22/01/2020

Everton as a multi-million-pound business are not in a position where they can impart detailed and possibly confidential information to the fans. There are a range of issues that the fans would be interested in but, even if the club wanted to keep us...
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The Curious Case of Oumar Niasse

Trevor Powell
Posted 13/01/2020

Think back to the outcry as a result of Oumar Niasse on Saturday 18 November 2017 versus Crystal Palace (Away).

Niasse sparked controversy in the match by appearing to dive to win Everton a penalty, which was converted by Leighton Baines to make th...
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What would it take for Europe?

Len Gowing
Posted 12/01/2020

What would it take for us to get into Europe?

I tend to be a fan who asks "What if?" ... What if Baines had taken the first penalty versus Leicester; what if we hadn't had terrible VAR decisions; what if...

Okay, put aside the reality of ...
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So, what next?

Jim Bailey
Posted 08/01/2020

Having read hundreds of posts and contributed one myself, it's pretty clear that the vast majority of us do not wish to see particular players wear the shirt again. Some call for a huge, wholesale cull; some want to see some of the youngsters give...
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Ancelotti and Ferguson

Anton Walsh
Posted 08/01/2020

Can someone please explain to me why Big Dunc is the right-hand man? Two completely different approaches to playing.

Alongside Koeman, Allardyce and Silva, Ferguson never seemed to do anything except throw the ball for headers during the warm-up....
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Morgan Schneiderlin

Ste Traverse
Posted 08/01/2020

Have we ever had a bigger waster at our club? Pound for pound the worst player we've had the misfortune to see in a Blue shirt. Him feigning injury in the derby allowing the Liverpool player to shoot unmarked when he should've been closing...
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Do we really have an Academy?

Mike Oates
Posted 06/01/2020

Whilst we all angry as hell following that non-performance, just take a minute out to wonder why we are continuing to have to play the likes of Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Coleman, Walcott, etc. Why aren’t they looking over their shoulders at new ...
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Everton FC - self inflicted football subjugation?

Paul Birmingham
Posted 06/01/2020

The pain is lifelong and the worst fears realised, as we’d feared yesterday afternoon.

Hows and whys, more questions and all break down to common answers.

For such a massive game and opportunity why did the players fail to show, and ...
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Bernard Halligan
Posted 06/01/2020

As a lifelong Everton supporter living in Canada, I have spent the last two winters in the UK with my wife in her hometown of Birkenhead. The main attraction, apart from family, is my love of my team, the Toffees.

I watched last night’s g...
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Changing our minds

Tony  Everan
Posted 03/01/2020

To hell with the natural order.

All this 4 to 5 year project , so be patient , I don't fully buy in to. If Carlo Ancelotti gets backed in the transfer market to buy one or two quality players , then go for it. Top four is possible sooner rat...
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Possession Football

Don Alexander
Posted 01/01/2020

In watching today's match, we were informed that we had possession of the ball for a third of it. I thought we once again afforded Man City, a top team, far too much respect. A large part of the third of the game where we had possession was to me spe...
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The Ancelotti Song

Conor Skelly
Posted 28/12/2019

When we're down at half-time
And we win it by 5

When Dom hits the net
He’s the best we’ve seen yet

Because He’s won the fuckin lot
Carlo is boss

It was just meant to be
We’re Everton...
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Team of the decade

Kevin Prytherch
Posted 23/12/2019

Bit of fun here as 2019 draws to a conclusion...

What’s your team of the decade?







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Santa Rings More Changes for 2019

John Boon
Posted 23/12/2019

My elves were working night and day
For Christmas TWO NINETEEN
Everyone was edgy
And things were not serene
The Reindeers were revolting
And this just wasn’t go...
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What Now For Brands?

Steve Hogan
Posted 20/12/2019

In the next 6 months, and possibly sooner, the future of Marcel Brands at Everton will be decided.

After his much-heralded arrival, and somewhat basking in his previous role in Dutch football as an astute spotter of young emerging talent in Europ...
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