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Summer Signings ?? No Chance!

For those like me who have searched all the usual sites NewsNow/ToffeeWeb for any glimpses of a new signing, well after flying back from Orlando this morning and bumping into David Moyes & Paul Jewell on the plane, I asked him what if any signings would be made:

DM: "At present, none; I can't buy when I haven't been given any money."

I asked if we are selling to buy, again he answered, "If I haven't had any bids how can I sell?"

Finally I asked is there any chance Paul Jewell would consider taking Anichebe for a £1.00 a week, he just started laughing.

As he said earlier in the summer, don't listen to speculation. I for one won't now... even though I will still need my daily fix of searching /hoping for some good news.
Tommy Heske     Posted 30/06/2011 at 18:19:37   Comments (7)

Rodwell's Best Position

I was thinking that, knowing Moyes's position on strong defending, the answer to where to play Rodwell could well be to play him in a 1-4-3-2 as the sweeper.

Moyes says he could end up at the back so deploy him there where he could read and intercept the play and not give the ball away as he's a good passer.

Of course, whilst the defending side of this suggestion could appeal to Moyes, the attacking side of wing backs and two up front could scupper this idea. But knowing how strapped for cash we are (and all teams knowing we are 4-5-1), I think for us to progress we need to try something different.

Of course I don't know if the players could adapt to this idea...
Tony Cornmell     Posted 30/06/2011 at 03:04:24   Comments (21)

The moral high ground?

What has it come to, that we are linked with Craig Bellamy?

Libel laws forbid me from saying what I really feel about him, his attitude and general behaviour, as they're pretty strong and would include some naughty words.

I'm probably in the minority in taking the moral high ground, but I would refuse to support a team that he is part of. I really hope that we don't sign him, although to be fair my fishing would prosper and so would my blood pressure.

I'll be back at the end of his contract...

Jeremy Benson     Posted 29/06/2011 at 16:56:28   Comments (48)

Transfer Trash Talk #7

Before I get accused of playing Football Manager, I was thinking about how we could make some fresh additions to the squad, to keep things fresh and also get rid of some deadwood and one or two of our better so-called stars.

My thinking is, it would freshen the team up maybe put some drive back into Moyes and us fans with a new look to our side. We all know we have no money and Kenwright and the rest of the liars on our board aren't going to find or provide Moyes with funds. I have thought about who we can sell and who we can bring in that might rejuvanate us and we would only be spending what we have sold or less.

Yobo £3M ? It's pretty much a done deal now; a good player in his time but time to move him on as more mistakes were creeping into his game the last two seasons he was with us. Replacement: Shane Duffy.

Distin £2.5M ? Yes, he was one of our best performers last year but nearing 34 now and with Redknapp wanting him, I feel a deal like this is in the interests of the club and would go towards a slightly younger replacement, who for me would be Wes Brown.

Bilyaletdinov £7M ? It hasn't worked out at all with Bily; for me, he isn't up to the pysical nature and speed of the Premier League... maybe he should've been given more playing time in behind the striker but for me it's time now to cash in and £7M will probably be all we get for him. Replacement: Aiden McGeady, a possible swap for Bily, he would be ideal... McGeady isn't happy in Russia and Bily is well thought of there still, McGeady could thrive in the Prem with his pace.

Fellaini £20M ? I'm gutted to say this but I think it's inevitable he is going to go and with his contract running down too and, with his father always poking his nose in, it's time we got the best possible deal. For me, Barton and Parker would be superb replacements ? cracking in-your-face players, a type that we need and who would replace Screech well. For me, though, I would bring Barton in for the £3M that's reportedly what Newcastle want, and spend £10M on N'Zogbia, leaving that little bit extra to go towards the debt.

Yakubu £3.5M and Anichebe £2M ? I think the Yak's time is up and Moyes wants rid as quickly as possible, therefore freeing up Yak's wages and the fee would be good business for us. For me, Anichebe hasn't lived up to his potential and does not score enough goals... a few Prem teams may take a punt at that fee with Stoke most noticeably linked.

Replacements for Yak and Vic would be Hallam Hope from the youth team (after watching this kid, I think it's time we eased him into the team from the bench), with Vellios to appear more also after a few promising appearances.

But with the Yak money and Vic money coupled with the money already there from Pienaar and Vaughan, Defoe at £10M would be a perfect big-name striker for us with pace and a good goalscoring record par last season. It would also be the chance for him to resurrect his career with us and the national team.

These additions, coupled with a couple of loans ? maybe Bellamy and Wright Phillips? ... maybe Carew on a free as well, I feel would re-energise our squad and would give us pace and a new dimension. It's all feasible leaving some money towards debts and whatever else Bill uses it for.

So my side next season for us would look something like this:

Howard, Brown, Jags, Heitinga, Baines, N'Zogbia, Barton, Arteta, McGeady, Cahill, Defoe.
Subs: Mucha (if he stays), Neville, Coleman, Rodwell, Osman, Barkley, Saha. With maybe Carew also fighting to get in and a couple of loanees. I think that starting line-up would give us all a bit more belief and energise us for the coming season.

I welcome the responses. I'm only trying to think of what we can do for the season ahead as something needs to change and fast. COYB!

Stephen Leary     Posted 29/06/2011 at 15:14:41   Comments (26)

Transfer Trash Talk #6

Again we are getting closer to the start of the new season and all we have in the way of strengthening the squad are a few extensions on some of our younger players contracts.

No buying and no selling until 3 or 4 weeks before the season kicks off is the norm for Everton, with the new arrivals (if any), most probably starting on the bench and Moyes saying that he needs time to adapt and he doesn't want to use him too early... blah blah.

Of course you know this by know and of course it gets right up your nose that other clubs are pulling in quality players left right and centre. Today, it is rumoured that Liverpool will secure the services of last season's midfield sensation Charlie Adam.

That pisses me off, but not as much as the sale of a player that has been outstanding in the Norwegian Tippeligaen so far this year. Anthony Ujah, a 21-year-old Nigerian striker, was sold this morning from Lillestrøm to the German Bundesliga club Mainz for around 20 million kroner (about £1.7M). A striker that scored goals out of nothing and would have been a great supplement to our wanting strike force at Goodison.

I have heard about Bryan King, who supposedly is the Everton scout for the Norwegian market, and I wonder if he was even aware of this player... Yes, I know we are broke, but this lad could have been a gold mine for Everton, if you think about selling him on later.

I feel that with the resources we have at Everton, then the Norwegian Market is one that should be really under close scrutiny, and with Ole Gunnar Solskjær as Manager of Molde now, then I am quite sure he is in a weekly dialogue with Ferguson if good players appear there.

Maybe some work to do here?

Tony Cheek     Posted 28/06/2011 at 07:43:58   Comments (31)

Player Shortages

From about Christmas last season, we have forever moaned about the lack of a class forward or two and we all had thoughts of about a ?what if" scenario... yes, we had a 20-goal-a-season forward who turned our superiority into wins ? Hey, we could have finished in Top 4, we would possibly have reached Wembley again ?

But look closely at the squad: yes, we do need a forward or two, but we also need a cover centre-half, a Premier league quality cover at left back, a dominant defensive central midfielder, a quality wide man on the left. We were extremely fortunate last season to have Distin and Baines as virtual ever-presents, a major injury to either player would have given us substantial problems.

Please don?t give me the answer that the likes of Duffy, Garbutt, Barkley, Vellios, Baxter, and Gueye will all be coming through to the 1st team next season because they won't... We?d be lucky to have just one of them become a regular.

So where does that leave us? Well, with a conservative estimate, I?d guess we need at least £45M (forward ? £15M; centre-half ? £5M; left back ? £4M; central midfielder ? £10M, quality wide man ? £12M). Bill, as he always does, of course, will undoubtedly be working 24/7 to sell Yobo and Yakubu and give David Moyes £8M from their sales. Well, that leaves a shortfall of about £35M.

How do we generate this amount of money? Well, first and foremost, I?d sell Fellaini for about £20M; not because I don?t like him, when in fact I believe he will become an outstanding central midfielder, but because I believe he intends to do a Pienaar and leave us for a paltry £5m in 18 months.

All leading clubs have to sell their main assets, we are no different. I?d also sell Rodwell for £12m; once again, not because I don?t like him but because he?s now become completely lost ? he?s neither a centre half (he loves the ball too much to be an English centre-half) nor is he a central midfielder (he lacks vision, energy, speed and drive). I feel sorry for the lad as, 15 months ago, he was the country?s new find, on a par with Jack Wilshere, captain of the U21s at 19 etc etc... now he?s on both Everton?s and England U21?s sub's bench.

Unfortunately life is cruel; even though we have nearly found our £35M, we have lost two fine young players and, on top of the shortage of 5-6 players originally, we now need another one at least, with no money. Bring in the Loans...
Mike Oates     Posted 27/06/2011 at 21:53:15   Comments (26)

Another disappointing season

I?ve just seen the latest Premier League table on Ceefax and it looks like we?ve had another disappointing season.

Looking at the ?goals against? column ? with no goals conceded for the entire season, we?ve clearly tightened up the defence. But, yet again, Moyes?s tendency to send out teams with a defensive, negative attitude is reflected in the fact that we scored NO goals at all!!! When is he going to realise that you will never win anything by drawing every game 0-0??? Yet again, the failure to sign a 20-goal-a-season striker has come back to bite us... Will he never learn?

I know some of you out there will point out that we finished above Liverpool and both Manchester clubs but look at the teams who finished above us ? Bolton and Blackburn FFS ? surely we?re better than that. Remember our motto.

Out of interest, I?m sure those Villa fans mouthing off against the appointment of Alex McLeish will be looking a little shame-faced now that he?s got them up to 2nd place and a Champion league slot. And is it just a co-incidence that the three teams beginning with W are occupying the relegation places ? just like the teams last season?

Anyway here?s looking forward to season 2012-13... and some bloody goals!

Rob Williamson     Posted 26/06/2011 at 16:53:47   Comments (21)

Neville?s Positive Attitude

You?ve got to take your hat off to the lad ? he?s right, we did finish strongly & performed against the top teams which has been our downfall in recent seasons. We are all frustrated with the board knowing we need some key investment in the team eg, a winger & striker(s), knowing that some dead wood will need to be shifted to free up the wages but I think we do all get bogged down with the politics.

We?ve got some great kids coming through on the horizon in Barkley & Hope & our youth system seems to be producing which is vital for us but it?s the immediate shortfalls in our squad that we just don?t seem to have the capacity to fulfill.

When you?ve got the likes of Stoke commanding far superior speculation (£15M for Scott Dan) to us, it does worry you. Sunderland have sold £40M+ & Newcastle £35M so their spending power will reflect in the market... Even promoted teams seem stronger financially than us.

I don?t want to sell Rodwell but we seem to be in that predicament where we have to, just to fill gaping holes in our first team. I hope we find a way to fund the N'Zogbia bid and a decent striker without selling a key asset.

I think the lack of a clear strategy & plan for dealing with the forthcoming season is killing any enthusiasm & positive outlook for most Evertonians. This could however be reversed with some decisive & concise action one way or another in the transfer market, with the board stepping up to deliver some funds & stop hiding behind Moyes like a pathetic frightened child...

Alex Buckley     Posted 26/06/2011 at 00:23:04   Comments (37)

Does playing count for anything?

Got into yet another heated debate last night when I pointed out to a number football followers in the Freshy (albeit of RS persuasion!) that it now appears that to succeed as a manager you no longer need to have played the game at senior level!

I based that assertion on the fact that no less than FOUR leading managers of recent times certainly `had no medals` to show the boys! Both Mourinho and Chelsea new man, ABV, were Robson apprentices (merely interpreters, some say!) whilst Wenger gave up playing at 20 and Sven was said to be an embarrassment in shorts ? and later without them!

"How could any theorist have the understanding of a Kenny D?" I was asked ? and whilst my reply was a little inflammatory, it`s a difficult one to answer.

So what do my fellow contributors feel on the issue? Could someone who has not played the game at senior level be the surprise successor to Moyes and have any hope of bringing that glory we all crave for?

Richard Dodd     Posted 25/06/2011 at 15:11:57   Comments (28)

The Curious Case of Eric Dier... among others

I have spent many a summer browsing the web and back pages of the tabloids hoping Everton were to sign the next super star, but have long given up hope of landing pretty much anyone of note many seasons ago. This article is really to create discussion around our transfer policy or lack thereof. I know this topic has probably been debated far and wide, but here goes....

In January of this year, Everton landed the highly thought of talent, Eric Dier, who by all accounts has shown great potential, scoring against Liverpool in the U-18s. However, this appeared to be a short-term loan, and he didn't ever make the first team squad. I presume for a 17-year-old he is on a fair whack (I'm not talking mega monies), and this led me to think what was the point of bringing him to Everton? I'm all for getting the brightest young talents at Goodison Park, but with Sporting demanding roughly £10M, I'm not sure where we can go with this (a tribunal would probably lower that fee significantly).

The same has to be said of Joao Silva; I know he has been debated across many forums but, if the lad is homesick or not up to the grade, surely the £700k we spent on him would have been better spent elsewhere? Do we blame the scouts?

Obviously these transfers have an impact on what we do elsewhere (no matter how small the fee), and I can't help but think of the missed opportunities with Kenwright and the attempts (3??) to sign Moutinho. He was Moyes's No 1 target for many a season, and stated his desire to come more than once also. I know we had central midfielders but he ended up joing Porto for £8M. He is now being touted to join Chelsea for £35M, the price in his contract.

We just simply cant afford to keep missing out on targets like we do, and apparently waste money on developing youngsters who don't cut the grade in the first place.. Harsh but true, no? Jutkiewicz, Spencer, Turner, Agard to name a few... Don't get me wrong ? I'm all for developing the new crop of players to come through, but something doesn't add up somewhere...
Martin  Graves     Posted 24/06/2011 at 13:58:42   Comments (30)

Would you if you could?

I?m sure many of you have noticed tonight?s Euro Millions jackpot is £105 million, and I?m sure more of you will go out and buy a ticket ? I know I will.

My question to you is ? if you won the jackpot, would you ?invest? any into Everton?

Personally I would look to wipe the club's debt so the club could start again with a clean slate and all the current interest repayments could go towards the squad. As a condition, I would ask Mr Kenwright to step aside as Chairman; however, if I?m honest, I would still ?invest? the money regardless ? I just want to see the glory days of the 80s which I missed.

So... would you if you could?


Andy Callen     Posted 24/06/2011 at 12:16:39   Comments (30)

The Best Things In Life Are Free!

.....that is, if you are Evertonian.

In all seriousness, we have to accept that we are skint and unless we sell either one of our 'stars' or sell our collective of 'misfits' (which seems unlikely, due to the lack of quality and interest) then we are gonna have to seriously considers one, a couple or a few of the available free transfers.

Now from the ones available, I would seriously have to consider the fact that the will all be squad players and as we have an horrific seasonal injury issue to deal with.

John Carew - Always a handful and would take the pressure off Beckford (Still bedding into the league) Saha (Constantly injured) and Vic (Hmmmm!)

Lee Bowyer - I know, I know but he could be a benchwarmer with the experience and bite we could use if needed over a long season and has been one of the best players in a Brum squad.

Matthew Upson - We NEED another centre half. Would be a great free transfer.

I am still surprised that we didn't go for Seb Larsson too as he would have provided decent cover on the wing.

Obviously I would prefer to stay clear of this route, however, until we sort the cash out, I really don't see another option.
Anthony Jaras     Posted 23/06/2011 at 15:25:28   Comments (35)


First things first. I have often posted on this site in defence of Davey Moyes and his ability to build a squad with little or no cash and still be relatively sure of a top half finish (most seasons anyway).

However, the article on the OS caught my eye today regarding Seamus Coleman and quotes attributed to Moyes...

There are 2 quotes that caught my eye: ?There will be a little bit of a change over next season as we will look to move him a bit further back and maybe he can develop into a right back.?

Why does Davey feel the need to see if Coleman can develop into a right back, when he?s capable on the right side of midfield? Surely the forward berth is just as valuable as the right back role, so why not continue to develop him in this position instead of looking to move him further back.

This is similar to Jack Rodwell. Why does he need to become a central defender, when he has ability in the middle of the park? Arteta playing deep as another example. Why is the emphasis always on defence?

The second stand out quote from the article was: ?sometimes there are things about Seamus when you can see why he was a £60,000 player and then there are other times you will look at him and say that is great business?

FFS Davey, I think you need to go back to motivational school, as I am dam sure those kind of quotes should be kept behind close doors and won?t help the lads mindset. Don?t get me wrong, I?m not saying tell him he?s golden, but FFS he?s far removed from the 60K player that was brought over from Ireland.

Anyway, I?m off now to tell some of my subordinates that they?re shit.
Liam Reilly     Posted 23/06/2011 at 13:38:00   Comments (23)

Tim Cahill takes on the Defence

I am in the Australian Army and an Everton tragic. When Tim Cahill was in Sydney recently conducting his football clinics, I managed to get in touch with his management through a mate of mine and arrange for him to assume the role of Honorary Patron of Australian Defence Force Football.

The story and photos link is at the Aussie FourFourTwo website.

He was such a genuine bloke who gave more time than he had available. A great advert for all the things that remain good about football.

Tony Anetts     Posted 23/06/2011 at 12:21:58   Comments (9)

Psychology of Everton

Here's one way to cure our early season wows: why don't the team say "Bollox to all this pre-season training and singing Karaoke in American bars... Let's have a good old Christmas party along with fancy dress, turkey, Christmas pud and exotic dancers in AUGUST?"

That might just guarantee that they start playing to potential at the start of the season! I bet they won't find that idea in the training manual!

And hows about Moyesie only having 16 players to choose from? ? that would help too... and what about the players pretending they are playing Man City EVERY week? Home and away. Everton must be a sports psychologist's wet dream.
Col Wills     Posted 22/06/2011 at 13:37:05   Comments (12)

Striker? No, a midfielder

Demba Ba, Boothroyd, etc... Why are we looking at forwards when a blind man can see we need a ball-winning midfielder? The above mentioned are clearly no better than the Yak.

We need a player who can sit in front of the back four, who can win the ball for the attacking midfielders and also protect our defence.

Fellaini is not the answer: too slow, cannot tackle. Rodwell? From a centre-half to a box-to-box midfielder...??? I feel a bit sorry for the lad but he could be the answer.

It was there for all to see, when Neville played in that position at the back end of the season... so, in my opinion, this is our problem area; and ? if we can sort it ? I'm telling you, we will be right up there.


Colin Malone     Posted 22/06/2011 at 09:53:09   Comments (44)

Transfer Trash Talk #5

So in my eyes Villa-Boas's arrival at Chelsea is likely to spell the end of Daniel Sturridge's first team chances there. With Torres a certain starter, Drogba and Anelka still there and Villa-Boas very likely to bring in Falcao or Neymar or both that doesn't leave alot of space for Sturridge. I think Moyes should make his loan signing a priority.

He was comfortably England's best player at the U21-Euros (not saying much); has pace, skill, strength and most importantly the ability to score a goal out of nothing. A trait we could desperately have done with last year.

If we can get him on loan, with Chelsea paying part of his wages, then hopefully, when he is forced to admit that he is unlikely to get guaranteed first team action at Chelsea, we will be his first choice.

The only downside would be that if he does really well with us this season that Chelsea might not let him go. But if the downside is us getting a 15-20 goal man this season then I'm happy.

The upside is that we could get one of the best young English strikers around to form a brilliant strike duo with Hallam Hope in 3 or 4 years time.
Sam Hoare     Posted 22/06/2011 at 09:30:40   Comments (47)

Everton Summer Con - Deja Vu...

Just come back from two weeks in Tenerife, avoided papers, no Internet ? fully refreshed.

Thought I'd check on all the cheery news about all of the activity regarding my Blue Boys. Guess what.... nothing happening!

Can't sell Yobo or Yak, Bily still on the books. Fellaini thinks we're sub-standard, £20 mill for Rodwell (haha) not happening, a sheep we were going to get for free decides the Tyne is a better area to live... and we are in for Wes Brown!!!!

I know Kenwright is into show business so he should be aware that serving the same old repeats summer after summer is not the way to entertain your audience. Please don't wait until the last day of the transfer window to get rid of the dross and bring some new blood in. Otherwise the fans' loyalty slowly ebb away... Please Give us some HOPE.

Don't feel so refreshed now, might need to go and watch the RS in their Blue strip....
Bob Skelton     Posted 21/06/2011 at 15:00:03   Comments (7)

Progress!! (??)

I was on the SkySports website and had a little fun in doing the Missing Men game (,20922,15154_6722101,00.html ). The games are obviously only Premier League era (up to 2005), but I noticed just how much better off we are as a team/squad compared to these games.

If you look at the team that Moyes took over in 2002 it has improved by 2005; and comparing that to the current squad we are in a far improved position. Just how many players from these teams would get into the cuurent set up? In getting to where we are Moyes has spent £106,050,500 ( ) in total. That works out at £10 million per season average.

There has been a clamour for a change in management at our club, but is there another manager around who can do as good a job? Looking at the spending of other clubs I'd suggest not. £ for £ we have done better than every club in this era and that is down to David Moyes. Unless the financial situation of the club changes we will at most have around £10 million to spend (if the right players are sold). I personally believe that Moyes will spend that wisely and we will have an improved squad for next year.

I feel that Moyes will turn this underperforming (??) squad around during the summer and add a couple of useful signings. I think we'll get the much needed good start and really have a push towards Champions League football next year.

So enough of this pessimism and complaining. Let's inject some entusiasm into proceedings and look forward to a bright (royal) blue future!!! Who's with me?

(Or if not, then have a go at the game on Sky anyway. It's good fun and some of them are quite a challenge.)
Kevin Lucas     Posted 21/06/2011 at 02:16:01   Comments (46)

Sub-top Yourself

Well, well, well..... It seems that Coco the Clown (aka Fellaini) finally wants out, as he doesn't think we're good enough for him...

I personally think he's got a cheek and considering he's not much good, he'll struggle to find regular first team footie at a team in the top 6 of the Premier League.

I'd like to know that stats on how we've performed without this liability ? let's face it, our best runs in the previous 2 seasons have been when he's been injured.

Twice can't be a coincidence, can it?

He won't be missed as we've already proved (twice) and I reckon getting our money back for this clown would be a result.
Andy Callan     Posted 19/06/2011 at 22:27:42   Comments (104)

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