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Martinez expects 'three or four' new signings in the coming days

by | 24/07/2014  Comments (47)  jump
Boss still courting Romelu Lukaku
Roberto Martinez is confident of strengthening his squad in the next few days with "three or four" new signings as his pre-season preparations get into full swing.

The manager has used the last couple of weeks to assess the younger players at Everton and is now in position to bring in acquisitions to "finalise the squad" ahead of what promises to be a demanding season.

"In the next couple of days we will have a few players coming in because it was important for me to assess the youngsters," the Catalan told talkSPORT.

"The youngsters have done terrific and are showing the good work we are doing in the academy at Finch Farm but there are areas that need to be strengthened and, over the next few days, we are going to get the three, four players we need just to finalise the squad facing the huge demands with European football ahead of us."

One of those is expected to be Muhamed Besic who is on Merseyside to hopefully conclude his protracted transfer from Ferencvaros, while a deal is being worked on for 18 year-old Belgian forward David Henen, although with Martinez having indicated earlier this week that he sees him going into the Under-21s team, it's not clear if the Anderlecht player is among the players the manager refers to in his remarks today.

Inevitably, the name of Romelu Lukaku also came up and while Martinez again stated his desire to bring the Belgian back on a permanent basis, he acknowledged that he couldn't talk too much about a player who is contracted to another club.

"Rom fits in really, really well at Goodison," he said. "We created a fantastic bond with the player, and the player with the fans, and that is something that we would love to extend.

"It is difficult to say because he is not our player and I would never be disrespectful in that respect. He enjoyed his time at Everton, he developed as a footballer and we hope the parent club, Chelsea, were very happy with that loan relationship.

"Whatever happens in the future, at the moment there is not much we can speak about."

Lukaku is back in his native Belgium after enjoying a post-World Cup holiday and is training at his old club Anderlecht to work on his fitness. Chelsea expect him to join up with their squad in Austria next Wednesday but Everton remain hopeful they can tempt him to Goodison Park.  

Reader Comments (47)

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Mark Tanton
1 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:46:01
Let’s hope so Bobby. This summer could
Mark Tanton
2 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:47:27
Be a turning point.
Harold Matthews
3 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:45:48
According to Talksport this afternoon. Someone will be unveiled with the new kit.
Brian Waring
5 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:52:03
So if it ended up being 4 players, would everyone be happy if the 4 ended up being Besic, Henen, Lukaku and the young lad from MK Dons?
Andrew Ellams
6 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:57:07
Brian he said 3 o4 4 players in the next few days, but didnÂ’t say that would be it. If he finalises 4 permanents this week then that will be 5 by the end of July, when did that last happen?
Peter Gorman
7 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:57:17
Re: Brian

I wouldnÂ’t be particularly happy. We wouldnÂ’t struggle but neither would we challenge. The Europa League would be a distraction or weÂ’d be dumped out early. So, no. I wouldnÂ’t be overly happy unless we signed a few more of quality.

Anthony Flack
8 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:59:56
Harrold - probably Joe Royle
Andrew Clare
9 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:56:11
I really hope one of signings is a creative midfielder and we sign more than 3 or 4 unless that figure doesn’t include loans.
James Elworthy
10 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:59:33
Lets hope this does not drag on too long, as they are now missing the Thailand trip,
Yes I agree Besic, Henin (the new Delboy) Lukaku, and Galloway, would like to see Traore added on loan too.
I can see a last minute winger and attacking midfielder added also, as deals on deadline day seem to go through in 48 seconds not 48 hours.

Si Cooper
11 Posted 24/07/2014 at 15:57:40
"we hope the parent club, Chelsea, were very happy with that loan relationship" - is the wording in this excerpt significant or just a stumble in RM’s use of the language, given that the subject was supposed to be an attempt to bring the player here on a permanent basis?

Why would it matter to Chelski how good last season’s loan deal was for the players development unless we are looking at the possibility of another loan deal this season?

Anthony Hughes
12 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:06:54
No we need more. We’re down on numbers from last season and if we’re to challenge on four fronts the squad needs to be bigger.
Sam Hoare
13 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:13:44
Besic, Henen and one other constitute the 3. Lukaku constitutes the ’or 4’. It does not sound as though this is the end of business necessarily and I would expect their to be loan signings as well with Traore surely an option given his strange staying with us last season through his injury...
Dan McKie
14 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:15:30
I can’t see Lukaku being done, so if we got 3, and it turned out to be the deals speculated, Besic, Galloway and Henen, then that would only be 1 player for the first team, and in an area where we aren’t badly stocked as it is.

We need a goalscorer. We have 1 striker on the books that’s been out for a year. I don’t class Naismith or Mirallas as strikers, we have Kone, thats it. That has to change drastically by the Leicester game,

Mike Green
15 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:18:53
Si #11 - I think it’s called making friends and influencing people.....
Jim Bennings
16 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:24:28
It’s probably no secret that Henen and Besic are two of the four and more than likely Galloway as the third.

You’d have your fingers and toes crossed the fourth would be Lukaku or another marquee striker like Bony.

I do have the distinct pin in the balloon feeling though that it’s going to be confirmation of Traore’s year long loan return.

Whatever happens in "the coming days" we will eventually have to sign that elusive proven Premier League striker.

Paul Andrews
17 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:31:01
Three or four in the next few days?

Roberto moves quick for someone who wasted valuable time at the World Cup,I’ll give him that.

Harold Matthews
18 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:31:02
Anthony F. Nice one ha ha.
David Stuart
20 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:38:27
Is Traore still an option now Monaco have sold Rodriguez and Riviere? That’s only left them with Falcao and Berbatov, with Germain and the 19yo Martial as backup.
Phil Walling
21 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:45:49
I noticed that Jo was hoping for another pop at the EPL.

Surely not here, though ?

Mike Manchester
22 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:48:18
Coming 48 hours? ;)
Chris Wilson
23 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:50:20
Yeah, it is an interesting comment to make, Si. Roberto usually chooses his words very carefully; he does over elaborate his answers at times (which is great for an interview), but I never get the sense that he’s just talking for the sake of talking.

Frankly, in my opinion, getting Lukaku back for another loan wouldn’t be a bad piece of business providing he doesn’t sign a contract extension. We’d have him with two years remaining on his contract I believe? We would be able to play him in every fixture except the Chelsea matches (so we would need a plan B for those games), so that means Europa League along with all of the domestic competitions. At the end of the season, he has one year left on his deal and provided he doesn’t score 30+ goals; it should reduce his price a little more which might make it a tad more manageable for us. It could also make for a bidding war, but that might be a bridge we would cross when got there. Maybe we can even negotiate a loan with an option to buy situation with performance based add-ons such as for goals scored, or if we get to the Europa League Final, etc. I don’t know. Something to consider.

Sam Hoare
24 Posted 24/07/2014 at 16:53:52
David Stuart 20, fair point. Though Monaco will surely need to buy one if not two marquee strikers to appease fans after the selling of Rodriguez....
Mark Pierpoint
25 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:04:45
I think that four players would do. One HAS to be a striker and one has to be a wide midfielder though. Besic looks a done deal, and I think he will be the one unveiled tomorrow.

Henen, who knows. I think he will be somewhere between U21 and the main squad, in a similar vein to McAleny. Not a replacement for Deulofeu though really.

Lukaku- Really hope so and the fourth will prob be Galloway.

I think we need another striker or another midfielder, depending on where RM expects Kone to play. I heard that he has the potential to play on the right like Lukaku did in parts last year. If Kone can’t fill this role then an Atsu figure?

Overall, would like 5 but 4 would do I suppose. I hate to use the term, but on last year Gibson and Kone are new players essentially.

Mark Pierpoint
26 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:15:51
Well according to the official site Besic is as good as signed and will be presented next week. going to Thailand in a non playing role to meet the players etc.

One down...

Si Cooper
27 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:09:02
Mike, I am not convinced that the Chelski businessmen are particularly susceptible to that sort of thing when it comes to greasing palms, but it would go a long way to satisfy them that we can be trusted to take due care of one of their assets.

Chris, agree with you but it doesn’t fit in with the ’Jose wants shut as quick as possible’ theory does it. It can only be a possibility if they are at least open-minded about how much he can improve, otherwise selling him this summer would be the sensible thing to do. I guess you do have to consider that they have enough money that they don’t have to be as sensible as other clubs, and that three successive loan fees may have covered enough of their initial outlay that they can sell him ’cheaply’ next summer without undue worries.

Jon Ferguson
28 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:29:35
Brian - Roberto said from the start that the 7 extra bodies in the squad would include players coming up from the youth. So if he decided 3 of them (say McAlney, Garbutt and Ledson) that would leave only 4 signings.

We have already signed Barry, so that’s one. Besic looks nailed on, as does Henen. I think we’ll get Lukaku either permenantly or on loan, and if we get him permenantly then we may get Atsu on loan, that would be five. I think Troare looks like a goer, which would be six.

If all of that did come off, then I think we’d have a cracking squad!

Gareth Fieldstead
29 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:38:33
I thought the fact that he mentioned the youngsters would suggest that at least another of the potential signings (other than Besic) would be a first team player? Probably wishful thinking but if he is mentioning the demands the coming season will have on the first team squad what is the point of discussing signings that are not going to be anywhere near our first eleven next season? Si and Chris, fair points but wouldnt you feel a little pissed if our so called marquee signing turns out to be yet another loan? I would be glad that we had a quality forward for next season but again why no funds for permanent signings after the money the club have made this last financial year?
Steve Woods
30 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:47:24
Unfortunately Jon @28, Ledson "did" his achilles on Tuesday night and is likely to be out for a long time.
Kris Boner
32 Posted 24/07/2014 at 18:02:44
Steve, Ledson did not do his achilles on Tuesday night. If you were watching the match and heard the commentator mention the name Ledson in relation to an achilles injury, it was a fan Richard Ledson when they were reading fan tweets.
Lyndon Lloyd
33 Posted 24/07/2014 at 18:06:23
Thank you, Kris, for finally clearing up where that Ledson-Achilles thing came from! Been wondering how on earth the wires could have got so crossed.
Steve Woods
34 Posted 24/07/2014 at 18:05:36
Many thanks for that Kris!! No I was unable to watch or listen so just picked up snippets here and there after the match. Delighted and relieved the lad is OK, thanks for the info'. Let's hope he goes on to have a great season.
Francis Wycherley
35 Posted 24/07/2014 at 18:04:53
Call me slow, but it's only just occurred to me that the transfer deadline is 31st august. We play Chelsea at home on the 30th. If a deal Is to be done for Lukaku, why would Mourinho not just let it run down 'til the deadline instead of strengthening a team that could quite conceivably take 3 points off them when they meet?
Raymond Fox
36 Posted 24/07/2014 at 17:46:07
Kone will score goals, he's proved that before at Wigan, last season was a disaster for the lad and of course us.
McAleny has ability and I feel sure he will be part of our squad, Garbutt ditto although there's plenty competition for his position.
Roberto maybe could move Oviedo up to midfield and play Garbutt left back ( in the Europa that is).

Martinez has plenty of time for the young players so I think a few will definitely get game time.
Lundstram looks a handy lad to me also.

Its shaping up well and we will not be a push over, whoever we play.

Phil Walling
37 Posted 24/07/2014 at 18:27:51
Francis @ 35 . ToffeeWebbers were on to that one days ago.

Raymond. Agree with all your comments above except your belief that Kone is our salvation. If we go into the season relying on him, we're doomed. He's bought a new meaning to fast off the mark !

Harold Matthews
38 Posted 24/07/2014 at 19:00:02
Thought Lundstram looked overweight and out of condition. According to Stubbsy, his main problem has always been one of mental maturity.

Francis. Thanks mate. The game on the 30th is probably the reason why Roberto feels so sure about things going on till the end of Deadline Day.

Who invented this Atsu business?

Chris Wilson
39 Posted 24/07/2014 at 18:09:53
Fair point, Si. I was looking at the Lukaku situation from an Everton business point of view. Naturally, if Chelsea are wanting to cash in on him then they should do it this summer following a World Cup when prices are quite inflated. And I guess a report just came out where Jose is rumored to say that Romelu can go for 31 million.

I don't think Jose cares one way or the other with regards to Romelu. Sell him and get a player he wants, or unleash him upon the PL with a loan and not have to face the consequences. When you think about it, JM has never really been one to look at developing younger players because he doesn't stay anywhere long enough to reap the benefit of them. He likes players in their peak years; that's what has won him titles. From what I've read though is that the Chelsea board DO like Romelu. Thus the rumors that they want him to extend his contract, then go out on loan again, because Chelsea know as well as anybody that JM will not be there forever (I'd be surprised if he stayed two more seasons).

And Gareth (29), I totally understand your point about only borrowing a player like a Lukaku whom we would ask to generate a lot of our firepower. I guess it depends on individual preference (in this case, Roberto's). I felt that if we got Lukaku on loan again, he would be our player for 99% of the season (sans Chelsea games), he would already be familiar with the coaching, the players, the facilities, the city, etc. It would give us an extra season to "recruit" him as he entered the final year of his contract, and we could use our money (How much we have I don't know, but I'm fine with that because it gives us a little leverage in negotiations) to strengthen our squad all around, or buy young talent for the future. If Lukaku couldn't stay with us after the season, then we already have a stronger, deeper squad due to our summer deals, and so we can take our cash and seek out our star striker next summer. You know, it was just an idea to try an stretch the money that we have.

Danny Broderick
40 Posted 24/07/2014 at 19:42:59
If we signed those four players, I'd be gutted. I would love Lukaku. But from the other three, Besic would be a squad man – at least initially – who might develop. The other two – Henen and Galloway – would be for the U21s.

I would have hoped for more incoming players, having made a 㾻 million profit last year on player trading. And that's not including the TV deal, which everyone keeps saying is megabucks. Having got high earners like Neville, Cahill, Arteta and Fellaini off the books, surely Kenwright and his cronies can't have many more excuses left regarding why we are skint?

Dean Adams
41 Posted 24/07/2014 at 20:13:49
What was all that talk of 㿏m for the new ground proposals that were talked about at the end of last season. Maybe that is why we have held back so far? Who knows?

Bill does I am sure, but he will never tell us because in doing so it weakens our hand in any negotiations. He has made mistakes in the past, but that is no reason to use it against every single piece of business we do.
Patience is what we need to show. It aint easy but it will, I hope be worth it!!

Kevin Tully
42 Posted 24/07/2014 at 20:25:47
If Lukaku does join us on another loan, that should leave around 㿀M for players if we spend HALF of our profits from last season.


Andrew Hawes
43 Posted 24/07/2014 at 22:43:54
If we sign Besic, Galloway, Henen and Lukaku, I will be disgusted!! Four established classy players we need – not squad players!!

This was the very season we needed a marquee signing to convince ourselves, the players, the media and especially the clubs circling our young stars, that we were serious about Champions League.

㿀 million spent thatÂ’s basically whatÂ’s left of the Fellaini and Anichebe fee?? I can see the big announcement of Lukaku signing next week, thatÂ’s us standing still, not moving anywhere but our usual position outside of the top four!!

David Ellis
44 Posted 25/07/2014 at 04:19:59
I can't see Lukaku signing a contract extension at Chelsea. He's much better off running down the remaining 2 years of his contract so he can get a bigger sign on fee from the new club (basically as the contract runs down the "transfer" fee starts being paid to the player instead of the club – hence the signing of out of contract players is rarely as cheap as it sounds). This benefit to him would outweigh the increase in wages he would get if he signed a new contract with Chelsea now.

From Chelsea's perspective I doubt they would loan him out unless he did sign a contract extension because his selling price will start to decline once his contract is down to 12 months or less i.e. at the end of the loan period.

As Mourinho just doesn't fancy Romelu – and if he can't loan him out for the above reasons, then I think it is highly likely that Romelu will be leaving Chelsea. If it's to us then it will be on deadline day for the simple reason that we are playing Chelsea on 30 August. Mourinho sold Mata to Man Utd in January after Chelsea had played them for the second time... it's the way he thinks. If it pans out that way, then I would accept it as an outcome.

Mike Allison
45 Posted 25/07/2014 at 08:47:19
I must have missed the activity on this thread yesterday, and I’ve skipped to the bottom due to some of the early discussion (starting with Brian at 5 and then the replies to his question) so apologies if anyone has made this point already, but Henen and Galloway are absolutely NOT first team signings.

They will play for the Under-21s this season if we sign them, and Martinez is looking to strengthen the first team. They may count as the 3 or 4 in the next few days but they won’t represent the end of our dealings. He wants to sign four more first team players, Besic, Lukaku, Traore and probably another winger/attacking midfielder on loan. The 18-year-olds are part of planning for the future, not this season.

Andrew Clare
46 Posted 25/07/2014 at 08:57:54
I agree Andrew #43.
We do need a big signing other than Lukaku etc.
Someone who is world class like Ever Banega or the like. A player/players who will play for the first team as Mike #45 says.
Mike Allison
47 Posted 25/07/2014 at 08:54:33
Sam: "Though Monaco will surely need to buy one if not two marquee strikers to appease fans after the selling of Rodriguez..." Monaco isn’t like other clubs. They don’t really have ’fans’ as such. It’s more like going to the theatre for the super rich who live in a tax haven.

A couple more points: If Mourinho’s dastardly plan was to wait til after we’d played them, we could arrange a loan move right now so we’ve got our man and finalise the deal on 31st August. We get our man, and Chelsea get to play us without him (it’s okay, Naismith and Traore will tear them apart).

On contracts, with young players, you sell them with two years to go if you want full price. Most players, including many of our own, sign new contracts long before it gets to two years left, off the top of my head I think Coleman and one other did so last season.

Kone does play wide by the way, he has done for Ivory Coast for most of his career, and did so a lot for Wigan under Martinez as well.

Harold the ’Atsu business’ was in the rumour mill a few days ago.

And Andrew, I disagree that the permanent signing of Lukaku is us ’standing still’, I’d see it as a huge step forward. Actually owning a player, as opposed to borrowing him off somebody else is quite different.

Ray Roche
48 Posted 25/07/2014 at 09:23:14
Mike, I agree that a short term loan, allowing us to play him against Leicester and Arsenal, and then buying him would be a better option than waiting until we've played Chelsea. We have a very difficult start to the season and don't want to be moaning about missed opportunities next April/May. Apparently, Kone will not be fit for the start of the season and Traore is still not on board. Leaving Naismith as our only striker/forward.
Henry Ramsey
49 Posted 25/07/2014 at 09:28:12
I would love to see Lukaku sign for us permanently. If we don't get him I hope Bobby has got a good backup plan!

A quick, aggressive striker suits our style, in my opinion. The lad from Monaco looks a bit too tall and would probably be more suited to games when Plan A isn't working.

A good winger to gradually phase out Pienaar... and maybe another defender? Probably a youngster would be willing to have limited game time but would learn from Distin et al.

Conn Prosser
50 Posted 25/07/2014 at 11:43:03
Lukaku on loan until 31st August, that makes sense. Better than what I had in mind which was buy Rom now, then loan him back to Chelsea until then.

I don't see Koné as like a new signing who is going to score goals. I don't really see him as any use to us at all. I don't like his attitude.

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