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Henen growing impatient over stalled Everton move

by | 09/08/2014  Comments (63)  jump
David Henen is becoming restless with the delays over his proposed move from Anderlecht to Everton and a Belgian media source suggests that he could return to Belgium within the week if the apparent deadlock between the two clubs isn't broken.

The 18-year-old striker has been training at Finch Farm for the best part of the last month with a 1.5m move seemingly close to fruition but unexplained delays have dragged the process out to the point where the player appears, understandably, to be growing weary of the situation.

Sven Claes, the Het Laatste Nieuwsblad journalist who has been covering Henen's transfer to the Blues, reports that "the Belgian starlet [will make] his decision this weekend: stay at Everton or leave next week."

Henen himself tweeted this morning: Do not be surprised Whatever happens I will make my choice when thinking about my career and my family first.

Roberto Martinez has demonstrated his desire to sign the highly-rated forward with the intention of developing him in the Under-21s side but thus far there has been no agreement with Anderlecht.

A fee of 1.5m (~1.1m) was initially reported but subsequent media suggestions have put the Belgian club's demands as high as 3m which could be a sticking point over what is essentially an unproven player.  

Reader Comments (63)

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Peter Z Jones
1 Posted 09/08/2014 at 17:37:33
WTF?!?! Just sign him already.
David Chait
2 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:01:24
He’s not the only one.. Get it done!
Phill Thompson
3 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:10:28
So training at FF for best part of a month. By now somebody should be able to compare him with Long, Hope etc to see if he’s worth it.

Of course it’s a gamble, but these are the gambles we need to take early rather than not being able to afford to buy him for 㿀 mill in 3 years time.

Colin Glassar
4 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:15:40
Totall agree, Phil, they’ve had time to run the rule over him by now. If he’s good enough, sign him up. If not, send him home... but this is ridiculous.
Joe O'Brien
5 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:11:34
Bickering over ٟ½ mil? I can see Man Utd or Arsenal coming back in to snap him up.

We’d want to wrap this up quick. It could come back to haunt us if we don’t.

We need that attacking option badly.

Sean Kelly
6 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:18:22
Is dithering Dave back at FF? Or is it dithering Billy?

FFS — just do it, one way or the other.

Jim Bennings
7 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:25:22
Seems to be the norm that every single transfer even for the kids nowadays takes bloody ages to finalize and every summer they drag on and on.

If he’s that good then sign him.

If he’s another Vellios, Magaye Gueye then I’m sure a mid-table Championship side will gladly be waiting in the wings.

Tommy Davis
8 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:18:48
I hate to say itÂ’s Â’typical EvertonÂ’ concerning a transfer, but weÂ’ve sure had them throughout the years! Without knowing the full details of the proposed transfer, this has to be awful on poor Henen.....apparently he was under the impression (via a taxi driver a week or two ago) that he was signing a 5 year contract & appeared to be extremely happy over it!

This latest piece of news (assuming it is true) is that we are not meeting AnderlechtÂ’s valuation of ١m compared to newspaper reports of closer to EvertonÂ’s ٟm, which to me is a considerable difference & yet almost trivial in todayÂ’s inflated footy market, but this supposedly for a starlet, or a potential one?!? I must admit to be scratching my head a little, as to why on earth are Anderlecht getting rid of such a they need the ١m THAT bad, or are they trying to pull a fast one, or is Henen out of contract soon, etc etc?

Bottom line, if a month of seeing the lad, albeit in training, (as far as I am aware of) is not enough, then either come to a quick agreement NOW, or send him home.....I have a feeling he will be heading home & Â’seeminglyÂ’ yet another complicated situation, regarding a possible transfer with EFC! I just really feel for the lad at this point, enough is enough already!

Kristian Boyce
9 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:53:11
Yet another transfer saga. CanÂ’t remember when we did a Â’simpleÂ’ transaction.
Martin Handley
10 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:50:08
It could be agents sticking their oars in again with more than one popping up to say I want a cut of this. If itÂ’s the Belgian club upping the agreed price,sign the lad up then force them to tribunal, were weÂ’ll probably end up paying ٠ million.

By the way, does anybody know whatÂ’s going on with Lacina Traore ?

Harold Matthews
11 Posted 09/08/2014 at 18:43:42
It canÂ’t have been easy for the lad. Besic said the first week or so was very difficult. Martinez has had another look at Naismith, Hope and Long. He will have assessed the character and ability of Henen and will now be ready to give the negotiating team his final decision.
Colin Glassar
12 Posted 09/08/2014 at 19:03:00
It is a strange one as heÂ’s considered such a Â’hot prospectÂ’ yet we are being quoted a miserly ٟ-3m for him. Maybe it is a case of Anderlecht wanting more, or agents chipping in or the player jumping the gun announcing his deal. I still think this will go through but as with the Besic deal these things have a life of their own.

Martin, we have to wait to see if Falcao goes or stays at Monaco first. This could be a very late deal if it happens.

Peter Murray
15 Posted 09/08/2014 at 19:10:13
A 100% increase on the agreed deal normally means a gazumping selling club or, more likely, increased late demands from the agent.

If either (or both) is the case Everton are absolutely correct to take a principled stand and say no. Advise the lad to change his agent and send him home.

Brent Stephens
16 Posted 09/08/2014 at 19:15:45
Henen says "...I will make my choice...!
Lyndon Lloyd
17 Posted 09/08/2014 at 19:15:03
I canÂ’t speak to how good the lad is but Roberto clearly wants him so we shouldnÂ’t expect to get him on the cheap.

ThereÂ’s also something to be said for not bending over backwards and allowing other clubs to take the piss, though, especially over an unproven 18 year-old.

HenenÂ’s own impatience might force the issue one way or the other. We shall see which way...

"Advise the lad to change his agent and send him home."

Might be awkward, Peter (15). His agent is Christophe Henrotay, Lukaku and MirallasÂ’ representative!

Tony Draper
18 Posted 09/08/2014 at 19:14:20
Modern deals involving younger players can be a minefield of "conditional terms", so possibly the European penchant for "buyout clauses" and "sell on fees" is where this is really snagged?

Knowing very little about the player (personally), I wouldnÂ’t speculate about his likely value in 3-5 years time.

The last thing that I want is for EvertonÂ’s "Junior ranks" & bench to be clogged with "non-improvers", happily sitting around on 3-5 year contracts banking 10Â’s of thouands a week.

All that said, Henen did seem keen as mustard when "selfied" by the taxi driver and 4 weeks training with the club is a long time, that doesnÂ’t automatically mean that itÂ’s us who are farting around.

John Malone
20 Posted 09/08/2014 at 20:28:37
How can it come to this? Why does it always seem to be us involved in transfer sagas?

Surely before the lad even got near Liverpool Airport, the fee was agreed, let alone before having a medical and training at Finch Farm. I just donÂ’t understand how transferÂ’s are done these days... it seems that the agents make all the decisions without the clubs even talking properly... what a mess!

Dennis Ng
21 Posted 09/08/2014 at 20:33:39
If we paid $28m for Rom and actually run the risk of him not starting the season, whatÂ’s $4m? On a "superkid"? OK, IÂ’m having a laugh here but at the age, the ratings people give, $4m is really not something to worry about, not to mention that its $1.5m more.
Dick Brady
22 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:07:17
I have to admit I found it strange that Roberto took the time to clarify that Henen would be one of the U21s. Roberto made it very clear that Henen was the type of player the U21s needed.

At no point did Roberto give any indication that Henen might be able to force his way into the first team. He didnÂ’t even suggest Henen was one for the future. Roberto was very clear that Henen was one for the U21s.

I just wonder if Henen has read those comments by Roberto and started to worry about his first team chances. Undoubtedly Henen would like a little light at the end of the tunnel and a chance of first team football.

Denver Daniels
23 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:18:31
Surely even if we paid upwards of ١m then this would still be a good deal. RobertoÂ’s had along enough to assess the lad so if he wantÂ’s him then he must think heÂ’s good enough.

If he fulfills his potential then we have another valuable asset. If not, well the financial gamble would not have been too significant.

Nothing wrong with trying to pay as little as possible but then we canÂ’t complain either if we miss out.

Raymond Fox
24 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:22:02
If Henen has been watching our pre season games, and he will have, he might be having second thought himself.

Only joking above, well partly so, the real reason is prob. our Billy after his pound of flesh or HenenÂ’s agent doing what heÂ’s paid to do!

Lyndon Lloyd
25 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:39:28
Dick, the whole point of the U21s side is to prepare players for the first team so the signing of Henen for that level at the club is, by its very nature, a tacit statement that he is a signing "for the future".
Derek Knox
26 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:33:42
If he watched the game today, that would surely see him heading back home.

I agree with most of the fellow posters, that if this lad has that much potential, quibbling over what is basically not a lot in transfer terms. At the same time though I agree with Lyndon in that we should not be held to ransom, have the piss taken, or be dictated to by agents and the like. Hope it is resolved in our favour, as soon as, whatever that outcome is.

Scott Goin
27 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:34:23
This isnÂ’t just about a million or two extra. If thatÂ’s all it was, we would just make a quick compromise and finalize the thing. But the thing is, if we caved in to these additional demands when a deal had already been agreed to in principal, that opens the door for other clubs to try and do the same thing in the future. We canÂ’t allow Everton to seem like a pushover when it comes to strong-armed negotiating tactics.

Regarding Henen himself, heÂ’s not some wonder-kid with unlimited potential. If he was, we wouldnÂ’t be getting him for a few million. He could end up being a good, solid Premier League striker or he may never advance past squad filler status. HeÂ’s worth a small gamble provided we donÂ’t overpay based on hype.
IÂ’m sure Henen is getting frustrated, anyone would be. He just needs to be patient and keep trying to impress Roberto and the other coaches.

Andrew Hawes
28 Posted 09/08/2014 at 21:50:49
A young striker is invaluable in a squad. Look at Jeffers and Vaughan when they came on and played with no fear in the final third.

Youngsters like this terrorise the likes of Terry and all the old guard. LetÂ’s get him signed up!

Dennis Ng
29 Posted 09/08/2014 at 22:27:52
I guess put in those context, yes, sure, the anxiety might be overstated and that Henen and all parties concerned just just be patient. Perhaps its just a case of Anderlecht complaining that the original check bounced.

ItÂ’s easy to see BK forgetting to top up his checking account after he pulled that extra quid to push the Rom deal through.

Peter Murray
30 Posted 09/08/2014 at 22:32:43
Lyndon 17

Forgotten his agent was Henrotay!

Then he should know better! Makes the delay all the more mystifying.

You could be right. Maybe itÂ’s Anderlecht stringing us along.

Ant Dwyer
32 Posted 10/08/2014 at 01:05:42
Why is it always something with us? Henen has been raved over in the press as someone with the potential to become anything and anyone. Why is it that after over a month at FF we canÂ’t decide to put up the money or send this lad home?

Come on Blues, sort it out.

Harold Matthews
33 Posted 10/08/2014 at 06:33:18
Strange business. Strange tweet for an 18yr old. That said, If he was a complicated character he wouldn't still be with us.

The proposed fee is ridiculously low. Good grief, in poorer times six years ago, we splashed out £1m (rising to £2m.) for 17yr old Dan Gosling and stuck him on 8k a week. This lad is a goal scoring No 9. If he is anywhere near half decent we should give him a blue shirt today.

Phil Brown
34 Posted 10/08/2014 at 07:55:31
Harold # 34

Would guess that it's more to do with the confines of our overall budget - an extra £1m may be a stretch too far.

Roberto has not yet worked out if we need to get Traore in on loan for the season and will not know until he's worked out what's going on with Kone fitness wise.

Atsu signing has also stretched the budget but has addressed a real weakness in the squad. I'd like to see a specialist right back as cover for Seamus, Tony Hibbert has been a good servant for us but it really does look like the Premier League is a step too far for him now.

All the other older players are showing signs of excessive fatigue at this stage due to the amount of hard work done in training - especially Gareth Barry - but I'm fairly confident that they'll be spot-on come next Saturday.

Mark Wilson
35 Posted 10/08/2014 at 08:16:16
The truth is if Roberto wants him enough the deal will be done today. We have had the luxury of a four week trial and the coaches will have had an unrivalled chance to make a judgement. We could end up losing him but being honest he cannot possibly be a "wonder kid" for this kind of money and no competing clubs trying to steal him away.

Atsu has arrived and will make a difference but despite the real excitement about Rom and I think Besic, the truth is the squad is still very short in wide / forward positions. Kone may prove me wrong but I think he's a £5m mistake and it happens......he's been out for so long it feels like even when he returns, if indeed he does, everyone will be expecting him to get injured again.

Harold Matthews
36 Posted 10/08/2014 at 09:00:39
Phil. Think you're right about the fatigue mate. Barry looked legless from the kickoff.
Derek Knox
37 Posted 10/08/2014 at 09:31:53
Harold # 37

" Barry looked legless from the kickoff. "

I am surprised they let him play,if that was the case,mind you,that German Lager is strong stuff. :-)

Simon Smith
38 Posted 10/08/2014 at 10:33:11
ٟ.5M for this kid? how much would he cost in maybe 3 or 5 years time?

Stop wasting money on Bobby M murals on the end of the main stand and get the lad signed up!

Derek Knox
39 Posted 10/08/2014 at 10:42:08
Simon (#39),

Agree totally with you there, and as far as the mural is concerned, it is a nice but costly gesture which a Club like ourselves can ill afford.

It would also imply Roberto is here for many years to come, which I would welcome wholeheartedly, but being the Devil's Advocate, he has had a miraculous first year, which will be hard to replicate,or indeed better.

The pre-season has not exactly inspired us with any confidence, or any indication that we are going on an upward spiral – well not this year, but hope I am proved wrong.

Chris Gould
40 Posted 10/08/2014 at 11:55:45
Chelsea paid 18 mill for Rom as an 18 year old. Wasn't that also from Anderlecht? If this kid is so great then why so cheap? And where are Chelsea et al?
Doesn't add up.
Barry Stevens
41 Posted 10/08/2014 at 12:27:06
Lukuku was already a proven goalscorer and an international when bought by Chelsea. To my knowledge Henen hasn't even made the Anderlect first team. Plus he spent last year at Monaco B. Now they have cash to burn and haven't gone in with an offer. So maybe 3 million is excessive.
Colin Glassar
42 Posted 10/08/2014 at 12:53:05
Lukaku has scored more league goals then either Messi or Ronaldo at this stage of his young career. Just imagine what he could do if he develops a first touch. Henen will sign but god, these 48 hours are doing me head in.
Robbie Muldoon
43 Posted 10/08/2014 at 13:05:14
They canÂ’t afford to lose the deal now, just for the fact that the risk of him developing into a top player that we missed out on far outweighs the ٟm.
Peter Gorman
44 Posted 10/08/2014 at 13:09:47
I am very excited by the prospect of signing young Henen. From clips IÂ’ve seen on YouTube (on which I base all my player analysis) he looks like a player who can run with the ball, pass it and shoot it on goal. At least I think it was him. There were a few players doing that kind of thing.

I havenÂ’t been this excited about a young striking prospect since we signed that Greek wonderkid Vellios... no, since Oldham hotshot Scott Spencer.

Who knows, he may turn out to be as good as Anton Peterlin.

Sean Kelly
45 Posted 10/08/2014 at 13:23:08
Reading these posts, I can feel the frustration of everyone. How must the kid Henen feel? ItÂ’s time for Everton to call it one way or the other. So, whoever is sitting on the pot, itÂ’s time to either shit or get off it.

A month is a long time to have a trial and, if itÂ’s us thatÂ’s stalling, then he mustnÂ’t be what heÂ’s cracked up to be. If the problem is elsewhere, either agent or his club, we should tell them to get it done or feck off.

Roberto and Henen appear to want it done... so, Billy, get it done.

Harold Matthews
46 Posted 10/08/2014 at 15:13:12
Derek. According to Lee Carsley, they probably came off a heavy training session and the match was just a continuation of the programme.
Dean Adams
47 Posted 10/08/2014 at 15:26:42
Peter Gorman 45

Anton Peterlin. I could not help laughing at that. The great American hope of college soccer.

Derek Knox
48 Posted 10/08/2014 at 15:28:47

I welcome your explanation, albeit via Lee Carsley, but I, like most Evertonians over the years, are still philosophical after a defeat.

The manner of how we play, has often merited, well we were definitely the better side, or they were better than us, but we pushed them to the wire with 110% effort.

I think you know what I mean, there was no evidence in any of the games that we played pre-season, that there was any pattern, commitment, or cohesion, or even that hey had ever played together before.

That's what really annoys us as fans, and to top that, our star players have had little or no involvement in those games,therefore considered not match fit.

Let's face it too, apart from Porto we have not really played, anyone of real quality, apart from some individuals (Nolito) but as always I hope I am proved wrong, but somehow amn ot as optimistic as I was !

Harold Matthews
50 Posted 10/08/2014 at 15:50:06
Derek. I was just continuing the Barry thing but know what you mean. The performances haven't exactly set the world on fire and our record of 6 wins in the last 22 opening games does not inspire confidence. Nevertheless, with Roberto in charge, predictions go out of the window and I certainly wouldn't bet against us.
David Midgley
51 Posted 10/08/2014 at 10:51:30
Henen has been here for a month and by now they surely must have an idea about his footballing ability. They possibly have a slight insight as to his character and temprement. Did they not know how much he cost ?
What is the problem?
Philip Jones
52 Posted 11/08/2014 at 16:35:37
Checked his Twitter account this morning, (Google) translated his post which said "I wont be signing for Everton", checked again this afternoon and that post has been deleted. Plot thickens.
Mark Tanton
53 Posted 11/08/2014 at 16:46:33
I find it hard to be to be too bothered about this when we still need one or two senior attacking players.
Si Cooper
54 Posted 11/08/2014 at 16:58:39
Has the advent of FFP put an end to multi million pound price tags on unproven youngsters? Is supply outstripping demand and deflating prices, much to the annoyance of the selling clubs? Are the Belgium clubs right at the bottom of the wealth pyramid in Europe and therefore apt to be exploited?

A signing like this becomes as much about sending out a message as it does about the potential immediate impact of the player, and all of us want the message to be that we can compete and bring in some of the best young talent available to be developed.

Tony J Williams
55 Posted 11/08/2014 at 17:22:27
Can't say that I'm overly arsed really.

He was never going to be involved this season anyway.

Dan Brierley
56 Posted 11/08/2014 at 17:26:11
Si, we have just brought in one of Europe's hottest young talents for 28 million. Message has been sent loud and clear.

Martinez has already stated he sees Henen as an Under 21 player, I wouldn't read too much into it. I think the clubs attitude seems to be if we get him, happy days. If not, the under 21's will have to make do.

Colin Glassar
57 Posted 11/08/2014 at 18:36:19
I feel sorry for the kid, he's been tweeting again desperate to sign. It's sounds like Anderlecht want all sorts of add ons and additional clauses (plus more ££££££s) and we are playing hardball.
Bobby Angwin
58 Posted 11/08/2014 at 19:06:43
I get the feeling that if, Martinez really wanted him, weÂ’ll get him. I trust his eye for talent... but, if Anderlecht are playing hardball, then screw Â’em!
James Stewart
59 Posted 11/08/2014 at 22:13:06
Anderlecht have every right to demand whatever they want he is THEIR player. Would we sell one of our best young players for ٟ.5m!? Add-ons seems a wise move on their part. We either pay the asking price or move on simple as that.
Harold Matthews
60 Posted 12/08/2014 at 00:03:18
The Stanek, Galloway, Henen stuff is just the beginning. Ian Atkins and his Recruitment team are keeping tabs on talented youngsters earmarked from various youth tournaments worldwide. It's all about quietly noting their progress and choosing the right time to step in.
Si Cooper
61 Posted 12/08/2014 at 01:29:12
Dan (#57) - my post was more aimed at earlier ones that questioned how good the lad could be if they only wanted ١ million for him compared to the 㾻+ million Chelsea forked out for Lukaku when he was a similar age.

I was just wondering if the days of silly money gambles on prospects have already passed, or whether we can draw some conclusions from the initial valuation. The fact that Anderlecht have now apparently doubled the price may have something to do with the fact that the deal for Lukaku makes it look like we are prepared to dig deeper than usual at the moment.

Jim Potter
62 Posted 12/08/2014 at 10:28:45
Sod HenenÂ’s feelings. IÂ’m impatient!
Graham Shaw
63 Posted 12/08/2014 at 21:06:03
Spoke with an Anderlect fan this afternoon , it seems that one of the reasons Anderlect want rid is that this kid has an attitude. He says that he could be a good acquisition if he just got real.. He also believes that Anderlect are not hanging out for anything extra
Brian Wilkinson
64 Posted 13/08/2014 at 14:47:40
I think he wants his leccy bill paying by the club, if so he will be out of Goodison quicker than the grey fox Ravaneli or Peter Johnsons. car surfing fan.

We never had this problem landing the likes of Preki, Brett Angell, Mike Milligan, Ronald Mcdonald, I wonder why.

Sounds to me Anderlect keep moving the goalposts over this so cannot fault the club one bit.

Tony J Williams
65 Posted 13/08/2014 at 15:45:44
You're obviously wrong Brian. Clearly the in the know Anderlecht fan Graham knows confirms this.

It is all Everton's fault......

Shaun Laycock
66 Posted 13/08/2014 at 16:09:26
Maybe the young kid Long has given Roberto pause for thought?
Dave Abrahams
67 Posted 13/08/2014 at 16:12:29
Whether Henen comes or not, I hope Chris Long stays as part of the first team squad and isnÂ’t sent out on loan. He can play an important role either as a sub in the later stages of league matches or in the cup games.
Matt Muzi
68 Posted 14/08/2014 at 18:18:41
Don't now whether it's on here or not Anderlecht want ١ mill plus a number of clauses. Apparently we're willing to pay around ٟ.5mill and are not happy with all the clauses.

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