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Anfield record is extra motivation for Martinez

by | 25/09/2014  Comments (163)  jump
Roberto Martinez says that the opportunity to change history and end Everton's 15-year wait for a win at Anfield is something to embrace as Everton prepare to face Liverpool in the first Merseyside derby of the season.

The Blues have been criticised in the past for some weak performances on their trips across Stanley Park since Kevin Campbell's winner earned them their last victory on the reds' ground in September 1999 but Martinez is looking forward to the challenge.

"[Our record there] affects the game in a positive way in my eyes, because the stats are there to be broken," the Catalan said in his press conference. "That is something we need to make sure we embrace and we look forward to."

"We know that it's a difficult place to visit but there are many other difficult places in this league that we've gone to and changed the history. That's an extra bit of motivation.

Both teams are struggling for form in the early part of the season and Martinez is predicting an open and entertaining encounter that could rank up there among the best of the recent all-Mersey clashes. "The game is going to be really exciting, I think it's going to be one of the best derbies," he continued.

The last two were very good from a technical point of view and very good football games, and I think this one is building up towards being a very good game.

"It's still only three points but three points are becoming very important for both sides after we dropped points.

It's really important to start getting a consistent run of results."

Quotes sourced from Sky Sports News

Reader Comments (163)

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Minik Hansen
1 Posted 25/09/2014 at 15:14:34
I'm looking forward to this - the reason why? Our line up will be with the best players that we have! And we've got nothing to lose, but something to gain! 8 different players from last game tells what players we have available. COYB.
Declan Brown
2 Posted 25/09/2014 at 15:17:41
Well the record speaks for itself, I can remember maybe winning there from the mid 80s in 5 games (including the League Cup) in 30+ years.

But hey only Sunny Bobby can see the positive in that record, the rest of us may just feel a bit ashamed of it. This has not been a title winning Liverpool team in 25 years so they've not been that good, but we always make them look good no matter how bad they actually are.

Last season, I genuinely believed we going over there to give them a good game (unlike the tight horrid games whilst under Moyes) – how long was it before we were 3-0 down, was it 30 mins? We took a humiliation that I'd only witnessed once under Moyes (the 3-0 before the cup semi-final) and never before as an Evertonian in a derby game (supporting Everton since 1986).

This season, well again the posts this week have told us what we think of the season so far. I can't see us getting anything there on Saturday, I think it'll be another horror show.

I was a big believer in Roberto, I thought he was going to be the first manager since Royle to really go there, set ourselves up properly, fully fit, competitive, organised but going with the intention to win and not give them a second on the ball.

Personally myself, I'd rather be going there with a Moyes setup knowing that the back four would be solid and no-nonsense at the back, play your pretty football from midfield onwards.

You should have said something bland Roberto, big talk before the derby (especially Anfield) is always a huge mistake for any Evertonian! Let's wait and see. I'm reading it already and have been for over a week.

Thank God the Ryder Cup is on too in case we have to turn over after 30 mins or so. My optimism will return after the derby.

James Morgan
3 Posted 25/09/2014 at 15:49:35
We will fail like we always do unfortunately. They aren't firing on all cylinders but will raise their game and our defending is abysmal. I will be watching but with expectations lower than a smack heads morals.
Ian McDowell
5 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:00:50
What's gonna be the reaction if we suffer another pasting on Saturday?
David Greenwood
6 Posted 25/09/2014 at 15:59:02
Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

Around 8 o'clock last Saturday night I was feeling very optimistic, things seemed to be going our way. Two poor poor results later and that optimism has gone.

Cant remember who said it earlier this week but it is definitely time for a new blue hero to step up.

Come on boys, make us proud.

Chris Fisher
7 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:02:53
I think we need players that are going to show them absolutely no respect......... enter Coleman, Naismith, Mirallas but especially Besic.

Too often its almost as if players like Jags, Osman and even Bainsey a little bit are overawed by players like Gerrard and the occasion gets a bit too much for them, I can imagine Besic having absolutely no respect for Gerrard at all and winding him and the Redshite fans right up.

Joseph Clarke
8 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:03:36
This is the time in the week before a game when we get a lot of hype from some of our players, who I presume are told to make a statement to say how they are really ready and confident that we will win the next game and kick on.

They should shut up and do their talking on the pitch. The only place it matters.

David Greenwood
9 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:09:03
Great point Chris. We have to show no fear. I would have Besic in a three man defence, Stones and Jags with him. Also McCarthy and Barry and make sure we always have five players behind the ball at all times. Baines, Coleman, Naismith, Mirallas and Lukaku, with Eto'o on for him after fifty mins if the big fella isn't working.
Kevin Tully
10 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:10:08
Horrible game to have when confidence is so low. We haven't tasted victory at Anfield this century!! How shit is that?

This is where Bobby has to earn his salary - just how good is he at motivating his side, and instilling confidence at that place?

It's no use trying to keep them contained, that's a recipe for disaster, but just how attacking do we want to be? It's a fine balance, and we have to be up for the fight, both physically, and mentally.

We don't know what to expect these days - I feel nauseous even thinking about another defeat to those fuckers. It's not easy being a Blue just now.

Brent Stephens
11 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:17:44
Agree, Chris. Set Besic on Gerrard - bit his legs. No contest.
Steavey Buckley
12 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:24:39
Looks like Everton will have to score 3 times on Saturday to get something out of the match with Liverpool.
Sam Hoare
13 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:25:50
The only positive I can see is that expectations are so low that actually there's not a huge amount of pressure on the players. Hopefully they will surprise us with the sort of fire and determination that has been hugely missing so far this season. At this point i'd happily take a draw.
Dave Lynch
14 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:32:34
"The last two where very good from a technical point of view."

I seem to remember us getting a proper hiding at their gaffe, not very good in my eyes at all.

Nick Entwistle
15 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:51:01
I think there is so much crap being played by both sides that the mental hurdles, if that's what we're to call them, by the Everton team will be irrelevant. It will be about who turns up most on the day. Both have huge amounts left in potential on what they're currently showing and may only require a solid outing to win this comfortably.

Snuff out Balotelli and we'll be good for a draw...

Mike Powell
16 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:45:25
I'm not looking forward to this game not one little bit... the way we are playing, I can see them putting six past us.

Those of you who say "play Besic" – are you for real? He was woeful the other night.

I am hoping and praying we turn the corner on Saturday and give them a hiding but wouldn't hold your breath. Let's just get out off there without getting embarrassed; we have been embarrassed enough this season already.

Jim Bennings
17 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:54:20
The thing that strikes me as so unreal is that almost every club has won an away derby match over the last 15 years.

Man City at Man Utd
Man Utd at Man City

Sunderland at Newcastle Utd
Newcastle Utd at Sunderland

Spurs at Arsenal
Arsenal at Spurs

Liverpool at Everton...

Everton at Liverpool?????

Why so long for us?

Chris Gould
18 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:54:50
Besic starting at Anfield?! Bloody will be hard enough to beat them with 11 men on the field. Let alone the 10 we'd be left with when he gets sent off. He would be over-excited, too eager to impress, and those wind-up arse holes along with the crowd, would get him sent off before half time. Not a risk worth taking.
Mike Oates
19 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:00:11
For goodness sake stop all this tripe about Besic here, there and everywhere, Martinez will have to play his trusted 11. You all know the team if fit and my worry is if Coleman somehow again doesn't make it !!! we will have lost 25% of our attacking prowess. How a player can be out for 10 days with light concussion baffles me.

After all the hype again, I suspect both managers will be more than pleased with a no score draw, and so would I the way we are playing, in fact without Coleman I cant see us scoring, we have become so dependent on the lad.

John Daley
20 Posted 25/09/2014 at 16:43:08
"I think we need players that are going to show them absolutely no respect......... enter Coleman, Naismith, Mirallas but especially Besic....., I can imagine Besic having absolutely no respect for Gerrard at all and winding him and the Redshite fans right up."

And that's all it is: 'imagination'.

Considering he looked like a lost Hitchhiker in Rutger Hauer's headlights for large parts of the game on Tuesday, what evidence is there for concluding that he'd rip the Redshite up and give Gerrard a torrid time?

Same question to you Brett:

"Set Besic on Gerrard... No contest".

Come on, what are you basing this on? A couple of competent performances in pre-season and a match spent marking Messi? YouTube vids you viewed when the club verified we were in for him?

He might indeed become a great performer for Everton given time, but right now, it's way too early to start making declarations about him being Top Gun when he good just as easily turn out to be Tommy fucking Cannon.

Nicky Styles
21 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:07:04
Every time I think to myself that Id like to see Moyes as our manager again, I think of this fixture. No wins in 11 years. So come on Roberto do the bizzo on saturday!
Peter Bell
22 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:35:29
Watched Everton beat the RS at Anfield three seasons on the trot in the Mid Eighties, and stood in the kop for each one, those were the days.
Jim Bennings
23 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:31:35
Playing Besic at Anfield would be footballing suicide.

He clearly hasn’t the discipline yet or the knowledge for the English Premier League, that place will be a fucking baying cauldron on Saturday and it would wreck his head.
Its one thing doing it at a slower paced World Cup match in a ground where it’s a relatively neutral support, Saturday is a whole new ball game.

What we need is 11 seriously pumped up men going out there and giving 110% in everything they do, every run they make they have to run that extra bit harder.

We don’t want one leader out there on Saturday, we want ELEVEN leaders of men.

One thing we cannot survive with is passengers, we can’t afford to carry a lazy Lukaku and can’t afford to keep failing to control the ball when it reaches him, he must be a lion, he must show strength and aggression, the flippin size of the fella, if he uses his strengths then he can have the Redshite shitting themselves.

We need massive games from our big players such as Baines, Mirallas, McCarthy.

Martinez should be drilling this into them every minute between now and Saturday.

Now is the time to make a new hero and now is high time to end this quite frankly humiliating record at Anfield.

Two words.


Gareth Ashman
24 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:40:21
Gerrard's been tosh so far this year. It's Sterling that I'm worried about. He's their best player by a margin in my view. Saying that, they'll have worries over us too. We've got to there to win the game, not to avoid losing.

I really hope Big Dunc can get inside Lukaku's head in the lead up and he has a massive impact, really putting him self about. COYB

Paul Hewitt
25 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:53:14
For the sake of my sanity Everton please don't lose don't think I could take another beating.
Peter Bell
26 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:50:55
I have yet to see what influence the promotion of Duncan Ferguson has had on proceedings, in fact our poor form coincides with his promotion.
He knows more than any what a Derby means, time for him to start earning his salary
Peter Z Jones
27 Posted 25/09/2014 at 18:06:42
Coleman is the key. If he overcomes his injury and Stones is in the center, weÂ’re gonna do this once and for all. If he doesnÂ’t recover and Stones has to play right back, we are fucked.
John Voigt
28 Posted 25/09/2014 at 17:59:56
I give Everton a very good chance at coming away with something this weekend against Liverpool.

This is this yearÂ’s Liverpool team not last yearÂ’s team with Suarez and Sturridge. Those 2 players scored over 50 goals and Liverpool scored over 100 goals for the season.

This year without Suarez and Sturridge missing games because of injury you have a Liverpool team that has score 7 goals in their first five Premier League games. ThatÂ’s a big difference.

Sturridge may play but he may not. Ballotelli could score or he could get red carded.

If Everton are able to field their best 11 (and I really hope Coleman can play and Stones plays center back) I give Everton a pretty good chance at coming away with something.

A win would be huge.

I donÂ’t expect Liverpool to score 3+ goals like they did in many games last season.

My opinion is Liverpool are struggling more than Everton this season. Liverpool have signed a bunch of high priced players ala Spurs when they sold Bale to Real Madrid. The dynamic of this yearÂ’s Liverpool team to me is unsettled with lots of players who are not used to playing as a team.

The game should be pretty open with chances for both sides. I expect the winner will be the team that converts their chances and doesnÂ’t squander them.

Look for EtoÂ’o to be a big factor in the game. He is a big game player and this is a wonderful opportunity for him to show everyone that watches Premier League football that heÂ’s still a top class player.

Neil Monaghan
30 Posted 25/09/2014 at 18:51:24
Roberto has said that Coleman is a major doubt for the game, as if I wasn't depressed enough already....
Colin Glassar
31 Posted 25/09/2014 at 18:47:48
I've got a feeling we still haven't reached rock bottom yet. There's still a sense of delusion surrounding the manager and players in that we only have to turn up to win games.

As for Seamus, well he needs to man up. All he got was a little bump on his nut so I can't see why he's missed a few games.

3-1 to the RS, unfortunately. Then, and only then, can I see the necessary changes being made and our road to recovery begin.

James Flynn
32 Posted 25/09/2014 at 18:19:15
I'm not saying park the bus, but let's keep it tight and hit on the counter-attack. From the 2 games of theirs I've seen this season, even minus Sturridge, Rodgers still wants them hustling up the pitch whenever they have possession. However, they don't have the players to carve a team open. A running, open game seems to be their way, still.

So, let's keep it tight and look for the opportunities to hit that backline with counter-attacks.

Brent Stephens
33 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:13:32
John #20 I've already said I've written this game off, the way we are set up and playing. So, re Besic, it's a desperation call. You say "when he [could] just as easily turn out to be Tommy fucking Cannon." So that says he has a fair chance Saturday, among the other Tommy Cannons who have performed of late.

Just a desperation call on my part, John. What's to lose?

Chris Gould
35 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:38:10
What's to lose?! Are you for real? It's the effing derby! Anything can happen. Throwing in the towel before it's begun?! Pathetic.

I just hope the players don't share your attitude. We can hurt them, and they can hurt us, but not like they could last year. Our defence is worse but so is their attack. To suggest we should play Besic because we have no chance of winning is shocking. Truly bloody shocking.

Peter Mills
36 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:42:07
Roberto did very well for us in his first season. This season has been tough, but we have generally played ok, being let down by playing and managerial mistakes.

Under Moyes we would be going into this match thinking we might just scrape a draw, but probably lose. Now I am thinking we could lose 7-0, but could win. Big deep breath, shut the eyes - I'm going with Martinez.

Darren Hind
37 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:24:54
I hope there's a tad more defiance in our dressing room than we're seeing on this thread guys... Talk about knives to a gunfight. Have any of you seen the Redshite lately?

They got a poxy last minute penalty to scrape past the group whipping boys in Europe. They were mullered by big Sams Hammers and they scraped past a very ordinary Boro side after an all night penalty shoot out . . .They are fucking garbage. The boat on Brenda as his side huffed and puffed against Villa told us everything we need to know. Rat boy has gone and he's worried sick.

I'm going for an Everton win!!!

Zahir Jaffer
38 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:49:32
If Ossie starts, I wouldnÂ’t expect much out of the game. SterlingÂ’s got a decent chance to score, then they have their set-pieces against us. EtoÂ’o will most likely play a part in a goal when he comes on, but it just might be a consolation by then.
Kunal Desai
39 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:50:05
No one has managed to crack the psychological fear players have imbedded over the last 15 years. I personally think the mindset of the players to approach this game needs to be changed. Forget anfield, forget the atmosphere, show strength and courage. We have been weak mentally and physically every time we go there. Creasehead will have his only stormer of a game this season and we'll rollover like many times before. Won't be watching this one.
Rob Halligan
40 Posted 25/09/2014 at 19:59:17
Sooner or later we will at the scums ground. It took Swansea over 20 attempts and 84 years to finally break their duck against us.
Let's all be positive about this. They are not invincible and without sewer rat, and hopefully Sturridge, they will offer very little threat up front. Balotelli is not the force they think he is. The one danger player for me is Sterling. Keep him quiet and job done!!
Zahir Jaffer
41 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:06:10
Agree with ya Kunal, the players who've been hammered at Anfield time and time again will walk onto that pitch with that burdensome fear, only to pass that unwanted energy on to the rest of our team.
Jim Bennings
42 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:03:52

The negativity is because for years we have made shite Liverpool teams look great. We have failed to win at Anfield when they have been down to 10 men from the first half. We have failed to win there when they have had midfield of Raul Meirelles, Jay Spearing and David N'gog leading the line.

This Liverpool team is still far more dangerous than the shit one that beat us THREE times during the 2011-12 season, The Redshite had a spell that term where they won just 2 in 13 matches... yep you guessed it, both against us, the 3-0 creasehead hat-trick game and the semi-final at Wembley.

Face it, they are just our bogey team, much like we were theirs on the 90s – who can forget the great chant of "You'll never beat Joe Royle"?

They were the days when it came to derbies. Laughing your tits off watching the Spiceboys getting their legs snapped off by Parkinson, Ebbrell, Horne and watch Kanchelskis and Big Dunc murder them up top.

Brent Stephens
43 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:16:28
Chris #35 "Throwing in the towel before it's begun?! Pathetic."

My feeling that we'll lose has jack shit effect on the players! Throwing in the towel is something only the players can do, not us as we aint playing! Fans thinking and hoping we'll win has jack shit effect. Try as you might, you wont affect the result.

What I'm saying is: I think we'll lose, no matter what; so in that context I'd like to see Besic get more time, if only to embarrass Gerrard.

So you think anybody who thinks we'll lose is shocking? Or that some of us think we should play Besic is shocking?

You shock too easily, mate. Truly shocking.

Mike Gwyer
44 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:05:25

Neil #30.

Where did you read that, please, it's got to be bolloxs. RM has said he's looking at Coleman but has said nothing about him being a "major doubt".

For me, I fucking hate the derby, fucking hate it. I hate anfeild and that fucking prick Gerrard and Brenda, spend your 100's of millions you twat. We are so due something from that hell hole!!!!.

Finally, to all the blues with tickets in the kop, sing your fucking hearts out. I know a few who are going, so boys, take no shit from the spawn of satan!!!

Jim Bennings
45 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:17:37
Sadly the difference between the derbies of the modern era and the ones of the 1990's is that now Liverpool have a team of quick pacy athletic players and not fanny merchants like a 34 year old Barnes and Molby or Steve "bloody Harkness and Jason"wash'n'go"McAteer, even McManaman, good player he was, could easily be rattled.

The Everton team of the 90's knew that technically they weren't as good as Liverpool (Limpar&Kanchelskis excepted) so they made up for it with passion.

Liverpool in the 90's lacked the same passion for the fight, whereas we relished it.

Its no coincidence that Liverpool's record has improved immensely since the emergence of Steven Gerrard over the past 14 years, a true horrible scouse Kopite nasty bastard that will simply not ever allow his team to lose at home to Everton in the derby.

I hate the fucker but boy, how I wish we had someone with that same hunger and passion for Everton Football Club right now.

Andy Meighan
46 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:18:50
Peter (#22), I canÂ’t recall us beating them 3 times on the spin there in the 80s. I remember SharpÂ’s volley and a couple of seasons later Ratcliffe and Lineker. I think the one in-between was 0-0. You might be thinking about the League Cup tie in I think Â’87 or Â’88 when Gary Stevens scored but I canÂ’t recall us winning there 3 times on the run. Anyway, I digress.

I see Martinez is saying itÂ’s going to be a open and entertaining game and the two last season were great from a technical point of view....

No, no, no, Bob – we got fucking walloped 4-0, they missed a pen and could have scored 3 or 4 more – a game that still turns my stomach whenever I think about it. So there was nothing technically great about it.

Please donÂ’t go gung ho because it wonÂ’t work. LetÂ’s frustrate the life out of them and cause them trouble on the break. Please.

Glen Garrett
47 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:08:33
Sorry to say that Everton just havenÂ’t got what it takes to go and beat Liverpool at Anfield. TheyÂ’re just not good enough. Everton lack heart and fire.
Chris Gould
48 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:24:50
I'm with you, Darren. If Martinez puts out our strongest available side (which of course he will) then we are going to cause them all sorts of problems. Clearly our defence are making awful mistakes, but I am predicting a resilient display by Howard and a far more disciplined display from Jags.

They will know better than anyone that they have been awful of late. It can't get any worse and I don't think Liverpool are good enough to take full advantage of our frailties. I think this game has come at the right time. It's just what we need to get the season started. We have to be positive.

Jim Bennings
49 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:31:10

I like your thinking but I don't really see how Besic would be embarrassing Gerrard mate.

Creasehead has seen too many derbies and too many big games to be embarrassed by a wet behind the ears lad that before this season had only played in Hungary.

As I say, we'd all love some Roy of the Rovers fairytale with a new unlikely hero but I will bet my bottom dollar in 48 hours time we''ll all be having the same inquests that we have had all week.

Rob Halligan
50 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:29:38
Hope there is really thick fog engulfing Liverpool airport on Saturday morning, and all flights from Norway are cancelled. That will knock about ten thousand of the shits back. Then all trains from Darn sarf are cancelled due to a sudden rail strike. There's another fifteen thousand fucked. Will just leave about fifteen thousand scouse reds in the crowd.
You're right Mike #44, fucking horrible twats!!!
Chris Gould
51 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:35:13
Brent, suggesting that Besic should play because you have given up on us having any chance of winning is naive. As the premier league has shown already this season, anyone can beat anyone. So to handicap us by playing Besic - who would be way over his head - would be crazy and....shocking!
Brent Stephens
52 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:43:27
Shocking be it, Chris! And naive, then. And crazy.

So anyone can beat anyone! Hmmm - so I guess that goes for individual performances as well as team performances. Anyone can...

Peter Laing
54 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:45:24
Agree with the Gerard comments, it's no coincidence whatsoever that Everton haven't won a game at Anfield since that diving, dirty, cheating prick has been at the heartbeat of their Midfield. It's a record that he will want to preserve given that I have it on fairly good authority that this season is likely to be his last. What we need is mind games, Mourinho went their and played the true bond like villain and derailed their title challenge and broke their collective megalomaniac, self righteous hearts. Martinez needs to learn a trick from Jose's book, play on their weaknesses and batton down the hatches.
Anthony Jones
55 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:49:37
Our "system" is founded upon 2 CBs and 2 DMs who have to free up our other players to allow them to get forward and play controlled football high up the pitch. If these players are not physically or mentally up to the task defensively we are easy meat on the counter. It sounds as though Silvain is waning and Jags is having a prolonged blip. Barry has a great football brain but even last season he was caught out by pace too many times. Tim is compounding these problems presently.

Maybe Roberto should try McCarthy in front of Jags and Stones, and pull the full backs back to free up a more advanced midfield role, given the squad that we currently possess?

Peter Bell
57 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:01:13
Andy @46
84-85 0-1 Sharp
85-86 0-2 Ratcliffe, Lineker
86-87 0-1 Stevens

I was stood in the kop for each game and wiped my shoes on the way out

Paul Hewitt
58 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:22:08
Wish I could just fast forward to Monday.
Peter Bell
59 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:29:26
And the following season, Wayne Clarke had a perfectly good winner disallowed, which would have made it four on the spin
Mike Gwyer
60 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:13:28

Peter Bell #57.

Great days, but you know what, we usually had the RS beat on the pitch back then. John Ebbrell's tackle on Steve Mcmahon would get a jail sentence these days, but fuck me we were singing John's name that day!!

Tom Bowers
61 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:28:55
EvertonÂ’s strongest side will still find it difficult to win this game unless there is a sudden improvement all around in the closing down and tackling.

The RedshiteÂ’s game is built on pure speed in an open game so it is essential Everton play a patient controlling game, just as Chelski and Villa did. They cannot afford to give the likes of Sterling and Coutinho space to run at the back four, especially if Baines and Coleman (if playing) are caught upfield.

Of course, the biggest factor will be the referee; as we have seen already this season, some of the refereeing has been downright pathetic. I do hope itÂ’s not Clanger-Burg.

Harold Matthews
62 Posted 25/09/2014 at 20:45:12
For much of the time in the Arsenal/ Chelsea games we looked like top 4 contenders. At one time in the 2nd half of the Chelsea match the commentator muttered "Luckily Chelsea have experienced this kind of onslaught." Shortly followed by "Chelsea can't get anywhere near the ball."

Yes, despite the daft goals conceded we were magnificent that day. We tore their impregnable defence to shreds. McGeady skinning his man before flying inside to send Naismith on his way to slam one past Courtois was high speed magic. Real unstoppable stuff.

On our day we can frighten anyone and right now we are in the mood to give someone a right good hammering. Stand still and smell the fear. It has a reddish tinge about it.

Tony Twist
63 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:33:02
I don't think there will be any catching us on the break if Martinez has any sense. Unfortunately it will be parking the bus to begin with and stay in the game for as long as possible. The only way we could succeed with coming away with anything is playing Barry, Gibson and McCarthy in midfield with Coleman, Stones, Jagielka and Baines in defence and Mirallas and Oviedo on the wings.

Up front I'm not really sure to be honest; we ain't got anyone who can hold the ball up! Kone I suppose first then Lukaku later. It ain't going to be pretty but with sensible keep ball it might work. If he plays the usual side then we will concede probably more than they will and lose the game.

Rob Halligan
64 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:41:46
What we need is a good strong totally unbiased referee for this fixture.

Looks like we are fucked then coz the referee is Martin Atkinson!!

Ian Bennett
65 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:10:10
Totally agree, we need another defensive body in the side. Asking the 4 to do all the spadework at the back is the root of the problem:



Barry (prefer Besic's pace, but not ready)

Mirallas (left)
Naismith (centre)
Lukaku (right)

Tony Abrahams
66 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:28:24
Agree with Darren, what the fuck is wrong with everyone? ItÂ’s a game against the team we all hate the most, so why be scared of them?

Suarez has gone and they donÂ’t look anything special to me at the minute, and maybe our players have had their minds on this game since the last half-an-hour of the Wolfsburg match?

We are a very good attacking team, but havenÂ’t played well for more than an hour against anyone this season, except maybe Chelsea. When we do play for the whole game, I genuinely think only Chelsea and Man City would be better than us.

Of course, we have got to sort our defence out, but LiverpoolÂ’s isnÂ’t any better, and if we can play to LukakuÂ’s strength and keep him pushing up on the last defender, IÂ’m sure we will win.

Dominic Tonge
67 Posted 25/09/2014 at 22:02:45
We are going to get spanked. I have been confident going into all of our games thus far but I think we are going to go there and get a horrid mullering.
John Voigt
68 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:48:18
Everton have a really good chance to come out of this weekend's game with something. This isn't Moyes hoping to squeak out a point. This is Roberto Martinez telling the troops to get after it, take the game to Liverpool and let the more aggressive team come out with 3 points.

If Everton don't take their chances well it may very well mean no points, but any Roberto Martinez side I've seen never shies away from a good fight.

The team will be ready. The team selections from Tuesday's game means to me that the League Cup isn't a priority and this weekend's game is.

Players do get up for big games and if the game plan is something that the players embrace then there's a better chance for success.

Again, the Moyes plan was semi-park-the-bus and hope for the best and Roberto Martinez has plans to take the game by the throat and go for it in the final 3rd.

I look forward to the game, the atmosphere that a derby game generates, and I think the Everton players will relish trying to win a game at Anfield.

Most of the Everton players haven't experienced decades of futility at Anfield and the team is much better than almost all the Everton teams that have come home empty handed.

I don't think either side will play with caution and that's what gets me excited about the matchup.

Harold Matthews
69 Posted 25/09/2014 at 22:01:22
Cheers Rob. Atkinson was blind to everything in a recent TV game. One of the worst performances I have ever witnessed.
Anthony Burke
70 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:57:34
Team-selection-wise, weÂ’re well prepared compared to last time when we had Stones in defence, who wasnÂ’t ready for such a big game, and Alcaraz, who has still yet to impress me. Pienaar played but wasnÂ’t fit; Barkley played with an injection, Lukaku was also injured by his own player and replaced by Naismith who really hadnÂ’t done anything much for Everton at the time. Everything went their way, as usual.

IÂ’m not confident but we have a better chance than last time out. We need to just stand up to them and not shit our pants as usual.

COYB – we can do these scumbags!!!!

Bobby Thomas
71 Posted 25/09/2014 at 21:47:52
Peter #57

Think the McMahon Ebbrell challenge was in the FA Cup first game before the 4 -4. Think it was ’91? McMahon went to do Ebbrell and ended up breaking his leg.

The Kyriakos(?) and Fellaini challenge a few years ago reminded me a bit of it. They both went to do each other.

That was also another disgraceful second half no show against 10 men. I knew after that we have a mental problem playing at Anfield.

Harold #62 If we approach the derby as we did the Chelsea game we will get beat.

I know what you mean, our attacking play was sharp and penetrating. But, for me, part of the problem is we are too open and indisciplined. Sterling would have a field day on the counter.

We need to marry the verve with some much needed shape, hard work and discipline. If we go all wingers, gung ho and open, then the way we are defending I will be very apprehensive.

John Paul McGurk
72 Posted 25/09/2014 at 22:05:10
My team for Saturday:

Jagielka (in goal!)
Coleman Besic Stones Oveido
McCarthy Baines
Lukaku Naismith Mirallas

The element of surprise might work...

Oliver Molloy
73 Posted 25/09/2014 at 22:12:48
It is 11 v 11 to start with anyway. We can win this match if the players who pull on the jersey perform on the day. Everton fans deserve a top performance,nothing less well do.

If we lose after giving our all, I think Everton fans can accept defeat but we refuse to accept below par and no commitment from any of our team against our biggest rivals.

The team owe us one come this Saturday, we go all out for the win and keep it tight at the back.

This is a huge match that can launch our season. Let's hope Martinez is talking about phenomenal, sensational, extraordinary, exceptional, amazing Everton FC come around 2:30pm this Saturday.

Dave Abrahams
74 Posted 25/09/2014 at 22:31:35
Bobby Thomas,

Yes, you’re right: McMahon went in like a madman on Ebrell who stood his ground and Everton got the foul.

If any of you moaners have got a ticket and want to sell it, I’ll buy it off you. We are going there to win and I think we will. If you want to get rid of your ticket please put your information where I can contact you on here.

Richie P Jones
75 Posted 25/09/2014 at 23:27:20
If thereÂ’s any luck going we know where it will go donÂ’t we!

IÂ’ve never seen a referee in an Anfield derby that doesnÂ’t want to appease the kop.

We could have won all our games this season, I still wouldnÂ’t be optimistic.

James Martin
76 Posted 25/09/2014 at 23:23:40
If Stones plays centreback and Coleman rightback then I can see us winning this one.

A lot was made of the 4-0 last year but Roberto rushed a lot of players back who weren't fit just to give us a semblance of hope. Pienaar Barkley Jagielka Alcaraz all rushed back into the side unfit. Coleman wasn't fit and Lukaku went off early.

This time Barkley and Pienaar aside we have our strongest line up with quality upfront to hurt them. Even if Sturridge plays he's a shadow of the player without Suarez. Keep Gerrard's set pieces quiet and don't do our usual kamikaze attacking with 3 defenders bursting forward and we should be ok.

McCarthy needs to overrun Henderson in the middle. Last year was so disappointing, seeing Barry and McCarthy, who had bossed far better midfield's than Liverpool's, getting trampled by Henderson and Allen. As teams recently have shown, only the aura of Gerrard is dangerous, as a player he has always been limited if you pressure him. Sadly we've had the likes of Osman and Neville bowing down to him, allowing him to do whatever he wants.

Suffocate them, monopolise possession, get Coleman, Mirallas and Naismith probing around the box and work the opposition over like we did to every other team last season apart from this shower.

I think Lukaku is revving into top form now with 2 in 2 so I'm going for 3-0: Lukaku, Naismith & Mirallas. The only team that will beat Everton in this game is Everton. Play anywhere near the levels we did against Arsenal and Manchester United last season and we're waltzing off with 3 points.

Mike T Jones
77 Posted 25/09/2014 at 23:35:42
Slightly off topic, but I've seen it on this thread and elsewhere. I have noticed, like many, that Lukaku's first touch is poor... and some people saying that it will hopefully get better as he learns off Eto'o/gets older. Why will it get better?... Was it absolutely abysmal when he was 13? ...and did no-one else with a better touch ever show him?

Also, someone above is blaming Duncan Ferguson for our bad start.... we seem okay scoring goals (Duncan's job to support??)...and bad at defending the scoring of them against us (not Duncan's job to support??)... Just saying.

Lewis Barclay
78 Posted 25/09/2014 at 23:31:10
Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines
McCarthy, Stones
Naismith, Mirallas, Oviedo

Is what I'd go for, fully expecting Oviedo or Naismith to come off for Osman at 60 mins. I'd let Mirallas go where he wants and allow him to interchange with Naismith and maybe even Lukaku. Give their full backs a real hard time as they look dodgy. I'd play Stones instead of Barry because I think his legs have got more in them!

Stirling is the only player we need to fear in their side, and Jags would do a good job to get Balotelli sent off by winding him up.

What do I know, though!

John Pickles
79 Posted 25/09/2014 at 23:42:34
It could be a 15-year wait for a clean sheet the way we are defending!
John Voigt
80 Posted 25/09/2014 at 23:45:28
Mike (post 77).

I'm a believer that Lukaku is the real deal.

As a 19-year-old player he scored 17 Premier League goals. He backed that up with 15 last season. He also contributes assists and is not just a poacher.

He's someone that has a decent chance of scoring over 100 Premier League goals before he turns 25 if he stays relatively healthy. How many other players in the Premier League have any chance of scoring 100 goals before they turn 25?

I've read he has a burning desire to be the best. He's hard working and as far as I know and a class act.

He's got physical gifts you can't coach. He's a physical beast, and also has pace. Everton are a bit lacking in physical players so having him really helps the Everton cause.

He's naturally left-footed in a world of right-footed players. I think that's a plus. Watching him last year terrorize Arsenal from the right wing was a thing of beauty.

He has a thunderous left foot shot and as we all know after seeing his world class right footed shot for a goal this season realize he can shoot with his weaker foot too.

Naismith has benefited this year from Lukaku dragging central defenders with him and opening up space. Even when he doesn't score or get an asset he's helping the team.

The reasons I think his first touch will get better comes down to his work ethic and has young age. It also helps he's got Roberto Martinez always being positive and I bet Eto'o doesn't mind helping out and mentoring someone like Lukaku.

Mike Hughes
81 Posted 26/09/2014 at 00:13:54
I reckon it's got 0-0 written all over it. Might stick a fiver on that score.

Mind you, my nerves won 't be able to take it. I'll be walking our Dixie up a hill in Wales or somewhere else with a hill where no gobshites are likely.

Ernie Baywood
82 Posted 26/09/2014 at 00:25:27
I'm usually really positive about the derby – just optimistic by nature I guess.

This is the first one I can remember that I'm not looking forward to at all. Close to not even getting the kids up for the game. I can see it being a horror show.

Hope I'm wrong – which I obviously usually am when it comes to derbies.

Sam Hoare
83 Posted 26/09/2014 at 00:41:40
If we are as open as we have been recently then Sterling, feeding off Gerrard's long balls, will run rampant. Just not sure it's in Martinez's DNA to sit back and hit on the counter which Villa showed is the best way to win at Mordor.

Given their 120 mins midweek they'd better not fucking outrun us. Have to say that I don't think Martinez's Everton ever look as fit as Moyes's teams did and it kills me to see other teams wanting it more. Not this time.

Mark Andersson
84 Posted 26/09/2014 at 01:55:01
John Voigt, if only there were more fans like you, I enjoy reading your post as they have a calming effect. Your views merit insight not wistful thinking.

The derbies are always the worst games to enjoy. I really do hope we get a good performance and result as I can see ToffeeWeb crashing either way.

Let the battle commence...

Harold Matthews
85 Posted 26/09/2014 at 00:59:29
Yes, Bobby. I know where you're coming from re Sterling. Jags has always tended to push our high-line far too high and we have to rely on the pace of Distin to save the day. With Stones also very slow off the mark we are quite vulnerable to real speed. Especially speed which throws itself to the ground if you get near it.

The Swansea defeat knocked me more than the Palace fiasco. Okay, we made many changes but it was men against boys. They strolled through us in 2nd gear. Little wonder many fans howled in panic and desperation. It was not a pleasant sight.

That said, we do have a very strong first eleven and I'm hoping for a decent show across the park. The odds are against it but we're due a good day.

David Ellis
86 Posted 26/09/2014 at 02:35:54
Relax - Saturday is my 50th birthday.... nothing could possibly go wrong.... could it?

All the Liverpool fans I know are really nervous about this one. For the first time in a while, I think we are man for man as strong as them. Gerrard is in decline. Time for another statement from Bobby's boys (like at Old Trafford last year).

Dick Fearon
87 Posted 26/09/2014 at 02:40:53
I was at our last Anfield win plus the 4-0 mentioned above and Oh what sublime victories they were.

After a week in which I gave Roberto a bit of stick, I am still optimistic about this one for the simple fact that we cannot play as bad as in recent games, er... can we?

Please God keep Osman as far away from this game as possible. Surely that is not too much to hope for.

Besic to give GBH, master of the starfish dive, a going over, you must be kidding. Hopefully we see a better performance from Atkinson than the one when Suarez dived and Rodwell got a red card.

Darryl Ritchie
88 Posted 26/09/2014 at 03:46:12
We’re not in the best form lately, but guess what, they’re not either. I believe we have legitimate shot at 3 points. We might miss Seamus, but we can insert Stones. For them, Sturridge is possible scratch. Without Sturridge, they’re not the same team.

Roberto, pull this off and all negativity will miraculously disappear.

David@86 It will be my 60th! It would be one hell of a birthday present, aye?

Anto Byrne
89 Posted 26/09/2014 at 04:41:34
Individual errors have cost us in games so far and when the keeper makes them it's a certain goal. Distin header against our own bar... Besic backheel... Howard penalty.

Fortunately it's still relatively early in the season so a few professional results without this gung-ho approach will see us turn the tide. We know the Redshite are a counter attacking side so let's play them at their own game. A wall of blue shirts and the opportunity to play in Mirallas on the break. Lets treat it as a European game in readiness for our trip to Russia.

I'm looking for a result and a point will do; three will be a bonus but they way we are playing I just want to see a complete defensive performance. I would also bring in Gibson for McGeady and rely on a two-pronged attack with Kev and Rom.

Jamie Crowley
90 Posted 26/09/2014 at 06:07:07
Harold all the way back at 62 -

The voice of reason. Should I / we expect anything less?

Yes there's been dark moments early days. But there's also been some brilliant rays of sunshine.

Come on! One fucking time already!

Harness the good, expel the bad. Find a priest for an exorcism if need be!

Do it Saturday in that shit hole with all those Norwegians and glory hunting Londoners crying in their hands. Please God let Everton win – all these fucking asswipes who will watch in the pub in America who call themselves Liverpool fans, but couldn't name 3 fucking players in their side.

If there's any justice in this world, the hex will be broken, and the good guys will win.


Peter Bell
91 Posted 26/09/2014 at 07:32:24
As time moves on, I am becoming more optimistic; as others have pointed out, keep Sterling quiet and we will do the RS.

Both defences look poor, but we have more match winners in our team. Big Kev, Nais on blob, Rom, Eto'o.

Come on you Blue boys, NSNO!

Tony Abrahams
92 Posted 26/09/2014 at 08:01:05
Agree with Bobby Thomas, 100%. We have got to get a lot more solidity into our team, starting from the front. We need one of our centre halves or centre midfielders to start organising the team starting from now.

Lukaku's touch needs improving, but we are not playing to the kid's strength one bit. He makes a run in behind, doesn't get it, does it again, doesn't get it. Ends up running towards his own goal just to get a kick, and runs to quick so it's bouncing off him.

If I'm a centre half, the one place I don't want to see Lukaku is pushing right up in between looking for a through ball. Get it forward early, Everton, because when West Ham done it last week, Liverpool were all over the place defensively!

Colin Grierson
93 Posted 26/09/2014 at 08:22:23
We've broken one record this week with our first ever defeat against Swansea, so let's see if we can keep the record breaking form going.

Both teams and sets of fans are nervous about this one as both have been poor in recent games. With the two defences on show, it could be the highest scoring draw the Premier League has ever seen.

Joseph Clarke
94 Posted 26/09/2014 at 08:19:44
The great goalscoring hero, Duncan Ferguson – if I have read his record right – scored 11 goals in his best season. Last season, Seamus scored more than Ferguson did in most of the rest of his time with Everton.
Craig Walker
95 Posted 26/09/2014 at 08:40:25
I get nervous when fellow Blues start describing the RS as garbage. We've been above them in the league going into games at Anfield and lost 3-0. Let's start calling them garbage when we've actually consistently beaten them. Garbage players like Biscan, Kuyt, Crouch, Keane, Carroll all seemed to turn up in derby games when we were getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

It doesn't matter how good our players are, they always seem to bottle it against the RS. When did the likes of Pienaar ever have a good game at their place? It's almost like the 'This is Anfield' sign acts as kryptonite to our players. Just go there, cut out the crap mistakes and get into them.

Mike Oates
96 Posted 26/09/2014 at 09:01:31
Totally with Craig (#95) on this one. So many fellow ToffeeWebbers always claiming we are better, we have better players, Liverpool are crap, we only have to keep Sterling quiet and we'll walk it ......

Get real, look at the facts, we don't ever turn up to the derbies, and I see no reason at the moment why we will suddenly turn up tomorrow. If we lose Coleman, then that's half of our threat gone. A 0-0 will do me anything better will be an absolute blessing.

Chris Gould
97 Posted 26/09/2014 at 09:10:33
There are further reports that Seamus is a major doubt for Saturday. I thought he went off with a minor head injury? Guess it must be worse than initially thought. I personally think that he is the one player in our team who is irreplaceable. Without him, Sterling will be licking his lips in anticipation and have no reason to track back.
Brent Stephens
98 Posted 26/09/2014 at 09:16:12
Chris (#97), I hope this is Roberto playing mind games, keeping them guessing. Seamus would be a massive loss.
Chris Gould
99 Posted 26/09/2014 at 09:21:22
Morning Brent, I really hope that is the case. The last couple of matches have made it glaringly obvious that Hibbert can't play in Martinez's system, and Stones needs to play CB.

I know that the above statement is obvious to everyone, but his fitness is key to our chances of success. I believe we have a good chance if he plays, but little if he doesn't.

Anthony Burke
100 Posted 26/09/2014 at 09:31:47
Craig (#95), Pienaar played well there a few seasons back in a two-nil victory with Spurs.
Les Fitzpatrick
101 Posted 26/09/2014 at 09:42:21
Just get Joe Royle to give a pep talk just before they leave the dressing room, and again at half-time, and itÂ’s happy days for the bluenoses...
Kevin Tully
102 Posted 26/09/2014 at 10:05:08
Did anyone hear of Seamus being taken to hospital with concussion after the Wolfsburg game? Surely that would have been reported?

If not, I can't possibly see why he wouldn't be fit to play ten days later. I think Bobby is at it here, trying a few mind games of his own. I am starting to get some good vibes, the RS seem to be waiting for that 15-year hoodoo to be broken, and they are tellling me it's only a matter of time.

Jagielka has even been giving it some!


Jim Bennings
103 Posted 26/09/2014 at 10:12:34
If Coleman is not fit then please please Roberto, not John Stones at fucking right back, learn your lessons and don't handicap us.

That is nothing on Stones who is a fine centre half but NOT EVER a Premier League right back.

Yes, Tony Hibbert was sluggish the other night, to be expected with not playing hardly, but at least he is a proper right back and being a derby he'll be bang up for the local dust-up, he at least knows what it's about.

Jim Bennings
104 Posted 26/09/2014 at 10:18:35
It's a great point that Craig Walker makes about even Liverpool's garbage players turning up for the derbies with huge performances whilst we have hyped up our better players over the years such as Pienaar, Baines, in years gone by Fellaini or whoever has been playing striker.

None of them have ever turned in a "big" Anfield display, not much better at Goodison either.

Baines needs a big game tomorrow too, he never seems to take a good free-kick in a dangerous area when he plays at Anfield yet all season he is portrayed as a dead ball specialist.

Let's make it one of our players as the derby hero for a change rather than another fuck like Sterling or Balotelli, or even worse that bitch Lallana.

Denis Richardson
105 Posted 26/09/2014 at 10:35:13
Fuck me, do we really have to go back to the 90s for the last time we won over there? That is just embarrassing and a real testament to Moyes's lack of fight when playing away to a sky 4 side. I'm going to ignore the 11 attempts when Moyes was in charge as we didn't seem to try to win these games, just come away with a point.

So Roberto – second bite at the cherry for you. Win tomorrow and most of the crap start to the season will be forgiven.

For some strange reason, I've got a feeling we may well finally win there tomorrow. The Redshite are are not playing great having lost 2 on the bounce and Sturridge may still be out. Expectations on us are low given the current run so here's hoping!

We really need Coleman back sharpish.

John Keating
106 Posted 26/09/2014 at 11:25:00
Martinez expects the game to be "open". Well, if it is, there will only be one outcome and we won't be smiling!!

Derby games have got nothing to do with form and everything to do with mentality. We have sadly lacked a winning mentality over the years. We've gone behind and folded. We've gone ahead and never believed and killed them off. There's been the odd game here and there where we've done the business but sadly it has been the odd game.

An "open" game is the last thing we want. Frustrate them and hit them with pace. Let them have the ball – in their half. West Ham played them really well last week and we should be doing the same.

Peter Gorman
108 Posted 26/09/2014 at 12:23:58
Haha, who actually thinks it matters that Liverpool are without Sturridge and Suarez? They could have Sean Dundee up front and Howard would find a way to throw the ball off him into the net.
Andy Meighan
109 Posted 26/09/2014 at 15:14:17
Peter Ellis, sorry about that, pal, youÂ’re right. But am I right in saying the Stevens one was a League Cup tie, IÂ’m positive it was.

Anyway, about tomorrow: IÂ’m all for people being optimistic but our history over there really doesnÂ’t give cause for optimism. I suppose like the rest of us IÂ’d love to win but a draw wouldnÂ’t be the end of the world... That said, IÂ’ve a feeling weÂ’ll kickstart their season because our players just seem to freeze there. I hope to god IÂ’m wrong...

Harold Matthews
110 Posted 26/09/2014 at 14:49:47
Our biggest problem might be referee, Atkinson. I watched him the other day and he turned a blind eye to all the wrestling and rough stuff.

Brian Harrison
111 Posted 26/09/2014 at 16:06:57
Our record at Anfield is appalling and sadly I don't see us changing that on Saturday. Even when they are not playing well the derby game seems to kick start there season. I will be very interested in how McCarthy and Hendersons battle shapes up,when McCarthy first came to us he looked like a good box to box midfielder but his forays into the opponents box now are rare. Yet Henderson who plays the same role as McCarthy is quite often in the opponents penalty area.

I think the other difference is one of belief, they always believe they are the better team, whereas we seem delighted with a draw at home and anything but a heavy defeat away.

Darryl Ritchie
112 Posted 26/09/2014 at 16:16:32
I get the impression that a lot of you think that if they put their U17s against us, they would still win 4-0. You lot have an inferiority complex that a 100 shrinks couldn’t cure.

Let’s just forfeit the game! We could say the bus broke down and we couldn’t find a mechanic on a Saturday. We’re going to lose anyway, and this way they can’t actually say they beat us.....again.

Jim Bennings
113 Posted 26/09/2014 at 16:42:43

Maybe there's good reason for that inferiority complex?

Perhaps THREE derby wins in 15 years and NONE at Anfield just could start to affect most sensible fan's mindsets.

Darryl Ritchie
114 Posted 26/09/2014 at 16:53:22
That’s history! It’s important, but it has nothing to do with what’s going to happen on the pitch tomorrow. Different game! Different teams! It’s time to make history, not relive it.
Ray Roche
115 Posted 26/09/2014 at 16:56:55
Harold, he may have turned a blind eye the other day but you can bet your life he'll not turn a blind eye to the first Everton defender to commit any sort of shirt tug in our box tomorrow...
Jay Harris
116 Posted 26/09/2014 at 16:56:36
Hey form is against us, the crowd are against us, no doubt the referee will be against us and the last time we felt this much despair we won 4-0 at their place with a truckload of reserves.

Maybe we'll get an own goal deflection or score from a defenders header off the bar or misplaced backpass.

Maybe Stevie me will fall on his arse again.

Let's all hope and get behind the boys to get some inspiration and belief going.

Chris Regan
117 Posted 26/09/2014 at 17:04:02
I really don't rate Martinez, I never have. This season the defence looks very poor and our style of play is very predictable. Crystal Palace had no problems picking apart our game plan and I think the rest of the league is onto Martinez football philosophy. He talks about tightening the defence but then we see no evidence of that. Apart from one clean sheet against West Brom (a team many people believe will go down). At the end of last season I thought Distin was looking old and that jagielka may have a post World Cup hangover. Obvious really, but Martinez failed to sign a centre half. Stones is still learning his fame and is prone to error and Alcaraz ranks as one of Everton's worst signings in years. So for me Roberto is not my man. I would have liked someone like Bilic and had been impressed with Koeman prior to him going to Southampton. But Martinez never impressed me. City fans I know tell me Mancini knew he was sacked before they lost the FA cup to Wigan. Once you take his main success out of the way you're left with the fact he took Wigan down and is now our manager.
Kevin Tully
118 Posted 26/09/2014 at 17:15:13
Chris - You should write a book predicting the winners of the Grand National for the past twenty years.

If Carlsberg did hindsight, you would be their poster boy. Wow.

Mike Green
119 Posted 26/09/2014 at 17:29:27
Chris #117 - if you're trying to give a balanced view why would you want to take their main success away.....? To prove yourself right? He won the FA Cup with Wigan, give him some credit. Some would also say keeping them up in previous seasons was also a success, getting us back into Europe in his first season, winning at Old Trafford for the first time in over a decade, a decent run in the FA Cup until we came up against a better Arsenal side who at times were even in with a shout of winning the league were positives too on top of the best football we've seen for twenty years.

There have been negatives but there's plenty of positives too.

Anthony Burke
120 Posted 26/09/2014 at 17:40:34
Our recent history at Anfield is poor but if we can break that hoodoo and get our first win in 15 years. The next visit will give us belief that we can actually do it regularly. Have faith... COYB!!!!
Phil Walling
121 Posted 26/09/2014 at 17:48:35
Whatever you do, don't bet against Bobby Bullshit getting a result at Anfield.But when he does, don't go back to viewing him as God's gift to Everton.

He's a quirky manager who pulls off quirky results. Believe me !

MIke McLean
122 Posted 26/09/2014 at 17:59:57
So, no matter what the results on the pitch, it is necessary that you be considered correct in your opinions?

I’m told there are a number of patent remedies for excessive bile.

Kevin Tully
123 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:13:42
Phil's correct. No matter what the result, don't support the manager of Everton F.C.....the quirky Spanish bastard.
Andy Crooks
124 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:18:33
What exactly is a "quirky manager?" Maybe De Canio after throwing himself in the mud in his good suit. Maybe Kevin Keegan in his famous TV interview. Maybe Hockaday with his insistence on eye contact and a firm handshake. Perhaps Pardew, head butting opposing players. Maybe, just being Spanish is quirky enough. Who knows? I would really like to.
James Flynn
125 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:14:08
Want to keep in mind the effect on our play by not having Barkley. Of course, every team is going to press up. They don't have Barkley to worry about. Raw as he is, he takes the ball anywhere on the pitch, turns and goes. In a hurry. We don't have a replacement for what he can do to other teams. And every manager knows it. Expect us to be pressed hard by every club until Barkley is back fully fit and ready to scare opposing managers again.
Mike T Jones
126 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:24:51
Andy ~109. It was the League Cup. Gary Stevens shot from the right hand side of the box at the Kop end. Sharpey missed an open goal in the same match. October 1987 if I recall
David Hayes
127 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:20:11
It's all about tactics, they can be done, as proved several times this season with the right game plan. Exploit their weaknesses and press them hard in midfield.

So far this season that's exactly what we haven't done. Unless a complete change of mindset occurs and this endless toss of passing it around in our own half till we give it away stops, we are going to get dicked. I can't see that happening any time soon. Please god, let's get it right this time.

Colin Malone
128 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:36:12
Bobby, sit up in the stands. Let Big Joe and Big Dunc take over for this one.
Andy Meighan
129 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:51:01
Yes, Mike (#126), I was at the game in the main stand right by the Kop that night with my brother. Though I canÂ’t remember SharpÂ’s open goal miss. Sharply done a few of those though.

I remember the semi-final against Sheffield Wed and Andy (#124) – how’s this for a quirky manager. Old Felix himself. Yes Mr Magoo. Magath. Putting a lump of cheese soaked in alcohol on a defenders thigh injury. Now that really is quirky. Also a waste of a damn good cheese if you ask me.

Joseph Clarke
130 Posted 26/09/2014 at 19:11:46
Sick of hearing anyone mention "Big Duncan". You donÂ’t measure big players by their size, you measure them by what they do for the team. In that sense, Ferguson was never a big player.

Bobby Collins, was a very small man. As far as I am aware, he never beat up any burglars. He was twice as tough as Ferguson. A fantastic player for every team he turned out for. A true footballing hero. Bobby Collins, just one of the golden memories of great Everton players, that reels through my ageing Evertonian brain. Duncan Ferguson doesnÂ’t have a place there. COYB

Ian Linn
131 Posted 26/09/2014 at 19:37:06
Not wanting to state the bleedin obvious but tomorrow we must play our strongest team with round pegs in round holes.
John Scott
132 Posted 26/09/2014 at 19:47:47
Peter Bell 59 - I copied an old video tape of games onto DVD and uploaded them to youtube. That game is here

Enjoy that and the others.

Jim Bennings
133 Posted 26/09/2014 at 19:57:43
What the fuck are you meant to do as manager of Wigan Athletic??
Win the league?

Nothing against them, they are a nice club and to be fair it was one of my more favourite away days when they were up but they are a club that public chef above their weight just being in the top flight for so many season's.

Martinez brought silverware to the club, something which no Wigan supporter when they won promotion in 2005 could even have dreamt of, but relegation was always inevitable for a club that size with no budget whatsoever.

Vince Hindson
134 Posted 26/09/2014 at 18:38:31
How many people have 27th September as their birthday? I know I do...
Chris Regan
135 Posted 26/09/2014 at 20:33:01
Mike 119, I can see your points. However, I just have a feeling that his one weakness is defensive know how. And that is my main concern. If he had a defensive coach with him who could sure things up. Then that would give me more confidence. Tomorrow I think we could get blown away, again, due to our defensive weakness. When a strong side should be able to go their and win.
Kunal Desai
136 Posted 26/09/2014 at 20:52:04
Vince #134 - Mine is on the 28th. Sunday. No other bday present needed other than 3 points for the blues. Otherwise it's a horrid celebration.
Guy Hastings
137 Posted 26/09/2014 at 20:56:27
I'm doing the eulogy at a mid morning service for an ex Red. I suspect that he'll have the last laugh. Can't begrudge him that.
Peter Bell
138 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:09:37
John Scott -132
Thanks mate, great to see it again, was in the Anfield road that day.
The Wayne Clarke winner can just be added to the list of reasons why I hate them.
Clive Thomas, Don Huthison off his back, Hansen handball, Clattenburg derby, the list goes on and on.
They always get the rub of the green.
Great to see big Nev, how fuckin good was he, and oh for a Dave Watson tomorrow.
Anthony Burke
139 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:14:31
We need to get in the faces of the jammy horrible con-artist cretins and upset their vile Norwegian supporters. High tempo from the start... no shit – just go for it and believe! COYB. You can fuckin’ do this!!!
Peter Bell
140 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:16:27
Mike T -126
Yes, 87 was the League Cup, but my point was that we won their three years on the spin.
The fact the third one was the league cup ?
I don't see the relevance.
Rick Tarleton
141 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:23:49
Whoever the referee is, I hope he referees and doesn't leave it to Gerrard to decide whose fouled and what colour the card will be. I believe it's Atkinson, not quite Clattenberg, but not my idea of a neutral, but then I'm biased.

Just an early goal and a bit of confidence might give us a chance. I've been watching these since 63-64 when Hunt got a very late equaliser after we'd dominated and I rarely feel confident of the result.

James Stewart
142 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:36:57
Not looking forward to this at all. I really hope it isnÂ’t just another pathetic surrender.

I donÂ’t even care about the result too much, just letÂ’s not bend over for once!

Peter Murray
143 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:37:25
We will put everything right this time – a clean sheet and some tasty goals.

I predict a 2-0 win.

Ian Linn
144 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:42:48
Re: 134 How many people have 27th September as their birthday? I know I do...

Apparently tomorrow is Meatloaf's birthday but I am unsure how this will influence the result.

Neil Wood
145 Posted 26/09/2014 at 21:49:19
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Vince it's mine too!
I sense a win on the cards tomorrow with a real statement from either Lukaku or Mirallas. A brace for one of them.... You heard it here first!!!!
Tony Abrahams
146 Posted 26/09/2014 at 22:03:57
"No Fear – only hatred", A chorus of we shall not be moved and a victory!
Alex Parr
147 Posted 26/09/2014 at 22:24:02
Chris Fisher #7.
I would love to see Mo B put in a cracking performance (literally – on Gerrard's neck), but in that atmosphere and with that vile lot baiting the ref, the young kid is most likely a red card waiting to happen. Shame really as I agree he will show no fear and we need someone with a pair to get at them.
Tom Bowers
149 Posted 26/09/2014 at 22:44:28
Unfortunately, Atkinson and Clattenburg are useless referees and in fact itÂ’s hard to name one who gets a real grip on a game. The derby match cries out for one and the only one who may have done a pretty decent job has since retired.

It sickens me to see the modern game debased the way it is with the constant grabbing and clutching, especially in the penalty areas, much of which goes unpunished because of gutless officiating. The result? ItÂ’s getting worse. Good job Big Dunc isnÂ’t playing these days as he would be red-carded in every game for retaliation. Sometimes I think EvertonÂ’s back four could do more of this foul deed but I am sure they wouldnÂ’t get away with it like some teams do.

As it stands at the moment, I am sure both clubs and fans would have been prepared to have had this game at a later date given their recent form. Having said that, I think the Redshite may be fearing the game more... as long as Everton step up the defensive side of their game, I believe they have a great chance to win – providing that the referee doesn’t become a factor.

Neil Wood
150 Posted 26/09/2014 at 22:56:39
But is it worth a gamble Alex. Sometimes you need to do the unexpected especially in such a fixture.

I think it would be a bold move but not necessarily a stupid move. Of you put him with a cool experienced Barry then why the hell not?

Trevor Thompson
151 Posted 26/09/2014 at 23:04:55
John Scott#132, that was the 1st Derby I ever watched.
Harold Matthews
152 Posted 26/09/2014 at 22:30:55
Yes Chris. I also wanted a good defensive coach but his tactics would not have prevented the Howard howlers, the Besic back-heel, the Osman give-away, the Distin diving header, the Gibson misplaced pass and the Gibson Wolfsburg tackle.

He may have prevented the brainless Jags and Baines offside clangers in the opening minutes v Chelsea, closed down the Matic shot, shut Arsenal and Leicester out plus others I can't remember. Don't want to remember. Howard was beaten by two half hit Swansea shots that bounced twice on the way in.

All very strange for a team with a great defensive reputation. Whether it has anything to do with the manager I wouldn't know. I'm not a defensive expert. In my opinion the players have let him down big-time, especially the seniors. They know all the ins and outs of defending and need to wake up, shape up and get their act together. Starting now.

Jamie Crowley
153 Posted 26/09/2014 at 23:21:19
If Paul Ferry is out there -

Were you just on Counter Attack on Sirius?

Great call if that was you.

John Malone
154 Posted 27/09/2014 at 00:34:08
I hate derbies my nerve's are shot here dreaming of Mirallas and Lukaku firing us to our first derby win at Anfield for 14 years, then on the other hand dreading Balotelli, Sturridge and sterling destroying our back four!

So much more than three points on the line its sickening!

Sean Kelly
155 Posted 27/09/2014 at 02:11:24
Spot on Harold as usual.
Dennis Ng
156 Posted 27/09/2014 at 02:20:03
Like many I want our tide to turn and of course, what better place to turn it. Extra motivation? Let's hope it's supersized.
Brian Wilkinson
157 Posted 27/09/2014 at 02:06:18
It's true Liverpool are there for the taking and best chance we have had for a while, never felt this optimistic since the semi final, we all know what happened that day.

Seems to be a fear factor whenever we play them.

If the Everton performance against Arsenal and Man Utd away are repeated then we will tear a piece off them.

However for whatever reason, we just seem to freeze or bollox it up whenever we play them.

Paul Ferry
158 Posted 27/09/2014 at 02:21:32
Hi Jamie - cough - 606 and Sirius, I am becoming quite the medial something at the moment mate.

A big blue happy birthday to the 4 blues on here who have birthdays over the weekend - David, Darryl, Kunai, and Vince - and I think that the lads will give you a prezzie, I don't think we will be beaten tomorrow and I would take a draw, but I have a hunch, it's all it is, that we might nick it.

Up bright and early at 6-30AM for the 6-45AM kick off! Boiled eggs, coffee, and champagne and orange juice.

Is there a better, more sagacious, and precise mind on here than seventy-nine-years-young Harold Matthews? I don't think so. And the lucky bugger was in the prime of life in Liverpool in the early 60s.

Paul Dark
159 Posted 27/09/2014 at 02:40:06
Would also love to see Besic start - but it is unlikely and could be very high-risk.

It really is another game where we need to keep possession and not give it away cheaply - which is why Osman and McGeady cannot feature at any point.

Our defenders MUST defend less narrow. It seems odd to me, given our aerial frailty, that Martinez has allowed opposing wingers in all our opening fixtures to pick up the ball unchallenged in our half. Baines and Coleman need to defend the space between the edge of the box and the touchline.

I'd like to see Atsu in instead of McGeady, And perhaps Besic for Jags/Distin. I'd also like to see Pienaar back asap - he's a much more influential player than he's often given credit for, in my view.

Pat Finegan
160 Posted 27/09/2014 at 03:23:13
Both teams are awful at the moment. I think either of us could lose 6-0. I don't see there being less than 4 goals in this one. I'm predicting 3-1 Everton. Normally, such a prediction would be reserved for a game where I'm confident we will win. This one is different. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that scoreline was the other way around, or worse. I can't remember being this conflicted about how I thought a game would turn out.

Regarding Besic, the Anfield derby is the wrong time to try something new. It would be like having gastric bypass and then, a week later, saying, "I've never had KFC before. I'll give that a go."

David Ellis
161 Posted 27/09/2014 at 04:23:33
For all the 27th September birthday boys - and I count at least 4 so far including me...(a) happy birthday and (b) last victory at Anfield was also 27th September....

This one is written in the stars (just like winning the cup in 1933, 1966 and 1999!, well as birthday boy Meatloaf said "two out of three ain't bad")

Mark Andersson
162 Posted 27/09/2014 at 05:12:18
Just watched Martinez pre match interview, looked nervous. Not a good sign. I can not watch the match live, don't think my heart could take it.
Marc Hints
163 Posted 27/09/2014 at 07:35:55
I think a lot of people on here are not giving Everton much credit at all. We have played some great football this season and I for one have enjoyed an Everton team playing this kind of football. ItÂ’s been a long time. Yes our defence has been poor but this is the same defence as last year and these are experienced players who will get it right. LetÂ’s hope itÂ’s today against Liverpool!

Have faith all, Roberto will move this club forward to something special. We have an attacking side now with goals galore and IÂ’m sure when the defence is back to normal we will be on here singing the praises of Roberto. Come on everyone get behind Everton, I for one think we will beat Liverpool today, we are due for someone to get a beating and what better time to do it than today.

Carl Sanderson
164 Posted 27/09/2014 at 08:26:25
"The game is going to be really exciting, I think it's going to be one of the best derbies"

Excuse me, Mr Martinez, but I really don't give a shiny shite whether it's a great game or not. It'll only be "one of the best derbies" if we win it.

Vince Hindson
165 Posted 27/09/2014 at 08:53:06
Well, Happy Birthday to us all today (and tomorrow). Let's hope we have one to remember (for all the right reasons).
Tom Magill
166 Posted 27/09/2014 at 09:02:53
Not feeling very optimistic about today, especially the way weÂ’re playing at the minute, but thatÂ’s when I usually get surprised by the toffees. IÂ’m going for Lukaku to score and Everton to win; the eternal optimist, me!
Peter Bell
167 Posted 27/09/2014 at 09:32:34
I can just hear the commentator now.
Mike Childs
168 Posted 27/09/2014 at 10:38:23
Yes happy birthday to my fellow toffees celebrating them this weekend. I for one am glad it Atkinson. Like Harold I saw that game he did a week or two ago and while he was horrible he was at least unbiased. Last year he did the Chelsea/Liverpool game and certainly showed the RS no favoritism at a time when I swore there was a conspiracy to get Creasehead a title. I'm looking forward to it and I'm certainly naive enough to believe we will get the 3 points today.
Chris Regan
169 Posted 27/09/2014 at 11:47:29
Harold #152, good points. But personally, I thought the team looked short of two things at the beginning of the season 1. Co-hesion, the link between attack and defence leaves us open to pressure, pressure which is leading to errors. Many teams opting to retain possession are now falling foul of the quick counter attack. Where defenders and keepers are struggling to regain position and composure when under attack.

2. Fitness, I watched the early games and last preseason games and felt they looked shy of fitness. I don't recollect us winning a single preseason game, I may be wrong. This fitness issue, and upcoming games against utd & villa leave me worried.

Jamie Crowley
170 Posted 27/09/2014 at 15:06:17
Thought I recognized that Chicago-Scouse one of a kind accent...

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