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Barry facing 'weeks' on the sidelines

by | 11/11/2014  Comments (38)  jump
No specific timescale yet on midfielder's return
Everton have confirmed that Gareth Barry suffered damage to his ankle ligaments when he was fouled by Sunderland's Jordi Gomez on Sunday.

Swelling around the injury is preventing an accurate prognosis but the club are hopeful that it is a question of weeks and not months before the 33 year-old is able to return to action.

There were initial fears that he had suffered a fracture when he was caught on the ankle by a late boot from the Black Cats' forward but x-rays came back all clear.

Barry joins teammate John Stones on the sidelines with a similar injury, although the defender required surgery after collapsing on his ankle in the match at Old Trafford last month.

Stones's return has been pencilled in for late December to early January and Barry could be looking at a similar time-frame for his recovery.

Roberto Martinez, meanwhile, is confident that Darron Gibson and Muhamed Besic are ready take up Barry's mantle during his absence.

Darron has been out for nearly a year, so he is still working back to match fitness, the Catalan said, but he's a phenomenal passer of the ball, with incredible technical ability. It is great to have him in the team.

That's what you need in a squad. And with the likes of Mo Besic, Darron Gibson, it gives you wonderful competition for places.  

Reader Comments (38)

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Brian Burns
1 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:02:03
WouldÂ’ve been better with a break. Now heÂ’s getting one!
Helen Mallon
2 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:16:13
Time for Martinez to play Besic
Mike Childs
3 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:21:36
Talk about a snake bite. If RM has a set it becomes a competition between Besic and Gibson looser sits. I favor Besic he offers more defensively and is the future.
Mike Childs
4 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:26:08
Sorry, Helen, I forgot to say that I admire your spirit and opinion. Especially about a winning team.
Jim Bennings
5 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:24:17

In other words months, probably two.

That dirty bastard Gomez, why didn't McCarthy hobble him with a nasty one on Sunday, not only should he have been sent off for that odious sneaky tackle but he then tried being a cheat and tried conning the ref (not particularly hard to do when the ref is Lee Mason).

Barry will be a massive loss.
Besic could well be a good player but Barry's experience and seasoned know-how and knowledge will be greatly missed over such a difficult period of many games.

Typifies what an asshole of a season it's been so far, what next?

Naismith and McGeady ruled out for a month after passing eachother on Friday night?

Trevor Lynes
6 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:38:34
Bad news for Barry but it may well give Besic the opportunity to show his worth. He is young and should provide a good partner for McCarthy. He has also shown an inclination to attack and hopefully will blossom with a run in the side. Gibson could rotate with either of them and surely soon we will have Oviedo in contention.

Lets just hope that we have more luck in 2015 as our squad is beginning to look almost threadbare.

We now have Mirallas, Stones, Oviedo, Barry, Kone all out and question marks against McCarthy and Pienaar. Lukaku is still regaining full fitness and Coleman is also just back. Barkley does not look very sharp at present either.

Lets hope the International break does not cost us any more problems.

Steven Jones
7 Posted 11/11/2014 at 21:55:27
Time for Gibson to get 3-5 matches and up to speed ..

There was a time when he was in the team we could not be beaten ...

Opportunity and more incisive forward passing from Gibbo ...

John Audsley
8 Posted 11/11/2014 at 22:08:13
Probably Gibson's last real chance to nail down a space in midfield. He is a mouthy bastard and can pass/read a game as well as any pro at Everton. We all know what the big if is though.......

Hope he stays fit and plays well. We are going to need him and Besic if Macca misses game time as well

Keith Glazzard
9 Posted 11/11/2014 at 22:00:38
Gibson shone in the Real Sociedad's manager's team by keeping the ball moving, accurate long passing, that sort of thing. Good shot too. And he needs games not only to get back to where he was, but probably to catch up a bit. As good as he can be, he will be an asset to our midfield, and who can hope for less.

Besic is a different package. And he's loaded with promise – a strong, technically good player (Colin Harvey anyone?) who needs a bit more awareness in the shifting sands of the Prem. And he should be part of the future.

Heaven knows we'll miss Barry, but it will be interesting to see how Roberto uses these two good players available to him.

Danny Broderick
10 Posted 11/11/2014 at 22:32:56
I've been surprised that Barry has played practically every minute this year. If there is a good side to this injury, hopefully the rest will do Barry good. I'm sure Martinez would have had to rest him at some point anyway, we could end up playing 60-odd games this season...

It's time for Besic or Gibson to step up. We know what Gibson is capable of - can he stay fit? Besic was much hyped in pre-season, and I thought he had a cracking game at Anfield. Can he step up in Barry's absence?

Sometimes, a young player needs an opportunity. Coleman, Stones and Oviedo took theirs. I'd go with Besic, and keep easing Gibbo back...

Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 11/11/2014 at 22:38:04
Good news about Barry, and even if he is out for two months it's a lot better news than it was on Sunday after the game.

Best prediction of the week came on ToffeeWeb, when good old Harold, called the referee 100%.

I prefer Besic to Gibson, purely on his energy levels, but it's anyone's guess on what the manager is thinking at present.

Harold Matthews
12 Posted 12/11/2014 at 02:39:52
Another massive blow.

Gibson can pass, head and block. He is no longer able to track back at speed or tackle. Besic is fit, fast and tough but does not have Barry's positional expertise. With both of these lads there will be holes aplenty and Howard and his centre backs will be very busy. In other words.....Heaven help us.

Personally, I wouldn't have Gibbo and his dodgy knee anywhere near the first team and would put him behind Besic, Browning, Hibbert and Galloway for that particular spot. These lads are mobile. Gibbo isn't. Nothing against the lad. He's a decent footballer but his game is now severely limited.

It's all a matter of opinion. Many, including Martinez might see him as the ideal Barry replacement and they may be right. If he plays I will give him my support and hope he comes through with flying colours.

Helen Mallon
13 Posted 12/11/2014 at 05:34:30
With time to think this could be a good opportunity for Ross to step into the middle of the park next to Mc Carthy/Besic/Gibb? It takes away any temptation for Roberto to put him on the wing and gives Naismith the chance to play in his best role just behind the striker.
Jim Bennings
14 Posted 12/11/2014 at 07:50:17
I'm not really sure "we know what Gibson's capable of".

The reality is he's missed so much football over the last 18 months that he's unlikely to be the same player that excelled in his first three months, your talking about January to May 2012 the last time he was on a decent run of fitness and form, it's now nearly 2015.

The fact we could just about survive without Barry if McCarthy didn't miss any time but both out together would be costly.

Jim Bennings
15 Posted 12/11/2014 at 08:09:01
The Gibson that we signed off United was a more attacking midfielder that liked to get forward and have a shot and actually got few goals... I'm not sure we have ever seen that side of him here at Everton anyway.
Harold Matthews
16 Posted 12/11/2014 at 08:37:22
Yes Helen. Might be worth a try. For whatever reason he doesn’t bust a gut to get himself into the box.

Agree Jim. That was the real Gibson. Not sure we’ll see too much of him in that role again. These days it’s all about tracking back as quick as you go forward and only Besic, Naismith, Barkley, McGeady and McCarthy can manage it with true desire. Mourinho once dropped star player Hazard for not dropping back to cover the fullback at top speed and our boss needs to copy his example. It’s a 100mph jungle out there where skill, pace and heart rule the roost.

Brian Harrison
17 Posted 12/11/2014 at 09:36:45
Funny how attitudes change, a couple of seasons back Gibson was regarded by most as important a player as Barry has become now. Yes Gibson has missed a lot of football but he was never quick and he hasn't lost his football brain. He needs games to get back to were he was and I am sure RM will pick him not only for his experience but also his great range of passing.
Jim Bennings
18 Posted 12/11/2014 at 10:47:40

I don't think it's so much about attitudes changing but more about football changing.

The game moves on and while Gibson did a fine job when he first arrived, the whole scene has changed since he walked in the door in January 2012.

Let's not forget the impact Jelavic had during the same period yet fans wouldn't entertain him nowadays as being the leading striker at Everton.

Both Gibson and Jelavic came in at just the right time, we were struggling badly down the bottom half and our squad was threadbare, we were pinning our hopes on people like Stracqualursi, Drenthe, Magaye Gueye and Vellios.

The signings of Jelavic, Gibson and Pienaar were inspired back then, they brought a bit of stability but as we progressed the following season we started seeing the limitations.

I think Gibson is a fairly decent player, I'm not sure I massively subscribe to this "football brain" or world class passer that I have heard bandied, he's a competent solid midfielder when he's fit but I think we saw last season that out of he and Barry, for me Barry is the better player.

I know it's unfair to say that because Gibson missed last season but Barry showed really that we didn't miss the Irishman like some fans all thought we would.

I guess during this period now it's down to Gibson to do the same and show us that we won't miss Barry as much as we fear.

Let's see what happens.

Jim Bennings
19 Posted 12/11/2014 at 10:57:45
Another example of how quickly football changes.

The season that we signed Gibson and Jelavic who won our Player of the Year??

One very much derided John Heitinga..

Unbelievable really isn't it.

Trevor Lynes
20 Posted 12/11/2014 at 10:58:12
Gibson is no where near the level that some fans want to believe. If he was Man Utd would have kept him. He is a decent professional but that is about as high as I would rate him.

We really need young replacements very soon for the likes of Barry, Distin, Gibson, Osman, Hibbert and even Pienaar. Kone is another who may never fully recover from his seemingly eternal injury.

Roberto has said that he wants to lower the age of the side and after this season we will have to use a few youngsters even if it means a transitional stage. We should be bringing in the odd youngster or two sooner rather than later.

The current injury crisis should see the likes of Besic given a run rather than Gibson as he is the future of the club. Browning, Galloway and Garbutt all seem likely lads too, but I don't see any attacking players knocking at the manager's door from the youngsters we have.

Brian Harrison
21 Posted 12/11/2014 at 11:58:37

Very valid points you make about Jelavic and Heitinga, the only addition I would make regarding Gibson is that he will benefit from having McCarthy alongside him, something he didn't have when he was a regular.

I agree that given a straight choice now I would pick Barry, but I think Gibson can be a very good understudy while Barry is injured. I know some have suggested Besic and the boy looks to have promise but whether you could play him and McCarthy together, I am not sure.

Colin Glassar
22 Posted 12/11/2014 at 12:10:56
And where is John Heitinga these days? Wasn't he playing for Fulham?
Steve Brown
23 Posted 12/11/2014 at 12:21:55
Hertha Berlin
Denis Richardson
24 Posted 12/11/2014 at 13:29:05
Less worried by this as with Coleman's injury earlier. We have Besic and Gibson both fit, two CM internationals. If they cannot step in to fill Barry's place then they may as well not be at the club.

We'll miss Barry but am not too concerned, as long as Gibson can manage to stay fit till at least the busy Xmas period we should be fine. How Barry hasn't been sent off this season is beyond me.

Tom Bowers
25 Posted 12/11/2014 at 13:07:56
Everton may miss the impact that Barry has. He gets through a lot of work as does McCarthy but it provides an opportunity for Gibbo to restake a claim and maybe Besic also.

These are times when the strength of the squad is tested and hopefully it is stronger than some may think. I believe they have to start getting more points at home to climb the table and hopefully that will start against a resurgent West Ham.

Col Wills
26 Posted 12/11/2014 at 16:08:52
With our luck with injuries this season I can just see this scenario in the Internationals ......

Naysmith hunts down McGeady and crocks him, McCarthy comes on as a late sub and pulls his Hammy Mirallas style. Then in the next game Jags wellies Naysmith and takes out Bainsy in the same movement, meanwhile, Tim Howard finishes off Gibson !

Linda Morrison
27 Posted 12/11/2014 at 16:54:16
I agree with Tom. Listening to the radio today Roberto may end up needing to play both Gibson and Besic as McCarthy is due another scan.

I know every team gets injuries but this season so far has been a nightmare,. To make matters worse Everton players do things in style and are out for months. I'll be very surprised if we see Barry before 2015.

I was trying to understand why they can be such a Jekyll and Hyde team. I think at times they look nervous and stilted, and it's always when " if they win this" they'll finish above LFC or MU etc

They play well when relaxed and there is no need for them to try too hard. Just play to their talents

I still expect us to be top 4/5.
But I expect Labour to be in number 10 with a majority May 2015

Bill Gall
28 Posted 12/11/2014 at 14:32:04
Barry,s injury has really now provided the manager with an opportunity to define what he believes Barkleys best position is in his team structure. My thinking is he should play a little deeper supporting the midfield in defence and then be given the ball in attack to use his pace and strength to support the forewards .

As far as the player who should replace Barry I believe Besic should be given the opportunity. Gibson has experience and good at passing to other players but is not as strong in the tackle as Besic and not quite at match fitness and is not for the future.Besic is also a good passer of the ball but not yet as experienced he has youth and stamina and his tackling is strong and wins the ball.

A number of supporters are going to say that they are nervous about Besic,s challenges as they seem borderline bookings but hey this is a physical contact sport and if you are not going to play a player because you are afraid he may get booked you might as well sell him. How do you think oppossition players think when a player like him is coming in on 50-50 tackles. All teams have a hard player so there is no reason why Everton should not use what we have.

As other people have said this is an ideal opportunity to establish Barkley in a role that he will be able to produce his outstanding talents.

Eddie Dunn
29 Posted 12/11/2014 at 18:22:48
Jim good point about the quality of squad we now have. I can remember being really pleased when Gibson signed for us, and he did look a good player. When I think of some of the more crazy signings of the Moyes era like Strac, Royston,and Gueye and don't forget Andy Shandy, I realise how far we have come!

As for that complete twat Gomez, he should have had a red card. I just looked up his record, and in 2012 Howard Webb gave him a straight red for a studs-up tackle on Danny Rose. Gomez was playing for Martinez's Wigan at Sunderland. Roberto defended the player afterwards, claiming it was a 50-50 tackle and only worthy of a yellow!

He doesn't get many yellows but perhaps he is rash when frustrated or riled?

Dave Abrahams
30 Posted 12/11/2014 at 21:26:41
The way Martinez describes Gibson, I think he should sell him in January – he should get a few million for him.
Mike Childs
31 Posted 13/11/2014 at 02:00:23
Great idea, Helen – send it on to RM.
Trevor Lynes
32 Posted 13/11/2014 at 22:30:26
The injury list is high but our problem is the fact that we cannot afford them. Some teams seem to have a never ending list of top quality substitutes so the loss of players does not seem to have a negative affect. Man Utd are the only team at present of the really big spenders to be struggling. Their defence is really makeshift, but they will BUY their way back into Europe.

Meanwhile we will be picking the bones of whatever remains. Southampton have really impressed me this season as I thought they would really struggle after unloading so many of their stars. They have bought very astutely and are playing as well as ever.

I think that we may need to go back into the market in January and I hope that we seriously try for Delph as he will be available on a free transfer then. He is as good as anyone about IMO.

Michael Polley
33 Posted 14/11/2014 at 13:05:31
Gibson and Besic. They'll kick lumps out of the opposing midfield. The only problem being the red cards that follow. Never mind... let's show some balls, and go for it!!!
Paul Burns
34 Posted 14/11/2014 at 13:32:02
DonÂ’t think we need Barkley to sit any deeper, heÂ’s a liability around the edge of our box and we have enough defensive midfielders to fill a trench.
Sam Hoare
35 Posted 14/11/2014 at 14:19:27
Having been a weak spot in recent years, I would say we are now better stocked in CM than anywhere else. Excluding left back perhaps. Gibson and Besic are both good replacements and would do a decent job against most teams. They are not as good as McCarthy and Barry but given a few games together I think they would not be that far off. If anything I suspect they may offer more offensively but admittedly less protection.

Barkley in that role is interesting. I don't think he is actually well suited to an AMC role as his passing and vision are not his best traits. Equally he's not really a defensive midfielder either....he very much belongs between the two in the centre of the park. I would not be averse to seeing this quite attacking team given a few games:

Coleman Jagielka Distin Baines
Barkley Besic
McGeady Eto'o Pienaar

With Lukaku coming off the bench.

I think that team have it in them to play Roberto's passing game and has players playing in their most useful positions (apart from Ross perhaps but his best position is debateable anyway). I think Eto'o has the best touch/vision in the team and is capable of spotting and utilising Naismith's movement in the box. Pienaar is a weak link potentially but we don't have any other natural wingers till Mirallas gets back or Atsu proves himself.

Phil Walling
36 Posted 14/11/2014 at 14:57:58
Surprised you're not happy with left-back coverage, Sam. I would have thought that with Oviedo and Garbutt (albeit as yet untried) we are well resourced in that area?
Sam Hoare
37 Posted 14/11/2014 at 16:57:52
Yes, that's what I said Phil. Or meant. LB is where we are best stocked with 2 top class players and one very promising youngster vying for one spot.
Phil Walling
38 Posted 14/11/2014 at 17:06:36
Sorry Sam, I misread you. Since we wrote it looks like we are about to discover just how well we are served in that LB position !

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