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Martinez defends Barkley over 'diving' incident

by | 26/11/2014  Comments (50)  jump

Roberto Martinez has come to the defence of Ross Barkley in the wake of accusations that he dived in last Saturday's match against West Ham.

The England international has been criticised for trying to "buy" a decision from referee Mark Clattenburg by diving when video replays showed there was no contact from Kevin Nolan during an incident in the first half of the Blues' 2-1 win.

His manager insists that the incident "has been blown out of proportion," however and insists that Barkley is not one to try and con referees.

"I don't think it was a dive as such," Martinez said. "When you are a player like Ross Barkley and you are getting so many knocks and kicks during the game, the only thing he did was anticipate a tackle that didn't arrive - he tried to get out of the way.

"I don't think he looks for those sort of decisions. He wasn't trying to buy a decision. It is an incident from the game that you can understand - when you see his legs after the game, you understand the rough treatment he gets.

"It was just a reaction. The whole situation has been blown out of proportion."

[W]e'd rather him jump out of the way, and if 10 tackles come his way and he looks a bit silly doing the one, another one could be a serious injury.
Leon Osman

Teammate Leon Osman has also come out publicly in support of Barkley, saying that he would rather the 20 year-old take measures to protect himself than suffer another injury.

He is used to getting kicked and he tries to ride a tackle. The way things are scrutinised these days," the veteran midfielder said. "If the tackle doesn't come he is going to look a bit silly but we'd rather him jump out of the way, and if 10 tackles come his way and he looks a bit silly doing the one, another one could be a serious injury.

It's not like he was throwing his arms around in the area, trying to get a penalty. It was a meaningless part of the pitch.

He just thought a heavy tackle was coming his way and he didn't want to get hurt. We'd rather have him fit.  

Reader Comments (50)

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Colin Glassar
1 Posted 26/11/2014 at 19:46:22
Who wouldn't jump out of the way when that dirty so-and-so Nolan is coming to get you?
Alastair Donaldson
2 Posted 26/11/2014 at 20:04:50
Tend to agree with RM... without looking what the ref was doing he got up immediately...benefit of the doubt.

Shame Nolan still gets a game..what a creep. Didn't he do Big Vic, put him out for several months.

Barkley does need to be a bit careful..this could be seen as conning the ref.

Clattenburg doing us some overdue favours these days?

Paul Kelly
3 Posted 26/11/2014 at 20:10:09
Rat boy done this sort of thing every game. Nothing made of it ,ever.

Bob should tell them all to fuck off.

But still better than when TGT castigated Pip after the derby instead Rat boy for his two "career ending challenges". Good to see a manager stick up for his own.

Vince Hindson
4 Posted 26/11/2014 at 20:21:01
Ross dived – pure and simple. At least he got up and continued running which is positive. But he did cheat.
Des Farren
5 Posted 26/11/2014 at 20:14:40
Doesn't often happen with us. Last major dive I remember was P Neville v Liverpool a couple years back.

It's embarrassing for supporters, possibly even for players. Managers however, in my view, should not defend it. Basically it's an attempt to cheat and should not be condoned.

Doug Harris
6 Posted 26/11/2014 at 20:31:31
For what its worth, in my opinion he anticipated the lunge that Nolan was doing, tried his best to avoid it so he could carry on in the direction he was heading and fell on the slippy surface. Got up and looked bemused and carried on .........?..!!
Jimmy-Ã…ge Sørheim
7 Posted 26/11/2014 at 21:12:04
I do not think it was a dive, it was a rough game and Barkley got scared of Nolan.

It is a concern if this hapens regularly, but it never has, the media should move on.

Jamie Barlow
8 Posted 26/11/2014 at 21:44:37
Spot on Des. It is embarrassing. It's also embarrassing for our manager to defend it as well as quite a few on here.

Patrick Murphy
9 Posted 26/11/2014 at 21:53:44
I don't and won't condone Barkley for his falling over, but come on boys this is a competitive league and if you want to win you have to master the dark arts as well. Nobody remembers these incidents at the end of the season and a certain Uruguayan nearly won the title by doing it on a regular basis.

The media Kopites making a big thing out of very little and I am fed up of Everton players being singled out for breaking the rules when, as far as I can see, every team nearly every week does something similar.

Paul Andrews
10 Posted 26/11/2014 at 21:56:31
Come on lads.
Turn it in
James Stewart
11 Posted 26/11/2014 at 21:54:20
Not even a story. He wasn't trying to con anyone. He gets up and runs after the ball without even looking at the ref. Twattenburg created the whole thing by blowing up when he should have just played on. The media's obsession with this is getting really tiresome.
Sean Kelly
12 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:04:59
Come on, folks, get real everyone is doing it. I'm not saying it's right but until referees start showing red cards for those doing it, it will be in the game forever. The Redshite across the park must have the biggest pool around because they are great at it. The cheating bastards.
Andy Crooks
13 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:08:05
Ross should have a look at it, realise that it makes him look a cheat and concentrate instead of living up to the hype that his manager has decided to shoulder him with.
Tony Sullivan
14 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:08:23
I think Doug Harris (6) has got it spot on.
Mike Childs
15 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:21:06
I'm sure Ross is sorry about it and as has already been pointed out went down so Nolan didn't crunch him. Still I would have prefer RM to punish him so everyone at the club realize we don't condone diving.
Patrick Murphy
16 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:28:06
Mike, in this particular situation Roberto can't win, if he castigates Ross in public he is adding to the perception that Ross is a cheat and therefore there is little alternative than to defend Ross, but privately I'm quite sure that he has told Ross that it is unacceptable.

However, it is such an innocuous free-kick in a less than dangerous position, I'm not quite sure why there has been so much fuss made about this particular incident. Do the media question why Naismith has to be kicked a half-a-dozen times a match before he is awarded a free-kick?

Phil Rodgers
17 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:42:38
Not defending him but..

Tony Doran
18 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:40:31
He thought better as soon as he landed, but it was a blatant dive.
Mike Childs
19 Posted 26/11/2014 at 23:16:59
Okay, Patrick, I hope you're right. I totally agree on RM's position. Wouldn't it be nice if he could be the dictator that Moanlot is.
Paul Ferry
20 Posted 26/11/2014 at 22:51:31
What on earth is the point of that link to the Anichebe story/pay-out Phil - 17?

Is it supposed to make us feel less embarrassed about Ross’s dumb dive? Did Ross have the link in mind when he tried to – successfully – con the ref?

It was an embarrassing moment in a brilliant young playerÂ’s career.

Bobby had no reason at all to blab about this four days after and he should have kept his mouth shut but by opening it he has done us, himself, or Ross no favours.

I suspect that we would not have had any mention at all on TW about RossÂ’s silly seconds if our gaffer had kept it shut tight.

Nick Entwistle
21 Posted 26/11/2014 at 23:11:58
Ross went to ground to avoid a possible cruncher from Nolan? Bullllllllllll-shit! I have an easier time believing Ross dived than him being a big girl's blouse.

The only reason he got up was because he was so far away from Nolan he realised he looked a prat.

RM called this one wrong. He sounds like Rodgers defending Suarez.

Eric Myles
22 Posted 27/11/2014 at 00:46:12
Des #5, there was one that Baines did last season that the redshite media wouldn't shut up about for weeks.
Andy Crooks
23 Posted 27/11/2014 at 01:04:28
Phil, #17, the comments that our last manager made on MotD after that assault on Victor were utterly appalling. He passed over the assault, remarking that Nolan wasn't that sort of lad...

He was: he is.

Sadly, if he played for Everton, he might be an Everton legend.

Denis Richardson
24 Posted 27/11/2014 at 01:06:49
Come on, guys – yes, Ross, is a blue, but let's call a spade a spade and call it like it is. He fucking dived, pure and simple. RM should come out and say that we don't want behaviour like that rather than this bullshit.

There was no contact whatsoever. I play football (normally winger or striker) and I've NEVER gone down simply in anticipation of being touched! What the fuck is that about, that's just a dive whichever way you look at it.

For all those going on about 'dirty Nolan', ask yourself one thing; had an oppo player done the same to us, what would your reaction be? Nolan didn't get near Ross and if I had been in the same situation I'd have been just as pissed off as Nolan was.

It's just fucking embarrassing – let's not give other players shit for diving and then try to cover up the same crap when one of ours does it. Either you condone it or you don't, regardless of who the player plays for.

Anto Byrne
25 Posted 27/11/2014 at 02:58:28
I thought it was an attempt at a diving header.
Jamie Crowley
26 Posted 27/11/2014 at 04:24:16
Everyone's doing it....

As me Mum used to say, "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?"

Completely embarrassing and ANY attempt to condone or excuse Ross is equally embarrassing.

It was a dive. It was disgusting. Take off your blue tinted specs and call it for what it was.

Never, ever again Ross please. You're too talented for those shenanigans.

I, completely justified, expect more from an Everton player.

Jamie Crowley
27 Posted 27/11/2014 at 04:29:15

We support Everton because it's in our DNA – whether you were born into it, are from Liverpool and chose it, or like me are an adopted child.

We support a proper, hard-working football club and expect our players to play fair, play hard, and play with dignity.

Diving goes against Everything that Everton Football Club represent as a proper Football Club.

Off my soap box. If you're making excuses for Ross diving, please have a hard look in the mirror.

Brian Cleveland
28 Posted 27/11/2014 at 04:34:06
He may have gone down in anticipation of a challenge that never came... but that is still a dive. Yes, he got up, but only because he realised you could have driven a bus through the gap between him and Nolan and felt stupid... and he looked decidedly sheepish when the free-kick was given because he knew it wasn't...

All we can hope for is that he learns he isn't as talented as ratface in the dying swan stakes and sticks to what he can do well.

Paul Andrews
29 Posted 27/11/2014 at 06:19:56
Nolan is a shitbag of the highest order. He is known for the coward's challenges he puts in, from the side and from the back. Maybe Ross saw him coming and protected himself? It does happen.

Did anyone who was embarrassed go red and give a shout of "OMG"? Grow up, chaps, a little less sensitive, perrrrlease!

James Morgan
30 Posted 27/11/2014 at 07:02:28
If you're going to dive, at least be good at it!
Andrew Ellams
31 Posted 27/11/2014 at 07:38:38
He got straight up, did not appeal for a foul and did not roll around like a sniper had picked him out from the crowd. The media obviously have an issue with this and there should be no more interviews until this bullshit is explained
Keith Knowles
32 Posted 27/11/2014 at 08:26:33
Paul 29... spot on mate!
Steve Cotton
33 Posted 27/11/2014 at 09:16:06
Sterling did two very similar dives last Sunday and guess what? it wasn't hardly mentioned on MotD2. Worse still was that Sterling dived and then remonstrated with the ref afterwards as if he had been scythed down....
Ian Jones
34 Posted 27/11/2014 at 08:59:05
Agree with most on here. Roberto called it wrong but should have said that it was phenomenal that Ross got up and on with the game. I agree with not going to ground in anticipation of what's coming although I played in a game when our winger knew what kind of tackle was heading his way. He didn't flinch and broke an ankle. I bet he wished he dived! Take a look at Pienaar. He just falls over.

If you think Ross's dive was bad, try recalling the Luis Suarez ridiculous incident playing against Norwich. Tough challenge from Fer. Suarez twisting around clutching leg/knee. Looks in pain. Not going to get up any time soon. Quick glance up. Liverpool on the attack. You know the rest.

Tony Doran
35 Posted 27/11/2014 at 09:27:14
He dived, but does anyone remember Stevie GBH jumping to avoid a tackle a few years ago and getting a penno for it. Never seen anything like it. It was a whole new rule brought out for him.
Peter Morris
36 Posted 27/11/2014 at 09:32:15
The fact that Ross jumped up and ran on is significant. He didn't roll about or hold a phantom injured part of his leg. That said, he could have redeemed himself if he had owned up at the time or even after the game to the ref/Nolan. No big deal though. Nothing came of the free kick, and I suspect he won't do that so easily again. Move on.
Peter Murray
37 Posted 27/11/2014 at 09:34:53
Phil #17; Andy #23

It wasnÂ’t even a tackle. It was a deliberate jump on the unprotected leg of a player already down.

Nolan found it funny.

Ernie Baywood
38 Posted 27/11/2014 at 09:40:14
Not sure how anyone can defend it. I won't call Ross this and that but, let's face it, it was a dive. He got up because the contact he was playing for didn't come. He's done it a fair bit too.

Learn from it and move on. He's too good a player to go to ground that easily. He's got the pace and power to burst through teams.

Love the earlier comment that nothing was ever made of Suarez diving. Really?

James Lauwervine
39 Posted 27/11/2014 at 09:42:58
It's not the first time Barkley has dived and there are other Everton players that do it, eg, Pienaar, so let's not pretend we're above this. I was glad he didn't roll about but jumped straight up, but I think that's because he realised he looked foolish. The free kick was presumably a surprise to him.

Some have made the point that he was anticipating a challenge from a known thug, and I don't think you can dismiss that idea, but even so it was a dive. I don't like it of course but the media focus on him is totally pathetic. There's far too much pressure and criticism put on this young man. In light of that I think RM's defence of him is the right thing to do.

Phil Walling
40 Posted 27/11/2014 at 10:25:08
Let's just say it was a 'failed' dive. Martinez would have done us all a favour by saying nowt. Impossible.
Derek Turner
41 Posted 27/11/2014 at 10:37:29
I'm with Jamie, we are supposed to be different to that other lot. I would hate to have a team of hissy-fit divers and cheats, that's what red shirts were invented for, tossers.
Derek Turner
42 Posted 27/11/2014 at 10:37:29
I'm with Jamie, we are supposed to be different to that other lot. I would hate to have a team of hissy fit divers and cheats, that's what red shirts were invented for, tossers.
Jeff Beaumont
43 Posted 27/11/2014 at 10:41:48
No doubt in my mind that it was a dive – but what do you expect when he has just come back from training with Sterling & Wilshere?
Brian Waring
44 Posted 27/11/2014 at 12:15:18
It was cheating, plain and simple. Nolan is about a yard away from Ross when he dives. The only reason Ross got up so quickly was because he realised how embarrassing it was.
Tony J Williams
45 Posted 27/11/2014 at 13:24:17
Cast your mind back to Bale saying the same shit when Ossie looked like he was going to clatter him but didn't go near him.

The amount of angry ranting posts on here shows how we feel about it, but because of one of ours, it's ok?

It was an embarrassing dive and he looked like a tit doing it. The one saving grace was that he did get up and it looked like he thought the ref blew against him... because he knew he had just acted like a tit.

Martinez should have just deflected the question and refused to be drawn into commenting about it.

No excuse, even though Nolan is a dirty shithouse.

Mike Childs
46 Posted 27/11/2014 at 14:27:15
I would have loved a statement from the boss saying he told Mirallas to deliberately kick the ball out.
Gavin Johnson
47 Posted 27/11/2014 at 16:23:16
Under normal circumstances I'd have a moan about this behaviour that seems to be the norm for football on the continent and is almost applauded as tactical astuteness to gain advantage. Unfortunately this and has crept into the EPL over the last few years so Roberto's reaction doesn't really surprise me that much.

If it had been someone else other than Nolan, I'd have laughed at Roberto's defence, but Big Vic was never the same after Nolan's horror tackle a few years back. So I'm not that concerned whether Barkley dived or was getting out of the way. Just better safe than sorry I say.

Nick Entwistle
48 Posted 27/11/2014 at 16:48:29
The Warrington - Exeter FA Cup match on TV a few weeks ago. Incredibly tough tackles, very physical match. Yet no complaining to the ref, no one staying down grabbing their ankle, no diving, and no 'avoiding' tackles a la Barkley. And something also happened that you never see Prem players do - strikers stumbling, yet remaining on their feet. Obviously part time players who are bakers and plumbers have a better sense of balance than the best players in the world. Suarez's brick laying must be out of this world!
Paul Burns
49 Posted 27/11/2014 at 21:27:59
Barkley does dive – proper arms out forward chin scrapers.

ItÂ’s embarrassing and heÂ’s got to be told to pack it in.

John Codling
50 Posted 28/11/2014 at 05:03:18
Last season, Roberto gave a statement condemning the current craze for diving. I don't want to see Roberto go down the same road as Wenger and make excuses for his own players. Ross dived pure & simple; not good enough.

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