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Besic enjoying the big stage

by | 16/12/2014  Comments (32)  jump
Muhamed Besic has expressed how much he enjoyed his first win as a starting Everton player and his desire to improve and become the "perfect player".

Exhibiting self-assuredness and modesty in equal measure after last night's 3-1 win over Queens Park Rangers in which he played a starring role in central midfield alongside Ross Barkley, the 21 year-old spoke with evertontv about the match and the areas of his game that he wants to correct.

"I enjoyed it because it was my first win when I start the game," he said. "I don't know [if it's the best I've played for Everton]. I can't decide, only the manager can.

"I always give my best and I don't know if you can say that was the best or not."

Deputising again for the injured James McCarthy, Besic made his tenacious presence felt in defensive midfield with a series of full-blooded tackles, a part of his game that he clearly enjoys. He was quick to point out his profligacy in possession, however, something he believes he can stamp out in his quest to be become the best player he can.

"I like tackles. This is my style of play. Today three or four times I lost the ball but it will come, I think.

I have to learn more things because I am still young, so sometimes I make stupid mistakes. But I think when I play [more] I'll become the perfect player.

"I'm enjoying myself because I came from a small league and now I'm on the big stage. I enjoy every game and always give my best. Even when I don't play well, I still give my best."

The Bosnian international, picked up by Martinez for just 4m from Ferencvaros over the summer, is clearly settling into the squad where he feels he can learn from the more experienced players.

"I learn from every player but they can also learn from me," he continued.

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Reader Comments (32)

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Dean Adams
1 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:23:44
Besic made that many tackles I lost count. The boy is immense. He is a legend in the making and we currently have several others in our squad. It could be very soon that we see the most talented group of players Goodison has witnessed for 30 years. Well, I hope so anyway!!!
Paul Hewitt
2 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:30:56
Hopefully, after last nightÂ’s performance we see more of Besic and less of Barry.
Sam Hoare
3 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:31:09
We need(ed) more signings like Besic. Young, hungry players with athleticism and technique able to do a job now and hopefully do an even better one in the next few seasons or so. All for ٢M.

I reckon heÂ’ll push forward and be worth 4 times that in 3 years time.

Julian Wait
4 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:40:52
Basic is going to be a great player for us. Not interested in flipping him for profit.
Mark Frere
5 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:47:49
Besic had a cracking game last night, although he does need to be less rash with his tackles. Unfortunately, in the modern game, players canÂ’t be reckless when tackling. The officials wonÂ’t allow it.

Even though young Mo had a good game last night, its good that heÂ’s acknowledging and focusing on what he needs to improve. Looks a top pro with a never-say-die attitude.

Brian Waring
6 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:45:08
Besic strolls round the pitch as if he owns everyone of the opposition players, and he did last night. The supposedly two hard men in Barton and Fer actually looked scared of him.

Biggest disappointment is going to be when Martinez is able to get Barry and McCarthy back together, because Martinez will drop Besic like a lead balloon.

Brian Waring
7 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:50:58
"We need(ed) more signings like Besic. Young, hungry players"

Agree with you there Sam.

Kevin Rowlands
8 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:57:01
HeÂ’s going to prove a fantastic piece of business. The thought of him, Barkley, McCarthy and Ledson as our midfield options in the future is really exciting, as for Gaz Barry after seeing him fill in occasionally and playing the whole game against Krasnador I honestly believe he would be a good replacement for Distin and prolong his career with us at center half. Looking forward to my Besic home shirt that I bought for Xmas arriving now!
Darren Hind
9 Posted 16/12/2014 at 19:59:39
Thought he was going to tackle the lino at one point last night. the crowd lover his desire.

I think its time tor Martinez to shuffle the pack, Barry has reached that age where he needs ths game played in front of him.
IÂ’d have him marshalling the defence, IÂ’d have stones along side him and IÂ’d make a new keeper number one pority in January.

Martinez has been too patient with Jags, Distin and Howard. If we are going to build from the back he needs foorballers to do it.

Besic is a pitbull, he wont win yoy mny games, but he Â’ll stop you losing them

Colin Glassar
10 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:06:38
After watching Besic nullify Messi in the world cup, and some glowing reports from friends in Bosnia, I was made up when Roberto made his move for him.
This kid is going to be immense for us and, as others have already said, with the likes of Barkley, McCarthy and Ledson in MF the future is indeed bright.
Ray Said
11 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:12:50
I agree he is looking good, confident and aggressive. I hope we build on that by considering a change and playing a three in midfield-Besic-Barkley-McCarthy.

Besic and McCarthy winning the ball/shutting down the opposition and young Ross attacking/driving forward.

Peter Morris
12 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:15:15
you may have a point about the back three; playing footie on the ground is clearly a struggle for Jags and Distin, who are stoppers to the core. However, footballing centre backs are rare in the Premier League and I donÂ’t think John Stone is quite ready yet. Tim Howard hasnÂ’t had a great season and seems to be pushing shots into the path of oncoming strikers rather than away from goal too often. Besic had his best game last night, albeit against a poor side. The quicker midfielders of the better sides than QPR do expose his need to adjust to the pace of our league-he does get caught in possession too much, and give the ball away too much(as Barkley does, as Everton do!) though he acknowledges this himself.
Paul Andrews
13 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:22:50
What a job Roberto did when he visited the World Cup and scouted this lad, it must surely go down as one of the best pound for pound signings of the summer.

Every good team has a snarler, this kid snarls every time he loses a tackle.

Peter Bell
14 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:46:11
Paul, he is 22 and Martinez claims he has been watching him since he was 17 so donÂ’t think it was just the World Cup that swayed his decision
Paul Andrews
15 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:49:03
I bet he hadnÂ’t marked Messi out of the game before the World Cup, though, Peter.
Darren Hind
16 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:39:53
I think the claim that Martinez had to be at the world cup to sign Besic is sounding more desperate every time its made. Garry Monk tried to sign him first and he was in Swansea.

Besic had his choice, he was never going to Wales was he?

I like Besic, He was a decent signing but nowhere near the best of the summer.

Paul Andrews
17 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:50:57
Apart from the goal of course :-)
Paul Andrews
18 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:51:26
Gary Monk should have went to Brazil,he might have signed him

Colin Glassar
19 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:53:25
Darren, so you donÂ’t believe in the personal touch? Ozil signed for Arsenal only after Wenger called him and spoke to him in German. Loads of teams were after Beckham but Fergie was the only one who went to his house and bribed his parents.
Darren Hind
20 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:56:25
Yeah because that would have made Swansea a much better proposition than Everton.

Dear me...

Paul Andrews
21 Posted 16/12/2014 at 20:59:00
It worked for Roberto
Darren Hind
22 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:00:29
So we became a better proposition than Swansea because Martinez was there?


Paul Andrews
23 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:03:57
Besic: Martinez was a big reason why I chose Everton
by Lyndon Lloyd | 06/12/2014 Comments (32) jump

Muhamed Besic has revealed that he knew he wanted to sign for Everton instead of taking up other offers he received following the World Cup after speaking with Roberto Martinez.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 21 year-old Bosnian explains that had it not been for his performances in Brazil he would likely have ended up moving to Basel in Switzerland, the team that was courting him prior to the tournament.

His stock rose dramatically after shining for his country in his defensive midfield role, including an impressive marking job on Lionel Messi, and he was contacted by clubs from the ContinentÂ’s biggest leagues including the Premier League, with Swansea City ending up being the BluesÂ’ biggest competition for his signature.

"I knew literally nothing about Everton but after speaking with the manager I decided this was the club I wanted to join,” he says. “I think I might have been playing for Basel now without the World Cup. I had been talking to them before going to Brazil, but after the tournament there was suddenly interest from England, Spain and Italy.”

Colin Glassar
24 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:09:11
DonÂ’t bother Paul, Darren made his mind up about Martinez a long time ago.
Darren Hind
25 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:06:43
Getting more embarrassing.

Martinez couldnÂ’t have spoken to him anyway ? YouÂ’ve already been told heÂ’s been tracking him for years...

Jamie Sweet
26 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:03:10
Love his tenacity in the challenge. There was one incident where he won the ball and smashed Barton, and it was clear that he had the desire to win the ball and smash Barton in equal measure.

He might be a red card waiting to happen, but heÂ’s great to watch while heÂ’s on the pitch!

Kieran Riding
27 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:13:24
Spurs bought GazzaÂ’s mum a house and scuppered his move to Man utd remember !

I know a few bits about the Besic signing and how it got complicated ( as Lyndon is aware of ) and the lad himself is sound as.

He is a bargain at what we paid, but when he gets a red card for us, IÂ’m sure the lads on here who praise his strong tackling now, will slag him off for weeks !

Paul Andrews
28 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:23:49
"I knew literally nothing about Everton but after speaking with the manager I decided this was the club I wanted to join," he says.

The penny will drop eventually.

Brian Waring
29 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:36:07
DonÂ’t bet on it Paul.
Darren Hind
30 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:35:26
I donÂ’t think the penny's ever going to drop.

We were the biggest club in for him and nobody would bid higher. It didn't matter where Martinez was when the coversation took place.

It's astonishing that all those transfers went through smoothly after the World Cup, but ours only went through because the manager happened to be in the same coninent as the player.

If Besic turns out to be a good signing then Martinez should be given the credit... but lets ditch this half witted notion that it only happend because he was in Brazil.

IÂ’m guessing Besic has a phone.

Paul Andrews
32 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:47:36
How do you know we were the biggest club in for him?

The biggest club that he "knew literally nothing about"

His stock rose dramatically after shining for his country in his defensive midfield role, including an impressive marking job on Lionel Messi, and he was contacted by clubs from the ContinentÂ’s biggest leagues including the Premier League, with Swansea City ending up being the BluesÂ’ biggest competition for his signature.

Trevor Lynes
34 Posted 16/12/2014 at 21:44:53
He is only 21 years of age and is head and shoulders better than any of our young players apart from Garbutt. Ledson is too young to make any future predictions and he has not impressed me so far.

Barry will be a valuable old head when required and in the absence of McCarthy could be of big value to Besic so do not write him off.Jags and Distin are both excellent defenders and are better than Cahill IMO. Cahill gives away stupid fouls around the edge of the box and gets carded. Jags and Distin do not ! or not very often.

I read some fan having a go at Distin against QPR and the lad never lost a header all game. Jags was back blocking and clearing too and I really do not get the negative comments. It seems that as soon as a young player has a decent game he is touted to immediately take the place of players in the defence even though the defence has carried the team season after season.

Watching Chelsea tonight was a lesson in accurate passing and moving off the ball into space. The attacking players need to watch and learn as that is where we fall down. It is down to Coleman, Baines, McCarthy and Barry to pass forward accurately and Besic at least tried to do this. Barkley also passed very well and this pair illustrated what is required on a regular basis. Incidentally, Chelsea were Â’helpedÂ’ by the issuing of a very harsh red card against Derby and adds to my feelings of bias being shown to the so called better teams. If that warranted a red card then Man City should definitely been down to nine men against us. It is sickening to see blatant bias by the officials.

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