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Martinez attributes latest defeat to tired legs

by | 04/03/2015  Comments (137)  jump
Roberto Martinez put this evening's 2-0 defeat at Stoke down to Everton's hectic schedule, citing a fifth match in the space of two weeks for another lethargic display.

The Blues lost 2-0 on the road for the second time in four days with Mark Hughes's Potters emulating Arsenal with a goal in each half to win comfortably.

It was Everton's eighth away defeat in nine games — the 1-0 win at Crystal Palace standing as a lone success over that period and the result keeps them mired in the bottom half of the table, six points above the relegation zone.

"We've played five games in two weeks and I've seen us give everything and nothing go in our favour," Martinez lamented after the match.

"But now we need to look forward. We've got 30 points to fight for in the league and we'll give everything to get positive results.

"We didn't show a cutting edge tonight. I did feel our performance showed a little bit of the tired legs that are normal with the number of games we've had in this period and now is the moment to be stronger than ever."

Everton's next fixture is the first leg against Dynamo Kyiv at Goodison Park in the Europa League, a competition which has seen Martinez's side perform in completely different fashion to their poor domestic form.

"[We need] to be together and have a good period now where we can recover the players and regenerate them and get ready for the next games," the manager continued, appealing to supporters to retain their faith and support.

"We've got 10 games to go in the league and six of them at Goodison Park and we need to be strong together."  

Reader Comments (137)

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Jay Woods
1 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:25:35
Has he not been sacked yet? Every time I go to this or any other football site, thatÂ’s my number one hope.
Joe Foster
2 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:28:10
Ha ha ha just stop it Martinez itÂ’s just all so ridiculous. The old tired excuse now is it? Maybe take the boys for a warm weather break to the gobi desert or something. Do one you beaut it does not wash
Milos Milenkovic
3 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:24:59
He must be sacked first thing in the morning. This line up alone deserves sacking after already experiencing two defeats in the same manner.

Jurgen Klinsmann should be our target IMHO. He has great desire, passion, has good knowledge and experience of the Premier League (although as a player). I think players would play for him and his personality would be welcomed by the fans. Of course there is a question would he accept to come, but we should at least try.

Gerard Carey
4 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:29:50
Please please let me wake up in the morn and find out that this clown is gone. What next? Poor little players and tired little legs.
Neil Humphreys
5 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:34:45
But it wasnÂ’t phenomanol? Who knew?
Mike Childs
6 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:35:46
Please stop quoting Martinez on this site. I avoid his comments on TV b the mute button or changing the channel.
Peter Barry
7 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:40:51
Any Â’compensationÂ’ that had to be paid in sacking Roberto would be Â’peanutsÂ’ in comparison to the loss of revenue that relegation would bring.
Robert Johnson
8 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:32:04
Really? How can the RS and Spuds have no problem then?

This man is a con artist who is fast running out of excuses! He complains of tired legs yet he plays a 34 year old Barry every game!

Only 1 win in last 11 PL games (6 losses and 4 draws) when there was very little to no European football distractions!

This is a team that canÂ’t beat the likes of Leicester, Hull, West Brom etc. at home when there was no Europa game.

Paul Saleh
9 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:42:19
How much more must we put up with? He has lost the players, the fans and BK should put him out of his misery
Paul Smith
10 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:42:22
IÂ’ve only ever watched one RM press conference. Even when we where good. Just something about them!
Patrick Murphy
11 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:42:43
Hang on a minute if they were suffering from tired legs why not make more changes to the team that played at Arsenal. BTW other teams have had cup finals, Europe, FA Cup ties and league games to play and I havenÂ’t heard anybody saying their players were tired. That so called positivity is actually putting negative thoughts in players heads if you say they are tired they will feel tired and lethargic it is the managers job to instil belief not doubt.
Stewart Lowe
12 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:38:01
DoesnÂ’t it make sense that the only reason Everton are doing well in Europe is because teams on the continent are not aware of the style of football Everton played last season, whereas all premiership teams are?. Its no secret that we play a passing game and although it was the unknown last season and attractive to watch, this season we have been totally and utterly sussed and Martinez has nothing else to offer.

Martinez has asked for patience from the first few games of this season and he is still doing so right now, yet the football and style of football we play has not changed all season, so what are we now supposed to be waiting to happen?

Finally, what is MartinezÂ’s obsession with wingers? Osman, Mirallas, Pienaar, Atsu, Lennon, McGeady, Oviedo, and he has even played Lukaku and Barkley there too. It makes absolutely no sense when we have the best wing backs in the country in Coleman and Baines. Coleman and Baines have looked restricted all season but they are two of our strongest positions.

Milos Milenkovic
13 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:41:16
I went to check now starting line ups of Bayern, Wolfsburg and Barcelona for their games tonight. The all played their domestic cup and all best players were there. No tired legs, no Europe distraction, no saving them for something. Just like Everton during 80's.
James Stewart
14 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:47:35
Just picking excuses out of a hat now. Tick fucking tock...
Iain Love
15 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:47:08
ItÂ’s results we need not excuses, Bobby knew what the Europa League was all about so this doesnÂ’t wash. Plenty of other teams where below us before this run and changed there manager, hey presto theyÂ’re above us now.

IÂ’m actually in two minds now about the EL: lose and weÂ’re out but is this the only reason BobbyÂ’s keeping his job?

Act now BK whilst we can still attract someone decent.

Minik Hansen
16 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:06:12
Why did he play tired legs then?...... anyways, COYB.
Peter Mills
17 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:58:13
Oh no. I've been waiting all season for all those players to come good in February, as promised. OK, give them a bit of lattitude, February moves into March, but surely now they must be ready?

Dammit. Missed it. Now they're tired.

Frank Boyle
18 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:02:43
Tired legs??? Good God, he really is scraping the barrel now!
Brian Mahoney
19 Posted 04/03/2015 at 23:56:46
Well I have just got back from the game and I have to say that was on par with Hull away. It is absolutely embarrassing. 3 defensive midfielders and Naismith... I just knew we were not gonna score let alone win. We are now slowly but surely heading for the trapdoor.

I cannot see where the next win is coming from as any team can turn us over quite easily. There is no fight in the team. Once we go behind we resign ourselves to losing. I cannot see a way out for us.

To top it all off I was stuck in the car park for an hour.

Mike Corcoran
20 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:14:22
There were no tired legs just tired coaching/phenomenal philosophy
Stephen Daniels
21 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:17:47
Time for Martinez to go. No plan B.

Roberto you have lost the players and you have certainly lost the fans.

Andrew Hawes
22 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:13:32
Excuse after excuse! Martinez out!

Bilic, Moyes, even Steve fucking McLaren... I donÂ’t care as long as itÂ’s someone who can actually see past their next excuse.

Been waiting all season to reach the point where our players will be fit and fresh as promised, now weÂ’re tired? Shocking!

One question: if Rodgers had kept this run up since November would he still be employed? We are rather a big club or weÂ’re not. ACT NOW!

Matt Butlin
24 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:24:08
I noticed that Dave Whelan stepped down as Wigan chairman today. I wonder whether he was worried that we'd found the receipt.
Jason Heng
25 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:39:10
Did he not say the team would peak in the final third of the season? Here we are...
Chern Lee
26 Posted 05/03/2015 at 00:53:24

Please resign.

Thank you.

That's all.

Chad Schofield
27 Posted 05/03/2015 at 01:03:38
It’s not good.

I can’t disagree that if we are going to point at tired legs, then starting the most tired legs makes no sense. Is Barry some sort of Mentalist?

Just watched the "highlights"... shocking lazy hoof back by Lukaku.

At least nothing Howard could’ve done with either goal.

Brian Porter
28 Posted 05/03/2015 at 01:10:46
For God's sake, Martinez MUST GO NOW. Don't the board or even BK ever read these forums to see what the ordinary fans are thinking? Despite all their money, this is OUR club. We turn up week in week out hoping to see good football from a team that wants to do their best for Everton. This is quite plainly never going to happen under Martinez. Whatever compensation we would have to pay him would surely be less than the potential loss of revenue resulting from relegation. I was born in 1953 and have never seen my team play outside the top tier of English football and don't want to start now! Act now BK, before it really is too late.
Will Firstbrook
29 Posted 05/03/2015 at 01:18:22
Team isn't tired. They've quit on him. The ultimate point of no return for a coach.

He really doesn't do himself any favours.

Anthony Jones
30 Posted 05/03/2015 at 01:24:07
The players seem to have had their strengths coached out of them when it comes to domestic matches. Last season is long gone.
Nick Entwistle
31 Posted 05/03/2015 at 01:54:56
You know when you go to pull your washing out the machine and then when you have it all bundled up in your arms you drop a sock, and then you pick it up but another one falls on the floor, and it repeats a couple of times, but then three socks and fours pairs of boxers hit the floor and you feel like dropping the whole lot and giving up and want a beer from the fridge? The whole season feels like that, only I don't drink at home so just to feel something different I insert my testicles in the toaster.
Roman Sidey
32 Posted 05/03/2015 at 02:02:17
Howard, Robles
Garbutt, Oviedo (according to his Twitter)
Coleman, Hibbert
Jagielka, Stones, Distin, Alcaraz
Gibson, Barry, McCarthy, Besic
Mirallas, Naismith, McGeady, Lennon, Osman, Barkley
Lukaku, Kone

+ all the kids

What he's saying is that with all these players fit and/or available over the past two weeks he couldn't rotate the squad enough to keep their legs moving?

I saw the second half tonight and it wasn't for lack of moving legs that the team was beaten. It was for lack of any actual direction or desire. 2-0 down and back-passes should mean being benched. Not benching players for doing it should mean the sack.

Mike Elbey
34 Posted 05/03/2015 at 02:30:23
The recent problems come back to the re-selection of Howard. We had started to turn a corner, the keeper and defence were growing in confidence and results were slowly improving. Since his return Howard has been at fault for goals v Chelsea, Leicester x 2 and another tonight. The defence looks all over the place when he plays but worst of all the message his re- selection sent out was appalling. We are unlikely to keep a clean sheet with Howard in goal and as such we are in deep shit
Nick Entwistle
35 Posted 05/03/2015 at 03:16:36
Can't blame Howard for the goal, he was quick on his feet and went fully extended. The header was perfectly placed.

Guess we're adding Howard now to Hibbert and Osman.

Mark Andersson
36 Posted 05/03/2015 at 03:24:04
I love a good Conspiracy Theory from did Paul McCartney died in a car accident 1966 to was John Lennon the victim of a crazed fan or a ruthless assignation by Manchurian Candidate hired by the CIA.

You can read many articles on both and almost make you believe that there is some truth in these theories.

So here is my theories as to Everton’s demise this season. Liverpool had new owners take over from some other corrupt Yankee counterpart some time ago. They knew they had the red Echo in their back pockets, however they also knew that to stay at the top of the money go round they needed a new stadium.

Long term they also knew that there was not enough local red supporters to fill that stadium, what they needed was to have a new generation of local football fans to milk.

However Everton FC stood in their way. After all the Peoples club was not a myth it is a fact. You only have to look at how many young faces there are at Goodison park on match day, compared to that at Anfield, who we all know have more plastic fans than Man Utd.

So the Yanks being the corrupt greedy bastards that they are had some inside information about Sir Alex eventually retiring and had already ear marked David Moyes to replace him. However Everton would replace the departing manager and who ever took over could carry on for years to come with the solid foundations left by Moyes.

So they needed a man on the inside to do their dirty work. They approach Roberto Martinez and behind closed doors they offer him a chance to be the Liverpool manager with the trappings of endless wealth and ego boosting incentives to become the biggest legend on Merseyside.

But first Roberto we need you to manage Everton FC, we know they’re going to lose David Moyes in the next 18 months and that you have a good enough respect to get the Everton job in his place.

So this is what we want you to do, take the Everton job and put all your energies into having a brilliant first season, we will start the rumors that Barcelona will be head hunting you and that will make the Everton board panic and offer you a 5 year deal.

This will then create a conundrum as they wont sack you no matter how bad you do, their hands are tied until it’s too late, you take them down, still get a few million in compo if they do sack you. Everton will never return to the Premier League thus paving the way for Liverpool FC steal a whole new generation of local supporters.. We have a packed 60-70 thousand stadium and we then offer you the manager’s job to play your tippy tappy football philosophy. Job done

Alex Fox
37 Posted 05/03/2015 at 03:51:46
Tired legs?

Dumped out of the League Cup one match in; dumped out of the FA Cup first time of asking; 3 Europa League games since November (2 of which were dead rubbers). How can this team possibly be tired?

Someone needs to remind him there will be plenty more games each year down in the Championship.

David Smith
38 Posted 05/03/2015 at 04:21:29
Nick, that made me chuckle.

Martinez out, btw.

Brian Cleveland
39 Posted 05/03/2015 at 05:12:10
We couldn't do any worse without a manager at all... if the players decided amongst themselves what they were going to do, it wouldn't come out this bad... absolutely dire.

Excuse after excuse, now the excuses contradict each other... coming good second half, final third, now tired.... when did they peak? I blinked and missed it!

Didn't think it could get this bad... and as for compensation if he gets sacked, what for? He has underperformed so can be sacked for nowt, just like the rest of us can. I've had enough now.... out of words, out of patience.

Just stop talking bollocks and grow some instead so you can the right thing and say you aren't up to it, you're out of ideas and let someone with more ideas have a go (someone who has played a couple of seasons of Football Manager would be better and cheaper!)

Tom Martin
40 Posted 05/03/2015 at 05:23:05
He may no nowt about Tactics. But he's a Brilliant CON Artist!
Helen Mallon
41 Posted 05/03/2015 at 05:17:41
Look we don't need to sack him just put him on gardening leave after two weeks he will resign. Then get Joe royal and Irvine in till end of season and that should get us 3 wins and two draws somewhere along the road. Who to take us forward WHO knows,but not Martinez please.
Simon Hermansen
42 Posted 05/03/2015 at 06:02:06
Every time I see yet another unbalanced, tinkered with team sheet I know what’s in store.

His methods, philosophy etc have turned us into a football by numbers team where the players have lost the manual! Players have gone beyond loss of confidence and now appear not arsed unless playing in the European shop window.

Anything good we had under Moyes - grittiness, togetherness, a game plan - has been lost and I cannot see how how or when it will change, or where the next win is coming from.

Sorry Roberto, for the sake of our great club you have to go

Harold Matthews
43 Posted 05/03/2015 at 05:29:45
Tired legs? More like a keeper who is past it, a powderpuff back 4, a slow negative midfield and a clueless attack.

Stoke won in a canter. They absolutely toyed with us. They were faster, stronger, more intelligent....all over the pitch. They wanted it more than us. Too many strolled without urgency or desire. Too many are just not good enough.

Mike Price
44 Posted 05/03/2015 at 06:22:36
Mike #34 You're dead right about Howard, bringing him back has been catastrophic.

He is by far the worst keeper in the league and it's like playing with a one goal handicap every game. Totally demoralizing for the other players and everyone else.

I've never seen a keeper actually seem to shrink when he goes for any attempt from distance.

We've got lots of other problems brought on by the manager, but Howard has been the main reason for our inability to build any momentum.

Darryl Ritchie
45 Posted 05/03/2015 at 06:24:41
I didn't see players with " tired legs ", what I saw was an entire team with no confidence, no passion and no belief.

If, and it's beginning to become a BIG if, we are still up after this nightmare of a season, there have to be some major changes made at the club this summer. RM is a pleasant enough fella, but his insistence on plan A, and his refusal to adapt in any way, even when plan A has proven to be disastrous, tells me he has to go. Ossie, Howard, Distan, and Pienaar have served us well, but they are occupying roster spots and collecting paycheques that should given to younger players.

Find a competent manager. Sign Garbutt and Oviedo. Sell any player who doesn't want to be here for top dollar, and start over.

God, I wish this season was over.

Jim Bennings
46 Posted 05/03/2015 at 07:21:02

Well Roberto you have another weekend off now like we did at the end of January because we went out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle.

That nice little warm weather refreshing break has really done wonders for our levels of fitness and the results hasn't it?

Just another fucking big excuse for being shite.

If we are relegated Roberto you have a ready made excuse for not winning promotion..42 games in the Championship.!

Mark Jensen
47 Posted 05/03/2015 at 07:25:03
3 shots on target from stoke and 2 goals. That's been the story of our season, easy to beat.
If the players are tired then maybe that's down to a poor pre season.
Zayn Zaffar
48 Posted 05/03/2015 at 07:48:55
Sack him is no longer a question, BK should’ve acted upon that in Jan, but it’s never too late, Sack him now, get Royle & Irvine till end of season and then plan in the summer for the new manager. I would go for either the following: Klopp, Benitez, Ranieri, Hoddle, Bilic, De Boer, Vialli, Guillet, Mancini. Now that’s a good list of managers who would like to come and manage the toffee’s. What do you lot think.
John Barnes
49 Posted 05/03/2015 at 07:59:08
Ole's from the Stoke crowd.
Now that is low!!!!!
Colin Glassar
50 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:07:48
You ran out of excuses a while back now Roberto. What happened to the second half of the season revival? Weren't we supposed to see the best of our players after Xmas?

I've defended you to the hilt, so far, and received plenty of grief for it but enough is enough. Are people right when they say this is the real Roberto Martinez? That last season was a fluke? That indeed you are a snake oil salesman who has tricked us into buying your 'philosophy'?

I feel cheated Roberto as you seem incapable of turning this around (I still don't believe we will be relegated btw) and not only incapable but not even concerned and that laissez faire attitude is reflected in our play, and results. So get a grip Roberto lad. No more cheap chat, no more phenomenal bullshit, no more smilley smiley mr nice guy etc.... Just start grinding out a few wins and we'll see what happens to you in the summer.

Brian Harrison
51 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:19:12
Colin have you finally seen the light I have been telling you for months this guy is a charlatan and as far as relegation well I think Leicester are down and the other 2 places are between 6 teams and I just hope we aren't one of them. I am sure the temptation for the board is to hope that there are 3 worse teams than us, but that will be a massive call if we do go down.
I heard a stat after the game that this is Evertons lowest points tally after 28 games since 1926, not forgetting that we have got 3 points from our wins this season not 2 points as it used to be. So that highlights even more that he is are worst manager.
Max Murphy
53 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:09:02
Nick (#35) Robles would have saved the first goal due to his height and speed of reaction.
Patrick Murphy
54 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:28:14
Brian - The points for the 1926-27 have been adjusted to 3 points for a win to make it a fairer comparison, nevertheless it is unacceptable. Greg O'Keefe in the Echo has asked supporters to judge Roberto on what he does rather than on what he says, let's hope that is how the Board of directors see it as well, because it is what he does with the team which is what has led to so much supporter angst and what he says is largely ignored - talk is cheap, relegation is costly.
Colin Leckey
55 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:36:12
Ridiculous - blame "tired legs", yet we got knocked out in the first round of both domestic cups for the only time in our history, and managed to lose just about every game when the europa was on a 3 month break.

Probably 㾶m to fire Martinez. Minimum 𧴜m a season and counting to drop out of Prem...

Phil Walling
56 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:40:20
Truth is that even a new man at the helm might not be able to shake this lot out of their sleep walk towards relegation. But at least we'd get some new excuses !
Sam Hoare
57 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:41:22
Many, many things irk me about this season.

But right near the top of the list is the fact that despite the fact that we are 14th with a pathetic 28 points after 28 games I cannot recall Martinez ever coming out and admitting any fault!

Surely the PR department must be begging him to come out and say 'We have got some things wrong this season. I have got things wrong. It's not good enough for this club and its fans and we will do everything to correct it and get us back on track'. Words to that effect may at least get some of the fans back onside and that might be worth a few points alone.

But no. No admission of fault whatsoever. Just tired excuses. The man is stubborness personified. A sad part of me hopes we don't win the Europa league as that might just buy him another season in which to complete his Championship project if he doesn't manage it this one.

Colin Grierson
58 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:48:38
Colin #50

I had my epiphany after the West Brom game. I feel cheated by this 'snake oil salesman' too. The only thing we differ on is that I'm not sure we wont go down. Martinez is looking a bigger fool than many warned of. I don't think I've ever come across a more stubborn advocate of a system that is failing. Its like watching the early stages of 'Britain's Got Talent' when the deluded members of society wander onto the stage with bags of self belief and ...

Where can I get some snake oil?

Dick Fearon
59 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:50:57
Sam 57, We will have to wait for some of our players to spill the beans but not until they have retired.
Brian Harrison
60 Posted 05/03/2015 at 08:56:39
Patrick thanks for that info I didn't realize that they had adjusted the 3 points for a win to the 1926 figures, but no matter how its calculated he is the worst since 1926.
Sam he has said that he wont change his philosophy whatever that is and it was this philosophy that took Wigan down and by heaven he is having a good go to prove it wasn't a fluke and his system is geared to relegation.
Kunal Desai
61 Posted 05/03/2015 at 09:03:18
He said we would see a strong second half of the season and Lukaku would firing the goals. He's wrong on both fronts. The mans a first rate bullshitter!
Neil Pickering
63 Posted 05/03/2015 at 09:08:35
Firstly let me say that the manager needs to go. Should have gone at Christmas for me. But I do actually think he's a decent manager, and tactically astute. I just think he has lost the dressing room and is not liked or respected by the players. I think something major has happened behind the scenes between players and manager, and I reckon there Is little If any relationship there, so he needs to leave ASAP.

Last season I thought he was brilliant. He got loads of tactical decisions right, both before and during games, with the Arsenal home game being the prime example of this. Watch this clip.

This is essentially the same team, that are clearly playing to the managers instructions. The difference is the players believed in their manager and we're highly motivated. That's where Martinez has fallen down this season. htelling he should be sacked ASAP like I say, but for me the players have been a disgrace as well. Something major has happened behind the scenes; my guess is it probably involves Distin somehow, but I doubt we will ever know. Anyway watch the clip. That's more or less the same team.

Phil Walling
64 Posted 05/03/2015 at 09:21:08
Still buying into his bullshit then, Neil! A decent manager, tactically astute ? His fellow Premier managers had him well sussed by the end of last season and getting the summer off as BK's reward for a successful campaign made him believe he was invincible.

Now he and we are paying for his conceit.

Rob Baker
65 Posted 05/03/2015 at 09:45:54
RM should be the PR for British Rail, leaves on the line, wrong type of snow etc Tired legs, please! Rotate the squad is so. After giving it some thought, I have decided RM is just belligerent with his philosophy. He took Wigan down with his belief and will continue to infect and corrupt our team. I would of loved BK to have fired the charlatan in Jan and got Tim Sherwood on board. He did well @ Spurs and will see Villa right. It's just criminal to see Ross go backwards in development, watch Rom turn into a £28M dud and observe the likes of Barry and Howard continue their career when they should be shelved
Andrew Ellams
68 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:11:24
Who are the 4% who have voted him as the best man for the job in the poll on the home page. Surely wait and see is the best any person could offer him right now.

A seperate question, who thinks he would get us out of the Championship even if he kept a large part of this squad together to try?

Liu Weixian
69 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:01:32
The defeat at Goodison was the last straw for the ManUre bigwigs and OFM was soon asked to go.

I have the feeling we will lose 2-0 at home to ManUre and RM will book a taxi the following day.

Ian Brandes
70 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:22:40
Tired legs, heard it all now.Aren't these guys supposed to be athletes? Isn't the manager and his back room staff responsible for their conditioning? What the f is going wrong? This manager is a total charlatan.

On another topic, someone in the know says Joe Royle is now very worried about the prospect of relegation, and would be wiling.but only if asked by BK and the board to try and steer us to safety as interim caretaker manager.

He would be brave man to accept such a poisoned chalice, but then he is a genuine Everton legend unlike some I could mention.

Andrew Ellams
71 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:32:58
Joe Royle is my no.1 Evertonian of all time and I would hate to see him tainted with this idiots mistakes as Shearer was at Newcastle.

On the subject of tired legs, our tactics are hardly energy sapping. They players have been moving round the pitch at walking pace all season.

Dave Abrahams
72 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:20:58
Colin (50) give yourself a pat on the back for your loyalty to Martinez, you were not the only one fooled, lots of us were, it was more in hope than expectation in the last few weeks but I knew in my heart he just wasn't good enough.
Mick MacManus
73 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:40:47
phenomenally bad....
Tony J Williams
74 Posted 05/03/2015 at 10:29:16
"Sleep walking into relegation"

Yep that's how I see it too.

The problem is that everyone is solely blaming Martinez and the lazy, primadonna pricks who are possible rebelling are getting away scott free.

They should be fucking ashamed of themselves, I don't give a flying squirrel's left nut if they don't like him. What about professional pride?

These pricks are daydreaming through games and not doing the basics of footballers. They should be fined.

Same as the shameful treatment of Woy with those humongous bigheads over the park. Should all be fined/sacked. Petty little pricks.

Get on with your job and play footy, if the manager drops you for actually trying to win the game, then he will be shown up for what he is.

I'm done and I won't be going back next season, no matter what league we are in.

I purposely refused to watch the match, as I knew exactly how it would go. We would huff and puff for a while then they would score with their first shot and we would capitulate with more sideways shitty passing and no shots on goal.

Most posters called it on the match thread hours before the kick off.

Fuck off Martinez, you have done what no other manager before has done, you have made me pack in my season ticket.... bellend

Michael Parrington
76 Posted 05/03/2015 at 11:24:13
You're all crazy... Why would we sack Martinez when we're at such an 'interesting moment' of the season? Because we don't need to change anything as 'momentum' is all that we need! It's only 'small margins' that mean we are loosing, and only to teams like Chelski and Arsenal... Oh and Stoke.
Insert sarcasm here!
David Graves
77 Posted 05/03/2015 at 11:33:16
Sorry Neil but this "lost the dressing room" conjecture doesn't wash. Nor does the suggestion that the players aren't fit enough as suggested by some others.
It is in fact his lack of tactical acuity that has led to so many poor performances this season.
Jeff Beaumont
78 Posted 05/03/2015 at 11:46:05
In Nov I posted on here that he had lost the dressing room.
Not many (if any) agreed - think I might have been right.
Dave Lynch
79 Posted 05/03/2015 at 11:43:20

Don't forget "Luck" weve had none all season according to Barcelona Bobby.

"Momentum" and "Luck" it's all where "Lacking".

I feel like crying, I really do.

Norman Merrill
80 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:06:16
Everton fans are more tired of listening to the tired players syndrome, than the players.
What's he keeping Kone back for?
I would love 24/7 to make a statement, to the fans explaining what F--- is going on, I've missed his smiling face on TV sitting in the stand, at whatever game, cameras must have been for-warned.
Ross Edwards
81 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:11:09
. Luck, tiredness, phenomenal effort, great desire, character blah blah blah. He looks lost. A dead man walking. A bit like Moyes toward the end of his Man United tenure. Just staring into space looking absolutely clueless, unable to find a solution.

The bookies have his sack odds as 8/1. A William Hill director tweeted earlier that the odds of him not being at Goodison next season are now 2/1.

Ross Edwards
82 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:15:18
I don't think the players believe his ideas anymore. They don't care.
Ross Edwards
83 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:16:22
I think his last game here will be against Newcastle. Lose in the Europa and to Newcastle and he is done. Surely.
Kevin Jones
84 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:12:48
When Mirallas took the pen off Baines in the Hull game was the bottom line for me. No matter what went on Martinez should have told the nearest player to him to "get that fucking ball off him NOW and give it to Baines"
Clive Lewis
85 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:24:15
Shoelaces to long , pitch is terrible, can we take bets on the excuse for Newcastle.

I am going with
Fine Margins and non adventurous approach cost us the game.

Alan Clarke
86 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:20:25
I honestly can't see a reason why Kenwright wants to keep Martinez in place.
Andy Crooks
87 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:33:45
I attribute the defeat to having as coach the worst employee in the history of Everton fc. He will, if allowed, destroy this club and walk away babbling inanities.
Patrick Murphy
88 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:24:37
Kevin - I agree with your sentiment but it was the game at Goodison against West Brom. I too subscribe to the view that the players have not bought into the footballing ideals of Roberto and there has to have been some behind the scenes problem at some stage of the season, my guess is something happened in Germany either before or after the Wolfsburg game.

That doesn't excuse the players because I slated the Manchester United players for behaving in that manner last season. The Europa League offers the players a possible reward and would look good on their CV but finishing outside the top 10 doesn't light their candle and if the worst happened a good many of them would jump ship quicker than you could say phenomenal.

I think the players thought they had played badly enough in December and early January to have brought about a change of manager but alas they were wrong and I really can't see them improving any time soon. The only saving grace is if they manage to win at QPR and or Villa and beat Burnley and or Sunderland it will be enough to save us from the drop. But the behaviour of some of our stars if my theory is correct is unforgivable,

Most of the senior players have been at the club long enough to realise that Everton are not blessed with money and that we have always had to work extremely hard for every point even when playing well, to refuse to put in the required effort and display the necessary desire is unacceptable and each and every one of them should examine their individual contributions to the cause.

Tony Abrahams
89 Posted 05/03/2015 at 11:59:40
Sleepwalking? Correct Phil, we have done so much of it since august that our legs have now gone! Put the manager asleep, and ignore his screams, like heÂ’s avoided ours, and we might have a chance to avoid the dreaded drop.

Roberto, itÂ’s not a dream, your head has really fell off. DonÂ’t worry though, we can put it back on, back to front mate. You should be fine, it will probably remind you of your tactics!

Always thought he could become a good manager, but IÂ’m not so sure at the minute. HeÂ’s got lost, because I think his plans have resolved around Europe, and he probably thought we would be good enough to stay mid table at least in the league. That hasnÂ’t happened, and his constant tinkering, and dis-jointed formations, have put him in no mans land, and IÂ’m not sure he knows where he his right now.

Take last night for instance, we knocked it over the top for Lukaku, a few times, but with so many defensive minded players on the pitch, he was getting isolated. He decides to change it and bring on another forward, fine. But then he took his winger off. Played into Mark Hughes hands by pushing both fullbacks up, and now isolating his two central defenders.

Surely when you are getting everything wrong, you go back to basics, but a goalkeeper who was gaining confidence and keeping clean sheets, was replaced by a flapper whoÂ’s season has been atrocious.

Everton, sleepwalking, and we still canÂ’t keep a clean sheet!

Ernie Baywood
91 Posted 05/03/2015 at 13:02:22
I quite literally can't think of a worse alternative than Martinez right now.


Ben Dyke
92 Posted 05/03/2015 at 12:56:39
The bottom line with all this is it has got to the point where only a new manager can change our momentum. Martinez hasnt turned it around and hes had enough matches. Only the Europa performances can be keeping him in the job, but surely even Bill realises it means nothing when Prem survival is paramount. Wont hold my breath.
Kevin Rowlands
93 Posted 05/03/2015 at 13:33:05
Absolute complete bullshit excuse from the complete bullshitter extrodinare, all you have to do is look across the park at our neighbors for proof, we have played 39 games this season the RS have played 45, they reached the semi finals of the league cup going out in extra time, us knocked out 1st game, have reached the 1/4 finals of the FA cup, us knocked out 1st game, are 23 points ahead of us in the EPL and sitting pretty at 5th place, us in a relegation battle, played as many European games as us, admittedly they are out but why haven’t they got tired legs?

At the start of the season I honestly believed we were as good if not better than them and looking at the personnel I still think we are close, why is their such a big gap between us now? simple answer, it’s the managers, one adapted and has done a fine job, the other has been useless, no prizes for guessing the useless one!

Dan Hollingworth
94 Posted 05/03/2015 at 13:55:38
Kevin @93 also them across the park . . . They had problems in November and their manager changed it and now look at them.

Patrick Murphy
95 Posted 05/03/2015 at 13:58:42
Why compare us to the club across the park when we don't seem capable of competing with Hull, Palace, West Brom etc etc. but it is weird that we were level with our nearest and dearest on 21 points after the QPR home game and that the difference in results since then is bordering on unbelievable.
Peter Barry
96 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:04:04
I attribute this whole crap season - which started badly and has just gone downhill from there - to Roberto's tired brain.
Dave Lynch
97 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:05:58
Interesting stat time.

If we averaged 2 points per game from now till the end of season and Liverpool lost every game from now till the end of season.

They would still finish above us!

Karl Meighan
98 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:01:45
Has this clown ever heard of clean sheets, being solid, grinding out results, playing shit and winning? His idea of being more solid and being hard to beat and break down is playing 3 central midfielders which just has us playing even more aimless useless passes around the 18 yard box. its been serious since xmas and he should never have survived untill the new year.
Patrick Murphy
99 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:10:54
Apparently the other lot have taken more points in the last dozen or so games than we have amassed in the entire season, according to the Echo live debate. I sense that reading the replies of Greg O'Keefe that Roberto's position is more tenuous than some may think and it will probably be the Newcastle home result that will dictate the long-term future of the club.
Kevin Rowlands
100 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:17:03
For anyone who is still defending this charlatan and doesn’t think he is completely delusional I give you this.....
Karl Meighan
101 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:23:51
I keep reading "his footballing ideas" can somebody explain what they are as all season I haven't had a clue what the fuck he is trying to do or what strengths we are playing to.
Peter Jones
102 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:37:39
Show him the door right now, and bring Big Dunc in for the remaining 10 games.

YouÂ’d hear only one voice from the dressing room, and youÂ’d hear it loud and clear. The "tired legs" would make a miraculous overnight recovery...

David Flanagan
103 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:45:07
We can’t win games or score goals because we have no players playing who can do it. 8 defensive players last night plus Lennon who rarely scores. That leaves Naismith who tries but is limited and Lukaku who needs proper service.

Play two wingers who will attack and help Lukaku and ditch this 2/3 holding midfielders who basically do nothing. Not one goal between Besic, McCarthy and Barry this season and how many goals do they prevent? Overhyped players who contribute little.

Kevin Rowlands
104 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:37:38
A lot of the blame for this calamitous season has to go to a person I haven’t seen mentioned much in posts and that’s our illustrious and also delusional luvvie Chairman and here are some of the reasons why. Firstly he gave Martinez a lucrative contract extension for five years on the back of one good season, I honestly believe he’d be gone today if not for that as it’s going to cost us big if we fire him.

He then allowed this faker to talk him into splashing out a club record fee of 28 million on a big lumbering oaf who Chelsea didn’t want anywhere near the club even though they had striker problems and who Wilmots sparingly played in the WC( the warning signs were right there).

To top these two mistakes off, he then allowed him to give multi year contract extensions to Howard and Barry, both well past their sell by dates as this season has proved, a multi year extension to Naismith, who, besides all his endeavor, is nowhere near good enough for this league, contract extensions for Osman and Hibbert, both of whom have hardly been seen this season. Add to that the endless list of mistakes this fool of a manager has made all season and the whole thing is a fucking shambles and it all started at the door of one man, Bill Kenwright!

Paul Hewitt
105 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:07:44
Cant believe he's not been sacked what BK waiting for?
Colin Williams
106 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:13:38
Kevin# 104.. Great comments about whatÂ’s happening to our great club. Utter fecking shambles!!!! CanÂ’t believe Bill is allowing it to happen! I always thought Everton came first?

Christopher Dover
107 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:49:21
OK lads, don't hold back just to be nice lets know what you think of our manager :)
Andrew Ellams
108 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:16:19
It's nothing personal, I for one would love Roberto to prove everybody wrong, turn it all around and go to be the most successful manager in Premier League and Champions League history. But unfortunately he does seem to have lost his grip on evertything and his position in close to untenable if not already there.

It's a shame because it all looked so bright and promising last season but that's Everton, as soon as you get your hopes up you get a kick in the bollocks.

Tony J Williams
109 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:23:19
Andrew I would nothing more than Bobby to bring it back around again......but his history and unfortunately his arrogance will seem to indicate that it won't happen.
Andrew Ellams
110 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:27:02
You're right Tony, but is it arrogance or just a complete lack of tactical nous?
Bill Gall
111 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:21:53
As I have said before everything you want to know about Roberto Martinez's full history is easily obtained by simply reading it on Wikipedia. The man reminds me of other people I have met during my time, who when they make mistakes, instead of excepting the responsibility blame other people.

I am like other people who after his first season thought the club was on a path to good football , success , and a chance of continuous football in Europe. However this season has shown a far different side to the manager that I am afraid, now asks the question should he stay ? or should he go ?. To me if ever a manager was on a quest to get himself fired Martinez is a leading candidate.

Brian Harrison
112 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:13:02
I didnt want Martinez was surprised by what happened in his first season and he is now performing to his norm. I often hear fans saying well keeping Wigan in the Premiership was an achievement but both Paul Jewel and Steve Bruce achieved higher placings with Wigan.

Lets put his past to one side and just look at what he has done at Everton. Now we are told by RM that attacking football is in his DNA. He has bought 3 defensive midfield players, last season he only played 2 of them and most of last season Osman was used and although often critisized seem to be the one player that joined midfield and forwards together. Latterly due to Osmans injury we have played all 3 defensive midfielders, so attacking option severly curtailed.
He loves fast pacy wingers Deulofeu ( probably the best) Mcgeady,Lennon and Atsu this would have you believe that our style will be using our fast pacy wingers to get round the back of defenders and put plenty of crosses in for forwards running into the box.
But not a bit of that happening instead he pushes his 2 fullbacks forward and wide which restricts the space for the wingers to operate in. Also his possession based play means that only very rarely do we play the ball out of defense quickly to get the best from his pacy wingers. Also it seems that nobody is encouraged to run beyond Lukaku so we never stretch defencers.
We never seem to want to play the ball behind defenders for forwards to run onto, he much prefers to play the ball into feet which allows defenders to see everything in front of them. So no real wonder that we are where we are when we play this style of football.

Will Firstbrook
114 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:59:20
For me, manager and player alike share equal blame for making a pig's ear of this season.

Agreed, as most have stated numerous times, this season's mess started in the off-season. Poor preparation and little in the way of new reinforcements has set the tone for how this season has gone. It has also likely contributed to the number of injuries we've had this season. The team has looked lethargic and out of shape since day 1.

I think it's obvious to all where Martinez falls short. IMO, it's all rooted in his obsessive unwillingness to adapt. As I and many others have noted, managerial logic dictates you implement/adapt a system that maximizes the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses of the players at your disposal. It's not rocket science. Yet our manager has demonstrated time and again a strong aversion to deviate from his idealistic plan - regardless of results. Square pegs and round holes, be damned!

However, I hold the players equally responsible for where we find ourselves at the moment. This SAME team demonstrated last season they are capable of playing with pace, grit and passion. This season they move around this pitch at a snail's pace, if at all, routinely shitting out of tackles (other than Besic and he wasn't even here last season). I know many argue player performance on the pitch is down to what the manager is telling them to do and how to play. I would agree with that assertion to some degree but the majority of this squad is playing without any passion, urgency or desire. That is not coached out of someone. That is a conscious choice. While it is true that a manager should be able to motivate and inspire his charges, I would expect these so-called professionals to take that on themselves.

For some time now, this team has shown no signs of really giving a toss as we've edged closer to the drop. No urgency; no fire; no desire. Are they playing this way in protest? Maybe. If so, they can all sod off as far as I am concerned. We don't have a single leader in that squad and that is painfully obvious. Another matter that needs to be addressed next season.

I really don't know what is going to happen between now and the end of this season. What I am certain of is that BBS has demonstrated he is unfit to take this team forward next season. However, what action needs to happen to avoid the very real threat of relegation this season is a much more complicated matter. Complicated by the fact that any action around removing the current manager would need to be taken by a chairman and board that notoriously avoid taking action where at all possible.

We all know what Bobby is telling them and we also know that our continuing foray in Europe is to his advantage. My guess is the board will play a game of chicken here (as they've done in the past) and stay the course hedging that we will avoid the drop. Where this could get interesting is if some of the former Everton greats and confidants start twisting the ears of Bill and others. If they believe there is a real danger of the drop, then we may see something happen this season. However, I have read already that Reidy and possibly others have publicly stated they do not think we'll go down. Whether they are saying that privately is another matter.

If the decision is left solely to the non-footballing decision-makers (i.e, the money men), I think we will be riding this wave with Bobby until the end of the season.

God help us all!

Andrew Clare
115 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:57:09
At last speculation is starting to build up regarding RM's position.
With Laudrup being linked. Hopefully more names will be linked and we will get the right man.
Sorry that we are in this position after last season's hope but we must act now. It's obvious that Martinez can't turn it around.I just hope that we are not too late as really he should have been sacked two months ago.

Stephen Davies
116 Posted 05/03/2015 at 17:25:47
Why does Roberto Martinez not take responsibility for Evertons performances?
Why does he not change tactics to suit differing teams and pitches.
First season he did well, but you don't move forward by standing still
Ian Linn
117 Posted 05/03/2015 at 18:20:35
Spurs have played a lot more games than us this season.

Whatever system Martinez is trying to impose on the players isn't working. The bloke at man Utd is really struggling with a system there but they are winning most of their games - I'd take shit football and 3rd place any day. The fellah over the road was under a lot of pressure after rat face left, he turned it around and have got the players playing the way he wants and is getting results. Martinez seems to have run out of ideas.

I don't think we'll go down but if we carry on playing and getting results like this, he'll need to move on.

I'd take the bloke from Burnley.

Stu Smith
118 Posted 05/03/2015 at 19:49:24
I know everyone is very angry at the moment but what we need as a club and as fans is to support the club and players for the rest of the season. I really don't want to see those ugly scenes that Newcastle had when they got relegated. We need to unite and get behind our club so we roar our team to safety this year. Plus, who knows we may win a cup en route which would chuck in the champions league. Would it then be a successful season?

I think we need 9 points to be safe but we won't get them if people don't get behind the team and abuse the manager and players. Like I said, yes, people are angry. I was too after last night (in fact I had had enough of the club) but, having calmed down and having looked at what we need to do to stay in the Premier League, I am now totally focused on supporting our boys for the rest of the season (as well as praying) and hoping things get better during the summer!

Steve Davies
121 Posted 05/03/2015 at 20:53:35
We used to play a game in the office called bullshit bingo.....You would tick off the number of times you heard certain phrases. A new version has come out, Martinez Bullshit Bingo! There really are some beauts......this year.

'Momentum' - what is he on about, we have lost 2 out of 16, there is no momentum end of. Worst record ever 28 points in 28 games.

'Philosophy' - everybody else calls it tactics and he doesn't have any? Has he got a degree in football philosophy! Arrogance.....maybe his hero Pep Guadiola had a philosophy, that's why he dresses and tries to look like him. Pep actually changes his tactics according to the opposition hence his success.....

'We are the only team to score 3 against Chelsea (at the time)'. Could somebody explain to this half-wit that they scored 6 in one of the worst defensive shambles I have ever witnessed in 45 years watching the Blues. We lost the game.

'To keep a clean sheet is not a priority' - since when? If you don't let in goals you don't lose.

'West Ham didn't score a goal in open play' after we got knocked out of the cup!!! Did anybody tell this supreme tactician that corners are part of the game. You are allowed to score from them and you learn to defend them or is this against his philosophy?

'Positivity' - about what exactly?

The latest one is 'Tired legs!'

To be honest there are more and I am sure you could add to them. The bottom line is the facts tell us he is rubbish. As somebody said on this site, look at his record on Wikipedia, he is nothing special....

The excuses and nonsense he comes out with is laughable. Only this is not a laughing matter.

If Joe Royle looks at this site, please give BK a ring and get rid of this fool until the end of the season.


Patrick Murphy
122 Posted 05/03/2015 at 21:30:16
You probably won't like his latest utterances in the Echo then, Steve:

Negative Snowballs

Steve Davies
123 Posted 05/03/2015 at 21:32:35
I have just read it Patrick. It is priceless.

'They don't deserve this!' another quote, trying to distance himself from HIS team.

'When you look at the performances against Arsenal and Stoke to have these scorelines is heartbreaking' - get them sorted then, Bobby

'We need to face the challenge straight on and change the dynamics' - this from a man who never changes his tactics and plays the same players regardless of form.

Either get us three points Bobby, shut up or my favoured option F-off

Gerard Carey
124 Posted 05/03/2015 at 22:30:56
Why is Kenwright so so quiet on this?
Gavin Johnson
125 Posted 06/03/2015 at 01:44:14
I go from hoping Martinez is some kind of maverick who sets his own standards; the kind of person who sets themselves apart and set the standards that the rest will eventually try to follow. In the next moment I read stuff like this and think the guy is just delusional.

The highlights, or lowlights for me, include the one after the Arsenal game when he talked about how unfortunate it was to fall behind to a set-piece. This isn't a new problem, this goes back to last season. So if he can highlight it as a problem in a post match interview then why aren't we working on set-pieces more. I'm not privy to the training regime but everything I've read or heard says we don't, or do very little on set-pieces.

The other nugget is the one where he said conceding goals is not a priority. It just sounds ridiculous! It wouldn't make him sound so much of a loon if we were a free-scoring team like last season, or like Keegan's Newcastle in the mid-nineties, but the goals have dried up and we've played the same hand of cards, over and over.

This is where he looks like a politician who's totally forgotten the promises he made before an election. We all heard when he took the job that he would improve on what we had and build upon what OFM had built (a cohesive unit that played as a team, albeit a little too predictable and reactive at times) he did this, getting an Everton team to play the most attractive football in the league. That seems to have been forgotten this season and we just have the Wigan style (defending is an afterthought) perhaps Weir and Stubbs should have stayed as defensive coaches instead of Dennis Lawrence. Fuck knows..If I knew I'd be a rich man and would probably be a successful manager myself.

I'm at the point now where I'm not completely anti-Martinez because we had to have a period of readjustment having overachieved last season. But the other side of me says that this team is playing with a lot of similarities to the Wigan side that went down. I hope it's the former and we grab a couple of wins and get to the latter stages of the Europa. I don't think anything other than a winning it, will keep him in a job now and we will have a new manager in the summer.

Gavin Johnson
126 Posted 06/03/2015 at 02:48:28
So to weigh it all up I reckon we should probably get OFM back as a defensive coach to keep the Moyes lovers happy and then we'll see the best of both again. I think Moyesy would make a good number two.
Tony Abrahams
128 Posted 06/03/2015 at 10:41:09
Gavin, I think Martinez, would make a great number two.
Who has the more football knowledge, and turned Everton into World team Of the year? Kendall or Harvey?
Who was the better manager, and seemingly a lot more pragmatic? Kendall, .definitely.

This fella has no one to question him, and for those who mention Duncan Ferguson, they might be right, only Duncan seems like a token gesture to me.
If his half time warm ups are anything to go by, then Duncan has definately got more professional with age. why doesn't he go into the changing room though, and gee the players up? Maybe he'd be getting in Roberto's way?

Gavin Johnson
129 Posted 06/03/2015 at 11:20:14
You're probably got something there, Tony, I think I was probably just playing devils advocate and baiting all the Moyes fans a little bit with the very last post. It's fantasy football, but it would be great to have someone who was as meticulous as Moyes as a defensive coach, or number 2. I too get the same impression of Duncan Ferguson in his role this season (a token gesture) and can't believe anyone would want him to become an interim manager on his legend status. He hasn't shown anything of the things that endeared him to us a player. Maybe, that's coming from a new found professionalism and maturity. In retrospect it would be a little silly to expect him to be acting like he was as a player on the touchline, but I'd expect him to show a little more passion. I know he's never been a fan of the media which also makes me find it difficult to picture him ever becoming a manager, or even a strong looking coach (Joe Jordan at Spurs) a player who knew how also knew how to mix it up on the pitch.

If we were to go down the sacking route many are calling for on here, Joe Royle could be the only in-house appointment until the end of the season (it would have to be someone from the club at this late stage) its been a long time since the 'dog's of war though' and the games changed since the 90's. For that reason I think Martinez should stay until the summer but he needs to heed advise from the likes of Joe and what HK said in the Echo (being a little more reactive to the opposition) which doesn't have to mean going route one with balls, it just means being a bit mindful of the other teams strengths and grinding results out.

Terry McLavey
130 Posted 06/03/2015 at 11:55:35
Tired legs !! Fuck me ! I start a shift at 3am in a bakery which means I have to get up at 2am for ٥ something , stop fucking moaning and start playing you overpaid twats , how many of us could pay our mortgage off with a week of their wages ?
Tony J Williams
131 Posted 06/03/2015 at 12:28:53
I wish posters would stop with this, "just support them" rubbish.

I have been since the first second of the season but look what good that has done us.

The manager and players need bollocking because they have all let us down, but because they get paid stupid money not one of them really gives a shit.

Steve Pugh
132 Posted 06/03/2015 at 12:01:29
I have it on good authority that Roberto Martinez is, in fact, an agent of Liverpool Football Club. He did not turn down their offer of a job, he took the job he was offered. Not as manager of Liverpool but as the man assigned to destroy Everton. You see Liverpool were getting very worried over the improvements at Goodison and the fact that the Toffees had finished above them on more than one occasion.

So they hatched a plan to install a manger at Everton who could not only get us relegated but bankrupt us at the same time. Step one was to find the right candidate, Roberto Martinez. Step two, lure David Moyes away from Everton. Knowing that Ferguson was due to retire and that Man U were also worried about the improving Blues secret conversations were held and Moyes was tricked into taking the United Job. Step 3 get Martinez the job at Everton. Not difficult, tell him to say to make BK cream his keks and Bobs your uncle, well manager.

Once he was in things couldn't have gone better for Senor Martinez. Utilising his natural ability as a manager he quickly guided Everton to the upper echelons of the Premier League, deliberately messing things up only when it looked as though Everton might actually sneak into the Champions League. Even he was amazed at his good fortune when BK offered him a new 5 year contract after just one season, the plan had allowed for at least 3 seasons of almost making it before this happened. Roberto used his popularity with the board to secure as many players onto high wage, long term contracts as he could. Thus making it very difficult for the club to get rid. Naturally no contracts were to be offered to the young up and coming stars. His plan for them was to ostracise them from the club so that they would leave for nothing when their contracts ran out.

Finally all he needs to do is make sure that the mighty Toffees get relegated and lose all of the TV rights that help keep them afloat. Then and only then will he replace Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool manager. Although truth be told Rodgers is just a puppet manager, Martinez has been telling him what to do from day 1.

Gary Russell
133 Posted 06/03/2015 at 12:47:28
Excellent post Terry....
John Keating
134 Posted 06/03/2015 at 12:37:23
Well most have been warning about the path we have taken since the start of the season, some since the end of last season.
Since the festive disasters voices have been raised to a crescendo.
One thing that has never changed and which has steadfastly refused to actually say that something is amiss at the Club, despite the signs that every other person can see, has been the Echo and the GT merchants who are our "Everton correspondents"
Well now I know things "officially" are not right !
The leader of the correspondents, Mr Prentice, has actually written what, in the scheme of the Echo, is unbelievable in that he is now questioning Martinez and advising him that he has to change things !!
It has took him all season plus it would be better if one of these Peoples representatives actually severely questioned him at one of the press conferences to put him on the spot.
The fact that the GT boys are now questioning Martinez is not only unbelievable but not before bloody time !!
Gavin Ramejkis
135 Posted 06/03/2015 at 12:48:03
Tony #131 Hurray for saying it, I've been slagged off, called every Kopite under the sun, not a proper Evertonian, etc etc, I've explained until I'm blue in the face that this "its the fan's fault" bollocks is an utter nonsense. The fans have been turning out home and away all season and put up with some utterly abysmal collapses this season. The fans have travelled to all points of the compass and have been the only constant this season and deserve the club's eternal gratitude.

The buck stops with the manager for every game, thats his squad, his players, his formation, his tactics and his subs, his stubborn retention of non performing players despite the glaringly obvious lack of form when options are there, when that manager fails to spot the bleeding obvious and leads the club to the edge of the abyss then its the chairman's job to come up out of his bunker and get shut, I fear if we dropped into the Championship that even with parachute payments the inevitable exodus of first team players would put us down and out for a long long time

Jimmi James
136 Posted 06/03/2015 at 14:07:52
Dear me we do forget last season very quickly don't we?
Gavin Ramejkis
137 Posted 06/03/2015 at 14:27:02
Jimmi pointing out the obvious that last season has been and gone and its very much about here and now. Virtually all of Martinez's coaching and support staff walked and soon afterwards the arse fell out of it. If that in itself isn't indicative enough for you to leave the cult then I've got some magic beans I'm selling for an absolute song you'd just love.
David Graves
138 Posted 06/03/2015 at 14:16:42
Unfortunately we do James but that is the nature of the sport is it not? We had some wonderful 'moments' last year. The Arsenal game at home was one of the highlights of my whole year! Brilliant atmosphere and a team that played with verve, passion and aggression. A priceless afternoon. However what's been on offer this season has been awful and it's often felt like the matches have had to have been endured. Hence I'll not be renewing my two season tickets before the early bird deadline - and I worry how many people are considering the same.
Peter Barry
140 Posted 06/03/2015 at 15:12:40
Jimmi you can't live on old glories its the past its gone we live in the here and now.
Tony J Williams
141 Posted 06/03/2015 at 16:22:49
Jimmi, what's last season got to do with our current predicament?

If we get relegated can we do an appeal like the redshite in 2005 when they didn't qualify for the Champion's League through their league placing?

Can we appeal that we should stay in the Premier League? just because we erm.... we ermm.. played well last season!

Peter Mills
142 Posted 06/03/2015 at 16:24:39
Out of all the posts on this site over the past few days, Terry's #130 should be framed, packaged and sent for hanging on the wall at Finch Farm.
John Keating
144 Posted 06/03/2015 at 17:10:45
daft remark.
I can go back to 1960, played great against Spurs away - remember ?
Who gives a shit about last season ? Look at today !!
Jamie Barlow
146 Posted 06/03/2015 at 18:06:30
These players need to man up and stop being so fuckin soft. They need to take responsibility.
Steve Davies
147 Posted 06/03/2015 at 18:12:43
I thought the Prentice and O'Keefe articles today in the Echo hit the money. Basically sack off Howard and Barrie & highlighting the situation 4 years ago at Wigan with his pointless passing game and not putting the ball in the box. Wigan fans were sick of it then. It took the Echo writers a long term to get to this stage....I think most of us knew this before Xmas.....

I think one of the morals learned from all this is never trust a manager with a philosophy!!! I have never known a GREAT MANAGER who had a philosophy. Kendall, Catterick, Ferguson, even Shankly (dare I say it) were always pragmatists and winners.

The only thing that really matters is winning. A manager who has a philosophy is basically setting up excuses for when his team doesn't win. The normal crap like we played well but were unlucky....they give the impression that their team tried to play exciting football, passing game etc etc...but they lost all the same. It is all rhetoric and the pundits love it. The fans don't. We hate losing.

RM has made a career of this. He has built this myth that his sides are attacking units (2 shots at Arsenal, WBA at home), it is all nonsense. Possession statistics mean nothing but he used that stat to deflect from his dismal results record and to bolster his reputation.

The truth is now out Bobby boy you are not good enough to manage in the premier league. You have lost the vast majority of the fans (you still have a few dreamers who still believe in you though - unbelievable, go round to their houses and sell them a used car quick), lost your players and very soon if Kenwright has a set.....he will lose your club.

I think as fans we have been fair all along to him. We have followed him in huge numbers home and abroad. Last season was an aberration. This season the real spoofer came to the fore and apart from the poor results, the nonsense he came out with has convinced me he is not the man for us. For all his faults at least Moyes was honest and didn't blame tired legs, lack of momentum, philosophy, clean sheets are not a priority etc.....

BK show him the door......and fast.


Mike Goodwin
148 Posted 06/03/2015 at 19:04:25
David Graves 138 - re your comment about not renewing your season tickets till the early bird deadline. Season ticket holders must renew their seats 23 days BEFORE the early bird deadline of 24th May, to guarantee their seats. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t recall this being the case in the past, as I’ve always left it till the last day before renewing mine.
Will Firstbrook
149 Posted 06/03/2015 at 19:20:43
Saw those articles and agree, Steve. It's not a coincidence that when Barry and Howard have been in the squad this year, results have been, if even fathomable, worse.

Since Howard has come back from injury, the back four look even more uncertain than usual. I don't think that is a coincidence either. He likely won't do it, but BBS needs to sit Howard. With what is at stake for the club now, player egos and such nonsense must take a back seat. With what little confidence there is in the squad at present, we all know that conceding even one goal this season goes a long way to determining the outcome of a match.

BBS needs to do whatever he can to minimize mistakes that will undermine confidence. The way he best can do that is by fielding players who are playing with some form and confidence starting in the most important position - goal.

Jimmi James
150 Posted 06/03/2015 at 19:51:38
I know lads but we shouldnt forget however I have to agree with all your comments but lets not argue amongst ourselves. Have to be honest Howard Kendalls column tonight is just as bad as Robs efforts in the same echo. Crazy
Jimmi James
151 Posted 06/03/2015 at 19:54:51
By the way I was just saying we shouldnt forget the good times as well should we.
Mark Andersson
154 Posted 07/03/2015 at 12:12:43
Steve (#147) great post. I try in vain to stay positive, I think even if Martinez gets the boot, the players’ mindset is already damaged as collectively they’re not fighters.

I will be more surprised if we stay up because, despite most people on here thinking there are more teams below us that are even worse, I disagree. They may well be worse on paper, but they have more fight and balls to grind out results.

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