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Martinez never doubted his ability during their season of underachievement

18/04/2015  Comments (18)  jump
Roberto Martinez remains true to his principles despite a turbulent second season at Everton:

'Despite failing to get anywhere near last year's fifth-place finish, the Spaniard says he did not question methods formed over nine seasons as a manager'

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Reader Comments (18)

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Victor Jones
1 Posted 18/04/2015 at 10:01:41
Martinez remaining true to his principles, could IMO have very serious consequences for next season. His principles have clearly not worked this season. And cracks had started to show the season before. If Martinez continues to believe in his philosophy, and have his players passing the ball aimlessly about the pitch, with very little end product, then I fear for Everton.

We can all talk about how badly Everton have done this season. We all know that the fitness levels, for some reason, at times, seemed low. We all know that we cannot keep conceding goals, and then have to chase a game. We all know that there are players at Everton who should never again wear the jersey. We all know that the tippy-tappy nonsense is just that. Nonsense. We all know that Martinez very rarely makes substitutions that actually make a difference to a game. We all know that players who are playing well end up getting benched for his favourites. We all know that Martinez seems to target one competition, and ignores everything else. Even putting the team in relegation trouble, as a result of his pursuit of glory elsewhere. You donÂ’t believe that. Well prove my claim wrong. I want to see Everton be competitive in every competition. Not just MartinezÂ’s favourites.

I can name numerous reasons why I donÂ’t want Martinez at Everton. But he has a philosophy, so that makes everything OK. What a load of nonsense. And his last nine years in management means nothing to me. It is mixed. It is hit and miss. Mainly Miss. Harping on about the rise of Swansea being down to Martinez is nonsense. May as well credit Ron Atkinson for the rise of Man Utd, then. There are better managers than Martinez out there. Everton deserve better than the rubbish that we are now witnessing. A top manager could turn Everton into a team challenging on all fronts. But I fear also that we will go nowhere, under the chairmanship of BK. We are a slumbering giant. That needs a kick up the arse. We need an injection of drive and energy. IÂ’ll lend the team my jump leads.

Rant almost over. Should Martinez continue with this stupid philosophy nonsense, then I can only see Everton struggling next season as well. As I have stated before, this is only football. Plan and set up properly. And win football matches. Leave the philosophies to the university professors. COYBs.

Steve Brown
2 Posted 18/04/2015 at 11:01:56
Stubborness + predictability = sack.
Victor Jones
3 Posted 18/04/2015 at 10:46:48
But I am resigned to the fact that Martinez will be at Everton next season. So I hope that he gets things right. But based on his record at Wigan, I very much doubt that he will. And Martinez gets very little credit from me, for the fact that Everton are now relatively safe. Had he been on top of his job, then the team would not have been in trouble in the first place. That is my take on Martinez.

As a long suffering Everton supporter, I will keep on watching. I will keep on supporting. I will keep on hoping that we can once again, be competitive.. But listening to Martinez is not making that easy.

And please sign Garbutt up. And bring Long back to Goodison for next season. Can he be any worse than Kone?

Derek Thomas
4 Posted 18/04/2015 at 11:10:15
Third time since Christmas he has said he is not for turning.

In auction terms; going once (not changing)... going twice (not changing)... for the third and final time going (not changing).

Gone?? Sadly, no.

Chris Feeley
5 Posted 18/04/2015 at 11:16:00
"I'm going into my tenth season next season, I've had six consecutive in the Premier League." — Only because Kenwright gave him an easy out after his ’philosophy’ relegated Wigan.

Once again, heÂ’s spouting ridiculous nonsense, without substance, assuming naivety from the unwashed masses. He has still clearly not learned how to play the PR game.

One of his priorities over the summer should be to learn how to give a Â’straight batÂ’ response to questions, if only to give us all a break from ranting over his inane babbling. ItÂ’s all getting very boring.

Winston Williamson
6 Posted 18/04/2015 at 11:19:24
Under the Chairman and Board we currently have, our managers have always been hailed for mediocrity. Why should we expect any different going forwards? If Martinez achieves mid-table for the next 20 years, Kenwright and his Board of merry men will never take the darn muriel down!
Harold Matthews
7 Posted 18/04/2015 at 11:54:26
Victor / Chris. He never mentioned the word "Philosophy". He talked about experience, learning and methods. I happened to like what he said.
Eric Myles
8 Posted 18/04/2015 at 11:54:58
His 9 seasons as a manager using his philosophy has achieved what exactly? An FA Cup win (didnÂ’t a 2nd division Sunderland & West Ham achieve that) and relegation.

IÂ’m not one for calling for managers to be sacked but, despite all the evidence against him, Martinez is still not recognising the problems.

IÂ’d stated previously that I was optimistic that next season could not be worse than this as Martinez would learn from his mistakes, but that optimism has rapidly been eroded and I fear I could become one of the MOB if thereÂ’s not a drastic paradigm shift next season.

Mike Childs
9 Posted 18/04/2015 at 12:29:07
Before I even read or listen to RM again, he will have to show me that he can adapt to different situations, not hold grudges; have the nuts to bench his favorites – especially when injured or out of form. Until such time I will not waste my time on him. I will just accept this is my favorite team with a serious wart.
Ross Edwards
10 Posted 18/04/2015 at 13:09:58
Not much wrong there with what he said. He has his beliefs and staunchly believes in them, thatÂ’s fine by me. However, I still think he is too stubborn and doesnÂ’t have a Plan B.

That’s why I remain unconvinced despite the upturn in results. If next season he shows that he can adapt and change tactics when things aren’t working (like Rodgers did), and start rotating his favourites more and giving youngsters an opportunity, then I will be willing to accept that this season is simply a bump in a smooth road.

Victor Jones
11 Posted 18/04/2015 at 14:04:35
Harold, I think everyone knows what I mean when I mention MartinezÂ’s philosophy. I normally only mention it in a tongue-in-cheek manner. You like what he says, thatÂ’s good. I look at results on the pitch. He can talk all he wants. He can blow his own trumpet all he wants. Talk is cheap. We can all talk a good game. I will judge him on results.

Let's wait and see exactly what he has learnt from this season. Or is he still going to be talking about his 10 years in management, this time next year? And then about his 11 years in management the year after?

Any manager that made their club look a complete laughing stock, by being the only club to win no points over the Christmas period, should not still be at that club. Any manager that in the Kiev defeat, preferred to play Alcaraz, instead of 3 other suitable and fit centre backs. Should still not be at the club. Any manager that dragged his team from fifth, to fighting a relegation scare. Should not be at the club. The list is endless. Sorry for joking about MartinezÂ’s "philosophy". The man is an idiot. The sooner he is out of Everton, the better. All the Wiganites can go with him.

This is one supporter who does not believe any of the physcobabble that he comes out with. He will have Everton tippy tapping their way into the championship, if we are not careful. As everyone now seems intent on keeping him on, then a few months into next season is all I would give him. Maybe he might spend the summer productively, and actually put all this talk into action.

Anyhow, a win today would help. And a flying start to next season. You never know, I might still become a convert to the footballing Philosophy of Roberto Martinez. Stranger things have happened. COYBS.

Chris Feeley
12 Posted 18/04/2015 at 19:35:04
My use of Â’philosophyÂ’ was to paraphrase what weÂ’ve heard all year. ThatÂ’s why when I was using a direct quote I tried to use " " instead of Â’ Â’.

Without arguing semantics, there is a clear divide between those who support him and those who donÂ’t. My issue is that what he says in the media equates to absolutely zero on the pitch. The performance against Burnley today was woefully boring and not what any match going fan should accept. IÂ’d love to know why I should have faith in him, unless we are all supposed to simply sweep the performances of this season under the carpet?

David Ellis
13 Posted 20/04/2015 at 03:50:43
The thing is he quite clearly has modified the way the team plays in recent weeks. His philosphy may be intact, but he has made the necessary changes to the tactics which need to evolve all the time as counter measures are designed to meet each tactical development.

At the beginning of the season at home, we were vulnerable to teams that press high on us. Martinez has countered this by allowing the players to play it longer earlier, and also adding the counter-attacking pace of Lennon which pins the opposition back a bit. The pressing of Burnley on Saturday (even with 11 men) was clearly ineffective – and as the weather gets warmer (and the season wears on) it is harder to maintain the pressing game.

Harold Matthews
14 Posted 20/04/2015 at 06:03:47
Some people are against Martinez and want him out. Some people, including me, are trying to support him. Human nature is like that. We all see things differently.

Not so long ago I wanted him out... "Pronto." The season was a disaster and the Stoke game had me on my knees. Incidentally, for the folk who keep shouting for Garbutt. Did you see the Stoke game? HeÂ’s a long way from being ready.

Anyway, Martinez looks a cert to be here next season so I decided, for my own peace of mind, to bury the negative stuff and give him my support. He says he has learnt a lot and I believe him. Lennon is shining in the role McGeady couldnÂ’t manage, McCarthy is joining in with the attack and, lo and behold, Coleman is hitting first-time crosses. ItÂ’s all very promising but two or three mew faces will be needed in the summer window... The club already know who they are. Fingers crossed weÂ’ll get them.

Robert Keys
15 Posted 20/04/2015 at 07:41:11
If West Hams supposed interest in RM is true how many people would accept a straight swap with Allardyce ? I know I would, while I realise he falls along way short of the ideal manager we would all like, he would IMO have this squad performing better than RM.

They would be fitter, the defence would be tighter and we would score more goals. OK I will go and get my tin hat now.

Trevor Peers
16 Posted 20/04/2015 at 08:08:18
ItÂ’s not just Bobby s sanity thatÂ’s at stake, thereÂ’s a lot fans who seem to have developed a split personality and eye twitching over the course of this season. Nevermind a good holiday and the summer break should ease the symptoms. Until it all begins again in August !
Dave Abrahams
17 Posted 20/04/2015 at 08:41:20
Harold, you are not really backing Martinez just hoping he has learned lessons from this season and will change his tactics.

Well Harold if you can give him a chance so will I, IÂ’m going to start praying he will change, I think praying is slightly better than hoping.

Joe Foster
18 Posted 20/04/2015 at 09:52:37
Maybe RM was saying "I never doubted my ability," tongue in cheek... but I doubt it. His ineptitude continues to disappoint. I look at him as not good enough and his supporters make me think they are happy enough with this level of play.

I want the best for the club, they are my ambitions not this mediocre style we have been given. I will not get behind him but I will continue to go and watch.

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