Club hierarchy continue to assess sites for new Everton stadium

Thursday 13 October 2016  50 Comments  [Jump to last]

Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright are to conduct site visits to both Bramley-Moore Dock and Stonebridge Cross tomorrow as Everton continue to plot a move away from Goodison Park.

The most viable areas for a new stadium for the club were narrowed down to those two brownfield locations earlier this year, ones which offer two very different options.

Situated in Croxteth on the west side of the M57 from Knowsley, the site of Everton's last serious attempt to relocate in 2007 before the Destination Kirkby scheme was called in by the Government, Stonebridge Cross would offer more of an out-of-town experience akin to many of the newer developments of the past 20 years.

By contrast, the area in Liverpool's north docks would keep the club closer to the city centre and provide the opportunity to build something special on one of the world's most famous waterfronts. Naturally, it is the option most favoured by supporters and Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson alike but it would require significantly more preparation work than the alternative on the East Lancs Road.

That Moshiri, Everton's major shareholder, is reported by The Guardian to be visiting the two sites now would seem to quash rumours that spread last month suggesting a deal for a 26.5 acre parcel of land at Bramley-Moore Dock had already been concluded with Peel Holdings, the current landowner of a number of derelict dock sites for which they have plans for a £5bn development.

Fuelling the speculation is the fact that Dan Meis, founder of Meis Architechts who are consulting with the club over the proposed stadium's design, is in Liverpool this week. As reported by the Liverpool Echo, Dan posted a photograph of the city's skyline to his Instagram account today.  

Reader Comments (50)

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Jack Convery
1 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:06:24
I hope it's the docks – it would look great on the waterfront; all the visitors on the cruise ships would see our ground first and first impressions are very important.

We would also attract weekend tourists from the city centre with all the new public transport links and the Bootle area would benefit greatly from all that money coming into the area. Come on, Moshiri – you know it makes sense!

Brent Stephens
2 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:11:53
Lyndon, where did you get that from?
Jon Withey
3 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:13:48
Pound at its lowest, good time to get going!
Bill Gall
4 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:19:25
As a supporter, along with a lot of other supporters, I am in favour of the dock site... but sometimes it is what you can afford versus what you prefer.
Patrick Murphy
5 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:23:49
Andy Hunter at The Guardian broke the story, I believe, and the Echo also has it. Mind you, there's a rumour going around that Bill is trying to get Moshiri's driver to stop off at Kirkby – that's not true but I couldn't resist.
Shane Corcoran
6 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:25:15
Yes, what is the source of this information if it's to quash rumours?

Sorry, Patrick's reply just in ahead of mine.

Mike Keating
7 Posted 13/10/2016 at 16:49:41
Let's just hope that the Stonebridge bollocks is just a bargaining counter to keep Peel Holdings from ripping us off.

I'm just a bit concerned that Bill is involved as he has two disasters in his portfolio already. We can only speculate on what might have been had the Kings Dock come off.

Tommy Molloy
8 Posted 13/10/2016 at 17:02:33
Out-of-town "experience"? We all know what that means... In the middle of nowhere with no pubs or other amenities, nothing to do around the ground but park and buy an expensive burger. Nowhere to pop into to meet up with mates while waiting for after match traffic to die down. Bolton, anybody? Reading?? Middlesborough???

Ask West Ham supporters what they think of their new match day "experience". I can't believe such a thing is even being considered. If we have to move, then it should only be on the basis that we move nearer to the City centre, not further away.

Joe O'Brien
9 Posted 13/10/2016 at 17:07:48
I was thinking the same, Lyndon. Is this a credible source or did The Guardian run with the story and everyone else just followed? I would think that this couldn't be the first time he's visited the sites?
Liam Reilly
10 Posted 13/10/2016 at 17:12:36
Makes good business sense to keep all options open... even if it's just to keep the favoured Merchant guessing.

The fear is that Peel could well price themselves out of the deal, so hopefully common sense prevails and a common ground can be found.

Rob Halligan
11 Posted 13/10/2016 at 17:14:42
Or could be he's back for a second look, before deciding which land to buy, Joe. Bit like buying a house, I suppose. Want to make sure that the house you buy is the one that you really want before parting with your hard-earned!!
Steve Woods
12 Posted 13/10/2016 at 17:31:17
I just wish that Kenwright was a million miles away from this decision, the most important decision for the club in generations. Hopefully he is just there to keep the main man company.
Brian Hennessy
13 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:04:41
Could ToffeeWeb regulars organize the wheels to be removed from Bill and Farhad's car when they arrive at Stonebridge Cross, followed by red carpet and champagne on arrival at Bramley-Moore Dock with Z-Cars playing in the background?

Every little helps.

Steve Woods
14 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:11:36
Super idea, Brian; I'll make some phone calls...
Lyndon Lloyd
15 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:16:23
Joe (9) and others, the original source is The Guardian (link now added above) together with Paul Joyce, both highly credible print journalists get where it comes to Everton-related stories.
Rob Halligan
16 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:17:24
Better idea being they visit Bramley-Moore Dock first, Brian. Then someone rob their car so they can't get to Stonebridge.

Only joking about robbing the car, by the way.

Andy Walker
17 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:20:07
On the stadium topic, I was at the Etihad 2 weeks ago on business and there was a senior Everton delegation visiting to view the stadium. Our big cheeses were there, the Man City facilitators were running around like blue-arsed flies, pun intended, making sure everything was perfect.

Eugene Ruane
18 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:22:37
In the pub on Sunday, a few of us (Blues) were talking about how Everton kick us all in the bollocks. Not that they do it (we expect that) but how they do it.

It can't just be a simple kick in the nuts, we agreed – ie: 'tut, that was disappointing, lost 1-0.' It has to be 'we could win this... we look like we're going to win... WE'RE GOING TO WIN!... hoof! We fucking lost.'

For me, the way we're kicked in the bollocks goes like this.

Our plums are first hand-washed by native girls on a Polynesian Island.

Then they're gently towelled dry, using only the softest fluffiest towels.

Then they're cooled by gentle coastal breezes.

Then, knackers exposed, we feel wonderful and begin to drift off to sleep while waves gently lap onto the beach.

And it's at that point that a 7-foot Island warrior starts pulling on his hobnails.

Seconds later 'HOOOFF!! and you feel like spewing.

I mention this re any new ground.

What I mean is coz it's Everton (and fat-head) it couldn't just be 'it's going to be Crocky'. There had to be the possibility of the dock to get us all worked up.

"We could get the dock... looks like it'll be the dock... WE'RE GOING TO GET THE DOCK!!... hoof! It's fucking Crocky.'

Though still hoping for the best, I shall be protecting my ball-bag as best I can, knowing that history says a(nother) massive kick in the bollocks is almost certainly on it's way, for Evertonians with any ambition.

Alan McGuffog
19 Posted 13/10/2016 at 18:25:59
Well the choice is between a (hopefully ) iconic stadium in the city centre / dockland area, and a stadium in the windswept middle of nowhere.

One of these options would mean that we surrender any sense of presence in the city and hand everything over to that other lot ... at the time that Liverpool is developing as a major tourist destination. It would be accepting once and for all that we are the "other" team in Liverpool.

Over to you, Bill. Me? I can only fear the worst.

Joe O'Brien
21 Posted 13/10/2016 at 19:53:36
Thanks, Lyndon, for the feedback. I just didn't want to get all worked up again for just a rumour. I would hope that, after this visit with a leading architect from the States that's being reported in the Echo, that we'd get an announcement fairly soon...

It just has to be the docks... I don't want a Eugene scenario.

Les Martin
22 Posted 13/10/2016 at 20:08:49
Of course it will be the docks, 㿊M is not a problem considering the extra spin-offs of a waterfront location.

It will be all down to doing a deal with Peel, which I think they will want. Especially with the possible revenues from football spectators. Also, who is to say that concerts may not be held at our new ground in the future, all bringing prosperity to the area.

Eugene Ruane
23 Posted 13/10/2016 at 20:14:07
Can't argue with that, Brian.
Tony Twist
24 Posted 13/10/2016 at 20:36:13
To get the fans' opinion across, I think everyone should request that the last record to play before the Z-Cars theme, when the board are taking their seats, at every home match should be Waterfront by Simple Minds.

With that blaring out every home match the fans message might just sink in and we may finally get our wish and move on up to the waterfront and a new stadium by the Royal Blue Mersey.

Rob Halligan
25 Posted 13/10/2016 at 20:41:08
Don't know about a kick in the bollocks, Eugene, I'm more used to being dropped on me head like a ton of bricks. I'm used to getting so high with Everton, then woooof, they drop you like the proverbial ton of bricks!!
Patrick Murphy
26 Posted 13/10/2016 at 20:48:16
Thomas and friends seem pretty confident and even have a song about it.

Down By The Dockside

Laura Round
27 Posted 13/10/2016 at 20:58:49
Hahahahah, Patrick thanks for the laugh. :)
Andrew Presly
28 Posted 13/10/2016 at 21:00:19
Docks... or just settle things up & dissolve the whole enterprise.

We've had a good run.

Colin Malone
29 Posted 13/10/2016 at 21:50:07
Don't get side tracked on location. Hopefully the dock but it's the design of the stadium that's more important. We want to keep our twelfth man, the twelfth man that the likes of Sunderland, West Ham etc, have lost.
Alan McGuffog
30 Posted 13/10/2016 at 22:21:19
Andrew... spot on.
Peter Murray
31 Posted 13/10/2016 at 22:54:55
The decision will be based essentially on economic and economic-related criteria, eg, access, social and environmental. It therefore has to be Stonebridge Cross.
Dennis Stevens
32 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:02:53
I'd still rather redevelop Goodison Park but I suppose that's a non-starter, sadly.
Mike Keating
33 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:23:32
They Go...
I Go.

No way I'll renew a season ticket for the East Lancs Road.

Steve Hogan
34 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:24:17
Just a point no-one seems to have raised at the moment. Can't quite get my head around why the 'power breakers' at Everton have openly informed the press (via The Guardian), that they are inspecting both sites this Friday.

Surely they would want to conduct their business discreetly and away from the local and national press who will be attending hoping to catch our esteemed Chairman give a nod of royal approval (dockside location), or a dismissive shake of the head (Crocky Cross), accompanied by his paymaster.

The realist in me suspect's that the Croxteth venue is still on the agenda, otherwise why bother visiting the location?

Clearly the latter option comes with less baggage than the docks, and a vastly superior road access system, with the A580, M62, M57 and M58 all within a stones throw of the planned ground build.

I really hope Moshiri sees the bigger picture, and what's at stake here for the long term future of the club. But back to the PR exercise taking place this Friday, I have to say the visit's really should have taken place incognito, and then announce a decision on the facts, economically or otherwise, on why that decision was taken.

God help us if we opt for Croxteth, it would really dampen the optimistic mood around the club for the last few month's since the arrival of Moshiri, Koeman et al.

Make it happen, Farhad!!

Peter Murray
36 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:30:48

Given the recent negative statements Liverpool's chief executive, Ian Ayre, has made about the development of Anfield Road ("not a smart investment"), I feel we should all be relieved that staying at Goodison Park is now a non-starter. It is highly likely that we would have faced exactly the same problems.

John Raftery
37 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:36:24
Redeveloping Goodison Park was always fraught with difficulty. It would have taken many years of piecemeal development requiring sub-optimal solutions to seating, sight-lines and supporter access.

Stonebridge Cross would be worse than Kirkby which at least had a railway station and a town centre in close proximity. The fact that Bramley-Moore Dock is in the public domain means that anything other than a dockside location will now come as a huge disappointment to the vast majority of fans.

We can only hope Moshiri and the Board take a view that the long term benefits of a prestigious waterfront site will justify the additional upfront investment.

Jimmy Hogg
38 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:41:12
I don't want to want to dampen the Bramley-Moore dream, but do we really want a stadium in a run-down area? For 10 months of the year, it is freezing cold, blowing a gale and soaking wet. Access on a cold winter's night will be a nightmare.

On non-match days it will be a ghost town. Think the Riverside, Middlesbrough's stadium. Better to be close to a community, think Croxteth is not perfect but the best option.

Sean Kelly
39 Posted 13/10/2016 at 23:42:27
Yeh, yeh... we have been here before with Billy Bullshit.
Don Alexander
40 Posted 13/10/2016 at 00:02:56
Reading the 19th century history of EFC the admittedly subjective comment is repeatedly made that the board lacked fortitude in developing whatever prospects were feasible in the 1890s.

And so it goes with today's get-out-of-Goodison 20-year saga, and counting.

I just hope my unborn great great grandson, whatever planet he's living on, gets one chance at least to see a full match in the flesh by way of an unobstructed view, the feeling of not having been financially raped by just attending, and without the need to get rid of his kecks before returning home for fear that some mongrel would shag his piss-stained leg the moment he got out of his time machine.

Is that too much to hope for?

Mark Andersson
41 Posted 14/10/2016 at 03:19:28
Croxtheth it is then... get use to the idea.. Do you think Liverpool would allow us to have something better than them?

Realistically, it's the team and winning that is the priority... What's the point of having a fancy house if you can't furnish it?

Tradition starts somewhere. So think of Croxtheth as a new beginning.

Paul Kossoff
42 Posted 14/10/2016 at 05:30:02
Don 40, I must remind you that we are not, never have been, never will be bitter blues, but if we don't get the docks I will be the most miserable, mealy minded, morbid, miserly, bitterest blue bastard that's ever been, sniff.
Ian Jones
43 Posted 14/10/2016 at 06:45:23
Patrick @ 26.

Thanks for the link. It's a long time since I have watched Thomas etc. Bit different these days. However, you may have stumbled upon an Everton anthem to rival You'll Never Walk Alone...

I can already hear 30,000 fans singing the docks song

Peter Laing
44 Posted 14/10/2016 at 07:58:47
Regarding the comments that the Club should have planned to visit the aforementioned sites discreetly, the architect from the US was tweeting yesterday that he was in Liverpool!

I suspect that Moshiri and his cohort are on Merseyside over the next couple of days with the Manchester City game scheduled for tomorrow. Let's dare to dream.

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 14/10/2016 at 08:29:22
Patrick, my 3-year-old twins loved that but asked if you can put Peppa Pig on next time!

John (#38), I think if Everton go down on the docks, it will kick-start massive regeneration in this part of the city, which will in-turn help turn Liverpool into a true world class city.

Read the Manchester Evening News talking about Stones on one of the main headlines on the Everton page. It's an article full of shite, which will only fan the flames of most Evertonians, but I read another piece because I was on their site. Trafford Waters, waiting on ٟBillion, worth of investment.

Manchester, great city, I actually class it as the second city in England, personally, but they haven't got our waterfront, or the compactness of our ever expanding city centre.

I think Anderson, and the powers that be, want to host the Commonwealth Games, and I think they will want it on a waterfront stadium, to showcase our city. Only Liverpool could really push and overtake Manchester, because of our location, and the regeneration of all this land could be the key.

John Crawley
46 Posted 14/10/2016 at 09:12:01
Stonebridge Cross should be a complete non-starter. I'm disappointed we are even visiting it! Why move to an inaccessible location further away from the city centre? It would be a disaster just like Kirkby would have been.

If we can't get the docks then stay at Goodison. It can be redeveloped in stages and we'll end up with a great stadium. Goodison is a much better location than Stonebridge Cross.

Dave Abrahams
47 Posted 14/10/2016 at 09:14:21
Tony (#45), when the twins watch Peppa Pig, they don't see pigs... they see bacon sandwiches!!!
Paul Turner
48 Posted 14/10/2016 at 09:19:03
The lyrics of the first verse of "Down by the Docks", while not exactly Dylanesque (as Chris Hockenhull would confirm!), are certainly apposite, e.g. "working together, just like family".

My two penn'orth? Docks/waterfront every time.

Terence Beresford
49 Posted 14/10/2016 at 09:55:55
LFC where given planning permission to build on Stanley Park. Can anybody tell me why we cannot build a stadium there, close to our spiritual home. This question drives me nuts!
Paul Melia
50 Posted 14/10/2016 at 13:26:06
Les Martin (#22), with respect, other than June and July, when could concerts be held?

Football can and will be played on any day of the week now. These acts who require such a big site book the venue years in advance. There have just been new changes of fixture days released by our chief paymasters, 5 in 1 month!!!

There aren't that many stadium concerts, why haven't Everton done it recently?

Peter Laing
51 Posted 14/10/2016 at 15:29:39
Some decent pictures posted on Twitter @mickblue of the Everton hierarchy visiting Bramley-Moore Dock today. Kenwright, Elstone, Moshiri and a large contingent including Joe Anderson. No mention of the scheduled visit to Stonebridge Cross.
Eugene Ruane
52 Posted 14/10/2016 at 16:18:10
If we have to move, there's only one place for us to 'lay down our burden'

Here's Sister Rosetta to explain...


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