Allardyce: Everton 'slipped up' with marketing survey

Thursday, 19 April, 2018 0comments  |  Jump to last

Sam Allardyce used the occasion of his weekly press conference to respond to the flap over the questionnaire Everton sent out to season ticket holders and club members this week, saying the Marketing and Communications Department made a “big mistake”.

The Blues garnered unwanted attention when the media seized on the survey which asked supporters to rate their trust in various aspects of the running of the club, including Allardyce and his coaching staff's ability to deliver the best for Everton.

Allardyce addressed the issue of the survey the moment he sat down for the presser at Finch Farm with the announcement that he wouldn't be taking questions over an issue that has been blown up by the media in recent days.

“I'm only asking this question once… in fact, I'm not taking questions,” he said. “The survey… the Director of Marketing and Communications has clearly slipped up. Our department hasn't been asked what did we think of this survey that was going out even though I believe the survey has been recently passed out before.

“I think, from my point of view, it was a big mistake and I think it's allowed you to write some beautiful headlines and that situation.

“The director of marketing clearly isn't a great understander of football and how football works because he's into marketing, branding and market research. So he must have thought it was the right thing to do but everybody else hasn't, certainly in my department.

“Even the Chairman, I spoke to him last night,” Allardyce continued before confirming that Bill Kenwright had apologised to him over the incident.

Allardyce joked that he would give himself an 11 out of 10 when he was asked if the flap over the survey has caused him to reconsider his thoughts on staying at Everton.

“It hasn't made any difference to me concerning my position at the football club,“ he replied. “Until somebody rings me up at the highest level and says, ‘Sam you're not wanted anymore', then I'll hold my hands up and say, ‘that's fine' but I'd be extremely disappointed if that was the case.”


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