Allardyce insists he has clarity on moving forward with Everton

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Sam Allardyce has moved to dispel any uncertainty over his future with the Blues by saying that he has had productive discussions with Farhad Moshiri about how to proceed next season.

Speculation over whether or not he would remain as Everton's manager beyond this season intensified yesterday following newspaper reports on The Mirror and Daily Mail websites that Allardyce had failed to get the answers he was seeking from Farhad Moshiri at a meeting in London yesterday.

Both papers claimed that the club's major shareholder has yet to make a decision over whether or not to retain the unpopular 63-year-old as boss for the last year of his 18-month contract but Allardyce was insistent that that was not the case during his press conference at Finch Farm this morning.

“We discussed the plans for next season yesterday with Farhad,” Allardyce said, “and we've got some clarity now moving forward.

“Our pre-season is nearly in place. The ins and outs of players is a pure wait-and-see basis in terms of what we can try and achieve. And then, under those circumstances, we [can decide] what players we want to move on [which] is a natural part of everyone's pre-season.

“We've had a discussion in that manner and we try and move forward together at the end of the season as quick as we can.”

Asked to reiterate that everyone was “on board together” for next season, the manager retorted: “Didn't I just say that? For clarification — yes.”

Doubts have strengthened over Allardyce's position in part because of supporters' frustration with the standard of football on view at Everton since he stabilised the situation starting when he took over from David Unsworth in November.

The Blues have a solid record under the former Bolton, West Ham, Sunderland, Newcastle and Crystal Palace boss that has elevated them from 13th to 8th place but dull performances with few goals have seemed to confirm Allardyce's reputation for uninspiring football.

He tried to answer those criticisms at his presser, saying: "You always want to strive to do better [but], because we started my reign so well, we built up a great expectation that it would be better than it is now.

"I think, in reality, what we've done since we've been here and how hard we've all worked, we've achieved a good way forward in the space of five months.

"We've strived to get better and to be more consistent. Certainly at home you cannot argue with the consistency or quality that we've shown and the results.

"And away from home it's still ongoing in terms of our capabilities of getting better which has obviously been a long-term problem here at Everton.

"What is entertainment?" he asked before going on to criticise Newcastle for not allowing Everton to be more exciting in last Monday's match. "Entertainment is the master of defence... [look at] Simeone — is that entertainment? He's a master of his trade and defence.

"I'm seen as too negative and defensive. I don't think that's unfair; we all want to be more entertaining. From where we started to where we are now, we've achieved some extremely entertaining games.

"When you look at Newcastle... entertainment comes by both teams being a bit more open and a bit more adventurous but Newcastle weren't adventurous whatsoever. It's very difficult to break down 10 or 11 players in their own half.

"I think we're more entertaining than when I arrived here. I think we've got more confidence as an attacking force. I think there was a middle spell where we tried to evolve in that but started losing football matches so I think we've got the balance better now with the results that we've gained."  

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